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Tool 8.

2  Assessing Progress
Framework for Examining School Improvement

◆◆ What am I doing to establish and improve the foundation?

◆◆ How am I involving others in creating a shared vision?

◆◆ Do I understand the need for inquiry?

◆◆ What am I doing to make time for school improvement?

◆◆ What am I doing to build trusting interpersonal relationships?

◆◆ In what ways am I analyzing data?

◆◆ To what extent am I developing deeper understanding?

◆◆ How often do I engage in self-reflection?

◆◆ What programmatic patterns have I discovered at our school?

◆◆ What strategies did I use to determine direction?

◆◆ What actions am I taking for school improvement?

◆◆ What am I doing to sustain improvement?

Examining What We Do to Improve Our Schools   Sandra Harris, Stacey Edmonson, Julie Combs
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