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Tafsir Ibn Kathir - 039 Zumar

Tafsir Ibn Kathir - 039 Zumar

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Published by: Salahuddin Musliim on Jul 29, 2010
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Allah says:

ُ َ ْ َ ٍف َ ِ ُ ا َ ْ َ َأ



Is not Allah Sufficient for His servant?

Some of them read it "His servants.''

It means that Allah is Sufficient for the one who
worships Him and relies upon Him.


ِ ِﻥوُد ِﻡ َ یِ ِ َ َﻥ ُ َ ُیَو


Yet they try to frighten you with those besides Him!

means, the idolators tried to scare the Messenger
of Allah with their idols and gods which they
called upon besides Allah out of ignorance and

Allah says:


ٍد َه ْ ِﻡ ُ َ َ َ ُ ا ِ ِ ْ ُی َﻡَو


ٍم َ ِ ﻥا يِذ ٍ یِ َ ِ ُ ا َ ْ َ َأ ِ ﻡ ِﻡ ُ َ َ َ ُ ا ِ ْ َی َﻡَو


And whom Allah sends astray, for him there will be no
guide. And whomsoever Allah guides, for him there will
be no misleader.

Is not Allah Almighty, Possessor of Retribution?

meaning, whoever relies on Him and turns to
Him, will never be forsaken, for He is the
Almighty Who cannot be overwhelmed by
another, and there is none more severe than Him
in exacting retribution on those who disbelieve in
Him, associate others in worship with Him and
resist His Messenger.

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