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Are Vegetable Oil Cars in Your Future

Are Vegetable Oil Cars in Your Future

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Are Vegetable Oil Cars in Your Future

Vegetable oil cars? They already exist! And we¶re not talking about biodiesel here, we¶re talking about driving a car that runs on a vegetable oil diesel fuel alternative. Sure, you¶ve heard about biodiesel, but what about vegetable oil cars? No need for transesterification or any other vegetable oil diesel conversion, these cars run on plain old veggie oil. Well, mostly anyway. Running cars on vegetable oil isn¶t as radical an idea as you might think. Rudolf Diesel ran his first diesel engines on peanut oil and he was a big proponent of using his engine to enable farmers to grow their own fuel. But cheap petro-diesel quickly became the favored fuel and Diesel¶s dream was pushed aside. Now with petrodiesel prices skyrocketing and environmental concerns looming, people are starting to think about running cars on vegetable oil again. The main problem is that a plain vegetable oil diesel fuel alternative is much ³thicker´ than petro-diesel. It doesn¶t flow as well as petro-diesel and it will thicken and solidify at a warmer temperature than petro-diesel. That makes it unsuitable for use in cooler climates and that¶s why many people driving a vegetable oil car are ³getting their veggies´ in the form of biodiesel fuel. But wherever there¶s a problem, there are always clever people creating solutions. Companies like GreaseCar, Veg Powered Systems, Frybrid, and Golden Fuel Systems are making vegetable oil conversion kits for many diesel vehicles. Most of these kits add a second fuel tank to your car so that you can start the car on ordinary petro-diesel and then run it for a few minutes to warm it up. The conversion kit uses the engine coolant heat to warm up the vegetable oil tank. Once the vegetable oil is hot enough to flow easily, you switch over to running your straight vegetable oil diesel fuel alternative for the rest of your trip. When you¶re ready to turn the car off, you switch back to petro-diesel for a couple of minutes to flush all of the vegetable oil fuel out of your fuel system and then turn it off. That keeps the vegetable oil from thickening in the fuel system and preventing the car from starting again in cooler temperatures. All of this switching may sound like a bit of a hassle until you consider that many people driving vegetable oil cars aren¶t paying for their vegetable oil! They¶re using waste vegetable oil from restaurant fryers and filtering it thoroughly before they put it into their conversion tanks. The restaurants usually have to pay someone to haul away their waste vegetable oil and dispose of it, so they¶re happy to give it away to savvy car owners who have installed vegetable oil engine kits in their diesel vehicles. These conversion kits aren¶t cheap. They usually cost between $750 and $2000, depending on the vehicle and the complexity of the kit. But when you consider that you¶re probably saving well over $50 per tankful of petrodiesel with your free vegetable oil fuel, they may pay for themselves quickly and leave you driving cheaply while recycling waste vegetable oil into a clean diesel fuel alternative at the same time. See Plant Drive http://plantdrive.com

VEGETABLE OIL Cars and Converting Your Car to VEGETABLE
http://plantdrive.com http://www.greasecar.com http://www.vegpoweredsystems.com http://www.goldenfuelsystems.com


http://www.goodgrease.com http://www.vegpower.com http://www.elsbett.com http://biocar.de http://www.enviofuel.com http://www.frybrid.com http://www.vegiecars.com http://www.theorganicmechanic.org http://www.fattywagons.com http://greasebenz.com http://www.vtvegcar.com http://www.vegengine.blogspot.com http://www.greenconversion.net http://www.alaskavegoil.org http://www.ehow.com/how_2004136_vegetable-oil-fuel.html http://www.vegdvw.com http://www.greendiesel1.com http://vegwerks.wordpress.com http://www.vegiecars.com http://vegetablepowersystems.com http://danalinscott.netfirms.com http://www.bebioenergy.com http://www.instructables.com/id/Biotour.org-Waste-Vegetable-Oil-Conversion-Diesel-/



Learn the Do s and Don t's of Gathering and using Waste Vegetable oil as a fuel. Perfect for anyone who is currently using, or planning on using SVO (Straight Vegetable Oil) or Bio Diesel as a fuel! These questions and more are answered on this DVD: The legality of collecting waste vegetable oil and burning it as a fuel. Overview of how diesel engines burn waste vegetable oil as fuel. How to identify good waste vegetable oil. How to identify bad waste vegetable oil. How to ask a restaurant for their waste vegetable oil.

How to fuel up on the fly with the automated One Shot Filtration Unit. How to setup your own waste vegetable oil accounts. How to collect large quantities of oil for later filtration at home. How to filter waste vegetable oil using filter bags. How does salt, sugar and animal fats affect waste vegetable oil for fuel? How to tell if there s water in the oil? How to filter the oil once it s been gathered. Cold Weather gathering techniques and tips.



S.V.O. Seminar 2006

Lately there's been a lot of talk about the effects of Global warming due to our love of gas guzzling vehicles and our dependency on foreign oil. Scientists and entrepreneurs around the world are busy developing what they hope will be our answer to cleaner burning vehicles. What many people don't realize is that this technology already exists and it's been around for quite some time now. This DVD was Shot during a seminar on Straight Vegetable Oil at Ecoversity in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is packed with 2.5 hours of valuable information. Listen along while many of the most frequently asked questions about this technology are discussed and answered. These questions and more are answered on this DVD: The History of Straight Vegetable Oil Different Alternative Fuels Straight Vegetable vs. Biodiesel Straight Vegetable Oil Facts and Fiction Diesel Engines vs. Gasoline Engines How a Straight Vegetable Oil System Works The Importance of a Vehicles Air Filter Increase Power and Economy/Computer Mods Oil Gathering 101 Filtering on the Fly with the One Shot Using Filter Bags What to do with leftover Nasty Oil Diesels Available in the USA



Picture a cross-country road trip powered by vegetable oil in a 1981 Mercedes-Benz. Greasy Rider follows the two filmmakers, Joey Carey and JJ Beck, as they meet with fellow Greasecar drivers, friends, and critics. Traveling as far south as New Orleans and as far north as Seattle, the car is fueled by used cooking grease collected at restaurants along the way. Interviews include Morgan Freeman who is opening up a Biodiesel plant in Mississippi. Political analyst Noam Chomsky, You're supposed to believe we would have liberated Iraq even if its main product was pickles, appears along side Yoko Ono, This whole world is now ruled by corporations and their greed, and Tommy Chong, You guys figured it out. You got your little bio-car, and there you go. Additional interviews include the founders of the four major vegetable oil conversion kit companies, Greasecar, Greasel, Neoteric, and Frybrid, as they discuss the reality of vegetable oil as a fuel. The heat is felt in this political documentary as America's energy consumption continues to grow. With gas prices on the rise and the reality of global warming setting in, Greasy Rider points to vegetable oil as one part of the solution to our energy problems.


JOURNEY to FOREVER http://www.journeytoforever.org

The Film:


http://thefuelfilm.com FUEL is an insightful portrait of America s addiction to oil and an uplifting testament to the immediacy of new energy solutions. Director, Josh Tickell, a young activist, shuttles us on a whirlwind journey to track the rising domination of the petrochemical industry from Rockefeller s strategy to halt Ford s first ethanol cars to Vice President Cheney's petrochemical company sponsored energy legislation and reveals a gamut of available solutions to "repower America" from vertical farms that occupy skyscrapers to algae facilities that turn wastewater into fuel. Tickell and a surprising array of environmentalists, policy makers, and entertainment notables take us through America s complicated, often ignominious energy past and illuminate a hopeful, achievable future, where decentralized, sustainable living is not only possible, it s imperative.


: Biodiesel #2

Filmed at the National Biodiesel Board Conference and Expo in Palm Springs, CA, this 45 minute video helps qualify the emissions benefits of biodiesel and illustrates how biodiesel can reduce cancerous diesel emissions.



Biodiesel 101

In this 45-minute presentation, biodiesel author Josh Tickell provides an economic, social and practical context for biodiesel. "Biodiesel 101" goes deep into the technical world of the biodiesel production, showing how the fuel is chemically formed. This video also examines current data and trends within the biodiesel industry to illustrate growth patterns and future potential.

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POLLUTION and RACISM, INJUSTICE book: Confronting Environmental Racism; by Robert Bullard book: Environmental Injustices; by David Camacho book: Environmentalism and Economic Justice; by Laura Pulido book: Pollution and the Death of Man; by Francis Schaeffer book: From the Ground Up, Environmental Racism; by Luke Cole book: Struggle for Ecological Democracy; by Daniel Faber book: No Safe Place, Toxic Waste and Community Action; by Phil Brown

FREE eBook on Oil Spills: Not One Drop http://www.scribd.com/doc/31483843/Not-One-Drop

Big Oil¶s Dirty



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