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Ann Kelly

Address: 12 Wicker Avenue, N6 S45

Date of birth: 20/06/1977
mobile: 07793307745

my approach:

1997 – 2004 St. Paul’s Hospital, Southampton I would like to

(Children’s Department) derive
Matron (2002-present) satisfaction by
helping others
Responsible for:
• Managing shifts, staffing
• Supervising nurses of the Children’s Department
• Controlling the service quality
• Training of the new nurses, coaching
• Assisting by operations

Skills gained:

• Ability to establish respect among other nurses despite young

• Inspiring new staff
• Ability to creat an efficient and friendly team of eight nurses
• Leadership skills
• Operation assistance qualifications

Nurse (1997-2002)

Responsible for:
• Medicine application, conducting basic examinations and tests
• Patient care: body functions monitoring, washing, night vigil,
• Providing positive reinforcement for patients, morale

Skills gained:

• Ability to establish a relationship with children

• Very good stress management
• Self-confidence and ability to transfer optimism
1995.1997 Wiley Nurse School, Southampton
Graduated with distinction

1990 – 1997 Stanport Comprehensive, Winchester

1997:A-levels Biology (A), Mathematics (B), History (B)

1994: GCSEs ten, including Biology (A), Mathematics (A),
History (B), French (B) and Art (B)

Other Skills

• Good command of French

• Basic Arabic
• Good managerial skills
• PC literacy
• Clean driving license


• Advanced Operation Assistance Course for Nurses,

Orthopaedist Spetialisation, Portsmouth, 2002
• Morale and Patient’s Psychology Training, organised by
Hartwig Medical Psychology Association, London, 1999

Extra-curriculum activities
Member of Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).
Participation in the several missions, including Afghanistan
(2003), Sudan (2000) and Somalia (2000). In total over one year
spent in overseas programmes of the MSF.

Addtionally, permanent involvement in a few initiatives in United

Kindgom, especially Live Healthy and Safe Holidays among pupils
of York primary schools.


• Cooking (French and African cusine)

• Horse-riding
• Ancient history