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How many percent is the completion of work, the contractor should present certificate
of non financial obligation

a. 85% b. 65% c. 60% 80%

2. Architectural programming is one of the architect’s services that falls under:

a. Specialized Services
b. Pre Design
c. Design
d. Design-Build

3. MMDA Resolution authorizing the MMDA and local government units to clear the
sidewalks, streets avenues, alleys, buildings, parks and other public places in Metro

a. MMDA Resolution 02-28

b. MMDA Resolution 03-31
c. MMDA Resolution 04-16
d. MMDA Resolution 02-30

4. The Architecture Act was passed by Senate on:

a. January 17, 2004

b. January 15, 2004
c. March 15, 2004
d. March 17, 2004

5. Any person who shall entice or coerce an architect to perform/ undertake any service
under the general practice of architecture shall upon conviction be sentence to a fine of
not less than ___________ or suffer imprisonment for a period of not exceeding ______
years. (Handbook on RA 9266 Sec. 30 p. 66)

a. 250,000/2
b. 200,000/5
c. 200,000/6
d. 250,000/5

6. Can a foreign citizen be allowed to take the licensure examination for architects?
(Handbook on RA 9266 p. 64)

a. yes b. no c. both

7. What is Executive order # 1008 issued on February 4, 1985?

a. Contractor’s Law c. Building Administration
b. Construction Industry Arbitration Lawd. Building Maintenance Law

8. After _________ substantial completion of contract work, the architect shall inspect
the project & issue certificate of completion after certification, the contractor will finish
outstanding work during period of making good of all known defect of 60 days

a. 85% c. 98%
b. 95% d. 90%

9. In a PERT CPM. ___________ is a starting node to two or more activities

a. concurrent node c. burst node

b. merge node d. simultaneous nodes

10. The first architectural association organized in the Philippines:

a. Philippine Institute of Architects

b. United Architects of the Philippines
c. Philippine Architects Society
d. Philippine Architects Association

11. The fee for an architect / full-time supervisor is _____% of the project construction

a. 1-1.5 c. 1-2
b. 1.5-2 d. 2-3