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eBay Online Auctions - 144 World Class Expert Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice - the TOP rated Ways To Find the eBay Online Auctions opportunities you're looking for

eBay Online Auctions - 144 World Class Expert Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice - the TOP rated Ways To Find the eBay Online Auctions opportunities you're looking for

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Information is power – you know that. But, how do you research the best eBay Online Auctions strategies, without spending too much of your time (and money) on it? The average person earns $ 1100 per week, which equates to $ 27 per hour. Trying to do the research yourself would take you at least 5 hours to come up with the best information, AND you’ll have to do this on a regular basis to come up with the most up to date and current information.

There has to be a different way to find the info you want! Well, yes there is… we did all the research for you, combed through all the information and got down to the hard core of the 144 most up to date and best Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice here, in this book.

The 144 of the most current, most actual and beneficial Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice you can find from experts in the field on eBay Online Auctions:

- 10-Point Checklist For eBay Success

- 5 Tips to Effectively Boost Your eBay Credibility

- 6 Steps to Drive Visitors to Your eBay Shop - Promote eBay Business

- Are Other Auction Sites Like eBay Worth Getting Into?

- Choosing What to Sell Before You Register on eBay

- Drop Ship Wholesale - Three Things to Know

- eBay Backend Opportunities That Most Sellers Miss

- How to Find a Wholesale Dropship Supplier For eBay and Other Online Auction Sites

- The Real Secrets to Selling on eBay

- Four Easy But Often Overlooked Ways to Boost Your eBay Profits

...And Much More...
Information is power – you know that. But, how do you research the best eBay Online Auctions strategies, without spending too much of your time (and money) on it? The average person earns $ 1100 per week, which equates to $ 27 per hour. Trying to do the research yourself would take you at least 5 hours to come up with the best information, AND you’ll have to do this on a regular basis to come up with the most up to date and current information.

There has to be a different way to find the info you want! Well, yes there is… we did all the research for you, combed through all the information and got down to the hard core of the 144 most up to date and best Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice here, in this book.

The 144 of the most current, most actual and beneficial Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice you can find from experts in the field on eBay Online Auctions:

- 10-Point Checklist For eBay Success

- 5 Tips to Effectively Boost Your eBay Credibility

- 6 Steps to Drive Visitors to Your eBay Shop - Promote eBay Business

- Are Other Auction Sites Like eBay Worth Getting Into?

- Choosing What to Sell Before You Register on eBay

- Drop Ship Wholesale - Three Things to Know

- eBay Backend Opportunities That Most Sellers Miss

- How to Find a Wholesale Dropship Supplier For eBay and Other Online Auction Sites

- The Real Secrets to Selling on eBay

- Four Easy But Often Overlooked Ways to Boost Your eBay Profits

...And Much More...

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  • Are You Just a Face in a Crowd of Fi- nancial Advisers?
  • Offering More Value Makes You More
  • Is it Time For a Job Change?
  • Panel Interview Advice
  • Why I Almost Skipped This Week's
  • Popular Interview Questions
  • Temping Tips For Students
  • Become an Effective Manager Through Genuine Recognition
  • The Secret to a Successful Job Search
  • How to Begin Planning Your Career
  • What to Do When You Hear of Possible
  • The Job Interview
  • Differentiation Means Job Hunting
  • Why Pay For a Resume Update - Do it
  • Work at Home Scams - Find Out the
  • How to Get More Babysitting Jobs in
  • Passing the Buck From Your Bad Boss
  • Caution - Fake Modeling Agencies
  • How to Become a Victoria Secret Model
  • How to Become a Maxim Model?
  • Write the Book of Your Successes For Your Next Career Move
  • New Teacher Tips - Are You in the Les- son Planning Trap?
  • New Teacher Tips - How to Become a
  • Career Freedom - Playing to Win
  • How to Sell Yourself Without Selling
  • Survey Says Men Bigger Brown-Nosers to Bosses Than Women
  • Career Professional to Consultant Pro-
  • Reclaim Your Lost Motivation
  • Training Prepares Students Their Ca- reers in Cosmetology
  • Work Smart Not Hard
  • The Etiquette of Business Attire
  • Leadership Success - How to Rise Above a Career Plateau
  • School Administration - Seven Tips For Aspiring Principals
  • What Does it Take to Re-Invent Your-
  • Career Change Mistakes - 7 Top Tips For Career Changers
  • Working - How to Balance Your Job and Life and Win at Both
  • Prepping For the Perfect Interview
  • How to Say No and Still Keep Your Job
  • Finance Recruitment
  • When You Stand at the Turning Point
  • Seven Ways to Demonstrate That You Are a Leader at Work
  • Need a Job in Wyoming?
  • Teacher Salary - 7 Great Tips to Make You More Money
  • What Do You Need to Learn Next?
  • The Southwest Airline Pilot Interview
  • Jobs in Roofing - Career Advice For Service Technicians
  • Jobs in Roofing - Career Advice For
  • How to Climb the Corporate Ladder
  • Want to Get Noticed? Become the Of- fice Events Coordinator
  • The Monster Manager
  • Finessing Those Oh-So Embarrassing Moments - Part 1
  • How Far Will You Go to Promote Your
  • Home Based Business and Employee Mentality Spells Failure
  • Career Advice - What to Consider in Times of Company Chaos
  • Teaching - Top Ten Benefits
  • I Survived a Layoff and So Can You!
  • How to Work in a Team in Your Devel- opment DBA Job
  • The Skinny on Being Fat
  • What If I Want a Raise But My Em- ployer's Out of Money?
  • How Did You Get That So-Called Pro- motion of Yours?
  • What is a Learning Technologist?
  • Join the Fire and Rescue Service
  • Six Three-Dimensional Career Paths
  • How to Keep Your Job
  • Overcoming Potential Obstacles in the
  • Advance Your Career 101
  • Creative Business Ideas - Step One - Get a Chicken Foot Comb
  • The 6 Big Career Mistakes
  • Fast Start Your Career
  • Surviving Job Loss - 5 Simple Ways to Deal With Job Loss
  • How to Improve Your Skills to Move Up the Career Ladder
  • Top Recession Proof Jobs
  • Control Your Career
  • Workplace Woes - 5 Mistakes Women
  • Amazing Tips For an Aspiring Hairstyl-
  • Learn to Bartend - The Downsides of Bartending School
  • Start in the Drywall Trade at a Higher
  • Social Networking Can Damage Your Job Search If You Let It
  • Do You Talk Yourself Out of Business?
  • Surviving the Economic Crisis - Can Flexitime Save Jobs?
  • Is it Time to Panic? NEVER!
  • Take Care of Business
  • Professional Bartending School
  • The Day Before Signing the Contract

Career Advice - 139 World Class Expert Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice - the TOP rated Ways

To Find the Career Advice opportunities you're looking for

Information is power – you know that. But, how do you research the best Career Advice strategies, without spending too much of your time (and money) on it? The average person earns $ 1100 per week, which equates to $ 27 per hour. Trying to do the research yourself would take you at least 5 hours to come up with the best information, AND you’ll have to do this on a regular basis to come up with the most up to date and current information. There has to be a different way to find the info you want! Well, yes there is… we did all the research for you, combed through all the information and got down to the hard core of the 139 most up to date and best Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice here, in this book. The 139 of the most current, most actual and beneficial Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice you can find from experts in the field on Career Advice: - 7 Tips to Ace Job Interviews - Application Errors That Can Keep You From the Job - Bad Economies Offer Good Opportunities to Try SelfEmployment - Control Your Career - Fast Start Your Career - Fight the Recession! Why You Should Consider a Career in Sales - How to Begin Planning Your Career - How to Climb the Corporate Ladder - Surviving Job Loss - 5 Simple Ways to Deal With Job Loss - Top Recession Proof Jobs ...And Much More...

ISBN 978-1-921573-74-3


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Career Advice - 139 World Class Expert Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice the TOP rated Ways To Find the Career Advice opportunities you're looking for

Career Advice - 139 World Class Expert Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice the TOP rated Ways To Find the Career Advice opportunities you're looking for Copyright © Notice of rights All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher. Notice of Liability The information in this book is distributed on an “As Is” basis without warranty. While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of the book, neither the author nor the publisher shall have any liability to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the instructions contained in this book or by the products described in it. Trademarks Many of the designations used by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their products are claimed as trademarks. Where those designations appear in this book, and the publisher was aware of a trademark claim, the designations appear as requested by the owner of the trademark. All other product names and services identified throughout this book are used in editorial fashion only and for the benefit of such companies with no intention of infringement of the trademark. No such use, or the use of any trade name, is intended to convey endorsement or other affiliation with this book.

which equates to $ 27 per hour. Hints.How Dressing in Suits and a Necktie Gets You Promoted Before Your Peers Fast Start Your Career Fear Unemployment in Today's Economy .Healthcare Industry Vs Automotive Industry Control Your Career Creative Business Ideas .Interview With Serial Entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki Career Freedom . without spending too much of your time (and money) on it? The average person earns $ 1100 per week.Step One .7 Top Tips For Career Changers Career Do-Over . AND you’ll have to do this on a regular basis to come up with the most up to date and current information.Get a Chicken Foot Comb Differentiation Means Job Hunting Success Discover a Fundamental Management Skill Most Managers Lack Do You Talk Yourself Out of Business? Dress For Success . There has to be a different way to find the info you want! Well.HealthCare Vs Culinary Business Goal Setting For New Financial Advisers Cal Jobs and Private Employer Jobs in California Career Advice .Lessons Learned From Captain Sully Sullenberger Career Advice .Playing to Win Career Professional to Consultant Professional Career Success in Accounting . combed through all the information and got down to the hard core of the 139 most up to date and best Facts. The 139 of the most current. in this book. yes there is… we did all the research for you. most actual and beneficial Facts.Eight Steps to Soften the Blow When You Have to Fire Someone Career Advice .2 Recession Proof Options Fight the Recession! Why You Should Consider a Career in Sales . What's Exciting About You? Career Advice .How to Land That Perfect Accounting Job Caution .Beyond Your Resume. Trying to do the research yourself would take you at least 5 hours to come up with the best information.Fake Modeling Agencies Choosing a Career For Life .139 World Class Expert Facts. But.the TOP rated Ways To Find the Career Advice opportunities you're looking for Information is power – you know that.Use Your MBTI® Preferences to Guide Your Career Choice Career Change Mistakes . Hints.Career Advice .What to Consider in Times of Company Chaos Career Change Ideas For ENFPs . how do you research the best Career Advice strategies. Tips and Advice here. Hints. Tips and Advice . Tips and Advice you can find from experts in the field on Career Advice: 5 Important Reasons to Love What You Do & Do What You Love 7 Tips to Ace Job Interviews Adding Value to Your Skills to Get the Right Job Advance Your Career 101 Amazing Tips For an Aspiring Hairstylist Anatomy of a Computer Specialist Job Description Application Errors That Can Keep You From the Job Are You Just a Face in a Crowd of Financial Advisers? Are You Willing to Develop a Cohesive Strategy in Order to Meet the Demands of Structural Workplace Bad Economies Offer Good Opportunities to Try Self-Employment Become an Effective Manager Through Genuine Recognition Benefits of Choosing Careers For Life .

Just Type .Cultural Scenario and Work Ethics How Can Workers Set Themselves Apart in This New Era of Layoffs? How Did You Get That So-Called Promotion of Yours? How Far Will You Go to Promote Your Career? How to Become a Maxim Model? How to Become a Personal Trainer .Is it Easy to Teach English Abroad & Have a Great Travel Experience? .There Are Still Reasons to Stay Positive Reclaim Your Lost Motivation Reshaping Your Career in a Tough Economy .How to Avoid Common Scams Jobs in Roofing .It is Not the Product .5 Simple Ways to Deal With Job Loss Surviving the Economic Crisis .Part 1 Getting the Most From Onsite Computer Training Going Poolside Or Slopeside in a Travel Nurse Career Home Based Business and Employee Mentality Spells Failure Hong Kong .Seven Survival Tips Need a Job in Wyoming? New Teacher Tips .It is YOU That Has to Work How to Say No and Still Keep Your Job How to Sell Yourself Without Selling Out How to Work in a Team in Your Development DBA Job How Well Does Your Current Job Fit You? The First Step is Knowing What You Need to Be Your Best HVAC Tutoring Assistance Ideal For Fresh Start Or Career Enhancement I Need a Job Fast .Get a Job in 17 Days .Be Easy.Seven Tips For Aspiring Principals Seven Reasons Why Career Coaching is NOT For Sissies Seven Ways to Demonstrate That You Are a Leader at Work Should You Accept a Low-Paying Job Offer Or Stick With Unemployment Benefits? Six Three-Dimensional Career Paths Six Ways to Fit Individuals Into a Suitable Career Path Social Networking Can Damage Your Job Search If You Let It Start in the Drywall Trade at a Higher Wage Suggestions That Will Make Starting a New Job Easier Survey Says Men Bigger Brown-Nosers to Bosses Than Women Surviving Job Loss .The Downsides of Bartending School Life is Not Tough .3 Options For Taking the Initiative Scariest Question Asked by Recruiters and Employers School Administration .Data Entry Life Make Sure You Have All the Information You Need Before You Make a Career Change Make the Boss Aware of Your Value When Seeking a Promotion Making Social Networking Your Job Search Ally Managing Your Career in Uncertain Times .How to Rise Above a Career Plateau Learn to Bartend .Guaranteed! I Survived a Layoff and So Can You! Is it Time For a Job Change? Is it Time to Panic? NEVER! Is Veterinary Medicine the Right Career Choice For You? Jobs For Data Entry .Can Flexitime Save Jobs? Take Care of Business Teach English Overseas Q&A .3 Secrets You MUST Know on How to Become a Personal Trainer How to Become a Victoria Secret Model How to Begin Planning Your Career How to Climb the Corporate Ladder How to Find the Best Jobs & Live Your Life in the US in 6 Easy Steps How to Get More Babysitting Jobs in Your Area How to Improve Your Skills to Move Up the Career Ladder How to Keep Your Job How to Make Money .How to Become a Good Teacher Offering More Value Makes You More Valuable Overcoming Potential Obstacles in the Interview Panel Interview Advice Passing the Buck From Your Bad Boss Popular Interview Questions Prepping For the Perfect Interview Professional Bartending School Recession .Career Advice For Roofers Jobs in Roofing .Career Advice For Service Technicians Join the Fire and Rescue Service Leadership Success .Are You in the Lesson Planning Trap? New Teacher Tips .Finance Recruitment Finessing Those Oh-So Embarrassing Moments .

Do it Yourself! Work at Home Scams .Why Driving a Truck is Recession Proof Want to Get Noticed? Become the Office Events Coordinator Want to Make a Career Change? Follow These Steps to Re-Invent Yourself What Do You Need to Learn Next? What Does it Take to Re-Invent Yourself? What If I Only Want to Do the Least Amount of Salary Negotiating Possible? What If I Want a Raise But My Employer's Out of Money? What is a Learning Technologist? What to Do When You Hear of Possible Layoffs When Seeking Employment .Top Ten Benefits Temping Tips For Students The 6 Big Career Mistakes The Day Before Signing the Contract The Etiquette of Business Attire The Job Interview The Monster Manager The Secret to a Successful Job Search The Skinny on Being Fat The Southwest Airline Pilot Interview Rundown Top Recession Proof Jobs Training Prepares Students Their Careers in Cosmetology Trucking Jobs .How to Balance Your Job and Life and Win at Both Workplace Woes .Teacher Salary .How to Save 30k in Two Years and What to Do With It Trucking Jobs .Find Out the Real One Work Smart Not Hard Working .On Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs When You Stand at the Turning Point Why Becoming a Freelance Writer is the Best Thing to Do in a Recession Why Getting the Right IT Skills is Vital in a Recession Why I Almost Skipped This Week's Article Why Pay For a Resume Update .5 Mistakes Women Make Write the Book of Your Successes For Your Next Career Move Your Employed But Are You Doing Your Part? .7 Great Tips to Make You More Money Teaching .Careers That Can Help You Find a Balance Between Your Job and Your Life Working .

...........................................................................26 Should You Accept a Low-Paying Job Offer Or Stick With Unemployment Benefits? ...............................................19 Is it Time For a Job Change? ................................................................................38 The Job Interview....................20 Panel Interview Advice ...15 Are You Just a Face in a Crowd of Financial Advisers? .......................................16 Offering More Value Makes You More Valuable .........Table of Contents How Well Does Your Current Job Fit You? The First Step is Knowing What You Need to Be Your Best .............................29 Discover a Fundamental Management Skill Most Managers Lack ........................................................................................35 How to Begin Planning Your Career .................................................................................................................................................................................................................23 Popular Interview Questions ..............................33 Application Errors That Can Keep You From the Job....................27 Become an Effective Manager Through Genuine Recognition.....................41 Differentiation Means Job Hunting Success .......21 Why I Almost Skipped This Week's Article ...........................................................31 The Secret to a Successful Job Search........................42 ..........36 What to Do When You Hear of Possible Layoffs.....................25 Temping Tips For Students..............................................

................ 67 Survey Says Men Bigger Brown-Nosers to Bosses Than Women 70 Make Sure You Have All the Information You Need Before You Make a Career Change....................... 57 Write the Book of Your Successes For Your Next Career Move ....................... 63 Suggestions That Will Make Starting a New Job Easier .................Why Pay For a Resume Update ......Playing to Win........................ 64 Career Freedom .............Eight Steps to Soften the Blow When You Have to Fire Someone ............... 59 New Teacher Tips ................ 53 How to Become a Victoria Secret Model ................Find Out the Real One...Seven Survival Tips ........................................................................... 51 Passing the Buck From Your Bad Boss .................................................................................................................................................... 47 Want to Make a Career Change? Follow These Steps to Re-Invent Yourself ................................................................... 71 Career Advice .... 45 Work at Home Scams ...................... 56 Managing Your Career in Uncertain Times ...............Fake Modeling Agencies ................................................................. 52 Caution ..................................................... 55 How to Become a Maxim Model? ................Are You in the Lesson Planning Trap? ................................................................................... 50 How to Get More Babysitting Jobs in Your Area........................................How to Become a Good Teacher................. 61 New Teacher Tips ................................... 66 How to Sell Yourself Without Selling Out ........................... 48 Why Becoming a Freelance Writer is the Best Thing to Do in a Recession ........ 72 ..................................Do it Yourself!...........

..........94 Leadership Success .............................................................84 Trucking Jobs ..........75 Career Success in Accounting ...............Why Driving a Truck is Recession Proof .........................91 Scariest Question Asked by Recruiters and Employers.......How to Rise Above a Career Plateau ..................How to Save 30k in Two Years and What to Do With It...................................90 The Etiquette of Business Attire ................................Career Professional to Consultant Professional ......................101 I Need a Job Fast ..................................................................................................................Get a Job in 17 Days .....78 5 Important Reasons to Love What You Do & Do What You Love .....................85 Work Smart Not Hard ...................................................Healthcare Industry Vs Automotive Industry..........................86 Why Getting the Right IT Skills is Vital in a Recession................82 Trucking Jobs ............................96 School Administration ............................88 Choosing a Career For Life ..Seven Tips For Aspiring Principals .....................74 Reclaim Your Lost Motivation......How to Land That Perfect Accounting Job...........................81 Training Prepares Students Their Careers in Cosmetology ..............103 .............................................93 HVAC Tutoring Assistance Ideal For Fresh Start Or Career Enhancement ..........98 What Does it Take to Re-Invent Yourself?.............................................................................................................................................................................77 Anatomy of a Computer Specialist Job Description..................................Guaranteed! .....................

..................................How to Balance Your Job and Life and Win at Both .......................................... 107 Working ................... 117 How to Say No and Still Keep Your Job.... 132 The Southwest Airline Pilot Interview Rundown . 106 Career Change Mistakes ........................ 111 Prepping For the Perfect Interview .. 136 ........ 123 When You Stand at the Turning Point....... 104 Going Poolside Or Slopeside in a Travel Nurse Career............................ 125 Seven Ways to Demonstrate That You Are a Leader at Work .............................................................7 Top Tips For Career Changers ...... 134 Six Ways to Fit Individuals Into a Suitable Career Path ....................................................................... 121 Finance Recruitment........ 130 What Do You Need to Learn Next? ............................................7 Great Tips to Make You More Money........... 129 Teacher Salary .............................. 115 When Seeking Employment .. 119 Are You Willing to Develop a Cohesive Strategy in Order to Meet the Demands of Structural Workplace ....................................Working .........................On Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs ....................................Is it Easy to Teach English Abroad & Have a Great Travel Experience? ...... 116 How Can Workers Set Themselves Apart in This New Era of Layoffs? ........... 109 Life is Not Tough .Be Easy... 112 Teach English Overseas Q&A ..............................................Careers That Can Help You Find a Balance Between Your Job and Your Life .............................................................. 128 Need a Job in Wyoming? .................................................................. Just Type ..........Data Entry Life........................................................................

...........140 How to Climb the Corporate Ladder.148 Finessing Those Oh-So Embarrassing Moments .....................................146 Bad Economies Offer Good Opportunities to Try SelfEmployment ..........................................................................................................165 Career Advice ........139 Jobs in Roofing .........................157 Teaching ...........................How to Avoid Common Scams................................Part 1..................................................................173 Career Do-Over .....138 Jobs For Data Entry ........168 What If I Want a Raise But My Employer's Out of Money?...................................................................174 ......................................Career Advice For Service Technicians.......................149 How Far Will You Go to Promote Your Career? ..........................Beyond Your Resume........................................................................................................Top Ten Benefits.........................144 The Monster Manager..........161 How to Work in a Team in Your Development DBA Job............................Career Advice For Roofers.....What to Consider in Times of Company Chaos156 Career Advice ....................Jobs in Roofing .......170 How Did You Get That So-Called Promotion of Yours? ...............154 Career Advice .........Interview With Serial Entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki.........162 The Skinny on Being Fat ........Lessons Learned From Captain Sully Sullenberger ...........................................152 Home Based Business and Employee Mentality Spells Failure.......... What's Exciting About You? ..............................................159 I Survived a Layoff and So Can You!...............................143 Want to Get Noticed? Become the Office Events Coordinator .

............................... 206 How to Improve Your Skills to Move Up the Career Ladder ...........................................3 Secrets You MUST Know on How to Become a Personal Trainer ...............2 Recession Proof Options ...What is a Learning Technologist? ..................... 200 Fast Start Your Career ............................................................... 204 Fear Unemployment in Today's Economy .................................................. 178 How to Become a Personal Trainer .......... 181 How to Keep Your Job ..................... 209 ...................................................................................................... 180 Six Three-Dimensional Career Paths ........................5 Simple Ways to Deal With Job Loss ............................................................... 183 Is Veterinary Medicine the Right Career Choice For You?................ 201 Make the Boss Aware of Your Value When Seeking a Promotion ............... 193 Fight the Recession! Why You Should Consider a Career in Sales ...................................... 188 Advance Your Career 101........................... 186 Overcoming Potential Obstacles in the Interview ............................................................................. 190 Adding Value to Your Skills to Get the Right Job......................................................... 176 Join the Fire and Rescue Service ...................................................................................................................................... 194 Creative Business Ideas ............................ 203 Surviving Job Loss ..... 207 Top Recession Proof Jobs.Get a Chicken Foot Comb 198 The 6 Big Career Mistakes ....................................... 184 Business Goal Setting For New Financial Advisers....................Step One ...........................................

.......................221 How to Make Money .................................................................3 Options For Taking the Initiative ........214 Workplace Woes .........................HealthCare Vs Culinary .......There Are Still Reasons to Stay Positive .244 Getting the Most From Onsite Computer Training....................241 Hong Kong ......................239 Seven Reasons Why Career Coaching is NOT For Sissies.............................................The Downsides of Bartending School .................5 Mistakes Women Make ........................................212 Benefits of Choosing Careers For Life ..............................Cultural Scenario and Work Ethics..................................................................Reshaping Your Career in a Tough Economy ...................................................It is YOU That Has to Work.242 Cal Jobs and Private Employer Jobs in California ..........................................................................................................................230 Social Networking Can Damage Your Job Search If You Let It............248 ...237 How to Find the Best Jobs & Live Your Life in the US in 6 Easy Steps.............................It is Not the Product .220 Start in the Drywall Trade at a Higher Wage......225 Recession ........................................215 Amazing Tips For an Aspiring Hairstylist ......Can Flexitime Save Jobs? ........................227 Making Social Networking Your Job Search Ally .........236 Surviving the Economic Crisis ............211 Control Your Career..................................................................246 Is it Time to Panic? NEVER!.............218 Learn to Bartend ............................232 Do You Talk Yourself Out of Business? ..........................................

....... 257 The Day Before Signing the Contract............................................... 256 Professional Bartending School ............ 258 7 Tips to Ace Job Interviews........................................................... 259 .............................................................................. 250 Career Change Ideas For ENFPs ............................................................................Dress For Success ............................ 255 What If I Only Want to Do the Least Amount of Salary Negotiating Possible? ...........................................................................How Dressing in Suits and a Necktie Gets You Promoted Before Your Peers ...............................Use Your MBTI® Preferences to Guide Your Career Choice . 251 Take Care of Business........................................ 253 Your Employed But Are You Doing Your Part? .....


if you are someone who needs recognition. and be able to communicate. if your current job doesn't fit you well. and under what circumstances. For example. In order to keep a job in today's market. Knowing your needs allows you to determine how well those needs are being met in your current situation. Some people would say. do you have that available to you in your current situation? Knowing your needs can help you create a situation which allows you to benefit the company by being your absolute best. While this may not completely protect you from lay-offs. Small changes in how you do your job can lead to greater productivity or greater savings for your company. The key to both is being clear about who you are and what you do well. they just comprise what helps you to be your best. where more layoffs may be right around the corner. or trying to hang on to the job you have. it is certainly likely to make it easier to find a new job if you know what your skills are and what value you can offer a company. knowing what your needs are can better fit you to a new job. This is true whether you are searching for a job. you need to be able to demonstrate your value to the company. While "needs" have sometimes gotten a bad rap because they have been associated with being "needy.15 How Well Does Your Current Job Fit You? The First Step is Knowing What You Need to Be Your Best In these times of economic uncertainty. just what you bring to the table." a need really is "what you must have in order for you to be your very best. You may be able to have a conversation with your supervisor or a manager about making small changes." But actually." Needs are not right or wrong. it communicates with the . You need to be clear. it may seem odd to ask how well your current job fits you. If everyone was working at their best. The first step in learning how well your job fits you is to know what you need in a job or career. You can let a prospective employer know how to maximize your capabilities and skills. "Just make the best of it. is there a way for you to get that in your current job? If you need some autonomy. you increase your likelihood of getting laid off. When you do that. would that benefit the company? If you are currently laid off.

Not only do you want a job where you can demonstrate how you do your best. Ph. Are You Just a Face in a Crowd of Financial Advisers? .16 employer that you know yourself well. it helps ensure a better fit between workers and their management. She specializes in helping people get unstuck from negative emotions and limiting beliefs that sabotage their happiness. Knowing yourself not only allows you to communicate your skills and talents to management.com. change their lives. And don't you want to hang on to a job that fits you well. and reach goals they had not thought possible using her solution focused approach.D. Get additional free tips and challenges for getting unstuck from her Inner Resources report <http://www. life coach. your company wants employees who will give their best as well. Or contact her for a free 20 minute consultation at http://www.InnerResourceCenter. thus creating greater longevity. trainer and owner of Inner Resource Center. She has 30 years of experience helping people overcome obstacles. Ph. and you have thought about what skills you bring to the work force. Linda Pucci. Knowing yourself. one where you can do your best? (c) 2009 Linda Pucci.D. knowing how a worker will best fit their company can ensure that their money is well spent. Employers typically invest a great deal of money training its workers.com/> . is a psychologist. LLC. and especially knowing what needs you bring to the work situation allows you to determine how you can best fit into what that company needs from you.InnerResourceCenter.

there are easily 4-5 financial planners or financial advisers that most qualified prospects in their 30s and 40s already know. Imagine if before you even make an approach to your prospect. In order of the likelihood of conversion: Trusted friend's referral. loved by your clients. you will need to educate them about your services and how to refer business to you. you have to market yourself differently. media references like articles in newspapers or video interviews and third party testimonials. With the advent of many web-tools. they already know you are well connected. Trusted References How we first contact our prospects will be enhanced by trusted references. Or do you market yourself at all? Let's face it. Check with your company what they allow and do not allow to be public and on websites. you can still have web interaction with your targeted prospects. and have a solid knowledge about financial planning and about other topics your prospects are passionate about. Why should they listen to you and not the others? The three key factors to stand out in our Financial Advisory arena are: trusted references. connected and trusted. how does your prospect know you exist? If you are looking to stand-out from the competition. Effective Use of Marketing To access new markets where you have little or no connections. MySpace. they will need somewhere to catch a glimpse of you before they agree to meet you. informed. within company guidelines. How referable are you? Do your clients and advocates know how to sell you? How often do you update them about your services? Do you have a system to constantly feed them with information and spur them into referring for you? Building a strong relationship is not enough. A good website and web profile tells the prospect that you are modern. Referral Marketing is certainly one area you should really work at.17 Ask yourself this question. without Facebook. . Years ago. Personal Branding Now that you've got your referrals. you'll have work out a marketing plan exploring on-line and off-line methods. LinkedIn and a host of other social websites. it was not possible to do a pre-meeting introduction. Will that not help to secure a meeting with them? So. expertise branding and effective use of marketing. work on your personal branding.

Some markets are unlikely to "select" their financial adviser on-line. they have formulated a good opinion about you. articles writing on magazines your target market reads etc. and is currently a Financial Services Manager with the largest Independent FA in Singapore. Video via YouTube and other forms of media like podcasts generate tons of traffic into your website. advertising. . There are so many means of marketing or branding oneself online. Conclusion It is clear that if you fail to stand-out from your competitors.financialadvisercareer.18 The on-line world has not been much penetrated by Financial Advisers in my opinion. and maintain a healthy work-life balance. targeting at books your target audience read). It can even bring to life that pile of name cards you have gathered over the years. He set up The Definitive Financial Adviser Career Guide <http://www. Feel free to drop the Author some comments at The Definitive Financial Adviser Career Guide <http://www.com> . or general (for Example: advertising on Google sites when a related term appears in the content). but want to gain some mindshare.com> to provide job seekers a resource to find out more about the Financial Advisory Services landscape in Asia. On-line advertising can be targeted (Example: on Amazon. His passion is to help young entrepreneurs to achieve their fullest potential. Email Marketing with Auto Responders can automate contact with your reservoir of prospects you are not ready to talk to.financialadvisercareer. or be blown away by the tsunami of competition. you will soon join the dinosaurs and fade into extinction in this rapid age of information. Brendan Yong has been in the Financial Advisory Business since Jan 2003. but it may be useful for branding so by the time you contact them. or at least helps to educate your prospects about the benefits you can have for them. The majority of the efforts have to be offline: direct-mail campaign (usually 3-5 continuous weekly contact to achieve any reasonable results). which complements the off-line marketing strategies. To even protect your current clientele you'd better work on your marketing strategy to maintain mind-share.

Value to your clients may be helping them solve a problem or fill a need that may not have anything to do with your company's products. Business and Personal Performance Coach If you'd like to explore the coaching experience. The challenge is to properly define what value means to your company.19 Offering More Value Makes You More Valuable It doesn't matter what your industry is. the title you hold or the income you earn. Lowering your prices will not provide job security! Take a good look at the people who depend on you. you will get the chance to . team member and sales executive. Consider providing information about their industry and if appropriate. Go to http://www. Even more disturbing is that they may be willing to do your job for less money. Jean-Ann Cooper..cooperworldwidecoaching... client needs or comments.com and click on complimentary coaching session. The time to begin again is now. It's important not to confuse value with pricing.. today is a great day to do that. information about their competition.. now is a good time to ask that question. Value to your boss may be providing him or her with solid and timely information related to goals. In a short phone call. The future will be more secure if you commit today to offer more value as an employee.you are in a competitive position and the future is in question. you will be better equipped to help them meet their needs. manager. your management and your client base.. Do you know what those are? If not. Not scare tactics.reality! So what can you do to make sure there isn't a target on your back? The obvious and easy answer is to offer more value. Let their needs take center stage. Today's high unemployment figures clearly communicate that there is someone just around the corner who is uniquely qualified to do your job. Find out the type of support your manager needs and then provide that. sales presentations. Value to your company may be that your focus is on selling the products or services that are the most profitable.and it is different for each. What do they need and value most? Once you know the answer. Delivering more value will make you more valuable to those who count on you every day.

What are the reasons for your negative feelings about your place of employment? Is there something in your personal life that may be affecting how you feel about your place of work? It is easy to take out life's problems on your job. Making this kind of change will affect your future. Sometimes frustration you feel isn't necessary work related. Jean-Ann began her career as a Business and Personal Performance Coach following 22 years in Radio and Television Sales and Management. maybe making a move is the best option.com Is it Time For a Job Change? So you think it might be time to change your job? Switching your job or changing your career can be a huge decision. Reasons to consider moving companies or even changing careers could have valid reason. The process is designed to dramatically increase your business and enhance your quality of life. However. For more visit http://www. sometimes those feelings don't go away. it is easy to take it out on work... This is common and as the day goes by. career transition and work/life balance. Evaluate your feelings and make sure that it isn't just the "Monday Morning Blahs". Her practice focuses on personal and busines performance. More about Jean-Ann Cooper. and if you truly are miserable in your place of employment. things aren't so bad.cooperworldwidecoaching. it is best to figure out a way to deal with your personal frustrations. being dissatisfied with pay is a huge .20 determine whether or not this coaching thing is for you. For a lot of people. but once you are out of family and life situations. Her knowledge of the sales process and management skills made coaching a natural fit. All of us at one time or another feel like you just don't want to be there. In these cases. so it is wise to make sure this is the best option for you. negotiation skills.

it might be time to move on. Perhaps the commute is too far away and you feel that something closer would allow you to spend time with family more.com/www/examples/> at VisualCV (http://www. you should really think things through and assess if the problem can be fixed or if there really is a valuable reason to move to a different place of employment. Whatever you decide. If you do not receive the benefits you need for yourself and your family. The leader is usually the person who . In order to succeed. Check out some resume writing examples <http://www.visualcv. Whatever the problem is.Determine the leader of the group. Then you should look around to the other interviewers and finish answering the question while making contact with the person who asked the question.visualcv. As a general rule. as long as it is thought out clearly and the reasons have merit.com/www/examples/) and make an impression at your next interview. and direct questions to her/him at the end of the interview. and the number of interviewers can range from two to eight (or more). Difficulty with your boss or supervisor may be causing undue stress. just be sure to make the best decision for you. you should start answering questions while making eye contact who asked the question. you'll need a great resume. Maybe you find the work unsatisfying and you would really enjoy something that is more of a challenge. Panel Interview Advice The panel interview can occur in any industry. Heidi Ball is a freelance writer. Ask Questions .Not knowing where to look during a panel interview is a concern for many.21 reason for leaving. If you decide that a change in career is the right step for you. follow the tips below: Eye contact .

To ensure you get the spelling of everyone's name and email right. or resume assistance. whether it be a complete career makeover. You can contact Linda Matias at linda@careerstrides. The focus of each letter will differ depending on the job title of the interviewer. Linda Matias is qualified to assist you in your career transition. skills. the supervisor of your department will be interested in your teamwork and productivity skills.22 makes the initial introductions and/or asks the most questions during the interview. Avoid falling into the trap. ask when making interview arrangements. Keep your cool. When you finish answering a question. . interview preparation. For example. Job & Career Transition Coach (JCTC). ask the individual representing the department. For specific questions that only a person in a specific department can answer. In many ways. She is also the author How to Say It: Job Interviews (Prentice Hall Press).Send a thank you letter to every interviewer. Remain Focused . Silence is a strategy interviewers may use to get you to reveal information you ordinarily would not. Respect Silence . a panel interview mimics other types of interviews in that the interviewers will want to hear about your knowledge. This method is used to determine how you will react in stressful situations. Certified Interview Coach? (CIC).Do not feel the need to fill every empty space.careerstrides. Follow-up Letters . Certified in all three areas of the job search. while a member of a partnering department will be interested in your ability to work collaboratively with his/her respective division. and Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW). A good way to find out whether or not a panel interview is going to take place.com> or visit her website http://www.The good/bad cop scenario is when one interviewer is friendly and another is harsh. ask for everyone's business card. and do not let the interview to get under your skin.com for additional career advice and to view resume samples. stop talking.com linda@careerstrides. and abilities.

If it is. the only thing you need to do is take action DESPITE the negative self-talk and bothersome concerns. Anytime I started to write." I was becoming frustrated. My inner critic was doing a really good job of distracting me from writing what you need to hear. You can make a fantastic living from it. Although. It thinks it needs to protect you from yourself and tries to do this by throwing every worry in the book at you. All my ideas seemed boring or uninspired.23 Why I Almost Skipped This Week's Article I've been attempting to write this week's article for the last two and a half hours and I was just about to give up. You can create the life you truly want. from sharing advice that would help you take that next step with your career change. my inner critic would shout. tempted to skip this week's newsletter or just reprint a previous article. everyone knows that already. How many of you have been doubting yourself and your job efforts recently? Have you been inadvertently slowing down your job hunting efforts because of your lack of success? How many of you have been wondering if you even have some sort of passion that you could turn into a livelihood? Are you only taking passive action. And then it hit me. blah. That's what I had to do to write this. It's also what I had to do (and still need to remind myself!) to leave my corporate job and start my own business. Ask yourself if this is what's been happening. Your inner critic just despises change. blah. let me remind you that you do have a purpose. if any action at all. It knows that if it bothers you with every negative thought you will become distracted and slow down if not stop your career change efforts. "Oh they won't think that's helpful. Pour your energy into taking action--any action is better than all the thinking and reasoning you've been doing. Then I became curious. Turn your attention away from all the fear and self-criticism. . to find work you'd love and make a career out of it? It happens.

I've been attempting to write this week's article for the last two and a half hours and I was just about to give up.24 Go ahead. and so can you. Turn your attention away from all the fear and self-criticism. My inner critic was doing a really good job of distracting me from writing what you need to hear. Go ahead. Inc. and so can you. everyone knows that already. the only thing you need to do is take action DESPITE the negative self-talk and bothersome concerns. tempted to skip this week's newsletter or just reprint a previous article. Ask yourself if this is what's been happening. . If it is. It's also what I had to do (and still need to remind myself!) to leave my corporate job and start my own business. You can make a fantastic living from it. to find work you'd love and make a career out of it? It happens. It knows that if it bothers you with every negative thought you will become distracted and slow down if not stop your career change efforts. Although. You can create the life you truly want. How many of you have been doubting yourself and your job efforts recently? Have you been inadvertently slowing down your job hunting efforts because of your lack of success? How many of you have been wondering if you even have some sort of passion that you could turn into a livelihood? Are you only taking passive action. All my ideas seemed boring or uninspired. I did it. blah. Then I became curious. if any action at all. let me remind you that you do have a purpose. (c) 2007 Segaric Coaching. my inner critic would shout. It thinks it needs to protect you from yourself and tries to do this by throwing every worry in the book at you. from sharing advice that would help you take that next step with your career change. And then it hit me. Pour your energy into taking action--any action is better than all the thinking and reasoning you've been doing. blah. That's what I had to do to write this. Your inner critic just despises change. "Oh they won't think that's helpful." I was becoming frustrated. I did it. Anytime I started to write.

the required skills and that you are flexible. Popular Interview Questions Ok. group or association deal with people in transition? Ready to switch careers and don't know where to begin? Visit http://www. just tell them about it and tell them why you are proud of it. But what kind of questions will they ask? Well here are a few of the most popular questions: now you have to think about how you will answer them! Why do you want this position? Here the employer is looking for information about what makes you the right person to employ for this job. Usually they want to know that you have experience. What would you say is your greatest strength? Here the employer wants to see what you think is important. so now you have been lucky enough to secure an interview. motivational speaker.segaric. so you need to check through what skills are identified here and then list your skills against these.25 Annemarie Segaric is a respected career change coach. is it being flexible. Can you tell us what skills you feel you could bring to this position? This question is asking you to demonstrate that you have the skills identified in the person specification. so even if your greatest accomplishment isn't all that great.com and download your own career change toolkit today. hard working. Does your company. and author. whether with a recruitment agency or directly with an employer. because the employer is looking for a clear sign that you are moti- . hard working etc. a team player etc? What is your greatest accomplishment so far? The employer is handing you the opportunity to tell them about your successes. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? This question is quite hard to answer.

or even during term time. but on the other hand. creating a good curriculum vitae can feel a daunting experience. After all how can you write a curriculum vitae when you have no work experience? Well there are things that you can mention on your curriculum vitae. Secretarial Jobs. but it may be realistic to state that you want to be the MD of the company! Above all when at interview. keen to progress.co. keep a cool head and show yourself in your best light and you are sure to do well! Recruitment agency solutions spanning temping in london. Customer Service Jobs and Data Entry Jobs Temping Tips For Students If you are a student who has never worked.uk/job-listing/receptionistsjobs/JobCategoryIDs/3. it may be worth saying that you are keen to become a team leader or a PA in 5 years time. ambitious.uk> we specialise in placement and recruitment in London and the Uk from PA Jobs. . they don't want to feel threatened by you. If you have done any kind of voluntary work then put this down on your curriculum vitae as if it were work experience. that can demonstrate that you do have organisational skills or the ability to work well under pressure or to be reliable.co. Then show how this voluntary work equipped you with skills. but you want to sign up for a recruitment agency and get some work for the holidays.aspx> Admin Jobs. If it is an admin position for example.tate.26 vated. so respond to this question in a way that you think is appropriate to the nature of the job for which you are applying. contract and permanent office jobs <http://www. Receptionist Jobs <http://www.tate.

27 If you have no work experience voluntary or paid. studies and interests can all show that you really are very employable! Recruitment agency solutions spanning temping in london. But . show that you are a team player. do not despair. contract and permanent office jobs <http://www. so you will get no temping jobs etc until you get your degree. All it takes is a little creative thinking (but no dishonesty) on your behalf and if you are a student. In the same way you can use your hobbies and interests to show that you are a person who is able to undertake various tasks or duties.uk> we specialise in placement and recruitment in London and the Uk from PA Jobs. then you should be bright enough to think how your school work. then forget this kind of negative attitude. Secretarial Jobs.uk/job-listing/receptionistsjobs/JobCategoryIDs/3.you get a job offer. that you are reliable etc. If you have studied in 6th Form and are at University then you can demonstrate that you are able to work without constant supervision. Even things like playing in a football team.tate. then these obviously demonstrate that you are a team player.co. It really is a case of using whatever experience you have and making it applicable to the working environment.tate. So instead of thinking that you have no work experience. If you have any interests that involve being part of a team. Receptionist Jobs <http://www.co.aspx> Admin Jobs. that you are able to prioritise your workload. Customer Service Jobs and Data Entry Jobs Should You Accept a Low-Paying Job Offer Or Stick With Unemployment Benefits? So you've recently been let go from your company and are receiving unemployment benefits when an amazing thing happens .

28 it's not the offer you were hoping for. Choose Wisely . You could even take this paid time off to educate yourself in new fields. but they were established to make sure that those who are recently unemployed don't feel that they have to accept anything that's offered to them. This means. So take time to sit down with your family and weigh your options collectively. it is important that you spend time studying what's going on in your field so that you don't waste unnecssary time pursuing dead-end opportunities. there is no rule that says you have to take anything you're offered. It can .And According to Your Family's Needs As mentioned previously. The decision to accept a lower-paying position can be devastating when you consider the years of hard work you may have put into another job. you may be setting yourself up for a financial and career disaster. if you're applying for jobs and simply collecting unemployment benefits without knowing what's going on with your field. Not only are they meant to help keep you afloat as you look for new employment. Meaning. Business probably was not good. What do you do? Is it best to take the low-paying job or continue taking the unemployment benefits? This is definitely not a decision that comes with a textbook answer. depending on your field. suffering business may be widespread. choosing the right path in this type of situation is not easy. Get a Good Grasp of Your Field While holding out is not a bad idea for a while. to ensure everyone is considered in this challenging decision. it's not the best idea to do so blindly. So if you feel that you can go a while longer on the benefits you're receiving then continuing your search for a position that is roughly comparable to the job you previously held in both salary and benefits isn't necessarily a bad thing. While you are required to actively seek employment while receiving benefits. It may have been a blessing in disguise that propels you toward a passion you've always wanted to nurture. Therefore. While it will definitely pay the bills. However. Depending on your family's financial needs in the short and long term. You Were Given Unemployment Benefits for a Reason One thing that you should keep in mind when deciding whether to take the lower-paying position is that you were given unemployment benefits for a reason. it will result in you taking less than 50-percent of what you were making. you may benefit from some basic tips to help guide your decision. your decision can vary greatly. Think about it. Check to see if the companies you're applying with are planning to layoff workers anytime soon. there is a reason that your job let its employees go.

But even if you're on the 'cold fish' side there are certain things you can do that make a difference and most actions don't cost a cent! ** 5 Ways to Acknowledge Your Team Members ** . reliable and effective job search tools and information.29 be a major blow to the ego and wallet. It's the ability to genuinely recognize and acknowledge team members for a job well done. I saw a whole book on '1001 ways to reward and recognize your team'". "Sorry" and they may as well not have bothered because it was the most inauthentic apology you ever heard? In fact it wasn't an apology at all. it's a personal attribute that comes from within.com Become an Effective Manager Through Genuine Recognition One of the most powerful attributes of an effective manager is not something often taught in management courses. If you're in need of a resume service <http://www. You may be thinking. Have you ever had someone say. Heather Eagar is a former professional resume writer and is passionate about providing working professionals with current. So make sure that your decision to accept or deny is an informed one to ensure you and your family can benefit for years to come. compare the top ones in the industry at http://www. And you're absolutely right. but the keyword I'm focusing on is 'genuinely'. it was just a word without any feeling to support its meaning.com> . "Of course you can learn that. Authenticity can't be taught.resumelines.resumelines.

has done a great job. Well you would have thought I'd given her a million bucks. let others know about it. ask if they're better now. Bill had an employee who made it to the over-50 ice skating finals.30 1. but had also taken the time to send a message. don't you know your manners yet?" It's not hard to be decent. doing. 3. She was so chuffed that I'd not only remembered. One of my colleagues was going in for dental surgery. "PLEASE!" My memory floated back to childhood with the rhyme. if it's their birthday wish them many happy returns and ask how they're celebrating. I'm not saying to delve into their private lives but if they've been sick. No need to gush. We spend so much time doing. I'm appalled at how many people have forgotten their manners. or someone in it. I've got so many ideas on how I can finally get the information I need. he asked for a picture of her on the ice and commended her in the next newsletter. 2. If there is a company newsletter use it to showcase their accomplishments. if you want your words to have impact. "Gimme. If your team. not just their work. doing that we need to take a breath and acknowledge what we've done! Have a morning tea to say. He'd send an email. 4. This can be work related or personal. He authentically acknowledged his colleagues constantly. And remember. I was at the bakery and the customer next to me said. "Give me two loaves of bread. that presentation you did was absolutely fantastic. Throw a "Please" and "Thank you" their way. Be a promoter. It made people absolutely glow. I think we need more celebrations in our lives. David was a manager his team adored and it was easy to figure out why. "Thanks for your hard work. ." And have a conversation that doesn't revolve solely around work. Give genuine compliments from time to time. but a simple acknowledgment should suffice. Care about the person. You really excited the team and I can't wait to put the new system in place. Spend $15 and buy a cake. "Marcia. gimme never gets." 5. if they returned from vacation." I felt like screaming. trumpet your horn to others and say it to your face. ask how it was. say them with heart. I wasn't in the office the day before her appointment so I sent her a text message to tell her I was thinking about her and wish her good luck.

"Just a reminder that today is our staff strategy meeting. There will be many excellent benefits as a result of the merger." * I received a letter from the Chairman of my bank that started off. "I'm pleased to announce that the shareholders took the Board's suggestion to merge with Greedy (excuse my creative licence) Bank. Today I want to focus on an attribute that appears to have been lost amongst the fancy management speak and that's common sense. I would have access to more cash machines .31 Madisen Harper is a career expert who provides a proven system to help people take their first jump into a management. Get her free report on why "Dealing with Difficult People is Your #1 Priority as a Manager" => http://www. Consider the following fine examples: * On Thursday a company retrenched 10% of their employees. Brian Tracy & 'The Secret's' John Assaraf & Michael Beckwith. Discover a Fundamental Management Skill Most Managers Lack There are many resources on management skills. team leader or supervisor role. So bring your great ideas and positive attitude.com Madisen recently co-authored a book with Dr Wayne Dyer." I discovered ONE lousy benefit. On Friday the CEO sent out an email that said.whoop-ti-do! . The odd thing about common sense is that it's really not that common at all. they range from leading and building your team and its members to effective communication.BecomeAManagerNow.

In both cases they lacked common sense and also failed on other key management skills such as successful communication. The Chairman assumed I would be happy about the big merger. but in fact I wasn't. maintaining and heightening customer satisfaction to create loyalty and team building. I had fired Greedy Bank years ago for their poor customer service so the last thing I wanted to hear was that they were now merging (read 'taking over') the bank I have been a customer of for over 15 years. It's a basic skill. she acted like nothing happened and all was well in the world (well at least it was in her world. Consider your day-to-day work and ask yourself if you practice common sense at work. team leader or supervisor role. pretend smile for a strategy meeting. they were already feeling unmotivated. money and paper on a letter that had one lousy benefit in it. Brian Tracy & 'The Secret's' John Assaraf & Michael Beckwith.BecomeAManagerNow. uncertain and scared for their own jobs and now were expected to put on a big happy.com Madisen recently co-authored a book with Dr Wayne Dyer. In both cases it comes down to one thing. Get her free report on why "Dealing with Difficult People is Your #1 Priority as a Manager" => http://www. the CEO and Chairman are paid big bucks to be competent at their job. . Instead.32 In the first instance you would hope that the CEO had the common sense to acknowledge the previous day's retrenchments. that can have an incredible impact. she was still safe in her corner office). Madisen Harper is a career expert who provides a proven system to help people take their first jump into a management. The second example is one of assumption. The other aspect was that they had wasted time. Employees read the email in disgust.

Each 'leg' of this framework is geared to compliment and solidify support of the other legs. there are literally hundreds of applicants. Additionally. check out a 'how to' book from the library. Take the time to figure out where you should best spend your job search energies. network = successful search You can have one or two of these components. Here's a quick list of ideas to get the ball rolling: . given these market conditions? The key is laser-precise targeting. Successful job searches begin with a three-legged stool approach:Polished résumé + targeted job search + network. network.33 The Secret to a Successful Job Search I've been inundated lately with clients who have been laid off or terminated due to economic reasons. If you have multiple talents (and most people do). Here's a startling statistic: 70%. Job seekers nowadays have to be relentless and fearless. but your stool won't be on solid ground and steady. Is it the field that you have the most expertise in? Or is it a new direction where you can leverage your skills sets? Whichever direction you choose. Several hiring managers I've talked to have said that for every open position. The jobs that do exist are simply being flooded. you have to be focused. Something is definitely missing. What does that say to you? It should tell you that you need to get out of the house and start talking to people. You can't be a teacher and suddenly apply for a pharmacy technician position utilizing your teaching background. this is where you match that document up to the jobs that fit that description. A common refrain I hear is a bewildered. Polished resume. "Where do I start?" So exactly what is the secret to a successful job search. Just as you have focused your resume into a specific area. you might create several different versions of your resume targeting different fields to reflect that varied background. But. The interesting thing I've noted is that there are now a lot of people suddenly without employment who haven't ever conducted a job search before or haven't had to do so in a long time. No "one size fits all" resume will do. take the time to polish your resume .either utilize web resources. the important thing is that you need to match apples to apples. This is the percentage of people who find jobs through networking.it simply doesn't translate. or hire a professional resume writer to make sure you>Targeted job search. Understanding your target market for your focused resume is critical! Networking.

34 1.you'll be meeting everyone at the registration counter 3. Online business networking. contribute to a cause and feel good.volunteer to help out with registration for a related industry conference. Informational interviews . Dawn Rasmussen . CMP President Pathfinder Writing and Career Services PO Box 20536 Portland OR 97294 503-539-3954 phone 503-408-4894 fax http://pathfindercareers.mingling at these events can open doors 4.find out and leverage existing contacts from others in your same situation.com/ Advance your career with a professionally-written resume Proud member of the National Resume Writers Association . Networking events/luncheons .you can meet people. and be relentless and fearless.these can be set up through someone you know or else you can try the 'cold-call' route.com is just one great resource to find out who your contacts know to connect to people and jobs 7. you might just also gain an internal advocate for you at that company! Looking for a job is a full-time job. It's a win-win situation 2. you will only be successful if you focus your effort on the three-pronged approach. not a job.LinkedIn. in this marketplace.most job seekers are willing to share their Rolodexes in exchange for the same favor 5. and again. Job support groups .you can meet other people and even find out about job leads 6. Informational interviews can be incredibly insightful. Volunteer . you are now marketing your own commodity: YOU. Classes . Instead of marketing someone else's product. Trade association events . and if you handle it well (send a thank you note afterwords). Remember: You are trying to get information.CTP.

most job applications do not afford a lot of room to be over-wordy or include a long list of all your skills and prior positions. Here you will outline your prior experience and unique qualifications past employment. none of the reasons are feasible.. Or. but there is so much ground to cover. You wish to demonstrate your years in a particular field though your time in that industry is spotty or intermittent. you can not afford any miscalculation or indiscretion that may hinder your career goals. Or. and resources. Put the best spin on the situation. The temptation would be to skip one of your positions altogether so as to highlight a different job or experience. In a tight job market. Highlight the unique duties and roles at each as well as aspects of all jobs that are beneficial to managing and budgeting people. Fill out as many prior employment blocks as provided.. etc. yet. and need to know. special training. in light of the negative impact to your chances of future employment.35 Application Errors That Can Keep You From the Job You are trying to fill out the application to the best of your ability. Somewhere towards the bottom of most applications are a few lines asking for other skills or qualifications. military. Let's face it. go in order from recent to oldest but don't skip one job to highlight another. . your current job is not very exciting but the prior job was chalked full of good experiences and leadership duties. you do have the necessary skills/requirements further back in your job history. Employers have a right to know. Also. what the future employee has been up to and if they are qualified for the position. Your current or most recent job is not as applicable to the position you are seeking. and bring all the loose ends together on your cover letter and resume. Think about this from the employer's point of view. time. Let's look at the top three and try to redirect your approach. drew from all your experiences to build a case for the current open position. This raises some negative questions and speculation on the part of the human resources department and the supervisor or manager seeking to hire. you just don't have all the data for that company you worked for three years back. Here is an applicant who can not account for significant amounts of time. include a brief synopsis of your skills and qualifications as related to the specific job sought on your coverletter and resume. even the non-related job to the position you seek. However. The danger is that holes in your employment history can be the death knell to your chances of getting an interview. There are various reasons one might opt to omit large chunks of the past. Go ahead and fill out the application detailing the complete work history.

it does not matter what age a person is or whether the person is a college student. Understand clearly. and if there is a legitimate reason such as injury or extended recuperation. a stay at home mom who is ready to jump back into the workforce. yet so often the question is never asked. .36 What if you do have legitimate blocks of time where you were out of work? By all means. and emphasize your unique qualifications in a cover letter and on your resume. a company can not discriminate. and really think about. explain them on paper. There really is no valid reason to skip large segments of your work history. Many can be turned into an asset with the right spin: stay-at-home moms are wonderful managers and great at multitasking. what direction to take as a next step in their life-long career. It may be tempting to leap-frog one job to highlight a previous position. However. the negative connotation that will form in the mind of the hiring manager out weighs any reasons or excuses for a spotty work history. most people do not fully consider what kind of an impact their early decisions make on their long-term outcome. Everyone should know the importance of. Put a positive thrust to all your work place endeavors. You may feel that a recent job has no bearing on the position you are applying for (and it may not). look for connections between your past skills and the sought after position. Brian Trimmer is an educator who previously worked in human resources for an employment firm. or even a retiree who is not yet ready to accept a rocking chair as their next greatest destination. The question is critical to one's long term happiness. How to Begin Planning Your Career When planning your career. students and military personal often receive valuable training and experience.

Reality .What type of commitment is going to be involved? While many careers are very worthwhile and give back to the community. Some of the most rewarding careers can now be realized while working from a home office. Commitment . Then they realize that their financial situation will not allow them to make the type of commitments that are required in order to ensure their success. and based on doing only what you love to do is by far the most desired choice. they are burnt out. It's not out of reach to learn from others who can lead you step-by-step in planning for all of the above questions as well as showing you what an Internet business can do you in planning your career. becoming a doctor or surgeon is a very noble career indeed. . So why begin to plan your career from a position of debt when you can accomplish the same goal from a position of solid income? A career that is based from home allowing personal family time. especially during an economic crisis.37 Some aspects that need to be looked at in detail when planning your career include: Preparation .Does this career really fit the person? Is it something that they love to do and will continue to enjoy doing for many years to come? Anyone can begin their career with eagerness only to find that after a year or two. but you can also get rid of any existing debt by creating new sources of income . a person needs to be sure that they are going to be able to make the commitment and stick with their initial career choice in order to avoid wasting valuable time. if the person who is pursuing this career is a single parent without a lot of family support. flexibility in one's daily schedule.all from your home office. For example.What type of preparation is going to be needed to go into a particular type of career? How long is the schooling that is required in order to achieve the related goal? How is that schooling going to be paid for? What type of potential debt am I looking at? It is good to start with these types of basic questions before making any real decisions. that parent will miss out on a lot of the daily joys that come with being a parent. Going from a life of debt to income is certainly within your reach when you understand certain proven strategies. However. Not only can you learn how to avoid the many pitfalls of getting into debt.

What do you do now? Take a deep breath. Remember they will only give you information about your situation and not any other worker . You can and will get through this change. The one thing we know about constants.com <http://www.but not necessarily.debt-to-income. stay at home moms. If you hear rumblings you might consider going to your Supervisor or Manager privately and speaking honestly about what you have heard.com/consumer-debt-relief. Gorham teaches students. What to Do When You Hear of Possible Layoffs Oh no! There are rumblings that a lay-off may be in your near future. retirees. If you're working in a union environment you probably already know where you are in terms of seniority.html> . His website is devoted to providing free and low-cost tools and resources for successful living.com> .so don't ask about anyone but yourself. there is no such thing -. But it's best to stay as calm as possible and keep a positive attitude so that you are thinking through the process and not just reacting.things are always changing. in 10 Days to New Income <http://www.38 Richard Gorham says. If you don't know you can find out by checking with your Union Steward or directly with the Human Resources Department. "Conquer debt and increase your income!" Access a wide variety of free tools and resource information to better manage your money at Debt-to-Income.debt-to-income. The Supervisor or Manager may or may not be in a . and anyone needing to improve their finances. If you're not working in a union environment but you're the one most recently hired. They may factor in other things like work performance or attendance that might work to your advantage. chances are you may be in the next lay-off wave -.

Instead start to prepare. Immediately file a claim for unemployment insurance. 2. other department Managers or Supervisors. Company information is considered proprietary information and is not yours to control. As long as it is not written on company letterhead and clearly states that it is a personal reference it should be fine. There should be no problem receiving a copies of your Performance Reviews. 5. If you don't have copies go to the Human Resources Department and ask for them." That does nothing to improve the situation for you or anyone else. In most cases there may be a seven-day waiting period. Ask the Human Resources Department if they have any type of outplacement assistance. 6. Please do. . Go through your computer and download on a disc brought from home any personal information you might have on your computer. Once you've downloaded your personal information delete it from your computer. Delete any personal E-mails you may have received or sent on your computer. There are varying factors. You may as well start that clock as soon as possible. You can ask coworkers. Don't start acting like Chicken Little running to co-workers and telling them that the "sky is falling. 4. So you feel that it might be you or you have been directly notified. in most cases. 3. However. Ask Supervisors and Managers that you have reported to or worked with on projects for a reference letter. A lot of companies do not encourage company reference letters for fear of false recommendation should you have challenges on another job. 1. file your claim and find out about your options. If they don't speak about it . Go through your personal hard copy files and make sure you have copies of all of your performance reviews. Instead it is just what is says a personal reference. You can use these reviews later (as long as they are positive) in future interviews to show the type of performance you maintained on your last job. If they do confirm your suspicions they may ask you to keep it confidential. you can get a personal reference. Do not delete any company information. It may delay your unemployment insurance start date. But don't take it personally if you find out later that you are on the lay-off list and the Manager did not tell you. Sometimes they will help you with your resume or set you up with community organizations that will help you with your job search for free. Sometimes if you receive a severance of some type.they might be following company guidelines not to disclose this type of information. A personal reference is NOT written on company letterhead and is not offered as a reference by the Company.39 position to address your concerns.

Most business decisions are made with emphasis on the best interests of the company. If your income will be reduced it is good to find out about Food co-op programs and other types of assistance programs that may be available in your area. 8. Venise Williams has been a part of the Human Resources industry for several years. Venise Williams. Your friends may know of job openings on their jobs that you might not learn about otherwise. This may be your opportunity to re-invent yourself or try something new. Unless you signed a Non-compete agreement or something that would prohibit you from working for a competing company.net (678) 557-6297 . but don't forget about Professional Associations. The unknown sometimes causes us to fear. Chances are you were not singled out but unfortunately are affected by the business change. Sometimes a lay-off can be a blessing in disguise. Remember not all change is bad. 10. Human Resources Consultant Straight Ahead Solutions http://www. Think about transferable skills. In most cases . Most people will search on job boards for jobs -. it's a good option for a job change. look up all the Insurance agencies that do what your company does and see if they have job openings. 9. Get help preparing alternate resumes that include transferable skills. It might be the catalyst to help you make what might turn out to be a good career change you might not have made otherwise. Go on line and research community service programs in your area. They usually have a career section which might not be as public as some of the job boards.it's all about business. 12. As a Recruiter she has recruited for management and nonmanagement positions. for example. not individual employees. Don't take it personally. 11. Most communities offer varying types of job search programs.40 7.but this change might be a good thing.which is a good thing to do. Tell everyone you know that you are now looking for work. Where do you start? If you are in the insurance industry. There is no embarrassment here.StraightAheadSolutions. simply because it is unknown -. Things happen. Be flexible. When not working she can be found on the golf course or reading a good book. 13. You might have to do something a little different from what you used to do. Venise works with Small Companies to assist with their human resources needs and helps employees through some of their most challenging issues.

a great answer would be something along the lines of: "Working under stress helps me do the best job possible. Regardless of the reasons you left. what is more stressful than going to a job interview? Generally it doesn't matter if it's your first or you hundredth. Questions that ask things like why you might have left your last job may leave a bit of an uncomfortable feeling. A number of interviewers will ask specific questions about you that you might find frustrating. When you are in the actual interview. They want to know about you so you should know as much as you can about them. Take time to think about your answers and give the best response you possibly can. . The absolute best way to reduce this stress is to be prepared! First things first. Be sure you know about the companies to which you've applied. Try your best to show exactly what it is you could do to benefit the company. some tough questions might be asked. Be ready and be confident in your answers. Be sure to emphasize your skills and your strengths. and that is something almost every boss is looking for.41 The Job Interview Seriously. It is terribly important to remain honest in all your answers. it is imperative that you speak highly of your former employers. A potential employer may wonder what bad things you will say about their company if you freely speak badly about a former place of employment. Research and try to find out some background. It is important to maintain a correct balance between good stress and bad stress". the butterflies and anxiety are present. Also by researching and understanding what the company is about. Questions like "How do you handle stress and pressure?" Or perhaps "What is your greatest weakness?" With all these types of questions it is important to turn a seemingly negative answer into something positive. it will better prepare you to answer some of the questions that might specifically relate to their company. Maybe in answering a question about how you handle stress. But using an interview as a venting session will not help you gain employment. Being prepared will show a potential employer your strength of character and your confidence.

That's where they will have the best chance of attracting attention and interest. present. your results are much more likely to stand out and impress potential employers. they will greatly improve their chances for job hunting success. Heidi Ball is a freelance writer. .visualcv.com/> . visit VisualCV . Wouldn't you prefer to work in a field where you are likely to do well? Your Communication Skills .42 Before any job interview it is important to have a fantastic resume ready. When you focus on things that you do well and enjoy. negotiate and question well and enjoy that role.your online resume builder <http://www. For a free resume template <http://www.Everybody does something well.visualcv. For that reason.com/signup> . Employers love candidates who have exceptional communication skills. Employers are always on the lookout for students who stand out in a positive way.If you write. Differentiation Means Job Hunting Success When college students are able to differentiate themselves from others in the pack. students who are looking for a way to differentiate themselves should look in the following areas. develop them and use them to make something better. Wise students recognize and accept this fact early in their college experience. To that end. employers will take notice. every college student should try to capitalize on their strengths and unique abilities. Things You Do Well . When students are able to identify their gifts. make a point of developing and demonstrating those skills throughout your college years.

When you impress a person of note. It will lead to a good job.Students with leadership skills will always be in high demand. What You've Accomplished For Others . What Others Say About You . Any past successes. Together. Money! Employers are always attracted to students who have made or saved money for their college. reference or recommendation. students with outstanding attitudes and personalities will always attract attention. Your Technical Skills . Make certain that your accomplishments and successes are presented on your resume and discussed during interviews. they can open doors for you. at work and in the local community. an expert or a leader in a technical area. difficult or offensive attitudes and personalities will frequently lose out.When influential and respected people say good things about you.If you want to impress an employer. Academic Performance . positive results and accomplishments that have benefited others will tell employers about your capabilities and potential. work or community experience.Even though they may stand out in some area. executives with prestigious employers. don't be afraid to ask for a quote. it pays to obtain at least one other campus. since employers often prefer well rounded students. He/she will usually be happy to oblige. employers will beat a path to your door.You may have exceptional technical knowledge and skills in your area of interest. motivate and inspire others to action. Money You've Generated or Saved . when you present a positive attitude and great personality. community leaders and politicians. you will almost always have an advantage over those who have poor attitudes and difficult personalities. They may include campus leaders. Your Positive Attitude and Personality . students with dull. However.43 Your Leadership Skills . On the other hand. If you can mobilize. references and recommendations to set yourself apart. talk their language. employers listen. If you become a pioneer.Employers are sometimes impressed by the people you know and associate with. People You Know . Use quotes. . you should use that ability to achieve results on campus. employer or community. be certain to stand out in your major and build a solid relationship with well respected professors in your area of expertise. If you do. even if they fall a bit short someplace else. Therefore. People like that make exceptional networking contacts and can open doors for you.Every employer wants to know if you can contribute to the success of their organization. there will be a group of employers that will be interested in you.If you excel in the academic arena.

He has been interviewed on numerous radio programs across the country and also by many newspapers. Bob Roth is the author of The 4 Realities Of Success During and After College -and. Your past successes with increasing the speed of equipment.The 4 Realities Of Success During and After College.The4Realities. speed matters. that talent will be in demand. procedures.Employers are always interested in learning about any job-related experience that you've gained through part-time and summer jobs. talents and accomplishments are presented effectively. generate and develop ideas or bring unrelated things together to produce new answers and approaches. programs or technology will impress employers in that field. differentiation means job hunting success. Therefore. To increase the number of job offers that you receive. Campus Newspapers. employers will hear your voice over all others. systems. http://www. if you have been successful in solving problems in your field of interest.com. teaching a course in Career Development. Known as The "College & Career Success" Coach. If you can see other ways of doing things. find a way to be memorable in a positive way. if you have the ability to do something faster or make something happen faster than anyone else. Your Problem-Solving Skills . Visit Bob's web site: http://www.Some people are naturally creative and inventive.In business.The College Student's Guide To Landing A Great Job.The4Realities. Jobs You've Held .Every field of employment involves solving problems. Students who have worked for employers in their field of interest will usually have an advantage over students who have no job-related experience. including The Wall Street Journal. a former campus recruiter. Bob also writes articles for more than 200 College Career Services Offices.44 Speed . is the author of The College Student's Guide To Landing A Great Job -and. Additionally. Lastly. employers will be interested.com . Bob has served as an Adjunct at Marist College. by Bob Roth The "College & Career Success" Coach Bob Roth. Remember. Your Creative Skills . When your gifts. Bob has developed 20 Self-Scoring Learning Tools that help college students find success. Therefore. most employers will be interested in learning about you and your successes. Parent Associations and Employment Web Sites.

preferably 11 pitch. Borders and Shading.Present (or ending month . Directly under your job title list the Company name. 3. Center your heading title in the middle of the graybar. On Microsoft Word Click Format. Ex. and phone number. then tab across and list the dates of your employment (2 digit month and date are fine. 4. One format you might consider is to list your job title. address. When listing your employment information . Don't forget alternate phone numbers like your home or cell phone number and don't forget your E-mail address.06/05) . For example: Dog Catcher 01/05 .are you highlighting the company you worked for or your job title? The focus should be on your job title. Tab across and under your dates of employment. This is not the place for cute or clever E-mail names. Is all of the text stacked to one side? Can you change the layout to spread text more evenly across the page? Is the font a comfortable pitch or is it really small so you can get more on the page? Try not to go below a 10 pitch. 1. If you're using an E-mail address make sure it's a basic address. list the City and State where you worked (two-letter abbreviation for the State is fine). Remember you may be among thousands. Consider using a gray bar for heading divisions it will break up the text nicely and make your resume easy to read. The last thing you want is for your resume to be screened out because it's too small to read. although some of it will also apply to other styles.45 Why Pay For a Resume Update . and Click the Shading tab. Look at your paper as a whole. Keep the headings for each of your jobs in the same format. 2. Make sure your contact information is complete. Most people include name. 02/08).Do it Yourself! In these tough times why pay money for another person to review and update your resume? With these easy steps you can do it yourself! These guidelines are based on the Chronological Resume format.

and what it meant for the company. 9. For example: Organized a Teen Program in my community to serve young adults. List dollar amounts. If you made it to college you must have graduated from High School. Include a brief section on your professional accomplishments. List definitions for all abbreviations .either you are currently doing it or you used to. You won't need to list your high school as well.46 City Zoo Roswell. through the companies online posting or from the Human Resources Department and list some of your job duties from the description. Be sure to include any professional certifications that help promote your skill level in your industry.not to make up information on your resume. Listing your Industry associations suggests that you keep up with what's going on in your field. Once you're finished go back over your resume and make sure that each paragraph is written in the correct tense.don't assume everybody knows what they mean. If you don't have professional accomplisments. If you're a college graduate listing your college information. list your educational accolades. or personal accomplishments which would serve you well at work. and graduation date is satisfactory. 6. I'm suggesting you reference other material to assist you with concise wording . This will help to get you screened in. If you are offered an opportunity to complete the company application either online or hard copy. Now you're ready to list your job function and overall responsibility. So many companies use software to screen resumes. It's a good idea to find the job description for your current job or the job you are applying for. Don't forget to let your references know they're listed! 11. It should go without saying but I must be clear: Do not falsify anything on your resume. transitioning from emancipation for the Boys & Girls Club in 2002. Be sure that you are using your industry's terminology throughout your resume. Just don't mix the two with the same employer . degree attained. I like using bullets. Keep in mind that you are not writing a book but summarizing your work responsibilities. you'll be able to actually list any references you may have. GA 5. They are easy to read and help you to write succinctly. No need to put the infamous "References Available upon Request" on your resume. When you list your accomplishments .be specific. 16-21. . time frames. 10. List your education. 7. 8. You can list your current job information in the present tense and your previous employment in past tense. It's only necessary to list your High School if that is your highest level of education. You can either have a separate section for accomplishments or include your accomplishments at the beginning or end of each job section.

Use a critical eye to determine whether you put meat into your resume or generic fluff. A one-page resume is your goal. During your interview you can go in as much detail as you like. Venise Williams has been a part of the Human Resources industry for several years. I continue to challenge my Clients to condense the resume to one page. Your resume should point out related information for the job for which you are applying.net 678) 557-6297 Work at Home Scams . Did you use specific software names. Human Resources Consultant Straight Ahead Solutions http://www.in fact that's what I recommend. When not working she can be found on the golf course or reading a good book.StraightAheadSolutions. If you feel you must go ahead. Venise works with Small Companies to assist with their human resources needs and helps employees through some of their most challenging issues.Find Out the Real One . 14. did you quantify where possible? For example how many people did you supervise? Were they all doing the same job? 13. You can even bring supplemental information to hand to interviewers if you would like. It's easier to be objective with writing that's not your own. Venise Williams. As a Recruiter she has recruited for management and nonmanagement positions. Some people feel they have to have an additional page. You may have to have more than one resume .47 12. If possible offer to review a friends' resume in exchange for a review of your own.

If you pay them money. students. For more information about home medical transcription. Data entry job is one of the most popular and demanding work at home job but it is the online marketplace where scams are very common. You have to be careful before applying this type of work at home job.medicaltranscriptionmonster. So be cautious and never go with such outrageous claims. it is definitely a scam. you will be in trap by the scammers.com> & who wants to become a transcriptionist <http://www.com> Want to Make a Career Change? Follow These Steps to Re-Invent Yourself . Then how to find real work at home jobs avoiding the scams? People become frustrated when they find most of the available online advertisements are fraud. If a company claims money for applying their jobs. home medical billing & coding visit our website : Our informative website is dedicated to answer all of your questions about medical billing coding <http://www. But are all internet jobs real? The reality is there are numerous websites where scam jobs and legitimate job opportunities both are running at the same time. There is no need to pay money without knowing the complete information about that company for getting a job.medicalbillingparadise. Online surveys and medical transcription are the two other rewarding work at home jobs where scams occur often. It sounds lucrative when they claim that they will make you rich within fortnight. Legitimate companies never ask for money by providing real employment opportunities. Some companies' website promises you that just by paying a fee you will get home assignments of data entry work without any previous work experience.48 Are you looking for a legitimate online job that pays well? Are you continuously visiting different websites for a suitable opportunity to make money online? Internet has made the work at home job so popular people especially stay at home moms. freelancers and retired persons are willing to join those programs for their additional income.

After many years of working hard in my corporate career I woke up one morning with the realisation that I had my ladder up against the wrong wall. It took some soul searching, planning and experimentation to find meaningful work and re-establish myself but it was so worth the effort, even though there were sacrifices, doubts and challenges along the way. Interestingly during my search for a different path I found that many friends and colleagues felt, like me, unhappy and trapped in unfulfilling jobs yet had resigned themselves to not changing. Often due to fear, family expectation and financial concerns. There is no doubt that it can be frightening to follow your heart and it doesn't come without some hard work and patience but it is worth the effort if you have dreamed of: * Becoming a solo-entrepreneur or running your own business * Moving to significantly different work with a different type of organisation * Continuing with your current work but with an organisation that matches your values * A portfolio role of contract/consultancy work, entrepreneurship, board positions * Retraining or studying to move into a new profession Although career change is never a straight path, (there will certainly be unexpected twists and turns), if you follow these steps you can map out a route to a new and brighter future. 1. Self exploration. The first step is to take some time out to really get to know yourself and not just your skills and experience. Dig deep and find out about your personality preferences, your values and interests and the environments that bring out the best in you. 2. Identify options. At this stage I encourage my clients to think as broadly and creatively as possible about the options for future work. This is not about finding solutions but opening up and getting excited about the full range of possibilities. 3. Research and testing. Having identified all available options the purpose of this step is to conduct research and do some reality testing. There are lots of ways to achieve this through informational interviews, volunteering, research, reading, networking and evaluation. By taking an in-depth approach to research and testing you can make considered decisions about your future 4. Transition planning. All good projects have a transition plan which maps out the steps to get you from where you are to where you want to be. A well thought through plan which includes everything from physical and financial resources to training, communication and timescales will give you the confidence to make your career change a reality. 5. Implementation. Once you have your plan in place you can start the process of achieving your dreams. Even though you may make some adjustments during the implementation phase you will do this with the reassurance of having a blue print in place.

Susan Tomlinson specialises in helping professionals and executives build rewarding and successful careers. Drawing on her years of experience in both career and personal development, she strongly advocates doing work you love. You can find out more about her programmes and sign up for a free monthly newsletter at http://www.careerinsights.co.uk/programmes/index.htm

Why Becoming a Freelance Writer is the Best Thing to Do in a Recession
If you are like most people these days, you are trying to find a career that will last through this recession. We are in a time when it seems no job is safe from the inevitable pink slip that many have already received. There is one profession that is still in great demand. The perfect thing to do in a recession is to become a freelance writer. If you have ever though to yourself that you wanted to become a freelance writer, now is the time to make it happen. Freelance writing is a great career to have in a recession because there will always be a need for the written word, more importantly for web content. As companies try to make more money in this struggling economy, they are looking for new and more effective ways to advertise their companies. One of the fastest growing ways for companies to market themselves is the online world and to do this they will need a steady stream of web content. This is where the overwhelming need for people to become a freelance writer comes in. When you decide that becoming a freelance writer is the path that you are going to take, you are setting yourself up to tap into this great need that the recession has created. As you learn the ropes of writing web content and marketing yourself to clients, you will begin to see your career and your bank account grow. There are many freelance writers that have more work then they can handle now from this need for advertising from business. Wouldn't you like to have more work then you can handle?

This is why becoming a freelance writer <http://singlemomfreelancewriting.com/> is not something that you should put on the back burner until the economy gets better. You need to take action now to make sure that you position to make money as a freelance writer now and when the economy does recover. Check out how Jennifer Glennon made the journey to become a freelance writer at Freelance Writing 101 <http://singlemomfreelancewriting.com/> .

How to Get More Babysitting Jobs in Your Area
There are several avenues by which you can get babysitting jobs in your area, the fastest ways is to check out public forums as well as job listings that might be displayed in such forums. There are several websites that sends daily babysitting job alerts to the email addresses of their subscribers, some of the websites that send such alerts are; childcare-online.com, and jobster.com. There are several websites that allow you browse their babysitting job collections for free, you can also search for your local region, city or even street and submit your job application online for free. Having a babysitting certification permit for your area is one of the best and fastest means of getting a babysitting job. With this certification permit, you are qualified under the law to baby-sit and apply for other related jobs. You can get a babysitting certification permit by attending courses which center around baby childcare, emergency childcare and safety precautions while baby sitting. You can take a short baby sitting class at a local recreation center and learn several babysitting basics such as how to be responsible for various age groups, and how to handle such dangerous cases like fire accidents, hazardous

But if something goes wrong then it is all your fault. You are the one who has to fire that employee while your boss steps out for lunch. You feel like this is the bosses job and not yours but what can you do. The boss that has a bunch of assistance that they hand the work off to and when the job is done right they take all the credit. These are the knowledge and experiences that can make you secure babysitting jobs very fast You can get babysitting jobs in your area by registering with your local employment agencies. When you build a Network with other babysitters.com> " Now Available ia this Affordable.superbabysitting. you can receive constant tips and ideas on how you can improve upon your babysitting experience. and common baby allergic reactions.Everything Your Ambitious Young Person Needs to Know to be a "Super Babysitter <http://www. Been there. "University of Babysitting" Training DVD! Written by a Mental Health Professional <http://superbabysitting. I know some of you have a bad boss like that.com/judibio. Passing the Buck From Your Bad Boss Does your bad boss get their job done by passing the buck on to you? You know the type. . You will have to pay some commission for this but be rest assured that you will secure constant babysitting jobs. Now you are the one that is stuck putting in late hours at the office while your boss leaves early to play golf. Every time they are given an assignment they end up passing the buck on to you. done that. At Last! Real Peace-of-Mind for Parents .this mean more babysitting jobs for you. never again.htm> working with children and their families for over fifteen years.52 toys. You can also secure babysitting jobs by building a Network with some stay-at-home-mums or babysitters who would need your help especially when they are too busy to baby-sit.

53 Your bad boss is in charge and they call the shots.com/membership-website-software/> . You just need a little guidance to get you started. Time to take action now. To see the complete list of products reviews and scams to watch out for then see: http://www. If you do you might not get another job right away and you could end up losing everything.allproman. The most popular type of modeling is probably the ramp models. At the end of the year you watch your boss collect a big bonus check for all the hard work you did. These are the ones who strut on a catwalk sporting designer clothes. You have already done everything your bad boss would have done anyway so why not put that experience to work for you. It is not as hard as you think. Well fortunately there is something you can do.allproman. You can now start earning a living from home and once you make enough you can leave that old job behind. Enough is enough! There has to be a better way to make money than this but you cannot just simply quit your job. Become you own boss. . If you complain then you could get demoted or lose your job. Let us show you opportunities that we have reviewed that can teach you how to earn an income online. Unless you enjoy your boss passing the buck to you. Think about that the next time you head back to work. Do you want to work for that bad boss for ever? Or would you like to take a chance on making your own money for a change. If you don't start now you may never get this opportunity again. which include print models and commercial models. Their is no need to quit your job to get started. Just go to: Membership Websites <http://www. So you end up taking it for as long as you can.Fake Modeling Agencies Modeling could be a full-time job or a part-time job depending on its nature and how much it pays.com/product-reviews/ Caution . The other kinds. do something that you can take credit for.

Watch out for pictures that have been copied elsewhere. they will exploit you and run with your money. then they are getting a profit out of it.com. Those who are just starting out should be wary of fake modeling agencies. Try to scrutinize those that are posted on the walls. Do not hesitate to request to see it because it is required by law. These fake modeling agencies try to look authentic by plastering pictures on the wall. It is required to be put up where it can be easily seen. the agency should cover the expenses. Those who are new in the industry tend to be more vulnerable. If they are endorsing workshops or acting classes. a modeling agency should have a license.54 pay lower compared to ramp modeling. real modeling agencies should have an office and should have people working to book the models. If you only want to deal with respected and trustworthy agencies. the website connects aspiring models with official partners in the fashion industry. As for the modeling portfolio. It is true that models need a composite card and a modeling portfolio but if they are forcing you to have those fixed with specific photographers or their actual office. For instance. they still need to have an office where the actual contract signing and bookings take place. . Most of the time. if you see like they have been photocopied or cutouts from magazines. These fake modeling agencies are good at coaxing and know which buttons to press to win the trust of amateur models. However. seeing the office with your own eyes is still not enough to cross out the possibility. Legitimate modeling agencies will not require any form of payment before signing a contract. The brighter side is that people who have been warned and know about how these fake modeling agencies work. The fake ones would try to charge you for different things. However. then you have every right to be suspicious. Even if they have a website. the skill and the style of the photography will already give you a hint if they are legitimate or not. you should visit: http://www. First of all. people can still earn enough if they are able to have a lot of modeling stints from different companies.Vuicy. Once they get your trust. Like any other business. never agree to pay for anything because these are supposedly free. Having a 20% commission is the norm of modeling agencies and you should definitely question them if it is any higher than that. if you have already signed a contract.

do go out and try your luck. Becoming a Victoria Secret model is one of the most competitive conquests in the modelling world. Start building your modeling career outside of Victoria Secret while you are waiting for that final call. Who knows. Needless to say. As in any website where users undertake a registration process. For more effective tips on how to become a model.com.55 How to Become a Victoria Secret Model It is the sexiness and sultriness that a model is able to exude on top of that perfectly sculpted body that is the answer to an aspiring model's bid on how to become a Victoria Secret model. anyone who is aspiring to be one should be prepared to take the physical scrutiny and the rejection that could come from auditioning to grace the pages of the lingerie company's catalog or to walk the length of its next season's launch runway. These two model ling agencies announce open calls for aspiring Victoria Secret models from time to time. Most modeling agencies prefer natural snapshots to professional photographs as these show them a better picture of the raw material they could be working on. it is important to note the provisions in the "Terms of Use Agreement" section. During these calls. there is no guarantee that you will be taken in as soon as you walk into the offices of the two modeling agencies handling the lingerie company's model bookings. Make sure you do not lose sight of what your ultimate goal is. An aspiring Victoria Secret model can also register in the websites of the Elite and the Ford Modeling Agencies and upload their photographs. These are the prestigious Ford Modeling Agency and the Elite Modeling Agency. becoming a Victoria's secret model becomes much easier with our 3 simple step method. you just might be the next new face of sexiness and sultriness to walk the Victoria Secret runway. But. . Most of the existing Victoria Secret models have already had their rounds of the runway and the fashion industry. if you do have all of the qualities of being a Victoria Secret model. please visit our site: http://www. yes. Even if you follow all these steps on how to become a Victoria Secret model. There are currently two top modeling agencies handling the booking of models for Victoria Secret. It would be a good idea to register in several modeling websites and upload your photographs as an online modeling portfolio. prospective models will be measured as well. The perfect vital statistics of 34-2434 is also a must for any Victoria Secret model. Those who want to know how to become a Victoria Secret model have to peruse the web pages of these modeling agencies for the latest requirements. They would also be required to enter some personal information as well as their physical measurements and vital statistics.Vuicy. It is during these open calls when aspiring models are asked to come in for a look-see and an interview. Those who are shorter than 5'8" in height should not even aspire to be a Victoria Secret model as this is the minimum height requirement.

the natural look. are not the primary concern most especially that it can be cheated by photographers by using a different angle but the built is another thing. They will send numerous copies of their comp cards to the first agency they see even when they do not know the nature of the magazine or the agency. Look at yourself in the mirror and try some of the common poses from the magazine and see if you still look sexy. in photos. Understandably. Sexy shots are different from cheap and vulgar shots. You can even browse through magazines and show them to your photographer. Varied shots and expressions will prove that they . How to become a Maxim model does not include being tasteless. it should be able to impress an audience. Posing for a magazine like Maxim requires a fabulous body. even the one intended for a magazine such as Maxim. the photos in your portfolio should be recent and should look like you. You will not only reveal your body but also have demanding poses that may not be so easy if you have something to hide. Get to know the magazine by reading the articles. Although modeling agencies do not necessarily demand poses with lingerie or swimwear in the modeling portfolios of a general model. The innocent look. Always have lots of shots taken so you will surely end up with something good enough for a portfolio. The portfolio. those who are aiming to be a Maxim model should definitely have a lot of these in their portfolios. knowing a bit of their history and of course checking out the print of models they have. For this aspect.56 How to Become a Maxim Model? The most important thing to remember in knowing how to become a Maxim model is know the magazine. Make sure that the pictures included in your folio do not look like clips from a gonzo porn flick. should still be varied. the dramatic look and so on. the photos in your composite card as well as your modeling portfolio should also be updated. the photographers that you are to hire have a lot of responsibilities. Height. there are many ways to be sexy and you want to show the potential client that you can portray all those characters. It is not enough that you are beautiful in the shot. Make sure that you made everything clear about the images you want to have. the naughty look. It may sound fairly simple but there are so many models who are just trying everything. Have some photos in black and white. This simply means that if you changed something about your look such as the color of your hair.

and who has recently worked with several people made redundant in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 1. Do your job well. How safe is my job? Am I at risk of being made redundant? What should I do now? How can I hope for the best. Don't Panic.57 would not have a difficult time in directing the model for a shoot. being keen on delivering your . Fear is a natural emotion during these times.com connects aspiring models like you with all the great names in the fashion industry.Vuicy. However. Managing Your Career in Uncertain Times . there are still many women who are sexy and beautiful yet they do not feel it. right? http://www. I have seven tips to share with you on how to manage your career in these turbulent times. Yes. It's important that you keep doing your work at the highest level of quality and engagement. It's hard not to have scary and somber thoughts during an economic slowdown. Instead. Tune out naysayers who only fuel your negative thoughts. but giving into fear won't help. Surprisingly. I know it's hard to do with nagging fears in the back of your mind.Seven Survival Tips The global and local news regarding the contraction and re-alignment of business priorities in the UAE causes everyone to have worrisome thoughts. pose with poise and be sexy every step of the way. You should be able to move gracefully. A model should be 100% confident about oneself. Being comfortable and confident with your body is not synonymous to being arrogant but it would help you project sensuality when it is time for your photoshoots. To come in contact with these big companies isn't easy. The last piece of advice on how to become a Maxim model is be a Maxim model. 2. Visit the website today. Suddenly all your plans seem shaky and your paycheck uncertain. but prepare for the worst? As a career management consultant who coached many individuals during the recessions of the 1980's and 1990's in the USA. remain focused and motivated.

Be visible. Take stock. now is the time to re-engage them. Be watchful of your discussions at work. cost savings or better customer relations. accuracy.58 best is most important now. and actions to activities that focus on strengths of the organization and its deliverables. Don't gossip. Do it now. 3. They figure I have a great job and I am not planning to leave it anytime soon. Review your work over the last year. If you have neglected your professional and personal contacts. Take time now to identify the industries or market segments which might need you or where you might be able to add value. 5. Share ideas and articles that may enhance their jobs and interests. It minimizes the . or blogs. Re-engage your contact network. Renew your involvement in professional or technical forums. clubs. 4. skills and abilities and your areas of expertise. If you have always been someone who barely makes in on time and leaves as soon as possible. Creating a new resume BEFORE you need it. increased revenue. Volunteer for a task force or committee that is looking at ways to streamline operations or to engage customers in a new way. 7. thoughts. wringing their hands and bad mouthing the company. Managers and supervisors are often asked to take a closer look at who adds value through their performance and who has been just "along for the ride. its leadership and the decisions they make? Refrain being attached to this group. Now is the time to be visible in a positive manner both internally and externally. It's time for you to re-evaluate your skills. Rather look for ways to contribute your ideas. however. and where they fit in the labor market. Be able to identify your key accomplishments. it is human nature. Have you noticed clusters of your colleagues standing around with coffee. Walk away from "doom and gloom" conversations. Loose lips sink ships. Ask them how you might be off assistance to them ." Your commitment to organization's objectives and your willingness to do what has to be done with as much skill and enthusiasm as you can muster. Don't give them a reason to target you. Roll up your sleeves. This is the first step to a new resume. People are willing to help those who have helped them. Make sure your bosses see you doing your best to contribute to the on-going success of the company. change your pattern. sharpens your focus on key strengths. in an unpredictable and volatile time it leaves you unprepared. leads and contacts if your situation changes. and they also torpedo your career opportunities. talents and abilities. not responsibilities. helps you to think more clearly. 6. Be prepared. will make you appear more valuable than those who slow down and mope. Focus on actions. Many people don't keep their resumes up-to-date. Acting like an ostrich with your head in the sand is not in your best interest. should you need it. Can you identify your accomplishments and how your contributions made a difference to your department? Make sure that you can quantify your achievements in terms of efficiency. You might need their assistance in gaining information. That may sound reasonable. tackle tough problems and stay late if that's what it takes.

USA. While no one has a crystal ball that can predict just what will happen in the times ahead. job search. Previous to her time in the higher education sector. Bruncha has 15 years of workforce development experience at tertiary level educational institutions both in the USA and the UAE. Not only has she has designed and managed career centers for major organizations. Consulting and Training for Capita-Global FZE. She holds a master degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on how people and organizations cope with the changing nature of work globally.59 fear and pain should you . Bruncha holds the position of General Manager. Ms Milaszewski was the owner of CareerCrafters. She can be reached at Bruncha@capita-global. soft skills. She holds a certification as a Level A and B Workplace Assessor from the British Psychological Society and be providing assessment services to both the government and private sectors in the UAE and the MENA.com> Write the Book of Your Successes For Your Next Career Move . Assessor and Trainer for the organization. and serves as a Senior Consultant. resume writing and interviewing skills.comBruncha@capitaglobal. these seven tips can be the deciding factors in assisting you to successfully navigate these uncertain times. she specialized in offering personalized attention to fresh graduates and career changers to help find then find both success and satisfaction in the world of work. a career management consulting firm the USA and provided her service to 2 major outplacement firms in Texas. She has designed and delivered specialize training in leadership capacity building. find yourself looking for new employment. despite your best efforts.

Why should I hire you instead of the 15 other people before you? That's the question you need to be able to answer. That question needs answered regardless of your decision to start your own business, or seek a new job at a new company. So how can you likely ensure you success in your next career move? Simple write the book, lets say for example you have 18 years of experience as a Mechanical Engineer, and your company laid you off. Realize that in today's economy you're going to be facing hundreds and possibly thousands of competitive applicants. The strategy I suggest is to write a book, your book. It should contain your experiences, success and the challenges you overcame. By sharing your experiences your writing the book that will give you your success at your next career. It's an easy way to show interviewers just what you have to offer. Moreover most resumes only get about 30 seconds of attention whereas a book written by you about you may get an hour, you do the math. But what if you decided to start your own business? The answer is obvious; yes tell everyone just what you have to offer. Share your experience, your skills, knowledge and down to earth personality. So the first step to answering the question we have all asked the day our company closed, or when we got laid off; "What do I do now?" Would be to sit down and plan your book, the most important point to writing your book is to not talk about yourself. Instead speak to your future employer; client or boss. They are not interested in your pet terrier, but instead they want to hear about the challenges you faced and exactly how you overcame them. They have pain, problems concerns and there hoping you can help them solve them, show them that you can. ? By the way.....do you see yourself as having Paid your Dues but maybe you haven't seen any extra Pay show up in your Pay Check? ? Have you developed some ideas to improve a Process, Procedure or Method at work but you can't seem to get the big bosses attention? ? Would you be interested in learning how to charge and get $8 $12,000 per month for the skills, knowledge and experience you already have? Go to Adapt on a Dime.com http://www.adaptonadime.com for your FREE audio download "Get 50 Clients Worth $10,000 In 2 Minutes Each" and find out how to become a High Priced Expert using the Skills, Knowledge and Experience that you already have. Paul Godines Coaches Professionals to become High Priced Experts with the Skills, Knowledge and Experience they already have. Paul says "If you

have trained another person than I can train you to become a High Priced Expert in your Career, Industry or Field"

New Teacher Tips - Are You in the Lesson Planning Trap?
Are you relying too much on your lesson plan hoping it is the ticket to your students' success? Do you find yourself sometimes overplanning your lessons to the point of overkill? Are you relying too much on a lesson planning formula that you were taught only to find that it isn't particularly working for you? If you find yourself doing any of these things, then you're in the discipline trap. And you've missed the point about lesson planning. Too much overplanning is not effective because in fact, you overlook other important teaching elements early on. Being caught in this trap also won't help you achieve your teaching goals because you are not developing other important "flexibilities" that you need. Don't get me wrong - a lesson plan should include the following components, but many new teachers fall victim to the lesson planning trap because: * they think they need to overplan in order to cater to all students in mixed ability classes * they aren't confident of their own teaching abilities so they overplan * they don't want a miserable lesson so they overplan * they want to maintain an image of control

* they want to avoid their own failures * they were taught in their teacher education classes the importance of a "good lesson" and stick to that HOW TO ESCAPE THE LESSON PLANNING TRAP The trick to escaping from this trap is to write a lesson plan that is also true to your teaching style. Every teacher has a teaching style that is unique to him/her. In my ESL classrooms for example, I gradually introduced songs for teaching vocabulary. Since I am also a visual learner, I also brought lots of posters for brainstorming new themes and topics. Finally, I believe in cooperative teaching strategies and so, I differentiated instruction to include individual, pair and group work activities. PERSONALIZE THOSE LESSONS! But most of all I personalized lessons. Sometimes this personal element might create a nice spontaneity. Be open to that to happen too. It is part of the teaching/learning process. When I introduced my eighth grade students to student journal entries in their coursebook after reading about the earthquakes in Turkey, I brought in my own Snoopy journal from eighth grade and I read brief parts to them. (not private ones!) After this, usually most of my students were relaxed and it was time to do the main reading task of the lesson. They even asked me questions! After these lessons, I never got caught again in the lesson planning trap again because I avoided sticking to any formula of what is "a good lesson". When I knew what excited my students, I continued to build upon these experiences by doing something "beyond the box." So avoid the lesson planning trap today by using a few of these important lesson planning strategies. Stepping away from the formula of planning "a good lesson." Try this advice. I believe it will work for you. To receive your free ebook, Taking Charge in the Classroom <http://www.newteacherresourcecenter.com/free-ebook> and other information for new teachers, visit the New Teacher Resource Center at http://www.newteacherresourcecenter.com Dorit Sasson is a freelance writer, educator and founder and director of the New Teacher Resource Center.


New Teacher Tips - How to Become a Good Teacher
I always say that experience is the best teacher. Unfortunately, experience in the classroom works in odd ways for each individual teacher. The success of my personal journey was all about a series of ups and downs. Often at times, I was faced with impatient parents, troubling and sometimes difficult students and a system that went only so far as to support a teacher. Within this system, I have found the only way to cope by keeping a personal journal. It took me a very long time to learn to build a healthy dialogue with students, one that was not characterized by threats or frustration. The day finally came when I felt more comfortable in the classroom. Here's what was part of my overall recipe for my own personal survival and I guess you can say 'success': * * * * * personalized experiences, short stories, excerpts humor and pictures using drama, funny expressions (depending on the context) using my own jam and music style having fun and letting a bit of spontaneity in the classroom

But the real heart lay at relating to each student as an individual. Behind each kid's pestering jokes and snide and sometimes annoying comments, was a kid who really wanted to learn. I tried in spite of all this, to give each student a feeling of belonging in the language learning classroom And here's what else helped me: * * * * a good supportive group of [online] teachers a balanced lifestyle a good night's sleep lots of exercises

com Dorit Sasson is a freelance writer. use your past mistakes to avoid pitfalls in your new job. Whether you lost your job due to cutbacks or you simply got bored with the old job. it all depends on your attitude.com/free-ebook> and other information for new teachers. Taking Charge in the Classroom <http://www. Suggestions That Will Make Starting a New Job Easier So. You can choose something that you really like to do.newteacherresourcecenter. Take advantage of any advice that may have for you.64 * stacks of books Finding your own personal recipe is a must for any teacher who wants to become just a teacher to a GOOD teacher. Allow your family and friends to be part of your new job decisions. visit the New Teacher Resource Center at http://www. ask them questions. To receive your free ebook. Take inventory. . This is your opportunity to start over with a clean slate. you need a new job. starting over can be overwhelming. Surround yourself with positive people who can encourage you and help you achieve your goals. What did you not like about the old job? What can you do to be more successful in the new job? If you know people who have been through the experience of starting over. Recognize your strong points and your weak points.newteacherresourcecenter. educator and founder and director of the New Teacher Resource Center. However it can also be a grand adventure.

Will you need to have special skill training? Does your new job require you to have specific certifications? If so.worklearn. Be sure that your potential employer will recognize the certification. If you choose something that interests you. A good outlook and a positive attitude can serve you well in getting a new job.uk where you can find out about getting a new job <http://www. Some programs may be able to offer you information on financial assistance if you need it. Of course you will need to be certain that you are choosing an accredited program. There are lots of providers to choose from and you can even choose whether you want to be in a classroom or have online instruction. Choose a nice outfit for your interviews. you will need to think about what training providers you may want to enlist and how long the course will take. Another thing you will need to consider is whether or not this new job is something that will last. Create a good resume and keep it up to date. or something that you have a passion for you may find that your new job actually gives you pleasure. If you have an employment center in your area.65 If you are not going into the same job field.worklearn. benefits and retirement are all important things to consider. they can also advise you about what job opportunities you have in your area. it is time to look for your new job.co. Your local government usually provides the centers and they are there to help you.uk> . Just because you need to work forty to sixty hours a week does not mean that it has to be drudgery. stop in and speak to them about the requirements for a new job. consider what type of job would give you the most pleasure. James Copper is a writer for http://www. Just remember the first impression can make all the difference in whether or not you get a second interview. Is this a short term or a long-term proposition? Will the new job provide everything that you need it to? Medical insurance. They may be able to suggest several possibilities that could meet your needs.co. Once you have a plan and get any certification you need.

but playing well does too. ranging from discontentment to hatred . what you do. * An athlete is willing to endure hours of practice and injury because their game is important to them. As in traditional games. family or other reasons.or even depression over their work. it would mean freedom. They are playing the game of wealth. In the end this is the only type of game worth playing. It is no surprise that so many people suffer from work related stress illness. Career like almost any other endeavor in life. and what you are playing for is a huge responsibility. Everyone in their family is a doctor. status. when you do it.Playing to Win Career Freedom in it's most basic form is exercising your power to choose. Many like to take the position that they do not have a choice when it comes to their career. not only does winning have to be important to you. which you can only sustain when something is intrinsically important to you. it connects to who you are at your essence. they don't see they can make the decision to start playing a different game. The key to freedom here is being aware of where you have choices that you previously did not see. courage. Pursuing what you want. * An actor goes through thousands of rejections because it is important enough to them. I wouldn't mind the payout the losing team at the Super Bowl or World Series receives. and how you go about doing it. a game whose outcome is intrinsically important to the individual playing it. and heart.or chose for the wrong reasons. While winning is much more fun. A game that has been handed to them. Playing to win requires perseverance. so they became one. that they are some sort of trap because of financial. * Doctors are willing to take someone else's life in their hands. teachers think is best for you. and not have the highest score. Choosing the game you are in. . Unfortunately this is a game that relatively few people win. can be looked at as a game. Most people are in career games they did not consciously choose . because it is the game they are meant to be in. People feel trapped to some degree. or for one of many other reasons. or they chose if because it was lucrative. If everyone could win that wouldn't be very much fun.66 Career Freedom . not what your parents want for you. They are still making a choice to put whatever it is over the choice concern their work. and prestige. and perhaps making different choices. you can still do really well. or the media suggests you should want. play great.

although it will be on someone else's terms. Boldness has genius power and magic in it.com Out How to Sell Yourself Without Selling .com blog. begin it. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred.careerintervention." Allan Fried Life & Career Coaching http://www. It requires a strong commitment and can be challenging at times. and your situation was perfect what would it be like? What would it feel like? How would you know that you were winning your career game? What would have to happen for you to win? Taking this on is not for everyone. raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would come his way.67 So how does one figure this out. If you take this path. Before you can even name the game. Consider this quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 18th Century German Poet: "Concerning acts of initiative there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: the moment one definitely commits oneself. I have had clients that figured it out in a couple of weeks and others have taken longer. then providence moves too. After all it were too easy. A whole stream of events issues from the decision. there will be lots of distractions and pressure to play a game someone else thinks you should play. that wouldn't be a game worth playing. The process of discovering can be played like a game as well. Whatever you can do or dream you can do. a game that seems like it has an easy pay off.careerintervention. consider what winning looks like? If you were looking back one year from now.

from industry newbie to seasoned veteran. The main difference between the stereotypical salesperson described above and a top-end sales executive is one thing.68 Sell Yourself Without Selling Out For most people. Having this information allows you to better understand which aspects of your background to focus on or which to ignore. ask what his/her weaknesses were and what led them to initially hire them. If the employee's strength was . Therefore it isn't too surprising when talented job seekers recoil at the prospect of having to "sell themselves" in an interview. "I would be happy to. Many job-seekers we have met. while assuring a strong work ethic and the ability to "pick things up quickly". enthusiastic way. Ask why the position is open. The ultimate goal of a successful interview should be to create enough rapport with the hiring manager so. Would you like me to tell you about my most recent role at XYZ Company?" Provide an answer that is detailed but concise (between one and five sentences) and then STOP TALKING! Don't fear the silence. If the person was terminated. the one-dimensional presentation typically leaves employers unimpressed. Find out which strengths the previous person in the role had that were viewed as valuable. tactless and saccharine in their approach. Make sure to: 1. Regardless of whether or not you have the top skills in an area. Here are some ideas on how to convey your value to an employer without being overbearing and overconfident. 3. Learning more about the position by asking questions not only shows your legitimate interest in the position but also functions to transform the interview into more of a conversation. arise. simply means communicating skills and abilities in an notched-up. Turning an interview from an interrogation into a conversation will inspire positive emotions from an employer while giving you relief from the interviewing dog and pony show that many of us have had to endure. the odds of your answer being shorter than 5 minutes is slim.. the word sales conjures up images of slick hucksters with painted-on smiles and polyester suits. that weren't on the 'official' posted job description. the ability to listen and knowing when to shut up. when candidates ask an employer to tell them more about the position. That is your cue to ask the first question and begin the conversation that will lead to the positive rapport you need. have a common misconception that.If you attempt responding to broad statements such as. Understand exactly what you are being asked . Ask Questions and Listen .Be an investigator. other job aspects. to put it simply. It is common for interviewees to adopt this approach and even though it comes from a sincere and earnest place. they like you enough to extend you an offer. 2. More often than not.. an employer will not hire you without feeling a personal connection. Counter this by stating. "selling yourself". "Tell me about your work history".

The Resume Bay maintains the "Information age" perspective of the job marketplace. then it would be wise to bring up the fact that at XYZ Company. using the strategy explained in #4 should help you navigate through any objections presented to you.com/> delivers its clientele stronger. there's an experienced and committed resource they can turn to for assistance. Sell Yourself Without Selling Out by Jon Davidson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3. the tactical execution to write and produce effective resumes.Many times. This question gives employers the push they need to ask a question to which they assume they have the answer. and the coordination required to achieve success. Make sure you relate your similar experience to what it is they are asking so they have enough ammunition to hire you when the time comes.theresumebay. The Resume Bay <http://www.0 United States License. 4. they won't be able to justify the hire to themselves or their superiors. employers make decisions based on assumptions they have made about you. Ask if there is anything else you can tell about yourself to assure that you are the right person for the job? . most-effective strategies to obtain and negotiate the best job offers. it would be a good idea to mention that you didn't miss one day of scheduled work all year. Even if you lack direct experience with an area of employer concern. you won an award for shoe tying. no matter how much an employer likes you. they might think you lack a certain skill that in fact you have. Whether it is based on the content of your resume or the type of companies you previously worked for. . Avoid saying 'No' . Without any related experience. If the employee was terminated for attendance. 5. When workers in career transition need to take action. The Resume Bay creates resumes that guarantee interviews while providing the latest. measurable results by providing the strategic vision for developing effective career goals.Saying 'No' implies you have absolutely zero knowledge of what the employer is asking you about.69 in tying his/her shoes.

" I think she might be right.CAREEREALISM.T. ages 18-40.com for its timely. maybe there is still pressure to 'be one of the guys' in a lot of workplaces for men. Or. cuttingedge job search and career strategy advice for young professionals. O'Donnell is a nationally syndicated career expert.. When asked the question. Her work has been noted by leading sources including. . did that title get your attention? I hope so. how many of them had male bosses. whereas women feel if they were hired by a male boss. "Have you changed your work style/habits based on your manager's personality?" 61% of males asked said 'yes. are you glad you did? J. Here's why. For more articles. visit her at http://www.' Hmmm. Have you changed your work habits because of your manager's personality? If so. Have you seen the show Mad Men? Even though it's set 50 years ago. Lots of interesting stats are included. but honestly. there was one that really caught my eye. We could even argue that the male boss/female employee work relationship is different than the male boss/male employee relationship. I immediately wondered: Why are men more likely to change then women? I posed the question to a good friend of mine and she responded with the following. Perhaps. author and founder of CAREEREALISM. What do you think? Why is there such a difference in this statistic? Would it be different if there were more female bosses? I'd be interested to know of the people surveyed. My friends over at Randstad sent me a peek at the results of their Work Watch survey they just completed. men feel the need to be accepted by a male boss even after they were hired. while women in the same environment are excluded from this practice. CareerBuilder. a lot of it still rings true.70 Survey Says Men Bigger Brown-Nosers to Bosses Than Women Okay. Women might not be as inclined to change their habits because they don't feel the need to. Because most of them have male bosses and the 'old boy's club' mentality still exists.com.' while only 49% of females said 'yes.com today. It's focused on how employees perceive their bosses and compares employers' management styles to presidential personality types. "That's easy. then they are accepted. Now tell us..com and BusinessWeek.

71 Make Sure You Have All the Information You Need Before You Make a Career Change Choosing to make a career change in the current economy is not a decision to make lightly. but if you are able to deal with it and you are able to make decisions quickly. Some of the programs work in conjunction with hospitals and medical centers. The best place to begin is with your local college. Determine what your good qualities are as well as what your bad qualities are. this could be the perfect job for you. And you can pretty much write your own ticket. unless you are already in the medical field. Having the luxury of enjoying your job is worth a great deal if you have to work for a living. And think about what you may really want to do. you may be thinking about a nursing career. they provide the practical experience needed and often they will provide employment after you get your certification. And be honest. If you have suddenly found yourself without a job. If you are considering nursing as a career change. university or training center. There is certainly a lot of responsibility in nursing. Of course you will need to be sure that the training program you choose is recognized by the hospital or medical center you are choosing as a potential employer. You can go anywhere in the country and you can choose to specialize and make more money than regular nursing. They can advise you what you need to be able to get the certification you need to begin your new career as a nurse. you will need to consider where you want to go from here. If it is possible it is always good to consider something you have an interest in or are passionate about as a career. . there is always going to be a need for nurses. There is no doubt that you can consider this a long term career. Of course whether the decision for a career change is one you made for yourself or one that has been made for you makes all the difference in the world. Be realistic. you will need more education. Are you able to transfer something you care about to a career change? For instance if you really have a need to take care of people.

arms-length business-like manner. You will need to determine if the business is something that is needed.baol. Deliver the bad news in a face-to-face meeting whenever possible.72 If you do not have a career change in mind already. It is desirable to have one other person present. Provide a take-away written document covering the key points of the message. There can be no delegation of this responsibility. But no more than one additional person. you may decide that starting a business of your own is the best course for you. 1.co. But when it's necessary.co. especially if the meeting might end in a heated confrontation.uk/careerchange.html where you can find out about getting a new career change <http://www. Career paths are disrupted. Explain in detail the reasons for the action and the terms of severance. or is it on the down swing? The computer industry has been very lucrative but there have been so many changes to the manufacturing of computers. is it still a necessary business. Make the message straightforward. that many of the suppliers and employees are no longer needed. you will want to consider a business of your own very carefully.Eight Steps to Soften the Blow When You Have to Fire Someone Firing people is a tough and unpleasant task no matter how you slice it and dice it. You need to be realistic when you are thinking about your career change.uk/career-change. The boss has to do it. Of course.baol. If it is a proven business. 2. there are eight steps you can take to soften the blow. James Copper is a writer for http://www. Hopes for career success are dashed. Conduct the meeting in a strict. or else it may appear that a kangaroo court is in session. do not start a business that will end up like the computer manufacturers.html> Career Advice . .

while never welcomed. career coach and author. an entrepreneur. . This can be a very tedious time. avoid arguments. you don't because you are still employed. don't try to sugar coat it with fancy language. Provide employees with an opportunity to have their say. Offer to provide help in getting another job if you are sure you can deliver on the promise.com You'll receive The Career Accelerator. Make a public announcement of the facts before the rumor mill kicks in. 5. 4.can be mitigated if all parties work at making the best of a bad situation. No cost/no obligation. Believe it or not. For free career coaching Go Here: http://www. 7. Because of the high emotions on both sides. Ramon Greenwood's semi-monthly newsletter. The manager should maintain his calmness. But don't pretend you know how a person feels losing a job. Remember that firings effect more than the employees concerned. It may seem heartless at the time. Express empathy. Also. Both are free.commonsenseatwork. Or the employee may simply be in a state of shock. Such expressions may be translated into some unfounded hope that the decision can be reversed. 6. 8. Greenwood's career advice comes from a world of experience. professional director. However. an angry shouting match can develop. The water for all will be poisoned by gossip and recriminations. including serving as Senior Vice President of American Express. neighbors. in this litigious age. merchants and others to think of. The clear-out-your-desk and be-gone-by-noon approach is unduly harsh. Don't let it become personal. the negative impact of firings if they are justified by sound personnel and economic reasons . Provide a way for severed employees to follow up with a company representative who can answer personal questions about terms and benefits.73 3. but it is best to have the fired employee leave the premises within a very short time. a disgruntled employee may take praise out of context for legal action. A firing is a firing. Resist being overly generous in praise for the employee's contributions. no good is done for anyone if the dismissed employee stays around for any length of time. There are families. You can also participate in his Your Blog For Career Advice via this route.

000 In 2 Minutes Each" and find out how to become a High Priced Consultant using the Skills. Knowledge and Experience they already have. There is nothing holding you back from making more income and having more freedom except yourself. Here's why I believe this. So get started today.74 Career Professional to Consultant Professional There may come a time when the thought of becoming a Consultant comes across your mind casually or by force such as after experiencing a company closure. If you're like most people you have probably thought about it saying "I could do that" or "I can do better than that goofy Consultant". find what you could deliver that's different than what's already being delivered. These thoughts and more are what often hold's very experienced and talented Professionals from striking out on their own. Paul says "If you . companies are willing to pay you a very High Income to help them solve their problems. ask yourself. these and more are exactly how you will find the value you could offer to clients who have problems and desperately need them solved. Its times like this that our worst enemy creeps in and stuffs our potential back into the bottle it's escaped from with thoughts like "You wouldn't even know where to start" or "There's already thousands of people who are better than you who do this. It's also a great exercise that you should do to help you differentiate yourself form the rest of the world. Knowledge and Experience that you already have. than go to Adapt on a Dime.com http://www. "Have you ever trained anyone?" "Did you enjoy doing it?" Well than you can indeed become a very High Priced Consultant. don't delay! If you're ready to take the next step. Paul Godines Coaches Professionals to become High Priced Experts with the Skills. they don't need another one" or the worst one "No one will hire you". Ask yourself. Moreover.com for your FREE audio download called "Get 50 Clients Worth $10. Maybe even you. "Could you do it better?" "What are they missing?" "What are the 10 best people in the world doing and what are they missing?" These questions are what you should ask yourself.adaptoandime.

Motivation is not just a word used as an excuse for our failure to follow through.75 have trained another person than I can train you to become a High Priced Expert in your Career. you know first-hand the dangers of a loss of motivation. Goal-orientation. Nor is remaining in that state in the face of tasks about which you are not . motivation often wanes. These are all descriptions of qualities needed for success. Industry or Field" Reclaim Your Lost Motivation Perseverance. The key is to be able to get into a motivated state where you are easily able to tackle things that are unpleasant. to achieve your goals and live in a contented way. or even particularly difficult. but when the job calls for doing things they don't like. What is less obvious is that all these qualities are the result of someone's level of motivation. It is actually a physical and emotional state that determines our ability to move forward and take effective action. excited and motivated to achieve. Ability to take action. Ultimately it is a major determinant of success or failure. Being able to control your level of motivation is vital because your motivation often determines whether you follow through or not. One of the most important things in any job (or search for a job) is the ability to maintain motivation. Persistence. day to day. If you've ever procrastinated. Most people are able to do tasks that are pleasant. can make it difficult to maintain that motivation over time. Enthusiasm. Getting into a motivated state isn't impossible. Determination. Even though we may start out with the best of intentions. Staying motivated affects your ability to be successful. Drive. the demands of any job. and maintain their motivation while doing tasks they like. It is our driving force. Self-confidence.

you begin to recapture this feeling physiologically and emotionally. be sure your physiology is in that state. Download a free audio: "Banish the Goal Setting Gremlins <http://www. She specializes in helping people get unstuck from "emotional clutter"--the negative emotions and limiting beliefs that sabotage their success. She has 30 years of experience helping people overcome obstacles. but ultimately.com. If you are feeling unmotivated. life coach. stand the way you did then. Mastering this state can be the key to success in your career and other areas of your life. you have an edge in creating those qualities that bring success.InnerResourceCenter. If you can control your level of motivation. stand up! Make your body assume the position it takes when you are feeling TOTALLY MOTIVATED. and once again make yourself confident and motivated. motivated way.D. nag you. capture the way you thought or said to yourself when you were totally motivated. When you need to get yourself motivated. Usually people get better at this the more they practice.InnerResourceCenter. you begin to breathe the way you did then. Ph. Say whatever phrase sends you into this remembered state of motivation. Let it fire you up. The more you allow yourself to remember and recapture those feelings. Linda Pucci. it is really still inside you! (c) 2009 Linda Pucci. trainer and owner of Inner Resource Center.76 enthusiastic. Notice your state begin to shift as you breathe differently. change their lives. you control your ability to stay motivated. is a psychologist. As you start to feel really motivated. Then that word or that gesture will become a symbol to use to bring you back into that state any time you need to feel more motivated. Use your motivational gesture. Once you are in this motivated state it is much easier to face those tasks you don't really like doing. trigger yourself into a state of motivation by using your gesture or word. . Other people can encourage you. hold your head differently. No matter what you do to stay motivated. Ph. threaten you. you may want to add a word or gesture to anchor this feeling. when you feel your motivation is lost. stand differently.com/> and Reach Your Highest Potential. and move in a confident. talk to yourself differently. Each time you feel unmotivated.D. When you remember that state of motivation. All it requires is the ability to connect mentally and physically with a time in your life when you felt totally motivated. LLC. The moment you begin to remember how it felt to be totally motivated." Or contact her for a free 20 minute consultation through http://www. Just remember. you hold the key to creating this state inside you. the more you will feel motivated now. and reach goals they had not thought possible using her solution focused approach. or challenge you.

Like every field of study. While it is appealing. and management accounting or internal auditing is 3 of the most popular accounting fields. Math skills Accounting is all about numbers. This is especially appealing for older students who decide to go back to school. Nontraditional schools While most traditional universities all offer accounting degrees. Choose your area of expertise wisely The field of accounting is very broad. government. Every company no matter how large or small needs accountants to keep there books and pay the bills. don't feel like this is your only option. Public. Needless to say it's vital that you have a good working knowledge in math and the manipulation of numbers.77 Career Success in Accounting . . Since math builds upon itself. it's not for everyone. At some point you'll need to narrow it down to a specific area of expertise. Eventually your class load will reflect your chosen accounting field. it should be thought out. Below are a few things to consider before pursuing a career in accounting.How to Land That Perfect Accounting Job Accounting is one of the most secure career choices anyone can make. it's important to keep up and not fall behind even when you're still in grade school. Many prestigious schools are now offering degrees online that can be taken in the comfort of your own home.

This is an excellent article that will show you exactly what you need to do to get that lucrative job in accounting. Companies define jobs that an employee will perform and be compensated.topfinancecareersonline. Based on the rules and characterizations of the job description the company manager and employee truly understand the duties associated with the position. While it may be frustrating at first.topfinancecareersonline. real learning comes from on-the-job training. hang in there. you'll eventually land that perfect job. http://www. It creates an understanding that the duties of this employee are well thought out and articulated to create a hierarchy or organizational matrix to which other jobs will connect. . There are so many great jobs available in accounting.com/career-opportunities-inaccounting---finance. With a little perseverance. Since many companies are leery of hiring anyone with little or no experience.com is dedicated to helping people find the successful career they deserve. To learn more about these exciting opportunities please read:: Career Opportunities in Accounting <http://www. regardless of the economic climate. Anatomy of a Computer Specialist Job Description Job descriptions define a needed position or role within an organization that must be filled with the best qualified individual(s).78 Experience counts While classes are an important place to start.php> as soon as possible. you may have to start as in intern and work your way up.

Let's examine two sample job descriptions for a Computer Specialist: Computer Specialist (1) XX is seeking qualified applicants for the positions of Computer System Specialist. routing protocol. We have an excellent opportunity for growth and advancement for a Computer Specialist who will provide operational support in an XXX environment.. task oriented. computer and network security. Computer Specialist (2) XX Corp. is an industry leader in the manufacture of . applying up-dates/ up-grades. and a general knowledge of switches. applications. Job descriptions are typically focused to capture the essence of the job position. Responsibilities: * Monitor Systems processing. be self motivated and able to carry out duties without direct supervision. style and format. A thorough knowledge of computer systems. etc. Once the concepts of creating job descriptions are understood. computer security and additional duties as assigned.. Salary will be based upon experience. work stations. XX is an equal opportunity employer. High School Diploma and two years related experience in computer system repair and maintenance is required. firewalls. Duties include but are not limited to installing basic XXX. duties and responsibilities for a potential match to occur but allow for some interpretation by potential candidates. be a team player. network development and deployment including TCP/IP addressing schemes. it is possible to create a resume version that aligns specific abilities and knowledge to the job description being advertised. is necessary. routers. Must have excellent oral and written communication skills. job execution. and work well with others.79 There are many ways to write a job description so that candidates can associate specific skills and experiences for the purpose of creating a potential match. The fundamental breakdown of a job description can follow a consistent flow. and messaging and initiate corrective actions when necessary * Ability to monitor and troubleshoot network/server issues to minimize downtime * Perform routine scheduled jobs and backups * Respond and resolve internal technical support requests * Assist with installing and configuring computers and various peripherals Requirements: .

it is much cleaner. Computer Specialist (1) is in a paragraph format that outlines specific duties in a free flowing structure. they are very different in structure and format. Evaluation .com> . The contents of the description outlines the basic understanding of the needed skills and areas of responsibility. Project Management Contributing articles about employment strategies in education. health care and Information Technology.com/home> . database. order processing * Working knowledge of basic XXX command structure. criminal.Even both descriptions are labeled as Computer Specialist.wordpress.googlepages. it is imperative to fully understand the position being defined and create a resume and cover letter to align skills and experience to fit the job being applied for. Specialist in Customer Service <http://findmeagoodjob. When viewing job descriptions. This format is very standard in look and feel used by many human resource managers. Computer Specialist (2) outlines the job information in a more formal format. XXX Office products * Ability to apply concepts of basic algebra * Ability to be a self starter as well as work as part of a team * Strong written and verbal communication skills * Advanced organizational and time management skills * Ability to multi-task and manage multiple projects simultaneously Candidates must be able to pass drug screen and background (MV. Overall. and easier to read and understand. business) or an equivalent combination of training and experience * Successful candidate must have a solid understanding of spreadsheet and word processing software. This format may have been taken from a newspaper ad. and employment) check. Customer Relationship Management. management. 25 years experience in various industries as a business consultant. internet. Blog Info <http://resumeservices.80 * Bachelor's degree in related field (IT.

Remember that great attitudes move mountains. 1) Enthusiasm Your enthusiasm is the most important tool in your marketing efforts. That only happens if you truly love what you do. 3) Passion Doing what you love drives passion into your life. People can practically feel what you say if your passion is real because it comes directly from your heart. so you want to share it. 4) Commitment Your enthusiasm. 2) Attitude When you love what you do. 5) Vision . positive attitude and passion all combined together turn into your commitment to provide exactly what you say you provide. That passion is transferred into your marketing efforts. You feel that what you offer has benefit to you personally and you truly believe in and love it. you certainly won't be able to show enthusiasm at the time of marketing. It is what makes your prospective customers or clients want to buy from you or hire your services. Enthusiasm however is a natural expression of belief and love.81 5 Important Reasons to Love What You Do & Do What You Love You are in business because you feel that others would benefit from what you have to offer. Let me tell you why. People perceive and feel your commitment before they see it on a signed document. then you surely struggle to market your product or service. If you don't love what you do. either a product or a service. If these feelings are not in you. your attitude is positive and transparent. The benefits of your product or service just come out naturally from you and easily cling onto your prospective customers or clients. That trust translates into sales and referrals.

Busy professionals who want to relax also go for a body massage or foot spa once in a while. Training Prepares Students Their Careers in Cosmetology People will always want to look good even as they age and approach their senior years. Men need their haircut about once a month. Resolve your concerns by outsourcing those tasks that are taking you away from your family and core of your business. passion and commitment. and for women. Love what you do and do what you love.blogspot. Be happy and see you soon. Thankfully. the sky's the limit when considering the various hair. there are beauticians around who can help people in their desire to look good all the time. nail. The younger folks are also now finding ways to maintain their youthful glow.com to sign up to receive my newsletter where you will find helpful tips and resources specifically designed towards increasing your business' productivity. Thank you for reading my article. It really pays off. I invite you to visit my website http://www. Many men and women in their senior years are actually more conscious of their physical appearance if only to hide or get rid of wrinkles that they can no longer avoid.com to learn more about the solutions for a productive and organized solo business. Think about it. great attitude.82 Doing what you love provides the vision that creates the commitment you need to fulfill your dream.connie-theexecutiveva. and skin beautification that could be possible. I also invite you visit my blogsite http://www. Having a clear vision of your goals moves you towards them with enthusiasm. Those with the proper cosmetology training are .conniesbusinessbooster.

edu/> that offers a wide array of degree programs. Cosmetology training is recommended for individuals who want to apply their creative skills by beautifying people and those who want to get involved in beauty services.6 million people are working in nearly 313. the U. this sector is known for its zero unemployment factor due to the fast absorption of new salon professionals to fill in vacant positions. cosmetics. The money is great. Taking this into consideration. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that nearly half of the total cosmetologists and barbers are self-employed. Specialized training programs such as those that focus on certain parts of the body like nails or skin are shorter. including Associate Degree in Cosmetology <http://www. though. . anatomy. They are offered at both public and private vocational institutions.edu/cosmetology. The McCann School of Business and Technology is a PA Cosmetology College <http://mccannschool. pedicures. Graduates of cosmetology training programs have the option to start their own salon business. Courses on cosmetology can take from nine months to two years to complete. manicures. Competitive positions are offering great wages so there's always room for growth. This type of enterprise is expected to be in constant demand in the future because of the fact that people will always want to and pamper themselves with an end goal of boosting their self-esteem.mccannschool. Graduates of this course who want to practice their skills in public beauty services are required by states to fulfill certain requirements that include a license and certification. professionals in the cosmetology sector get to earn extra income through the tips they receive from generous and loyal customers. barbershops. cosmetology training also teaches students on the importance of sanitation and hygiene. facials and spa operations. chemistry and physiology. Apart from the basic services. because apart from the regular salary. In January 2002 alone.000 beauty salons. In fact.S. This is due to a shortage of salon professionals in recent years.83 well equipped to handle various challenging jobs and have the advantage of earning more compared to those who lack the necessary skills. For its part.htm> . a cosmetology job demand survey revealed that more than 1. care of instruments. skincare salons and nail salons all over the United States. The training courses normally cover subjects such as beauty and makeup. Employment opportunities in the cosmetology industry are very positive as the demand for new professionals continues to increase. a well run salon business owners will recoup the owner's investment in only a very short time.

you can make at least $40. you could be making $50. Or maybe you have just been stuck in the same city all of your life. if you want to make a wise career change. if you decide to own your own truck you could make over $100. After a couple years of driving. then consider becoming a truck driver. . A career in truck driving can also provide you with some very good job stability. During these hard economic times. Also. working a dead end day to day job.Why Driving a Truck is Recession Proof Why you should become a truck driver. Great Lakes.000 a year. that is important.000 to $60. There is no boss riding along with you. You will get an upfront look at why many people consider America one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Your main job will be to get to your destinations on time.84 Trucking Jobs . Many people are loosing their jobs and you don't want to be one of them. One of the great benefits of being a truck driver is the fact that you won't have a boss breathing down your back or watching over you. there will be trucks bringing them what they need.000 or more. Some of the great sites you could see are The Grand Canyon. you're pretty much able to work on your own time frame. or you just want to travel America. That is a substantial amount of money without having a college degree. and when you want to take off. Trucks move everything and as long as there are people. Well. Truck drivers also receive some very good benefits. Another reason many people get into trucking is the chance to travel all over America. Maybe you are from a small town or city and have not been many places. Oceanfront's. and much more. As a truck driver. you decide when you wake up. looking for a career change. when to take a break.000 a year. Becoming a truck driver could be the most important decision that you make in your life. In your first year of driving a truck over the road. You may have just gotten laid off. you will have the chance to go in and out many different states. if you get into truck driving. Just as long as you schedule your time right and deliver your loads. Rocky Mountains. One of the biggest reasons that a person does become a truck driver is the money. What you do in between the drive is up to you. So.

Many truckers pay rent at an apartment that they hardly ever go to.000 and that's assuming you got zero return on your investment. When you drive over the road you spend most of your time in your truck. So what if you took that money and invested it. What would happen? Well your average rent now days is close to $1.85 Bo Murphy is a 22 year veteran of the trucking industry.com> go to http://www.com Trucking Jobs . So $1. Being on the road allows me a lot of time to just think. I usually am. Either driving or sleeping and even watching movies etc.000 a month and your average electric bill is about $300 a month. So I thought about it and that's just plain crazy.000 and paid all your debt down to zero? What about that dream vacation? A down payment on your dream house? Your kids college fund? What would your retirement look like if you took that $30. Then you have other costs like gas and water etc. For Trucking Jobs <http://www.000 during a Recession as a Truck Driver". He is a high paid truck driver and the author of a new book " How to make $100.500 a month for two years would be $30. It's nice. So how would it feel to pay for that brand new car in cash and never make a payment? What would your life be like if you took that $30. So if you lived out of your truck for two years you could save about $1.500 a month.000 and invested it? .moneymakingtruckdriver.moneymakingtruckdriver.How to Save 30k in Two Years and What to Do With It I was thinking the other day.

moneymakingtruckdriver.86 Well let's look at that last scenario real quick.com Work Smart Not Hard Every employee in the world is aware of an often stated but simple fact. $30. So if you could be a tightwad for two years lets see how much you could save. Reason being is your only real expense is food. Now in all honesty if you budget your money right you could save about $50. For Trucking Jobs <http://www..000 Would 850k make your retirement better? Bo Murphy is a 22 year veteran of the trucking industry.com> go to http://www. GET READY $850.000 during a Recession as a Truck Driver".GET READY $510.000 What would that feel like? Great that's the answer! This is just one reason being a trucker can be so rewarding.000 in two years. In any line of business you will be paid the lowest possible amount that your employer can get away with. .000 invested for 25 years with an average annual return of 12% is..moneymakingtruckdriver. He is a high paid truck driver and the author of a new book " How to make $100.

go on holiday etc If anybody says that this point of view is cynical and negative. and make suggestions. If you don't co-operate there are many. You need the cash now to raise a family. which is often denied for the same of convenience. Maybe you can join together and start something? Think about your interests and what you already know. However. you will have to build your CV and start looking around. Have you learnt any skills from your employer that you can apply elsewhere? Are there any ideas that would work but which they have refused implement? Can you do what your employer does cheaper? Many people have made money by investing in property. Talk to your friends. They are trying to exploit you! You are unlikely to make good money working for someone else. usually for less money. website based business? Some people make excellent profits from investments. How long are you prepared to wait though? By the time you start making decent money you're too old to enjoy it. There are very few strong unions around these days to defend your interests and you now have to wait two years before receiving the employment protection you used to get after six months. Have you ever thought working for yourself or starting up your own business. ability. take extra responsibility. many others waiting to replace you. Either way you must be a sophisticated investor and use a system.87 It is true now always has been. We all need to face up this fact as soon as possible. think about the ratio of senior managers to other staff at your place. volunteer for projects. contacts and good luck. Be very careful. Keep these questions in mind and ideas will come. it could be anywhere up to 1:200. Keep your eyes and ears open. Assuming you have the education. background. If you protest. Many people opt for security rather than a good wage especially in difficult economic times. these are your odds of making that kind of money. You will probably have to swallow your pride. What about an on-line. . you can forget the promotion. build a home. I personally can't distinguish between the stock market and traditional bookmakers. You can stay where you are and defend your record at your annual review and there is nothing wrong with that If you want more money. This is another simple fact. casinos etc.

The global financial meltdown was.ws> Why Getting the Right IT Skills is Vital in a Recession Despite an ongoing forecast of financial depression. languages that incorporate search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques are becoming more prevalent. Anyone with training. This particular area of IT is a rapidgrowth field and businesses are becoming far more demanding when building . including those who can program in Java. and it's not just general IT management and software maintenance that the marketplace is looking for. As business begins to realise the cost effectiveness of a strong Internet presence.88 For more business building tips and to download some FREE e-books. For a company to rank well on the major search engines. inevitable as business shifted its emphasis and a readjustment of the marketplace has resulted in new technology-based industries becoming dominant. many believe. they also need a broader understanding of the nuances of SEO techniques and be able to build these into their programming. rising unemployment and an economic crisis unprecedented since the 1930's. Programmers now not only have to be able to speak the required language. .net and HTML languages. Go Here <http://someotherway. The importance of the correct qualifications and training in IT cannot be underestimated. C#. and there are particular areas within the industry where those who have the relevant skills are very much in demand. IT is still recruiting. Companies are moving away from traditional forms of advertising and promotion and the importance of an online presence is now paramount in a global market. certain criteria are required from each web page that they build. one area of business seems to be bucking the trend. recognised qualifications and experience in programming languages specifically used for the creation of websites is in high demand.

co. long-term contracts and more towards shorter term.uk Computeach . and deletion of data.computeach. Karl Parkinson.Parkinson@computeach. This is why continuous self-development and improvement of skills is so important for IT personnel. even during a period when other businesses are suffering. Computeach provides innovative and truly blended learning solutions to a wide range of customers. The other major skill-set that can make an IT professional much more desirable is a good grounding in the database language SQL. so training in advanced Microsoft Office and Windows application languages is a must-have capability for anyone entering the IT industry. A database management system also includes management and administrative functions. The most popular operating system in use in the workplace is.uk/it_careers> Industry. and those with a wide range of IT skills are reporting that they have never been busier. SQL is a programming language for querying and modifying data. so it is easy to see why people with knowledge of this particular language and the associated professional qualifications are so attractive to business.co.co.With over 40 years of experience in the IT Careers <http://www. updating. By 'reading' the business indicators and training accordingly.uk . 01384 458515 Karl. insertion. it manages databases and allows the retrieval. IT consultants can ensure that their livelihoods are secure.computeach. The vast majority of companies depend on the Microsoft brand. more transient contracting. of course. Chairman. For more information visit . Those with the relevant skills in demand from the modern business world are finding that the recession is hardly impacting on them at all. The jobs market has shifted away from full-time. so outside contractors are more likely to be brought in on a shortterm basis to trouble-shoot and upgrade systems rather than maintain established ones. Windows. Businesses struggle to financially support an entire IT department during times of economic recession.89 their Internet 'shop window'.http://www.

When looking into one field or another it is the long term benefits that help us make our final decision about what career path to take. The automotive industry has a range of opportunities as well. This will allow you to be a part of new technology when it comes to the cars we all drive. The healthcare field has many opportunities from working in hospitals and clinical facilities all the way to in home care. When you are thinking of making a choice like a career for life it is important to think about the features and benefits of your fields of interest. Training Programs: Considering the various levels of healthcare positions you are able to choose a program that specializes in the area you are most interested in. You can be involved in the development and production of vehicle components. There are several areas in the field that you start working in with just a high . In the automotive industry training is often conducted within the industry. working to develop new designs and keeping up with the latest technology can make for a stressful environment to work in. Typically training is conducted for a period 12 to 24 months. Education Levels: A healthcare career usually requires less than 4 years of college education unless your goal is to become a doctor or practitioner. Most of us want to make a choice that will last forever. The following tips will help you determine which career for life you are most interested in when thinking about the healthcare industry versus the automotive industry.90 Choosing a Career For Life . Most often what the bottom line profit is tends to be more important than customer satisfaction. Lending this helping hand to society is not only rewarding but satisfying as well. There is also the sales side of the automotive industry that allows you to provide service and a product to people. These benefits often make the healthcare industry an ideal choice. The automotive field on the other hand is to make a better product and to sell it at a high price. The following is a list of features and benefits that will help you choose between the healthcare industry versus the automotive industry.Healthcare Industry Vs Automotive Industry Choosing a career is an important goal for any individual. Once you complete a training program and have your diploma or certificate in hand you ready to start your career. Helping the Society: A healthcare professional has the opportunity to provide care to a large number of people. As a healthcare provider you are providing your services for the welfare of the society and to the people. Often there are benefits and competitive salary packages for healthcare professionals. You are educated on various subjects and then are able to choose the area in which you wish to specialize in. In addition.

org/programs/> in their San Mateo. In the automotive industry you are looking at 4 years of college education to be in the top salaried positions. What's the dominant style of dress at my company? The first question you should consider is about your company's culture. When comparing healthcare vs. When making decisions about how to dress on the job. 1. Modesto. Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts <http://www. There is little opportunity for the high school graduate. you can ask yourself three important questions.medacademy. every company has an unwritten code that determines what's expected from employees. That's why it's important to carefully consider what you wear on the job. During the 1990s. The Etiquette of Business Attire The clothes you wear in the workplace are as much a part of business etiquette as the words you say or the actions you take.medacademy. Enrollment is open now. the number of businesses that allowed workers to dress casually-at least part of the time-increased sharply. But different companies have different ideas about what's appropriate and what's too casual. Fresno and Concord Campus in CA. which are listed below. automotive industries the healthcare field is sure to be a more rewarding and achievable choice.org> offers health care training programs <http://www. . Although some companies issue a written dress code. Your choice of clothing can send subtle but clear messages that reinforce the positive-or negative-impressions of others. Choosing a career for life based on the above features and benefits can help you make an educated decision.91 school diploma.

The collegiate style includes khakis. there are four styles of attire appropriate in companies. you'll be meeting the requirements of business etiquette established by your company.com/2009/02/etiquette-of-businessattire. should carefully consider the impact of their decisions. while the casual style usually includes jeans. t-shirts. But it's important to recognize how your choices signal your attitudes to those around you. and no ties.html .blogspot. a few eccentric geniuses and artistic visionaries can get away with ignoring the etiquette of business attire. Asking yourself these three important questions about clothing etiquette doesn't mean you can't express your individual style.92 Generally. and sport coats and ties for men. By asking yourself these three questions and carefully evaluating the clothes you wear on the job. and casual. and sneakers. Regards. If you want to stay in your current position for quite a while. Does your clothing say you're one of the team. Different people you work with will interpret your clothing choices in different ways. and dressy blouses for women. professional. collegiate. denim shirts. skirts. you may decide to dress casually. Traditional business attire includes dark wool or wool-blend suits for men. like most of your co-workers. or a unique individual? 3. traditional. and suits or dresses for women. For example. Which style is most appropriate for your company? 2. from most formal to least formal. upwardly mobile. Professional attire includes blazers. Simple http://officeinfotips. What risks am I willing to take? No matter what image you choose. What will my clothing choices say to co-workers? This doesn't mean all your clothing choices have to reflect your company's style instead of your own. there's always a risk that someone you work with will be uncomfortable with your clothing choices. if you're a manager who wants to get ahead. though. Everyone else. They are. But your answers to these questions will help you recognize the impact of your decisions on the people you work with. And what if your personal preferences are vastly different from the prevailing style at the company? Shouldn't you express your individuality and dress the way you want? Well. casual jackets. you may have to dress a little better than the rank and file to stand out from the crowd. Think about the signals your personal style sends. So the third question to ask reflects your goals.

com and other corporate sites to learn what you can about the company. Either way. Forbes. bring in new resources and in general. The fact of the matter is. what you believe to be. even expected. prospective employers still don't want to consider you because they assume you make bad decisions or decisions made without research. Even when there are. Their clients don't want to hire them and recruiters do what they are asked. Your next job must be a keeper to cancel out the 18 month job. to change jobs every two years.Does this mean you won't be considered for the best jobs if you have a few short stints? That depends on the whole picture. most recruiters won't even consider a candidate with a pattern of very short tenure. they prefer to consider candidates with a solid track record." Many people believe the job search myth that it is acceptable. Use glassdoor. "How long have you been with your current (or previous) employer. They live with the results of decisions they make and they learn from their mistakes.jobsearchdebugged.com and search engines like Google and Yahoo! all prove valuable when researching companies online. It behooves any candidate to vet <http://www. learn how to survive.93 Scariest Question Asked by Recruiters and Employers Every bit of career advice for executives tells you to use recruiters.com/blog/?p=161> the company and their manager carefully before accepting any job. network and get introductions. Hoovers. if you had seven years at one company and only 18 at another. People with short tenures are not seen as people who have that very core experience. They implement course corrections. periodicals and other publications such as Fortune. the management and their market. Excellent performers tend to stay in their jobs three to five years. Black . perfectly good reasons for your brief stays. What you are not told is the scariest question you will be asked as you look for a job is.com or Vault. Other research tools are magazines. there is a certain balance. Your time in service is a vital part of your appeal to a future employer.

there are always good prospects available for everyone. Consider your longevity with an employer an investment in your career. Reports have it that more than 163.94 Enterprise. to name a few. people pursuing a career in HVAC can still enjoy job security and better pay. You have to love those odds. chemical and food processing industry as well as in the construction sector specifically focused on homes and offices that require the installation of air conditioning and heating systems. Jungle Media. Hispanic Business. these publications provide current research on companies. If you are a LGBT candidate.com coach@jobsearchdebugged. Working Mother. People with who stay five years always trump those with that mythologically acceptable two year history.com to learn about companies with a good track record in human rights. Job Search Coach http://www.com coach@jobsearchdebugged. Whether one is already working in the field or is interested in starting a career in this industry. BusinessWeek. use sites like Outandequal.000 people are working today in the HVAC field and more job opportunities are expected in the coming years notably in the commercial aviation segment. Rita Ashley. HVAC services will always be in demand no matter the economic situation worldwide. The Wall Street Journal.jobsearchdebugged. ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) industry continues to present a bright employment opportunities. . Through best-of and worst-of lists and other featured articles.com> HVAC Tutoring Assistance Ideal For Fresh Start Or Career Enhancement The heating. the marine sector. Amid the mass layoffs that are currently going on around the world due to the financial crisis.

refrigerationschool. This is ideal for HVAC technicians who stopped working for some time but who wish to upgrade their knowledge and skills. Completion of HVAC courses will equip students with the right skill sets enabling them to do quality work in a field that is continuously evolving. students are taught basic techniques and theories behind technology for problem-solving and problem-prevention in heating and cooling units.com/career-dev. . When you complete the HVAC training program. These schools offer a variety of courses that involve classroom instruction and hands-on training in both electrical and mechanical HVAC work. heating and air conditioning techniques and repair for residential as well as commercial structures and mechanical maintenance. This does not pose a problem. The scope of HVAC training covers refrigeration technologies.95 Proper training is essential for any individual planning on working in the HVAC field long term. The Refrigeration School. But with tutoring assistance. Scottsdale. because various technical and refrigeration schools are already in place and some of the best are located in Arizona areas such as in Phoenix. After the tutoring session.com/course-refrig.htm> and help you find the job you've always wanted. These schools are accredited by the Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology hence graduates can be sure to get hired after their HVAC training. Upgrading of knowledge and skills may be called for every few years to allow HVAC technicians to keep abreast with the changing technologies. those who may not catch up like the fast learners are given the opportunity to have a deeper and clearer understanding of the things they need to learn in the HVAC training. though. wiring applications. HVAC instructors understand the fact that every student has a different learning pace. Other people who can benefit from this are the employed HVAC technicians wishing to get a formal training or enhancement training and even those who have decided to leave their previous jobs in a different industry to start a career in this field.refrigerationschool. Tutoring assistance aims to improve a student's technical skills and HVAC knowhow and normally entails a one-on-one instruction and hands-on training between the instructor and student. Tempe and Mesa. RSI will help you with Career Development <http://www. tutoring assistance can also be availed of from technical and vocational schools. refrigeration and HVAC schools also provide career assistance to their graduates to help them land in jobs where they are most qualified. Inc trains you for success! With all-inclusive Air Conditioning & Heating Technologies <http://www. Apart from the regular courses offered by these HVAC schools.htm> courses on maintaining and repairing HVAC systems. electrical troubleshooting and maintenance.

* Complacency can foster contentment with the status quo leading to lack of engagement and decreased performance. This stagnancy begins a downward spiral towards disengagement at work. Stagnancy. train and integrate new team members. Negative Impact on Your Team. 3. * Complacency can give your team members incentive to move on and find another job with an inspiring leader who gives them opportunities to grow and develop. When you have reached a plateau at work. you are not contributing at the level you once were. If you become complacent at work. there is a real danger that you become the one on the chopping block when the axe falls. . chances are.How to Rise Above a Career Plateau Do you feel as though you have reached a plateau in your career? Satisfied with your current level of performance? Be aware of the dangers of complacency at work. this perpetuates the same attitude within your team. and learn what you can do about it to achieve success as a leader. * You're only as good as your current level of performance. developing or growing at work. * All the hard work you put in to build a successful team can be gone in a short time. 2. Especially in these turbulent times. Erosion of your team can mean more work for you as a leader to recruit. leading to loss of productivity and decreased performance. Being a leader means being a role model. 1. Here are 4 dangers to beware of when you are feeling a sense of complacency at work. this often manifests in becoming stagnant. If you become complacent at work.96 Leadership Success . Job Loss. where you are no longer learning. A great track record in past performance often doesn't count when layoff decisions are looming.

What can you do about it? Here are 5 ways to turnaround complacency at work to become re-engaged and succeed as a leader. 3. Stop and take stock of where you are in your career. Learn. Learn something new every day. challenge yourself to simplify your projects. * Great leaders are continually learning and developing both themselves and their staff. and seek opportunities to create more of the same.97 4. and being open to growing and developing. then. Reflect at the end of each day what action you have taken to actively reengage at work. 1. Find challenges at work that will get your mojo going again. Make it a personal challenge. Re-engaging in your work can be as simple as staying open to not knowing. * Consider what projects or initiatives you have been involved in where you were really engaged. to rise to the next level. First. convince yourself that you are contributing. * For ongoing projects and tasks. © 2009 Sylvia Goodeve Ready to learn more about effective communication skills <http://www. Complacency at work can be an early sign of burnout. Burnout. if you're overextended at work. communicate your contributions to those who matter (i. What is really important to you at work? What are your values? How are you living those values in your work? * Connect your values with each initiative you undertake. Take Stock. Contribute. Begin by acknowledging how far you've come. peers and direct reports). Discover Your Values.com> to improve your leadership abilities? With this free report you will learn 10 top tips for communicating effectively as a leader. Challenge Yourself.CultivatingLeadership. Then put yourself at the end of your career. your boss. * On the flipside. and cut back by at least 10%. and consider. Demonstrate that you are adding value and contributing at work.e. consider how your values are being put to work and called out of you. including: * A 9-point quiz to gauge your own communication tendencies . what will you be most proud of achieving? 2. 5. looking back. 4.

when the idea of school administration may become stronger than a passing thought.98 * ately tively. every facet of the school to include student achievement. parental involvement and the professional development of every teacher. go to * How to write and talk to employees efficiently and appropriHow to improve communication by learning to listen effec- School Administration . the school principal and assistant principal are specifically focused on the progress of the school. as it will provide new opportunities and challenges. Follow these few tips and you will have the needed foundation to move forward successfully. Unlike many administrative positions such as coordinators. To download your free http://www. the job of a principal is intense both emotionally and sometimes physically. Trust me there is no time to sit around watching the security monitors in the office.Seven Tips For Aspiring Principals So You Want To Be A School Administrator? There comes a time in a classroom teachers career. This article is for the classroom teacher who is seriously contemplating school administration.CultivatingLeadership. instructional coaches and other support staff who may be focused on broader issues and concerns.com copy immediately. . The idea of moving into another area of responsibility is aluring and may be the best fit for some.

Trust me. Volunteer as an Intern . transportation. students and staff.have you produced solid student achievement data? I would also add that it is critical for you to follow through with your additional school duties. Find a couple of programs or activities that you can support. Healthy relational skills will enable you to find ways to think of the welfare of others consistently. I have worked with leaders who have the relational skills of a tree. Bottom line . Stay on top of your Game . upbeat and excited about their career. Leaders can not afford to dwell on the negative."Attitude": Have you shown yourself to be a positive individual? It is an awesome feeling as a principal to work with teachers who are generally positive. or maintenance. Document your activities . PTSA activities. Don't use relationships for your own benefit."Relational": People enjoy being around those they can talk too. It doesn't mean that you need to be involved in everything. and your investment will go a long way. and I have worked with those who are brilliant with relationships."School Involvement": Are you active in school extra curricular activities? Showing up to events. ask the principal or assistant principal if you can help out with some leadership responsibilities. instruction. instruction. do something . Where ever your administration allows you to participate. and student achievement results are solid. Have you shown these characteristics as a classroom teacher? 3. if you are reading this article you are more than aware of coworkers who always see the glass half empty."Competence": One must show competence in the classroom before moving into an administrative position. This could include student discipline. most principals will tell you that they will not recommend you for a leadership position or certification if you haven't shown competence in the classroom. do it with passion. 2. Leaders must find ways to see the positive and the possible. 4. Believe me. The best way to do this is to ask if you can intern for a semester or two. and even participating will show that you have a desire to support the school. Maintain a Positive Outlook on Life . If you can't find an existing program to support. find ways to help others get to where they want to be.99 With all of this in mind here are seven tips to help you get to where you want to be: 1. Don't sit around. If asked. Relationships and networking matter. 5. Your ability to complete these tasks successfully will enhance your professional image and solidify your competence in the eyes of your principal. You must be able to demonstrate that your classroom management. there is something you have to offer that can benefit others. create one for students or teachers."Administrative Experience": If you feel confident that you have maintained a healthy relationship with your peers and administration. Make Friends Everywhere .

and who has a good reputation that will mentor you. Administration positions are competitive. 6. http://theteachersmovement. but to use them will give you an edge on the thousands who are seeking the very same position as you. and we must do everything possilbe to provide teachers the necessary support to succeed. 7.com . Dr. Teaching: The Greatest Career on the Planet. please dress for success everyday. Seek out a coach . The road to administration can be a slippery slope if you do it alone. He has a passion for teachers. speaker and life-long educator. Graysen Walles is an author. get all the support you can. and ensure that your dress attire is professional and suitable for your everyday experiences at your school. Wear an apron or lab coat if you must. Maintain your Physical Image .100 and ensure you are able to get a letter of support in the end from your administrator(s)."Mentoring": This one tip will enable you to overcome many challenges along the way."Appearance": Please. and works diligently to provide resources for both teachers and students to enable them to achieve success. Believe me you will need the help. please. you need to be a cut above the rest. but look the part. These few tips are far from exhaustive. Stand out from the crowd. "Teaching is the greatest career on the planet. Walles clearly reveals his passion for public education." In his book. and more specifically his support for teachers around the world. and you will benefit from the relationship. Join the Movement--The Teachers Movement Dr. Trust me you are being judged by your appearance. To have a real chance at an administrative career. Find someone you trust.

you have to tolerate a period of identity limbo. This short-term identity is based on the skills that you want to continue to use as you enter a new industry. 2) You don't have another identity (a New You) to jump into. The difficulty with re-inventing yourself is twofold: 1) You have to weather a temporary loss of identity. it provides the survivors an unforeseen opening into new and different frontiers for work. skills and capabilities. if you've been selling mortgages and you like the activity of customer relations.101 What Does it Take to Re-Invent Yourself? * How does a 25-year veteran advertising executive reinvent herself as she watches her industry shrink? * Where does a 15-year magazine production manager go when magazines everywhere are folding? * What happens if you get laid off and realize that your career hasn't fulfilled you for years anyway? Welcome to the age of opportunity disguised as loss.P. For the time being. Your former employer and industry do not equal your definition of self. you can construct an interim. you can define yourself as an expert in customer service. of IT for a shrinking bank and you excel at completing projects on time. you may pursue a childhood passion for electronics. more general definition of your talents. Or if you are the V. After years in the retail industry. erupt or otherwise change. For example. In some cases. re-inventing yourself may involve returning to a longterm interest and getting the skills or training you've always wanted. you can bill yourself as a project manager and look for greener pastures in other industries. As you prepare to move away from a career in accounting. When industries shrink. Do you find yourself in an industry that is dwindling? Is it hard to see a place for yourself in the current state of your chosen profession? You may be in a position where re-inventing yourself is the best option. YOU are no longer defined by your job title. . During this kind of career transition. you may yearn for a degree in library sciences.

Working For You Isn't Working For Me . Here are some tried and true tips for re-inventing your work identity 1) Appreciate that it takes guts to re-invent yourself. Acclaimed speakers. but it can be very exciting and ultimately rewarding. volunteering. This includes self-definition. .Freeing Yourself From Emotional Traps At Work. K Squared Enterprises offers real solutions for managing workplace relationships. You have to engage in selfassessment.The Ultimate Guide To Managing Your Boss. 2) Get help in defining the skills and talents that you'd like to apply to a new position within a different industry. Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster are the authors of the national bestselling book Working With You Is Killing Me . seasoned trainers and skilled workshop leaders. and let them support you. 4) Find like-minded people who have either done this successfully or are in the process of re-inventing themselves. It's much easier to stick with what we know and who we know than it is to forge into new areas. 2009. Their next book. a new. Give yourself credit from the start. And you have to be willing to transfer your well-worn skills into new realms. It's not easy to re-invent yourself. their company. getting trained or educated to build your credibility. You have to determine where your talents lie. And who wants to be a beginner again? Reinventing yourself requires some tough exercises. 3) Consider interning. will be released in Fall. If you can weather the discomfort.102 Why is it so difficult to re-invent ourselves? The short answer is most of us hate uncertainty. more fulfilling career path awaits you. We encourage you to take the chance.

formal. and more importantly. and to the point. 'I need a job fast. what is a person to do if they've lost their job in this tough economy. while too little. what not to do. thinking. The unemployment rate in the US has soared to over 7%. Too much information will bore the reader. That reason is to do a job for the company and fulfill the company's needs. read through examples of cover letters and applications written by others. Before you get overly excited and try to cram up all your highest achievements into your cover letter. ANY JOB. How do you stand above the crowd and get a job.info> and discover Job Search Techniques Guaranteed to Land you results in 17 days or less! . check out Guaranteed Jobs <http://guaranteedjobs. concise. and are beside yourself. or irrelevant information is a quick way to get your packet trashed. Make sure your letter is grammatically correct and free of punctuation and spelling errors.' Looking for work? If you find yourself thinking. It is very important to master this step before sending your application and cover letter to prospective employers. do not discuss why you need the job. Using these techniques. it is best to determine what you want the employer to know about you. With these sobering statistics in mind. not the other way around. 'I need a job fast'? Discover how to get a job in 17 days. how desperate you are. and sincere. You will easily learn what to do. you will be saying. It is best to keep your cover letter at one page. With this being said. To get help you in composing a high quality application. Be objective. You want to make your information stand out above the rest. 'I got a job. or how the job would help resolve your financial problems. If necessary. And it is estimated to the rate will approach 9% before year end. ask a friend to read it after running it through your spelling checker. I need a job fast.Guaranteed! Are you out of work? Have you reached the point where you are thinking. in this ugly economic environment? If you've lost your job.103 I Need a Job Fast . Keep the concepts contained in your cover letter clear.Get a Job in 17 Days . Remember that the employer will hire you for one reason only.' what are the best strategies to find another job in a reasonable amount of time? Begin your job quest by writing a quality application.' instead of 'I need a job fast. It is best to keep it short and to the point.

help them with homework. With any luck she can splash some cold water on her face and brush her teeth before collapsing from exhaustion. For the most part society demands that the woman be the family caretaker. pick up the dry cleaning. and get them to bed. and then run back out to bring the kids to soccer practice. social secretary. and wife.40 hours a week. Be aware that making a change of this magnitude could easily decrease your earning potential.104 Working . A job that will give you the flexibility you need to gain control over your schedule. nursemaid. both men and women who work full time jobs say they average at least 50 hours a week . Your first choice should be to try to work with what you have: . Some do require special training and/or licensing but you can usually take advantage of online courses if need be. she is still expected to bring home the bacon . financial manager. Below are some options to consider.low sodium turkey bacon! . To compound the problem. cook. At the end of the 90's it was estimated that over 40% of all married couples had dual incomes. pick up kids from soccer practice. activities planner.fry it up. serve it. it is certainly a sacrifice worth making. go grocery shopping.into a new job. head home. event coordinator. do the dishes. housekeeper. with any balancing act.with and without children . If your goal is to spend less time with your co-workers and more time with your family. While trying to accomplish all this.a far cry from the "full time" definition of 35 . clean the kitchen. at least in the beginning. child care provider. some type of negotiation needs to take place. chauffeur.find it impossible to make ends meet without two incomes. Does this sound like your life? Maybe it's time to make a change . However.Careers That Can Help You Find a Balance Between Your Job and Your Life In today's world most families .

* Freelance court transcription * At home medical coding and billing * Real estate sales * Insurance (life. Once you find the answer. Assess your needs and decide what is most important to you and your family. customer service.) * Are there any transfer possibilities at your company? A different department / job / facility? * Find a new company that allows flex time or telecommuting doing the same job you do now.) sales * Transportation services * Catering / meal preparation / baking special desserts (birthday cakes. * Retail jobs are never 9. so weigh the financial consequences before committing. All too often these goals become mutually exclusive as we try to burn the candle at both ends and watch helplessly as our lives spiral out of control. help desk support . Schedules can vary widely each day and each week. Regardless of their size. * Develop and start your own at home business. health. car. (This may turn your job into a part time position without benefits. etc.105 * Ask your present boss if you can cut back your hours permanently. journalists. they are home based businesses. . the rest will fall into place automatically. There is no magic answer to the dilemma of how to make enough money for your family vs. Phones. you could consider the following: * Outside sales positions usually allow plenty of flexibility and "free time" as long as you meet your sales quota. etc.can easily be handled by an assistant in a remote location (your kitchen?). * Field reps in computer repair can usually find a few hours here and there between client sites * Reporters. how to spend enough time with your family. they frequently have a need for the same type of support services as their larger counterparts.to name but a few .) * Become a "virtual assistant". Usually a few days on and a few days off whether you are full time or part time. home. If these choices don't work out. Even if you aren't a mother you can still benefit from having most of the afternoon to yourself. however.5. newspaper columnists. Many small companies and sole proprietorships don't even have office space. * Nursing. freelance writers * Anything with "mother's hours".

This is because they are employed by agency/recruitment firms and not an actual hospitals. try joining the float pool at your hospital for a little while and see if you like going to different floors with different people and different policies. If you are worried about this. 3. just like if you worked for a hospital. For most of those who try it though. If you work full time for the agency. Be a nurse Have a years worth of experience and be ready for the trip of a lifetime Travel nurses in the US are also referred to as agency nurses. most companies can get you contracts where you will work 3. Not interested in that? Ok.106 Going Poolside Or Slopeside in a Travel Nurse Career A travel nurse career is a great way to see the USA and not have to live on a shoestring budget the whole time. It can be an eye opening experience! Here is the Best Part! Ready to hear the best news associated with a travel nurse career? You get paid VERY WELL! You will be paid more than the hospital nurses you will work with. you will receive full benefits. Imagine laying next to a pool on November 13th in Phoenix. That means you get 4 days off each week to explore your new city. helping place you into that job and then take money from the hospital as a fee. vacation time and even retirement. 12-hour shifts. the rewards far outweigh the drawbacks. and it is also not for everyone. 2. Travel nursing is not new. . Travel nurses usually sign contracts that last at least three months in one hospital. These agencies work by finding you a job in the city you want. You will get 2 to 3 days of training and then you are basically set free and expected to take patients like all the other staff on the floor. and did I mention the monthly rent stipend you can get TAX-FREE? Also. including health insurance. Your only requirements are 1.

Career Change Mistakes . Travel nursing can very easily be your happy place! As a full time RN myself. 1 Fail to invest in your career change Making a career change is a big project that should not be undertaken lightly.become-a-nurse-now. what does that tell you that you should do differently next time? . The issues that prevent career change success often lie in what you fail to do rather than in doing things wrong.com> to help those who are interested in becoming a nurse. I encourage all adventurous and curious nurses to pursue a travel nurse career.107 then imagine skiing in Vermont in April. For more information on starting your travel nurse career Go Here <http://www.html> .become-a-nurse-now.com <http://www.com/travel-nursing-career. Remember. That's OK . 2 Fail to learn from your mistakes You haven't got this far in life without getting things wrong a few times. if you hate it. you can always go home in three months! Shannon Currie is an RN-BSN who started Become-A-Nurse-Now. Acknowledge from the outset that you will need to make a real investment of time.7 Top Tips For Career Changers If you are thinking of changing career.join the club! But what really matters is have you learned from your mistakes? If your career has gone off down the wrong track. effort and possibly money to get what you want. then watch out that you don't make these classic career change mistakes.

You are the only one in charge of your life. things can get in your way. 6 Fail to take responsibility At the end of the day. Too often career changers blame their lack of success on others or on their circumstances.how-to-changecareers. ready to take a risk. that applies to you and your career move too. then I invite you to take a look around the How To Change Careers <http://www.com> website where you will find a host of ideas to get your career change moving. Well. Do your homework first! 4 Fail to think outside the box Are you feeling stuck in a rut? It can be quite hard to see over the edges of that rut (or box) if you are in a really deep one. and you can also download my free ebook 11¾ Ways To Kick Start Your Career Change http://www. A faint heart never won a fair lady and careers are transformed when people take their courage in both hands and strike out for something that really inspires them. Are you still moaning about your job and saying you really must make a change? Just talking won't get you anywhere. 5 Fail to be bold Following on from thinking outside the box. I guess this one should really be number one on the list. but the challenge then is how to find a way round the obstacles and not just be defeated by them. Challenge yourself to explore some radically different ideas they may not be as crazy as you think. you need to be prepared to be bold with these new ideas.how-to-change-careers. 7 Fail to take action Well. it is all down to you.html From Cherry Douglas . you may well be disappointed. so you need to take responsibility for making the changes you want. so what action are you prepared to take within the next 24 hours to get the show on the road? And if you'd like an easy first step to take. If you leap into a new career area on a whim or because someone suggested it.108 3 Fail to research thoroughly There's been a lot of talk of 'due diligence' in the news recently. Yes.com/kick-startyour-career-change.Your Career Change Guide . But the walls of your box limit your thinking and stop you from seeing really new possibilities and directions for your career.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed because you can't keep up with the demands on your life. Sometimes all you need to do is make some simple adjustments and you could see dramatic results.just so you could put a dent in your To Do list? Do you find yourself communicating with your family using text messages and notes on the fridge? Does your two year old call the nanny "mommy"? Or even worse. live your life and fulfill personal or family commitments. did your son's teacher look surprised at the last parent / teacher meeting when she learned Johnny really had parents? If any of this sounds even remotely familiar.109 Working . no spouse. Find an hour where you can be alone and think. In other words yes. no kids. No interruptions. you can have a career and a family and find time for fun. no boss. then learn how to reduce the demands to a reasonable level.you must first assess the life you have and understand the frustrations you are experiencing. But. Think . I should have spent more time at the office.which it probably won't . is change of this magnitude really the answer you're looking for? Most likely. We're right back to where we started." Before you start searching for a new job that will help solve all these problems . You can have your cake and eat it. Do yourself a favor this week. No matter how much you love your job. life is too short to dedicate it to a job at the expense of our families or ourselves. too. In a nutshell. there are jobs and careers out there that provide you with a good income and plenty of free time to do your job. no cell phones. you need to sit back and take stock in what's important to you. no.like closer to 35 perhaps? . "Gee. Sure.How to Balance Your Job and Life and Win at Both Have you ever wished there were more hours in the day . no one ever lay on their death bed complaining. All else will fall into place. Why? Because when we start a new job our first inclination is to impress the new boss by putting in long hours.

and what's not. If you are like the majority of workers who feel unable to accomplish all that life and work throw your way. * Do you get paid for overtime? You could be your own worst enemy. * Find service providers that deliver: dry cleaners. or a family pizza and video night when you're home on time and everyone is together? * Reduce obligations for your children's school and sports activities. Even if you aren't a mother you can still benefit from having most of the afternoon to yourself. Ask your family what they would prefer: the money you'd earn from working late one night a week.no one else! So . * Almost any job you can do from home offers flexibility * Outside sales positions usually allow plenty of flexibility and "free time" as long as you meet your sales quota * Field reps in computer repair can usually find a few hours here and there between client sites * Reporters. Once you see that you need to drive Johnny to too many soccer games and your boss expects too many late nights at the office. and say. . This most probably won't be an overnight possibility but rather a long term goal.110 about your life as it is right now. you don't have to do it. The following jobs do offer plenty of flexibility so you can fit your job into your life. Reduce gradually if you'd feel more comfortable. Be honest with yourself. As a last resort Explore viable career choices that inherently provide the flexibility you need to restore balance to your life. Your list should give you a good idea of changes you need to make. Learn to delegate. etc. * Find a local service that delivers groceries you can order online. ask for help. journalists. these might just work out for you. Let teachers know you can't bake cookies without proper notice. drug stores. Some may require a special talent that you may need to study. Don't apologize if you leave on time. you need to finally take charge of your life and take it back. Do you get paid for 40 hours? Then start working only 40 hours. Learn to prioritize what is important. not try to fit you life into your job. To you .how can you get your life back before finding another job? * Reduce work hours. even though you're still on time. your list contains many items related to how your time is usurped by others. * Get the family involved in doing errands. newspaper columnists * Anything with "mother's hours". And just because the kids ask for a ride somewhere. What do you like? What don't you like? Make a simple list of pros and cons. Find another mother to help car pool the kids to soccer games and ballet lessons. but if your goal is more life and less work. "no". Don't feel guilty if you are the last one in each morning.

jump on the website and sign-up for online data entry jobs. Special skills and rosy talks are not required to do Online Data Entry jobs. I am happy with whatever a no tension job pays. Life is Not Tough . You can choose just a few to cover your evenings or full day jobs if you do not have a full time job. You have a full time job and only want to work on weekends. So you know what you are in for before you take up an assignment. Just Type Data Entry Life I am a computer freak. Being a graduate or carrying a certificate is not required. Your enthusiasm and speed definitely counts though. We all love to be pampered with choice. no worries. which is pretty fair considering the number of Managers who are going to look at your profile to allocate jobs. It might just cost you hot dog to sign-up. no problem. Even school kids seem to zoom when it comes to keyboarding.Be Easy. I prefer a desk job than running around. It is all explained in simple words and all you have to do is enter the information accurately and as quickly as you can. * Nursing. . Usually a few days on and a few days off whether you are full time or part time. You do not have to analyze those numbers or arrive at conclusions. you can choose from the list of companies which also give a summary of the nature of the data entry. If this is you and want more from life. You can work in your pajamas with a bottle of beer on your table. You have no work experience. Schedules can vary widely each day and each week. Once you register. which is good.5. So here is your chance.111 * Retail jobs are never 9. The range and variety of jobs are endless.

Go on. Online Data Entry is what you were looking for. So. get started.. Article Marketer Writing + Submission and many more. HR wants an interview based on your stunning resume. So. what can you do to nail that interview and nail down a new job? Take a look. UAW Article Writing. His discovery of internet marketing has made him a passionate proponent of this method of income generation and he chronicles his adventures in his Internet Marketer's blog <http://winsonyeung. you got that call-back you've been waiting for. Even small companies have web sites today so visit the business web site. without having to attend interviews. What do they make or sell? How does your experience make you the perfect candidate? Learn all you can about the company. This does two things: . Services include Article Writing. If you have a great attitude and want to make some cash. Your one step closer to getting that job. sure this is a good source of income. you could also come across the opportunity of winning ongoing contracts. Prepping For the Perfect Interview Hey.com/> You might also be interested in his Cheap and Contented Article Writing Service <http://ccarticles. Press Release Writing. Of course.0096/word to kick start your Internet Business. no one gets hired on a resume alone. Use the web.. It's the interview that closes the deal and shows a potential employer that you're the perfect fit. Winson Yeung has been involved with internet marketing since 2007.112 Apart from being a very simple and convenient way of making some extra cash. 1.com> that have the lowest rate of $0.

Something as simple as this can sabotage an otherwise great interview.113 (1) it prepares you for the "out-of-left-field" question from the interviewer. Use your network.even if you have to borrow one. Do not ask what the job pays!You'll find out soon enough. . Prepare a list of questions you expect to be asked: * * * * How can you help our company? What was your biggest accomplishment at your last job? How would you handle network down time? Who are your personal heroes? A good interviewer works from a script of questions so s/he can compare apples to apples when reviewing interview results. the look and feel of the place. Google the company name and the names of company principals. Don't wear cologne. chances are you know someone who knows someone who knows something about this company. parking. perfume or after-shave. a common tactic to see how you think on your feet and. Say them out loud in front of a mirror until you have your patter down pat. And carry an attaché .the story that doesn't appear on the web. wear your finest. chances for advancement and so on. You did your homework! You get a gold star! 2. 6. 4. maybe you went to the same school as the CEO! Couldn't hurt. So. practice your answers. Conduct a web search. Dress for success. 3. 5. Even if the interview is scheduled for casual Friday. Rehearse. 7. If you've been in "the biz" for a while. (2) it shows you're ambitious. A good interview involves give and take so prepare a list of questions about job responsibilities. View an interview as a give and take. Make a few calls to learn the inside story . It's not you being interrogated under the glare of the spotlight. you eliminate some of the unknowns that often create interview stress. Drive by the office. By familiarizing yourself with the route. 8. Look the part. Who knows.

but relaxed. If he introduces himself as Bob Smith. Ann Taylor. LLC. Smith. Smith. . McKinsey & Company. Unlocking your unique puzzle and tapping into your peak potential is our speciality. fostering positive attitudes and outlooks. Tate holds a psychology degree from Hunter College. Using our ReClaimurl Philosophy "We teach skills and strategies critical to maintaining a work/life balance. Moreover. they're focused. CoachVille. Arthur Anderson LLP.tateworks. Tate has worked with legacy corporations including project manager roles for Deloitte & Touch LLP. So. For more information go to http://www. and Senator David Paterson now Governor of New York. Proven coaching techniques show employees how to effectively manage their stress.114 9. Don't slouch but don't be a robot. Tate is a Whole Life Coach and the Founder of TateWorks Life Consulting. Bob is cool. She is also a popular speaker and guest lecturer at Hunter College. Then WOW 'em. Inc. efficiency and team camaraderie. It comes down to this: good preparation creates confidence in everything you do.especially if your note references something that took place during your chat. set goals and improve work output. a Work Life Strategy firm in New York City since 2003. If the interviewer is introduced as Ms. Sandra B. Sandra is a member of the International Federation of Coaches. enhancing productivity. Follow up with a thank you. Ms. You want to stand out and for all you know. As a result. organize their life. either.the name used during introductions. Be attentive. prepare yourself to give the interview of a lifetime. A simple. City University of New York. hand-written thank you jogs the interviewer's memory . 10. and has over 15 years of consulting experience in both the private and public sector. American Business Women's Association and the American Seminar Leaders Association. Make eye contact and call the interviewer by name . centered and motivated." Ms. call her Ms. that interviewer saw 20 people that day. TateWorks provides Whole Life Coaching for corporate and individual clients who demand personal and professional satisfaction for life.

especially if you want to teach in Korea or Japan.tobecomeateacher. With national economies leveraging off others. The good news for you is that overseas governments. businesses and schools are not looking for traditional English teachers . If the idea of work and travel combined interests you.com/teach-english-overseas. Japan and throughout Europe.they are seeking people who can teach conversational. This will allow you to teach English as a second language <http://www. you can teach at a language school. but who are willing to become involved in their school or workplace and help immerse these students in English consistently. I really want to travel the world and immerse myself in different cultures. then you'll need to obtain a TESOL certificate.115 Teach English Overseas Q&A .php> in places like Korea. you can teach within businesses or you can even become a private tutor.Is it Easy to Teach English Abroad & Have a Great Travel Experience? Q: I've been working in my current job for a while. Is teaching English overseas a possibility? A: The demand for English teachers has grown massively over the last 10 years or so. . work and breathe a new culture and environment where YOU get to learn to speak a new language as well. but what a fantastic opportunity to live. For example. There is no requirement to speak the language of the country you choose to teach english in. The options are limitless and the work is readily available. it has become critical for many people from around the world to learn english. you can teach in primary and secondary schools as well as universities. Many countries are looking for intelligent. everyday English. The type of English teaching work varies and you can choose an option that suits you. but I will need to work to afford the trip. vibrant people who don't necessarily have a teaching degree. It is so hard to understand any language from a book and much easier to be taught by a native speaker who can show how real English works in it's normal conversational context. and I'm looking for a change. and many businesses becoming global entities.

On Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs There are many things in our lives that we look upon and hope to reminisce in pure joy.116 You can look forward to a consistent income. But. But. Check out our recommended resources and regularly updated information. remarkably. Therefore. It is well understood we are not completely in control of our history or destiny. Meaning that as people we take pride and joy in shaping our history. Our objective is to shape our professional path to make our workmanship strategically promising. Nicole M Brooks When Seeking Employment . we'd love to see you at http://tobecomeateacher. I just came back from a contract position in Paris whereby I made certain tough choices to sustain such a strenuous work analysis under variable conditions. The goal of employment should ascertain that our development is satisfying for the professional and personal enhancement of our objectives.com where we share our knowledge and insight on the teaching profession worldwide. friendly locals and a seriously mind-broadening experience where you will make friendships for life. most women do not crave the pain and suffering felt during labor. Amidst the chaos and disorderliness of life and economics we can overcome tremendous amounts of pain and find real happiness. in general parents are extremely happy with the birth. For example. we accept that we are capable of influencing certain outcomes. . destroying the fatalism of the burdens of nature to nurture and build a core in accordance to certain rules and operational systems. If you would like to learn more about becoming a teacher. In the same manner we undertake to develop our educational and psychological background to strengthen our chances to find employment.

impolite. They become depressed. Maybe. desires and passions to the cemetery. impatient and complete drifters from a true sense of realism. In the end we left aside our highest goals. frustrated. Unfortunately. The dices are played out and ordinary man should only seek the bottom line in finding a position by accepting the barbaric uncertainties of unemployment unsheltered. Information Technology How Can Workers Set Themselves Apart in This New Era of Layoffs? . ideals were simply left aside. They are mere machines. Therefore. It is no longer uncommon to encounter many people in the job market whom are extremely dissatisfied. in essence it is temporal only for the elites and the bourgeoisie. chaos and the cycles of economic change will continue to operate. the market is unstable and many of us had to face unemployment cycles. The level of our responsibilities grew in volume and changed. Gathering information on the job market in order to promote our profile to a company who will see the benefits of our experience and knowledge. Distinctively. Cost management versus risk management drove our aspirations. it is high time for many people to make the effort to revise certain professional options. feeble-minded proletariats who go about their daily routines by remaining uninspired. While serving the bottom line and obtaining a job position in order to pay the bills. The material idea of work has become simplistic. The notion that when seeking employment a maturing person must seek to self-actualize is a nihilist tirade. At times the ordinariness of what they are doing is difficult to accept. Filled with various expectations we embarked on the journey of job seeking. Social employment history and social justice have become unimportant. a non-effective dimensionality.117 After graduating from college we could fiercely promote the origins of our work ethics and ideals.

they will see the return on investment in customer satisfaction and retention. If you are in sales. Even in recessionary times. Make sure you are the one person that the boss would hate to lose. Finish your projects in a timely and efficient manner. Be Essential. Be Your Best Self. Would you fight to keep you on the job? 4. Companies can spare employees who skills are obsolete. Difficult times require companies to seek out and take care of their best people. 2. It all begins with a realistic assessment of our current effort on the job. consumers still purchase goods and services. it is important that we focus on can be done to move forward. what can you do to get your numbers up? Companies will not likely layoff their Star employees. How do you set yourself apart from the competition? There has been an increase in requests to offer some business tools like etiquette and social skills that will not only improve the overall image of the company. As a young nation. Are we giving 100% effort to our job? Are we being the one person the boss . Be Seen. Consider taking professional development courses to keep your skills up to date and joining professional trade and networking organizations.Think of new ways to generate revenue or cut cost. It is time to reconsider the value you are offering your customer. this is just another learning curve .Build your skills.but a lesson that we cannot afford to be forgotten.This is the time that you want to be visible and demonstrate ambition.Are you giving 100% while on the job? Do you spend time on personal calls or surfing the internet? Remember that the company time is the company's time. If possible. Be Budget Conscious. When a company chooses to invest in their employees with skills in these areas. You may just have an idea that can save both your job and your company. Five Key Ways Worker set them apart. 1. determine a way to stand out from the crowd. One of my clients hired me to offer multiple training dates to provide seminars on office manners and courtesy as well as meeting and greeting. We are a nation of resilient people. At times like these. Ask others in your department if you can be of assistance.118 We first need to look at history and realize that we have been through recessions before. but it also offers value to the employees regarding their personal and professional development.Now is the time to be sure to arrive early (at the very least on time) and stay late if needed. therefore you need to be fully present while at work. 3. 5. This will affect their bottom line because customer service is not an option. Without customers there is NO business. we will get through this recession but what we do today will determine how we bounce back and set the stage for generations to come. Be Valuable.

but I would like to know more. I would be happy to help on this. Don't interrupt to talk about your schedule. Ask lots of questions so that you will uncover the real commitment of this request. Business Etiquette Savvy for Today's Competitive Market will be available March 2009. Say something like. would we be considered collateral damage. "Sounds interesting. even if you are not able at this time. Her book Professionally Polished." Say something positive.119 would hate to lose? If we were told to let go of 10% of the workforce.mobilebaybusinessjournal. a one-month assignment. Done right. Look thoughtful. Here is the process: Listen to the task description completely. Without saying 'Yes' to the task. indicate your overall willingness. Say. There are some things that we have no control over like the recession.com For more information contact us at info@makeyourbestimpression. Invite the person to sit down. let's talk some more. Dallas Teague Snider. however we can decide if we want to be a part of the solution. workers are more afraid than ever to say 'NO' at work. and most people forget it. You can send your questions for our bimonthly on line column at http://www. you can say 'No' and actually win points with your manager. The Impression Engineer is the Founder of Make Your Best Impression. or a one-year project? What is your role to be? Who else will be working on this? When is the deadline? What . This step is critical. Remember the 85% of your success if based on your people and social skills. Is this a one-hour task." Ask lots of questions.com How to Say No and Still Keep Your Job With a tight economy. Start by indicating that you are willing. "I'm so pleased that you thought of me. these are skills we can learn. She conducts workshops and seminars helping companies and individuals make their first impression their best impression.

Chances are. Don't ever say 'I'll try. and this will require just 2-3 hours per week starting next Tuesday. "There is no try.120 resources will you have? Etc. "I've just moved and I'm spending all my free time unpacking right now. 7:00 PM CST. One good excuse is much better than three or four.keeping your word completely. You will sound more powerful with a simple statement. This step also gives you some time to THINK. If the request affects your personal life. If you are ready for some help in your job search. and create more time to be successful with your current assignments. You can register by contacting Catherine Jewell at cj@careerpassioncoach. you might say. "I'll consider this and call you tomorrow. Don't give too many details." Saying 'No' can help you stay on track. you requestor can move to the next person on the list." Don't tell a long story." As Yoda said in Star Wars." If you need time to think about it. or eliminated because of another solution. You might mention the relevant work that is consuming your time right now. Tell your current circumstances. honor your word. Only do or not do. You might negotiate a smaller role than the one requested. please consider the Get a Job Faster TeleClass." Then.' it gives you time to create your reason. If nothing else. Tuesday evenings. Perhaps this task can be deferred until another time. When you do it well. you can actually build relationships. it is a chance to practice integrity . you will sound as if you are whining. If you must say 'No. If the answer is 'Yes. say." be sure to repeat exactly what you are agreeing to do: "So I understand that I am to be a quality check on the XZY Committee. Perhaps you can recommend someone else to do the work. Give a clear answer. Talk about alternatives. etc. Make some suggestions that don't include you. .

put away your resume.. Am I well versed in following changing market conditions in all media. even during recessionary times? . on the Internet and through Social Networks? Have I taken inventory of what I need to know about my specific areas of interest and the economic environment that surrounds them? Am I paying attention to mergers and acquisitions in my areas of interest? Companies that maintain an appetite for M&A during recession make lots of deals that can prove advantageous to my career.121 Are You Willing to Develop a Cohesive Strategy in Order to Meet the Demands of Structural Workplace Well. Ask yourself: Have I been following global market conditions in both expanding and contracting markets? Most organizations. You will. a fable about how to outrun the "bear" of increased competition! There were two men sitting outside their tent in a campsite when they saw a bear charging towards them. I only have to outrun you. The other says: "Are you crazy? You'll never outrun that bear!" The first says: "I don't have to outrun the bear." Be smart! Whether you are seeking employment. Am I paying attention to which companies in my areas of interest are extending their advantages through innovation and spending on R&D.first. One starts lacing up his trainers. The S-AGE recommends you begin by developing your strategy around the market as it is and as it is becoming. If you do this well.. are vulnerable to global as well as local competition.. outrun the competition by increasing your marketplace knowledge. are you willing to do what it takes to get ready for the future? If your answer is "yes" and before you take another step in your career journey. you will emerge from the past stronger and more highly valued than your competition. regardless of size. like any good business. increase your chances of becoming recession-proof! But.. a gig or planning to start your own business..

I am willing to learn and hope that my demonstrable traits of working hard. There is a lot more competition today than ever before. If I am offered temporary or project assignments while seeking a regular.122 Am I asking the right questions about target firms' investments in the future? For instance. What are your thoughts? A. get your skills up before you approach a prospective employer. will I commit to accepting and honoring all the terms of the project while pursuing my own long-term strategy? Only you know the answers as to whether you are willing to invest the time and effort to develop a cohesive strategy in order to outdistance the competition! The Sage Answers Your Questions. meet current marketplace need in my areas of interest? In other words. Furthermore there is a huge gap between living longer and living well while living longer. full-time role. between hope and planning and between need and readiness. you will only get what you plan for IF your plan is aligned with marketplace need! Q. Q. has my business (AKA: career) model weathered changing conditions? Have I conducted a formal gap analysis to determine what is missing in my portfolio of experience and qualifications vis-à-vis marketplace need? Do I know where and how to fill in the gaps in my experience/background/skills as affordably and as quickly as possible? While I am planning and managing a cohesive strategy. as they stand today. Get over the word "hope. receiving good performance reviews and my transferrable skills will prompt an employer to take a chance on hiring me. during a recession the leaders of organizations that trade some short-term profitability for long-term gain are the most successful in both the short and long-term. A. the marketplace now demands the utmost in flexibility and will hire or engage people based on need." Here's the lesson: Test your statement that your skills are immediately transferrable. . (For supporting data. here is a huge gap between expectations and reality. Here's the lesson: When it comes to working for pay. We read that Americans expect to work for pay far longer than socalled traditional retirement age suggests. do I know how to endure and am I willing to do what it takes to get ready for the future in which I will be looking at a number of ways to earn a living and run a career? For instance.) Do I know the value of my qualifications in the new marketplace? Do my qualifications. see McKinsey's white paper on "Learning to Love Recessions" published in December 2008. If they are not.

you will scare them off.if you have been overcompensated for the market. A. regardless of age. Brad Taft's passion for changing workforce issues has lead him to be a nationally recognized advocate for the value that all individuals. Yes. I am willing to take a cut in pay. What you have to do is think about what common questions you could be asked in a interview. bring to the workplace and the need for change in the workplace for the benefit of organizations and their employees. I am concerned that I have made too much money and will scare off prospective employers.. Then. and how you will answer those questions Below are eight possible questions that could be asked in an interview. Finance Recruitment Have you been through the finance recruitment process? Have you been successful? This article can help prepare yourself for a job interview and boost your confidence in the future. You need to know what the going market rate of pay is and "eagerly" communicate your interest in the job and your understanding of the shift in market-driven pay from longevity-driven pay. Here's the lesson: So-called "willingness to take a cut in pay" will get you nowhere. The interviewer doesn't want to hear that you are not interested in this line of work and see yourself doing something completely different in five .. the interviewer wants to see if you are dedicated to the job and the company and also whether this job fits on your career path.123 Q. drive your value proposition home by learning how to "sell" the value of your experience in terms of their interests. Where do you see yourself in five years time? This questions serves two purposes. He has over 25 years experience in the employment and career consulting fields. 1.

Most people will have at least one story from a pervious job of how they have used initiative. Candidates who know nothing about the company prior to the interview will usually be looked upon negatively.124 years time. Stress that you can form good working relationships that will help the company achieves its goals. What are your strengths and weaknesses? This is a great opportunity for selling yourself. not only does this allow you to work out if it is a place you want to work but it shows the interviewer that you are taking the job application seriously. take pride in your job. Talk about how you are a friendly person who can get on with people in and out of work. 4. 5. Why have you left/or leaving your current job? . turning a bad situation and resolving problems. Explain how they will help you in this new role and how you have an advantage over other applicants. As for the weaknesses. good under pressure. How do you get on with workmates? The interviewer will want to know how compatible you are with colleagues. What do you know about the company? It always important to do some background research on a company before applying for a job and going for an interview. But it is always important to not over do it. 7. Saying this banking job is a stop gap till you find a job in television or something unrelated is a big no-no. For example your competitiveness in sports means you take thinks too seriously. 6. It's best to mention a weakness that won't affect your job or work life. 3. as if you are making too many links it will seem false. It is best to try and relate previous jobs and experiences to the role you are applying for. Give an example of when you have taken initiative? This is a chance for you to give an example of your quick learning abilities. they really don't want anything too bad. Good answers will include. but this question gives you the chance to provide examples of how you are reliable and how you can do thinks like work to deadlines and how you are trustworthy. 2. 8. eager to succeed. Are you reliable? No one will obviously say that they are unreliable. Talk me through your CV This is a chance to flesh out what you have written in your CV.

Do you stay where you are and wait for the inevitable call into the boss's office (or. tuition. expecting the worst. even worse.co. Of course. You have long-term loyalty. and one of the most effective attention-getters arrives on the scene in the guise of job insecurity. it's too late to start over for crying out loud! Nobody's listening. You have experience. So do a lot of other people. That's not relevant. For example "I did not find the job challenging enough and feel your job opening would challenge me and lead my career in the right direction".uk by Tom Sangers. expenses. When You Stand at the Turning Point You have competency. a mortgage. security showing up at your desk unannounced with an empty cardboard box)? Do you commute in to the office every day wondering if today will be the day when the flying fickle finger of fate stops spinning and points at you? Do you start your job search today. You should try and turn anything negative you would like to say into something positive and why you applying for this new position.onlinetravelblog. It's not even a consideration. You're over fifty. getting in line with tens of thousands of other women and men just like you with similar experience and expectations all looking for the same jobs? Or is today the day you take the great leap into the unknown and become an entrepreneur? Ironically. car payments. Visit my online Travel Blog http://www.125 This is not an opportunity to talk negatively about your previous job or boss. You have a family. When . will today be the day you give it up and go out to get an 'RJ' ('Real Job')? Nothing narrows your focus quite so effectively as a midlife transition. That's not enough. as one of my Facebook friends recently reminded me. job loss is not the exclusive concern of women and men in midlife. if you're an entrepreneur.

' you "begin with the end in mind. Of course. regardless of how bad things get. when push comes to shove. So. . Covey insists that. when you're standing at the turning point.126 the economy takes a nosedive like what we're experiencing now nobody is 'safe. In business. one of the first things I might ask someone who's taken a new position would be. proven." If that's not you . as one of his 'seven habits. flight or freeze!' Au contraire. because. for whatever reason. Yet.particularly those who have been part of their team for a long time. mon ami. the unsavory prospects that are staring you in the face may very well be exploding into your consciousness as a blinding flash or a deafening roar. it's going to be time for 'fight. . no-risk. damage control needs not to be your first concern. how you relate with your future. you probably will survive this. Don't ignore the fact that throwing all your resources at fixing the problem will most likely leave you (and your resources) exhausted. I've been focusing my energy and my expertise on encouraging men and women exactly like you to take their attention off the 'problem at hand' and to turn it to the core issue: how exactly you relate with your world and. you're going to be bombarded by sure-fire.you are! For the past few years. have families and expensive insurance benefits. if you're imagining that you're the Irreplaceable Man (or Woman). take a mental and emotional step backward: away from the heat of your battle for survival. and. What ought to be your contingency plan? This is the time to stop (not panic). more precisely. there are others who work there who are equally dependent on their employment income. if you're wise enough to see the handwriting on the wall. the plight of the worker almost always comes second to the survival of the company. take stock of yourself and your situation.and shocking realizations . the needs of the many almost always overshadow the needs of the few. That's because the problem's not the problem . good luck! As a coach. "What's your exit strategy?" Stephen R. most employers care about what happens to their employees . Bad news . but no further ahead. then chances are very good that there's a Rude Awakening in your future. If you're in denial. After all.have a habit of leaving us at first stunned and then scrambling to provide damage control. As the labor situation worsens. do . then. we all know that people in midlife are prime targets: they're more highly compensated.' Yet. Get your brain's amygdala all warmed up. It's as though all those ducks that we had so neatly lined up in a row have suddenly panicked and turned on us like that scene from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds where Tippi Hedren is locked in the phone booth at ground zero of the attack of All the Birds in the World. Chances are that. However. sooner or later. you're facing Career Change. 'secrets' that are 'guaranteed' to solve all your problems and transform you into a captain of commerce (or at least a wealthy magnate who outsources all his or her problems). How. and you'll get to experience first-hand what it means to react to a crisis situation. instead of getting caught up in the never-ending cascade of critical details. and most of what they do can either be outsourced or taken over by less highly-skilled (and cheaper) help.

What's your life strategy? I can tell you mine in seven words: appreciation.127 you survive in a crisis? You turn your attention to taking care of yourself. to adopt.com E-Mail: info@ProActivation.org> Copyright © 2008 H. Les Brown. and that. Les Brown .and the real turning point in midlife. understanding. Whether or not you're aware of it right at this moment. and how I practice them every day. There's a lot at stake. you're standing at the turning point. I can tell you what each of them means. CFCC ProActivation® Coaching Website: http://www. What's it going to be? H. Not yet standing in line at the job fairs? Good! There's not a moment to lose for you to turn your attention away from all the noisy distractions around you and toward those things that really matter to you. Join our weekly EZine (Midlife Matters) and get 7 Spiritual Strategies at no cost: Go Here to Subscribe <http://www. You take control of your awareness. mindfulness. and adopt a deliberate strategy of taking charge of yourself. This is your chance to become proactive: to build. That's the real turning point in any crisis . and anticipation.MidlifeMaster. comprehension. forcing the focus of your attention away from all those 'important' things that are demanding your involvement. regardless of the conditions you now face. and to practice the strategies that will train your mind and heart (and spirit) not just to cope with. MA. empathy.proactivation. but to transcend and master those crisis situations that you fear the most. discernment. it's a decision. The fundamental paradigm shift that will enable you to survive any crisis begins with the decision (yes. Now it's your turn. no it's not a realization) that you are not a victim of circumstance. you always have choices.

. or productivity.128 Seven Ways to Demonstrate That You Are a Leader at Work You don't need to be the boss to demonstrate that you are a leader in your workplace. . but rather following through on new policies or initiatives that the organization has decided should be done to improve business. Michael R. Just make your clothes and you look the best they can. . Wash and iron your clothes if they need it. . . Offer to help others as often as you can if help is needed. Do more than you are paid for in order to get any job done. Donnelly is known as "The Ambitious Civil Servant" and provides career advice to public servants and private industry workers. This does not mean being or doing something unethical or illegal. Dressing for success doesn't mean you must wear a suit everyday. Here are seven ways you can demonstrate you are a leader regardless of your place in the formal office chain of command. Support any new organizational decisions even if you personally disagree. True leaders demonstrate their leadership qualities everyday when no one is looking. These seven tips are a way to get you started. Learn more about the Law of Attraction and how it can accelerate your career progression by visiting here http://forgottenlawsofattraction. Be the first to initiate conversation by asking others about themselves or something of interest to them. Make a point to say hello to people. Don't make a big deal of it. Leaders also do not expect to receive credit for something they know is the right thing to do. Initiate solutions to problems before anyone asks you to. . In fact. Take on assignments and do things no one else wants to do if they must be done. Dress just a little bit better then your co-workers. if you don't act like a leader it is very unlikely you will ever become the boss. just get it done because it is the right thing to do. . Shine your shoes. efficiencies.blogspot.com/ .

Some recommend to students that if they do not want to be there.com/news. Why not go work for Halliburton out of Casper or Kinder Morgan. Want to become an auto mechanic? Wyoming Tech places nearly 100% of every graduate. Lance Winslow Lance Winslow's Bio <http://www. save their money and get the $75. . I've often recommended folks go work in Saudi Arabia. if the United States hits 12% some areas could be above 20%. The most recent FED predictions are that it will surpass about 8.WorldThinkTank.129 Need a Job in Wyoming? Unemployment in the United States is so uneven by region. come think with Lance. In California unemployment is already well above 8% and in some areas it is 10%. Wyoming has jobs in strong sectors and with those skills you can find work anywhere on this planet. I totally agree.com/more. Wyoming Tech is worth its salt. http://www. Come home in 2years with $350. Let's say you are in Wyoming and need a job.000 and pay cash for a house.net/ <http://washguy. Heck.000 tax less income break.shtml> . Social Scientists predict that at 12% unemployment the crime rates will rise to huge numbers and civil unrest and riots will ensue in the US. leave and go get a job making $60K to 80K per year.8% sometime in 2009. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives. I agree with these recommendations to the students. How so you ask? Well. you might have a much easier time. but for the rest of the world that would be a god's send and be an extremely low figure. For the United States that is quite high. in some states there are jobs waiting to be filled. The overall unemployment figures are currently about 7.shtml> . So. not all regions of our country are so depressed. Bechtel and many other companies have some insane pay and you can find any number of companies and choose where you want to work. by the way two great companies that actually pay their vendors on time! There is a ton of work.6% overall and climbing.deckwashguys. etc. And if you need retraining well they have that too. it's true. Think on this. Kuwait. see how that works? Well.

The beautiful thing about teaching is that we do have some time to spend researching other options. or as a replacement for our teaching income if we've had enough of the classroom. you don't have to spend thousands of dollars in tuition. In this article I'm going to uncover some things that have really changed my perspective about teaching. and we knew it was a lot nicer than where we were currently living. you don't have to go back to sitting in a lecture hall for 3 hours a day.130 Teacher Salary . to start making money. or sweating it out in a classroom of students who don't want to be there. you don't have to live your life attached to what your current teacher salary will afford you. Believe me. our time is too precious to us to start something from scratch. the other options are worth checking out. and who could help us to get established. we like the security of it. if the opportunity that lies behind it is unknown to us. So if you want to build an income in addition to your teacher salary. No. or where we don't know anyone. pay close attention to the following: . So why do most teachers settle for their current teacher salary instead of taking the initiative to get out there and build more income for themselves? Well. or when you'll get your diploma to do this. if we had someone there who could tell us what it was all about. It is more comfortable to stay tied to our teaching salary because. so we don't make the same mistakes. Frankly.7 Great Tips to Make You More Money If you're a teacher. we'd be a lot quicker to jump on that boat. and you don't have to worry about tests or due dates. it's the same reason that we don't just move to a different country that we've never been to. and make money without giving up the beach this summer. The Internet has made it extremely lucrative for us to make money on the side of our teacher salary. Continuing on with the metaphor of moving to a completely different country. Believe it or not. there are plenty of ways to untie yourself from your budget. And no.

It's a much shorter and more effective path if you don't walk into a new opportunity aimlessly. trust me. or who can lead you to the information <http://www. It is extremely valuable to learn from people's mistakes so that way you don't waste your time. Constantly learn new techniques and skills. This could include your communication skills. whether it's to learn a new skill.. 5) Decide on how much of your current budget you can put aside to your new idea.OnlineMLMTeacher. Remember. internalize them.html . computer skills etc.onlinemlmteacher. "Want to Learn How You Can Leverage your Teaching Skills with the Power of the Internet to Meet and Exceed Your Teaching Income?" Free Report Explains All: http://www.html> you need. We can always improve financially. writing skills. no distractions. There are so many opportunities out there. Tania is a High-School Teacher who Helps Other Teachers Make what they're Worth so they Can Teach because they Love it and Not because they Have to. 4) Take the ideas that are presented to you. Especially since the money you spend can be used to write down your taxable income. 2) Make a list of the skills you'll be able to transfer to another business opportunity.. you move towards the next one.131 1) Set aside time for yourself to do some research. You can get some ideas by surfing the web and seeing what people are doing. but it's when you don't make excuses about it that you'll get ahead. Remember. We all get busy. people skills. and write down how you can begin to apply something that you learned right away. Do not forget to check out the link below. 3) Find people who are already doing what you want to do. and make new goals for yourself so that when you hit your goal. Don't tell yourself that you'll come back to it later. The most important key in achieving any goal that we set for ourselves is to get into action the moment we get the idea. spending money to make more money. I've got a great free report that details my experiences so you can learn from them.com/report. or market your business is always money well spent. 7) Continue being a student of your craft. start a new business. that motivation is hard to come by at a later time.com/report. You'll slip back into the comfort zone. 6) Set aside some time each day to work towards your goal. and then by default back into your budget.

You have to lay a strong foundation for whatever it is you need to do next. When there is a lull or I perceive a need to make a change. study your administration skills and streamline them. You cannot leap off and create a web site or start writing an ebook until you know why you are doing it and for whom you are doing it. study that and make your version of it happen. Writing and Speaking but I did not have the mandatory strategies in place. I still do that with my own business. I went to work on my Networking. but they are all in my self-curriculum Can people find you and start to connect? .I upgraded my skills to make myself more valuable as an employee. If you are a natural marketer. I look around to see what I need to learn next.132 What Do You Need to Learn Next? I used to do temp work. It's always easy to go learn more about what you love to do. An outside eye can often identify what you are too close to see. And every time I was without an assignment I learned a new software program . Be willing to include them in the curriculum you create for yourself. If you know that networking is a valuable strategy and you have yet to successfully find your comfort zone with it. if your Red Velvet Rope policy is not in place. Is your marketing foundation in place? If you don't have a strong who and do what statement. Direct Outreach and Keep In Touch Strategies. You may benefit from having a coach help you move through these defining stages. What strategies have you mastered? When I became a Book Yourself Solid Coach I discovered I had mastered the more complex self-promotion strategies of Web. Some are easier for me to do than others. if your target market is not well defined you have to start there. Create your own curriculum There's always something more you can master. Referral. but don't neglect those skills you would do well to strengthen.

Since then I've had training to become a certified teleclass leader. and attracting traffic to your web site. Get some guidance and coaching on this. I can work in CoralDraw and Photoshop. hold your vision and keep you moving toward it. A coach will help you move through . Online we use a web site with a strong opt in offer to create that initial connection. Be selective. You need to install the most effective back ends like your shopping cart and autoresponders and learn to use them. If your foundation is in place you are ready for a web site. I have volunteered in learning environments as a team leader where I got to deepen my knowledge. Writing for the web is a specific technique you can learn. It will save you time and money. I use PowerPoint all the time for my teleclasses. New book author interviews are a fascinating source. I've taken classes on podcasting. And I probably need to get help from a coach or take a class or find some good on-line video to teach me. I put off learning audio for a year. Find the people that deliver good content and make it a habit to tune in to their calls. and write content that pulls your visitors into your sphere of influence. Find a few people to follow and sign up for their blogs. listen to their interviews and take notes. Learning online is easy. People promoting their workshops give away tons of valuable information. And yes. I just need to take it one more step at a time. But I did learn it and it was actually easy after I moved through it and is invaluable to know. I can edit my teleclasses in SoundForge but video still sits there like some huge challenge. expand my coaching/leadership skills. I create my own web site in DreamWeaver. an information product development expert. Get a coach A coach will keep you on track. You need to create compelling opt in offers. we need to push out of our comfort zones and master some of these wonder technical opportunities because once we do a whole new place to play opens up for us. Take the technical aspects one step at a time Ok. They are usually recorded and are packed with valuable information. I've worked in Camtasia. Enroll in a class My first teleclass was a two month marketing class. guide you where you want to go. fun and cost-effective.133 The whole point of business is to build relationships with others so you have to find a way to meet them and greet them. Learn from others There is so much great information given away for free on the internet. radio publicity. a Guerrilla Marketing Coach and a Book Yourself Solid Coach. make great connections and learn from the participants. On line courses range from one call to 15 weeks or longer.

Whatever you need to know next .caralumen. As I explore and strengthen my own skills I create teleclasses in which I teach others small segments of the marketing process or the process of creating compelling information products.enough to know whether I want to explore it further. Teaching helps me own the material and it creates interesting products to offer my clients.134 your barriers. See what you need to know and sign up for something. The Vision Distiller. Teach what you need to know A few years ago I wanted to expand my article writing strategy so I created a teleclass to teach others how to write magnetic articles and in the process up leveled my knowledge and my own participation in the strategy. If you are ready to become a Success Magnet and Book Yourself Solid visit Cara at http://www. Keep your curiosity vibrant I love to learn so whenever something peaks my interest I go learn at least a little something more about it . As a business coach I have to know at least a little something about nearly everything that will show up for my clients and if I'm not knowledgeable I must have a resource in place. help you identify and develop your strengths.go learn it! Cara Lumen. and get you up and running in a business that you love to do. Keep an eye out for what's new and interesting. If you want to make rapid personalize progress. You don't have to pursue it but at least understand what it can do for you.com The Southwest Airline Pilot Interview Rundown . is a Book Yourself Solid Certified Coach who helps entrepreneurs move from vision to venue and attract the people they are meant to serve. Look at your business. 1:1 or mastermind group coaching is the way to go.

some light up like a Christmas tree when you mention Southwest as it represents a unique culture. If you have convenient access to Southwest service. You will probably take a group tour of HQ.135 You get a lot of different reactions from people when you mention Southwest Airlines. Here is an example: * You are west of Colorado Springs going to Las Vegas. 2. Since its Southwest. and party hard. Okay. it has happened. mean. Basically you will be given a situation where you have to divert in the middle of the flight. let's get to it. So when a lucky pilot gets the call for that interview it is a huge thrill.Here you will probably talk to an HR person and a line pilot. . LOI . weather worsening. the big thing here is attitude. Some scoff at the long days. The interview consists of: 1. The little airline from Texas as grown from a cult following to a 800 pound gorilla thanks to a lean. Some guys have blown their chance before even starting the interview by giving the agent attitude. 3. Grand Junction. Day Before Interview Southwest will offer to fly you to Dallas the day before the interview. with the agent promptly calling HR. As I've said in a previous article. They love to have fun. you need to remember that the interview starts as soon as you step foot into the airport! Don't give the ticket agent an attitude because the flight is late or oversold. even if it is Southwest. When you are talking about pilots.You sit in a cardboard cockpit and are given a challenging scenario. Are you someone who is pleasant to spend a four day trip with? They are looking for someone who is easy-going. * Denver. However. you need to divert. and a leader without being "alpha male". Hopefully by that time they have already done some homework. and "Wal-Mart" crowd customers. However. but don't try to be a comedian. Springs are low visibility with icy runways. Yes. Interview There is a morning session and an afternoon session. HR Interview Line Oriented Interview (LOI) Logbook review HR Interview . Make sure you smile (subtle). you get many different reactions as well. enthusiastic. * You have a medical emergency in the back. not so glamorous layover destinations. efficient business model. They know that you are traveling for an interview because of the ticket code. help each other out. they are watching you. you should take it. But I bet you want some good gouge.

but put more emphasis on the positives. However you need to categorize how you can fit these realistically. Want to find more tips and resources on pilot interviews? See 5 Killer Interview Tips Here <http://www. do not let your guard down until you are at home. Conclusion If you get a Southwest Airline pilot interview.squidoo. There is usually no one good solution. Then put the jumpseater to work looking up landing data. first thing to do is transfer controls to the FO. keep everyone in the loop. . you should be fine no matter what you decide to do. weather. by using the types of abilities below: 1. even though the will make you feel very comfortable.com/Airline-Pilot-Interview-Tips> Six Ways to Fit Individuals Into a Suitable Career Path By matching your natural environment. So make sure you are friendly but not goofy. delegate tasks.136 * Albuquerque is a little farther with great weather but tailwind slightly over limit with a long runway. not what the solution is. The opportunity doesn't come often and it may not come again. Don't try to be the hero and fly single pilot! You only have seven minutes (which will whiz by) so you need to use all resources to finish in time. Realistic. and abilities towards a suitable career. etc. So as soon as the clock starts. Also. After you are done they tell you to debrief yourself. consider yourself very fortunate. Be honest about your positives and negatives. could be the answer. the key is how you come up with the solution. If you use good CRM. However.

) 5. . Enterprising. Involves interpersonal rather than intellectual or physical activities. (Examples: art. strength. public relations. the individual will gravitate toward an occupation consistent with that orientation. The VPI is a list of 160 occupational titles toward which individuals indicate their likes and dislikes. foreign service. They are also more likely to remain excited by the nature of the work they do and to be satisfied with their colleagues at work. the individual will vacillate in choosing an occupation. mathematics. People do gravitate to a small subset of jobs.137 Involves aggressive behavior and physical activities requiring skill. law. they are more likely to be satisfied with their career choice and not change professions. Further. Conventional. If two or more are equally strong. social work.) 3. music education. Social.) 4. and life experience in the form of a degree. when people choose a career consistent with their personality. or interpersonal and emotional).) 6. Involves verbal activities to influence others and to attain power and status. (Examples: accounting. understanding) rather than affective activities (feeling. (Examples: forestry. Involves cognitive activities (thinking. and coordination. and individualistic activities. Involves structural. Investigative. Involves self-expression. artistic creation.) The Vocational Preference Inventory (VPI) can be used to measure these orientations. (Examples: clinical psychology. Brings you International Academic recognition for your previous academic. If one of the orientations dominates the others. acting. Artistic. rule-regulated activities and subordination of personal needs to an organization or person of power and status. expression of emotions. finance. trucking. farming. (Examples: management. oceanography. organizing. (Examples: biology.) 2.

Career Advice For Service Technicians One of the best jobs in roofing is that of a service tech. You will be going into their homes and businesses. There are plenty of other guys who recognize that this is one of the best jobs in roofing and are anxious to get it. Although most service jobs pay hourly rather than piecework. You're just not ready yet. you get to see what works and what doesn't. Overtime opportunities are also common at many companies. leave the bling at home and cover up your tats.asian-europeanuniversity. . the hourly rate is usually decent. In just one year that's over a thousand roofs.com Jobs in Roofing . that's OK.138 The Asian European University assess your experience using the Internationally recognized APEL method. It is a fast track to a broad range of roofing knowledge and experience. On each one. To get a service tech job. You might be on five different roofs in one day. although that is certainly a consideration on hot summer days! More importantly. cut your hair. you get to work with all the various roof systems within a short period of time. It's not just about windshield time. That means clean clothes. so you need to look presentable. For a complimentary assessment to see if you qualify for an International Degree: http://www. If that is too much sacrifice for you. you need to be aware that you will be meeting the public every day.

go to: http://www. But then again. When a service tech proves he can perform on his own and has good communication skills. It is full of tricks-ofthe-trade that will make the job easier and help you avoid big mistakes. some service techs prefer to stay right where they are.com Jobs For Data Entry . Legitimate information handling jobs are some of the most sought after. that certainly sound very appealing. considering how easy and convenient they are. For this reason. Of course. Make hundreds of dollars per hour pushing a few buttons.. And it's a job that older roofers can handle because it isn't too physically demanding.roofingsecrets. and after some people paid the money they usually got a useless list of other companies or simply a note that their application was denied. But if you take a closer look you will see that many of these opportunities are scams. some people have made a business out of falsely taking advantage of this demand by tricking people like you and me into paying huge amounts just to be considered for such a job.139 Some companies use their service department to groom employees for other positions.. but it is also a lot less stressful to just fix leaks. it is an easy transition to superintendent or sales. It may be less money. For details. This is one article in a series about jobs in roofing. or to obtain the information required to be able to submit an application. check out "Roofing Secrets: How to Avoid Leaks and Save thousands of Dollars!" by John C Bishop. it's all a scam. To shave a couple decades off your learning curve.How to Avoid Common Scams Chances are you're receiving several spam emails each day that are inviting you to apply for high-paying jobs for data entry. You should never allow yourself to get taken in by these shenanigans. Some were even told to post ads all over the Internet and that .

click the link below to learn HOW you will begin compounding your capital towards your first Million Dollars at the Easy Corporate Money Program.140 they would only be paid if their ads generate any business for the company. installing. http://www. I am making more money now than in my old business and you can too: read the amazing. I was smiling from ear to ear and you will too. Jobs asking for sign up fees and claiming to pay hundreds of dollars per hour are some of the most obvious scams. If you need money now.com Jobs in Roofing . That certainly doesn't sound like a legitimate data entry job. try what I did.Career Advice For Roofers A "roofer" is a general term applied to many of the jobs in roofing.incomeforfreedom. like I mean in the next hour. many scam websites appear very legitimate when in fact they are not. How do you know that someone offering jobs for information handling is a scammer? After all. When I joined I was skeptical for just ten seconds before I realized what this was. true story of Martin Thomas in the link below. But I'm referring to the workers who are actually tearing off. Imagine doubling your money every week with no or little risk! To discover a verified list of Million Dollar Corporations offering you their products at 75% commission to you. and they don't pay exorbitant amounts for simple jobs either. The easiest way of identifying a scam is to look into requests for payment combined with unrealistic promises. Legitimate companies don't charge you anything to review your application. repairing .

if you're in a state that gets a lot of snow. We can roof year-around and winters are the best time to be on the roof. Here are some of your options. That way. Some companies specialize in just one type of roofing system. Companies that do a lot of new construction often find themselves in a "feast or famine" situation. When there are lots of new homes and other buildings going up. there is a lot of work. regardless of economic conditions. Now THAT is impressive! . Statistically it is even more dangerous than being a police officer or firefighter. Those who survive jobs in roofing for a few years often make a career out of it. you will have ten years experience. after ten years on the roof. Many guys try it out and quickly find they want no part of this work. rather than by hourly. But those jobs in roofing dry up quickly when the economy slows down. Strive to be fast AND good. if you want to specialize in a particular type. become the best roofer in town in that system. dirty job that is in the top ten list of most dangerous occupations. Another factor for roofers to consider is the kind of work that a company does. There are many days when I am overwhelmed with the shear ecstasy of working outside in the warm sun and cool breeze. But at the start of your career I recommend working for a company that offers a variety of systems. You will learn the pros and cons of different types of roofing. if you can arrange your schedule to be off the roof during the heat of the day. you may find that jobs in roofing all but disappear in the winter. Roofing is a tough. It's extremely rewarding to tear off an old leaky roof.. fix all the rotted wood and install a goodlooking roof system that will provide decades of shelter. instead of one year of experience -. Compare that to where I live in South Florida. The snow and ice makes for miserable and treacherous working conditions.ten times. Even the sweltering summers are tolerable. After that. Once you learn the basic skills and principles. Roofers who work for companies that do mostly repairs and reroofing are more likely to have steady work. Just keep your focus on quality over quantity and you will still have work when the "speed demons" are running around looking for a job. this is a job that you can take just about anywhere.141 and/or maintaining various roof systems. making it difficult to work with. Even companies that are cross-town rivals can vary greatly. The highest compensation for roofers is usually through piecework arrangements. First off. But there is something about it that gets in your blood. Those guys are a dime a dozen and I don't have much use for them.. But there is a big difference in compensation and working conditions from one part of the country to another. And the material freezes. That's how many of us in the trade got started.

roofingsecrets. States like Florida have made a felony out of contracting without a license and can assess heavy fines. And if advancement opportunities don't pan out. whether it's your job or your business. For details. Since the wage scale is so low where they come from. Talk to the old-timers. This is one article in a series about jobs in roofing. go to: http://www. When that happens. paying cash under the table and saving even more. There are licensing and tax implications that you need to be aware of. they readily work for wages that are half what they should be. the customer or a building inspector. Being a roofer is one of the jobs in roofing that is greatly affected by immigration. check out "Roofing Secrets: How to Avoid Leaks and Save thousands of Dollars!" by John C Bishop. Most are happy to share their wisdom with you if you just show them a little courtesy and respect. file tax liens on your property and garnish your wages. It's helpful to keep a notebook of what you learn. You're better off staying on the legal side of the law.com . That situation can make it pretty tough on a young roofer trying to earn a decent living legitimately. To shave a couple decades off your learning curve. Many shady roofing companies are happy to hire them.142 You should be your own toughest critic. A huge percentage of roofers are either legal or illegal immigrants. My best advice is to learn your lessons quickly and be prepared for higher paying jobs in roofing. It is full of tricks-ofthe-trade that will make the job easier and help you avoid big mistakes. Don't put yourself in the embarrassing position of having your work rejected by your boss. You may get by for a while. but eventually the long arm of the government will catch up with you. Also. the IRS can shut you down. be aware that being paid by piecework doesn't automatically qualify you as an independent contractor. you can always start your own company.

you will get the attention that you need for that much desired promotion.one that invokes passion. If there's a party sponsored by your boss. you'll get a hold of most opportunities before others. Enhance your Image Always remember that whatever you do affects how others perceive you. Build a positive image . attend it and be active in joining games and other activities. grab the opportunity and show your manager that you are open to changes. challenges and that you are a potential future leader. If you want to be taken seriously in the office. turn to these simple tips to get noticed and boost your career. If your boss asks you to work on a Saturday. by all means. You should also interact more often with managers since they are the ones who usually make the big decisions in the company. By building a good network. by all means. Networking is Key Spend time with the right people and before you know it. Invest in Your Education Even while you're working. take that as a challenge and step towards your goal of getting ahead in the corporate world. Take initiative and don't wait for your superior's instructions before acting on a task. By being active in other events such as corporate basketball games. By being proactive at work. Sacrifice and Be Open to New Challenges Always take initiative to put in time and the necessary effort if you want to get promoted. you'll be right on top next to them.143 How to Climb the Corporate Ladder But why leave your fate in the hands of destiny when you can push your luck and control your future? If you prefer to move up the ranks and build stability in your present job. you can explore many educational opportunities that will help you gain new knowledge and skills necessary for that . you don't want to be acting like a clown every lunch break. you can let your superiors know of your other positive qualities such as your organizational and leadership skills. If there are new roles to take and some new skills to master. rigor and a sense of dedication to your job. Your hard work will be rewarded and all those long hours will bear fruit in the future.

In the end. and so . you will not get your promotion on a silver platter. The difference is how we apply this common sense . luck only comes to those who are willing to take the cudgels for themselves. Help yourself by helping others recognize your talents.144 promotion you desire. whether it's just a weeklong seminar on stress management or a two-year business administration program. please visit Monster Guide <http://monsterguide. attendance. but a lot of it is common sense. For more on How to climb the corporate ladder <http://monsterguide.basically it comes down to your attitude. Some companies have designed programs dedicated to improve the skill level of their employees. Be confident in explaining on how the company will grow even bigger given your present skills. Ask your human resources department if they have such corporate scholarship offerings. show him or her what you've got. inter personal relationships.we all have the ability to keep going even when we face challenges in our lives .net> . Be Confident Express your willingness to take on a new challenge.net/How-To-Climb-Corporate-Ladder> and other howto do stuff.Wisdom is the sharing of wise experiences and knowledge. Don't shy away from learning. Don't wait for your fortunes to turn around. Step it up a notch and if your manager interviews you. Most of the time. Learn to ask for something you truly deserve. Want to Get Noticed? Become the Office Events Coordinator Odds are pretty good that all of the candidates will have good records when it comes to production.

but the position will pay dividends. staff barbecues. year end parties. A good office events coordinator will be able to place themselves in favor not only with management. One of the most obvious is the position of office events coordinator. but it is important that you don't neglect your other duties. the foundation on which your eligibility for advancement will be determined. After all. Here's how. identify the right roles for the right people. that is what the regular manager is there for. Make sure that you understand the responsibility you are taking on when you volunteer to coordinate office events. and so on. It is hard to resent the promotion of a person who has remembered birthdays every year and who puts on such memorable Christmas events. ? You will gain the support of other employees. Most of the time an employee won't have much chance to show their leadership capacity in an office situation. Remember Your Other Roles Volunteering for a position such as office events coordinator will certainly be a feather in your cap when it comes time for promotion.145 on (people looking to get ahead know they are almost from the moment they are hired). Volunteering for events coordinator will show that you can put a team together. The person in this role has a lot of responsibility. and will come up whenever advancement is in the offing. Office events coordinators are the people in charge of various gatherings with the entire group working in the office. and pull off an event with style. the job will take a certain amount of time and that time should not cut into your actual job. These will probably include big events such as Christmas parties. summer parties. All of these features will demonstrate that you have what it takes to lead people in a business environment. after all. but with fellow employees as well. ? It will show you can take charge. but in areas that take place within the work environment but are actually volunteer. What this means is that the individual committed to advancement has to be ready to put in extra time not just with work. Politics is always a part of any work place. . They are.

146 There's no point in gaining extra credit if you aren't making the grades! Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal. It is possible to tell simply from the job application process whether you are going to have a hard time with a manager within the company. we will talk about some strategies in avoiding and dealing with a monster manager. Use Extreme Caution . The Monster Manager In this article. they are also defensive and aggressive at the same time. their body language. If it is possible for you financially. A company with a high turnover rate is indicative of poor management. Make sure to pay attention to the questions that they ask.org ) offers online six sigma training and certification classes for lean six sigma. Poor managers tend to be more interested in what they have to say than what you have to say during the interview.Six Sigma Online ( http://www. During the interview.sixsigmaonline. you should be at the very least in the room with the person who will immediately oversee your new position. black belts. green belts. turn this type of interviewer down. and yellow belts. Aveta Solutions . Avoid Them Altogether! The best way to deal with a monster manager is to avoid working with one altogether. and what they are saying.

. and yellow belts.Six Sigma Online ( http://www. This is the worst thing you do. he or she will probably just get rid of you. ? Do not directly confront the manager. she will take defensive action and make things even worse for you at the work place.sixsigmaonline. it is very important to deal with the situation with extreme caution. Most of the time. but sooner or later there will be enough complaints that corporate will have to do something. ? Protect yourself and your ideas. black belts.org ) offers online six sigma training and certification classes for lean six sigma. you may find that it is time to find yourself another job. Make sure you have adequate records that document any tasks you have accomplished or any ideas you have proposed in a meeting. A monster manager who finds out you are on the job hunt won't try and find out why and address the issues. Aveta Solutions . company management will be aware of problem managers. Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal. If a monster manager senses that he or she is not in favor in the ranks. Don't let your frustration show in any way. Again. just be patient. Your day to day job may be miserable. Here are a couple of pointers. Until then. ? Be patient. they just don't know what to do with them. this is a situation that you want to approach with a lot of caution. Of course if worse comes to worse. green belts. This evidence will back you up when it is time to make your move.147 If you take a job and then find out you are under a monster manager.

you may just discover that life has handed you a rare opportunity to take a chance you never expected. When I started out. . If you have a family depending on your income to meet the mortgage. It's affordable even on unemployment. Some want the challenge and adventure that goes with forging their own way in the world. where I'm licensed.148 Bad Economies Offer Good Opportunities to Try Self-Employment Running a small business is a lot of work. I paid less than $35 to apply for my license and doing-business-as (DBA) names. I concur with those who would caution that running a small business is not for everyone. it's not for a lot of people. or to have the flexibility to work around a spouse's schedule. Some people opt for self-employment to be home with kids. I wanted to live near my family in the small town in Central Washington where I grew up. I used the computer I already owned. and adding marketing. As the daughter of an apple farmer and a small business owner. Some want to bring in a little "extra money" for the family to offset the expenses of inflation or tennis lessons for the kids.and you have small business. customer service. In most states. But if you've been laid off. My blog was free and my Web site cost less than $200 a year for the domain name and hosting. Some prefer to answer to themselves. and especially if you have a severance package and unemployment benefits.some of them personal -. along with a desk from a garage sale and a lamp I bought on clearance. accounting (everything from inventory to taxes). or aging parents. In Washington State. With hundreds of thousands of layoffs announced each month. Over half the people laid off would have new jobs. Oddly enough. and became successful enough to grow their enterprises enough to employ two additional people.some of them not. in fact. City life would have been more conducive to finding a job that paid what I made in Los Angeles. but I opted for quality of life over quantity of pay. the cost ratio of metropolitan living means I actually have more discretionary income here than I did there. applying for a business license is relatively inexpensive. and supervisory skills to it -. imagine if just 20% of those people went into business. People go into business for all kinds of reasons -. Imagine taking any business based on a skill set or talent you excel at. Like many people who originally go into business. But there are also a lot of people out there who are simply not entrepreneurs simply because they haven't had an opportunity. I had personal reasons. you may not have the opportunity to quit your job and try your hand at selfemployment.

My mother's favorite cliché when I was growing up used to be. some work. Finessing Those Oh-So Embarrassing Moments . Debra is the author of Real Life 101.149 But for those with the gifts and the skills to make it in business -. financial software. The reality is that many small businesses will fail. and Creating Job Security Resource Guide. If you're thinking about starting your own business. and a few tips from the Small Business Administration.because the truth is that you will work harder for yourself than you'll ever work for anyone else -. some time. Half will energize and revitalize communities from California to Maine. and you have the time and the severance or unemployment benefits to fall back on. Half will spend advertising dollars.S." Imagine growing your business from a seed. a computer.-based author and journalist with experience in technology. Murrow School of Communications. "Poverty is the mother of invention. could there be a better time to launch a dream? Credit is tight right now. Conn.a down economy can offer the perfect scenario to give that incredible dream a shot. some water. Creating Job Security: The 2009 All-In-One Workbook. but there are a lot of small business opportunities that can be launched with the tools. an idea. But if half of the new businesses inspired by laid off workers looking to try something new were to fail. She holds a BA in Broadcast Journalism from Washington State University's Edward R.or whatever else you have that you can use to get started. She has held senior writing positions in the financial industry at firms including SunGard and Washington Mutual Bank. an oven. that still means half will succeed. Add some dirt. equipment and skills you already have. published by The Graduate Group in West Hartford. a lawnmower -.Part 1 . You might be pleasantly surprised what grows. Half will bring additional revenue and additional jobs into the economy. Debra Yergen is a U. health care and travel. Half will need vendors and suppliers.

innovations. As a subscriber to the "Social Effectiveness Gur's Tips" e-zine. Marsha tried to smile. apologizing repeatedly. Liz was beside herself. However. and raced for the restroom. What was she going to do? There was no time to go back to her apartment in Albuquerque. Knowing time would be short. And a blouse-less. At the Village Inn. As a result. anything. she also knew that a seeming weakness in one area of her presentation could be countered by a seeming strength in another. wet blouse front. . 528. Suddenly.m. Finally Liz whacked the bottom. talked. Marsha and her friends sat in a booth across from the pastry counter. across from Intel. plunging jacket neckline was not going to earn her the kind of points she wanted. The red condiment resisted Liz's gentle urgings. asking if she could do something . Having majored in computer science. she felt prepared. so getting an interview with them so quickly really excited her. tried to put some ketchup on her fries. She had also read Wendy Gelberg's book. she could not cancel this important and hard-earned interview. and place in the industry. had researched the company to know all she could about their philosophy. Marsha had dressed for her interview first thing that morning. squeezed out of the booth. she was finishing her senior year at University of New Mexico with an eye on employment at Intel.. A horrified gasp rose from the group.150 An interview at Intel? Marsha was beside herself with eagerness and anxiety. as a precaution. on the west side of Albuquerque. Marsha knew that in any first meeting she would be judged by many things. the ketchup exploded from the bottle in a sputtering blob. excused herself. she felt confident she could put her best foot forward in presenting and promoting herself. "The Successful Introvert: How to Enhance Your Job Search and Advance Your Career" to ready herself with intelligent answers to typical interview questions. On the other hand. Class ended at 11 a. Anxiety punched her in the gut and wrapped its tightening fingers around her throat. They were having a good time until Liz. Marsha's best friend. made eye contact. She was wearing what she hoped would be her navy blue good luck "power" suit. Her friends ordered burgers and fries. Her appointment was for 1:30 p. so she had time to have a quick lunch with friends and still comfortably get to the Rio Rancho installation on Rt. product line. she ordered a salad instead. Marsha removed her jacket and carefully placed several napkins on her lap to keep herself spot-free. and appeared in general. but.m.. None of her girlfriends had on anything which could substitute appropriately for the blouse. She would be judged by how she moved. Marsha's white blouse was strafed by a bloody-looking shotgun pattern. Intel was one of the largest industries and employers in the Albuquerque area. Soap and water and scrubbing with a paper towel still left obvious pink dots on her now-clingy.

for example. seminar presenters. She replaces communication anxiety with confidence and competence and emphasizes the need for professionals to be a valued and accessible educational resource for prospects and clients alike. On her drive around Intel's parking lot looking for a parking space. What you say to yourself can have a tremendous impact on how you present yourself. Dr.151 Her less than ideal appearance theoretically could be successfully countered by how she handled the stained blouse in the interview. without selling. and small businesses.D. strongly influences your behavior so you're in a better position to ace the interview. and relationships. she has worked internationally with CEOs. FBI agents. physicians and other health-care providers. teaches professionals who are marketing reluctant how to create profitable visibility and credibility confidently with integrity . computer programmers. writers. Marsha knew she had two choices.. and show that your experience and talents match their requirement. Dayhoff. less like a confident and competent candidate if she let herself focus on the stain. She could show embarrassment or anger and make a big deal out of the stain. Or she could casually make reference to it then dismiss it as inconsequential in order to talk about important interview topics. Signe is a social psychologist and soft-sell marketing coach who has specialized for the last 25 years in boosting interpersonal skills. TV producers.. Subscribe to her free monthly Get Your Ideal Clients Tips selfpromotion ezne and claim your complimentary Marketing Self-Assessment at http://www. attorneys. Signe A.ConfidentSelfPromotion. promote yourself. Consider it to contain positive affirmations. with heart pounding she started to give herself an internal pep talk. They need to be concrete and specific so your mind cannot simply reject them. liking. but affirmations that are securely anchored in your own experience. Your thoughts determine your emotion which. She enhances promotion effectiveness through a relationship-based method called the "VODKAA Process. Knowing she would look anxious or immature. CPAs. Author of five books and over 150 published articles. in turn. rapport. client trust. Having a pep talk with yourself is imperative.com . Ph.." Dr.

And for every three of the "decent" women who had earned a job promotion. most definitively. It's not worth it! So. flirtatious behavior at work brings negative results. and how can we women get ahead? . what's going on at work.152 How Far Will You Go to Promote Your Career? What do you think? Is it worth flirting at work as a means of advancing your career? Is it worth wearing a low-cut blouse and push-up bra when meeting with clients? Is it worth sending provocative e-mails to colleagues at the office? Is it worth giving your boss a back massage at work if it looks like he could use one? Is it worth crossing your legs in such sexy fashion that even Sharon Stone could learn a thing or two? (Let's ignore. and 49% said they flirted occasionally.) Is it worth doing any of these things to move upward in your career? The answer. In other words. only two of the flirtatious women had done the same. for now. The subjects were university-educated women ranging in age from twenty. USA Today published the results of research on women's flirtatious behavior in the workplace.to sixty-something (the average being the early 40s). the question of whether or not you're married. is NO. The researchers also noted that the salaries of the "decent" women were higher than those of the flirtatious women. 51% of the women reported never having flirted at work.

"Yes.now that's the healthy way to self-esteem. There is nothing wrong with responding to a colleague's compliment by saying. we attract a reality of worry. Any other type of advancement is not a function of modesty! If we want to attract the reality we desire into our lives. or we attribute our success to luck. others will recognize and appreciate our achievements. He's simply letting people know the facts so that they can rely on him. get the promotion. really" or "Well. and balance. we won't let anyone else know. We (again. But at our place of work. in turn. We women. it was nothing.." Practice doing so until you feel comfortable .. To stand up for ourselves and draw attention to our accomplishments in a man's working world. If we're praised for some excellent work we've done. and sharing our pride with others. and guilt pangs. for better or for worse. being modest and downplaying our talents gives a different impression . to question how capable we really are. "Oh. we must make frequent use of the word "I" and avoid relying on the word "We. When we chalk up our achievements to luck. someone else will surely be there to take the credit and.no longer ego-centric or arrogant. We. or to someone's help. Even if we're extremely proud of ourselves. If we don't link our name to our successes. We're wary of appearing arrogant or self-centered and afraid we'll lose the support of other women. According to the Law of Attraction. the things that we think about are the things we attract into our lives." and then adding.that we're not very efficient. Achieving advancement based on positive results .153 What's happening is very simple. we tend to say. have particular patterns of thought and behavior that prevent us from attracting into our lives the reality we desire . I'm quite proud of that myself. I got a lot of help. as opposed to men) prefer to think that if we work hard. Instead. underestimate our own achievements. unlike men. as women. he isn't necessarily putting others down. quiet." There is nothing wrong with standing out from the crowd. It will be strange at first but you'll soon be doing .one of peace. it's good to keep mind that when a man promotes himself. "I could never have done it without the help of. quite logically. at work as well. we lead our boss to believe just that and. In the working world. taking credit for our achievements. the same decision-makers with control over job promotions needs our help in selecting the most suitable people to promote. Isn't it time we made some changes? We must remember that being modest and self-effacing at work is a way to get ahead without having to belittle any of our co-workers." We do this in order to maintain a sense of cooperation and partnership with our colleagues. tension.

Job insecurity. the employee mentality causes many to give up very easily. how to THINK.154 it very naturally. Others are very persistent. corporate downsizing. propose recommendations for change. and fill their offices with impressive diplomas. awards. So. I said I did it. ACT & ATTRACT what you really want from life!". certificates. I present women with six very simple and effective codes for applying the Law of Attraction in their lives. However. and photographs. and I didn't flirt in the process. And now you can add: I did it. . Remember: If you did it but didn't let anyone know you did it. it's as if you didn't do it at all. women and men submit progress reports to their supervisors.Author Orly Katz Home Based Business and Employee Mentality Spells Failure More people than ever are investigating the possibility of starting a home based business. send them copies of positive feedback from clients and colleagues. To promote themselves in the right way. how can I trumpet my achievements without going overboard? In my book-. © Orly Katz all rights reserved 2008 "Women. or a job they just plain hate are strong motivators for many of us. make connections with others over lunch and on other occasions. yet the employee mentality causes them much frustration and leads to little success. Decode the Law of Attraction: Crack the 6 codes.

not jump into business". the whole attitude of wanting someone else to give us commands and make all the decisions while we do the physical work is nothing more than a traditional JOB. "Just tell me what to do and I will do it!". I applaud you for wanting to be a home based business owner and leaving the employee mentality behind. only. because we have invested money into this business. go into business by starting to develop the necessary skills to be your best. Why do I call this the employee mentality? Because. it is worse than a job. Tim Tippett is a home based business owner. Bringing value to the marketplace is what demands high profit. then the parent company could hire people for $10 per hour and would not need business owners like us. and have more time for family and friends is to bring to the marketplace highly sought after skills that others are not willing to learn. and marketing skills are some of the areas of study that allow us to offer high value to a company that can not purchase these skills for a cheap price. If a home based business was that simple. retire comfortably. Communication skills. work less. If you would like to learn how to start a home based business. Actually. This is the employee mentality that will cause a new business owner to struggle and eventually fail. Now. "You want to go into business. When we go the extra mile. Would you pay a lot for unskilled labor? An unskilled business owner will not demand much pay either. I hear people say. The only way we can make more money. . having a lot of enthusiasm but offering no more value to the marketplace than the next guy. then go now to http://networkmarketingstudent.com to start building you (you are your business). What kind of mentality do I need to succeed? The only. technical skills. Most beginners jump into business. we leave most behind and therefore rise to the top. A gentleman once told me. computer skills.155 Often. only way to make money with a home based business is to develop genuine business skills. not just purchase a business opportunity that takes you no where.

As the chaos unfolds you will find that some of your colleagues in this network will likely be victims of the downsizing. Keep your poise and professionalism. Continue to work to the best of your ability in an ever changing climate. is remain calm and focused. Change in an organization often brings about chaos. employees are often the last to know. "Why is that happening?" The answer to this question will reveal a lot about what is likely going on underneath the surface. First. being done by your superiors and their superiors. During times of change companies will often provide official statements and announcements. these words all point to on single uncomfortable initiative. listen to what is not being said. reinforce that network by staying in touch with them throughout the chaos. More importantly look at the actions. Cutting back. If you already have a strong network of colleagues within your company. Solidifying your network will keep you abreast of all relevant opportunities..What to Consider in Times of Company Chaos Downsizing. Second. Third.. Streamlining. remain calm. During this time. it is also one that provides opportunity as these same colleagues will likely move on to other jobs in the industry with potentially better situations than you are currently in. . In times of chaos your career comfort zone will likely disappear. not words. All of these words strike fear in the heart of every employee. elevation of responsibilities or other functional change. If you are comfortable and successful in your current job. These are important to listen to. You may be thrust into an unfamiliar role either through a different discipline. While this may be a tragic event at first. In these dynamic and seemingly chaotic times there are some key considerations that may help you survive and actually succeed in a chaotic environment. Plans at the highest levels of the organization have already been laid out and there is likely very little if anything that you can do to change them. your emotions and more importantly your anxiety will run very high. network for the future. What you can do though. change. Look for patterns and themes in their actions and always ask yourself. In times of change and chaos.156 Career Advice . These actions will tell you a whole lot more than any written statement. This is natural for everyone when we leave the familiar for the unfamiliar. You will be surprised at how your perspective will change as you notice others clamoring in despair.

Career Advice . your resume has made enough of an impression that they want to meet you in person.ascendsq. Torres is a business strategist and entrepreneur who provides career-life strategy development and guidance through his company Ascend SQ.Beyond Your Resume. listening intently and networking for the future. think strategically about your future employer. About Ascend SQ. in the hopes that your resume will jump out from the crowd. However with the right considerations. you can survive and advance by remaining calm. LLC: Author A. During the interview you are likely to be asked the question "What do you know about our company?" Most of the time people will respond with statistical information . The resume is then given to friends and family for their opinion. There are three things you can do to excite your future employer during the interview process. Hours and hours are spent in editing and revision time. What's Exciting About You? Don't let your resume be the most exciting factor when you interview with a potential employer. To sample one of the company's free workshops or learn more about them please go to go to http://www. First. If you are called for an interview. LLC.com or call 1-877-2938859.L. There are literally millions of resources on the internet when you search for help on writing a resume. Your success in that initial meeting can largely be managed by good preparation and research. All of this.157 Chaotic times in a company are generally not a positive experience.

Your potential employer creates that vision from their own biases and experiences. Simply offer a perspective on how you have handled it in the past. This will allow your employer to envision you working at their company already. People. qualifications and credentials you put down on your resume. intonation. Second. brand yourself to their culture and demonstrate your breadth of knowledge. LLC. who their top competitors are. As your interview goes along. Do your research on a strategic level. Torres is a business strategist and entrepreneur who provides career-life strategy development. number of employees. you can offer up your experience as different way to approach the matter. industry. One of the best ways of generating excitement in this situation is to answer the question strategically.com or call 1877-293-8859. This research will give you a hint as to how you should dress. press releases and forums that discuss your future employer. The best way to get this information is to simply do an internet search and read articles. They are much more impressed if you can intelligently talk about and demonstrate those skills under pressure in an interview. The research that you completed in studying your future employer should give a relatively good feel for how to brand yourself. brand yourself. All of this data is relevant and unfortunately is rehashed in every interview. LLC: Author A. Employers are impressed with the skills. Instead of providing them with a data dump of what they already know. Your resume is a critical part of getting your employers attention and motivating them to call you in for an interview. Be careful not to say that yours is "better" as that may come across as arrogant. Every word you say. marketing and guidance through his company Ascend SQ. If you are discussing a certain operational process they currently find challenging. identify with brands. showcase your breadth of knowledge. products and key managers. To sample one of the company's free workshops or learn more about them please go to go to http://www. About Ascend SQ.ascendsq. You can manage that situation by branding yourself consistently to the culture of the company. pace and emotion displayed creates a vision of what and who you are. hot topics to avoid. Third. even future employers.L.158 such as location. services. like employee motivation for example. . remember three things: strategically analyze your potential employer. how to speak. take the opportunity to offer them "nuggets of gold" from your breadth of knowledge. Understand if they are currently the market leader in their industry. how to display confidence. To get them really excited about who you are. what their vision is and what major obstacles are in the way.

The good news is that most educators are sharp. or be suspended from school in our offices. There are a few. I am confident that most will agree. nurture and guide people from child to adulthood. Put your humor hat on for some of these. In some way we have made an indelible mark on every human being on earth. Kids enjoy us. Significance . we have the responsibility to help make responsible citizens for the perpetuity of our democracy and way of life.159 Teaching . education exists to guide children through the maturation process of becoming a responsible. if you are an educator you know the real deal. but mostly we don't come into this profession for the tangible benefits. professional and sometimes very hip. However. besides the fact that we love what we do. This is a rewarding experience. 10. At some point we will see how our investment matures as our students graduate from elementary. but none spend as much time with their client base as does teachers. we do it because it is an awesome career. This is my attempt to list them in order of priority. 9. Actually. Here is my Top Ten List. Our career is significant. unlike many careers that exists as a means for entertainment or greed. Think about it. middle and high school. . or job offers the unique ability to influence. Every teacher in every country has the same responsibility.What we do as educators is simple-we change the world. many times teachers get a bad rap. independent thinking and compassionate human being. most teachers realize that teaching has some great benefits. They have had to listen to our lectures. run in our gyms. Typically it is always that one bad teacher(s) in our profession that make us all look bad-every profession has this problem. we do it because Teaching is the Greatest Career on the Planet. So. Further.What career. and many parents support our efforts-it's always the minority that make our jobs tougher. dissect an animal or insect in lab.. there are a few great benefits.Top Ten Benefits Let's face it folks. most every adult in society has had to pass through our classrooms or hallways. and then move on to college and a meaningful career. Rewarding . At the end of the day.. Teaching.

. I will call President Obama to speak with him about this. That seven year thing wouldn't work well with us. etc.could happen. Public Education tenure is vastly different from the tenure of a college professor. Major discounts at stores would be nice for one day. Tenure . as to a professor. each benefit is always a little different than what other systems or countries offer. usually every 7th year. Life Long Relationships . There are other benefits too.. free graduate education. What career offers the ability to be so relational? We work with kids from age 4 to age 18..160 8. 4. demands. performance bonuses. or at least support . where the demand is even greater. 5. some people really think we get vacations.. etc. right! 3. other times much worse. This leads me to lucky number seven. more than any college professor. Here is a list of a few things.. but most unions or state legislation require adequate teacher retirement funds. but a lot of people seem to fight for it. 2. for rest. sometimes better. challenges and triumphs add to the complexity and amazing responsibilities of school teachers. Contrary to popular myth.Fellow educators.discounts at stores and restaurants. I do know that its intended purpose is to make sure teachers have due process when confronted with discipline or termination. and some of them come back to thank us for our investment in them. The time we get is needed. especially for those working in under-resourced communities. Webster dictionary defines a sabbatical as a leave from work. teachers can order a special license plate for their car that tells the world that they are educators. teaching is it. free professional development. Teacher Appreciation Day . We make friends and sometimes family among our students. License Plates .Of course.Great teachers develop friends and admirers as they teach and lead. I will find out when I retire. It started somewhere around 1953 during the Roosevelt administration. I will request that this be added to the stimulus package. per se. Annual Sabbaticals . a paid leave of absence granted. I know. Not sure. Besides we typically work during these times anyway. The joys. teachers don't get vacations. Uniqueness .. especially public school teachers. study. educators experience very intense school years.Not sure what this means anymore. we do have an actual day that is recognized by the American Government. I like to think of our time away as sabbaticals. compensation-better in some areas/countries than others.In most states.It works different in each state. I guarantee there is no other career like ours. Nonetheless. 7. This is an awesome tribute to what we stand for and what we do. Just wish every community took it more seriously. it is a needed benefit for our teachers.. Brilliant! 6.There is no other profession in the world like teaching.vacation. Honestly. Teachers Retirement Funds and other Benefits. If you want to be a part of something unique and rewarding.. prestige/honor. what exactly does "adequate" really mean. The idea of retirement in other countries is vastly different.

. Join the Movement-The Teachers Movement! Graysen Dr.. continue the list.. and works diligently to provide resources for both teachers and students to enable them to achieve success.. being my age and the collapse of our economy I could not find a job. and I am staying until I get one. sometimes anyone can get them. I became a teacher to get an apple. Apples . Isn't that cool? Ok.com I Survived a Layoff and So Can You! Hi. and we must do everything possible to provide the necessary support to them all ." http://theteachersmovement.Who really get's these things anyway? I've never had a student give me an apple. He has a passion for teachers. Get the darn plate. but hey they make them because of us. "Teaching is the greatest career on the planet. Don't send me any apples! Give me more reasons. speaker and life-long educator.. I got laid off over a year ago because of downsizing in the Printing Industry and I am 55 years old! With my experience the past 20 years in this industry where they are not hiring people.161 education. 1.. Graysen Walles is an author.from one of my students of course.globally. ok.

Portland is located within one hour of the ocean and one hour east to the mountains for a great variety of scenic places very close. Michael Watt Certified Marketing Consultant http://www. And this is what a person like me brings to the table: a strong leader that will mentor you. it does rain here quite a bit. training courses. seminars etc and I must say most was not spent wisely. e-books. For the first year after my company layoffs I really struggled learning by trial & error. Yes. Also. If you follow your mentors foot steps and treat this as a business not a hobby you will become successful.162 I now make my living online and live in Portland. but I always come back because of how green everything is and Oregon has less population than most other areas where I would choose to live. Only allow serious entrepreneurs and professional to join your business.com How to Work in a Team in Your Development DBA Job . The reason why I struggled and loss money was because my primary business was not as good as I thought. To survive a layoff starting a home business like I have done can be a very good option. training and a mentor that you can follow in their foot steps to shorten your learning curve and start making money in your first 30-90 days. Find a good company.OnlineMarketingProfitSystem. a great training system to learn how to market and brand yourself on the internet. I had no training and no one to mentor me. Oregon where I coach my team of marketing consultants. and a primary business with great products to sell with high commissions. These 3 things are a must if you are going to make it when starting an online home business.

Perhaps there's a world inside there having a party right now! That's the kind of thing a child would conjure up in his mind upon looking at something as simple as a cocoon. you'll be looking at a product that might go through a complete metamorphosis before reaching completion. But give it a few weeks and suddenly we see what it transforms into. Development DBA jobs are meant to explain the ground-level fundamentals of DBA jobs. unless you have the imagination of a child. This could be a fun aspect or a tiring aspect of the job description. there's a lot of room for creativity with development jobs. The same goes for the relationships you develop with your fellow team members. . However. This is what development a database is like. you must learn to work with them to come up with the final product. someday. They think they know everything and you might get into some heated arguments that truly expose their egos. for the rest of us. The DBA manager will most likely show you around and acquaint you with all the DBA forms and the DBA database you'll be working with. is you have to work with a team of nerdy mathematicians. How else will a marriage work for you? You can't simply dominate your spousethere's give and take and there's collaboration and synergy that needs to be the result of it. and then you work on developing it into something beautiful! One of the challenges of DBA development jobs. In that case. You start with something so simple or so complex that it appears to be simple. We might think it's the remains of a dead insect. However. However. it puts a huge burden on your shoulders and you find that you have to practically babysit the others in the team and convince them to spit out their ideas even if they're all trivial and meaningless in the end. you might want to look into taking collaboration classes so you can figure that one out for yourself. If you were to see a cocoon for the first time and didn't know that it would open up to release a beautiful butterfly. So when you're initially hired to the team. You'll need to learn how to work with others. we look at it and have no idea what will come of it. you'd never think of the idea. They'll introduce you to DBA software that's commonly used around the office. because the product has yet to be fully developed. or you might create a world of its own entirely inside the cocoon. You might think of all the monsters that would eat the cocoon. If you have a hard time working with others in general. It looks like it could be an exoskeleton that was shed by the caterpillar and left behind. We might think it's simply the sleeping back of hibernation for the caterpillar that created it. So before you sign up for a development DBA job. you might imagine all kinds of things that could spawn from a simple cocoon. Imagine a cocoon turning into a butterfly. It's not something that would naturally come to mind when seeing a cocoon. So you'll be joining the team that puts together the final product. When you know that you're smarter than everyone else in the room.163 Any job in the development stages can be confusing. you should look into taking some team work classes or collaboration projects.

Asia. The other option is knocking out your teammates and finishing the project while they're unconscious. pass the ball. We were all a bunch of arrogant artists who felt like we knew it all and didn't need the help of others. You need to actually walk on the field and start playing. and Europe. If you find that you enjoy the game and become competitive. you might actually learn how to work with others to accomplish your goal. such as development teams for databases. etc.aharrisonbarnes. It's all building blocks and each team member contributes a different block to the finished product. People who learned this in high school are often in a good position to work with teams in different environments. I don't really recommend this. employment services. These companies were literally started from Harrison's garage several years ago after Harrison quit his job. Video game sports don't count. especially if you have to work together as a team to beat another team. I remember taking a collaboration class. Harrison is an active philanthropist and advocate for people reaching their full potential in their careers. Harrison Barnes is the founder and CEO of EmploymentScape <http://www. It was very beneficial at the time and still serves its purpose today. These sorts of jobs merit all kinds of actions to produce a solid result in the end. Given his passion for job seekers and them reaching their full ability. recruiting firms and student loan companies. The more complicated they are. but you never know. He is a sought-after motivational speaker <http://www. It's been effective in times of dire need. So you simply had to knock out the ones causing all the problems. It never hurts to be prepared for all possible outcomes. Put them and the rest of your team out of their misery so the rest of you can get back to work and actually do something productive.com/speaking-coaching-andworkshop-fees/> and writes articles relating to the legal community. the more they'll need a good strong team to put them together. You might never be faced with this dilemma. you might want to consider returning to school for one or two more classes. . EmploymentScape (originally Juriscape) employs several hundred employees in 14 offices throughout the United States. but I've seen it done many times. So if you need help building your team working skills. They were unruly and nothing would ever come of it. Databases can be very simple or they can be very intricate and complicated. Run up and down the field. the parent company of more than 90 job-search websites. But the class forced us to work together and compete against other teams in the class. This forced us to learn how to build off of other people and create a synergistic result through true collaboration. California. There have been some teams that were simply unmanageable. This will help you learn what it means to be a team player. A. Harrison resides in Malibu.com/> . Harrison recently started offering a limited number of coaching engagements to job seekers.164 You can also look into playing an actual sport.employmentscape.

It is a bottom line. it's hard. professionally and personally. Does this resonate with you? Does their choice to control the uncontrollable cost of health care raise your blood pressure? Have you pledged to better self-awareness to manage your health? Are you a good role model for your team and is your leadership showing? One in three people in America are considered obese and this number continues to soar." Oh I know. Plus there is an impact for business if they continue to carry employees that choose not to take care of their health. So here is something you can control: lose weight if you need to and stop smoking. This translates for employers into healthcare premiums growing twice as fast as inflation to nearly double their cost at the beginning of the decade. Sixty-two percent of 135 executives responding to a PricewaterhouseCoopers survey in 2008 said unhealthy workers such as those who smoke or are obese should pay higher benefit costs. The goal with employers is to hold down costs without offending or pushing away employees. "But Marsha. . as a leader. leadership and self awareness will help. with your group. compared with 48% in 2005. But this is again something you can control. if companies control costs. The number one New Year's Resolution is to be healthier and lose Actually paying attention to your fitness and girth can help your business success. In addition. The fact is companies are choosing this route in an effort to cut healthcare costs and reduce the number of people having to be laid off. Did you know that some companies are penalizing people for being fat? Outrageous you might say. business decision and has nothing to do with fat acceptance or non-acceptance.165 The Skinny on Being Fat weight. Here's how personal responsibility. they won't have to lay off people like you.

Thomas Dunlap.000 yearly deductible that can be reduced to $1. the U. Arker. The health care experts believe it is premature to declare obesity a disease. and that by doing so. includes a $5. a national insurer. Because the majority of the fat-o-sphere will choose to use this as an excuse.If you are trying to deflabbify yourself. Fact: County workers in Benton County.S. however. The $2. It is understood that there are diseases that cause obesity and visa versa.. it will only make the situation worse.500-a-year deductible can be reduced to $500 if a worker meets low height/weight ratios during yearly on-site physicals. for a typical family. a similar plan. Some lawyers say. .Benefits. How would you fair if graded using these parameters? Fact: United Healthcare.D.and led to changes in the workplace. introduced a plan that.A diet is a cure for a disease that doesn't exist. and 24% more plan to do so in the coming years.Ten ways being fat costs money blog comment . an Indianapolis based healthcare system. or LDL cholesterol over 130. . going on another yo-yo diet. Bottom line: lose weight and stop smoking and save $4.000.A). employees' pay is docked if they fail to meet certain weight-to-height ratios. were offered. So the jury is still out on whether being overweight is a "disease" or not. Benton County's Human Resources Specialist . think about the TLC. The cutoffs: a body-mass index over 29. said the plan had witnessed a nearly 30 percent drop in claims . more than half of all employers use financial incentives to encourage employees to participate in one or more types of health improvement activities. Take it: You know you need to drop a few pounds but right now you have so much on your mind that you choose not to tackle your over active fork. blood pressure over 140/90.000 if an employee isn't obese and doesn't smoke. According to the 13th Annual National Business Group on Health/Watson Wyatt Employer Survey on Purchasing Value in Health Care.9. The decision is to tackle it from a life style change vs. Department of Labor released final clarifications on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. ruled that employers can use financial incentives in wellness programs to motivate workers to get healthy. You have a plan to tackle it in 30 days and mark it on your calendar. . and cholesterol and blood pressure levels or if they smoke.166 Fact: At Clarian Health. that weight-based compensation plans might run afoul of other employment laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (A. And by the way.

it is about taking personal responsibility for your choices. gender. etc. * I understand that being overweight is an unspoken issue in business. Change it: You pledge to yourself to make a life style change. Your thighs rubbing together and igniting on fire is no longer funny. You are in control of what goes in your mouth. It's not about dieting. Why? Employers may intentionally adjust overweight employees wages to account for healthcare costs.20 less per hour than non-obese workers. * I am not overlooked for my next position because of my girth. age.167 Leave it: You decide not to take any action and to reject the idea of losing weight. you need to change some habits and that is a good thing. You want to replace your six-pack with a six-pack. I save money because eating more costs more. Marsha Petrie Sue. Legal Management. Yes. Some of your affirmations can include: * * choices. * I enjoy the children in my life and am a better role model. * My productivity is improved because I will have more energy and better focus. Author of Toxic People: Decontaminate Difficult People at Work without Using Weapons or Duct Tape and The CEO of YOU: Leading Yourself to Success . which is be less often.Professional Speaker and Author Featured in the New York Times. Obesity doesn't carry the same protections as race. obese people with health coverage may already be punished on the job. * My insurance premiums are reduced because I am not in a high-risk group. I know this can chip away at my earning potential and efficiency. CSP .New York . Dieting is such a drag and you are always hungry.Translated into Russian. Look at Oprah. Investors Business Digest. Buying larger clothes isn't so bad anyway. so I choose to control it! According to a Stanford University study. She just continues to yo-yo and you don't want to fall into that trap. I make better * I feel better about myself and I know I look better.Decontaminator of Toxic People . When I eat fast food. WorkWise and more. Those surveyed were paid an average of $1. Bottom line: it costs them more so it will cost you more! So you have a choice to take personal responsibility for your success. Romanian and French by John Wiley . MBA. Business Journal. Who is going to notice or care. You make a flexible action list that will be your guide to feeling better and being healthier.

I've never met Captain Sullenberger. the article reports that the unemployment rate (3. This article is based upon my readings of his background and the experiences of Ret. 'in this recession. * In 2002.797.168 Booking information: 1. there are roughly 78 million Baby Boomers refusing to retire.8%) for workers with college degrees is at its highest level since 1992.MarshaPetrieSue.6700 View Demo: http://www.888. wasn't on the plane and have not conducted an interview. A Few Dire Facts Regarding the Present Employment Market * Bloomberg recently reported. a disclaimer.com/watch?v=fgPaiX7exm4 "Silence is Golden. not even an education can shield you from losing your job. in the next category are the Generation X workers (40 . * Mathematically speaking. This amounts to an unprecedented 78 million baby boomers participating in the workforce increasing the need for job growth.000) said they planned to keep working past 64." Website http://www.' Further. the US Administration on Aging found that workers nearing retirement age would prefer to delay retirement.Lessons Learned From Captain Sully Sullenberger First. * A more recent study by Korn/Ferry found that 44% of middle management workers (based upon a survey of 2.youtube. General Colin Powell.com Career Advice . Duct Tape is Silver.

the mature. He went out and realized his dream. your profession. Switch Gears When Necessary By the age of 38.000 foreigners have H1-B visas authorizing them to work in the USA.. If you want to be the best at whatever your heart desires. etc. nearly 500. they've already been there and done that. General Colin Powell? The Art of Re-Invention According to the leadership principles of Ret. * Finally. he didn't let up. Solid Training For Captain Sully. Captain Sully switched gears." Early Self Knowledge Captain Sullenberger 'Sully' earned his private pilot's license at the age of 14years. university professors. Re-Training . seek out skilled tutors. "nowadays. he didn't become complacent. Blackberries. As Eminem sings in 'Lose It' Look. if you had one shot. He took the time to evolve. the opportunity to obtain solid. We learn many ways and across various mediums: parents. hone his craft and expand his expertise which leads to the next point.169 million) bumping against the Gray Ceiling and the young working 'Turks' of Generation Y (69 million) eager to make a name for themselves in an era of home offices. MySpace. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo. teachers. thus perpetually reinventing one's job. do not miss your chance to blow. or one opportunity. The point is. become an avid reader. What does all of this have to do with Captain Sullenberger. He left the military and started a career as a civilian pilot for US Airways. to seize everything you ever wanted One moment Would you capture it or just let it slip? . While flying commercial airplanes. rigorous training in his field was through the Air Force. It is your life. Effective leaders create a climate where worth is determined by the willingness to learn new skills and grab new responsibilities. He knew what he wanted. You better never let it go You only get one shot.. If money is tight. Cover all of your bases.. General Colin Powell. Establish friendships with others of similar interests. don't be a slacker. Laid off foreign workers hoping to remain in the US place further strains on job availability. It is never too early to find your mission in life. and colleagues. collector of older mentors in the field. every one of our jobs is becoming obsolete. coaches and mentors with rock-hard reputations. salary levels and working conditions for everyone in the market. The proper response is to obsolete our activities before someone else does.. the hero pilot of the Hudson River and Ret. You know the ones. go out and find the best schools.

So. nationality or profession. do a self analysis. school and social psychology. poor management. safety and training standards and accident prevention.1 billion (year 2000 estimates) can be better at being you. This leads to boredom. more seasoned. Sometimes it is reflected in ineffectual leadership. Older workers joke that what used to take 6 hours to do as a novice can be done in 1 hour. new management techniques stale. She can be contacted at: tonya@ishareknowledge. popular stars in the organization come and go. If that job you're wanting hasn't materialized yet.you're expensive". Maybe the job for which you are destined is right before your eyes. Captain Sully embraced this global perspective and took a hands on role in improving maintenance. PhD. build upon what is known and re-energize oneself with the goal of mastering the unknown.170 As one becomes older. MA http://www.. Mead. Dr..com What If I Want a Raise But My Employer's Out of Money? "We could have gone with a more junior person. . Wisdom makes us admit that there is a lot to life that we don't know that may also impact our job.com is a consultant specializing in human behavior. On the other hand. you are unique and therefore the only person in the world like you. low product quality and dismal customer service. regardless of age. MBA. go ahead make your mark.ishareknowledge. No one else on this planet of 6. Be Your Own Person Finally. one may choose to harness the natural aging process. complacency and disinterest. routine tasks become monotonous.

too! An interesting example of time negotiation happened with a client of mine who wanted to earn $100.000 but only work 20 hours a week--the equivalent of a $100. she spent time finding out the specialty library's needs. Creativity is still possible. Consider this. taking into account that she would work only half time. Ask for your "raise" in terms of time. Funny thing is.000 job. Instead of turning down the interview. security. Once these clerks were trained.000 a year." and can provide real extra income to you. Net result? She found a way to be paid the full $50. tax assistance. performance bonuses. Two weeks is 4%. other transportation expenses. software training. because with the team of . Back in the 70s. it hasn't turned out that way. there was a debate about the "leisure society. and better access for users. It seems the best you can hope for is a cost-of-living adjustment. So time is a really valuable commodity. and --2) train the two clerks to do higher-level library work besides just clerical tasks. health club memberships. software upgrades. etc. She discovered that they needed total reorganization. and take the time off. extra days off around training events and conferences. the library would have 100 man-hours of skilled coverage instead of the 40 hours skilled plus 80 hours clerical that they had been using originally. The best two ways to sweeten the pot don't cost employers money out of their pockets: time and bonuses. why not ask for more vacation? One week more of vacation can mean a 2% raise. She noted that they needed more than 40-hour/week coverage and planned to handle that need by having a librarian there 40 hours and using $10/hour clerks for the balance of the time and some routine work. If you arrange it all correctly.171 Executives hear those phrases a lot nowadays. and they discourage people from thinking there's any way to increase their income at work. which is a COO-type role. you can still do the work you need to do. If you can't get a cash raise." and how we were going to cope with all the labor-saving devices that were coming down the line.000 a year as a big-city head librarian. but we work longer anyway--we're just expected to produce twice as much. She interviewed for a position that paid $50. there are ways you can get bigger compensation without having to push a salary increase through personnel. The highly vaunted 4-day work week really never came to pass. She proposed that she take on the project and --1) work only twenty hours a week on high-skill jobs. Those ways are easier for them to "swallow. We're more efficient now. The library was happy. Company Cars. too. yes.

com and local bookstores. too. Many people don't negotiate "comp time" for days they spend at conventions. Jack works with clients in two ways: First. It was stressful. Working with professional clients since 1981. Of course. but note this example: I worked with a client who was putting in 10-14 hour days on the job. they had better coverage all-in-all than even a full-time librarian could give them in a week. but no matter). to systematically manage their careers to achieve financial independence.salarynegotiations. Since he was putting in those days already. or more likely with comp time) you can increase your income dollars/per/hour. I coached him to go to his supervisors and propose a 4-day week of 10 hours each (knowing he'd put in 1112.000 people. trade shows.com.000 individuals. it's unlikely you can cut down to half-time for full pay. For salary or career coaching Jack can be reached at jkchapman@aol. for instant delivery. The hard copy version is available through Amazon. is known as "The Salary Coach. By paying attention to getting compensated for that time (either by money. Through Jack's efforts he has helped over over 200. and second. His e-book "Negotiating Your Salary: How to Make $1000 a Minute". They agreed! So he was able to take something he was doing already (long days) and negotiate a day off he never would otherwise have had.lucrativecareersinc. there's payment for unused vacation time. There's flextime. Jack has become a nationally known as a career adviser and speaker in the field of career development. late with customers.172 three. etc.com.com. . has conducted hundreds of seminars. is available through from his web-site: http://www. There are plenty of other ways to negotiate time." He has personally coached well over 2. to become more satisfied and better paid in their careers. but he felt he needed to be there to do the ongoing problem-solving. there are personal days. Jack has a nation-wide and international clientele. Jack Chapman. see Jack's site: http://www. including free offerings. For information about all of Jack's best-in-class career workshops and webinars.

well. Yes. recycled certificates of seminars and the like. there is inside you that cries "foul!".. authenticity is foreign to you. name all kinds of sleigh of hands. borrowed and/or bought school credentials. and such feeling of being watched closely by someone. you cannot be that successful. sometimes. still. No best laid-out plan is that perfect not to be exposed to the scrutinizing conscience of yours! Anyways. You might be thinking that somebody would find out the truth. just let yourself be absorbed by your achievement. And you know that you are just temporarily enjoying (?) your so-called glory for your days are numbered. he is dreaming of bagging an award! This is why. hocuspocus -. Aside from being a grade school teacher.tsk. Tsk. once you have put in your head that you are really achieving--be wary that one day such wrong doings of yours would definitely be exposed and you would be sorry. He has joined writing contest in the past. Yes.tsk. they would come back to you and let yourself explain the following " how did you fool us? What sort of magic potion had you given us to think that you were the right person for that promotion?" and so on.to find his niche and somewhere.. but later. let us now have random thoughts on the baggage you are carrying that makes you feel the jitters and all every time that promotion of yours are brought out in a conversation by your colleagues. say... those people responsible for your promotion were just acting out blind then and all making you thinking you were safe.. some under the table strategies just to get a point higher over your competitors'.173 How Did You Get That So-Called Promotion of Yours? Well. One might comment that something has been wrong here. and needing corrections.. somehow find a way of publishing a book. but until now. nobody is really that lucky to fool all people all the time.. no matter how good you are in hiding the truth. Don't panic yet.. Fraudulent documents. You are always feeling paranoid. he is also contributing articles to magazines just to make good use of his spare time. and the like.you better shape up before that fear of yours become your worst nightmare. Who knows..and you are guilty beyond reasonable doubt! Stop now brandishing such new-acclaimed glory for you know very well that such is a fake! The author is a mentor of teachers in elementary grades in the Philippines.. You could never be honestly proud of so-called promotion. It is hard to pretend.. he is now trying his luck in this endeavor--blogging-... Yes. .. would make you feel like a guilty murderer on the loose.

a site that lists the best blogs by category. I learned about him through his latest venture. do you wish you had studied something different? If so. Guy was one of the first people I ever followed on Twitter. Alltop. While others might want to keep their insights close to the vest.Interview With Serial Entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki Guy Kawasaki is a serial entrepreneur. He's honest and funny (when you read his answers you'll see what I mean). maybe I should have majored in computer science so that I could know when entrepreneurs are bull shiitake-ing me although it's not clear that I would need a computer science background since entrepreneurs are lying whenever their lips are moving. Plus. what would it be and why? I tried to be a pre-med. and the rest is history. but I fainted during a tour of the Stanford Medical Center-I am not making this up. I found psychology.174 Career Do-Over . .com. when it comes to your career. I couldn't handle all the math and physics courses that doctors need to take for God-knows-what reason. knowing what you know now. In fact. In my quest for an easy major.especially. How to Change the World.com is like an online magazine rack and I highly recommend it as a place to look for insightful resources . which is called. Here's what Guy had to say about his own career: 1) What did you study in college. Alltop. With hindsight. What's that? It's a person who has started several successful start-ups. and then. What I love most about Guy is that he isn't afraid of sharing his secrets to success. Guy shares and gives daily to his followers via Twitter and his blog.

Much of my success is because I learned how to sell in the jewelry business-not to mention my command of Yiddish. went back to Apple. my college roommate hired me). In fact. in 1994 I turned down the opportunity to interview for the CEO position of Yahoo. Then tell us: If there was one thing you could do differently in that journey. and also created an "online magazine rack" called Alltop. Previously. You're aren't going to stay at these jobs very long unless you are total suckup who wants to be the youngest-albeit miserable-partner in some New York firm. Or Denny Craine if I had been a lawyer. started Garage Technology Ventures. He is also the co-founder of Alltop. I stayed with this jewelry manufacturing firm and got the greatest lesson in selling that a person could. you really should do what you love to do not what makes the most money.com. what would it be? After graduating with a psychology (not pre-med major) from Stanford I "attended" the UC Davis School of Law for only two weeks because I just couldn't stand it. At the end of the day. After that. Oh yeah. Atlanta held as much appeal to me as Evanston.175 2) Tell us your career journey post-graduation through now in less than 200 words. kids will bring you the greatest joy in life. Guy Kawasaki is a founding partner and entrepreneur-in-residence at Garage Technology Ventures. but my mama didn't raise no fool and below zero winters weren't in the cards for me. Certainly. While my buddies went into investment banking and consulting. if you're living right. Are you sure you want to interview me? 3) Name 1-2 things you've learned to date about career that you think young professionals (ages 18-40) would want to know. he was an Apple Fellow . and it moved to Atlanta. houses. 2) Ultimately. an 'online magazine rack' of popular topics on the web. cars. I didn't exactly plan to go from counting diamonds to funding tech startups if you know what I mean. House would be based on me. I went to UCLA to get an MBA. started a few software companies. I may be one of its most famous almost-alumni! Maybe if I had stuck to pre-med. I could make the case that all of these are barriers to true joy. your greatest joy will not come from money. Illinois. so I went to Apple because of nepotism (that is. whatever. boats. It was short because the company was acquired. That was a $2 billion mistake. I got into UCLA and Northwestern. From the jewelry business I went to Apple after a short stint in a software company. 1) Your first few jobs after college don't really matter so chill out. While at UCLA I worked part-time counting diamonds-literally counting diamonds.

with "educational" favored in North America while "learning" is preferred in Great Britain. and The Macintosh Way. Rules for Revolutionaries. What is a Learning Technologist? Recent years have seen a new title appearing among the job vacancy ads. For more articles.CAREEREALISM." The role can encompass a broad range of tasks. Her work has been noted by leading sources including. Learning technologists are people who are actively involved in managing. How to Drive Your Competition Crazy. But what exactly does this rapidly growing profession do? According to the Association for Learning Technology: "Learning technology is the broad range of communication. Guy is the author of nine books including Reality Check. author and founder of CAREEREALISM. ages 18-40. O'Donnell is a nationally syndicated career expert. He has a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from UCLA as well as an honorary doctorate from Babson College. teaching. supporting or enabling learning with the use of learning technology.176 at Apple Computer.com and BusinessWeek.com today. Selling the Dream. that of learning/educational technologist. J. Essentially.com. it describes a practitioner in the field of . the most common of which are described below.com for its timely.T. and assessment. information and related technologies that can be used to support learning. visit her at http://www. Inc. researching. The terms "learning" and "educational" technologist are equivalent. cuttingedge job search and career strategy advice for young professionals. CareerBuilder. The Art of the Start.

Technology-mediated learning. E-learning is now an established part of education and seems set to continue growing exponentially for the foreseeable future. or just able to effectively select and adopt existing resources. particularly within the public/university sector.an introduction for Teachers and Learners. Corporations are finding e-learning to be an efficient and effective means of training their workforce.twinisles.com/> . In this case management has decided e-learning is the way forward and the learning technologist is charged with "selling" the idea to an unconvinced or skeptical staff. including (but not limited to) the Internet. It is fast becoming a recognized career path with a growing number of institutions offering qualifications in educational technology. VLEs and various mobile digital devices. Ideally s/he will also have some appreciation of the educational process. e-learning. ie the application of technology to facilitate learning. enabling established teachers utilize technology to better impart their expertise to learners. Learning technologists come from varied backgrounds. eg making lectures and notes available online. This growth also brings a growing need for talented practitioners able to contribute to the successful application of technology to learning.177 learning/educational technology. and how it can enable and enhance learning. The learning technologist often fulfills an advisory/consultancy role. The learning technologist will certainly have a broad knowledge of current technologies. or using distance education to make that knowledge available to a whole new audience. perhaps Web / multimedia developers who have found a niche in education. Numerous opportunities exist within the public and private sectors. This could mean improving on-campus education. eg Web designer/developer. requires the additional knowledge of both technology. . For those who can identify and exploit those technologies that truly add value to the learning process there will be high demand and commensurate rewards. S/he may be a practitioner. The learning technologist may also find themselves in the more sensitive role of "champion" for new technologies. The traditional process of teaching requires both expertise in the field being taught and an understanding of how people learn. eg by means of a virtual learning environment (VLE) such as Blackboard or Moodle. or able to commission the production of new resources. and to expand into distance learning. or educators who specialized in incorporating technology into their teaching. Johnny is the editor of Educational Technology <http://edtech. Universities are employing e-learning to better serve internal students.

It is also regarded as one of those few jobs that are safe and secure even in a time of financial crisis. The rest of this article is going to examine what these factors are to ensure you stand out as an ideal candidate. Johnny is available for consultancy at info@twinisles. is one of the most respect jobs you can undertake. This popularity has meant that many people are now seeking this career path and the number of applications received by the fire service recruitment team has grown rapidly in recent years.Psychological Tests .178 Discover how to identify.com Join the Fire and Rescue Service If you wish to become a UK firefighter. This is a staggering statistic and also a sad one because it means that the majority of candidates never achieve their dream job.Interview Each stage is difficult and you will need to take your time to consider what is required from you and you need to show as an ideal candidate. like that of a police officer. The job of a fireman. good e-learning. However.Initial Application . and produce. you will need to complete and pass the following stages of the recruitment process: . . it is estimated that around 75% of people who apply never make it past the application stage.Physical Tests . So why do 25% of candidates succeed at the application form stage and 75% fail? There is no definite answer to explain the reasoning behind this but there are number of factors that can help the fire service recruitment team differentiate between candidates.

For example. read the application form very carefully and ensure you follow all the instructions. While this may sound like a simple statement to make. Their answers are often linked to the job description and they show an understanding of what is required from a fireman. Spend some time researching the role of a fireman and try to include what you have found in your answers and this will show that you are taking the application seriously and have spent some time on it. If you are asked to stick to a word limit then ensure your answer does not exceed this. make sure you do this. When the recruitment staff receive an application form it is clear who the candidates are that have researched the role they are applying for. The second factor is answering all the questions asked and using relevant examples which are specific to you. There are now a number of questions that you must answer otherwise the question will be deemed incomplete. how this fitted in with the team and what the end result was.fireservice-recruitment.uk> .co. The third factor is taking the time to research the role you are applying for. If it asks you to complete the form in black ink. what you did. This article was written to provide information on becoming a firefighter. Within this question you may be asked to describe what you role was. The word limit is not set because the fire service recruitment team do not want to read long answers but to test your ability to write in a concise manner. If you would like to read more about the fireman selection process and how you pass it then simply Go Here fire service recruitment <http://www. it is surprising the amount of applicants that do not follow this. you may be asked to describe a time when you demonstrated the ability to work as a team. A good candidate will provide a response that answers all questions and is straight to the point.179 The factor is a fully completed application form which has been submitted exactly how the recruitment team have specified. For example.

If you are thinking about this industry as a career. But here's the honest truth about this path. solid and respected long-term profession. just about anyone can become certified as a personal trainer. We are at a great time in the profession of personal fitness. but in the real career world of personal training (where skills and training and career credentials are very important). and the industry better. So. Be Business-Minded . . Learn about managing your client relationships.. you may have a piece of paper that says you are a trainer." You owe it to yourself and your clients to get the best possible education. "As a personal trainer.Imagine if MDs went to a medical school that was made up of a few weekend workshops. you are going into business for yourself. you are a health and wellness professional.. You will want to know how to market yourself to build your client base and then keep those clients happy for years to come. Go to a Good School with a Couple Hundred Hours of Training . There are several programs out there that cost a few hundred dollars where you can spend just a single weekend going over some material. lose weight. 2. And more and more people are seeking our expertise to become healthier. And it's okay if that training costs more. After going through this minimal process. get in shape. and then 'voila' you are now a certified personal trainer. that piece of paper from a weekend workshop does not mean much. It will serve you better. here are 3 things that you should really know if you want to learn how to become a personal trainer: 1. If you become a personal trainer. Our work is as fitness trainers is becoming recognized more and more as a viable.3 Secrets You MUST Know on How to Become a Personal Trainer To be honest. Would you feel comfortable with them overseeing your health? Absolutely not. and stay healthy.Learn about marketing. because you make it back much quicker in your career if you have training that is in-demand.180 How to Become a Personal Trainer . take a test. your clients better.

it's really the 'becoming' part that is the most important. He is partnered with the National Personal Training Institute . However.com Six Three-Dimensional Career Paths The view of stages we have just considered focused primarily on upward movement in the organization. keep pushing your limits and strive to constantly learn and improve. Seek Constant Improvement . The people around you (especially your co-workers and clients) will see it and feel it.one of the top personal training schools in the country To get the full story on becoming the best possible fitness trainer with the best career future. Vertical up and down. Radial movement takes the individual closer to or further from central tasks. But I wanted to say it here. expertise and in your success. such as a promotion or demotion. It's not enough to think about just getting a piece of paper. Edgar Schein sees movement through the organization as taking place in three dimensions: 1. and you will serve yourself much better in the end.zoxic. movement may be more complex. I hope that these pointers help you in your process of learning how to become a personal trainer. go to http://becomeapersonaltrainer. people. To me. or power. and you will grow stronger and stronger in your skills. This is the traditional way to view movement in organizations. Generally radial movement will be related to vertical move- .181 3. Radial toward or away from the inner circle or the core of the system.This advice can apply to anyone no matter what their passion. Think about being the best that you can be in this profession. 2. Jasper Collins is a personal training and fitness expert. If you want to excel at anything you do in life.

When the individual moves vertically or radially. Different organizations have different structures and boundaries relating to these dimensions and. Awards you International recognition for your previous academic. These boundaries may differ in the number of each that exist in the organization. Inclusion boundaries. Corresponding to the types of movement are the following boundaries: 4. separating the hierarchical levels from one another. For a complimentary assessment to see if you qualify for an International Degree: http://www. 6. and life experience in the form of a degree. managers influence the organization through innovation. in their permeability. bringing their own views with them and introducing change.com . providing the base for future vertical moves. such as to production from sales. after experience. and power have been acquired. individuals and organizations influence each other. have different types of mobility. Functional or departmental boundaries. Others may stay on a level but move closer to the core as they gain experience and trust. as illustrated by people who are "kicked upstairs. training is used to give the individual the new skills and knowledge required. During career progress. In turn. program. Such innovation generally occurs later in the manager's career.182 ment. separating departments or different functional groupings from each other. there are attempts at socialization to instill in the manager the values and attitudes needed for the new position. thus. and in their criteria for movement. The Asian European University assess your experience using the Internationally recognized APEL method. 5. When a circumferential move is made. However. Such moves may be a useful broadening experience.asian-europeanuniversity. 3. status. Circumferential to a different function." some individuals may experience vertical movement while remaining on the periphery. or product in the organization. separating individuals or groups who differ in their degree of centrality. Hierarchical boundaries.

Pay attention to what is said in company meetings (and even what is not said. . Show your contribution to the bottom line.183 How to Keep Your Job With jobs disappearing at a very rapid pace. and how you improved processes. find an internal champion who can speak knowledgeably about your contributions. If you have a mentor who is well placed in the organization. many employees are wondering. Align yourself with the direction of the company. is a career coach and a certified professional resume writer. I have found that it is not necessarily the unproductive workers who are most vulnerable to layoffs and downsizing. and it also makes you marketable just in case your job is eliminated in spite of your best efforts. Ms. but rather those who are not in sync with the vision of management for the company. a career coaching firm that assists people in finding their niche or calling in life. Having worked in outplacement for a number of years. you should still be able to articulate how the work that you do is valuable to the company. M. Both articles were well received and have given her additional visibility in her field. Even if you are not in sales. A mentor is the best person to serve in this capacity. what time-saving measures you instituted.) This kind of information can help you determine where management is trying to take the company. As far as possible you should be able to quantify how much money you saved. Palmer has written articles such as ?Thank God It's Monday! which was published in Message magazine and ?Finding a Job That Fits You Like a Glove? which was published in Community Jobs. Management tends to cut those positions that do not have a direct relationship to the bottom line. Combining her professional status as a career coach with her love of writing. Staying abreast of what is current in your field positions you well as a valuable employee.Ed. How do I keep my job? Here are some tips for holding on to the job that you have. If possible. this person is in an excellent position to speak up for you Cross train so that you can backfill a position if necessary. Keep your skills up to date in your current position and let your boss know about any new certifications or licenses that you have obtained. Cheryl Palmer. In an era of cutbacks you make yourself more valuable if you are flexible and can do more than one job. She is the founder of Call to Career.

but in the past few years women are the predominate veterinary school graduates.or vets for short . Palmer was quoted as a subject matter expert on how assertiveness can help a person advance in his or her career. and dermatology.. rodeo. Today veterinary medicine embraces many different careers. show medicine). Other veterinary scrubs workers specialize in livestock or production medicine.184 Cheryl Palmer has also been a guest on a radio show entitled Insight on Coaching hosted by Tom Floyd where she discussed the needs of Generation X in the workplace and how managers from other generations can get the best out of this segment of the workforce. Advanced veterinary certification enables some vets to pursue careers in research. sheep. Some veterinarians work in a clinical setting and practice pet medicine on small animals such as dogs. which includes beef and dairy cattle. and species of salmonella and brucella. as well as other pathogenic species. hogs and poultry as well as equine medicine (race track.? Ms. cats. Researchers in vet scrubs were in the forefront of the fights against yellow fever and malaria in the U.S.are physicians specializing in animals. and many important medical discoveries have been made by veterinarians including the isolation of oncovirus. The demographics of veterinarians has changed dramatically in the past 25 years: until the 1980's the ratio of male to female veterinarians was tilted significantly towards men. internal medicine. The word is derived from Latin "veterinae" which means "draft animal". Is Veterinary Medicine the Right Career Choice For You? Veterinarians . The term veterinarian was used for the first time in the year 1646 by Thomas Browne. as well as animal surgery. Other specialties include laboratory medicine on reptiles and rats. These latter specialties require post graduate training. and it was a veterinarian who first noticed the appearance of West Nile disease in . and pocket pets. In an article on HotJobs website entitled ?The Art of Being Assertive.

is 1350. as well as extensive animal related experience (on the order of a thousand hours or more). As an example. there is presently an ongoing debate in vet scrubs circles about the ethics of declawing cats. . as well as debarking dogs. Admissions criteria vary considerably from state to state depending upon how many positions are available and how many in state applicants there are. admission to veterinary school usually requires submitting scores on the GRE and MCAT or VCAT tests. doctors in veterinary scrubs <http://www.5. The average GRE score for veterinary students in the U. veterinary schools are often state-supported. The identity of the agent which causes botulism was first discovered by a veterinarian. the ratio of student applications to admissions can vary tremendously. Many human surgical techniques were first perfected on animals. specific undergraduate studies are required by the different veterinary schools. preference for candidates is frequently given to students from in state. As is the case with white scrub jackets <http://www.S. Because in the U. as was the anticoagulant which is used to treat heart disease in humans. Even between schools in the same state.com> must often make important ethical decisions regarding the care of their patients. As a result. with one year dedicated to a clinical rotation.scrubsandbeyond.com/category/mens_nursing_medical_scrub_ uniforms/mens_scrub_jackets_and_lab_coats. but overseas graduates are often handicapped in applying for post-graduate training. and hip joint replacement. Study abroad is possible. In the U.S.do> physicians for humans.S.scrubsandbeyond. In North America veterinary school lasts four years. such as organ and limb transplants. Additionally. about cropping and docking ears and tails. and the average grade point average is 3.185 animals in the New York zoo. in some states admission to veterinary school can be considerably more competitive than admission to medical school. and out of state students face a restricted quota. After passing a national board exam it is possible to pursue an internship or residency in white scrub jackets in advanced fields.

but your goals should answer your purpose. destiny. whatever. desired income level. How it is going to go is sometime hazy. I have my way. and the only way. it's still important to set business goals and achieve them. and it has made all the difference in my life. How should a new adviser go about their Goals Setting? "You have your way. The destination is not always easy to see at the beginning. You have to trust in something .186 Business Goal Setting For New Financial Advisers While it would be unrealistic for brand new financial advisers to have any sort of grand dreams and vision for their business until they have spent some time in the business. said looking back from success. I expect to match my current income in one years' time and earn $150.your gut. "connecting the dots" every experience was valuable in getting to where he is today. "Again. you can only connect them looking backwards. write down why you decided on this career and what do you expect to achieve in 2 to 3 years time. As for the right way. because good results drives the passion in the beginning. some to earn Financial and Time Freedom. 14 Jun 2005 Keeping it simple in the beginning. it does not exist. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future." Friedrich Nietzsche There is no "Right" way. This approach has never let me down.000 per year in 3 years time. the correct way. the CEO of Apple. like what Steve Jobs." Income & Activity Goals ." Steve Jobs at Stanford University. you can't connect the dots looking forward. skills and personal development and physical health. For some. life. it's to pursue an interest. karma. others to challenge themselves. I'd like to be able to spend 1 month of my time for UNICEF work and enjoy quality family time while running my business. Example: "My purpose of starting this financial advisory career is to achieve financial and time freedom and serving the community with what skills and knowledge I have. Personal Vision and Purpose You started off this career for a reason.

Start with books recommended by your coach for personal Success Motivation. Control the controllable: making the calls. Set fitness goals like weight loss targets and work out the schedule for physical fitness activities. Working backwards from your income goals. A "SMART" goal is to commit to a book or audio program (Specific) every month (Time-line). This will be your most important ability to acquire. not on the eventual sale. As your skill level improves you should multiply your results very quickly. And a spa visit for achieving my sales goals for the month" . make it a point to grow the inner-person to have a success mindset. you should arrive at specific number of new prospects you should see a week. whether it's fact-to-face or over the phone. Also. Skills and Personal Development Goals Commit to growing in your Communication and Persuasion Skills. Mental & Motivation Goals Create some motivation for yourself by setting up a reward system for achieving weekly goals and milestone goals. As your skill level improves you should close more deals. Focus on the objective of seeing the number of new prospects every week. an illness can knock you out for weeks. getting the appointments. Another important aspect is to master basic predetermined presentations from your company. create prospecting opportunities while pursuing them. It is imperative that the goals you set weekly are being achieved weekly. Better yet. Plan your calling time and appointment times as a priority. It's no secret that fitness makes you more alert and effective at work. review it with your trainer/coach and use the skills taught (Measurable). and role play it with your colleagues. and break your momentum you need in the first 90 days. Set goals to practice weekly to improve your Presentation Skills. On the other hand. Example: "I will reward myself with a fishing trip or other leisure time in the weekend for achieving my weekly goal of meeting 3 new prospects. Health & Physiological Goals To accomplish great results.187 Your income is determined by what you do and how you do it. you'll need to be at your physical and physiological best.

financialadvisercareer.188 Conclusion Keep it simple in the beginning. He set up The Definitive Financial Adviser Career Guide <http://www.com> to provide job seekers a resource to find out more about the Financial Advisory Services landscape in Asia. "Goal setting is often a matter of balancing timing against available resources. His passion is to help young entrepreneurs to achieve their fullest potential.com> . Success is always a road under construction. Don't spend too much time getting a perfect goal or perfect plan." Gary Ryan. and is currently a Financial Services Manager with the largest Independent FA in Singapore. Feel free to drop the Author some comments at The Definitive Financial Adviser Career Guide <http://www. Overcoming Potential Obstacles in the Interview Do you think there are any potential obstacles that could stand between you and your next position? Here are some suggestions for handling some common obstacles: Age . and focus on getting the important things right on a weekly basis.financialadvisercareer. and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Opportunities are easily lost while waiting for perfect conditions. Brendan Yong has been in the Financial Advisory Business since Jan 2003.

But they should also show the interviewer that they are worth more than their salaries. Speak convincingly about the alignment you see between your values and the company's. The interviewee can work this in during the ice breaking period which comes before the interviewer gets into the tough questions. Stories about past accomplishments can make the business case for appropriate salaries. Ms. it's something you should start working on since this is a part of that first good impression that you want to make. Personality Mismatches You should do your due diligence prior to the interview to find out what the company's mission/values statement is and what the culture of the company is to determine if this is a good match for both parties. M.Ed. that will go a long way towards dispelling any thoughts that the interviewer may have that you will be costly (in terms of health benefits) to the company if you are hired. In other words. Health If you look fit. Combining her professional status as a career coach with her love of writing. They should be armed with information about what they are worth and negotiate accordingly. they should demonstrate to the potential employer that the employer will get a return on investment that more than compensates for what they will be paying out in salary and benefits. I suggest that job candidates give some thought ahead of time to stories that illustrate that they are able to handle the stresses and strains of the job. For example. Cheryl Palmer. but you can overcome a perception that you may not be up to the job. Salary Job candidates need to determine beforehand what their bottom line is in terms of the compensation package. You can project yourself as energetic with a lot to give. They should also convey subtly in the interview that they plan to be in the workforce for a while. an interviewee can mention in the beginning of the interview what type of physical activity he or she did over the weekend.189 Obviously you can't change your age. a career coaching firm that assists people in finding their niche or calling in life. She is the founder of Call to Career. If you're not fit. If it is. is a career coach and a certified professional resume writer. Talk about what you know about the company's culture and how you see yourself fitting in. you need to allay any fears that the interviewer may have that you might not be a good fit by connecting the dots for the employer. Palmer has written articles such as ?Thank God It?s Monday! . This should of course factor in current economic conditions.

it is not likely that they will advance beyond their current positions as legal secretaries. In such cases people usually need professional help to work through their issues so that their personal issues do not turn into professional issues. I had a client who was actually on the verge of losing her job because her home situation was spilling over into her work life and she wasn't able to focus on her job and do her work. but the pay was good. Cheryl Palmer has also been a guest on a radio show entitled Insight on Coaching hosted by Tom Floyd where she discussed the needs of Generation X in the workplace and how managers from other generations can get the best out of this segment of the workforce. In an article on HotJobs website entitled The Art of Being Assertive. or unfocused? Try the following career tips to get you back on the right track. Very often people are only looking at the present. People often lose focus when they are confronted with challenging life situations such as divorce or death. and they are not thinking about the future. Both articles were well received and have given her additional visibility in her field. Ms. For example. Take the long view of your career. Sometimes people take jobs that pay more in the short run but have no real potential. Advance Your Career 101 Are you feeling stuck. I have met many legal secretaries with college degrees who didn't really want to be working in that field.190 which was published in Message magazine and ?Finding a Job That Fits You Like a Glove? which was published in Community Jobs. Get professional help if a personal situation is affecting your career. so they took the job. Palmer was quoted as a subject matter expert on how assertiveness can help a person advance in his or her career. sidetracked. . Unless they are willing to take a cut in pay to move into a field with more potential.

If you don't want to look back with deep regrets about your life. then you need to try to find other opportunities within the organization with another boss that you are compatible with. or the environment that is getting to you?. Is it the boss. A career coach can help in this type of situation. what cannot and determine if a job search is in order. One suggestion is to first of all identify previous successes. Is it the culture of the organization. then you should look outside the organization for other employment. inside and/or outside of the organization. I also suggest that people find supporters who will cheer them on along the way. If you have been asked to take on high profile projects in the past. Reflecting on what you did right before can give you courage to take on something challenging in the future. co-workers. Mentors who want to assist proteges will be happy to help the proteges succeed. the protege's success is the mentor's success. you should try to see what you can change about the situation (i. Also. the type of work. And people who are fearful may also want to work with a career coach who will hold them accountable and help them work through their fears. After all.e. If the source of frustration is the boss. identify the root of that frustration and then take the appropriate action. In addition. you should look at what can be changed vs. try to encourage better communication and/or understand why the boss acts the way (s)he does). then you should try to identify careers that would be fulfilling by taking career assessments. If it is a completely unworkable situation. If the environment on the job is frustrating. remind yourself of past successes and set yourself up for future success. then you should identify what in the environment is making you miserable. Then of course you need to develop a game plan for moving into a new field. or even the physical environment? Again. If fear is holding you back. . who have a wealth of experience in the field who can give you guidance on high profile projects. to set yourself up for success. If your frustration lies in the actual work that you are required to perform. think about how you will assess yourself in the future..191 If you are frustrated. Having someone in your corner who believes in you and your abilities can go a long way in helping you face any fears you have about moving forward in your career. more than likely you have been successful on previous projects. you can try to find mentors. and if that isn't possible. you will have to take some risks to achieve what you want.

You never know when an opportunity may come up unexpectedly. Mentor someone else. She is the founder of Call to Career. identify your career goals and find people who will support you. As a career coach. Combining her professional status as a career coach with her love of writing. I again recommend finding mentors who can give you guidance. you might consider mentoring someone who is less experienced in the field to pass along what you have learned over the years. and long-term goals.192 If you are starting out in a new field. and you need to be ready for it.e. Cheryl Palmer has also been a guest on a radio show entitled Insight on Coaching hosted by Tom Floyd where she discussed the needs of Generation X in the workplace and how managers from other generations can get the best out of this segment of the workforce. . is a career coach and a certified professional resume writer. mid-term. In an article on HotJobs website entitled ?The Art of Being Assertive. This will help you with keeping the resume current. For those who are starting in a new field. It may be helpful to work with a professional to identify your career goals and break them down into short-term. M. You might also look at taking on collateral duties (i. Cheryl Palmer. chairing a committee or getting cross-trained in a new area) so that you can do something new without leaving your present position. I assist clients with also identifying potential obstacles that may impede their progress towards their goals and help them brainstorm ways to overcome those obstacles. Keep in touch with your network. It's an embarrassing feeling to try to revive your network when you need a job if you haven't kept in touch with people over time.Ed. If your job feels humdrum and you feel like you could do it with your eyes closed. Palmer was quoted as a subject matter expert on how assertiveness can help a person advance in his or her career. but it's not feasible for you to look for greener pastures at this time. a career coaching firm that assists people in finding their niche or calling in life. Keep your resume updated. Make it a point to touch base with people in your network at least once a quarter or so. Both articles were well received and have given her additional visibility in her field. Ms. Maintain a record of your accomplishments as you go from job to job. Palmer has written articles such as ?Thank God It?s Monday! which was published in Message magazine and ?Finding a Job That Fits You Like a Glove? which was published in Community Jobs.? Ms..

Depending on the job. whilst reinventing themselves need a more flexible multi-skilled workforce. Their positions becoming "part-time". that we face a prolonged economic recession.193 Adding Value to Your Skills to Get the Right Job During a period of an economic boom. . Who could in effect. Multi-skilled people. And choices depend on what you can offer the Company. when they hire someone. but in a rigid system like Europe and some parts of the USA. this could mean employees can in some cases negotiate a position. rather than be just an expert in one field. assist in turning around the Company. In a scarce job market. where the majority of employers are shedding jobs. Therefore it is up to you to offer "something". Simply become multi-skilled. have more choice when it comes to applying for a job. Now the emphasize is set to change. and tasks easily. How do we do this?. Now. employers have more choice. Companies that are shedding their workforce. inside the organizations. rather then become functionaries. rather than what employers can offer you. ensuring you are employable in the new economy. the emphasis has changed to what you can offer an employer. We all are multi-skilled. Employers traditionally preferred singular skilled employees. that is irresistible to employers. in a position of strength. therefore being able to be filled by more multi-skilled employees. Employees who could switch jobs. where employees may have to prove their value to the company. and functionaries could be the first to be laid off. employers often have to offer "incentives" to find the right employees. and multi-skilled employees often found themselves out in the cold. then people who have focused on one particular skill in their life. in terms of skills.

As the bleak job news surrounds us and the economy slips further into a recession.com Fight the Recession! Why You Should Consider a Career in Sales Are you concerned about the outlook for your job? Are the prospects for the next 6 months to 1 year looking bright or are you in a sector that is been hit hard by the economic down-turn? Are you about to graduate and not sure where you should focus your job search? Now is the time to seriously look at your career path. we need to have our own initiative. Profit Magazine reported "Finding the right sales talent was one of the biggest concerns facing sales organizations today. and we rather than employers need to provide more incentives for employers to hire us. rather than depend on other peoples initiatives. who develop their own skills outside work. So. rather than the employer. where jobs are scarce. In order to succeed in the new economy. should benefit more than individuals who are not interested in nurturing these skills. there are sectors of the market place which offer continuing opportunities for growth.asian-europeanuniversity. and life experience in the form of a degree. For a complimentary assessment to see if you qualify for an International Degree: http://www. The Asian European University assess your experience using the Internationally recognized APEL method. Annual Talent Shortage Survey reported "hiring sales professionals as a top priority for . Awards you International recognition for your previous academic. multi-skilled employees. We also need to adjust to the new realities of living in a society.194 Retraining could be shifted as an obligation to future employees." The Manpower Inc.

Clearly. ? Sales people are aggressive. ? You are born a sales person. "(You fill in the blank)! Many sales people never planned to pursue a career in sales. It's never worth compromising your integrity. Was Tiger Woods born a great golfer? Great sales people are the result of hard work. Many quickly dismiss a sales career because of some common myths about sales people. Are you into career advancement? Did you know that over 85% of today's CEOs. motivation to excellence and most importantly training. prizes. It is more important to be sincere. your goals. "Sales and marketing workers tend not to lose or leave these jobs. I am sure you may be thinking. "The increasing use of information technology will likely increase opportunities in sales and marketing." Why Consider A Career In Sales? Why do people pursue a career in sales? Personal satisfaction & growth. a career in sales is and will continue to be in demand.. Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) stated "Even with Canada & the US in a recession sales positions will continue to weather the effects better than most other careers. Top sales people in their fields are not talkers they are listeners. ? Sales people lack ethics.. I'm not. freedom from the office.195 the past 3 years. passionate and knowledgeable." Jobfox identified "Sales Representative/Business Development as the most recession proof profession career". Presidents and senior executives come from a background in sales & marketing? How many jobs exist where you are truly paid on your performance? When everyone around you is receiving a 1% or 2% cost of living increase or worse losing their jobs due to economic conditions. and your problems. Trust is essential to building a successful career. perks (car allowances. sales people have been known to go out and make double digit increases in their annual compensation program. empathic. financial stability. ? The internet is going to replace sales people! HRDC said it best. "I could never become a sales person.. passion.. They listen to your needs. . Once they become a successful sales person few would ever consider doing anything else. Any professional should always put their client's best interest ahead of their own. ? Sales people have to be able to talk a lot. awards) and you can be an entrepreneur without the usual financial risks associated with self employment. helpful. They usually just ended up there due to some turn of fortune... Aggression would turn off most buyers. trips. unlimited income potential. I am sure you have heard them but you need to understand that they are not the truth in most cases.

This will tell you how many years you must work to earn your first million dollars. You must choose.196 If you want the ability to earn a six figure income then you should seriously consider sales. confident. enthusiastic. Can You Be A Successful Sales Person? Do you have transferable skills. Would you like to be your own boss? Do you want to take control of your life? Does the idea of financial freedom excite you? Do you have the self discipline to work on your own to achieve your goals? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are surely a good candidate. Remember you may already have expertise in a field that can put you ahead of the game. In sales you can often increase your income by 25. including those in marketing. Many companies hire "rookies" and provide their own training." Whenever I speak to a group of people looking for career advice I always do this quick exercise I call: "So. Some assessment tools can even suggest what type of selling would suit you best. Take your current career annual pay and divide it into $1 million dollars. According to HRDC. Your road to a million dollars can be very fast if you are successful. If you look at the average income for a Canadian you will find that sales people consistently earn well above the average for their age group and education level. A career in sales is a very important and noble profession but it is not . passionate. "yes" then you already have many of the necessary skills. Many are offered over the internet or through sales training companies. You Want to Make A Million Dollars. "Business service professionals. ask people you know to refer you to new and established sales people and ask questions. well meaning friend. earned well above average for Canadians. honest. 50 or 100 percent from one year to the next. persistent and hard working? Do you have good communication and listening skills? If you answered. These assessments and analysis tools require a few minutes of your time and are very inexpensive to use. Once you discover that you have the skills then it just a matter of training. family member or career counseling service. The motivation to take the first step towards a new career must come from you. or you can register for sales training classes. If you are thinking of a career in sales. You can take a sales aptitude survey and see if you have the right personality and skills to be successful. marketing and advertising manager earnings were among the highest for occupations in sales and service. not a school counselor. Always use your strengths and focus on products or services that you know and are already passionate about. It's not as difficult as you may think to find out if a sales career is right for you. or have you planned meetings or events? Do you train people on the products or services you currently use? Have you worked in retail? Are you creative. Sales. are you a coach.

He has a proven track record of success. management and executive level business to business experience. He is a former broadcaster with over 25 years of experience in B2B sales & sales management. including extensive knowledge of alternative sales channel design and implementation. He also has experience in broadcast advertising and journalism. including the operation of Canada's premier niche job board and career website for business to business sales professionals. with over 25 years of direct sales.com Robert J.197 for someone who is not prepared to make a commitment to the requirements at hand.Canada's Premier Niche Job Board & Career Website Dedicated To Business to Business Sales Professionals! For more information.b2bsalesconnections. Robert is a managing partner in B2B Sales Connections Inc. Before cofounding B2B Sales Connections.com B2B Sales Connections .com> .com.b2bsalesconnections. or contact Robert directly at rjweese@b2bsalesconnections. /rjweese@b2bsalesconnections. He has a proven track record of hiring and developing revenue-generating teams for B2B sales organizations. Remember the words of Henry Ford. "Whether you think you can or you cannot either way you are right. please visit http://www. Weese is managing partner of B2B Sales Connections Inc. Weese B2B Sales Connections Inc. sales and general management experience in the business technology and office equipment industries." Aim Higher! Robert J. For more information. Robert provides revenue-generating consulting services to sales organizations and sales professionals in the business to business marketplace. Currently. Robert gained marketing. please visit http://www. He can be reached at rjweese@b2bsalesconnections.

It seemed like I was over or under qualified or just in the wrong part of the country to get a decent job. etc. The many unfortunate that never make it to the top in their craft often compromise their love of art for low pay or many times doing it for free. Artist's set the aesthetic of culture and society.Step One Get a Chicken Foot Comb Love art but can't find a decent career? What you need is a creative business strategy. Ever hear of the term starving artist? Think of all the creative people in the world that want to have fine art jobs. I didn't want to be another one of the millions of starving artists in the world. This is my story. Your core skills can be applied to another business approach that might be just as fulfilling.198 Creative Business Ideas . . they define our space in time for future generations to look back and see what we were all about. ad designers. Few people have the creative skills and vision that true artist's have. In college I decided to study business instead of art. I compromised my true nature by not being creative. Years of trying to blend in or should I say "bland" just wasn't fulfilling or exciting. puts you at an amazing disadvantage when it comes to a career. and you'll find job competition extremely high. performing art jobs. That decision was a mistake. art teaching jobs. The lucky ones might wind up with some form of an art assistant job bidding their time until they learn enough business connections to give it a shot of their own. I had one criterion for my next job: it had to fulfill for me by allowing me to use my creativity. I began the normal routine of looking at online job classifieds. many still fall into the mental box of limited thinking. but circumstances at my last job forced me back out into the work field. I entered a world of conventional business which set me up for years of frustration and monetary disappointment. Unfortunately the love of creating. when applied to the supply and demand business model. Starting my own business wasn't something I was planning to do. They never think of how they can apply their skills toward alternative business models. etc. Let's face it an artist's life is one of being blessed and sometimes a great curse. I'm an immensely creative person. interior designers. Surprisingly enough as creative as most artist's are. Just because you did not get that job at the ad design company or land that record deal doesn't mean your art career is dead. after all that's where the money was supposed to be.

Every aspect of promoting your business will need your creative verve. enjoyable market. Just the sound of these words conjured up images of some poor sap calling every friend or family member. consider affiliate marketing as an alternative business. In conclusion. no pitching to strangers. put yourself on YouTube promoting yourself and your business. and no jobs on the market. Create your own art project and bundle it with a business. That industry was network marketing. hitting up complete strangers like some snake oil salesman trying to sucker anyone one into jumping onboard.com a site dedicated to teaching online promoters the essentials of (TOMA) top of mind awareness. Mark Hofmann is creator of http://www. with the state of our bad economic times. If you sing. you get paid what you're worth and you will enjoy the process as you develop your business. being an artist can be a blessing if you can find the right direction to channel your efforts. the little bit of credibility I had. Why not put your efforts into promoting a business that in the long run will give you financial independence and take you out of the starving artist syndrome. It was something I actually avoided it like the plague and swore to myself I would never delve into. If you're a designer you can have just as much fun designing a web page. if you're looking for a creative outlet. I read for months on the internet about this industry. He offers a free ecourse at http://www. Let's face it.com .chickenfootcomb. Believe me you will find tons of creative fulfillment. Let's get back to you. I find people with the same interests as me an easier.199 Surprisingly. I decided to turn it into my personal art project with a business bundled inside. I liked this approach Instead of chasing and cold calling people. However. I weighed heavily the pros and cons and decided that if I do this kind of business. and finally it must give me a creative outlet. it has to meet some requirements for me: no calling on family and friends. the place I found the most creative satisfaction was an industry that I would never consider.mlmleadschool.to start with you have complete creative control. and to avoid promoter hype I spoke to no one about joining their business. you will never find a dull moment in the process and why not get paid for your efforts. Next. If you're a writer you can blog to promote your business. no hype meetings. In the end the business person inside me spoke loud and clear on the key points of how leverage marketing is truly a great way to make money. I didn't want to throw out on a whim of trying to make a buck. I started my business out with an unusual campaign called Chicken Foot Comb and geared it up to promote it strictly online to a target audience of people who want to join this industry. I did a rethink of this type of business. or like video. If you're like me and compelled to create. Think of all the positives of being your own boss .

This may lead to confusion.People who take tough decisions naturally stand out. 4) Taking indefinite decisions: . or in other words. Some people focus so hard on the job that they never get to interact with people in the other parts of the organization. If you are not told abut your duties and your position parameters. 2) Lacking expectations: Meet up with different people. It may derail your career. These are the six career traps which I did like to mention and which you should not get into: 1) Having no plan: . People who take decisions indefinitely or uncertainly stand out for the wrong reasons. Lacking expectations can be the biggest career trap.200 Online promoting is more than just being seen. keep asking questions until you know what's expected of you. Frame out the job which is declared urgent and focus on the emergency. Failure is inevitable. you have to be remem- bered. Seems like small misstep can make you step into big career traps. Have a balanced work-family life. focus on what might be an emergency. Sometimes you need to have a backup plan also. When you have a decision to make. 3) Being a loner: The magic rule of a good career growth is relationships. your supervisor and discuss what is expected of you. The 6 Big Career Mistakes Everyone dreams of having a great career but not many achieve it. it may not be under friendly circumstances. networking. Winning friends throughout the organization adds to additional benefits. Plan out what you want to achieve. . If at all they interact. There are some fundamental facts that everybody should know about their career.

Kishor is a handwriting analyst. With the developed new skills you can better market yourself so that an employer finds you or you can become one. Be honest to others about it and do not cover it up. the best thing is to take responsibility to fix it and not running away from it. Setting up an online presence is the best way to promote yourself. an article writer and a blogger. Conversely. 6) Covering up: . The faster you rise. the higher you aim. Organize group presentations.Make sure to develop a wide variety of applicable skills. The author. it may not be important how you fell in.201 5) Focusing too narrowly: . When you find yourself in a career trap. but how you got out of it. It does matter the way you dress and how differently you make your presence felt. He is currently working on becoming a self employed individual.kishorvr. speak in any office gathering or take responsibilities.When you commit a mistake. a slow start leads to lower expectations. They are not rules but some useful guidelines. 1) Make yourself clearly visible: It doesn't matter if you are new to the job but the way you present yourself is important.not only in a new job. .com Fast Start Your Career A fast start in a new job can kick start a career . Let's see some of the important guidelines to follow to kick start a new career. Kishor invites you to learn more about him at http://www. Developing new skills can be like job insurance. but also when you start a new venture or a project.

kishorvr. Person 'A' and person 'B' are salesmen. Try that new assignment with a trial and error basis. Be the first to grab a book. One might not know but this method will be an agent of promotion or a business success. He is currently working on becoming a self employed individual. If possible spend time with them. Enthusiasm will have an effect on people. Act enthusiastic to be enthusiastic. Take everyday as a new day and let us practice these methods as if it were the first day. But person 'A' is more determined of the two. It is a sure fact that there is one whole library of books waiting for you near your place. 3) Get to know people: Get to know people in your organization and ask them what they do. That way he not only make friends but there is a possibility that he will be promoted higher in the organization. No guideline says that you can't consider moving fast on a new day.com .202 2) Overkill that first assignment: Lets look at an example. The results will be fantastic. There will be a method which will solve a problem. The author. Kishor is a handwriting analyst. Everybody likes helping or taking help of an enthusiastic person. an article writer and a blogger. While person 'B' is working for 45 hours in a week trying or forcing to sell to people. You never know if you will be the information source in your department for them and a person to depend on. It does not matter if you have a slow beginning. 6) Dare to change an old method: Don't go the traditional way and get sidetracked by going on a slow pace on an assignment. 4) Take responsibilities: Supervisors and Management value people who grab a challenge and runs with it. person 'A' makes a list of potential buyers and sells to them. 5) Be enthusiastic: An enthusiastic newcomer can spark a whole department. The best way to be and stay enthusiastic is to attend leadership empowerment workshops and read motivational books. Try faster methods to get the job done. Make friends. Kishor invites you to learn more about him at http://www. The greatest advantage of a fast start is that it is an early creation of a winning platform. This invisible device called enthusiasm acts like an amplifier for your and everyone else's performance. Yet on some days. one's enthusiasm will run low.

or when you are meeting casually with your boss. your boss is more likely to keep you in mind when a position is available. Go the extra mile whenever it is possible to make yourself stand out as a star employee. Ask about a promotion when you are up for a performance review. If you approach the topic of a promotion at the right time. you must work for it and make yourself stand out above the rest. You can use your career plan as a selling point when you apply for the promotion. Make sure you are working as hard as you can in your current position. It is important to decide what your ultimate career goals are and how you will achieve them. you should develop a career plan. Ambitious people are very attractive to their superiors. Offer to help out when needed and assist with tasks outside of your job scope when you can. When a promotion that you want does come up you need to make yourself stand out from the other candidates up for the position.203 Make the Boss Aware of Your Value When Seeking a Promotion Going to work every day doing the same old thing gets boring for most of us. . Bringing up your desire for a promotion to your boss at the right time is crucial to your success. It doesn't make sense getting promoted if they promote you into the wrong job. Once you know what your ultimate career goals are you can apply your career plan to your current place of employment. We all need to be appreciated and we need to feel like we are advancing in our careers. Before you begin your campaign to get yourself promoted. you want to mention your career goals and ambitions when applying for a promotion. This will enable you to choose promotions that are applicable to your ultimate career goal. First you must decide what job you want. In order to get the promotion you want. It is also important to sell yourself before you even apply for a promotion. make a list of your current skill set and determine how they can be used to the company's benefit in the position you are applying for. Additionally. As previously mentioned. Never ask your boss about a promotion when your boss is busy or stressed out.

Tip # 1 For Surviving Job Loss: Time To Grieve. To get out of the rut. you need to start being active again. Start putting aside a small percentage of your earn- . Below are 5 ways to surviving job loss. your confidence shatters and you find it difficult to move on. and job loss certainly falls under that category. Your source of income disappears. Others find themselves trapped in denial and are thus unable to move on. Don't be one of those victims. Instead. not on the problem.204 Many companies today are hiring graduates of the Six Sigma <http://www. Visit the specialists at http://www.SixSigmaOnline.org> program instead of those who have college degrees.5 Simple Ways to Deal With Job Loss Surviving job loss in this urban jungle is quite challenging. try to review the circumstances which led to your current situation. Tip # 2 For Surviving Job Loss: Save Up For A Rainy Day. Surviving Job Loss . Allow the fact that you lost your job to sink in first. It's a sensible idea to save up for any emergency. The Six Sigma Green Belt training is one of the most respected field training courses in the business world today.org to learn how to enhance your employable skills. Finding the answers will help you pick up the pieces and decide on a new path to follow.sixsigmaonline. Focus on the solutions and opportunities that await you. You feel negative all the time and wallow in self-pity.

They help make you feel better about yourself and help you cope with job loss.20daypersuasion. Keep your head up high and keep doing your best. .com/how-to-write-a-cover-letter-for-aresume> that grabs attention like a magnet. and secrets of preparing for a job interview <http://www. Friends are the best therapists.htm> that gets you hired on the spot. Don't let job loss deter your from your dreams. Who knows? One of your friends might be able to help you land a better job and career! Tip # 4 For Surviving Job Loss: Set Worthwhile Goals. Believe that you now have a chance to excel in other areas and you'll soon enjoy a rewarding career.and strive to achieve them. Tip # 5 For Surviving Job Loss: Be Positive. be positive and believe that there are countless possibilities waiting for you. you must see the situation as a challenge rather than as a problem.205 ings. and losing it might seem like the worst thing in the world. Instead. rent. make a list of short-term and longterm goals . You can confide in them and just let all the negative feelings and insecurities out. Being negative won't help make your problem go away. and basic needs.com/job-interview. too. It's hard enough to land yourself a decent job these days. you will at least have enough money for food.squidoo. Losing your job can lead to depression and a lack of interest in general. Want to get your dream job? Get FREE tips and video on how to write a cover letter <http://www. Tip # 3 For Surviving Job Loss: Find A Friend. In case of job loss. This way. When surviving job loss. To keep yourself upbeat and productive. you have a compelling reason to live life to the fullest by achieving your purpose.

You may have had a bad experience with the old style of Network Marketing -. buying expensive leads. Jobs are no longer as secure as they were during the Industrial Age.Work at home.There is less overtime and many employees find their hours cut. long distance.Franchise . That is not comforting news to the average employee. .Low overhead: computer. .206 Fear Unemployment in Today's Economy .High startup cost. .Can work part--time while holding a regular job. .Usually requires a large overhead of employees. but a question of when.$30K. . For many.Employees are being downsized.6% in January 2009.2 Recession Proof Options Who doesn't fear unemployment in today's economy? The unemployment rate in the US was 7. . often $500 or less. .Full--time commitment for the 1st year. . no commute.Some Franchises might be less attractive while the economy is in a downturn. and goods. and pensions are being raided or taken away.Proven system with ongoing support.Low startup cost. with no plans of replacing them. . They are looking for ways to identify top performers. Option 2 -. and retain them during tough economic times. real estate. . reward them. Average Franchise fee runs from $20K -. Management and HR Departments are evaluating pay for performance strategies to implement in today's economy. . having to attend meetings.prospecting friends and family.Established market. and more time around family. high speed internet.Home Based Business . . and a 95% failure rate. . . . it is no longer a question of being laid off.High success rate and low risk.Frequently takes a year to cash flow.Benefits are being reduced. lots of rejection.No one is immune to being downsized. Option 1 -. . Now is a good time to take a look at 2 options that you may not have considered before. They are seriously considering base pay with additional income based on performance. and a few supplies.

com/in/WilmaWoodson Personal: How to Improve Your Skills to Move Up the Career Ladder . She is passionate about helping others avoid the years of frustration and failure that she had.Abundant free training on the Internet on how to use Social Media. Now is the time to act before your job loss happens.blogspot. Either way. Seriously evaluate these 2 options for which one is right for you and take action. you'll have a second part-time income.Social Media is an integral part of the new style of Network Marketing. . You will be financially secure. In 1998. .If you are fortunate to avoid unemployment. you win.New style Home Based Business is a new mind--set using new technology.LinkedIn.com http://www. .I choose to not participate in a Recession. In Closing You won't fear unemployment.If you do find yourself unemployed. Wilma Woodson mentors Network Marketers. Seldom a day goes by without you hearing about Twitter or Facebook in the news. your plan will be in place.207 . Blog: http://FunNProfit. health issues required her to leave a professional career & work from home. . when you have a plan in place to recession proof your income. Make your motto -. Social media is changing the way people are communicating.

but skills are not hard work. On the one hand. Improve the Skills You Have As a result of the quick pace of business today. but if you invest your time in learning those new skills. there are some basic steps that you need to take. Of course. you will not be able to move up in your career. you will be rewarded. Your boss or is the best person to help you do that. be absolutely new to you. Without acquiring those new skills. Once you have a clear perception of those skills. updating your skills is what plays a pivotal role in your career advancement. So if you are not very clear about the skills that you need to improve. Have a Clear Perception of Your Vital Skills Everybody knows that skill improvement comes with practice. find out how your level of expertise. Since every job has an exclusive set of skills necessary to perform with excellence there is no fixed formula to increase those skills. However.208 True motivation to succeed is of paramount importance. First of all. . identify those skills that are related to your area of work. much of your hard work may go to waste. Those new responsibilities will make it necessary for you to learn skills that may. you may initially resent learning something that you have not been exposed to so far. knowledge in every field has been expanding at such an amazing speed that it is impossible for any single person to keep pace and know everything related to their field. you will have to use some tools of comparison to measure your mastery of those skills. you will continue to move up the career ladder without looking back. Constantly. Of course. Then ask yourself if there are skills that are totally new to you. you will be left behind and your career will be in jeopardy. Learn New Skills Climbing up the career ladder implies being promoted to higher positions and being in charge of more employees. On the other hand. the good news that you don't have to know everything related to your field. which in turn requires handling a larger number of responsibilities. if you are not striving to constantly upgrade your skills. at times. These tips will go a long way in helping you improve your professional skills . Utilize every opportunity in your job to improve your existing skills and strive for perfection. Practice implies consistent effort and hard work. but it is not enough to be able to move up the career ladder.and as a result.

sixsigmaonline. black belts. Aveta Solutions . Whether there is a recession or not. For example.org ) offers online six sigma training and certification classes for lean six sigma. 1. The recession of 2008 leading into 2009 raised a number of questions such as which recession proof jobs? what recession proof jobs? and what is the best business to be in during a recession? Many people have lost jobs but many employment sectors will be expected nevertheless to remain strong despite economic down turn. While many companies with a strong sales team will close. 2. Finance staff as recession proof jobs . Top Recession Proof Jobs Jobs and recession go hand in hand. 3.Six Sigma Online ( http://www. Contrary to the fact that many jobs were lost in Banking which is finance you need to choose the right sector. accountants and careers involving taxation and auditing. Sales Representatives as recession proof career . and yellow belts. A recession proof job could therefore be useful to think about.Network administrator and the like are responsible for designing and managing the network infrastructure. others will remain open and 'raise the bar' to obtain better results. green belts. teleconferencing and the company website. The following is not an exclusive list but is a sample of recession proof jobs that could be consider as such. money still needs to come in and go out like-wise.209 Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal.an exceptional sales force is a crucial strategy for escaping the economic slump. The emerging markets are increasingly relying on the network infrastructure to send data globally and there is no shortage of building them. Network administrators as recession proof jobs. Even in the developed western countries the need for . This includes communication tools such as e-mail systems.Financial staff in various professions are continually needed.

Local government jobs are also quite safe where it is related to education and much will depend on geographical location.210 network engineers will increase as they are constantly upgrading to stay on par with and move beyond the competition.jobsandrecession. So. The protection of vital company information will continue to be important regardless of recession. 4. However there are some jobs that are safer than others and it makes sense to observe these to some degree.It is a fact that people have to send their children to school. Security breaches will also be experienced at country borders.independent writer http://www.The nursing profession has seen a steady demand for nurses as today there is more choice for women to enter different careers than there used to be. what is unusual about the current economic recession? and what is the current state of the American economy? The thing to remember about recession proof jobs are that no job is safe as jobsandrecession. Crime continues to rise especially where unemployment is high. what are the best computer careers?. 5. Tony Peters . 6. People similar to you have asked certain questions about recession proof jobs and these are what were said.com would also agree with. Education as a recession proof work . How to make money from home?. Nursing as a recession proof employment . With the aging baby boomers people are living much longer than they used to due to advances in medical medicine.com . Teachers will be needed as a result.The security arena including the police officers will continue to be in demand in a recession hit economy. Security services as recession proof jobs .

You may get a higher title. 2) Take a lateral move to a more stable company. In adversity there is always opportunity. To get yourself unstuck and out of limbo. and USA Today. many corporate employees are finding themselves in limbo. there may not be as much keeping you in place as there used to be. like start your own company or become a college professor. If your options are under water and your company is reducing perks. either of which you can leverage for your next job if you decide to leave later. or whether they'll be next to join their colleagues in the unemployment line. While keeping a low profile and not rocking the boat may look like the safer bet in the short term. because there's always a problem to be solved or a vacuum to be filled. A top networking strategist. it may be wise to think about jumping ship to a healthier company sooner rather than later. The Wall Street Journal. If you're interested in making a long-term play there. or even a small raise. your boss might be very grateful and impressed if you're willing to take on more work. Liz Lynch is author of "Smart Networking: Attract a Following In Person and Online" (McGraw-Hill. she's appeared in The New York Times. even if you have to take a lateral move.3 Options For Taking the Initiative With continued economic uncertainty and layoffs happening all around. Whichever option you choose. 3) Pull up stakes and pursue the career of your dreams. If your employer is showing signs of instability. wondering if their job is secure. consider these 3 options for your next career move: 1) Double down and take on more responsibility. as .211 Reshaping Your Career in a Tough Economy . Seize those opportunities by taking action rather than riding out the storm. and the end can come quickly for some. Industry trends hit some companies harder than others. Start attending industry events to build your contact base and multiply the sources from which potential job opportunities can come. 2008). you'll be much better positioned once conditions improve. you can actually use an economic downturn to your advantage and take proactive steps to advance your career. Now may be the right time to peel off those golden handcuffs and go do what you really want to do. Layoffs and slower hiring practices may have left your company with fewer hands on deck.

Unlike others. Liz holds an engineering degree from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Stanford University. At that time. Although it offered a secure future. To learn more about Liz and her company. and worked for some of the top companies in their fileds--Goldman Sachs. Control Your Career Today. Regardless of how much or how little we enjoy the job we end up staying for the money. It was half way through the first year that I wondered why on earth I was studying this course. we graduate school and attend university to complete a degree we think will lead to a secure job and income. we are required to select our vocation despite having only limited knowledge and experience in this wide world we live in.SmartNetworkingBook. I did well at school and went on to study IT at university.com. I am going to teach you how to control your career so it doesn't control you. From an early age.NetworkingExcellence.com. the Center for Networking Excellence. During the next 6 months I travelled the world on money I'd earned during my summer holidays.com. Disney. CNBC.com and Businessweek. To learn how to PROPERLY leverage your connections to get your next job FAST. I really wasn't the slightest bit interested in the content. visit http://www.212 well as on ABC News. I bought my first car with cash after I returned home and started working full time for an insurance company. who just continued on studying the course because they'd already started and didn't want to 'waste' the work they'd already put in. As a child. for . one of the most common questions we are asked is "what do you want to be when you grow up?". I decided to discontinue the course and take some time out to consider my options. Fox Business News. visit http://www. So often. Time Warner--before becoming an entrepreneur.

When I look for a job I make sure it contains elements that support my goals. What do you want your life to look like in 1 year. growth opportunities etc. . challenging myself and meeting new people. in 5 years? Probably not! Instead I plan to be working on my own business using the knowledge and experience I've gained.money. onlookers may have thought I didn't have what it took to 'hold down a job'. I changed jobs again. working is about learning new things. Will I still be working there. How is it that I always enjoy the work I do? Well. 5 years. 3 years. DREAM! You are only limited by your thoughts. my heart wasn't in it. I decided to go back to Uni and study Human Resource Management. flexibility. My goal for this job is to learn everything I can about operating a business such as this. I learnt a lot of things and met a lot of fantastic people. I have already started doing this and am building my business model on the side using everything I've learnt in my career to date and drawing on the network of amazing people I've met along the way! So. they are not. During this time. 10 years? Think about it. I want control over my career and my future. I learnt a lot of new things and met a lot of new people. learning opportunities. This time I worked for an Emergency Services Organisation and again. After 2 years there I moved on to a global finance company where I learnt a lot of new things and met a lot of new fantastic people. you bet I am. 5 and 10 year goals for my life and my career MUST enable me to achieve those goals. I am in a job now that is teaching me all aspects of running an extremely successful business. I have 1. if you want to control your career I encourage you to have a bigger goal.213 my age. The organisation I'm working for is growing faster than you could possibly imagine. After completing my Management degree I started in a graduate program with a very successful and well known manufacturing company. but my career goals are very different to theirs! You see. 2 years. Some people told me I was 'stupid' for giving up such a good job to go back to Uni but I could see that if i didn't go back. I love my life now. My career is NOT about earning enough money to be able to maintain repayments on all my debts. I took control over my career from the very beginning. I have since held several more positions in all sorts of organisations. be it . I had a good job with good pay but again. If I look around now I see a lot of friends who are in fine jobs with fine pay but are they enjoying what they do? No. I have learnt so many things and met so many amazing people. Life goals. For me. Am I? Yes. I'd be in the same job for years to come. 3. I will not ever stay in a job that is not propelling me closer and closer to my dreams and the great thing is every day I AM getting closer. Two years after that. even in the face of the current economic crisis. lining the pockets of the owners.

but the strategies here can be implemented anywhere in the world! Benefits of Choosing Careers For Life HealthCare Vs Culinary Building a career is very important for any individual. Usually the job opportunities start from an entry level position with a low salary package. There are a variety of careers to choose from based on your academic qualifications. you'll not be contributing in any special way to the society apart from satisfying the customer's taste buds.com It refers to Australia. Whereas in a culinary career. which will give you the freedom to achieve your life goals like it's given me the freedom to do: http://www. Nowadays. healthcare is most definitely the preferred field. this filed is creating quite a stir all over the world because of the various benefits the healthcare professionals enjoy. The healthcare field is absolutely ideal as an option when it comes to choosing careers for life. So if you want to compare on better prospects with choosing careers for life. A career in healthcare helps you to treat their problems and grievances and you also contribute a helping hand to the society. although the job opportunities are good.makemoneyaustralia. Some of the benefits of choosing careers for life in healthcare are as follows: Better Job Opportunities: A lot of job opportunities are available for an individual who is looking for a career in the healthcare field. A Great Salary Package: Careers in healthcare field are offered with an excellent pay package. If you wish to pursue a career in healthcare. you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Based on the below mentioned benefits you will get a clear view on how Healthcare careers can build a solid foundation to your success. As the demand for practitioners is attaining newer . The major reason is that a large number of elderly people need more healthcare facilities due to their old age and sickness problems.214 Check out my website.

Though some jobs offers come with a pay scale ranging from $8. Suitable Work Hours: The best perk an individual can avail in the healthcare field is choosing the working hours that fit into his schedule. On the other hand.215 heights. if your vital factor is a better pay scale. many hospitals and other healthcare facilities are willing to pay competitive wages and other benefits like insurance. it all depends upon your potentiality and hard work. There is no option provided for working in shifts if you are employed in a small restaurant or a hotel. Choosing careers for life in the healthcare field is a better option since they provide you the perfect platform to begin your desired professional life.00 per hour. the best option for you is to join a healthcare course and reap the benefits of a healthy pay package and a better position in a professional field.medacademy.50 to $15.medacademy. Modesto. The hard workers or the efficient ones can earn up to $36000 annually depending on your level of education or if you land up with a job in one of the best restaurants. Making the right decision at the early stages and you can shape up your future more beautifully.org/programs/> in their San Mateo.5 Mistakes Women Make . The above benefits will take you on the right path when it comes to choosing careers for life. it again depends on how you perform in the industry. Enrollment is open now. unless you are working in top rated restaurants. retirement benefits and much more. While choosing careers for life. If you are a nocturnal. Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts <http://www. Being a culinary graduate. then you can work the night shifts since many hospitals provide round the clock services to their patients. culinary careers do not usually provide round the clock services to their customers.org> offers health care programs <http://www. Workplace Woes . Fresno and Concord Campuses in CA.

fragility. What should these women do instead? They need to privately acknowledge their emotions first. provides opportunities for them to vent their feelings. and strategize how to implement each . and perhaps seek professional help. When a troubling situation arises on the job. pouts. Women who indulge in these behaviors may benefit from a false feeling of power. they rehash an incident over and over again. As a result. laden with emotional content. without providing possible solutions gets "old" really fast. and lack of control. Why do women keep doing this? Incessant discussion allows them to process the situation emotionally. and/or theatrical laughter basically tell bosses and peers that these women don't deserve professional respect. EXPRESSING TOO MUCH EMOTION FOR TOO LONG Regular and excessive displays of anger. and erodes credibility. and shows that they are incapable of coping with difficult issues. they certainly don't get promotions and leadership roles. then rationally think through the problem at hand. They need to employ some personal discipline in the workplace and seek out a trusted friend or partner to work through the situation after hours. frustrates the receiver. Instead of manipulating workplace colleagues. women spend too much time discussing or analyzing a single situation. Rather than putting it to bed and moving on. these women need to determine why they are doing this. Adult behavior accomplishes more than childish rantings. others' pity. Dumping problems in others' laps. tears. intense attention. FAILING TO OFFER SOLUTIONS Complaining that often resembles whining is unattractive. Such demonstrations communicate emotional weakness. especially to supervisors. or tears. It pulls down office morale. examine the pay-offs. While whining women may get the immediate attention and pity they crave. consider several solution options. turns people off. and special treatment. labels the women doing it as chronic complainers.216 To achieve notable success in the workplace women need to stop engaging in one or more of these five behaviors: TALKING SOMETHING TO DEATH Frequently. they never really get closure on it. prolonged silence. Such behavior wastes time. How can they stop it? Women who talk something to death need to figure out why they are doing this in the first place. they simply ought to tell the appropriate party how they feel about it using direct but diplomatic language. and generally gives them lots of attention. sulks.

They may feel very special. If the boss declines. Worse. DENIAL Pretending that some situation doesn't exist or fantasizing that it's better than it really is can derail a woman's career in serious ways. they can show their supervisor that they just want to be treated like any other professional in the workplace. Instead. and that she won't take appropriate action. How often do women deny reality? More often than many may think. Sylvia Hepler. depending on the circumstances. Turning away from temporary pain isn't worth the long term agony. they might try dividing the situation into manageable segments rather than swallowing the whole piece at once. meals in restaurants. In short. problems abound. For women who generally want to face their reality but at times need a little help. How to stop this? Women should not expect it or start it in the first place. Regardless of whatever the supervisor chooses to do. and social visits at home from their bosses and/or Board members are living in a fantasy world and setting themselves up for huge problems. Taking all of this to the boss along with clarity around the resources required to move forward puts women in a position of strength. and she will be left vulnerable. it can be dangerous. And. lengthy personal conversations. When women chronically turn their heads from truth. is an executive and career coach/adviser based in South Central Pennsylvania. being treated fairly. They may imagine they are protected from lay-offs or termination. She connects with clients primarily by phone with in-between emails if desired. they probably need therapy. Bosses cannot evaluate someone fairly when they are personally and inappropriately involved with that person. being held accountable. If the relationship changes or ends. they themselves feel cheated and disappointed. that she has flawed judgment. Continuing to coast doesn't solve the workplace problem or enhance a career. Denying reality is not living a responsible life. and they may overinflate their value to the organization. and being recognized for outstanding contributions as they occur. these women are on shaky ground. the truth will in fact smack that woman in the face sooner or later. Feeling better only lasts for a while. Her ideal clients are senior level corporate executives and nonprofit executive directors who are willing to commit to working steadily and diligently to move from their .217 possible fix. It demonstrates that this woman cannot see things as they are. Owner and President of Launching Lives. If the boss delivers. EXPECTING FRIENDSHIP FROM SUPERVISORS AND/OR BOARD MEMBERS Women who expect gifts. Women seeking this sort of attention get to feel powerful when the boss indulges them in the ways they desire. these women risk colleague ire when others find out. It's a habit that serves no one well. employee performance appraisals can suffer.

only a few ones are able to make it to the top. Hepler's background includes: teaching. produced an audio CD on "making change". and deeper sense of purpose. Hepler has written a "Special Report" entitled. Undergo training . Hepler demonstrates keen insights into human behaviors. determination and creativity that are all necessary to be a successful hairstylist. and executive leadership of a 14 county nonprofit organization. Board development. and bulls eye skill around matching appropriate communication strategies with particular situations. mission/vision development. retail sales. exceptional ability to prioritize projects and tasks. freelance writing. patience. improved self-confidence. She has a working knowledge of staff supervision. and organizational collaboration. public speaking.biz> 717-761-5457 ist Amazing Tips For an Aspiring Hairstyl- Among all those who dream of becoming a stylist. and increase balance in their lives. networking. increased skill. reduce unnecessary suffering.biz <mailtoSylvia@launchinglives. Her mission is to support executives as they get unstuck. noteworthy results with most coaching clients. SWOTT Analysis. PRODUCTS: Ms. "FIVE FATAL FLAWS in EXECUTIVE THINKING". CONTACT: Sylvia@launchinglives.218 current status of stuckness to greater clarity. This is because not everyone has the talents. and launched a monthly teleseminar series called "Solutions By Sylvia". If you are aspiring to become one and you dream of becoming successful and popular for your chosen field. Ms. Ms. Quality Management. here are some amazing tips that will help you as you make your way to the top. skills. Her deep empathy coupled with a no-nonsense approach yields swift. the hiring and firing of employees.

respecting and responding to their needs and concerns. and fashion so that you will be able to give your clients the best kind of service. Nobody will want to be your guinea pig if you are careless in your styling or cutting practice. you still will not become successful. for your cutting. Practice. But of course. Use only high quality hair tools and equipment The tools and equipment you use on your clients hair reflect your competence as a hairstylist. practice makes perfect. The hair styling industry is continually evolving and you need to keep up with the latest hair trends. it would be best to make use of excellent brands like Kamisori shears for instance. with the members of your family. cruel and you do not treat your customers well. practice. the customer is always right. It is not any different with cutting hair. protect it from damage. Cultivate a healthy working relationship with your clients by listening. Do not stop learning Just because you have graduated from a training program does not mean that you already know everything. and give out excellent results. If you fail to absorb the valuable lessons from your training course. It does not mean that when you are practicing. you may not be able to do your job well. or with some of your friends. Remember. it would be a good idea to first practice doing so with yourself. you would surely be able to whip up a haircut masterpiece each time you have a customer. With creative cutting and styling techniques. and a pair of Kamisori shears. Enroll in a reputable beauty school and work hard during your course.219 Before you can become a hairstylist. Cultivate friendship with your clients Even if you are the most talented hairstylist in the world. Be diligent in your training because education is the top most factor that will help you become a successful stylist. practice As they say. Before you actually go and cut or style your clients' hair. equipment. You cannot expect people to trust you with your hair if you do not utilize high quality tools and equipment that will keep their hair safe. you should first undergo a training course that will teach you the basics of cutting and styling hair. skills. you have to be careful when doing so. . For example. it is okay to make mistakes. if you are mean.

The same problem with time applies. actively attending a college or school is extremely time consuming. seem wonderful. Suddenly.220 Becoming a successful hairstylist is not something that would happen overnight. but these too are fraught with difficulty. You need to have the proper training as well as the right working attitude to reach a high position in the ladder of success. the weekly amount of hours you intend to spend learning how to bartend can double. all under the guidance of a qualified and experienced bartender and tutor. The idea does. added on to the fact that at the end of a normal working day. Yet there are many drawbacks. you are required to push yourself further. With these courses. How many times do you come home and just want to kick back in front of the television with takeout. but traveling does take up a lot of time. To begin with. Krystal is a professional hair stylist with Salon Hive Hair Tools <http://www. the purveyors claim. not only do you have to factor in the time spent in each class. This problems become exceedingly difficult to fit around a current work or education timetable. any would-be bartender can come and learn the art of drink mixing.com/kamisori-ergonomic-cobra-hair-shears. but trying to attend while holding down a job or study schedule is extremely difficult.salonhive. and how many times do you actively feel like going and learning something new? Night school courses are all well and good when they can be your sole focus. in principal. The answer in these instances may seem to be night school. you lose the money.The Downsides of Bartending School The increase in job seekers considering learning to bartend has lead to something of an explosion in schools and colleges offering bartending as a course. If you do decide to stop attending halfway through.html> Division Learn to Bartend . just through the commute alone. .

If you wish to learn to bartend. possibly with some help in memorizing them. Whether you are just starting out or have been in the business for a . What is taught at a school or college. However. and online courses such as audio training can do the rest.audiobartender. in terms of bartending. so no need for an actual individual to be explaining things. There is no theory needed for learning to bartend and no need for interpretation. many factors are put into the price. electricity and a thousand and one other incidental amounts that must be covered by the course fees. The overheads and tax problems alone making learning at an institute an undesirable prospect unless one really does have more money than sense. have help when you need it and learn by yourself without the distractions of other classmates. textbooks. The AudioBartender <http://www. The information doesn't change. It is learning what goes into a drink and how these are prepared. by far the best option is to learn with an audio course. This includes the cost of the teacher. at your own pace. The other benefits of learning for yourself are huge. when there are ways and means of obtaining the necessary information yourself. With a school or college course.221 There is also the issue of the money itself in general. there is a way.com> Advanced Learning System is a cutting edge tool that can provide you with everything you need to learn to become a bartender FAST! Start in the Drywall Trade at a Higher Wage Today's article is geared towards those of you who are new to the drywall trade. and learning for yourself? Prices of the raw materials are extremely competitive. but the cost of a person teaching it to you and you teaching it to yourself using an online or audio guide does. Why pay someone else to teach you this. venue hire. You can fit it around your own schedule. is largely theoretical.

but it has been my experience that if you maintain a relatively high level of proficiency you will remain a desirable commodity for most employers. Economic downturns can have a detrimental effect on the availability of certain types of jobs in the marketplace. The drywall industry has proven over the years to be a fairly stable and relatively high paying profession for people seeking employment in the construction industry. Inc. when I tell you what I think an employer is looking for in a potential prospect. And take it from me. you will need to acquire a large amount of information relative to your topic. Granted. I would not expect you to think you will be able to learn every facet of this business simply by reading a small amount of material relating to the subject.222 short length of time. It is with this in mind that I will attempt to impart some small portion of my accumulated knowledge in order to better prepare you for a career as a drywall craftsman. it is my desire that everyone make as much money as he or she can in this profession. So. And. In order to shorten your learning curve as much as possible. the criteria only get more demanding the tighter the market gets.. . I am speaking from first hand experience. This is the reason it can be so difficult in times like these to compete with the guys who have a little bit of experience. Therefore it is imperative that you learn as much as you can as rapidly as you can. having done hundreds of interviews with new hires myself over the years. My aim in this short treatise is to give you several suggestions which should enable you to demand a higher wage as you begin your job search. but I know from speaking with my colleagues in the business that they are just as selective. These are more in line with human relation techniques as opposed to actual building techniques. at any given time. since your topic is the drywall industry you've come to the right place. And as the work is at times somewhat repetitive it is surely a matter of practice makes perfect. I tend to look for the exceptional person when interviewing. And as the years go on the wages seem to be escalating fairly steadily. I can attest to this myself being a drywall contractor with as many as 40 employees working for my company. Galaxy Construction. It would be presumptuous of me to think that I could cram 30 years of drywall experience in to a forum this size and do the material the justice it deserves. The very nature of the trade requires that you gain a certain level of hands on experience before you start to feel comfortable with the work.

The First Step The first step most take when starting out is knowing someone in the business. you can step to the head of the line and get that job that you need to support your loved ones and begin to lead the live of abundance you deserve. Perhaps this might be a brother in law. and possibly at some point in the future we will work together on making your unspoken dreams of self employment a reality. running and enjoying your own profitable drywall business. So when you go to the office you may have a leg up on the competition because someone you know already works there and hopefully has a good reputation within the company. However you find your first drywall job it is usually recommended by someone who is already in the trade. that the only option we had was to produce the best online courses available to the public regarding starting. Or perhaps you found an ad in the classifieds under help wanted and you're going in blind.223 But I'm here to tell you friend. allow me to take you under my wing and save you all the blood. This actually speaks volumes about the desirability of obtaining employment in this field as it has been my experience that it comes with such a high endorsement from those already in the business. . or a close friend. an uncle. because I could speak to my own strengths and perceived benefits to the company without the excess baggage of having someone already on the inside generating preconceived notions about me one way or the other. You'll be able to find out how to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity on our Products page. sweat and tears that I shed in the acquisition of my large cache of knowledge. are driven to succeed no matter what. For the rest of you I will continue to be your mentor and guide on your continuing journey. The first step is becoming a full time member of the free drywall solutions community and letting me show you everything you need to succeed in this field. and my tutelage. Consider yourselves my students. Of coarse this is such a large amount of content (30 years worth) and represents literally thousands of hours of work by my dedicated staff and I to put together. you could actually be running your own successful drywall business in an incredibly short period of time. For me this was always preferable. this program is only for the extremely motivated among you who like me and my staff. Unfortunately. if you will believe in yourself half as much as I believe in you. With the resources at your disposal within these pages. but for now.

You have to do it everyday. the walls have ears.com building people's character. I know this sounds harsh. no job. When I shake someone's hand and it seems like I was just handed a dead fish.R people are busy so you don't have very long to do it. The remainder of my advice is common sense for anyone who wishes to remain gainfully employed. how can you expect me to take a chance on you around my customers? Whenever you are on the job you are representing my company and our values and one of our core values is self confidence. owners and H. but you may as well find out now that there is a big difference between the drywall business and an afternoon tea party. no show. Do what you say you're going to do. 4. If you don't have enough self confidence to look me in the eye. on time every day. These are the basics but it's a good start. Soon you'll feel like an . 3. 1. my decision has already been made and I probably won't hear anything else you have to say. The Interview The interview should start on you're initiative with a genuinely warm smile. and a firm handshake. And remember to pay it forward.224 In either case you want to make the best impression possible and. Don't think you know it all because you can get up twenty sheets a day. No call. Learning is like taking a shower. Some people may not be familiar with this concept but it's called "INTEGRITY". Keep your lips zipped and do your job and you won't be the first one laid off two days before Christmas when things slow down. If you downplay this aspect of the hiring process you do so at your own peril. You either have it or you don't. And don't worry. Staying Power I have seen people go straight to the top over others who had been with a company for years strictly based on how they presented themselves. Luckily for you I intend to spend a great deal of time on free drywall solutions. Don't talk smack on the job about your boss or other employees. Show up. Shortly you will be shown the door and I'll be speaking to the next applicant. We'll be here to lead you by the hand every step of the way. Period 2. Trust me. If you can't make it call. Join the forums or post a comment on the blog. You're a part of the free drywall solutions family now and we don't let family down. take it from me. unless I need somebody today to take care of an emergency situation. This is the one attribute that has made me more money than anything else I have done. introduce yourself and give me a firm handshake. assuming you are hired.

"Does it work?" I guess there could be several motivations behind this:* * * * * may be testing to see one's level of conviction may be testing to see if one is really making any money at all may be creating a self-defeating excuse for not doing anything may be making an excuse for not feeling able to do it may be denying any possibility of a better future. Everybody likes good advice when it makes them a better person so spread the word. Copyright © 2008 by Edward Clark.com How to Make Money . http://free-drywall-solutions. We Help Ourselves" Edward B. If you think you can .com> .225 old-timer with lots to tell the newbie's. You tell me . or her.I'd love to know. but in the next breath they ask.you're right.free-drywall-solutions. Think! Bottom line is that anybody who asks such a question is really saying "No" to his.It is YOU That Has to Work It never seizes to amaze me how people say they want to know how to make money. Clark.It is Not the Product . If you think you can't .you're also right! Think about that. I sincerely hope you found this article helpful and I look forward to spending more time with you in other areas of Free Drywall Solutions <http://www. own future! . All rights reserved "By Helping Others.

then you should not throw it away at the onset of a recession. it's more likely you'll find technology doing the teaching . Now . Neill is committed to combating our lack of knowledge that keeps us chained to jobs.you do the work. Challenge? Yes. if I work and do whatever it takes. "I'd like to know how to start my own business. we have to use our time to maximum effect. do you think I can make money?" That displays a much more positive attitude towards the challenge. when somebody more experienced can show you the way.com <http://realjoyhowtomakemoney. . at work. Face it . R.that means . most of us do). the truth is that safe doesn't cut it .all you have to do is follow the system . Visit: http://realjoy-howtomakemoney. The business is developed 100% on the internet .it is uncomfortable to do something new and different. In this modern age. If you have lost your job.if you want a better life. We all like safe routines (well. Unfortunately. Safe is walking the dog. The question should be. bills.com/> Thank you.and the sky is the limit! You can do it! Go visit and good luck! If you want to fight back. and debt. Maybe you can do something extra while at home. Our very best people have put together a brilliant set of teaching videos that lead you every step of the way . but also have more free time! Cool! It's always much easier to make money. when you can follow somebody else's experience and system. if we desire a better and different future.226 The question is totally wrong and misses the point miserably. eliminate debt. If you are one of the lucky ones who still has a job.blogspot.blogspot. and less stressful. No matter what. How about finding a way to have more money. on the job. you can dedicate much more time to your new future. then we need to face the discomfort and do something new and different.to success. and find financial freedom then this is the place to be. but the fact is that we only have 24 hours in the day and if we want a better life. Safe is staying on the sofa and lounging in front of the TV. renewed and concentrated efforts are needed for your life to take a change for the better.it's so much more efficient in the use of the teacher's time. You need to find an opportunity that you can develop part time. It's also easier. Our business is no different. step-by-step. Nothing against these pleasures.

Research your industry. along with environmental.The Wall Street Journal. It is all around us. . Is your field growing or decreasing? Have job functions been removed? There are a number of online resources that can provide projections for specific areas. pharmaceutical. 1. What officially is a recession? A recession is the extended decline in the gross domestic product (GDP). are they willing to hire? Is now the time for me to begin a job search and start a new career? Though hearing the word and thinking of the consequences stemming from the recession can be scary. According to The Bureau of Labor and Statistics. websites and radio are all reporting stories of financial despair. Based on activity within the FPC system nationwide. biotech. Healthcare. some of these retirements will still happen. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics. the TV. 76 million baby boomers are expected to retire leaving large vacancies in the management ranks across many industries. When we hear this word we automatically think job losses and economic doom. if businesses are experiencing a decline. the areas expected to lose the most employees are Education. rest assured there are still reasons to keep a positive outlook in a job search. You may be wondering. Let's take a look at steps you can take in your job search during an economic downturn. There are also a number of industry and business blogs which you can locate using a blog directory. Even with a recession. There is more good news. Over the next five years.227 Recession . Look to your industry associations for information.There Are Still Reasons to Stay Positive Recession. Recession the word is everywhere. typically two consecutive quarters. The expected shortage from the boomers departure will have a profound effect on the availability of jobs. security and international business are just some of the areas with strong job activity. and Financial Times are a few sources. Barron's. Manufacturing and Engineering. and jobs will still be available. medical device. They can tell you what is happening in your industry and give you a better idea of what the job market looks like.

228 2. Find areas of waste within your company. so make sure you put some effort into branding yourself online. 6. Stay Flexible. Seeking informational interviews through networking is a way to get the word out about your job hunt and get some assistance from the inside. Help others with their career search. Keep your resume updated to include your current or most recent company and newest skills. Recruiters also have access to positions that are not advertised to the general public and can highlight your achievements to potential employers. Find a mentor who can lead and support you through the process. Suggest ways of efficient spending in the workplace. This can mean a profile on the professional networking site LinkedIn. It's also important that you lay the groundwork now for a successful search. 7. 8. 5. Taking these steps will make you more marketable and competitive in your search. maintaining a flexible attitude toward transitioning your skills into a new area will help you broaden your reach and make you more marketable. Read the article entitled "Social Networking Can Damage Your Job Search" for more information on managing your online presence. or any other place your name appears online where you have the opportunity to sell your qualifications. Partner with an expert. This means knowing what a potential employer will find if they google your name. . By networking you can find out about job openings that are not advertised. it is vital for candidates to be cognizant of their online presence. 3. Always have your resume ready. taking steps where you are now to pack your resume with accomplishments will help you stand out in the crowd. Evaluate your expertise. If you are particularly interested in changing positions now. Some of the things you can do within your current company to help your job search include: 1. Network. A recruiter or a career counselor can help position you for a successful hunt. Maintain Your Online Presence. That means. Have you expanded on your skills over time? What can you offer that others cannot? Are your skills transferable into another industry that is projected to stay strong? 4. always lend a hand to those you know are seeking networking help. In today's job market. Whether you are looking for a job or not. Seek ways to cut costs. Anyone who reaches out to help others network for their job search is more likely to receive reciprocal assistance. or social networking sites like Facebook. You do have some control over this.

Work beyond your job title and description. has spent a number of years developing extensive knowledge of the recruitment industry and successful franchising since joining FPC in 1995. 4. efficiency. learning an industry standard software is very important. Be a team player and promote a positive morale within the office. creativity and value.often for free. Ron earned his MBA in management and undergraduate degree in marketing and management. CEO and President for FPC . . and you will need your coworkers to provide glowing references to potential employers. Skill advancement.fpcnational. Be noticed in positive ways. Ron is considered an industry expert and has provided insight into workforce trends for print publications. radio broadcasts and industry podcasts. Keep a positive attitude. You can also take online software classes . There are many tools online that can help. Plan your next move. focus on your skills that can be used in other industries and consider changing your career path if necessary. 3. A disgruntled employee rarely gets a positive reference. Leave a great impression each day with co-workers and supervisors. Even if you don't use a given software at your company. network and research different industries to find your niche. Volunteer for additional responsibilities that can be highlighted on your resume. communication. and long term value. FPC (F-O-R-T-U-N-E Personnel Consultants) offers hiring clients and job candidates an unmatched experience characterized by quality. If you're not working in a promising career field. Go above and beyond. FPC is a trusted partner whose relationshipbased business emphasizes commitment.229 2. People remember this. Be professional at all times. A nationwide leader in executive search and recruiting for executive and management jobs.com> . 5. Increase your visibility. Take a few classes or attend career enhancement workshops. Ron Herzog.Fortune Personnel Consultants <http://www.

Follow these steps to ensure that anyone who researches you online would want to meet with you or hire you... Step Two: Google yourself.230 Making Social Networking Your Job Search Ally The importance of social networking sites in the job search continues to grow. so it's more important than ever that you take control of your online brand. Employers increasingly look to "personal" pages on MySpace and Facebook to make very professional decisions. so start with the basics. budget control. You're ready to make changes to the pages you know about-see if there are any pages you don't. Another 19% said they planned to start or increase this practice in 2008. This is the beginning of building your brand. . These can be broad (e. Step One: Create a list of things you want prospective employers to know.g. project management. Step Three: Eliminate the negatives. safety. One survey found that 45% of employers view social networking sites (and use search engines like Google) to research candidates. strategic planning) or more specific to your role (e. Compare what you find to what you would like others to see.g. You're not alone if these pages don't reflect your strengths as a candidate. What is your profession and how many years of experience do you have? What roles have you filled? What skill or experience do you offer that sets you apart from other candidates? Where do you see yourself in five years? Identify keywords that reflect your skill set. but many people signed on to sites like Facebook to interact only with friends.) Remember that personal appearance is part of your brand. You may be surprised just how many hiring managers are investigating applicants online. Consider what you want a hiring manager to see in online photo albums. Sites like LinkedIn and ZoomInfo only permit career-related information.

so post in the evening or on weekends. distracting graphics. Remember that everything you post is stamped with the time and date. Sites like MySpace offer layouts that can quickly become messy and visually cluttered. The look of your online presence matters as much as its content. Err on the side of being too conservative. It's likely your knowledge and attention will be appreciated and you will have just made another contact in your industry. Embrace appropriate humor. respond.231 Change the privacy settings on any purely personal pages so that only friends can visit them. Step Four: Create your positive online brand. You can post entries on other peoples' blogs and still build your credibility as an expert in your field without having to spend the time starting your own. MySpace. If another blogger posts a question that you can answer. so simplify any pages that have unnecessary. Jobster. so take the time to make sure your thoughts are clearly presented. as it can give the reader a sense of what it's like to have you on a team. Even if you're blogging to identify a challenge. these can provide a good forum. Consider starting a career-centric Web site or blog where you can share details of your work experience and demonstrate leadership by making suggestions on how your discipline could improve productivity. Step Five: Relaunch your online brand presence. This shows your enthusiasm but also demonstrates you won't use business hours to update personal pages. offer a solution. so use the same tone as you do in the text about your personality and interests. Facebook and ZoomInfo? If not. and also consider just how many networks you have joined. Many trade journals and Web sites also host blogs. Get out your list and spread professional information throughout your profiles. Cull through "friends" lists to eliminate access by people you don't really know. Make sure all your online references to work are positive. Then visit all your public pages and remove any content you wouldn't want a prospective employer to view. make choices now and delete any accounts you may neglect. Can you commit to checking email and keeping profiles current for LinkedIn. Blog posts show up in Google searches. . There's no reason to be sterile when discussing your career online. so if you are short on time or technical expertise.

efficiency. Ron is considered an industry expert and has provided insight into workforce trends for print publications. communication. Ron Herzog. has spent a number of years developing extensive knowledge of the recruitment industry and successful franchising since joining FPC in 1995. creativity and value.com> . Ron earned his MBA in management and undergraduate degree in marketing and management. Employers are watching candidates more closely than ever online. but there's no reason why you can't turn this attention to your advantage. These steps make social networking sites a true asset in your job search. CEO and President for FPC (Fortune Personnel Consultants) <http://www. Social Networking Can Damage Your Job Search If You Let It .232 Let your recruiter and existing online contacts know that you've updated your profiles or that you've become a regular on an industry blog. FPC is a trusted partner whose relationshipbased business emphasizes commitment. evaluate what they currently see and make the necessary changes.fpcnational. This is a ready opportunity to remind everyone that you're available and prompts them to look you up when you can make the best possible impression. Choose what you want hiring managers to know. FPC (F-O-R-T-U-N-E Personnel Consultants) offers hiring clients and job candidates an unmatched experience characterized by quality. radio broadcasts and industry podcasts. A nationwide leader in executive search and recruiting for executive and management jobs. and long term value.

com/> told a true story of someone who almost lost a job offer because the company he was interviewing with was a state agency and was able to access his "private" profile under the Patriot Act. The majority of people leave the setting as public." Not so fast! An article by Kevin Gray on www. Go to your homepage and click on Account Settings. if you choose a large network like a major city and you don't limit your settings. but since you have little control over who sees your profile even if you set your profile to private you still have to be mindful of exactly what you put out for the world to see. The concept of social networking is great. posts on your wall. so take advantage of it. The default setting in MySpace is public. such as the applications you have added. Set Your Privacy Settings to "Friends Only" For those of you who haven't taken this step yet get right on it. to just you so no one else can see it at all. That's why the steps in the rest of this article are also very important in protecting your job search. everyone in that network can see your information by default.233 Social networking sites are fun and can be a huge asset to your job hunt. The positives: You can keep in touch with friends. You can limit particular information. The many privacy settings can be found in the Account link when you log in. Sites like LinkedIn are designed for professional networking can be a very important part of your job search strategy. In fact. But what about the rest of the social networking stratosphere? What about sites like MySpace and Facebook to name just two out of the many that are out there. In some cases. "But I already set my privacy settings so only my friends can see my profile so this isn't relevant to me.jobweb. but if you are in a job search. If you are saying to yourself. While this warning is most significant in the area of child safety on . They are places to express yourself and share your creative side. or photos in which you have been tagged. Change the setting to Friends Only. The Possible Downside: More and more companies are using social networking sites as part of their interviewing and background checking process and frequently find content on these sites that ultimately change their mind about offering someone a position. this is the first precaution to take. Only Invite Your REAL Friends into your Network The MySpace website itself states that people are not always who they say they are. you can limit it to just your friends.jobweb. On the other hand. there are many options for how you can limit the information that other people can see. In Facebook. the follow up to this article will outline exactly how helpful sites like LinkedIn can be in a job hunt and how to take full advantage of them.com <http://www.

If you only want to be invited into groups by your friends. but they CAN still see your profile in MySpace. "No Pic Forwarding": This is a way for you to prevent people from sending links to your pictures to other people who you don't know in MySpace. you are able to share a lot of personal information about yourself. Without it. It's best to keep it out of the job search process so limit what you post. religion. It's an important difference if you are attempting to block a potential employer. you also have to consider the appropriateness of the photos that you are posting to begin with. You can also go back and remove or hide the information as you head into a job search. relationship status. occupation and income. it is also relevant to your job hunt. Blocking Users If you decide to block a user for any reason.234 the internet. MySpace groups are being used to post adult content and unsuspecting people are being invited into these groups to increase the group's membership count. it's important that you check this option under Account Settings. You can reject any comment that you deem inappropriate for what you want out there in your online presence. Other Important Settings "Approve Comments before Posting": this function allows you to have control over what other people are posting on your page. Think about what photos are acceptable to be seen by a potential employer and use that as a guide as to what you post. but you wouldn't necessarily want an employer to view as being endorsed by you. but they just can't contact you. anyone can write anything they like on your page without you knowing ahead of time. ethnicity. The company should be making a decision based on your qualifications and not any of the above. You don't want to open your profile to people you do not know. Sometimes friends can write things that they may think are funny. "Friend Only Group Invites": Unfortunately. relationship status and birthday. Facebook allows you to show your sex. just keep in mind that a blocked user can not even view your profile or see you in search results on Facebook. check this option. body type. Be aware that a potential employer can see this information. And while you don't want people who you don't know to see your pictures. such as sexual orientation. Limit Personal info During Setup When you create your MySpace profile. Friend-only "Friend-only Blog Comments": If you only want people you know to be able to post comments on your blog or profile in MySpace. Precautions .

efficiency. But don't let that fool you. Ron earned his MBA in management and undergraduate degree in marketing and management. And remember that while there is a potential down-side to social networking sites during a job search. Your login information can be captured and explicit or unwanted content can be placed on your page. there is also a huge upside. Don't post for the "now".235 Get familiar with phishing scams and how to avoid them.com> . An employer doesn't necessarily consider a photo proudly displaying your 10 tattoos something they would be comfortable with. radio broadcasts and industry podcasts. CEO and President for FPC (Fortune Personnel Consultants) <http://www. Will you be searching for a job at some point? Will you be entering a conservative industry? A picture of you boozing at a frat house may be funny to your friends at age 19. creativity and value. . Take these precautions and your job hunt will be stronger because of it. think about your future. FPC (F-O-R-T-U-N-E Personnel Consultants) offers hiring clients and job candidates an unmatched experience characterized by quality. and long term value. communication. Ron Herzog. Post For the Long-term Sites like MySpace and Facebook are inherently about creativity and self-expression.fpcnational. especially if you are being considered for a client-facing position. make sure it is legitimate before logging in to a fake site. but may hurt your job hunt at a conservative law firm at age 25. has spent a number of years developing extensive knowledge of the recruitment industry and successful franchising since joining FPC in 1995. FPC is a trusted partner whose relationshipbased business emphasizes commitment. If you are ever sent an email that looks like it is from your social networking site. A nationwide leader in executive search and recruiting for executive and management jobs. Ron is considered an industry expert and has provided insight into workforce trends for print publications.

team play is for Boomers. After several months of hearing a young woman report the news from China in a cynical tone. The telephone operator. She's likely a member of the Millennia generation. is that radio and television stations actually hire young women to do commercials with this grating voice. At the mall. Female announcers reporting on the world's news have also used this distracting voice. Alas. Rarely do you hear young boys or young men use this tone of voice. she seems very wary and distrustful toward life. I sent an email to her station expressing my concern. born after 1980. Generation X is contemptuous of their Baby Boomer parents' values. The stage was now set for many of these young women to continue to express their pessimism. born roughly between 1961 and 1980. very young girls with innocent faces speak to friends with the voice of a cynical whining woman. "The Cinderella Complex". you don't have to see the face of the young woman speaking to know her approximate age. leaving them a legacy of fractured families and federal deficits. Sadly. they entered the workforce and encountered the Glass Ceiling. This undesirable characteristic was inherited by the Millennia children. but listen carefully and you will notice a weird phenomena going on with young girls and young women. It can only be assumed that their young daughters subconsciously learned this habit. Within a few years. but she could also be a member of Gen X. this trend is spreading rapidly. it's not too late to snuff out this unfortunate trend. Have you noticed? Perhaps you haven't identified it as such. Customarily heard on the radio and in TV commercials.236 Do You Talk Yourself Out of Business? Young women have developed a skeptical tone to their voice in recent times. The most shocking issue. It . portrayed by Lily Tomlin years ago. I cannot trust any information given by someone with such negativity. perhaps. Personally. Colette Dowling's book. for future generations. I believe I know the answer. may have inspired the Gen X girls to convey to the world that they had both feet planted firmly on the ground and were not about to depend on a man to take care of them. demonstrated this nasal and almost mocking voice. I hope. their friends picked it up. If you have ever wondered why this occurs. I'm referring to the very nasal method of communicating that originates from the front of the mouth rather than the throat. written in 1981. She won't be a Baby Boomer. they are cynical and trust only themselves. In effect. Dad was promised a gold watch but got a pink slip instead. Thus.

they often pause out of ingrained "gender politeness" before speaking up in the board room or other mixed-gender settings. but how you say it. visit http://www. THE Image Architect is an image consultant and professional speaker based in Norfolk/Virginia Beach.theimagearchitect. For more information.Can Flexitime Save Jobs? The flextime approach requires employees to work a certain number of hours during a core work period in the middle of the day ("coretime"). She conducts customized Branding for People? workshops on a regular basis. The Glass Ceiling still affects women in the workplace and part of the problem has to do with speaking styles that differ from men. Women have higher and softer voices. That certainly includes your tone of voice. Another . one employee may decide to arrive at work at 6:00 in the morning and leave at 3:00 in the afternoon. However. These women may literally talk themselves out of business. It is not always what you say that makes an impact. but if young women speak out in a voice that sounds more like a nagging mother than a mover and shaker. they may strike out.com or call 757/627-6669 Surviving the Economic Crisis . with 30 years of international and national experience helping individuals and Fortune 500 companies improve their image. Furthermore. Sandy Dumont. so they often command less credibility as a result.237 seems that I wasn't the only one to complain because she is no longer heard on that station. Under flextime. Two strikes and you are not out. the employees are free to decide when they want to come to work and when they want to leave ("flexband").

evaluate your college credits and past educational experience. Thinking of changing your Career?.238 might arrive at 10:00 in the morning and leave at 7:00 in the evening. through AEU. Flextime reduces the stress of getting to work during busy rush hours. most employees seem to like flextime. became much higher after implementation of flextime. and flexi time was offered by about one-third of all U. could mean the difference between having a job.. The few studies dealing with the impact of flextime on performance have concluded that flextime sometimes helps and in any case doesn't seem to hurt. Further. then you still have an opportunity to be awarded a College degree. flexitime does assist Organizations in relocating employees in strategic jobs. Not surprisingly. into an Academic qualification. is a series of articles dealing with the New economic changes we face after the October 2008 crash. initially similar to those of members of a comparison group. if teamwork is important.. However. to turn their own unique experience. For instance. For instance.Perhaps your life experience really does count in the new career you wish to pursue. flextime may cause coordination problems. because of the expanded length of the workday. However. and lets employees work during their "best" hours. It may be especially welcome for young families trying to juggle child-rearing responsibilities with work schedules. this difference in satisfaction was still seen six months.after the change!" One summary of flextime studies showed that worker support for adoption or continuation of flextime across nine samples of workers'-: ranged from 80 percent to 100 percent. one recent experiment carried out in a Midwestern utility found that satisfaction :. in the form of a Degree. firms.S. and being unemployed. workers have been singled out to participate in the flextime experiments and may behave differently as a result. This means that if you are unable to continue College for financial reasons. That is. (The Surviving the Economic Crisis. such as for heating and air conditioning. flextime productivity gains may be due to the Hawthorne effect. gives a sense of freedom. rather then laying them off. Flextime may also result in increased costs for administration and overhead. Which in times of high unemployment. In 2005 over 29 million full-time wage employees had flexible schedules. Not all jobs are suitable for flextime. levels of an experimental flextime group. . and deals with ways we could adjust to and survive these changes) The Asian European University assist career minded people around the world.. The Asian European University..

do not recognize that valuable experience.com How to Find the Best Jobs & Live Your Life in the US in 6 Easy Steps This is the 6 easy steps to success for finding well paying employment in the US for your Summer vacation. and employers in your own Country. Find a good travel agency. or you have worked overseas. A good tip is to do some research for the best agency for WAT offering the widest range of US locations and different employers. AEU can assess and evaluate your life experience. that has a Work and Travel (WAT) program service as well. note you drive on the right-side in America (just kidding). But just generally try to get acquainted with the way of life in your chosen part of the . http://www. Interested?. through the internationally recognized APEL method of assessment.Visit the Asian European University website today.. Many people coming to America as WAT students are very surprised with some basic facts about the country.asian-europeanuniversity. Also read the commentaries of people about this agency on any of WAT forums in many languages. and apply for a complimentary assessment by our APEL committee. Australian and British students.. Step 1.. to see if you are eligible for an International Degree. READ ABOUT THE US.239 Whether you feel you are 'stuck' because you do not have the academic qualifications to move up in a career that you actually are very capable in. Step 2.

Try to be open to any information you can find. Decide what type of job you would like to do. Step 3. For those who love big city life. foods. For those of you used to 18 or younger. Step 6. . The dialects. Step 4. it is annoying to say the least but that's the reality. However. New York. Choose the location. Be prepared to send out hundreds of resumes and if you are able hand them out after you arrive (for most countries positions have to be pre-arranged) Step 5. Do not scare your parents by phrases such as: "Finally I got my freedom!" or "I cannot wait to party all night!" The less your parents know the better they sleep. However.e3visa. Talk to your family and insure them you will be great on your own. If you plan to leave in a smaller town your choices may limited although many parts of the country come alive in the Summer after being dead for the rest of the year. Read the tips in Step 2 and make the decision that would be the most intriguing destination for you in the US. and activities would definitely differ in Texas as compared to California. you should learn how to fully control yourself as the US can be a country of pretty strict laws and may have different standards to what you are used to at home. Bring your friends along as it is always better to share your summer with somebody you know! CJ runs the US Visa Information Service <http://www.240 country or state you want to live in.info> for people to ask questions for their future or current US visa issues. Chicago or Dallas might be the more optimal choice for the most fabulous experience of your life. Many people love to live by the beach so California. It is extremely important to note that the drinking age in the US is 21 years old. Florida and Hawaii might be the best options for you. in larger cities the opportunities are more varied.

I loved what I did and I was good at it. The final bullet on his back cover reads: "Career coaching is for sissies. It's a great read with lots of practical tips and real world examples. Here are seven reasons why coaching is not for sissies: 1. coaching may not be the best strategy for you.consistent inaction is grounds for ending the coaching relationship. 4. 3. by Stephen Viscusi. However I have one major gripe against the author. there are usually homework assignments to complete in between sessions. effort. Coaching is not a quick fix. Once I answered those questions we came up with an action plan to get the interview and the offer. Coaching is about action . I was three years into building my career in training and development when I first sought out a career coach back in 2004. It requires an investment: time. Coaching will not be successful if you don't do the work. Working with my coach was not like having a genie. 2. 5. making a wish and presto I got results. Great coaching is never a passive experience for clients. it may take several sessions before clear a clear action plan can be developed. Instead of excuses we search out the real obstacles to moving forward. money. Depending on the complexity and nature of coaching goals. I knew I was bright without any formal tech training I built an access database to streamline tracking and reporting for the companies 1500 employees. The main questions my coach helped me think through were centered on how I wanted to grow and what was the best kind of place for me to grow in. Four months later. and was hungry for something more.241 Seven Reasons Why Career Coaching is NOT For Sissies I recently wrote a review of Bullet Proof Your Job. Coaching requires honesty. I had an offer which included relocation costs from a Fortune 500 company in NYC. It's not like therapy where you just show up (or call in) and talk. Clients who are unwilling to be honest . Tolerating excuses would be a waste of my client's time and money. I am not convinced I would have gotten the same results if I hadn't worked with a coach. but I had outgrown my responsibilities and the company. This was in addition to designing and running stand up and live web classes for the over 90 sales offices. You have to be accountable: A good coach won't let you get away with excuses. In addition to action plans. If you need a career coach you don't have a career. If you are not willing to invest all three." I strongly disagree.

Referring to its past glories and recent return to Chinese sovereignty. Tai Goodwin. with a westernized outlook. To use Mr. in my opinion settle for being unfulfilled. Just acknowledging obstacles. The charming amalgamation of Chinese traditions and British outlook has shaped a modern. everyone would be wildly successful in pursuing and succeeding in their professional passion. what you've always done. choosing instead to get the support they need to take them to the next level. Coaching requires you to step out of your comfort zone: If you always do. While coaching is not for everybody .careermakeovercoach. 6. Brilliant Women refuse to settle. you will always be limited to what you've gotten in the past. You have to be willing to do what's hard. If there was no need for career coaching. 7.com Hong Kong . Hong Kong is a densely populated island.it is definitely not for "sissies"? And it is possible to have a career and be stuck. needing the support of a good coach to help you reach the next level of professional success. Chinese roots and tradition. under- . Viscusi's term. "The Career Makeover Coach". self-defeating behaviors and negative perspectives is not enough. You can read more about her coaching services and see other articles at her blog: http://www. "Sissies".242 about who they are and what they want will no doubt be frustrated with their lack of true progress. is a career coach committed to partnering with clients to take their career or business from bright to brilliant. westernized capital economy with a multi cultural ethos.Cultural Scenario and Work Ethics Recently taken under the fold by the Chinese government. But that's far from what I see: most people tolerate the work the do and long for work that feeds their passion as well as their wallet. It takes strength and commitment to break patterns and let go of bad coping strategies.

Despite being under the British influence.243 standing the ethos and culture of Hong Kong becomes imperative when you plan to move to Hong Kong or are thinking about working there. The constant migration of people has enabled to make Hong Kong to become cosmopolitan. with emerging markets-in real estate. However. The unique cultural ethos at the workplace has brought about a multi ethnic society where people of different nationalities live and work together for a common goal. and the mixing cultures have made the well educated working class with an international market savvy business culture in Hong Kong fast growing. Even after the real estate recession ended in 2003. Hong Kong gained the status of 'Special Administrative region'. The special status endowed by China has lead to a very open import and export policies with only 15% taxation limits. is on the rise. the demand to house the growing expatriate employees is on the rise. Hong Kong has been able to carve a separate identity and the changeover with sovereignty to China has been smooth. during the recent years. Apart from that the local population and better per capita income has given rise for increased real estate investment. it has managed to remain a global city. expatriates looking for work in China need to have language proficiency in Cantonese and Mandarin with a high level of experience in their fields. it was put into the agreement that Hong Kong would be able to maintain a free economy for the next 50 years and so. Though it has been subjected to intense political and economic changes. the prices . with changing times. Work and Emerging Changes Most of the service industries deal in telecommunication. real estate and tourism. Britain got Hong Kong as a colony to rule over for the next 99 years. tourism and a booming service industry. banking. Tourism in Hong Kong has gained a lot of world wide attention. It was in 1898 that the lease was signed and China got back the sovereignty over Hong Kong in 1997. However. The corporate culture is an amalgamation of people working from all over the world. a different ethos and separate identity. As it has become one of preferred base for multi national companies in Asia. Real Estate As Hong Kong strengthens its economy. The perfect mix of ancient Chinese traditions and the overlay of western British influence of the last 99 years have given the people of Hong Kong. Cultural History of Hong Kong After the defeat of China during the Opium War. insurance. the demand for both residential and commercial spaces for buying and on rent. The influx of people over the years has earned Hong Kong the tag of a global city. High end medical facilities have given rise to a new service industry of medical tourism. well adapt to make expatriates feel at home. especially since it is known as the 'Movie Capital of Asia'.

museums. Hong Kong is still alluring to the expatriates from Asia and Europe as people prefer its vibrant culture.webseowriter. She provides quality professional copywriting and editing services. with a bright future ahead. Check out http://www. the beautiful tropical weather and clean shoreline of this exotic island never fails to leave an impact.com Cal Jobs and Private Employer Jobs in California . aviaries. Anita Choudhary has been freelancing and writing on a number of topics for over 4 years. a chance to live in a safe. by both the tourists and the locals. Asia's only Disney World and a multitude of pursuits to keep the whole family happy. international lifestyle. enjoy pristine beauty with warm tropical weather. With small cafes to five star hotels. exhibitions. zoological parks are just a few mentions of what Hong Kong has to offer. Hong Kong is becoming the major destination of expatriates from all over the world. Food expos. Rapid progress in the Tourism industry and projection of Hong Kong as an international travel destination has indirectly helped real estate development in the country. Working and living in Hong Kong is a novel experience with the future looking far brighter than the past. With innumerable malls and international standard shopping festivals held by the government. the country has become synonymous for high quality shopping and visits to the flea markets. Tourism Whether one comes to Hong Kong for work or pleasure.244 are still undervalued making Hong Kong a sought after destination by overseas investors. White sand beaches. modern amenities and plethora of entertainment pursuits have made it a popular destination during the summer months.

MPUG's job board typically features between 400 and 700 jobs at any given time. .2 percent of the State's workforce. (In fact. click "Create Job Alert. all having to do with project management. a private health provider will soon open a new hospital in South Orange County to accommodate future growth. then fill out the form.5 percent) of California's 1. Federal. The recruitment regulars say that when you are job hunting. according to the Orange County Register. MPUG says they will show you how to exploit the Career Center and we presume Cal Jobs. Some advisors report poor success rates to those who use online jobs forums. How about MPUG. one lady reports that she found a sales position on a well known commercially run online Cal jobs board a couple of years ago and it did not turn out well. The quick tour gives you a rapid insight into the features of the job board that can benefit your next job search as an employee. in fact in MPUG you should choose the Job Alerts tab. When you visit and sign up to any online Cal jobs board be sure to set up an email alert of new jobs fitting the criteria you specify. As the population in California grows. so does the need for more medical facilities. The facilities will provide approximately 600 to 800 additional jobs. this is a benefit available only to current members of MPUG.2 million business establishments and employ 84. you won't find the link anywhere on the site unless you're logged in as a member. and for Cal jobs in medicine. She got hired but the position was completely misrepresented and she ended up leaving.245 Private employers are by far the biggest employers of people in California. Most of these workers (11. Anybody looking for a Cal job would do well to read online jobs boards for California jobs. The new hospital should open in the fall of 2007 and will cost about $205 million. Nevertheless. For example.8 percent of the State's workforce. This seems overly critical of a good resource. The point they make is that you should ask yourself have you ever heard of anyone who has gotten a job through a job board? Ask yourself. The Alert Name allows you to specify a title for a specific type of search alert.3 percent) work for the Cal jobs offered in the municipal authorities (local government) which are comprised of both city and county agencies. State and local government employ the remaining 15. you should not spend too much time online. as a hiring manager or employer. such as all jobs in a given locale or that include a particular keyword in the job description. They account for the vast majority (97. Once you're done setting up the alert details.) Also in the future. She finds the general household name job boards to be a waste of time and prefers the specialized sites and networking. However. what do you like about them? What frustrates you about them? Most will say they are of doubtful use." Each alert will be included in a list that appears at the top of the page.

time at school. California. Are you looking for California Nursing Jobs? Highly experienced recruiting staff are always sought after.246 Cal Jobs in Transportation and Logistics Looking to expand or even start your career in Do Sn Ah Chan. your employment possibilities could be endless. With an extensive listing of Transportation and Logistics jobs in Do Sn Ah Chan. Throughout the California jobs scene you find good people to work for if you look carefully. If you engage a recruitment consultant to help you get a job their team will work closely with you to gain a thorough understanding of your needs and will provide you with the best possible solution. Their recruiting experience enables them they say to match you with the best possible California Nursing Jobs in the country.com/> is the place to get your reports. Training takes away from time at work. California? Make sure you know all the options available to you in your industry. If you have employees that need more training but don't have the time to . The job search resources provided strive to provide you with the best experience possible. and one board is tuned into the needs and expectations of professionals seeking Nursing Jobs.com/> pages. Getting the Most From Onsite Computer Training While many people need more training on computer programs they just don't have the time to do it.hot--jobs. or time with the family and a lot of people just don't want to give up that time. Steve Evans says it is a no-brainer if you want California jobs information the Cal Jobs web site <http://cal--jobs. Also see Cal Employment and Jobs <http://www.

If you have everyone attend the training you will know what everyone can do so you can assign the right tasks to the right people every time. A lot of different software companies are willing to come to your business and teach your employees how to use their software. This is just smart business. you may want to consider some sort of training. you might want to look into onsite computer training. This is a great way to get a lot of really straight forward instruction on how to use a specific kind of software. If you have employees that need more training but don't have the time to do it in their personal time. You won't lose valuable time and resources asking people to redo something that wasn't done properly in the first place. Another nice part of having all of your employees attend the training is that everyone will do their work the same way. Chances are that you will see a vast improvement that the training will pay for itself in productivity and accuracy! Caitlina Fuller is a freelance writer. You can do a lot of different onsite trainings for your employees. reliable system that will produce the same results every time. Also. and give it some time to see if you see the benefits or results of such a training program.com/> . so think about what onsite trainings could benefit your company the very most.com/> is offered to businesses.countrywidetraining. start with one simple training. You don't have to go all out. Even Microsoft computer training <http://www. you'll have the most professional looking business because you will have a very consistent. you might want to look into onsite computer training <http://www. A lot of the problem in business is knowing who can do what around the office. . All of your employees will be properly trained and they will know your expectations so your product will be better and your employees will be able to deliver to your expectations. Even Microsoft computer training is offered to businesses and this may be something that you want to look at closer. You can get the most from your onsite computer training if you make sure that all of your employees attend. Microsoft is a very large software base and if your employees are not using it properly or don't understand how to use all of the functions in the most efficient way. In the end. You will find that this is a valuable way to get all of your employees trained that still lack the training that is needed to do the job.countrywidetraining. onsite computer training will save you time and money.247 do it in their personal time. You can do a lot of different onsite trainings for your employees.

. Some job markets are feeling it worse than others are. it is the opportune time to get in front of the pack. This would not fair well for your personal finances. Ask yourself. Your employer may be forced to make some decisions based on the news. So how can you put yourself at less risk of losing your job? By understanding what your employer is all about and what your employer needs. join the club. You need to know that most businesses put more value on people that 'produce money' rather than those that 'cost money'. Some of these decisions may include cutbacks and lay offs. Coming in just a little bit earlier to work can show strong initiative on your part. This may seem obvious but many people do nothing to show their employer that they value their position and are willing to do what is necessary to keep the wheels turning. Your boss is in the business of making money and if the money is not coming in then someone is going to get whacked. If you are worried about losing your job. Just make sure you don't show up early to make coffee and have the first donut. In fact. This is not the time to 'keep your head down'. real estate. consumer product manufacturing and retail. You do this by showing your employer that you are someone that can be an asset to the company. Such as construction.248 Is it Time to Panic? NEVER! Well the news is getting grimmer by the day. travel. Let's face it. how can you become an asset as opposed to a liability for your employer? How about cutting your breaks short? Maybe even your lunch hour? Can you put in an extra hour or two? Putting in extra hours can go a long way to showing your employer that you are willing to do the hard work to get the business back on its feet.

A great resource! Go Here http://www. On second thought. then this might be your shot at a promotion and a raise within the company.com You can now get your questions related to debt and credit answered for FREE! Sign up for our FREE Newsletter and get the information you need to battle unscrupulous debt collectors.DebtCreditLearningCenter. now is the time for you to step up and be a problem solver. Carlos Cruz ccruz@debtcreditlearningcenter.com/newsletter-sign-up.249 If you are the type that is the last one in and the first one out at quitting time. One quick note. then getting your feelers out may be appropriate. Step up and make yourself known. Always remember. and are worth doing. 'Man. Your boss will appreciate any valuable feedback that you are willing to contribute by being a team player. if your employer is one that is having trouble due to 'outside forces'.debtcreditlearningcenter. if I were the boss around here this gig would be running like a top'.com ccruz@debtcreditlearningcenter. it's a dog-eat-dog environment right now. Well. you are most likely to be the first one to go.html . these tips are suggested. If you see that the trouble is in fact stemming from bad management and you feel that you can really make a difference. Put your thinking cap on. things most often are not as bad as they seem.com> http://www. If your employer's troubles are coming from truly bad management. I often remember my fellow co-workers that would often say.

The study by Molloy study confirms that your clothing can indeed improve your image and your career. . Let me help you with some pointers on what you can wear to work to boost your new career. Improving Your Image And Career Advancement: John Malloy. He was able to collect the least amount of $8. A specific experiment was performed to see the extent of how a persons success can be affected by his clothing. an image consultant. Being chosen out of many applicants.How Dressing in Suits and a Necktie Gets You Promoted Before Your Peers Have you recently endured long hours of interviews and managed to land a job offer? Hats off to you for a job well done in getting a new job! Facing new challenges is a thrilling experience. are a better option for you to wear if you want career advancement. What line of business is your work in? How do the bosses dress? Get the feel of the company's culture and you will be able to base what to wear from their apparent dress code. solids. There are a lot of factors when you are choosing the correct outfit. This experiment only goes to show that classic business necktie patterns. ones that have small patterns.25 to pay for his fare since he forgot to bring his wallet. All you have to do now is to make sure that your career is off to a good start by projecting a professional image and dressing the part. performed numerous research that confirms the impact of how being dressed properly affects a persons career. The 28 year old man did this for an hour as he was dressed in plan jeans and a t-shirt and in a suit and tie. You cant just close your eyes and pick out the winning lottery from your closet. and stripes. is indeed an accomplishment. plan what you should.250 Dress For Success . And he made only one dollar more when he was wearing a blue-collar necktie than when he was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. What to Wear: You need to do research on what to wear.38 while wearing plain clothes and four times as much while wearing a suit and a tie. especially during these trying economic times. Molloy assigned a male who was 28 years of age to go to the train stations of New York to ask people to give him $1.

His site features over a thousand different silk ties <http://www.Use Your MBTI® Preferences to Guide Your Career Choice . not just performance wise but image wise too.251 If you want to become a boss then dress like your boss. Being under-dressed is just as ill advised as being over-dressed. Remember that your bosses will be the ones to assess whether or not you will get a promoted and the decision will most likely be positive if they see themselves in you. shirt. Before starting his own online necktie retailer he made a career is sales and sales management. and tie so they wont get crumpled and you would still look impeccable when you show up for out of town business meetings. What Not to Wear: Dont worry about looking savvier looking than your boss. just don't over dress and make everybody else look like slobs. Just make sure you are not dressed too far from the office dress code norm. Investing on how you look and how you dress are essential if you want success. even on Fridays when offices usually dress down into casual attire. But never wear a black bow tie along with a black suit.com/> and other accessories for business attire. a nice necktie will be your best option.com/blog/> . If your new job will require plenty of travel. It is better to look a tad bit over dressed though than to look too casual. Learn what stores they buy their clothing from and purchase from the same stores the next time you shop.ties-necktie.ties-necktie. Pohl is a regular writer on mens fashion. it is best to learn how to neatly fold your suit. Pohl also suggests you have a look at his mens fashion blog <http://www. Career Change Ideas For ENFPs .

Use your Perceiving Preference Perceivers like to go with the flow. to liaise with clients and to interact with a wide range of people. You will want a career where you can build positive relationships with colleagues and clients and where the work you are doing aligns with your own strongly held values.the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® .is one of the most useful tools to help people who are struggling with career choice and career change. Use your Extraversion Preference If this is you. It takes you a step further than all the skills and interests exercises that most books recommend and gets you to explore your career options with your underlying personality in mind. But let's assume you already know your preference is ENFP. so a career that involves adapting to constant change will excite and energize you. You love the buzz of a new project . You will enjoy work where you have to operate at a fast pace. If you are reading this article.252 Are you looking for career change ideas? Do you know your MBTI® type? If the answer to both these questions is yes. If your job requires you to work on your own or focus for long periods on detailed tasks. then read on to find out how you can use your understanding of your personality to help you with your career change. you are likely to feel frustrated. What does this mean for your career change plans? You can make a good start by just considering the individual letters of your preference. thinking on your feet and developing plans as you go along. Use your Feeling Preference The most important thing at work for those with a feeling preference is a pleasant and harmonious environment. Over the years I have worked as a career coach. You will need a job where you are regularly presented with new challenges that require you to think outside the box. you can find out more on the How To Change Careers website. you probably know your MBTI® preferences already and if you don't. make sure you look out for career ideas where there will be plenty of opportunity for you to work in teams. I have found that the MBTI® . Work which is of a routine nature and where set procedures have to be followed will not sit comfortably with you. You may find it challenging to be in a job where you are regularly required to make tough decisions that affect other people. Use your iNtuition Preference People who prefer intuition love to play with and explore new ideas and develop novel solutions to problems.

Disclose information about your family to your colleagues:Keep your colleagues informed about yourself and situation in your family. Then read more about what your MBTI® result means for you and your career and access my ebook. You like juggling a range of ideas or possibilities and are happy to operate with the uncertainty of not knowing what each day will bring. And if you would like to read more about your personality and your career. etc. Let your supervisor be the first to know. You can take a simple and free personality quiz to give you an idea of your MBTI® preferences. What do you do? Do you keep on going to complete your assignment or you take the next plane home.com/career-change-test. From Cherry Douglas .how-to-change-careers.html . Because the people who depend . structured approach will not suit you and plans and planning are not your forte! Use these guidelines as a benchmark to assess career change ideas you may be considering. Work that demands a very orderly. death in the family.253 so make sure the careers you are considering will give you variety. Know Your Career where you will find more specific career suggestions for each MBTI® type. Know Your Personality. But you must carry on with your job.Your Career Change Guide Take Care of Business You are working on an important project when you got a call from home about a possible trouble like illness. They will help you select the kind of work that will energize and inspire you and enable you to bring out your best on the job. There are other ways deals with the situation during these bad times. then I invite you to take a look at the How To Change Careers website http://www.

Kishor is a handwriting analyst. The author. Your work is something that you can do best. Let your family know. an article writer and a blogger. However. Your colleagues will notice you when you are under stress and you need to be prepared to explain to your colleagues. Accept help:Do not take pride in never accepting assistance from your colleagues. Take pride in your job. If you have difficulty performing a task.com . Send out an e-mail or a thank you note. Thank the people around you. You will also realize that it is a relief to tell your supervisor about the fact that you need to be there with your family during a crisis situation. Remember to thank your colleagues:You have to give back what you have been given. You will need support of your friends outside of your workplace also. Kishor invites you to learn more about him at http://www. You cannot take out your frustration and anger on colleagues.254 on you who expect you to complete your assignment know what's happening. He is currently working on becoming a self employed individual. your colleagues will be glad to assist you. They'd be lying if they say they weren't. However kind your supervisor should be. Accepting help from your colleagues is not a bad thing and you never know when you might need it. ask for some assistance.kishorvr. a business exists to provide services and he needs you to meet his needs. People like to be thanked. Find support of your friends:You cannot depend on your colleagues for support even though workplace can be a break from your emotional stress. Plan what you say:Rehearse what you are going to say before you let know your supervisor and your colleagues about what you are going through. Unable to concentrate:When you are going through something bad in your life you will not be able to concentrate on your work since you may be thinking about it. If you find it difficult to express it find another way thank. let your work be a break from all the stress. Besides you cannot bring your personal matters to office.

255 Your Employed But Are You Doing Your Part? Let's face it. Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves. Diane M. but what better time to show that you are capable of rising above the aches and pains of working in a bad economy. but have you considered what your company needs to help them increase their productivity and to change their present situation. we should be using this time to stand out in our work environment. If you look around and you see that your colleagues are negative about their situation.D . that you believe that some day your company will be back on its feet and you will be there when it happens. Dr. Of course. but those individuals who are holding jobs during this time are working harder with less resources than ever before. Go to work and demonstrate that you are a team player. suggest ways to improve the company's output. This is a bad year for the employed. You know you go to work every day and are expected to do twice as much with half as much. Now is the time to help your organization recognize what solutions will allow them to initiate strategic change so that they can ensure that the company stays afloat. Your boss may be frustrated and reflecting that frustration on you. You are probably familiar with many processes that could be handled more quickly and accurately with technology that you have resisted when your company was successful. rally the troops and look forward to keeping your job in a company that you can enjoy going to each day. Guiuan. it is worse for the unemployed. Ed. Turf battles should be put aside and new ways to get things done should be part of your daily workload.

You can still be an agreeable person. don't need to do anything proactive. What's the best you can do? There. etc. If you want the least amount of negotiating besides saying "OK" (which is simply no negotiation at all!) consider these two passive techniques. I look forward to starting.256 What If I Only Want to Do the Least Amount of Salary Negotiating Possible? So you're not one who enjoys conflict? In fact you avoid confrontation of any kind? You don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or take advantage of anyone. present your evidence. so I prefer to leave this up to you -I trust you'll tell me the truth.000 individuals. Jack conducts a private practice named Lucrative Careers. One. is it? Have fun! Jack Chapman. but give you a chance to add dollars to your paychecks.and it will come time to do this no matter how nice you are -. to become more satisfied and better paid in their careers. simply let them talk. You won't push them outside their comfort zone. Some negotiations require action on your part. "Wow. promising. When you hear their offer. Jack works with clients in two ways: First. thanks for your offer. and second. etc. His book.not so good at receiving? You're a helper. You will probably get a raise on the spot. repeat it and say "Hmmm. You don't need to demand more money or even ask for more money. Simply say. Two. that's not so hard. And I'm not a very good negotiator. . to systematically manage their careers to achieve financial independence. You're a giver -. "The Salary Coach" is a nationally known as a career adviser and speaker in the field of career development. Jack has personally coached well over 2." Think about it. make a case. comparing. is now in its 6th edition. Ask "What's the best you can do?" You don't need to argue. "Negotiating Your Salary: How to Make $1000 a Minute". Jack also conducts best in class workshops and webinars in the arenas of salary negotiation as well as a professionally oriented strategic time management course. or even reactive: just be quiet. just don't agree right away! Use the "Flinch. with nation-wide and international clientele. Inc. Other things are more passive. Documenting. don't need to counter offer. estimating. not so good at being helped? Here's the two things you can do that will not create the dreaded possibility of tension and disapproval. Be quiet when it's time to be quiet. You don't need to say "no" to the offer you received or re-negotiate terms or cover fine points." When it comes time -. Since 1981.to talk money. You don't need to break in.

For information about all of Jack's workshops and webinars.com. you must be aware of this fact. A professional bartending school will also be staffed with professionals who know the job and how to do it correctly. you may learn bad habits. specialist job but one that is also extremely rewarding and can be very well paid. Many bartenders learn on the job. suddenly.257 Jack's book is available through local bookstores. as good bartenders who can do their job flawlessly will always be required. practice also needs a little knowledge before it can be used effectively. While practice does make perfect. Professional Bartending School There is no doubt that learning to bartend is incredibly difficult. a capacity to work under pressure and the ability to remember things in what is often a loud and noisy environment. This. in reality. it is definitely worth investing in a professional course or a professional bartending school. however.com.com or in ebook format from his web-site: http://www. learn from the best. you are also minimizing the time you have to learn a drink. the process is so much easier to remember.com jkchapman@aol. and implement them into your own skills set when in reality they are incorrect.com> . incorrect mixtures for certain cocktails. including free offerings see Jack's site: http://www. you will learn the tricks of the trade and the contents of complicated cocktails in a short space of time. By learning on the job. Before you even begin to think about the job. For salary or career coaching Jack can be reached at jkchapman@aol. requires beginning your career as a basic barman and hoping to pick up tips and hints as you work.salarynegotiations.lucrativecareersinc. Amazon. It is always preferable to learn from an experi- . as with anything. Here. If you are considering going into the challenging and exciting field of bartending. Yet this is fraught with difficulties. It is a tricky. You will need an incredible memory. There is also a tremendous amount of job security.

His professional career was in this type of business he knows very well. These rewards will come in the form of both financial rewards through an inflated wage packet. rather than learn bad habits from an inept bartender while learning on the job.com> Advanced Learning System. He has learned from others and he is raised with common-sense. as you will be able to go straight into a permanent bartending job rather than a poorly paid learning job where you are little more than a glorified barman. He resumes these by tossing a single question: why are these people in this team? Some professionals are here because they are very capable in their field.audiobartender. He has noticed that this law is a Darwin-look-alike in business as survival meant focus on what you do best.258 enced tutor who is exact in their knowledge of the requirements of a bartender. Still. Start your bartending career today. The AudioBartender is a cutting edge tool that can provide you with everything you need to learn to become a bartender fast! The Day Before Signing the Contract The new-born manager looks back on his past (experience) before he addresses this new step in his career. but now he has been asked to become a manager of the team. and begin a course in person or online at a professional bartending school. but they miss the entrepreneurial skills to run a business. It's a different kind of responsibility. This is close to the . but less productive when starting their own business. Professional bartending school is a big commitment but one that should pay dividends. A great alternative to $600 classes is the AudioBartender <http://www. He recalls a few lessons from what his experience has taught him. They are productive in a team and organizational environment. he takes a day before signing the contract.

The third "variable" is of course the unwritten contract he received from his boss.Where they are capable of what they want in their (organizational) life.what employees do in the team. so what he must do is to manage his boss and his team at the same time.. Productive-wise. Now the rest is up to you. . they are capable of running their own and autonomous business but they are just as well happy part of a larger organization. They are confident when having colleagues around and they just prefer the (large) organization above entrepreneurship. the second more about style. The first is more about basic productivity and business awareness. He has talked with his new boss and he knows about his ambitions with the company. From then on everything is open to improvements and even some changes. © 2009 Hans Bool 7 Tips to Ace Job Interviews Congratulations! Your resume did its job. So wrapping up. the manager knows that he must concentrate on two things: . and organizational awareness. He accepts the job under the condition that he will assess the competences of the team first and will negotiate on team performance metrics afterwards. It landed you an interview. Other professionals in the team are perhaps not less capable. The manager will be responsible for these ambitions. when preparing for signing the contract. Use the ten tips below to put your best foot forward ..259 fundamental of most outsourcing: let others do what they do better and get your hands free to do what you do best. The manager is quite confident. team roles. but they resent the idea of self-ownership or entrepreneurship.

Make eye contact. A firm handshake. Employers want team players. Dress appropriately. This enables you to talk intelligently about the company during the interview. Positive enthusiasm says you are pleasant and most likely will fit into the team. The interview is your opportunity to sell yourself. Your punctuality will be noted and the extra time allows you time to compose yourself. look for an opportunity to work in these examples.260 before. Bring . As part of your interview notes. At least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled interview time. Know as much about the company as you can before the interview. Research the company. This is more important then most people believe. your enthusiasm can be the tie breaker. pleasant smile and direct eye contact says much about you. Be prepared to give a few examples of how you contributed to a team project for an important client. Arrive early. Timeliness. Think about how your skills can benefit the company making you the ideal candidate and try working this information into the interview. many interviewees miss this opportunity to showcase themselves. If the topic does not come up naturally during the interview. however. Dress for success. Not doing so. during and after the interview showing them you are the ideal candidate: Prepare yourself. Sell yourself. clean and wrinkle-free. Be enthusiastic. Wear business attire that is tasteful. nonverbally says you are inexperienced and unsure of yourself. have a list of things you want the interviewer to know about you. If you are on equal footing with other candidates. to mentally review your resume information and to look over the notes you prepared for the interview. Demonstrate you're a team player.

261 these specific topics up on your own at the end. Summary. Go to Resume Writing <http://businesswritingresources. looking for a better job or just need to update your resume. look no further. if they are not adequately touched on during the interview. Remembering these ten interview tips will go along way to you landing that dream job.officelive.aspx> information on our resume packages. If you are looking for a job.Resume Writing Services Services for more .web. Resume Writing Services offer one-on-one uniquely-written resumes packages that get you interviews. Ron Kness Business Writing Resources .com/default.

82. 243 Attraction 128. 250 agency 54. 230 branding. 153. 99. 8. 145. 245. 99-100. 213-14. 146. 109-10. 77-8. 248 assistance. 60. 68. 70. 58. 156. 171. 93. 259 [17] bad 52-3 male 70 boundaries 182 brand 85. 21. 56. 114 boss 4. 238-9 asset 36. 35. 43. 143. 113. 11 blah 23-4 Bob 44. 70. 118. 10. 214-16. 194. 161. 214 Big Career Mistakes 5. 109. 199 budget 86. 160. 203. 247 [14] lousy 31-2 Benefits of Choosing Careers 3. 160-1. 175. 136. 15. 9. 153-4 automotive industry 3. 191. 164. 169-70. 231-2. 51-2 balance 5. 239 Alltop. 165. 29. 177-9. 148 administration 99-100. 152-3. 26. 175-6. 113. 105-6. 28-9. personal 17 buck 32. 12. 137. 251. 101. 183. 87. 41. 182. 220-1. 18. 162. 75-6. 152. 179 [4] accounting 3. 167. 5. 42-3. 188. 186. 123. 8.com 174-5 America 84. 248-9. 104. 184-5 apples 33. 106. 21617. 103. 257-8 benefits 2. 81. 159-60. 7. 235. 186 applications 35. 7. 158. 216-17.262 INDEX* A ability 22. 128. 130-1 . 168. 12. 257 bartender 220-1. 233 artist 198-9 Asia 18. 90-1. 243-4 Asian European University 138. 238 admissions 185 advancement 79. 52-3. 218 bank 31-2 bartend 4. 239 animals 159. 79-80. 19. 232-3. 126-7. tutoring 95 attention 23-4. 139-40. 153 age 36. 188-9. 79. 52-3. 153. 142-3. 144. 101. 90-1 B babysitting jobs 4. 70.

240. 159-60. 232. 71-2. 144. 185. 159. 203. 156-7 candidates 68. 221-3. 105. 72-3.com 70. 196. 226-7. 12. 74-8. 121-3. 192. 260 Captain Sullenberger 168-9 Captain Sully 169-70 career 3-12. 238-9. 115. 258 [27] based 87. 208-14. 230. 121-2. 13. 148-9. 186 business models 198. 79-80. 23-4. 186. 232. 194-6. 138. 251-2 career coach 73. 251-3 Career Change Mistakes 3. 126. 183. 89-91. 138-40. 168.263 business 72. 140. 131-4. 161 life-long 36 professional 207. 235 Business and Personal Performance Coach 19-20 Business Attire 5. 247-8. 84. 9. 183. 213. 137. 40. 202 BusinessWeek. 93. 252 career change efforts 23-4 Career Change Guide 108. 155. 11. 110. 241-2. 189-92. 208. 107 Career Changers 3. 178-9. 9. 241-2 career coaching Jack 172. 1979. 189. 252 career coaching 4. 176 C Cal job 245 California 149. 245-6 calm 38. 196 career advice opportunities 2-3 career adviser 172. 107-8. 154-5 home 105. 50. 7. 13. 48-9. 80-3. 59. 91-2 business etiquette 91-2 Business Goal Setting 3. 93. 22. 162 primary 162 relationship-based 229. 36-7. 94-7. 258 sales 195-6 career advancement 195. 107-9. 191-2. 107 career choice 3. 256 career change 4-5. 253 career change ideas 3. 155 based 155 unskilled 155 business sales professionals 197 business skills 155 business strategist 157-8 business success 165. 213 business owners 148. 10. 86-9. 250-3 [34] changing 20. 183-4. 124. 250 Career Advice 2-4. 7. 257 . 228. 164. 189. 107 culinary 214-15 greatest 100. 200-1. 8. 156-7. 128.

184. 240 clothing 92 choosing careers 3. 176 Career Freedom 3. 51. 159 clients 17. 192. 258 classroom 62-5. 46. 102. 49-50. 7. 190. 133. 167. 77 career transition 20.com 70. 19. 193. 126. 140. 7. 96 career strategy advice 70. 117. 8. 33. 67. 95. 130. 123. 134. 214-15 CIC (Certified Interview Coach?) 22 city 45. 245 classes 34. 66. 150. 229. 127. 12. 58.com 70. 160. 60. 78. 151-2. 178. 114. 171-2. 229. 99. 252-3 chaos 116-17. 110. 127. 99. 250. 241-2. 106. 229. 147-8 CEO 31-2. 60. 187. 143-4. 195. 238 College & Career Success Coach 44 college students 36. 74. 66 career games 66-7 career goals 35. 111. 243 choices 37. 256 Career Do-Over 3. 62. 97-8. 133. 116. 8. 162. 156 charge 53-4. 22. 220-1. 194. 180-1. 94 career expert 31-2 syndicated 70. 176 CAREEREALISM. 100. 235 certification 59. 104-5. 151. 252 [10] clothes 91-2. 240. 231. 8. 133. 60. 44 College Student's Guide 44 comfort zone 131-3. 176 caution 3. 258 . 233. 49. 54. 203. 242. 220. 192. 235. 11. 167. 232. 127. 241-2 coaching 20. 210. 101 career traps 200-1 CareerBuilder. 51. 167 clothing 91-2. 232. 197.264 career development 44. 207-8 career path 72. 229 career plan 203 Career Plateau 4. 174 Career Enhancement 4. 83. 108. 84. 89 challenges 16. 69. 250-1 coach 100. 196. 164. 10. 90. 151. 42. 176 Career Success in Accounting 3. 219. 159. 71. 174-5. 47. 213 ultimate 203 career ladder 4. 81-2. 163. 172. 90-1. 208 China 236. 256 commitment 37. 198. 243. 242. 169. 81. 65. 64. 165. 113. 145. 128. 241-2 cocoon 163 college 43-4. 39. 183 Certified Interview Coach? (CIC) 22 Chairman 31-2. 252 Change Careers 108.

111-13. 58. 117-18. 212-13. 215. 222-4. 189. 73. 111 debt 37. 210. 119. 234. 221. 126. 28-9. 61. 151. 49. 119. 250-1. 121-2. 70-1. 99. 249 decent women 152 decisions 20. few 105. 165. 139-40. 198. 255. 180. 71. 200. 91-3. 239-40. 193. 159-60. 13844. 76. 260 driving 5. 248. 218. 177. 144. 105-6. 85. 259-60 [33] parent 155. 71. 141. 78. 13. 60. 227 educators 36. 39-41. 187. 91-2. 13. 213. 68. 89. 257 contract 5. 58. 69. 80. 256 dress 3. 128. 231. 238. 193-4. 186 contacts 16-18. 170 computer 39. 142. 149. 243 education 46. 69. 100. 191. 243 curriculum vitae 26 D databases 80. 123-4. 180. 105. 129-30. 233. 258-9 control 3. 195. 118. 233-4 [5] costs 29. 65. 127. 158. 198 credit 52-3. 66-7. 155. 112. 188 department 22. 159-60. 58. 57-8. 132. 167. 72. 249 crisis 127 critic. 249 disease 166 dollars 130. 104-5. 231. 251-2 [5] Definitive Financial Adviser Career Guide 18. 210. 235. 54. 241 days. 71. 144. 97. 143. 12. 186. 183. 26-7. 150-1. 118. 11. 223 complacency 96-7. 60. 177 . 75. 219. 87. inner 23-4 culture 115. 78-80. 228. 25-8. 149. 141. 159. 159. 87. 246 Creative Business Ideas 3. 71. 155-8. 167. 106. 161. 163-4. 212. 127. 84-5 drywall business 223-4 duties 27. 91-4. 118. 198. 103. 200 E e-learning 177-8 economy 3. 206. 34. 223. 62. 80. 259 connect 34. 259 competition 17-19. 196. 145. 211-12. 165. 168.265 companies 15-17. 153. 61. 164 competence 99. 39. 133. 182. 161. 143. 210. 153. 57. 128. 206 Computer Specialist 79-80 confident 41. 158. 21. 115. 85. 79. 245 country 44. 76. 75-6. 8. 143. 76. 201. 181. 102. 234 content 6. 113. 224. 219-20. 226. 18. 250. 50-1. 64. 111. career-life strategy 157-8 difference 29. 202 designations 2 development. 127. 244. 11. 116. 148-9.

52. 137. 65. 66. 188 fireman 178-9 firing 72-3. 192 FPC 229. 125. 72-3. 230. 104-5. 206. 206. 247 fun 63. 104-5. 148. 228. 156. 133. 10. 174. 64. 235 freedom 66. 228-9. 19. 131. 90. 154-5 employees 16. 189. 191. 122. 240 freelance writer 5. 174. 87. 66. 155. 7. 30-2. 116. 195. 31. 238. 200. 110. 68-70. 124. 80. 222. 195-6. 245-7 [19] multi-skilled 193-4 employers 4-5. 69-70. real 206. 41-4. 233-5 fake modeling agencies 3. 156. 64. 260 entrepreneurs 73. 75. 193-4. 136. 109-10.266 Effective Manager 3. 232. 16. 237-8 flirtatious women 152 fool 173. 74. 144-5. 103. 123. 44-6. 19. 189. 218 fit 15-16. 110. 79-80 founder of Call to Career 189. 64. 6. 103. 92. 234 prospective 15. 216 employee mentality 4. 199. 246-7 F Facebook 17. 21. 93-4. 47. 109. 165-7. 151. 164-5. 196 gaps 122 gesture 76 goals 16. 235 format 45. 122-3. 230-1 employment 20-1. 203 enthusiasm 58. 59. 230-1. 189. new 28. 71. 35-6. 212 equipment 44. 86-7. 248 Etiquette of Business Attire 5. 57 field. 214. 81-2. 40. 82. 157. 6. 202. 118. 234-5 G game 66-7. 195. 125. 42. 33. 231. 105. 37. 50-1. 157-8. 219 estate. 29 emotions 137. 1867. 191-2 Financial Advisers 3. 111. 157-8. 82-3. 237-8. 233. 7. 253-4 [8] fashion industry 54-5. 33. 103. 171. 248-9 [17] potential 41-2. 28. 215. 112. 37. 99. 149. 243. 135. 234-5. 164. 25. 78. 213 [5] . 16-18 Financial Advisory Business 18. 260 expatriates 243-4 expectations 117. 54 family 20-1. 193-4. 75-6. 155. 165-6. 93. 158. 175. 148. 41. 256 funny 167. 207. 183. 71. 125-6. 260 flextime 172. 150. 91 examples 21. 80. 157-8. 8. 62. 73. 28-9. 58. 220-1. 162.

80. 44-8. 130. 149. 75. 130. 136. 215. 41. 90. 260 J Jack 172. 15-16. 29. 110. 32-6. 105. 104-5. 214-15 healthcare industry 3. 21-2. 158. 120. 39. 228 interviewees 68. 180. 60. 206-7 [9] Home Based Business and Employee Mentality 4. 187. 189. 35. 188-9. 61. 90. 157-8. 77. 204. 170-2. 185. 185. 74. 123-5. 103-6. 12. 8-11. 101-2. 15. 124. 45. 186-7. 146. 157-8. 199. 49. 206-7. 123-4. 25-30. 50-3. 129. 208-13. 157. 189-95. 40. 21. 227 Healthcare careers 90. 167. 174-5. 214-15. 165-6. 104-5. 94. 13743. 46. 1545. 94-5. 115. 150-1. 10. 108-13. 106.267 guidance 53. 68. 242-4 hospitals 71. 156 good 23-4. 123-4. 227-9 [6] drywall 222 Intel 150 internet business 37. 259-61 [13] informational 34. 91. 215 healthcare 90-1. 53. 104. 213 . 6. 189. 10-11. 196. 170. 140. 133. 158. 88-90. 25-6. 54. 60. 38-9. 228 hints 2-3. 48. 112 interpersonal 137 interview 3-4. 43. 8. 41. 189. 47. 212 [1] industry 19. 90 High Priced Experts 60-1. 202. 135-6. 74-5 highlight 35-6. 114. 87. 256 job 3-6. 107. 220 H hair 56. 191-2. 243 income 19. 198-206. 148. 112. 237-8 [5] extra 248 HR Interview 135 HRDC (Human Resources Development Canada) 195-6 human resources department 35. 257 home 37. 245-8 [35] current 4. 146. 138. 214 healthcare field 90-1. 260 interviewer 21-2. 35. 109. 65. 138. 54. 215-16. 37-8. 245 hours 3. 154 Hong Kong 4. 144 Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) 195-6 HVAC training 95 I identity 101. 162. 112-14. 46. 155. 180. 219 hairstylist 218-20 Harrison 164 health 80. 167-72. 108-10. 82.

230-1. 235 job descriptions 46. 11. 131. 148. 252 leverage 33-4. 90. 22. 117. 213 Legitimate companies 48. 230. 115. 104-5. 33. 191. 159-60. 84-5. 9. 43. 35-6. 38. 120. 114. 222-3. 174-5 kick start 108. 213-15. 150. 89. 131. 21. 135. 107-11. 39. 128. 15. 123. 141. 201 kids 63. 122. 133-4. 74. 257-8 [8] L languages 43. 10. 194. 64-5. 176-7. 230-1. 158. 220 K Kawasaki 3. 229. 80. 104. 9-10. 183. 96. 227 job market 35. 205. 213. 76. 60. 232-5 job seekers 18. 176-7 learning technology 176 learnt 87. 175 Kishor 201-2. 114. 33. 120. 42. 6. 6. 207. 233-5 job hunting success 3. 31-2. 231-2. 140 lessons 61-2. 103. 161-2. 52. 95. 188. 226. 157-8 . 224. 250-1 recession proof 209-10 job boards 40. 125. 11. 118. 239-40 [19] Life & Career Coaching 67 life. 23-4. 245. 205 job loss 4. 99. 15-16.268 home 48 new 15. 239 Law of Attraction 128. 44. 233 list 25. 254 Knowing 4. 142. 245 job candidates 189. 120 life experience 137. 211 leaders 4. 260 Liz 150. 220-1. 258 letter 22. 104. 45-6. 88-9. 22. 212 LLC 16. 159-61. 90-1. 229. 137. 143. 163. 204-5. 96-8. 60. 112. 33-4. 139. 148. 100. 60. 222. 123. 238-9 life style change 166-7 Line Oriented Interview (LOI) 135 LinkedIn 17. 227-8. 245 job hunt 147. 182. 179. 68. 177. 181. 117. 164. 78-80. 116-17. 76. 143-4. 66. 228. 44 job interview 5-6. 12. 96-7. 257-8 learning technologist 5. 12. 191-3. 148. 153-4 layoffs 4-6. 201. 194. 79. 202-3. 125. personal 20. 41-2. 211-12 life 3-5. 59. 165 learning 15. 108-11. 248 job search 4. 205. 144. 151 knowledge 20. 8-9. 232. 219. 227-8. 109-10. 169-70. 109. 112. 208. 122-3.

106-7. 238. 114. 233-5 N nail 82-3.269 LOI (Line Oriented Interview) 135 lose weight 165-6. 159. 81-2. 195-6. 19-20. 93. 240 [6] lower-paying position 28 M magazines 18. 80. 19. 157. 180. 9-10. 190. 35-6. 123. 137. 235 marketplace 34. 92-3. 112 Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW) 22 NCRW (Nationally Certified Resume Writer) 22 network 33. 8. 170. 200. 235 MBTI 3. 122 money 5. 139-40. 88-9. 162. 175-6. 235 [1] managers 15. 50. 143. 88. 222 Marsha 150-1 Maxim model 56-7 MBA 167. 23-4. 50. 122. 212. 47. 13. 143. 101. 219. 173 management 16. 132. 49. 201. 232. 151. 229. 50-1. 83-7. 131. 61. 93. 229. 213. 191-2. 30-2. 155. 245 mentors 100. 58. 184. 233 networking 33. 121. 131-2. 232. 177. 223. 105-7. 236. 183. 195-7. 209 [2] marketing 17-18. 52. 81. 182. 231. 196 modeling agencies 54-6 modeling portfolio 54. 192. 245 New Teacher Resource Center 62. 228 midlife 125-7 million dollars 140. 218 MySpace 17. 181-2 MPUG 245 Ms 114. 258-9 [1] monster 5. 232. 17-18. 7. 116. 230-1. 189-90. 119. 117. 93. 59 nurses 71. 31. 111. 208. 224-6. 169. 145-6. 225 level of 75-6 movement 100. 54. 183-4. 251-3 members 22. 64 New Teacher Tips 4. 148. 134-5. 169. 129-31. 40. 218. 206. 146-7. 183. 212-13. 247-8. 146-7 market 15. 34. 156. 174-5. 229. 43. 155. 228-9. 210 O obese 165-6 . 256 [20] motivation 75-6. 38-9. 180 love 3. 56 models 53-7. 31-2. 81. 113. 73. 180. 187. 111. 198. 53-4. 48. 37. 170. 63 Next Career Move 5. 143. 10. 228. 199. 158. 169. 173. 7. 192. 131. 220-2. 50. 56. 162. 109. 94.

67. 195. 233 . 187. 151 photographers 54. 181-3. 242 person 2. 49. 6. 159. 81-2. 145-6. 61. 240 passing 4. 144-5 online 18. 198. 23-4. 170. 15. 10. 46. 185. 166. 78-9. 234 Personal Performance Coach 19-20 personal trainer 4. 159. 137. 258 online magazine rack 174-5 onsite trainings 247 order 3. 43. 200. 17. 58-9. 191. 185 passion 18. 211. 45. 54-6. 118-20. 39. 213. 55. 95. 181. 36-7. 122-3. 189-90. 61. 117. 121-2. 170 planning 4. 213 organization 43. 253-4 [4] planet 100. 28. 21. 174-5. 25 portfolio 56. 228. 63. 109. 88. 51. 56 photos 56. 192 panel interview 21-2 Panel Interview Advice 4. 231. 57. 177. 125. 156. 161. 63. 255 Palmer 183-4. 206-7. 66. 93. 164 Popular Interview Questions 4. 253 playing 3. 116. 6. 47. 238. 62. 189-90. 99-100. 48. 193. 94. 129. 259 [1] orientations 137 outrun 121 overplan 61 P pages 45. 72-3. 55. 7. 30. 234-5 plan 37. 37. 9. 145. 66. 6. 202 [13] personal information 39. 143. 121-2. 49. 122 position 25. 233-5 pictures 30. 122. 217. 128. 28. 103. 60. 154. 156. 189. 195. 245-6 personal 230-1 pain 59-60. 164. 188. 36-7. 100-2. 143. 183-4. 35-7. 230-1. 7. 109-10. 223. 133. 223 [4] office events coordinator 5. 221.270 office 30. 145-6. 192 Cheryl 183-4. 58. 137. 52. 78. 153. 170. 200. 27. 146-7. 222 [3] organisation 49. 175. 234-5. 98. 65. 52. 68. 27. 76. 203. 234. 59. 202. 54-5. 209. 68. 230-2. 163-4. 66-7. 192-3. 151. 169. 113. 161. 252-3 manager's 70 Ph 16. 180-1 personalities 43. 186. 65. 228 [20] administrative 98-9 positives 136. 117. 159-60. 199. 125-6. 116. 35. 52. 128. 28. 152. 21-2. 21 parents 37. 199-201. 11. 1823.

49. 196. 46. 182. 191. 109. 48 recession 3-5. 141. 189. 194. 120. 225. 35-6. 81. 50. 90. 38. 207. 4. 202-3. 126. 66. 122. 145. 33. 58. 118. 191. 150. 139-42 roofing 4. 11. 176. 45-7. 211 [3] personal 165. 80. 164. 169-70. 85-6. 229. 184. 58-60. 121-2. 230 professionals 29. 228-9. 111. 43. 10-11. 120. 140. 159. 235. 157-8. 87. 162-3. 21. 167 resume 3. 179. 76 Q qualifications 35. 98. 108. 34-5. Colin 168-9 precautions 2. 232 research 3. 71. 231-4 projects 39. 138. 87-8. 79-80. 250. 95. 188 [6] human 40. 41. 100. 192. 201. 152. 201-2. 45 Resume Writing Services 261 Right Career Choice 4. 108. 184 Robert 197 Ron 229. 228. 244 R range 21. 82. 173. 171.271 post 224. 208. 247 profession 49-50. 260 resources 18. 82-3. 229-30. 177. 131. 7. 157-8. 143-5. 56. 233 problems 19. 232 references 39. 114. 75-6. 161. 220 [8] products 2. 21. 216. 93. 118-19. 234 qualities 55. 57. 60. 10. 168. 126. 231. 117. 65. 47. 15960. 209. 47 responsibilities 46. 74. 216-17. 227. 11-12. 252-3 Re-Invent 5. 228. 8. 158. 97. 7-8. 228. 138-42 roofs 138. 134. 180-1. 226-7 recruiters 4. 39. 222. 39-40. 218. 177. 232. 71-2. 156. 159-60. 128. 12. 93. 209-10. 10. 134. 69. 232. 233-5 privacy settings 231. 88-9. 117. 107. 122. 111. 19. 40. 233-5 posting 234 Powell. 104. 93-4. 204-5. 141 . 174. 181. 246. 258-9 [4] Resume Bay 69 Resume Update 5. 257-9 profile 111. 31. 252-3 promotion 4. Linda 16. 101. 89-90. 153. 249 publisher 2 Pucci. 10. 57. 58. 49. 151. 157. 43. 136. 34. 239. 31. 7-8. 169. 235 roofers 4. 158. 49. 151 personal 39 trusted 17 remind 23-4.

198. 155. 249 sissies 4. 194-7. 160-1. 239-40. 77. 115. 139. 81. 15. 33 Suitable Career Path 4. 249 [10] easy 4. 193-4. 152. 214 software companies 175. 185. 38. 227 steps 3. 103. 139-40 Scariest Question 4. 98 secrets 4-6. 239 first 4. 83. 253-4 support 19. 131-2. 29. 143 new 131. 19. 143-4. 172. 12. 232-3. 6. 48. 118-19. 187. 206-7. 79. 160-1. 133. 5. 207-8. 199. 21-2. 11. 245-6 social networking 228. 95. 105. 198. 187 skills 3-5. 251 Sales Connections Inc 197 sales person 195-6 scams 48. 60. 59. motivated 75-6 statistics 55. 90. 56. 45. 114. 169. 158. 79-80. 223 stores 160. 84. 185 [1] style 45. 242. 115. 35. 235 skill level 46. 92. 58. 99-100. 210. 58. 19. 99-100. 89. 182-3. 95. 223. 101-2. 7. 206. 72. 196 Small Companies 40. 61-3. 257-8 veterinary 185 school administration 4. 128. 154. 17. 93. 182. 220-1. 196. 54. 230. 254 students 5-6. 41-3. 60. 219. 194. 63. 228-30 [26] leadership 42. 118. 81.272 Roth. 246 high 46. 33. 143. 9. 87-9. 177. 15-16. 118. 113. 189. 164 professional bartending 4. 170. 219. 47 smoke 165-6 society 90. 36. 11. 58. 187. 259 Successful Job Search 5-6. 36. 223-4. 238. 213. 230-1. 26-7. 136 supervisors 15. 13. 25-6. 233. 196-7. 11. 192. 180. 208 social 118-19 transferable 40. 254 sexy 56-7 shot 53. 247 Southwest 135 state. 189. 8. 35-6. 256-7 sales 3. 70. 212. 119-21. 126. 169. 12931. 8. 49. 124. 201. 28. 13. 230-3. 102. 171-2. 98-100. 12. 174. 153. 226-8. 38-9. 159. 108. 112. 145. 159. 205 service recruitment team 178-9 services 2. 144. 174. 23-4. 48-9. 251 stress 41. 216-17. Bob 44 S salary 5. 79. 42-4. 159. 241-2 sites 55. 254 [1] . 200. 53. 94. 229. 149. 93 school 77. 164. 235. 145.

97. 66. 8. 247 trap. . 221. 145. 9. 71-2. 256 tsk 173 U UAE 57. 226 team 4. 68. 177. 136. 21. 90. 88. 204-5 system 17. 8. 162. 236. 10. 106-7 truck 5. 169. 11. 130 teachers 33. 246-7 [2] cosmetology 82-3 onsite computer 4. 29. 88-90. 173. 160. 231. 218-20. 6. 239-41 [6] tourism 243-4 track record 94. 247 teacher salary 5. 133-4. 11. 186. 210. 149. 84-6 trust 54. 130. 57. 129. 169. 148. 82 training programs 71. 181. 190. 177. 160. 49. 210 unemployment benefits 4. 160. 195. 171 value 3-4. 118. 98-100. 30-2. 81. 181 tie 250-1 tips 2-4. 74. 85. 133 team members 19. 63. 260 technology 44. 101. 61-2 travel nurse career 4. 176-7. 61-4. 92. 122-3. 176-7. 236. 90-1. 115. 159-61. 19. 219. 83. 29-30. 107-8. 131. 129. 255. 164 V vacations 30. 246-7 personal 180-1 Training Prepares Students 5. 49. 8. 221 teaching 5. 179. 44. lesson planning 4. 221. 100. 87. 206-7. 128. 84-5 truck driver 84-6 Trucking Jobs 5. 44. 224. 96. 212. 219. 27. 137. 193. 170. 206. 38. 229. 149. 11. 164. 12. 164 team player 25. 96. 235-6. 255 teleclasses 133-4 thinking 23-4. 10. 258-60 [1] team leader 26. 226. 31-2. 96. 126. 58. 6. 173. 182. 219. 143. 15. 197 trademarks 2 training 36. 195-6 [5] Three-Dimensional Career Paths 4. 59 UCLA 175-6 unemployment 3. 8. 27. 246. 90. 195-6. 193. 80. 130. 90. 82-3. 134. 180. 159-61. 148-9 United States 83. 95. 249. 98-100. 95. 171. 9. 27. 115.273 Surviving Job Loss 4. 226 T teach 53. 204-5. 27. 59. 103. 102. 162-5. 106. 180. 207. 213. 133. 11. 59. 117. 155. 12. 80. 141. 29-31. 98-100. 28. 79. 131. 7. 116. 149. 218. 110.

html 72 www. 128. 113. 48. 250-1 weather 101-2. 70. 129 . 133-4. 158. 109. 239 work experience 26-7. 100.InnerResourceCenter. 175.com 247 www. 135-6. 54-5. 210. 38. 176 www. 149. 51. 125-6.CAREEREALISM. 91. 222 WAT (Work and Travel) 115. 7. 87. 111. 82. 214. 126. 142. 38. 110. 183.com 70. 127.com 85-6 www. 75-6.lucrativecareersinc. 245 www. 184.financialadvisercareer. 76 www. 199-200. 236-7 VPI (Vocational Preference Inventory) 137 W wages 83.com 29 Wyoming 4.moneymakingtruckdriver. 112 women 4. 158. 87-8. 92.baol. 227-8 [3] Work and Travel (WAT) 115.274 248 [9] Venise Williams 40.countrywidetraining. 104. 108. 152-4. 166. 216-17. 57. 239 watch 53-4.com 16. 168.com 18. 48. 195 web 112-13. 150 wear 91-2. 175. 116. 131-3. 231 websites 17-18. 91. 57. 111-12. 227 winning 66-7. 105.co.uk/career-change. 127. 132-3. 107 weaknesses 124. 186. 152-3. 47 veterinarians 184-5 virtual learning environment (VLEs) 177 vision 81-2. 101. 257 www. 50. 238. 198 VLEs (virtual learning environment) 177 Vocational Preference Inventory (VPI) 137 voice 44.com 172. 82. 188 www. 231 workers 16. 111. 119. 120. 140. 177 web content 50 web sites 112. 168. 156. 69. 184.resumelines. 122. 237 young 236-7 words 29-30. 22. 9.

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