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Midland 1001Z 2-Way CB Radio

Midland 1001Z 2-Way CB Radio

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40 Channel CB Radio with CB/PA, Instant Channel 9, 4
Pin Screw in Mic, Digital Power Meter, Squelch Control
40 Channel CB Radio with CB/PA, Instant Channel 9, 4
Pin Screw in Mic, Digital Power Meter, Squelch Control

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Published by: adocman on Aug 19, 2010
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Midland 1001Z 2-Way CB Radio

40 Channel CB Radio with CB/PA, Instant Channel 9, 4 Pin Screw in Mic, Digital Power Meter, Squelch Control

Technical Details
- 40-channel, 4-Watt CB radio is perfect for novices and seasoned CB users - CB/PA switch allows CB to be used as a Public Address System when paired with a PA speaker - RF Gain adjusts reception sensitivity range for clear communication - Easily installs in most cars, trucks and RVs - Three-year limited warranty See more technical details

"Good CB" 2010-07-25 By P. Murry I got these for harvest time but i use it year round in my truck. I've had it for 4 years now and never had a problem. These CB is better then some of the higher dollar one's I have had in other trucks. I would recommend these CB.

"Amazing CB for the price." 2010-07-03 By Furleise I read the many favorable reviews I could find on this radio and purchased it based on them. They were not wrong, this little radio is great! For the price of around $30, you simply cannot go wrong with this radio. I have it in my car, which has zero under dash space, and still was able to mount it unobtrusively. I'm using a Wilson Little Wil antenna and this thing talked 11.5 miles through hilly, forest terrain to my base radio. Great radio for the price and will definitely do the trick.

"Used as an extra" 2010-06-04 By Wallace H. Leiseth (Arizona) Product was just as stated. I am satisified with the purchase. It was purchased as an extra unit when someone travels with me.

"BEST Deal for "baby C.B.'s"!!!!" 2010-05-03 By M. Tayon (Fresno California) The price alone makes this unit a winner, but guess what? I use mine plugged into the cig lighter socket in a big rig, and have only a 2 1/2 foot antenna, and get out at least 2 miles average, more on flat ground, and of course, with the RF Gain (NOT found in most cheaper CB's that cost 30-50% more than this one!!!!) I can amplify those signals that are 4+ miles away and so can talk to them if they use the RF gain to! I can't say enough about this C.B., everyone tells me it sounds great, and clear! I plan to buy another one in case the one I have breaks down, but so far, it takes a beating in the truck, and still kicks! :)

"Sucks for close group riding" 2010-04-19 By Jason Kavanaugh I bought this product for use during trail runs with my ORV club. While the product performs ok on the highway once you get in a close bunch like on a trail there is a lot of howl that you pick up. There is an RF Gain control that should help but in my experience it does nothing or at least not enough to make a difference. If you want this product to use during trail rides I would suggest getting something like a Cobra 25.

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