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Have control over access to your property without giving away keys and pin numbers

The Trinity 788 combines the strength, simplicity and reliability of our industry leading
Fingerprint password locks with the enhanced features and convenience of electronic access
control. Fingerprint access eliminates the cost and problems of issuing and managing keys or
cards. More importantly, there's no PIN to forget or give away. You will no longer need to collect
or change credentials each time there is a user change or a credential is lost or stolen.



• User fingerprints: 99
• Optical sensor: 500 dpi resolution
• Fingerprint recognition:360 degrees
• Embedded fingerprint infrared detector
• Add or delete user fingerprint individually
• 4 AA alkaline batteries, also support 9v battery for emergency


• No keys to hide, carry lose or forget

• Eliminate unwanted users in seconds
• Add new user in seconds
• 4 AA alkaline batteries included
• No programming required
• Each user can choose a personalized number code from 04-98
• Warning beeps and red indicator light when battery is low
• External 9V power input if battery is flat


Authentication Speed <1 second

FAR (False acceptance
FRR (False rejection rate) <1%
Operating Voltage 4 AA alkaline batteries, DC 4.5-6.0v or 9V Stand-by power
Battery life Approx 12 Months
Operating Current =540mA
Storage Temperature Optical glass with PVD coated
Fingerprint Capacity 99
Fingerprint Scanning Twice to get from one fingerprint template
Dynamic Current 100mA ~ 220mA