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An exerpt from;

The 1892 History of Montgomery and Bond Count1es, Illinois page 411 has a picture of Subject, then;

James N. Caulk, resident of Reno. H1s parents were James P. and Sarah (Powers:) Caulk, natives of Kentucky amd North Carolina, respectively. The grandfather of our subject, Jacob Caulk, served in the Revolutionary War.

In 183' the father of our subject brought his family to Illino1s, and settled 1n Macoupon County, Upon 1l1s arr1val 1n th1s state he turned his attent10n to agriculture, and soon became possesspr of a well lmprov~d farm on the site of his first settlement. His family consisted of eleven children, six of whom are now living, they are:

1. William H., is now a resident of Litchfield.

2. Narcisust married James Coekendall, who served in the Mexican War. Mrs. Coekendall now makes her home with her son who resides in Sorento.

,. Sarah J. is the wife of D.W. Henderson, a soldier in the later war who now resides in M1ssouri.

4. Allen M., now a resident of Nebraska, also served in the late war.

5. Hard1na, who is the widow of George Morris, now makes her home at Mattoon, and

6. OUr subject, James N.

James N. Caulk was born 25 October 1825 near Nashv1lle, Tennessee. He was thethlrd child in a ~amily of eleven, and received but a little education. Long before he passed the·boundry line of childhood, and while the family were still residents of Macoup"in county, death bereaved him of his father. on the 12th of August.

in 1862 Mr. Call1lt joined Company It 122nd Illinois Infantry as a . private, and part1c1pated in battles of Tupelo, Nashville, seige and capture of Fort Blakeley. Then while serv1ng at LaGrange, Tennessee, he reoeived a sunstroke which almost proved fatal.

on the 15th of July 1865 Mr. Caulk received his discharge, and in the fall of that year came to Montgomery oounty where he occupied himself as a farmer for si% years. At the close of 1871 subject moved to Kansas where he lived for one year, then returned to Bond county where he remained until 1879. Then he moved to Reno where he bought a farm.

Subject married twice. His present wife bore the maiden name of Mary Ann Ross, and 1s a lady of fine womanly traits of character, who enjoys the devotion of her friends and the respect of her acquaintances. Mr. Caulk has six sons; (1)Alexander Who was a soldier in the 122nd Illinois Infantry, now in Montgomery County, (2) Abraham

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The followlag ls a copy of the 11fe story of James N. CAULK, as written for the fam1ly records, by his granddaughter, Ida E. CAULK, (Mrs. Thomas MCKEAN), and later added on to by Ida's daughter, Irene, (Mrs. Louls DOVE), and others, as they became the keepers of these records.

The first part., b;r Ida. was probab1;r written about 1935. and as stated, presented to the flrst CAULK reunlon that there afterwards was held at Sorento, Bond County, Illino1s on Labor Dal Weekends, each lear. Usually, a record ot those attending the event was also recordedln the book.

At the t1me of this writing, late 1971. the record was 1n the possess1on ot EVelyn CAULK, daughter of Elbert. now Mrs. Edwin YOUNG,

The Record

A short history of the 11fe of James N. CAULK, who was born in East Tennessee, 29 oct 1825, came to Macoupin Countl. Ill., wlth hls parents whttn 10 lears old, and settled bn a farm. near Nt. Ollve, Ill., where •• grew to manhood. He was marrled to MarT CRAIG, the daughter of Llnner CRAIG, a Baptlst Mlnl.ter. She was born ln England ln '82,5, Calle to Kentucky ln 18:30.

To this un10n was born seven sons, namell: Alex, Abram, James, ~ Henry, Madlson, Jake and T1PP7, who dled at an early age.

When the c1vl1 war broke out, he and h1s oldest son, Alex, answered. the call. Alex was 17 years old. The7 enllsted 12 Aug 1862, Compan7 I, 122nd Ill., 1ntantr7, and were d1scharged 15 Jul, 1865.

Pather and son fought the battle for freedom to-gether, side by slde, and come home to face the future, whatever it might be.

After the war, he moved to a rarm where Pamama now ls, and where his boys grew to manhood. and. where hls fa1thfu1 wlfe, Mary, Who kept the home to have for h1m on his return, passed away 1n 1875.

By tAls t1me, the boys were grown and making thelr own way.

Some had fam11ies of their own. Alex, the oldest married Elizabeth DAVIS, to thls union were born four, ~(4) chlldren all dylng ln infancy.

Abram marrled Hannah MOSS, to whlch un10n were born ten, (10) chl1dren, five (.5) dying 1n 1nfanc1. The survIvIng ones are, John P., Arthur C., Elbert H., and Ida, all of Sorento, Thomas, of near Greenvllle Ill.

James marrled Belle CRUTHIS, to this union were born six (6) ch1ldren, only two, (2) surv1ve, Iona and Bura of N.Y.

Henrl llarr1ed Mary WEST of Bethel, Ohio. To this unlon were bornfour (4) chl1dren, one son aarr1 surv1ves. After the death of hi. f1rst w1fe, he marr1ed Jul1aGALE. To thls un10n were born five oh1ldren, CeCil, E1fel, Paul, Helen and Ruth, all 11vlng. Henry ls 86 years old, has been pract1c1ng medicine 61 years, and still does

____ ---_.1.. ... _-

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Madison married Kary YONALLY, to this un10n were born eight ch1ldren, four living, four dead. The li.ing are, Hazel. James, Edna, and one other whose name I do not have.

Jake marr1ed Dalsl Math1lda HARBAUGH, born at Leitersbury, Maryland. To th1s union were born f1ve ch1ldren, Clarence, born 27 Aug 1891. died 22 May 1916; Laura Ma1, born 19 oct 1893. Nealla Fay, born 9 Aug 1895, Beulah Viola, born 9 Aug 1898; Ralph Merle, born

5 Aug 1909.

After the death of James N.IS f1rst w1fe, Mary, he married Anna ROSS of Reno, Ill. They made their home at Reno, where he owned and operated a grist mill with the old time burrs. The power was furn1shed by a steam engine, with a son, Abram, or one of his grand sons. John or Arthur. in charge of engines.

He too, passed away in 1893. he d1ed at home, He is buried in the Bethel cemetar1.

Of this family of boys, three have passed on to their rewards, namely, Abram, 8 Sept 1910: Alex. 12 Feb 1923; and James, 14 Aug 1932.

The surviving ones are, Henry of Linooln. Nebr. Madison, of Abilene, Kan.as, and Jake, ot Linwood,. Kansas.

There remains a host of grand children, great grand children, great, great grand children, and, great. great, great grand children. Let us all still continue to honor, and hold aloft the name, "CAULKu. as long as one of us rema1n.

This history of the life of James N. CAULK. was read and presented to the second CAULK reunion, b7 Mrs. Ida McKEAN.


ChIldren of Alex CAULK, three, all dy1ng in infancy.

Children of Abraham CAULK, ten, five dy1ng 1n 1nfancy. The ones living are: John P. of Sorento, Ill. Married Osa CLARK, the year 1892, was divorced in later years, and marr1ed M1nnie L. BLEVINS,

3 Dec 1934.

Arthur C. of Sorento, Ill., married Dora 'FILE, in the year 1893, she died 18 Jan 1894. He then married Rosa COLEMAN in the fall of 1894. She died July 1939. He then married Anna WOODS of Sorento, in the fall of 1940.

Ida married Thomas McKEAN, the year of 1893 Thomas married Lizzie MOLLETT, the lear of 1904. Elbert married EffIe GLENN, ln 1911.

The ch1ldren of Henry CAULK, slx l1v1ng, three dead, the living are: Paul, of Columbus, Ohl0.

Cec1l. of Washington. D.C.

Eifel, of Lincoln. Nebr, marr1ed Beed ANSTINE. who passed

____ _ ,.JI!Ia _

Page J

Ruth, at home.

Helen, married Melv1n HEUKE, lives 1n California, 1n the Army. Harry, married Minnie DAVIDSON, lives in ogden, Utah. He has

two children, he 1s supt. of the U.P.R.R.

Children of James, s1x, two of which died in infancy;

lone married John LONG WHO died several years ago. She re-

marr1ed, her new name be1ng, "DERMINT" Eura, married Pearl McLEAN.

Portes, was killed in Panama mine several years ago.

Fay died at the family home at Sorento after several months sickness.

Ch1ldren of Jacob, five, one died at the age of 25. the living; Riley, ot Kansas Cit7, Mo.

Nealie Pal; Buelah V1ola, and Ralph Merle, now in the Army.

Children of Madison, eight, four died .... four living. names

not known.

This history was presented through the effort. of Mrs. Ida MoKEAN, and was read by Mrs. Irene DOVE.

12 April 1878; Mrs. Sarah CAULK dled at the home of her grandson, Abraham CAULK, at stringtown' .. The place 1s where Car, CUNNINGHAM no. l1ves, south of Panama. She was our great grand Mother.

I wonder how many generations we represent at this time ?

~~s. Ida McKEAN, year, 1943.

1943 Continued:

Ch1ldren of John CAULK:

Maud married Charles ROBERTSON, who passed away several

years ago, is remarried, but husbands name unknown.

Mable married W1llard McREAKIN, and lives in Peoria. Willie married Geneva MCREAK~Nt they live in Peoria. George married Ruth COMPTON, they live in Chicago. Cleda marrled Willia.m MAG 0 , they live In. Chicago.

Wayne is in the serv1ce, h1s address ls, A.M.M. N.P., A.B,

Atlanta, Georg!a.

Children of Arthur CAULK:

Ellwood married Roy R. EDWARDS, live near Hillsboro. Iva married Fred TOURENE, and li7es at Rio, Ill.

Elva married Louie MILLER. and lives near Alton, Ill. Beulah married Frank FREY, and lives at Peoria, Ill. Velma l1ves at home.

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Elbert married Zory MONT ON , and lives at Greenville, Ill.

~- Jane 40es house work for a family near Tamalco.

Ch11dren of Thomas CAULK;

Leo marr1ed Gertie HELLRR. and lives at Old Ripley. Ill. EVa married John BILYEU, and lives at Old Ripley, Ill. Orville married Marie HOLEMAN, and lives near Sorento. Ill. Ida married Ira BASSETT, and lives near New Douglas, Ill. Iva married Louie OTTINO, who passed away two years ago, shf

lives with her mother and father near Greenville, Ill.

Cula married HerbertTBIEMS, and'lives near Old Ripley. Raymond married Verna LANDOLT, and lives near Greenville. Rhoda married Manuel LANDOLT. and 11ves near Old Ripley. Ruby lives at home.

Children of Elbert CAULK:

Stella married Wilmer PRICE. and lives Bear Ramsey. Ill. Novella married Jes8 HIMES. and lives at Davenport. Iowa. Lucille married Orville JARMAN, and lives at Sorento, Ill. Loyd is in the service, his address is t 904 GG Sqd. A,tlant1c

City. N.J.

Mildred works 1n Litchfield. Robert works 1n IBvenport, Iowa. Jean and Evelyn live at home.

This 1s the end of the record. except for the aforementioned deletion of the names of those attend1ng the reunions.

The following two obituaries were copied from the originals in the possession of Mrs. Elwood EDWARDS, they are of her father and grand father:

Arthur CAULK

(Died 10 June 1963, Greenville, Ill.) Services were conducted leaterda, in Sorento for Arthur Carey CAULK, 11fe resident there. and, master mechan1c at the old Cosgrove-Mehan mine at Panama.

Mr. CAULK, 89 last Jan. 25th, died monda, 1n Greenville hospital. He was son of Abraham and Hannah (MOSS) CAULK, early residents of Sorento. He wa. twice married. both wives preceded him 1n death. The first, the former Rose COLEMAN of Sorento, d1ed many years age, and later he married Anna WOODS.

Pour daughters. Mrs.' Grace EDWARDS, Litchfield; Mrs, Iva LINQUIST, Rio, Ill.; Mrs. Elva MILLER. Cottage Hill, and Mrs. Beulah FREY, Peoriaaerv1ve along with 12 grand ch1ldren, )2 great grand children and 11 great, great grand oh11dren.

He also leaves two brothers, Elbert of Sorento, and Thomas ot Old Ripley. Rev. Paul CHAMLESS off1c1atet, and, burial was in SUJ1l17s1de cenet_ry.

Abraham Francis CAULK

was born 24 Jan 1850 1n Macoup1n county. IllinoiS, and l1ved there with h1s parents, James and Mary CAULK until the close of the war. when they moved neAr what 1. ~nW ~AnQmO

Page 5

~ on the 12th of November. and lived near his home place during his life

He was the tather of ten children. five preceded him to the grave. Those living are; John P,. of Old Ripley, Ill •• Arthur e •• of Panama, Ill •• Ida McKEAN of Walshville. Thomas of Old Ripley, and his son Albert, who is still living with his parents. He was united with the Baptist Churoh when he was 18 years old and lived according to

his faith for a number of years, then seemed to grow cold. But, during his last illness he put his trust in the Lord, and, could often be heard by the family praying for the Lord to bless him with patience to endure his pains and agonT. He told his family very often he was saved. and all was bright. He was perfectly ready and willing to die. All he hated to go for, was he loved his family, he wa$ a loving husband.and father, a kind neighbor, one who wanted friends. and not enemies. He also leaves 18 grand ohildren, five brothers, and a

host of friends to mourn his loss.

He died at age.60 years. 7 months, and 15 days.

Thus ends the record. I would like to add a few items of lntrest about those who went before.

The father of James N. was James P. CAULK. born about 179~ in Kentuoky. died )0 Nov 1842 in Macoupln County. His father is given ln "Hlstory of 'Bond & Montgomery Counties. Ill.". page 411 as being a Jacob, asoldler ln the Rev. War. On closer eXam1nation I flnd there were no less than three CAULK. in the tiles. all three named Jacob, all of their papers in the same file. The one that his son Jacob drew bount, land tor, can be practically e11minated as be1ng our ancestor,

\__, but the other two become hopelessl:r confused when they both apply for pension trom Rutherford County. west Tenn. Evidently one of them drew a pension, the other did not. The pensioner died Lauderdale County. Alabama, in the tall of 1840.

The wife of James P. was Sarah POWERS. born 5 Apr 1802, in N.C She i. the same Sarah mentioned in the above record as having died at the home of her grandson Abraham CAULK, on 12 Apr 1878. Her head stone is in the Kirkland cemetary. near Sorento, Ill., along with man:r of her descendant ••

Sarah's father was Ephr1am. born about 1769, married Christiana CAHOON 31 July 1794, at Columbia. N.C. She was born about 1773.

Chr1.tlana's rather was Wi111am. born about 1728. d1ed 1789.

Bis wife was Ann. born about 1732.

William's father was Robert, born about 1703. died in 17.34. Robert's wife. Margaret was born about 170~. died ln 1740.

Robert's father was Samuel. Robert was born ln Nansemone County. Va., otherwise. all the CAHOON's were of Tyrrell County. N.C •• mostly at or near. Gum Neck.

Page 411 of the History of Bond & Montgomery Counties, states that James, with his father-in-law Ephriam POWERS, and his brotherin-law, Joshua PERKINS. came to what is now Montgomery county. in the very early 1820's to settle. They soon decided they could not adjust to the r1gors of frontier life and went vack to Tennessee.

About 1824 the1 decided they could indeed stand them, and

'\-......-r returned to sta,. They settled in the area around where Montgomery, Bond and Macoupin counties meet, their descendants became a very pepukoua poeple. and later have scattered thru out most of these

n"," + ... .rI cu .. _ ...... _

~' -

~v 1."--


~ 11/{l.

~,I "

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From: SwedeCraig@aol.com

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Sent: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 15:14:03 EST

Subject: Re: Caulk

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The results of my research are contained in the article on the Swedish Colonial Society website, under Forefathers. That research establishes that your Caulk line did not come from Wales but rather from the Swedish soldier who ultimately adopted the surname of Caulk and died in Cecil County, Maryland.

Dr. Peter S. Craig, F.A.S.G. 3406 Macomb St. NW Washington DC 20016-3160


To: (\.._,. Cc:

SwedeCraig@aol.com dcaulk@avchem.com

Sent: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 20:42:24 EST

Subject: Re: Caulk

I have never seen any documentation to support the claim that James Caulk was from Wales. The evidence ties him to the Swedish Caulk family on the Sassafras River in Cecil County, Maryland.

James Caulk, Sr., is first discovered in the estate account of WilHam Bishop, gentleman, of Talbot County, filed 5 Aug. 1687, which listed James Corke as one of the debtors. (Md. Inv. & Acc., 9:342) As James Calke, he was renting a tract in Chester, Maryland, as of 5 August 1697 when this fact was mentioned in the will of Sutton Quinney of Cecil County. (Maryland Calendar of Wills, 2: 156) Sutton Quinney had married Joce Finch, the sister of Mary Finch Caulk, wife of Jacob Caulk. On 27 March 1706 James Caulk witnessed a Talbot County deed from William Sweatman to Vincent Hemsley. (Talbot County deeds, 9:377) The last discovered reference to James Cautk in Maryland is the Cedt County inventory of James Ward, dated 7 May 1720, which listed James Calk as one of Ward's creditors. (Maryland Inventories, 3:345)

James Caulk probably married, by 1695, Sarah Allum, the daughter of Nicholas and Ann Allum, long-time residents of the Sassafras River. The will of Nicholas Allum of Cecil County, proved 6 July 1695, left his land to his wife for life and named only one chitd, Sarah Corke, who was bequeathed personalty. (Maryland Calendar of Wills, 2:92) The inventory of his

."-..- estate was filed 8 July 1695. (Md. Inv. & Accounts, 9:95) On 21 June 1696, Ann Windell, relict of Nicholas Allum and now wife of Thomas Windell, filed the accounting of Allum's estate, showing that £117.2.9 had been received and all of this had been paid out. (Md. Inv. & Accounts, 138:114)

James Caulk, Jr., an apparent son, appears on the tax list in Northumberland County, Virginia, at the mouth of the Potomac River in 1738 and in Prince William County, Virginia, soon thereafter. His wife was named Eleanor and he had sons James Caulk (born 5 July 1729) and William Caulk (born 7 March 1740). (William Caulk "siphering book" cited in Wayne Calk, Calk newsletter Vol. 1, issue 2, p. 4) This James Caulk died in Prince William County by 6 August 1776, when his son William Caulk was named administrator of his estate. (Prince William County court records)

Peter S. Craig


'- ~

david caulk





<SwedeCraig@aol.com> <dcaulk@avchem.com>

Wednesday, January 28,20045:51 PM Re: Caulk

By my records (mostly from Wayne Calk's publication) James Caulk/Calk, born in 1729, lived in Prince William County VA to at least 1773 and had sons William (c 1765-1831/2) and James (b. 1765-1768; d. 1C025-26), both of whom would have been born in Prince William County. l don't know his residence during the Revolutionary War. Around 1785 James Sr. and his son James Jr. were granted land in South Carolina, and he appears in the 1790 Il.S. census as a resident of Orangeburg SC. James Sr. was living with his son William in the 1810 census in Lexington County SC (formed from Orangeburg County in 1804) and appears to have died c. 1812. Both of his sons also died in Lexington County SC. William married Nancy Presnell and James Jr. married Susannah Jenkins.

Peter S. Craig

Olle Matthiasson, alias Olof Isgra, alias Oliver Caulk and his Caulk/Calk Descendants

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Qualification & Procedure

List of Qualifying Forefathers

Forefather Application

Forefather Family Profiles

List of Current Forefather Mambers


Olle Matthiasson, alias Olof Isgra, alias Oliver Caulk

and his Caulk/Calk Descendants

by Dr. Peter Stebbins Craig

Fellow, American Society of Genealogists Fellow, Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania Historian, Swedish Colonial Society

originally published in Swedish Colonial News, Volume 2, Number 8 (Spring 2003)

Among the soldiers arriving in New Sweden on the Eagle in 1654 was a young man named on. Matthiasson, who had recently been drafted into the Swedish army. As was the custom, he was assigned a soldier's name befitting his appearance or personality. In this case One was assigned name of Isgra, meaning "ice-gray," probably because of his prematurely gray hair.

Olof Isgra at New Castle

Olof Isgra first saw military action on 21 May 1654 when the Dutch surrendered Fort Casimir a present New Castle to the Swedes without firing a shot. (The small garrison there had run out 0: gunpowder.) The fort was renamed Fort Trinity by Governor Rising and placed under the comn of Captain Sven Skute.

Fearing that the Dutch Governor Petrus Stuyvesant might attempt to recapture Fort Trinity, Governor Rising assigned Captain Sven Skute the task of rebuilding and strengthening that fort assigned half of his soldiers, including Olof Isgra, to assist in this endeavor. However on 31 Au 1655, a Dutch fleet of seven ships passed by and landed 'north of the fort, cutting the fort off fro Rising's remaining troops at Fort Christina. Stuyvesant demanded that Skute surrender the fort, he initially refused.

When word reached the soldiers in the fort that the Dutch troops outnumbered the Swedes by a margin many soldiers, including Olof'Isgra, decided it was hopeless to try to defend the fort. Captain Skute then addressed his soldiers and demanded, "Whoever wants to be a loyal fellow i serve his ruler like an honest man, step forth from this rebellious lot and come with me." Durin! this confusion, Olof Isgra jumped over the wall of the fort and surrendered himself to the Dutch also informing them of the division of opinion within the fort. Lacking the support of his own soldiers, Skute surrendered the fort to Stuyvesant the next morning.

The ill feelings between Isgra and Skute carried forward for a considerable time. In January 16~

htto://www.colonialswf':r!f':S oro!F()n>f~thprc;:fl\Jf ~tth; ~""{"\" htn11

Olle Matthiasson, alias Olof Isgra, alias Oliver Caulk and his Caulk/Calk Descendants

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Olof Isgra accused Captain Skute of having confiscated the poor tax for his own use. Skute den the charge and claimed Isgra threatened to kill him. In the summer of 1656 Olof Isgra agreed to his plantation north of the fort at Swanwick to another former New Sweden soldier, Constantin:

Gronenberg, and in February 1657 he appeared at the Dutch fort again to promise he would pay debt to Isaac Allerton, a New England trader, within a year. After that time, the name of Olof Is disappears from the record. The reason, it turns out, was that he had fled to the Sassafras River present Cecil County, Maryland.

OIle Matthiasson in Maryland

Among the things One left behind in the New Castle area was his soldier's name. Reverting to l patronymic, Olle Matthiasson, his wife Anna and their three small children were granted head r in Maryland in 1664 and 200 acres, which he called "Sweedland," were surveyed for him on the south side of the Sassafras River in 1665. Later, about 1670, he moved with his family to a trac the north side of the same river, called "World's End." The English scribes in the area had some difficulty with Olle's first name and often entered it as Olive or Oliver.

The Naturalization and Death of Oliver Caulk

The name of Olle Matthiasson disappeared from Maryland records after 1671. Thereafter the ov of "World's End" became known as Oliver Caulk. The name, quite obviously, came from the fa that his once ice-gray hair was now chalk white. ("Calk," now spelled "kalk" in Swedish, means "chalk. ")

On 6 June 1674, Oliver Calk, described as a native of Sweden, became a naturalized citizen of Maryland, meaning that he could conveyor will his land to his children or others. By 1683, Olio Caulk had been named a Commissioner in Cecil County.

Oliver Caulk died at "World's End" shortly before 30 May 1685, when his widow Ann and his eldest son Isaac Caulk were named administrators of his estate. The inventory, filed 20 days Ian showed that his estate included a horse, a mare, 2 yearlings, 8 cows, 4 steers, 2 heifers, 38 hogs: deerskins, 2 guns, a number of beds, tools for the carpenter and cooper trades and two indenture women servants.

Among the children of Oliver Caulk and his wife Anna were four sons: Isaac, Peter, James and Jacob. It is likely that they also had daughters, but their names are not yet known.

1. Isaac Caulk, the eldest. son, inherited the "World's End" plantation on the north side of the Sassafras River. He married, before 1691, Mary Finch, an English woman, daughter of Francis Mary Finch of Kent County, Maryland. He died at "World's End" in 1702. His widow, Mary the married Daniel Pearce of Kent County. She named five children by her first husband in her will 26 May 1740:

• Oliver Caulk, baptized in Cecil County on 30 September 1692, was past 60 before he mal Phoebe Brown, a Quaker, in 1752. He died at "World's End" 22 December 1781,survive( three children: Mary, Isaac and Oliver.

• Isaac Caulk, born c. 1693, married Temperance (surname unknown) and died at "World's End" in the winter of 1748/9. They had nine children: John, Isaac, William, Oliver, Jacob Benjamin, Richard, Mary and Sarah.

• Mary Caulk, born C. 1696, married George Wilson.

• Sarah Caulk, born C. 1699, married John Kennard.

Olle Matthiasson, alias Olof Isgra, alias Oliver Caulk and his Caulk/Calk Descendants

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• Jacob Caulk, born in 1702, never married and died in Kent County, MD, in 1758.

2. Peter Caulk, the second son, moved south to Talbot County to earn his livelihood, acquiring of "Lostock" in 1706. A successful planter, he died there c. 1727. The name of his first wife, wl died c. 1710, is unknown. His second wife, Sarah Cartwright, died in 1738. Peter's children by I two wives were:

• Mary Caulk, born in February 1698, apparently died young.

• Peter Caulk, born in 1700, married Mary Sockwell in 1725 and died at "Lostock" in 1756 had five children: Mary, John, Henry, Dawson and Daniel.

• John Caulk, born c. 1704, died unmarried in 1728.

• Lawrence Caulk, born c. 1709, married the widow Mary Camper in 1744 and died in

Dorchester County in 1772. His children included John, Elizabeth and Peter.

• Sarah Caulk, born c. 1714, married Bartholomew Roberts.

• Alice Caulk, born c. 1716, married Edward Collison.

• James Caulk, born in 1718, married Judith Tribbles in 1740. He died before 1783 at his plantation called "Lewis" in Talbot County. His children included a son named Peter.

• Francis Caulk, born c. 1722, apparently died unmarried after 1745.

• Charles Cartwright Caulk, born c. 1723, died before 1743.

3. James Caulk, the third son, was married by 1695 to Sarah Allum, daughter of Nicholas and. Allum. Sarah's mother had been born Anna Wheeler, the daughter of John Wheeler and Cathari Lorn of New Sweden. They lived in Talbot County, where James Caulk died c. 1706. One child been identified:

• James Caulk, born c. 1700, in Talbot County, moved as an adult to Northumberland COUl VA, and then to Prince William County, VA, where he died in 1776. By his wife Eleanor had two known sons: James Calk, born 5 July 1729, and William Calk, born 7 March 171J,

4. Jacob Caulk, the youni~l:f17~oemaker in Cecil County. On 7 February 1713/1J, married Sarah Joce, widow of Thomas Joce of Kent County, MD, and mother of three children. Later, Jacob married Mary Freeman, daughter of William Freeman of Cecil County. They had t children: Elizabeth, born 23 November 1716, and William, born 11 February 1723/4. The will ( Jacob Caulk, who died 11 February 1724/5, left his entire estate to his widow Mary during her widowhood, but if she remarried, his estate was to be divided between Elizabeth and William. I widow married Thomas Ward in 1729. No later trace has been found of the two children.

http://www.colonialswedes.omfForefatherslM::ltthi::lsson html

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The reader should note that there are 2 Jacob Harry's and 4 James' in this story.

One Jacob Harry (1841-1910), James N's brother, served in the Civil War. The other Jacob Harry (1862-1946), the source for much of this story, was James N's son.

The James' are

• James Patterson (James Nathaniel's father)

• James Nathaniel

• James Franklin (James N's son)

• James H. who died at age 3 (James N's grandson)

Pieces of this story have been taken from several sources:

• Portrait and Biographical Record of Montgomery and Bond Counties, IL

Chicago: Chapman Brothers 1892

• Family records of Ida Caulk (Mrs. Thomas McKean) written about 1935

• Family records of Irene Dove (Ida McKean'S daughter) written about 19xx

• Records of Laura Caulk Riley, as recited by her father, Jacob Harry Caulk on Dec 26, 1942 Kansas City

• Family records of Evelyn Caulk (Mrs. Edwin Young), daughter of Elbert written after 1971.


James N's ancestr:y:

Jacob Caulk, born approximately 1755 in New Castle County Delaware, lived in Rutherford County TN and also Kentucky. He served in the Revolutionary War and later died in Alabama about 1840. In Kentucky, Jacob and his wife had James P in 1794.

James P married Sarah powers. Sarah was born in NC April 5, 1802. James and Sarah moved to Macoupin county in 1833. They had eleven children. James P. died in Macoupin county on 11/30/1842. Sarah lived there until 411211878. Her head stone is in Kirkland cemetery, near Sorento Ill, along with many of her descendants.

Sarah's father was Ephriam, born about 1769, married Christiana Cahoon 31 July 1794, at.

Columbia NC. She was born about 1773. .

Page 411 of the History of Bond & Montgomery Counties states that James, with his father-in-law Ephriam Powers, and his brother-in-law, Joshua Perkins, came to what is now Montgomery county in the very early 1820's to setUe ..

Christiana's father was William, born about 1728, died 1789. His wife was Ann, born about 1732.

Williams' father was Robert, .bom about 1703. died in 1734. Robert's wife, Margaret was born about 1706, died 1740.

Robert's father was Samuel. Robert was born in Nansemone County, VA. Otherwise all the

....... - __ ... - _1-

James Nathaniel Caulk, born 1825

A short history of the life of James Nathaniel Caulk, who was born near Nashville Tennessee 25 October 1825, came to Macoupin County IL, with his parents when he was 10 years old, and settled on a farm near Mt. Olive, IL, where he grew to manhood. He was the 3rd child in a family of eleven and received a limited education. His father died while he was sUU a child .. James N. married Mary Craig, the daughter of Linner Craig, a Baptist Minister on May 15, 1845 in Montgomery County. Mary was born in England in 1825. came to Kentucky in 1830.

To this union were born seven sons-

• Alexander,. who was a soldier in the 122nd Illinois Infantry, lived in Montgomery County • . Abraham was a farmer in Bond County

• James Franklin, lived in Sorento

• William Henry, a physician, lived in Nebraska

• Madison Monroe, lived in Dickinson County Kansas

• Jacob Harry, lived in Dickinson County Kansas

• Tippy, who died in childhood.

(additional detail on this generation can be found later on page 4)

When the Civil War broke out, James N and his oldest son, Alexander, joined Company I, 122nd Infantry as privates on August 12, 1862. They participated in many battles of war, among them being Tupelo, Nashville, and the siege and capture of Ft. Blakely. They were attached to the is" Army Corps, under General A.J. Smith at LaGrange TN .. While serving, James N became unfitted for active service by a sunstroke which almost proved fatal. Sunstroke was the indirect cause of his death later in life.

Father and son fought the battle for freedom together, side by side, were discharged 15 July 1865, and came home together.

In the faU of 1865, James N located in Montgomery County, where he farmed for six years. He moved to Kansas for one year. He then returned to IL and located in Bond County. In 1875, his faithful wife, Mary, who kept the home to have for him upon his return, passed away. In 1879 he

moved to Reno and bought a farm and also built several houses, which he rented. .

By this time, the boys were grown and making their own way. Some had families of their own.

After the death of James N's first wife, Mary, he married a young girl, Sarah Smith. This marriage lasted only a short time.

He then married Mary Anna Ross of Reno IL. They made their home at Reno, where he owned and operated a gristmill with the old time burrs. The power was furnished by a steam engine, with son, Abram, or one of his grandsons, John or Arthur, in charge of the engines.

James N was a Republican, a member of the Grand Army of the Republic, and an active member


A person one knows has gone A voice by the Lord be stilled A place is vacant in our home Which place can not be filled

After James N's death, Anna Ross, sometimes called "Granny Reno" took into her home a small girl named Esta and a small boy named Otto, both of school age. They went by the name Caulk. Estie married Max Daty ..


The following dialog is from records of Laura Caulk Riley, as recited by her father, Jacob Harry Caulk on Dec 26,1942 in Kansas City. Jacob was the son of James N and Mary Craig.

James Nathan was born in NC Oct 25, 1825. He came to Macoupin Co at the age of 10 with his parents and brothers and sisters. This would be 1835. They settled on a farm near Mount Olive.

Dad's siblings were

• William. H lived in Litchfield

• Martha A

• Narcissus married James Kuykendall, who served in the Mexican War. She lived in Sorento with her son.

• Sarah J married DW Henderson, a soldier in the late (Mexican?) war who resided in MO. a

daughter Salamie

• Allen M. Caulk, a resident of Nebraska, served in the late (Mexican?) war. Married to 1 st

wife, had Arthur, Albert and Alice '

Married 2nd time to Canzada Siscoe

• Hardina Sofrony, the widow of George Morris, lived at Mattoon IL

• Jacob H (a Corporal in the Civil War) married Jenny, 2 living daughters Blanch and Abby. 1 girl dying in infancy.

My mother's name was Mary Craig. She was of English descent. She was born in 1825 in England and came to Kentucky in 1830 with her parents. Her father was Linner Craig, a Baptist Minister. She later came to Macoupin County with her parents and other members of the family. My father and mother were married in Macoupin County, IL in 1845 and lived on a farm near Mt. Olive where all my brothers and sisters ~ere born.


Mother had three sisters and two brothers: Aunt Lottie, Aunt Ester Smith and Aunt Caroline.

I remember Aunt Sis (Narcissus) well. She lived near by after my father and mother were married She had three sons who we "played with as children. She also had 1, daughter. Aunt Sarah, I do not remember and never did see her.

. -

them quite a lot. Martha, Sis and Anna were just young women when they died.

Anna married Johnny Overstreet and they and cousin J.im moved down to Arkansas with their families. Bill and Laura stayed on the home place until after their mother died (Aunt Ester Smith). Aunt Caroline we did not see very often, but she lived here in Illinois when she died. I think all of these are buried in the old cemetery. My grandmother Craig, I remember very well as she visited us a lot. A little woman in hoopskirts, red hair and a sandy complexion. Aunt Lottie had red hair also.

My dad's family -


Uncle Henderson Caulk married my mom's sister, LoUie and they had one daughter they called

"Salanie". He was a carpenter by trade and moved to Chanute Kansas where Aunt LoUie died. Then he and my cousin came back to IL and lived near Litchfield. He served in the Mexican Wars and did not enlist in the Civil War.

Dad's children

1. Alexander, the oldest married Elizabeth Davis. To this union were born four children, all dying in infancy.

2. Abraham married Hannah Moss, to which union were born 10 children, five dying in infancy. The surviving ones were John P., Arthur C., Elbert H., and Ida, all of Sorento,and Thomas, of near Greenville 1L.


3. James Franklin married BelJe Cruthis, to this union were born six children, including lana and

Eura of New York.

4. William Henry married Mary West of Bethel OH. To this union were born four children. After the death of his first wife, he married Julia Gale. To this union were born five children, Cecil, Eifel, Paul. Helen and Ruth. At the age of 86 Henry had been practicing medicine 61 years. He lived in Lincoln Nebraska.

5. Madison Monroe married Mary Yonally. To this union were born eight children, including Hazel, James, Ada. Jesse, Mamie, Teddy and Edna. Madison lived in Abilene Kansas.

6. John died in infancy

7. Jacob Harry (me) married Daisy Mathilda Harbaugh. born in Leitersbury Maryland. To this union were born five children, Clarence, born 27 Aug 1891, died 22 May 1916, Laura May. born 19 Oct 1893, Nealla Faye, born 9 Aug 1895, Beulah Viola, born 9 Aug 1898. Ralph Merle, born 5 Aug 1909. I live in Linwood Kansas.

8. Tippy died at age 3 or 4

Dad enlisted 8/12/1862 in company 1 122nd Illinois attached to the 16th Army Corps under Gen AJ Smith-at LaGrange TN. My older brother, Alex, insisted on going with him. He had just turned 16 and he would run away and enlist if not given permission. So he enlisted at the same time. So did ",,\I ,,~,..laC! fJ. II.on fu1nnrnc .1~kA 1.1~r.nh H~rrv\_ and OW Henderson (who married Aunt Sarah

was oorn me rouowmq NOV 1~, HlOL. In rater years I nave uueu wUlluereu nuw Illy IIIULllttl \:IUt along through those times. She must have been very courageous as well as resourceful. I know she had a spinning wheel and made our clothes, but how we fared, I do not know, and I have

never heard any of my brothers say much about it but I am sure they all helped and due to her

management and ability we all got-along some way.

My father's military pay was $13.00 a month and l.am sure this was sent home and Father came home on a furlough once in a while too. At any rate Mother kept the farm and our family together until they came home. He was discharged July 15,1865. Uncle Jake came home a corporal. He was only a couple years older than my brother Alex and not married at the time.

Shortly after Dad came home, he sold the farm at Mount Olive and bought a tract of ,I!and where Panama now stands. We did not live there very long and this land was soon traded and Dad bought another tract near DonneUson. We did not live there very long either as my dad sold this in a short time too.

The next move we made, my dad decided to move down into Kansas or Oklahoma. He got together 2 good teams of horses and wagons and he and Mother packed their household goods and we aU came down into Kansas.

AJex was married by this time (Elizabeth Davis) and he and his wife came along. Abraham was married to Hannah Moss and they did not come along. I was 8, my birthday coming on the way out there, 1870. Jim was a big and strong young man by this time (18). Uncle Henderson and Aunt Lottie already lived in Chanute Kansas. This town was my dad's objective, with the idea of buying a home for us there also. I do not remember anything about the trip out there, but we lived on a farm close to Chanute for nearly a year, and then decided to move back to Illinois.

Our house hold goods were all packed and the same horses started the long trip back. Of our life there I do not remember much. Our farm crops were poor and times were hard. Brother Jim worked out quite a bit and "Doc" as we Jater called brother 8iU, herded cattle. My mom was sick nearly all the time we lived there with chills and malaria and Aunt Lottie died while we lived there that year. My uncle Henderson went back to Illinois and we soon followed. On our way back we stopped at buffalo Missouri and visited for a few days with some cousins of dads. Back in Illinois again we lived in and around Panama and Sorento and in a few years Dad bought a small piece of land near Panama and built a home there. Here my mom died in 1874. I was 12 and I think she died in August. My grandmother (dad's mom) then came to live with us at various times, and part time we, my brothers and father, were alone. When we lived at Chanute Kansas, I attended school regularly that one year. And at this time my attendance was very irregular. I worked when I could and attended school in what was then a little saw mill community called Stringtown.

My grandmother died and we were left alone again. My dad was very religious and we very often had services at our house. Sunday was our day to observe religious workshop and there was no hunting or fishing on Sunday. We always had a Bible reading at home after our evening chores were done and Mother had taught all of us to knit. So we knitted our mittens and socks and winter caps. She spun the yarn. Father was a member of the Baptist church very early in life and was an officer in the Baptist church: His grandfather served in the Revolutionary War. He died July 19, 1893, at age 67 .

..... \1 I tnt"'lo I!:IL-o \A/Cle:! nn+ rrlllr-h nlnor than m\, hrnthQr Alov ~nrl W::'lc=. .::a r.nrnnr.::al in t A .::armv

\..._... was taken back to Reno for burial. The 2 girls lived in Topeka for several years and Blanch visited me herein my home in Linwood Kansas several times. They later moved to Idaho.

Uncle Allen was next to my dad, and they all came home from the Civil War at the same time. He married and lived on a farm near Greenville. He had a son George now living around Springfield. After his wife died he married a 2nd time to Kanzada Siscoe. He and his 1st wife had 2 sons and 1 daughter, Albert, Arthur, and Alice. Aunt Kanzada had a large family of her own. They moved to northwestern Kansas in Chase county and then into Nebraska. Arthur lived in lawrence Kansas and he and his wife had a business there. He died in 1940 and was buried in Oklahoma. Albert died in Oklahoma City in 1942.

This is the end of Jacob Harry's dialog.

************************************************************************************.*** •••••• * •• * •• *** ••••••• ,

Following is additional information on the children and grand children of James N.

James N's children

Abraham had 10 children, five dying in infancy.

• John P. of Sorento IL, who married Osa Clark, in 1892. Divorced in later year, and married Minnie L. Blevins, 3 Dec 1934.

• Arthur C. of Sorento, married Dora File, in 1893. She died 18 Jan 1894. He then married Rosa Coleman in the fall of 1984. She died July 1939. He then married Anna Woods of Sorento in the fall of 1940.

• Ida married Thomas McKean in 1893.

,'._.. • Thomas married Lizzie Mollett in 1904.

• Elbert married Effie Glenn in 1911.

Children of James F, six, two which died in infancy:

• lone married John Long. She remarried, her new name being Dermint.

• Eura married Pearl McLean.

• Partes was killed in the Panama mine

• Fay died at the family home at Sorento after several months of sickness.

The children of Dr. William Henry Caulk are

• Paul of Columbus OH, Eifel of Lincoln Nebraska, married Reed Anstine.

• Ruth at home.

• Helen, married Melvin Heuke, lives in California, in the army.

• Harry, married Minnie Davidson, lives in Ogden Utah. He has two children, he is supt. of U.P.R.R.

Children of Madison, eight.

Children of Jacob .~

• one died at the age of 25.

• Laura Caulk Riley of Kansas City MO

• Neila Fay

• Buelah Viola

• Ralph Merle, who served in the army.

\__.- James N's grandchildren

Children of John Perry Caulk:

• Maude married Charles Robertson, who passed away several years ago, has remarried.

• Mable married Willard McReakin and lives in Peoria.

• Willie married Geneva McReakin and lives in Peoria.

• George married Ruth Compton and lives in Chicago.

• Cleda married William Mago and lives in Chicago.

• Wayne is in the service in Atlanta GA.

Children of Arthur Carey Caulk:

• Ellwood married Roy R Edwards and lives near Hillsboro.

• Iva married Fred Tourene and lives at Rio IL.

• Elva married Louie Miller and lives near Alton IL.

• Beulah married Frank Frey·and lives in Peoria.

• Velma lives at home.

Children of Ida McKean:

• Oscar married Inez Kessinger and lives at Wood River IL.

• Irene married Louie Dove and lives near Sorento.

• Willard married Pearl Fink and lives at Wood River.

• Elbert married Zoey Munton. One of their great-granddaughters was Cassie Bemall, who was killed in the Columbine High School shooting in 1999.

_' -:

I "'-'-

/)~f/UJv PtJ4t-€/iA (j'~ lfJ.JA r '1 - / ~ 1 ~ W~ '1 U d - :)_ =r

f1wv~-J MV #Mb{lffi£

.' .7;

- ... --.-~--.__,~--.-- ...... - - ..

',:: :';:t:t.,!"!.~~:.!-=~1;';'i1~.!,; .. ~';.;,o~.,~,a,;~;bl~'''''''''.'~'~---l-:.;.·~,-·-.,_, .• _'-- .~., ..... ".-~- .• _ .. - '-':._-'._" '~--' ~,.---=,,,,.".'~----


. ~;


~ 'iC"

.r> I

n ,'1 I_, './ ; ,

v. t.,

, ~ {L- Lv<~le-


ALEXANDER W. CAULK, aged 76 years, a veteran orthe CIVIl War, passed away at rus nome in Sorento, February 15, 1923.

Alexander Wesley Caulk was born near Mt. Olive, Macoupin county, March 30, 1846, a son of James and Mary Anne Caulk. When a boy he came to Bond county with his parents and settled on a farm near where the village of Panama now stands, During the Civil War he enlisted in the Union Army and served side by side with his father for three years. He was a member of Co. E, 3rd Ill. Cavalry

On September 13, 1868 he married Miss Elizabeth Davis who survives. Four children were born to them, but all have passed away. Four brothers, James Caulk of Hillsboro, Dr. Henry Caulk of Coles, Nebraska and Jacob and Madison Caulk, who are in the west, whereabouts unknown also survive. Burial was at Kirkland Cemetery.

: man; after only a short illness, came' I as' a' terible shock to the whole com-

i munity, for he: was a Linwood boy,' i having . spent the' most of his~'lif¢'"in

I the neighborhood, moving there with:

I his .. parents when he was but. !0u.r :i i years of. age; and his . community IS . l proud to count him. amongIts' 'honor-

1 ed . sons, for hi? character command-

i ed the highest resPeGf and compienda- : 'I tion, . It· can be truly· said of hirrr thaf

he was honorable . in .his dealings, chaste in his 'Ianguge, correct 'in his . 4a1?its arid kind: to everyone.' '. ~ , !Her~~eived his. education in Lin-] i wood, .. graduating from .' the~ . High'

school in .the year of :t!tlO.· , ... ' "':. ".' . ··:Q:_6· belongedito the. ',' GiaIige'-ai _. was: int~rested· 'in the work~-an4:a ·va. ued member of the org~nJzat~·(m.:· " ..

H~· was a young man of markeu. 'business ability and "at' differerrttimes'd _. about a year: .altogether-c-he' 'assist- , ed.Jntthe Linwoodba~ki·.~ndhe' ·Vi,as:·.

i competent. tofiUa 'good . position' in ' : thevbusiness world, but.Ihe-preferred . If tc? ·remain .with the J:,0ipe f:oll{#'/<?n' tre ,farin.· . He loved 'hIS -home, .and hIS

" iother can' say, with just- pride;that· .. :he never spoke an unkind word: to~ :J~et.. . ,. .' ~ of, In 1902 he united with theLin-~'~

. wood Congregational . church, :tmde£J' :the pastorate of Rev.·~.· L. N elson,:' ~nd· . he was always a regular at- .

I;tendant at its . services, . and int~rest-

. ed in its work. ' -,,;,.

Q~.:Pis· immediate family there rei main :to mourn .his "loss;': his: f~tb;er .~ and mother, three sisters, F~ye .~., J Beulah V., Mrs. May" L. RIley "of

~' B ... ,ur!,' Te'xas,. a.n~ ·one.::.brot?er Ralph M·~; 'and 'many other - relatives, :"c1ose ' ..

friends, and ~ his: -church sorrow With

• ·them, . while ·tHe 'wh0le 'community

. feels it apersorial 'loss," ' .. -; ... "C" . "1;.-·

I " .The;·;i'Qq~raJsel~ce:~wer~ ,e9P(jp.~t::.·_ :'-edJjY·.hi~ pastor Rev> C. "E:'R'6befts;' - and wet'e held in tlleM~' E:' Church in . , Linwood at ' 11;o'clock:'''¥! edhisd'av

, m(jrn.irig~·~··: =., ':' ',' . .':',: >"'-"2,~

~.', Th¢' .deep . respect : felt·' f6f.t.he "d~-

~ fh~;::nh~dint~~~fr~tr:r:~r:~~~~: -J.~.~ .

! .. evinced bythe 'di~~iss~J 91 ·t~.~:l.;t~.~~ll .

~scho.oL and cessation of bilsm~ss,as '. r teachers and rpupils, business men of':'

;'~he tp~. and .friends and nelgh~o:f~: pn large .numbers gath~ted'for;--· the ~

!, aolerrin' arid' 'beautiful" service . of 'af-·

;. fection and respect .. ' '.,:' ~. ..... ':

< '.;- ,A profusionof floral offerings were> !' sent . by individual friends, by ·!f:Iiem-' ~ t<: qers : of the Grange organization, the : ::q. 0; -o, F., the ·I;\nights of Phythias, .:

. "l"'\1 __ ____J~' • ......... '.,,' -- '-. " ... j

months and 28 days. . ". . . ,

In 1882 at the age of 25, he came i to Dickinsori county,., remaining here until death, - excepting for a year an'd' a half. spent in Saline county.. ... ,:,.;.'. ; '. ".:.:.":. ,:. <~. " . Or~.:...Eebruary.:~6,. 18~6.·:·he was I united in. marriage) t6.¥a,ry. ~El.izabeth Yonally at Atlilene'and to this union were b6rn.'·eight ";~·Childre.TI,

three~ons .and:··~~~./daUgh.'te.r .. >hav~ I ing preceeded ·~l~. :u::1.d~~~h •. ) ..


be' th:> ·th"re·~4.;aititm':.;:'"l~r~".( ._ ti·?~-K da !

, ~:. _ . :"'::::r!i'''':''!.'''~}~~'''1-':':''i ;(:I!-;:.""""'" ..... ,;.-:.~"J,..:

~ .. -.' -:;::~:;..'i'~-·f;:~:nI1f~iJ:rB~~:Edii~ Pol~

GIbson, J?~o .~,,,·.o ... ,.,.~.,,'\''' .. " ... : .. " ~ .,., .. '

and Hebron /} Neb:i,:;'~1\~,Mrs .. '::fJIazel

l. , . , _' .. \ _.-:, ,~ ,-.-',. "'{'I'I'l.:-.~~_.~l -', ~

Klover, Abilene; one" son;';!,Jijames

Caulk of Logan, Neb.; two hrol1Wl'S, Dr. W. H. Caulk of Lincoln, Nt'll" and Ju.ke l:I. Caullt of LinW()OI1; fourteen' grandchildren, two crl'(~at-grandchi1dreri and a host of ~ther relatives and friends. .

In 1897· he 'became a member' of ; the EvangeUcaf church.


' . .I



Jasper Caulk

Of Nokomis Dies

Funeral services for Jasper L. Caulk, 83, ot Nokomis were held this afternoon at Stiehl-Dawson funeral home at Nokomis. Rev. Clark Luce officiated. Burial was in St .. John

cemetery, Witt. .

The son of George and Katherine N usseman Caulk, he was born Oct, 18, 1889 in Montgomery county and married Lovie Jackson in 1946 at Hillsboro and she survives,

Survivors include sons, Jerry of Califomia and Harold of Pontiac, 'MI; daughters Eilene' of Jersevville, Eunice of

r .inf'('\ In M -roC! n ACe. D ... ,"" •• ~

r~~t~~;~:~f~~'~f;' L I J~~lJforo, IS1~~a~,'

r ,fiury Evan Caulk, formerl:?'0l 1 1':Hillsboro., passed away OCio.J1(:r, i

/2nd at Ole home of his' sister, ~ Mrs. Louis Darrnent at NeWC:,l:~tle': 'j Del. Death was due to. a heart ',1 attack. Word' was received by 1 1',reJati"ves of this co rn m un ity and 1 t ,the family left immediately to. 1,1 .dr'ive to Delaware. Funeral serv- i ices were held there at 3 p. m. i

'Saturday, October 4, and burial' was made in Grace Lawn Me-! mortal cemetery at 'Wflrningtrm, : 'Del, ' ,: !

EuryEvan Caulk was born at ' Sorento, August 9, 1896, the son' of James and Isabelle (Cruthis) Caulk and at the time of his! death was 56 years, ODe month] and 23 days of age. He leaves an

I only sister" Iona, wife' of Louis' iI' Dermsnt of Newcastle, Del., two i sons. Floyd of Litchfield and i' Merlin of' Chicago, lind, three

:'l,d.~"ght"" Bernice, wife of DaVid, : 'Dunlap .or Gary, Ind., Mary L.

.Caulk and- Opal Caulk of Chicago and,six'grandchildren,' ,:

• .. . ~.' "_.' ,., .~ .. '~.;-.", ·"-:\_~1·.'~, :,_"'_ ._.', ~ .•• :,'-,:,,' "~. -',

;,~ Floyd L. Caulk

~,~ or Oak Lawn Dies; ~,I Rites.At-Litchfield

, \ "",L , ,

~ ,: Floyd' Lavern' Caulk of j~----:_Oak,Lavvn;"formerly, of ~' ,j Litchfield, died' at .3 p.m. ;' J T,u e s day, ,. in <C h r is t t ~- Community hospital where i:' 'h~ had been a patient for

, tir-;i'r.d:,;.weeks·;.<;,:F,uneral:i:crd t:es'~2


i \ will be held Friday at 2

~,. .'

l' p.m. at Ross funeral home

in Litchfield with Rev. La Von Baylor. Burial will ' be in Crabtree cemetery. Visitation will be, from 7 to

'9 , p .rn, this evening (Thursday) 'at the funeral,

:! home. '

•• 2,,": ' ,Mr. Caulk was born May ,

4, 1917; a son of Eury and, Pearl McLain Caulk. He had resided in Litchfield, from "

C 1943 to, 1956 and was

( employed in Springfield as a

, ' pipefitter. He was currently' a pipefitters superintendent' .in Chicago., ,He married the-.

), former Margaret Kinder of ' 'Litchfield, and she preceded him in death on Sept. 28;

1971. ' ,

Surviving are three sons; , Edwin and Ronald, both of Litchfield, and, James of Oak Lawn, with three

'grandchildren; a brother, Merlyn Caulk of Chicago; and two, sisters, Mrs. Mary Louise Schumacher of

, Evanston and Mrs. Bernice Dunlap 'in California.

A sister, Opal, preceded him in death. ,


\ I





f'Funeral services fe"::' I Ronald L. Caulk. will be :, held Saturday at 10 a.m. in "Gerlt.Meinschein 'funeral : home in Litchfield. Rev.

, LaVon Baylor will officiate. , 'Interment will be in

" Crabtree cemetery. Friends ';'may call after 4 p.m, Friday

, at the funeral home.

~' B om in Litchfield, he

~ was a' son of Floyd, ~~

('Margaret Kinder Caulk. He,

:r attended Litchfield schools, ~and graduated from .Litohfield high school witi,

:' the class of 1967; he never .marrled. '

\ 0 ther survivors besides ,his parents a r e two brothers, Edwin L. of

Litchfield and James R. of

.Oaklawn. '

~"cMr. Caulk Was a Marine

, \veteran who had served in:-

;Viptnl'lm, - ! / I j /1 '" ej".

ABRAt-t..AM FR.A:.'iC IS CAULK Jo son of James N.. and Mary <Craig) Cau lk WaG


born Jan. 24, 1850 in MaCoupin County, 111. He sarried Hannah Jane) Moss

Nov. 12:> 18.68.· They lived around Panama t Sorento and latsr Reno411 It was l'

- .

while living south of Panama· that Abeos grandmother. Sarsh (Powers) Caulk

died April 12, 1878 in theiT( home - as she was making her home with them.

It is now known 8S the Cary Cunningham place. At that ti!1;tr. it wasealle:d


Abraham and Hannah had CQn children, five died in infancy.. William B.


cal fed Birtie» cho1coo on an apple while playing at school. He was seven

yea?s of agee ihasa childreA are buried at the~~ld Kirkland Ce_t~ry.

Thc8e that gre~ to adulthood are:

John Perry Arthur Ca:y

Ida Elizabeth Thomas FI'anklin Elbert Harrison

. " ",,;'

• .I' I

Hannah was born Sept. 19, 1849, and waa the daughter of Sarah c.

(King) and James MoSi. Sbe was a crippled lii'OrUft. due to an injury ahe

suataine'd in infancy. H~'C left leg we.a ahotter than the right one.

Therefore sbe walked on tiptoes with her left foot and deformed h~r

foot more by doing so. '


Ab~ah~ was 8 farmer, hut when be got his farming done. ,he ran an

old,tiQ.Q threshing lIl.8.Chine,. threshing grain for hi!ll$~l.f and the I1sighbor-

boed, & also ran a lUfI,b;!1' saw111 and drcve oxen hitched to 8 log ,wagon


to ~l his logs to the mill. The oxen tea~ were named Buck and TobeJ

_______ ... ~ .... ~ ........... .u.'UQ~

Oo.W.uI.L..L..L d.UU urove oxen nl. t cnec to a log waeon to

_ haul his logs to the mill. The oxen teams were named buck and Tobe, and 'i'om and Jerry •.

Abraham was united with the Baptist church when he was 18 years old and lived according to his faith for a number of years, then seemed to grow cold. But during his last illness, he put his trust in the Lord and could often be heard by his family, praying for the Lord to bless him with patience and strength to endure his pain and agony. He had ulcer trouble •. He told his family very often, . he was saved and all was well. He was perfectly ready and willing to die. His only regret was leaving his family he deeply loved. He was a loving husband and father, a kind and good neighbor. He died at the age of 60 years, 7 months and 15 days, on sept. 9, 1910, at their home, a log house, -about two miles south of Reno. This place is' known as the old Schewndeman place and is

~now owned by Sherman Dressor. Abraham is buried in Sunnyside cemetery.

Hannah later married a Jacob Smith. Hannah was a lover of music and often had her loved ones singing during her last days. She was

a devoted Christian 'Woman. Aunt Hannah, as_she was called, was of a cheerful ddspo af tion and always willing to forgive anyone.

Hannah Jane grew to womanhood in the vicinity of Hillsboro. She attended school in the oid Wilson school house. She wa~ a crippled girl

due to an injury when only a baby. Her left leg was shorter than her r1t;h1
leg. Therefore, she walked crippled her entire life. In November of
1868 she married Abram F. Caulk. To this union were born:
John. Perry Sept. 13, 1869 Feb. 9, 1949
Jame's H. Dec. 8, 1871 Nov. 10, 1874
'rthur Carey Jan. 25, 1874 June 10. 1963 r.tvt,.

t;;J;~1/& ~ ;:'.It£) ~ LJ /7 1/ It

Hlllsborotl Hannah had one brother,Tha.masjj and t hr e e sisters:

r~ll H t t .i e rn H r r i e d <.I 0 h 11 ha r ton 0 f L 1. t c h fie 1 d ; Liz 2. i e m a.r r i e d. ,) 0 h n day e B ;

and Nll.flfl.io IUI,.rri.ed n Wag~1_' of Lnd Lana ,

l+annah aJf30 had some half bt-o t ne r s s \rJil1iam Il/lOSB, John Mossl!

and Laa ac r'JQSs. Ls o.ac hOSL::! has t'lrl0 living children: Emma 1'11088

Green and fienry Moss of R~R. Hillsboroo Henry is 91 year~ of age and

he and Emma are the oldest living members of the Waveland Presbyterial

Church. Henry married'Ida Edwards.

John Moss has a son John, now living in Litchfield.

Sarah King No S S was born and rai sed around Lrv Lng , Ill. She

died IVlarch 2?, 1870. aged 53 years and 15 days" She is buried in

Edwards Chapel Cemetery, 6 miles south of Hillsboro~ This verse is

on the tomb;

Remember friends as you pass by As you are now so once was I

As I am now so you must be Prepare for Death and follow me

Hannah Jane grew to w6roanhood irt the vicinity 6f Hillsboro.

She attended school in the old Wilson school house~ She was a

crippled girl due to an injury when on~y a vbaby , Her left ;Leg wa s

shorter than he~ right leg. Therefore she walked crippled her entire

lifeo In Nov .. of 1868 she married Abram Fe Caulke To this union

,_;!ere born:

John Per ry Septe13, 1869 Feb. 9, '1949
James H~ Dece 8, 1871 Nov", 10, 1874
Arthur Ce.rey Jano 25, 1874 .June ·1°9 1963
Ida ElizaL'eth Jan. 27, 1877 Oct. 8, 1954
IVlinnie Nay Fe b , 18, 1880 July 2? 1880
.... ,
William 1~ • June "I , "1881 Nov , 20i! 'l888
("11"" .......... 1 ........ 1\[ N"·u'. ?'/ . 1 -"18? .l u L v 1.4. .. 188'1 Five of these died in infancy and are buried at the Kirkland


Abram Caulk died on sept. 9, 1910 at the age of 60 years, 7m08. f


and 15 days.

Hannah later married a Jacob Smith. Hannah was a iliover of musi,


and often ha.d h e r i Lo v e d ones singing, durinr,- her last days. She was

a devoted Christian woman., Aunt Hannah, as she was called9 was of a

cheerful d~sposition~and always willing to forgive anyone 0

She lived her last years among her children, going frOID 'one

to the other. Hannah died at her daughter's home in Tamalco on

April 16, 1929, at the age of 79 years, 6 mqnths, and 28 days.

Jacob preceded Hannah's death by six years. She is buried at t r.e .~i)

Sunnyside Cemetery at the side of her first husband, Abram Caulk.

This verse is on her tomb:

. ~ ...

Sleep on dear @other, Take thy,rest;

God called thee home-He thought it best~


"'" .

.~ .... , ..

Entered inti) rest at the f:t mily horne in Round Prairie, near Sorento, 111., Scptemher 9th, lSJ10

ARRAM rr.~ANKLlN CAULK Agt:tI 60 years, 7 ruuuths and 16 days

JOHN PERRY CAULK, son of Abraham and Hannah (Moss) Caulk, born

Sept. 139 1869, married Osa Clark, Aug. 14. 1892. To this union were

born six children;

Maude Mable

William Francis Cleda


Wayne Walker

.. married

Charles Robinson Willard McReaken Geneva MeR.eaken William MaIO Ruth Comptott Mildred Hattox

All of the above marriages were blessed with children and latel"

John ana 088. were later divorced and be lived alone for severa.l

years. then went to live with Thomas and f.-liy. Then on l~c~ 3, 1934,

John married Minnie Blevins. He worked at the coal mine in Panama for


several years .s a machinist until the Eline closed.. While ltv;.ng with

his brothere he was the fireman and engineer of a .team engine to 8

sawmill. He was small in stature. He loved to play the violin 01' base

violin. He and his niece. Irene. enjoyed many hours playing music

together. John on the vio~tn and Irene accompanying bim on the oraan.

John lived to' the ag~ of 79 years. 6 11,08. 4ftd 4 days. He died

at Alton ho'spital on Feb. 101t 1949 and is buried at Sunnyside cemetery

beside his mother and father.

0&& (Clark) Caulk died Dee. 13, 1943 and is buried at Sunnyside

c~meter'YI> Minnie {Blevins) Caulk died in 1956.

, .,


John F an6 Dsa (Clark) Caulk were tte Dare~ts of seven children,

they are the following ;

. ,_t~ .'

·~·JTi§::±~~ anc Charles ILobinson have three c h i.Ld r e n and one grandson,

'( 1 Y Dale

(2) Vivian


(3) 'v!ilma




Maude now 1iv~s in California •

Charle~ Pas~ed away in Nov. of 1930. He is buried in the Browns cenetery. Clarence died in infancy,and is buried in the Tisdale cemetery south of SO]


" Ill.:

_ri~~.E~~ and vlillard NcReaken have an ac o p t ed d augh t e r , N ina Lee, and she has child ,John. Nine Lee lives in Florida~Mable lives in Peoria.

Willarci ~~ssed away in Oct. of 1970.

_~Tllli~_E1_ and Geneva(IvlcReaken) have t1,l0 children and eitsht crandchildren ,

(1) Brent and (2) Shirley

,-v,) ill i am Scott







William passed ~aw~yrincDe6~6f 1972,in Peoria Ill. At the age of 70 years C~~c!.c:. and- vlilliam Hago have +vo children and f i v e grandchildren,

(1) Ro-bert











Cleda is now living in hichigan.

G~~!:~:: and Ruth( Compton) have t vo daughters and three grand d a.ugh t e r s ,

-", (1) Judy


(2) Joan


two girls

George lives in Florida.

i. - '_

( Hattox) have no children .They are living in

and I"lildred

~alifornia:~t this time.

Vies At Peoria

William Caulk, 71, of Rome passed away recently at the Methodist hospital in Peoria. He is formerly of Sorento, a son of the late John Caulk. He is survived by his wife, who is the former Miss Geneva


Mable McReaken

Mable N. McReaken, 83; of 1206 E. Virginia died at 9: 15 p. m. Friday at the Park Hill Nursing Home, Chillicothe.

Born Feb. 9, 1899, in Soren-

, to, she was

the daughter

.: of John and Osa Clark Caulk. She married Willard C. M cReaken June 30, 1920, in Collinsville.

. He died in

Mrs. McReaken Peoria Oct.

3, 1970.

She was a buyer at J .C. Penney Co. Inc., where she worked 25 years, retiring in

1963. '

She was member of the Forrest Hill Methodist Church, the Eastern Star, and the Caterpil, lar Retirees Club.

She is survived by one daughter, Nina Lee Krugh of Peona. one grandson; two sisters, Mrs. Maude Tollan of Gladewater, Texas, and Mrs. CI~a Sadow of Muskegon, Mich. ; one brother George Caulk, De Barry , Fla.: and a

~---- _. "---

Wayne CalJ1l< passed away the last part of May in 1979 in San Rafael California. Wayne had been suffering from poor health for several years prior to his death. He married Mildred Hattox from Southern Mississippi or Louisiana. During his life he worked as a truck driver, driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles. He drove three trips one week and two trips the next week. The trip was nearly 450 miles one way and he drove all night. He continued in this position for many years. He owned a nice horne in San Rafael.

Wayne retired from driving at the age of 62. He spent the last three years of his life confined to a wheelchair and the hospital. He underwent surgery on both of his knees and also on his back. The last year of his life he suffered several strokes. Wayne passed away at 65 in April of 1979.

Wayne Caulk was born in Panama, Illinois. He did not have any children but is survived by a brother, George; and three sisters, Maude Roberson of Texas, MableMekeaken of Peoria, Illinois and Cleda Mago of Michigan. He was preceded in death by his parents, John and Osa Clark Caulk and one brother, William.

,I"/{ (\ <g ~eorge Caulk

)'lG1i Word has been received here of the death of George Caulk, 80, at DeBarry, Fla.,

November 19. funeral services were held at DeBarry.

He was born and reared in Bond county, the son of John and Gsa (Clark) Caulk~"""He was 'married to the fo~mer Ruth Compton in 1934 and she survives.

Also surviving is a

daughter, Joan; two sisters, Maude of Texas and Cleda of Michigan; and three grand: children,

Precedinz him in death was

. ~.

Ru~h Caulk

Ruth Caulk, 74 of DeBary, ·Fla., formerly of Panama, died July 29 at the home of her .daughter in New York, N.Y ..

Funeral services were held Sunday at Owensboro·, Ky.

Mrs. Caulk was born April 16 1913 in Panama to Foster and Mae (Riggens) Compton. In·1936 she marn.·~d~e_ Caulk in Chicago .. He die . ovemb~~ 11

1986 - . .,

,~_:. . . .• /lk '

~-.~ •• j ~."" I,

ARTHUR CARY CAULK. son of Abraham and ,Hannah (Moss) Caulk, born

Jan. 25, 1874 marTied Dora File on Mar. 2, 1893. They had one daughter:

Grace Elwood

born ,Dec. 2St 1893

e married Roy ~w8rd.

Dora File C.a.ulk died and is buried at Kirkland Cemetery. Following

Dora's death, Hannah and Abe(aa he was called>. took the baby, Blwood,

into their home and reared her along with their cwo baby. who was nearly

the same age.

Arthur again married. this tim.1! to Rosa Collme.nn in Oct. of 1894.

To th11 union were bom four dau.ghtexi and two sons. The sons , Laurence

and Charles Earnest, d1~d in childhood end are burled in Sunnyside

cemetery. The da~ghters are:

Iva Elva Beulah Velma

married Fred Toureene

I . 1.;""" F

.oul.S l"J.1 Ai'.e ...

~ 2nd mar. Lundquist Henry Rose

Frank Fre~l

never married" She lived with he? parents and later d.ied in Alton hospital in 1960~

Arthur work.ed in mining. He W(;"I.S hoisting engineer in. the mine

loeated in Sorent" many years age and then leter went to Panama and worked

i'n the mine there as master mechanic unti 1 the mine closed. Arthur and

Rosa moved to Coy, Virginia and he ~~rked in mining there for awhile, but

later 'returned to Sorento and did other wOTko Rosa died in 1939.

Arthur later married ~~na Woods. They lived in Sorento until ill

health fozeed them to live ~n nur:8~.ng homc$ ~ sometimes together and

sometimes not. At'thur died JU::le lOr. 1963 ,at the ag~' cf 89 years and

.. _ _. - L.~_~ -~ ..... Cunn"~:d till Cemetery by the side of his 2nd



'I!~ervices Today :~

For Roy Edwar~s,) J-3~t 1:]"1'1 ' .. 1,

Roy R. Edwards, 87 t I " Litchfield, died at 9 :05 a.m. ' ': at' St. Francis hospita1~., Litchfield t where he had I been ·a patient since Dec. I 22. . . i

Bdm in Reno on Feb. 12, ,; 1890, he was the son of the' ,late Albert and Nancy,

· Brewer Edwards.' He and,

· Grace E. Caulk were: married on March 8, 1912, : and she survives with two sons: Chauncey M. Edwards of Donnellson and Paul L. Edwards, Hillsboro, and a daughter, Mrs. Faye Whitlock of Litchfield. A sister,

· Mrs. Nellie Roberts of Clinton also survives as do eight grandchildren, seventeen great-grandchildren, and two great-great-grand-

· children.

A daughter, Ruby

Roberta, died in infancy, and a sister, Mrs. Bessie Bills, also preceded him

in death. .

A retired railroad conductor for the CB and Q railroad (now the Burlington-Northern), Mr. Edwards was a mem ber of United Transportation· U n ion

No. 1718. . -

Services will be at 1. p.m.

today, Tuesday, Jan. 3 at

· Gerlt-Meinschein funeral ; home, Litchfield with the ; Rev. Steve Harbin, minister ; o~. the First Baptist church, ~ LItchfield, officiating. ':' Burial -will be in Bethel r cemetery, Reno. The family rrequests memorials to the (Renq Baptist church. :

~".: .. , : ... ' ... ~; • eo .' • t _ j '.

1tt!~S born in Shoal Ct·eek township on Jan. 27" 1877.. She was the only

1895 dnd is buried at t:trkland Cemetery.


Oscaz PIO P..oSEl irene Willard .Elbert Jane

!ne~ KeE;udnga:r william l..cui.§ Dove Pearl Finke

Zoey ~!\t:on

Julius Meyers

There ar·re also a host ef grandchildren end gr.eet grandchi ldren"

Ids and Thomas wer~ marri~d in her parents 8 home i.n t.he ~Iood land

vicinity. tloutb !!If S.orentoo They liviid one ye.ar in Kansas, goi.ng out

ther(l: :tn a covered wagon B.l"i.d camping on the s ide of the road II! They also

ltved an a farm near Tamalco, Ill. for about ten years. The l:'est of the

tim(~ t hey lived in and around Sorento. Tho.as· mother vas one of tt"iplet~

and his g re at g randf ache r , Tho.13as McKean. wafS one of the signers ef the

Dec1.aration 'Of Indepe~'1de.llce» representing Del&ware. ~

Ida. end Thomes obG~rved their 54th wedding anniversary in March of 1946.

Ide WAS 8. member of tbe Baptist chuzch , firs~ at Wa.l.ghville. then late?
l~';:!. t h t.he Sorento BaD"';; g,ii"" church. She di~d et the Bourgeois nUI'l!1ing heme
! \....~~- tn Greenville on Oct" la 1954 'after an illness of 18 IDOSe She had attained

ye5r~, B mos. ~nd 10 days.

She is buried at Sunn'l.lgicie


cemet e ry beside h~.r husband, Thomas, who preceded her in deathf April 29~ 194·6.

He WBS S member of the Chri$t1an church at Walshville ..

This f.s.mily woes very talented in music and singing, and did a lot of

.. ~'.._,,;J ~ • """' fIoo ~ .... __ - -- - -

• 7

,-.r 7'"'" (-.: .... r_...·_ ._..~ ..

OIH; ~ 'O\lllty !~('~i(!('ilt. F01'

:'."(,;ll·~ \\"iJ"(', 'l'lil'f'(.' So n»,

• ·~rw{J ~)all)..:.II'.("·.";.

0.. Iy I , ." f ,J .' rr

·r t;" ..... \ ,:1·7 "C-",-f 1 I

f~i~:~''':~':i: ~erY~I".'. ','. ( .. hf'l(1

r'~ tr ViC1.\.ean_

. .\;,-1

, Of Sorento, Dies At Nursinz Home I-{ere

, 0

I~~ / . ..... /':' (j ri'_' /y' .

~; c "'~ ',- l,_.j .

,-- ._·7 I

Funeral Of Lifelong

County Hesident, Held Sund ay Afternoon

: : :: : ' , is '11' ;,.' ';1' ' .: e. j i e

'. ' .: , i ;!:" f r: J' ( , '. .. : \'; n .\' t: t I ]'::-: ,


j ~ . iii i I


;.:':,,'j. .~)·.i:·,l l ••• ·i~, \\,-...11 .:,-

': ~ :".~ •• ~ , d S u ; . .: ~':. '. J • ~ .~ I E ~ (1 8 r :-~ ~ ~ i


1': t ('.', ' jl";.J i j Ii:, "

~ . . \,. ....... ~


I :--:1'::. Ida F.. (Cculk ) McKean, ! 1J l\:iull.::, rcsi.tcnt of the Sorento

I cornm uni ty, died at 8:30 p, m., Thursday at the Bourgeois Nursing 'Home in Greenville, after an ill-1 ness of 18 months.

Funeral services were held at I

2 p. 111., Sunday, at the Sorento ~ -Baptist church, the Rev, Geo. Hud-1 ·son of Mulberry Grove officiating.·1 .Inter mcnt was rriade at Sunnyside;

cemetery. The Gordon & Foran; 'Funeral Home was in charge. i : Mrs. McKean's maiden name was.] Ida E. Caulk, a daughter of Abra- I 'ham and Hannah (Moss) Caulk

and she was born in Shoal Creek

· township about four miles east of .Soren to on January 27, 1877 and was aged 77 years, eight months

· and 10 days. She lived in Bond county her entire life except one I .year spent in Kansas. On March t '15, 1893 she was rnarried to Thomas S. McKean and he is now deceased. She leaves three sons, Oscar P. of Rosewood Heights, Ill., Willard .R. of Bethalto, and C. Elbert McKean of Greenville and two daugh-

· ters, Mrs. R. Irene Dove of Soren-

to, and 1V1rs. R. Jane McKean of, -Greenville. She leaves three

· brothers, Arthur Caulk and Elbert

: of Sorento, and Thomas C. Caulk' <of Old Ripley. A brother John:

ICaulk preceded her, in death. S~e: twas a "member of the Baptist ]

lchurch. . .

l, It' ... I H b'l" ' __ 0" it ..._ "py;"";'" 'e' ':'i~ ,:J

: .' ~ ,::: .-..:: \ " I


1 h (.

81'S, ;.", ;)(::ii\~ Th01Jl(1S;

,'J, v e, (\ ..... :8S .~\ic·),:C!~!.n, Elmer File, \ ", .::: ; . : i: .. ; ; n e s , :c: d \\" inC r a II sea n d '; ! I. I

.1';, -: . .'. ;lclclJ;~d:'en of the cle-.,

(' ( :: o· i ' (; c'" • e d rt ~. n (j \'," e r .2: i r 1 s : R c b 3., i

, ,

!;',';':1 r,;'" Detn ~;i'.'2. Lo r eu e an d.

- ,.' -\"1 . 1-"1 L t

l",:,"!;'~; .. _.' .· .. can, \ l..IT'j:l .~ 1 e, or·ene~

.i : ;,.,- ... x in e Cr aus e, .Tune Me- ~

'1\.;;:,,:. :.:;U :\Iarialll BJock. r

.. . t ')le ch u r c h '\vas·'-.i.

'. ",;1; 11:11S1C;). ...


·.··(,r;(:t'(; 11\' i\ir&. John Wal l , :Vlrs.·';

~ . .. ...

(. ;:,~:j 'ii t.sw o r th , ~lrs. James Blay- ',:

;C','j': n n d ;\11'5. H. :\1. 811o.n1\s. :\11'5'1; :",.;. :\iiller was at the piano ..

j ',':lCl1lHlS 81. Clair :'TcKean wris '. ~':}I';';~ .Iu n e 10, lS71, in Mnr i n a, Ill., : . ::-";, of Isa a c J. a n d Cl a r is sa (Al-:

(: ~-; t-: I) .:\ 1<: Ken 11. His mot 11 e r . was 0 n e ;

c. i r ip l et s. He ca m e to Bond ccu n r y:

:l:. the ap,"\:; of 20, se ulin g in "the; Y:()oc11:11)(1 community. Hcr e he re~; ~ji::('d The 1'05(. of his Jif e, except [or:

. : '1 \ v " ~ \ r r ;.: :' '" 111 :l i T ;1111 ale: a .

'~n }larch 1.1, 1 S G'~, he was mal'-. ~:t"d to Icl:'l, Elj.zabeth Ca u llr , th e ' (';':'elliony t u k i n i; ]";1;1(,8 at tllE' lio me.'

! c:' the br id es ra ther , Auruuam :

I Cr.u l k , in i h e \VOOd:'<llld vicinity. I}

I T:]cy o nserv ed their r, 4th wedding

: n un ivc rxa ry this :'lal"ch.

! S118 s urv iv es. tG;ether with t,hl'ee I so n s a n d tw o dn u ch t er s: Oscar P. : :'ITd'E':o.n a n d \VillaJ'd R. ::\IcKean,

Oscar P. McI(ean n° I C· . I 1 D,les In . ooraQO

1-LL d.. 3- i 9 '7 ~

Oscar P. McKeaIl, 80, formerly of Sorento, was born three miles south of Sorento on Jan. 14, 1894 and passed away at 11: 30 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 23, at Lutheran hospital in Golden, Colo. He VIas a son of the late Thomas and Ida McKean. He wes converted and baptized in early man h 00 dan d was a member of St. Paul's United Methodist church in Rosewood Heights.

Surviving are his widow, the former Inez Kessinger of Sorento, whom he married May 30, 1914; two daugh ters, Mrs. Mariam Block of Golden, Colo. and Mrs. June McGlon of Albuquerque, N.M.; two sons, Harold of

_ Conshocken, Pa. and Lloyd 'of Arvada, Colo.; 11 .g r a n d c h i l d r e n , four

. great-grandchildren; two sisters, Mrs. Irene Dove of

· Sorento and Mrs. Jane Meyers - of Tamalco; two. brothers, Willard McKean of Bethalto and Elbert

· McKean of Greenville.

The Marks Mortuary in Wood River 'Was L'1 charge of arrangements. Funeral services were conducted at 1: 30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 26, at St. Paul's United Methodist church in Rosewood Heights- with the pastor, Rev. Philip Gardner of East Alton, and a former pastor.. Rev. Roy Baugh of Granite City, officiating.

Pallbearers were C.R.

· Baughman, Cleo Broadway,.

William Haun, Gilbert Jaynes, Charles Me.Kean and.. Donald McKean.

Burial was in Rose Lawn Memory Gardens at Bethalto.

Among those attending the funeral were Mrs. Irene Dove, daughter Mrs. Reba. H7 ... 11 ..,,.,r'l,,nn,, Mr and Mrs. : .


lf1cvzdt s. 1903

Died C)ciofw,_ 15, 1974


tllafUleUcaL Umted /Wetlto-Jut eltUlJC1 f1Jrud ;<We/i-, !ll1tH.{)U

7~, Odokn 17,1974

1:00 p. m.


;<eu., jrM2ph dlaiL

Interment ;<C1Jekt~ MeHW'llj qaA~ BeIJwjj~, !lLlUwU

------ .. ---- ... -- . __ .. --- .-

Born !anuo'llf 14, 1794

Died q~'f 23. 1974


$t. PautJ. Metlto-dut (3ltWLCk tadt IlL~, !JLlina-U

7urM.dalf, qe~'f 26, 1974 1:30 p. ffl..


;<etJ.. Pkdtp r}a'ldnell, tadt 4L/,Qn, JLL.; I Re{J., ROlf /JaUtjk, (}t;ande (]t'-/f, !lLt.

Interment RoJe/.a.J.l).;t. IWel1'UYJ.Ij (j(JAdena /JethaLto., JLI;no-U

Pall Bearers

C. R. Baughmlln Cleo BfO~dwlly William Haun

Gilbert Joynes Cherles McKe"n Domsld McKelln

'¢ L>:' t.) -- { I ' f

Services for Willard McKean, 71, of Bethalto were held at the E,.U.S_ church in East Alton, October le-, with burial in Rosewood Heights cemetery.

He was born March 8, 1903, at Sorento, the son of Thomas and Ida (Caulk) McKean. He spent his early life in Bond county and farmed in the Tamalco and Hookdale area before moving to Bethalto, where he was emploved by the Shell Oil Company. . He died at the Woo driver hospital, after an illness of three years.

Survivors include his wife, the former Pearl Finke; daughters, Mrs. Edwin (Maxine) Krause, Indiana, and Mrs. William J. (Lorine) James, East Alton;

,sons, Charles, East Alton, and Donald at home; sisters, Mrs. Irene Dove, Sorento and Mrs. Jane Meyer, Keyesport; one brother, Elbert, Greenville, and six grandchildren.

Donald McKean

CANTON, N.C. - Donald R McKean, 53; died at 12:30 p.m. Wednesday •. June 23, 1999, at Haywood Regional Medical

. Center in North, Carolina.

Born Oct. 19, 1945, in Wood River, he was a son of the late Willard and Pearl (Finke) McKean.

Surviving are a brother and sister-in-law, Charles and i Irene McKean-of Worden, and two sisters, Maxine Crause of Decatur and Lorene Janes of , Rosewood -Helghts,

Visitation will be from 5 to 8 p.m. Sunday at Elias-Smith Funeral Home in Bethalto, where services will be conducted at 11 a.m. Monday. The Rev. Jim Pratt will officiate.

Burial will be at Rose Lawn Memory Gardens in Bethalto.

- 1\11'0 ............ "'1'" ""'QU ht:> m!:lnp tn

. _Pa.....;;g~e_12 T_H_E_G~~~~VILLE ADVOCATE, December 12, 1995

C. Elbert McKean .... 1 ---0' . ·~l·'-t-U'

'Funeral services will be held ! U

Wednesday at 11 a.m. at the Don- '\ nell-Wiegand Funeral Home for C. ---------~. -,. ~ .. ~- ...... _-,Elbert McKean, 88, of south of Greenville. Mr. McKean died December 10 at 6:55 a.m. at UtI aut Memorial Hospital in Greenville.

Darryl Bolen will officiate the service and interment will be held at McKendree Chapel cemetery.

Visitation is after 4 p.m. today (Tuesday) at the funeral home.

Born March 24,. 1907 in Shoal Creek township, Bond county, Mr. McKean was the son of Thomas S. and Ida (Caulk) McKean. He married V. ZeoyMunton July 9., 1930in

Bond county. She survives. .

Also surviving are sons, Thomas E. McKean of Greenville,:

Elmer J. McKean of O'Fallon and Fredric D. McKean of Troy; daughters, Mrs. Louise A. Smith of Greenville andMrs. Hal (Laura J.) Jones of Lakewood, Colo.; sister, Ruth Jane Meyer of Greenville, 13

, grandchildren and 19 great-grand-

children. .

He was preceded in death by a son, Bobby L. McKean at birth; brothers, Oscar and Willard, and Earl in infancy, and a sister, Irene

Dove. '

\ Mr. McKean worked at Pet I Milk from 1943 to 1962 and for the 1

• Mulberry Grove Meat Locker. He

1 was also retired from construction i work. He attended the Mt. N ebo . Primitive Baptist Church and was I a member of the Teamsters Union , at Pet Milk,

Memorials may be made to the i Bond County Health Department (or to the charity of the donor's

choice .



C. ELBERT McKEAN March 24, 1907 - December 10, 1995



88 years, 8 months, and 16 days

FUNERAL SERVICES \Vednesday December 13, 1995 at 11 :00 a.m.

Donnell- Wiegand Funeral Horne Darryl Bolen. officiating

INTERMENT McKendree Chapel Cemetery


Daniel C. Smith

Richard D. Smith

Julius J. Meyer

Julius J. Meyer, 75 of Hookdale, died 12:55 a.m. Saturday, December 13, at his residence after a lengthy illness.

Funeral services were 1: 30 p.m. Monday in the DeweySchildknecht Funeral Home conducted by ministers, Darryl Bolen and Harold Kemp. Interment was in Mt. Auburn cemetery.

Mr. Meyer was born in Tamalco township March 17, 1905, son of Joseph H. and Talkea (Sussen) Meyer. Before moving to Hookdale eight years ago, he resided and farmed in Tamalco township.

Married to Ruth J. McKean on December 27, 1958 at" Hookdale,

she survives. .

Mr. Meyer was a member of st. Peter's United Church of Christ, Hookdale, and Bond County Farm Bureau.


84 years, 6 months, and 26 days


11 :00 a.m. Thursday, January 21, 1999 Donnell - Wiegand Funeral Home Darryl Bolen, officiating

INTERMENT McKendree Chapel Cemetery


Bradley Bernall Ronald Bernal! Kevin Jones Charles McKean

Jeffrey McKean Daniel Smith Bruce Smith Richard Smith


Tom Harrison Brad Smith Eric Smith Dustin Bernall

Robert McKean Joseph Page Christopher Bernall Curtis Bemall


Laura Jones, soloist Mitzi Montgomery, organist



BORN December 29, 1909


March 17, 1905 DIED December 13, 1980 AGED

75 Years 8 Months 26 Days SERVICES

Monday, December 15, 1980 at 1 :30 P.M.

Dewey-Schildknecht runeral Home Greenville, Illinois


Rev. Darryl Bolen and Rev. Harold Kemp ORGANIST

JoAnn Linton


Connie Mansholt


ENTERED INTO REST September 21, 1997


87 Years, 8 months and 22 days


Wednesday, September 24, 1997, at 11 :00 a.IT Schildknecht & Young Funeral Home Greenville, Illinois

OFFIC!ATING Rev. Darryl Bolen


Lovell Kesner, Organist Matt Ludwig, Vocalist


Mt. Auburn Cemetery

.L J..&. A •• L .. _ _ r- __ ~ _ ... _ ..

l , J I 1 1,11 J I J._--I. J..J v r ,. ._,

'r.,-!/(., "Qf Sorento Dies.

Ii .1-/-/1,'/

\Villiam Louis Dove of Sorento . passed away Friday at 1 :40 a.m.

. at St. Francis hospital in Litch~: : field following an illness of one 'veRr. He was 75 years and 17 . :' davs old at the time of his: ; death and was the last member, : of a family of six children., . i Funeral services were he1(~, ! Sunday at 2 p.m. at Per'Iet ti'

II Funeral Home in Sorento with, Rev. Paul Chamless officiating.:

\ Interment was made in Sunny-v , side cemetery.;. , M:s. McKean was bornJune 21, r . 1\11', Dove was born on., .lan., : 191410 Bond county, the daughter

I J n, 1~~)2 in S,hnal Crcok I own- \ . of Joseph C. and Sarah A~ (Taylor) : ship in Bond County, the son 0f; Munton. She married C:. Elbert I, the late David C. an? Eliz~ Ann': McKean July 9, 1930 in Bond

; ~ruth.is Dove. He lived hl~ en-: county. He preceded her in death ; tire life around the SOl ento; D b 10 1995

'area. He was aU. S. Army vet- .~ ecem er, .

: eran of World War I and a mem-v She is survived by sons, Thomas

: bel' of the Sorento American.' E. McKean of Greenville; Elmer J. ~ Legion, Kessi n gel' Post 713. ',McKean of Highland and Fredric D. I. Surviving are his wife, the ,; McKean of Troy; daughters, Mrs. : iormer Rosa Irene 1\1cI{eall., ~~ Louise A. Smith of Greenville and . whom he married March 21,:1 f : 1923 in Missouri. Other surviv-i Mrs. Harold (Laura J.) Jones 0

: ors include two sons, Thomas D.'.; Lakewood, Colo.; brothers, Taylor i and Billy L. of Sorento; three (Munton of the Orlando, Fla. area, . daughters, Reba Wall of So-:~ Eldon Munton of Springfield, Mo. : rento, 'Fern Foiles of East A~ton.'l and John Munton, also of.the Or:' and Betty Langel of Greenville ;: lando, Fla. area; and 13 grandchil, one step-daughter, Wilma File ?f.; dren and 19 great-grandchildren.

I LaMoille, .Il'l.: nine grandchll-:

. dren seven step-grandchildren' She was preceded in death by a

: and I • six step-great-grandchil",\ son, Bobby L. McKean at birth; , dren. .: brothers, Darrell, Dean and Loyd

"." ,~.v ... Munton and a sister, Nelda M.

- lIunton .

. THE GREENVILLE ADVOCATE, October 14, 1999 .

Pearl McKean, 78, of Bethalto and a native of Sorento, died at 4:10 p.m. Aprif14 at St. Anthony

Hospital, Alton. ..'

Funeral services were held at 11 a.m. Saturday. at. the Evangelical United. Methodist Church, Wood River,' the Rev. Jerry Herring officiating. ': Interment was . in Roselawn Memory Gardens, Bethalto, with the Smith Funeral. Home of Bethalto in charge.

Mrs, McKean was born August 18, 1903at Sorento; the daughter. of Joseph and Frances' (Finke) Weaver. She was; married November 22, 1925 to Willard McKean, who preceded her in death October 15, 1974. .

She is survived by' two sons, ..

Charles of Worden and Donald of . Knoxville, Tenn.; two daughters, Lorene Janes of East Alton and Maxine Crause of Dayton, Ohio; six, grandchildren and' three great grandchildren,

Mrs. McKean was preceded in death by two sisters . and .11 brother Mabel Micnhimer t Ruby.

, "

Finke and Homer Finke:

Mrs. McKean was a member of . the Evangelical United. Methodist Church of Wood River. with memorials designat~~ttl~ ..

church building fund. ':".;: ,) .. ;

_, , .



Page 16


V. Zeoy McKean

v. Zeoy McKean, 84, of Greenville died January 17 at 6:25 a.m. at Utlaut Memorial Hospital in Greenville.

Funeral services will be held Thursday at 11 a.m. at the DonnellWiegand Funeral Home in Greenville with interment in McKendree , Chapel cemetery. Darryl Bolen will . officiate.

Visitation is after 4 p.m. Wed. nesday at the funeral home.

Mrs. McKean had worked at the len Franklin Dime Store, and was I housekeeper at Utlaut Memorial :Iospital for 4 1/2 years. She was a nember of the First Christian Jhurch in Greenville.

Memorials may be made to the Irirst Christian Church Sunday School Department.

Judith Ann Ernst

Funeral services will be held today (Thursday) at 11 a.m. for Judith Ann Ernst, 48, of New Douglas, formerly of Sorento. She died October 10 at 2:05 p.m. at her residence.

. The service will be held at the Immanual Lutheran Church in New Douglas with the Rev. Mark Sidney officiating. Interment will

he in New Douglas cemetery. .

The Lesicko Funeral Home in New Douglas is in charge of the'

arrangements. ,

Mrs; Ernst was' born March 6, 1951in Litchfield, the daughter of Clarence and Reba (Dove) Wall. She married HaroldA. Ernst September 19, 1980 at New Douglas.

She is survived by her husband; a daughter, Tammy Ernst and a son, David Ernst, both at home; her mother, Reba Wall of Soren to; and a sister, Mrs. Don (Linda) Niehaus of Donnellson.

She was preceded in death by her father.

Mrs. Ernst was a 1969 Greenville High School graduate and was a third grade teacher at Sorento School. She was a member of the

- --.. ......,. _'"

Wilma Long and Elmer File were married in 1937. Their

choi:l.dren are:

El i. z a.be t n Irene Nay 21 , 1938
w·., Lo rerie Mar 8, 1942
a i ma
f1yra Kaye Oct 27, 1~48
li~l rf!'] r Louis July14, 1951
Laura ~J a n e 11'j ')'" q6 1954
( .... ...1- t: ,
Theresa jVjarie Mar 6, 1958 THE GREENVILLE ADVOCATE, June 28, 1990

Page 3

::I/z{}j'71 (}_0 'lr e ~

/ ~fl(-/90'l

d_An~ 71~Jj- ud/u I f d-.I! - /1 ~ 3


7J1~d ~((2~c./ ) 9 ?4 /t/,

THOMAS FRANKLIN CAULK, 80n of Abraham and RaMah (KoSI) Caulk, was

born on June 22, 1886. in Shoal Creek township, BOnd County. Illino1 • .-

On Jan. 19. 1904. b. manied Elizabeth MoIl.ct who we. hom May 51' 1886.

To ~bia union we,re bom twelve children. Three children. Chalmer, Loren., and ODe otber whoae na •• is not known. died in infancy and are buried in

the Brown cemetery near Old l.ipley. Tho •• liv1nl are:


Eva, Orville Ida

Iva Cu'lal;l' Raymond RhOda Ruby

uuun:ied Gertie Heller J.e,hn B1 I,.

, ',""i'

,,*~:l. ,Hol4:1WSn

Ira Bassett Loui_ Ott.inc Hs-rber't Thi ... Verna Landol t Manuel Landolt Gordon Green

ZIld _n:lase Wil .. Huber


Walter Gaffn~u

Lillian Huber

This family lived around Old Ripley moat of their I1fe, except for

ten years that they lived on a fa~ 8 few miles northwest of G~e.nville.

Thomas~ like hie fathell' and brother, raD an old tilDe threahing aaehine

and lumber aallml:i.l1 at v81'iou$ places •. He 11k.,. f •• ing also, a.nd the.n 1ft

his later years be did some carpentering. 1ft 1951:. they had Ii farm lale

and moved to Old lt1pl.y to retire. to a smallel' but new home. Te,any and

Lizzie. as they were us"ally called, were both members of the Christian

church of Old &1pley.

On Ja.n .. 19, 1954, they observed their golden wedding anniversary if)

the Community Building in G-reenville. with. a, host of l"elativ,es and friends attending. This made the 3rd in the family to celebrate over 50 years of

.arr1ed life with one companion.

Although Thomas had no _ona ealled to the service, he had six 2rand.

THOMAS FRANKLIN CAULK, Bon of Abraham and Hunab (Hose) Caulk, we.

born on June 22, 1886, in Shoal. Creek townahip, Bond COunty, IllinoiD.

On Jan. 19, 1904, ba manied lUizabeth MoUett who was born May .s, 1886. To this union were born tWelve children. Th~ee ch11d~.n, Cbalmer~ LoTen.,

and cae other whoa. nalle i. not ltiIown. died in infaney and are buried in

the Brown cemetery neal' 01e1 IUpl.y. Tho •• livin, are:

Leo ..

Eva· Orville




- Raymond

Rhoda Ruby -

married Gert1e-HG11.~ .;i'9:PD Bilyeu

KitieSolcaam Ira Bassett LouiaOttirao EerbeTt 1bieu Vema Landolt Manuel Landolt Goftlon Green

Lillian -Huber

Zltd 118",1838 WilllA Huber


Walter Gaffne~




LEO FRANKLIN CAULK, oldest son of Tborr.as and Elize.beth (Mollett)

CAulk, born Aug. 9, 1904 in Bond COunty and Gertie Heller, born Oct. 7, 190~

were united in· marriage in GreenvUle. Ill .. onM8r. 3, 1922. To this

union were born four children:

Leona Delores Loretta LeWayne

July 16, 1923 Hay 19, 1927 Sept.24. 1929 Mar. 10, 1034

• married Raymond Ohren JGlhn Sussenbach Forrest Barth Beverly Pfister

----- -- --------

Leo and Gertie- have lived most of their lives in Bond County. They

spent about a yea~ in Antiqua in the West Indies. from Sept. 1960 until June 1961. Carpent~ has been Leo's trade. They celebrated their 25th

wedding anniversary in March, 1947 at the home of their daughter, Leona.

Thomas died in Greenville ho.plt81 on June '. 1964, h18 wife pl"oeedift@ him in death on Sac. 11. 1963. Both are laid to rest beside their three infant children in the Brown cemeteTy.

Thomas a180 bad 8 host of grandchildren and great gran.dchildren, of whieh he was very fond; and all were alway. wele..,d into hi . homeQ His family well remember, their father and grandfather enterte.iftingthem with his violin - .ometimes alone and sometimes with his brother Johnnie

and others.

Eva Anna Caulk, second child of Thomas and Lizzie (}lb11ett) Caulk, torn June 4, 1906, in Bond County, Illinois, and Jo'}m i.J'es1ey Bilyeu, born ~la. 8i,1897, Were united in marriage Sept. 23, 1924.- To this union Were born t\<l) daughters: Darlene }f..s.y, }lay 26, 1930, died at birth; and Marli1e;2Ann~i'if'ani 8, 1942~ They spent theirmar.r.led life in S,rento-Old Ripley community except the first six months of marriage spent in Kensal; 0 John was a carpenter by trade. John passed away Jan. 6, 1961, in the

home he had built himself in Old Ripley. He was laid to rest in Brov.'l1 cemetery'c

-------- -- -_---- -------

--------- --=-==-~--

""-' I

Orville Abraham CaUlk, second son of Thomas and Lizzie (}lbllett) caUlk, born on AUgust 12, 1908 in Pond County, nlinois, and l·1'a,rie Regina Holzmann, bom on June 28, 190'7, were united in marriage on Aug. 15, 1927,

in Greenville. ~ children were bo rn to tbis union: Gilbert, 'born July 13, 192$, and Genevieve, bo rn may 17, 1930~ He spent his earlier life farming,

and later took up tbe trade of being a truck driver. He spent mst of his

life in Pond County with exceptions of living a sho r-t while in California and Missouri. Marie CaUlk passed away on August 1, 1955 and is buried at

Ruqy Violetta O~lk, youngest daughter of Thomas and Lizzie (1-bllett) Caulk, bo rn July 26,1927, in Fond Cotmty, IllinoiS, and Gordon Green, torn };f.ay 20, 1920, Were united in marriage in 1947 by Dallas Newby in his home, Greenville. To this union was bo m one daughter, Beverly Jo, on Sept. 21, 19470

BeVerlY Jo and Thomas Eugene Scott, "torn July 30, 1951, Were

uni ted in marriage on May 7, 1966, by Dallas Ne1..iby at the Central Christian


Church in Greenville.

To this union were Porn

Nov. 29, 1966 Nov. 6, 1969

born two chiJ.dren.

Died Married

loti Jo

Thomas Eugene II

ORVILLE ABRAHAM GAULKo Ion of Thomas and Elizabeth (Mollett)

Caulk~ ~trD on AJ..lg. 12" 1908 in Bond County, lind Marie Regina Holcmenn,

To this union were born two children::

Gilbert Genevieve

Jul, 13. 1928 May 17, 1930

married Evelyn. Eilers Elms? Eilers

2nd DIS r • Marga re t FV •••

Orville spent his earlier life farming. but later took up the trade of

truck driving. Hs has spent mest of his life in Bond County with the

exceptions of livi~g short per1c~8 of time ~n Ca11fo~1a and Missouri.

Mari'! Cau Ik died on Aug. 1, 195;; and 1.~ bu r-J.ed .. at th~ Brown Cemetery.

Thoy live. in R&no, 111. at th;ie time",

Gilbert Cau.lk~ born Ju.ly 13~ 1928 and &te!yn ~alet~s were united in

IDa .. r1"iage on Aug. 9 ~ 19480 They lat.e? d1vo!'cedQ Gilbert and Margaret

ruess, born Sept. 19, 1937 were unH::ad in merrl6g~ en oee , 12, 1968.

Gilbert served in the United Stat~$ Amy from Msy 1~-52 until 1955.

Genevieve CaiS.lk. ·hom Kay 17, :'930 and Elmer E~.ler., born June 10, 1922

'Were uniteld in marriage on Dec~ 12, 1948~ To this ~n!on were born two sons;

R:.lehard l"ee Roger De~.n , ..

m;arried Betty Hartlibe

Ri~hard Lee E11er8~ born Feb. 21, 1951 ~~d Betty Hartlibo

were united.1nme.rrlage on Oct. 9 !!I 1971 in HighlanclIt To this union was

were united in marriage on Nov. 27, 1929 in Edwardsville. They have lived

on farms in Bond County for all of t.heir-married lives. To this unt on

were born two children:

Anna Mae Ray Donald

Nov~ 21, 1930 Oct. 8, 1933

married Robert Gieseke Wal t raud Karl

Anna Mae Bassett. born Nov. 21,1930. and Robert Charles Gieseke.

born Oct. 20, 1932, were united .in marriage on Mar. 15 . ., 19,52 by Dr. Walter

Johnson at' the First Baptist Church in Creenville. Robert served four

years in the United States Air Force from April 1, 1952 until Mar. 31. 1956.

Anna Mae and Robert had four children:

Ray Donaid Bassett, bom Oct. 8, 1933, and Waltraud Karl, born Mar. 8,

1939.in Breidens~ein, Gennany were united in marriage on Oct. 8, 1959 by Rev.

David KIssing at the First Baptist Church in Greenville. Wal traud came

to America from Germany on June 4" t9.59. Ray served two years ·in the

United States Army from Ju ly 24. l'9S() unt i 1 Apri 1 24. 1958. • To th i s

unf on were'born three daughters:

--"---~.--. -----~------.

-_. __ ._, .... __ . -~- ..... -~ ... -~. - .. .-' . . ..-, ... _--- _.-._ -., .. ~~------- ... ----:-:::::-==~.::_.: .. :::.....:...::.;::.-::..:....:._.::.--- _ ... _- .

. -~ ~~."!.."!. .~--:: --_.

,'IVA IRENE' CAULK't daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Mollett) Cau tk t


born June 14. 1914 in Bond County. lind Louis F. OT'rU~O, born Feb. 25. 1911,

were united in marriage", To this union was born one son:


Dec. 16, 1938

married Diane Zulhke

Louis Ottino died in Oct. of 1940 and he is buried in Brown Cemetery.

Iva Caulk Ott tno ann WeI ter RoO G.~FFNER, born June lR. 1903 were

unit:@d inmarri82e on Hav 19~ 1951 in Greenville., Ill. 'fo this union


----- . ~"- .:__---.-----~--. "~--- - -------

~~ ."

CULAR LOREnA CAULK. daughter of Thoma. and Elizabeth (Mollett)

Lk, born July 12. 1916'.1n Bond C()unty, Ill. and Herbert Georle THI!MS·.

il May 28, 1913, were united in ma!"r1ase on Feb. 13, 1935 by Ron ld

Karson at the Greenville ·Christian Chu~ch parsonage. To th1. union

e born tbree .• ona:

Culah and Heybe.-t have lived ob two· fams. in Barker Senoal District.

LaMoin thocas Thiem. anda..alt.. Thelma Elam, -


e united in marriage on Nov. 4, 1960 by Darrel 5ishop at the Christian

reh in Woburn. To this union were born four' children:

~Vern Herbert Th1e~s and ShiTley Jean Mettler) .

'e un~cQ in. marriage on Nov. 4. 1962 at the Greenville ChrlB~ian

,reh by Frank Busch. To this union were born four children:

LaVem served 2 years in the United States Army f,em Oct. 28 1959-1

. . . .

j:~; ~obby Way!!! Th1ems and Patricia Eileen Nance, born ,Dec, 15. 1945. we

lted in marriage on Sept. 15. 1962 at the Alton Christian Church by

w. Jordan •.. _

- ':, .. ---



~ -

~ ... -- ..

Bobby served in tho· United States·-·Ai"my frOll; Sept,_ 12, 1960 to HaT. l

61 ft then in the R.2lSetves·, :t·raining. 6 week. eacb year t until Aug. 1966.

RAYMOND, CECIL CAULX, 60n of Thomas 'and Elizabeth (Mollett) Caulk.

born Oct. 5. 1918 in Bond County, Illinois and Verna '"theresa Landolt

were un Lt.ed in Marriage on Oct. 5. 1937 by Ronald Hickerson in Greenville.

Ill. To this union were born two daughters:

Darlene Shirley

~ married Jack Abrams Michael Calufettt

Raymond and Verna were later divorced and on June 24, 1959 Raymond

and Li titan Tipsword Huh-e~ were united in marriage. They reside in

Pocatello. Idaho.

""'. _"'- it;,_ '1: ....... """' J ...... _'L 11 4, .... ........ _-1 z .. _

.... BERNICE CAULK, daughter or: Thomas and Elizabeth (Mollett)

Caulk. born Aug. 11. 1921 1ft Bond County and Manuel Edward LANDOLT,

born July 5,'1907 were united in marriage on Oct. 19,1939 by Rev. Arbo

Hosto in tbe Grantfork Unit" Church of Christ. To this union were born

six children. foul' died in 1nf .mey :
Odell Nov. 14, 1941 • died Nov. 14, 194i" '
Uldine Elizabeth Jan. 14~ 1943 • Richard Ambuehl
, .
Floyd Thomas June 11· 1945- • died Ju.ne " 1945
~ ... - ..
J.nnet, June 2, 1947 - di.ed June 76 194.7
r .;. t
Jtlnice June 20 1947 • died June ;'6, 1941
Jerry Lee Feb. 26, 1954 I n,.c OlA R: ipley I~:A,..;-u. e, ! _l ~IU..Ii. .. p.. 0 .

Qies At Hespital


Services Are Here .Today; Burial In, .Brown Cemetery,

. . cftlAU- /. - (, ,1:1-

Thomas F. Caulk, 77, well known Old Ripley resident, died' at Utlaut Memorial Hospital at . 10:17 a,m.,· Saturday where he had' been a patient since May

· 28th. He had been in failing health for several months.

Funeral services were conduct- . ed at 2p.m" today at 'the Dewey : & . Son Chapel,' the Rev. Dallas. A Newby of Mulberry Grove and the Rev. Arbo Hosto of Casey-

1 ville, officiating. Interment was' in Brown cemetery east of Old

Ripley..' .

'rhomas Franklin Caulk, son of .

Abraham and Hannah (Moss) Caulk. was born in Shoal Creek township, nc!.ir Sorento June 22, 1BI::6 and was aged' 77 years, 111 months and 15' days. He was I

.married· January 19, 1904 in this

· city to Elizabeth Moller, who died December 11, 1963. They had made Old Ripley their home for the past 13 years. Surviving this

. union are six, daughters: Mrs. : Eva Bilyeu and Ruby, wife of · Gordon. Green of Old. Ripley; · . Ida, Mrs. Ira Bassett of' R.R.,

Donnellson; Iva" Mrs. Walter ~ Gaffncr of Pocatello, Idaho;

· Culah, Ml's.Hel'bcrt Thiems and Rhoda, Mrs, Emanuel Landolt, both of Sorento and three sons, Leo of Old Ripley, Orville of R.R. Greenville and Raymond of

• Pocatello, Idaho. Two sons and .• one daughter died in infancy. .: Also. surviving are 22 grandchil~. dren and 20 great grandchildren

and a brother, Elbel~t Caulk' of Sorento. A sister, Mrs. Ida MeKean and two brothers, John and ' Arthur have pl'ec~ded' him in . death. l

,He was a mem. ber of the' Old 1'1' R,Pley church.



~. 1

~ Funeral services foI' Mrs.;

i. Thomas F. Caulk, an account of ] :: whose death was noted in The'~ : Advocate Thursday, were con- II ;, ducted at 2 p.m, Saturday at the ! ; Dewey & Son Chapel with the 1 ! Rev. Dallas Newby and -the Rev.: .; Arby Hosto, officiating. Inter-.: ~ merit was in Brown cemetery! ~. east of 'Old Ripley: Music at the j

: .scrvice was furnished by Mrs.: . ; Raymond Rush and Mrs. Leonard .

~ Kuhn with Mrs, James Kesner as I

,Services To B~ Held Saturday

Aftel'11001\. . .,.:;

J..!)~ /1 - IV .j

Mrs. Elizabeth Caulk, wife of:

Thomas F. Caulk' Qf Old Ripley, ' died at Utlaut Memorialhospilal ; . at: 10:40 .. n.m.,,·. Wednesday 101-: lowing an.i llness.only-sinea Tues- , day night when she was stricken with a heart attack at her. home and taken to the hospifa-L :

Funeral services have been \ ar-

· ranged for 2 p.m., Saturday at : the Dewey & Son Chapel, where friends may call after 7:30 ,p,m" today. The Rev, Dallas A.

Newby of Mulberry Grove will

· offi ciate and interment will 'be . in Brown cemetery east of Old.I Ripley. .

B01'fl in Old Ripley township,

about a half mile north of the [vllfago of Old Ripley, May 5.

· 1886, Mrs, Caulk's maiden name

· was Elizabeth Mollet, daughter

• of Benedict and Barbara (Weiss) Mollet and she was aged 77 years, seven mont.hs and six days, She had lived all her life in the Old Ripley community, except about ] two years in Lagrange township. ,

· She was married .January 19,. 1904 in Greenville to Thomas F. Caulk, who survives with three sons, Leo' of Old Ripley, Orville of R.R. Greenville and Raymond of Pocatello, Idaho, six' daughter's, Mrs. Eva Bilyeu and Ruby, wife of Gordon Green of Old Ripley; Ida, wife of Ira Bassett of R.R. Donnellson; Iva, wife of. Walter Gaffner of Pocatello, Idaho: Culah, wife -of Herbert

Thiems' and Rhoda, wife of Emanuel Landolt of Sorento; 21

· grandchildren, and 20· great grandchildren, Also surviving ar~ a . brother, Ben Mollet of north-: west of Greenville and three sisters, Mrs. Lena Weiss of .Iames-: town, Mrs. Josephine Kaltenbacher and Minnie, wife of AI-. bert Traub of Old Ripley. Two

'sons and one daughter have preceded her in death, dying i~ infancy and several half broth:" ers and sisters and step broth-;

· ers 'and sisters have' also pre:".

ceded her in death. ..:

Mrs. Caulk was a charter mem-, ber of the' Old Ripley Church 9f Christ. . . ..... . ... ' ..

j ..... ~ :

_~_ ....... .... .....,..__·.a:.. .......... 4-

AQYOCATE. Auaust 13.19~1

~ .:. ... :~.~ .. " (~~ .... : : ·~.~.A~;( .:",~~. ~

r- .' ... ··i~~~-e,r~~Jey~ fi~~1'~;~ ~

i.. ~:~xadl~~.Gl~Jtfil~;.~I\f~~§On q,f, To~my an~.Jpy~:~ o('P~~n- I taB, ,Qied: Augu.s.M!"a,,~4,5;·~.m.:.at i Cardina,!.-Glennon· CW,l(lreIJ\;('Hos-

't 1 .".~.::",,,,.~,.,' ..•• ~-:",:...,$(!~:~!!·~"i.

pl a , ~\'%':~ . i(.,lri", .~. ~-"'.t \

: .. :r;;q.rav(! ', si4, funeral ·~el'.vu:es were held Sunday at the FiTe cemetery with the Rev. Dewey H~wkins officiating. The Donnell-Wiegand Funeral Home was in charge of the

arrangements. .

He was born July 30 at St.

MarY's Hospital in St. Loui~ to Tominy G .• ' and Joyce L. (r4l1es)

File:' '.

.' He is survived by his parents; grandparents, Ql~n and Maxine File6frural Pochahontas and'Gerald' and Marjorie Miles of Greenville 'and a maternal great-grandmother, Ethel Emerson of Seattle, Wash.

-----_._-_ ...

, .. ~.- ... ..-.-- .. "

r ~-;~ Ed;'~-~i;r~-:;;·d~r;l~;:;=v~

! Thomas and Lizzio Caulk, was Oc,;'n.l ':\{:t.·cli. an, ro co. 110ijti.:·te<i thi;.~ lir'o~ '. I

:Octobor 28, l£1:!O. a!;ed alx monthsl

I~l!:.(: t\'/c>nt}--Dinc days. She leaves] !!1,·;".Jla:-C:it8, tnreo brothers, tour sis-l It,·;-.: and 'two :l!;cd ~randp3.rents <lDdt fOLt,c.· rol~ti~cs .. who moun. their'l

rlOSS. LIttle Lorene was ',~ lovable' jlnf:-.nt, aavinli' a. amue for ·· ... ov~ry-l

~', k • ~

',one., Sh~ sufi'GI'~d intensely for tWO.1 wcexs but nO\V 13 where' there 15 DO j

,pain andwhere "tht"ir &r.t~cls do :1.1-1 !ways bol~91d the race or our Fat~er,ll Iwho is in Heaven." Funeral was

l '. ,

.preached, ,by the writer at Old Rip: ~

: Ie}, October 31. Intc .. ment in lhSJ

. 13:-ow';'1 cemetcry.-~d\Vard G~jgg_ ...• ; ..

_...,.-"--.... "-~-."",,,,_,,_-,....,,-


r.rrn.s LOHF.:\g C.\ULK j


.' ,

U'l'(,l~(" Edna, the s;x months oldl t, daughter of )11'.' and :\'In;. l'homaSI ;. F. Caulk', died at the family home at. t, . Old Ripley at 8 o'clock Thursday]

. • f'Le ~. iwo-: .' I'" . ~I

In(.l~!11ng.~ ... d ~ ,\ r» ••.. " '-',:' •• '"p ••• , ~~ .. ~, •. , 'wi.,

bruin fc\'c'r and (;::(I~"r; •. n •. ;.:~um. I

l''':r,,:'l'al service ... were held at, tho:

Old l!iT;!CY church 51.:; :\::~y aftcl'noonJ at 1 'o'(,]ndc and inter.ncnt was n~J.rl,)\ in the Brown cemetery. , . The child was born March 20 last: .:t the fnmily vhomc ncar Old Ripley :",,1' ~"'lS therefore aged 6 months and

.,11 ';"I"e .. "~~""","-.,;'_p!"n- ...._,.. .... +l-,.,,\ ""'"'''"''''rife:!'

LUJ I I lUll lei:'

Caulk, 77

radar Wednesday,Aug~t.t7, 1988 .2A

\_. (

Funeral services were held Sunday, Jan. 17, at the May Funeral Home in Pocahontas for Leo Thomas Caulk, 77, of Old Ripley. Burial was in Brown Cemetery in Pocahontas. He died Jan. 13at his home.

He was born Aug. 9" 1904, in Bond County, the son of Thomas Franklin Caulk and Elizabeth Mollett Caulk. He married Gertrude Heller March 3, 1923, in Greenville. She survives.

Other survivors include a son, Lewayne Caulk of Pocahontas; three daughters, Mrs. Raymond (Leona) Ohren of Pocahontas, Mrs. John (Delores) Sussenbach of Pocahontas and Mrs. Forrest (Loretta) Barth of Mulberry Grove; two brothers, Orville Caulk of New Douglas and Raymond Caulk of Pocahontas; four sisters, Mrs. Eva Bilyeu of Pocahontas, Mrs. Ida Bassett of Greenville;

Mrs. Iva Gaffner of

Pocatella, Idaho; Mrs. Culah Thiems of Sorento. Three sisters, two brothers and.one grandson preceded him in death.

He was a retired construction superintendent. He had been a member of the Old Ripley Church of Christ, Gordon Lodge 473, AF & AM, Marigold Chapter Order of Easter Star 521, Clark Lodge 3 100S and Carpenters Local 990.

Memorials may be made to the Old Ripley Church of Christ.

: O(ville' -c:Uik,' ~BO '.' O~ille A: C~uik, 8'0: 6f N~w Dou-: :

glas died Aug., 14, 1988, at his home.

Funeral services are at 11 a.m. today at Lesicko FUneral Home in New Douglas with the Rev. Paul

Doeringofficiating, ,_-: -, - , ..

'. Burialis in Brown .Cemetery near : .. ' Old Ripley. '" '. .' '. .-.. He was bomAug.12.1908.inOld_:

Ripley, "the son Of Thomas and Eli- -. zabeth . Mollett Caulk.· On Aug. 15. 1927, in Greenville; he married Mar-

ie Holcmann, who died Aug. 1. 1955.

He was a truck driver for Litchfield Bitumineus in Hillsboro until retire:' merit; He also farmed for some time. He was a member Of Loc3I 525 Teamsters and Chauffeurs of Alton.

. Survivors include a .son. . Gilbert CaUlk. of Hillsboroj va ,daughter, ,.

. Genevieve Eilers of rural New Dou- . . glas; a: brother, Raymond Caulk of '" Greenville; four sisters, Eva Bilyeu. Ida Bassett and Iva Gaffner. all of . Greenville. Culah Thiems .of rural . Sorento; two grandchildren arid two stepgr~dchildren aI}d five 'great-

grandchildren, . . . . - .

He was preceded in death by a brother. Leo Caulk; and two sisters, Rhoda Landolt and Ruby Green.

Memorials may be made to the charity of the donor's choice.

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H U 1.11-1 ...... ;5 ,_, ~ til .., ~ Q)H d >-1M
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8 Raymond Caulk

Raymond Cecil Caulk, 74 of Hillsboro, formerly of Greenville, died April .19 at 3:20 a.m. at Hillsboro Area Hospital.

Private graveside services were held Wednesday at Brown cemetery, Old Ripley, with Rev. Harry Meyer officiating. The Patton Memorial Home in Hillsboro was in charge of the arrangements,

Caulk was born October 5, 1918 in Old Ripley township, Bond . county, to Thomas and Elizabeth (Mollet) Caulk. He married Vema .Landolt October 5, 1937 in Bond' county. They divorced in 1956.'

He is survived by two daugh.ters, Mrs. Jack (Darlene) Abrams .of Madison, Wise. and Mrs. David . (Shirley) Caulufetti of Hillsboro; -thrse sisters, Ida Basset and tva Gaffner, both of Greenville and Cu.lah Thiems of.Sorento; 1 0 grand.children and 10 great-grandchil·dren .

Four brothers and four sisters preceded him in death.

Caulk had been an auto mechanic. He lived in Pocatello, Idaho for approximately 25 years, then in 9reenville for 15 years, living in Hillsboro the last six months. He was a member of the First Christian Church.

Memorials may be made to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

}.\t!r~~ rl~·i:ie·C-ill.l!\· ·13, .' ~;.~; !Native Of Shaak Creek

: Township, Dies Monday ~. ,~-;' , I. .• :t _ ~ : 5 5

.. Mrs. Marie Regina Caulk. wife of :. Orville Caulk, a native of Shoal i Creek township, passed away at ( 10:30 a. m., Monday at Hamel aged :. 48 years, one month and four days. i Funeral services were held at 2 ~ p. m., today at the Burgett Funeral ~. Home in New Douglas, the Rev. :' Guy Moyer ofAlhambra officinting, ; and burial was made at the Brown t cemetery.

'f Marie Regina Caulk was born ~ June 28, 1907, a daughter of Frank i and Ma.ry (Wilding) Holzmann. On r August 15, 1927 she was married' ;: at Greenville to Orville Caulk who ! survives her with a son, Gilbert, I- and a daughter, Mrs. Genevieve r Eilers, both of New Douglas, also

r a grandson Dickie Eilers. They had :. spent their married life in that vi-

, cinity. ,

Mrs. Caulk also leaves her moth- : er, Mrs. Mary (Wilding) Holzmann, : four sisters, Mrs. Cather inc Din-low, : and Mrs. Madeline Kossman, both of St. Louis, Mrs. Helen Th~,,:;,cr of Sorento, and Miss A •. n ·I!o:.:niu,":1 0: I Pasadena, Calif., two t;·v~hcr~. Joe Holzmann of Old R;?: .. ,!' ;..:,d :':.;.:-.~, Holzmann of Sorer. to. A !);,,~..:; j.~ . .! I

~¥Ie~ ouuueruy .H.l

;,Home In Old Ripley

U:';c...,.,.u {p - (q 01

(, Services Sunday;

r ...

I~"~, Interment Brown

.;-;~ Cemetery

John W. Bilyeu, 63, died suddenly Thursday night at 7:05 p.m., at his home in Old Ripley, while seated in a chair watching television. He had been a sufferer from a heart condition for

sometime. . .

Funeral services were conducted at 1:30 p.m., Sunday, at the Old Ripley Christian church, the Rev. Arby' Hosto of Grantfork; the Rev. Robert Stedman of Col- . linsville and the Rev. Dale Wanz ' of St. Louis officiating. Mrs. Sandra Ganzer was pianist and Mr. and Mrs. Claude Smith sang. Pallbearers were _,John Sussenbach, Lewayne Caulk, Gilbert Caulk, Lemoin Theims, Ray Bassett, and John Vidakonick. Ladies in charge of flowers were Mrs. John Sussenbach, Mrs_ Gilbert Caulk, Mrs. Lamoin Theims, Mrs. Forrest Barth, Mrs. Beverly I Pfister and Miss Uldine Landolt. I

Interment was in Brown ceme- ~

tery. The Dewey & Son Mor-'

I tuary 'was in charge.

John Wesley Bilyeu was born March 8, 1897, at Old Ripley, the son of Thomas Franklin an1i An-

na (Long) Bilyeu and was aged 63 years, 10 months and 19 days. Mr. Bilyeu was a charter member of the Christian church at Old Ripley, and had lived at Old Ripley the last 34 years. He was married to Miss Eva Anna Caulk,

i September 23, 1924 and she surI vives. A carpenter by trade, until ill health forced his retirement last June, he was a member of the Carpenter's Union. Survivors in addition to his wife include a

i daughter, Maxine Anna Bilyeu, office employee at Utlaut Memorial hospital and a brother, Thomas Bilyeu of Wood River. A daughter, Darlene May, who died in infancy and a brother, Larkin, having -preceded him in

d th o~~ "'J;"l: .. '-"- !V

ea . .• -- r.. -I:!. ; "J: ..• ':.,

,- ~-. - _.

VOCATE, September 20,1988.

Eva A. Bilyeu

Funeral services for Eva A.

Bilyeu, 82, of rural Pocahontas were held at 2p.m. Saturday at the Old Ripley Church of Christ, the Rev. Dewey . Hawkins officiating. Interment was in Brown cemetery with the Donnell-Wiegand Funeral Home in charge of arrangements.

Mrs. Bilyeu died at 10:35 p.m.

Wednesday at Fair Oaks Nursing· Home.-

She was born June 4, 1906 in Old Ripley township, the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Mollett) Caulk and had continued to reside in the Old Ripley area all of her life. She was married to John W. Bilyeu ' September 23, 1924 and he preceded her in death January 26, 196!.

Surviving is a daughter, Mrs.

Glen (Maxine) File, rural Pocahontas; a brother, Raymond Caulk, Greenville; sisters, Mrs. Ida Bassett and Mrs. Walter (Iva) Gaffner

of-G~ee~vil1e . and Mrs. -"C~lah Thiems, Sorento.

She was preceded in death by brothers, Leo and Orville Caulk and sisters, Rhoda Landoldt and Ruby Green.

The Old Ripley Church of Christ, of which she was a charter member, was designated by the family for memorials. She had resided with her daughter, Maxine, the past 27 years.

June 4. 1906

September 14, 1\1/~!;


82 Years, 3 Months, 10 Days

FUNERAL SERVICES Saturday. September 17,1988 at 2:00 p.rn Old Ripley Church of Christ Dewey Hawkins, Officiating

INTERMENT Brown Cemetery


Leonard Ottino Jerry Landoldt

Le\Vayne Caulk T. J. Scott

Bob Thiems Roger Thieme


Mrs. Robert Jenner, Pianist Mr. Samuel Langel, Soloist

Donnell- Wiegand Funeral Home

Infant Dies I '1 J (} , ,

A daughter was born Monday, May: 26 to Mr. and Mrs .. John Bilyeu of. near Old Ripley. 'The babe lived only i a short while and interment was made in Brown cemetery. The mother was before her marriage Miss Eva Caulk. The babe was named Darline May.

JOHN W. BILYEU, passed away suddenly at his home in Old Ripley at 7:05 p.m. Thursday, January 26, 1961 aged S years, 10 months and 18 days. Funeral services will be conducted at 1:30 p.m. Sunday at the Christian church in Old Ripley, the Rev. Arby Hosto officiating. Interment will be in Brown cemetery.

The family will receive friends at the Dewey & Son Mortuary after 7:30 p.m. Friday.

caroi and Uave Walter Gaffner Lloyd's son

- baby boy, Nicholas, born 01/23/98

- died 06/02/98

- died

--~r---------~---'to •

::~:'. Iva I. Gaffne r '


lREENVILLE ADVOCATE, June 4, 1998 Walter E. Gaffner .

Walter E. Gaffner, 94, of Greenville, died June 2 at 4:58 a.m, at the home of his daughter in Claeka-

mas, Ore. '

Funeral services will be held Friday at 11 a.m. at the DonnellWiegand Funeral' Home in GreenviUe with Darryl Bolen officiating. Intennent will be in Brown ceme-

, tery west of Greenville.

Visitation is after 4 p.m. today (Thursday) at the funeral home.

Mr. Gaffner was born June 18, 1903 north of Smithboro, the son of 'Louis H. and May Ann (Schell) Gaffner. He married Iva I. (Caulk) Ottino May 19, 1951 in Greenville. Sbe preceded him in death on No-

vember 12, 1997. .'

Survivors include a son, Leonard Ottino of Petersburg; a daughter, Mary Kay Humphrey of Clackamas, Ore.; and two grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by brothers Harold, Carl, Oliver and Oscar Gaffner.

Mr. Gaffner was reared on a f~rm north of Smithboro and was' a 1924 graduate of Greenville High School. He farmed until 1926, then


started work on the Pennsylvania

Railroad as a fireman. He moved to Idaho and joined Union Pacific in 1929, was promoted to engineer in 1942, and worked in Lima, Mont. Glenns FelTY and Montpelier be-

1''' .. 4 Yft~lr;_ .. D .... _ ..... _11_ \...!- 1.. !-

lVllLE ADVOCATE, November 13, 1997

" Greenville resident Iva 1. Gaff-


;::;"'ner, 83, died NovemberIz at 12:33

;~;a.m. at Fair Oaks Nursing Home in

J '.

.; Greenville. i '

:: . Funeral services will be held :: Friday at 1:30 p.m, at the Donnell:!, Wiegand Funeral Home with Dar-

. :: ."ry} Bolen officiating. Interment t will be in Brown cemetery west of :r Greenville.

I "

;~~~ Born June 14, 1914 northwest

:: ~~ofOld Ripley, Mrs. Gaffner was the :: ?'daughter of Thomas F~ and Eliza~ 'beth (Mollett) Caulk. Her first i:~:·'marriage was to Louis Ottine Octo:r.:' 'ber 11, 1932, in Greenville. He preI!: ceded her in des th on October 3,

'I.. .

:i' 1940. Her second marriage was to

'LWalter E. GafTner May 19, 1951 in :f~ Greenville. He survives.

:F She is also survived by a son, :~~ "Leonard Ottino of Petersburg; a

T ~~;:daughter, Mary Kay Humphrey of ~1' Clackamas, Ore.; sisters, Ida Bast!sett of Greenville and Culah

'I •

;!~~Thiems of Old Ripley; and two

~,grandchildren. "

;~,: She was preceded in death by 1,_ brothers Leo, Orville, and Ray-

mond Caulk and sisters, Eva Bilyeu, Rhoda Landolt and Ruby Green and four brothers and sis-

ters in infancy. '

. Mrs. Gaffner lived west of Old

Ripley for many years. Following '; -her marriage to Mr. Gartner, the


:: family lived in Pocatello, Idaho for


.... ---rI -. --- .-. -.

Orville Caulk of New uouglas, and Mrs. Gordon (Ruby) Green: 1 and Leo Caulk, both of Old

Ripley. _ 'i

Preceding them in death were two infant sons and infant twin daughters. Mr. Landolt was also preceded in death by a brother, and Mrs. Landolt by a sister and two brothers.

Mr. and ~1r5. Landolt died

'Tuesday night in a one car accident on the Bond-Madison county line road, two and a half miles' south of Ill. Rt. 140.

1\1r. Landolt, 69, was born July 5, 1907 the son of Anton and Anna (Schauster) Landolt. He was a retired farmer and member of Bond County Farm Bureau. Mrs .

. Landolt, 55, the former Rhoda .. -;:~:-::4·-~",

Caulkwas born August 11, 1921, .. -,' - --"

- daughter of Mr. and Mrs. '~ Thomas Ca ulk. They were, , married at Grantfork. "


" The couple is survived by two

'children, a son Jerry and

, daughter, Mrs. Richard (Uldine) 'Ambuehl, both of' R.H. 2,',.

Sorento, and two grandchildren. . In addition Mr. Landolt is sur .. ', vived by a sister, Mrs. Kenneth.

(Vema) Whalen of Hillsboro and ,

". • .. t ••• ..,.J ...... ,..__.J

.......... _ ..

. hNF ANT 0 F :I lit. AND i\l il~. . 1 I I\1:ANUEL LANDOLT DIES ., . .;_;!;;. .. ~

•. i

f f

, Funeral services for the infant l

son, the first child of Mr. and M~'!;'l Manuel Landolt of Old Ripl .. ·y, ' were held at 1: 30 p. m. Sa turday I at the. home conducted by ,the! Rev. Arby Hosto and burial was 1

[mads in the Grantf~rk Evangclical ] . cemetery. The Bass Funeral Horne"

was in charge. ,

'r.he child was born at 12:30 p.' rn. Friday and was named,· Odell ~Ianue1. The babe ;clil~d an hour and .. half. after bi rth.


-, . ..,.

,.....,_. -.. .. -- - •• " ",II. .. - •••• ~ ~......,... . ' l

: Mr. And iV\rs'. Manuel La.ndol·t·

, Killed In One Car Crash


• A retired Bond county farmer ~. and his wife were killed Tuesday

"night when their car ran off the I' road and struck a culvert on the' ~ Bond-Madison county line road'

.. 1'_ •• __ :1 ....... ",n ... +h nf 'Pn~~hnnt:l~

of the accident was put at 10: 30 : p.m .

The accident happened on the:

Bond county sideof the road. The Madison county coroner was

•• • .. ~ L! r: _..1 _t .. t.u~ ~n"'1r1Dnt :

Mrs. Ruby Green

Mrs. Ruby Green, 50, wife of Gordon Green of Old Ripley, died early this morning (Thursday) in St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Belleville following an extended illness.

Funeral services will be 1: 30 p.m. Sunday from the Dauderman Funeral Home, Alhambra where visitation is after 3 p.m. Saturday; burial in Brown cemetery near Old Ripley.

The daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Mollett) Caulk, Mrs. Green was born July 26, 1927 in Bond county. She and Gordon Green were married March 19, 1947 in Greenville.

In addition to her husband she is survived by a daughter, Beverly Scott of Old Ripley, two grandchildren, six sisters and brothera..Mrs. Eva Bilyeu, and Raymond Caulk, both of Pocahontas, Mrs. Iva Gaffner, Pocatello, Idaho, Mrs. Ida Bassett, Greenville, Mrs. Culah Thiems, Sorento, Leo Caulk, Old Ripley and Orville Caulk, New Douglas. Preceding in death were her parents, two sisters and three brothers.

Roger Eilers

Roger Dean Eilers, 30 of rural New Douglas, died June 15 at 12:30 a.m. at St. Luke's Hospital in Chesterfield; Mo. following an illness.

Funeral services were held Wednesday at the Immanuel Lutheran Church in New Douglas with the Rev. Paul Doering officiating. Interment was in the New Douglas cemetery.

The Lesicko Funeral Home in New Douglas was in charge of the arrangements.

Eilers was born December 23, 1961 in Staunton to Elmer and Genevive (Caulk) Eilers. He married Suzanne McCalla September 3, 1983. She sum ves.

Other survivors include his parents of rural New Douglas; a son Mark and daughter Shari, both at home and a brother, Dick Eilers of Highland ..

He was employed by the Madi .. son County Highway Department and farmed and was a member of the Immanuel Lutheran Church in New Douglas, New Douglas Volunteer Firefighters, Madison County Firefighters Association, 3M Firefighters Association and Teamsters Local 525 of Alton.

Memorials are suggested to the family.

~U~~ .I. • V .... UZ.U V:i

Near Old Ripley, Dies \ at Hosnital

.' 4.











Infection from Blister Oii,<Heel Causes ,Death Thursday




. -. r

Blood poisoning from an irtfed-;

ed blister;, caused. by, a . shoe rub- i bing, the I right:· .heel, .. ~ caused 'Jhe :

~df·~~i;~o;~1~~~~iS:'j':;¥?-th).¥8t~i}Jp9.uO~·~ ~

anner.',. lym-g.;· n.OL ~ . w~. . V'L -; . _u, I

Ripley, -af<SL Joseph's . hospital. at il 3 p. m., ... Thursday. <'H~'w~s '. taken ] to the 'hosp"ftal' Wednesday and S:Ub-l mitted . ·to'. a' blood,' tr.arisfu~iDn, .~ . " ,

. TIi{~bo'dy';:was "r~m,~ve'd- ~t~. ::t,l1e I BassvFuneral . Home' m .this .. city ] where 'itrema:ined' untii the. furer-!

al ~lUc~·~~as .. h~l(:l ;at ~.~ Ol~.:.·R~p", I ley ,Chflstlan church .-at . '2 p.: m ..

· Sunday,. the Rev.: Ronald T. .Hick- r. , erson . of this city, officiating .. · In-!' i terment was' made at .the Brown ] ~ cemetery, 'east of Old Ripley. '. I

The pallbearers were Ed .Brun- i

:. er, Al .Mettler, Theodore and Har- ~ old . Collman, Wilbur Mollet, and! Gordon Green. The flower girls: were Dorothy and Jessie Gree- i more, Dorothy Ottine, Leona Caulk i

· and Andrea and Murlyn Kurlbaum, :

Mrs: Gilbert Clementz and 'Mrs.

Wilson Wiseman sang at the funeral. The Rev. Chas, Hill' assisted the Rev. ··11,'11". Hickerson in the service." Burial was made at the Brown cemetery.

Louis Frederick Ottino, son of Anton and Margaret (Schwartz) Ottino, was born at New Douglas, February 24, 1911, and was aged

· 29 years, seven months and nine

· days. He grew to manhood in the vicinity, 'where he attended the Barker school: On October 11, , 1932, he was married in Greenville

to Miss 'Iva Caulk, who with one

· son, Leonard Louis, aged two years,

survives. He is also survived by -his parents, Mr.. and Mrs. Anton

. 'Ottine, and one sister, Mrs. Helen ~ :TeJ)pe, o~ . Inkster, Mich: ~. . I .' Mr. Ottino had been employed .at I

• . .' .' t

.Jhe U. S. Radiator Corp., in Ed-,

::wardsvi11e since June. I



Louis Ottino ,of nortp of Old Rlp- I ley, is reported. 'in 'a critical condi-I ti~n at Sf. ··.r(,)seph'S hospital at I' HIghland, suffering from blood. poisoning, caused from a blister on I the right heel, caused' by a shoe: rubbing, which became infected. He . was taken to the hospital in the: ~~ss ambulance Wednesday morn- I

._tI¥ __ ...l t_"-_ ...... t.._4- .3'_ .. _ .... " ... ,... n; ...... _

L ours FREDERICK OTTINO, of Barker

school district, passed away at St. Joseph's hospital, Highland, Ill., at 3 p. rn., Thursday, October 3, 1940, aged 29 years. seven months and nine days. Funeral servo ices will be conducted at 2 p. rn., Sunday, October 6, 1940, at the Old Ripley Christian church, the Rev. Ronald T. Hickerson, officiating. Interment at Brown cemetery. The body will lie in state at the Bass Funeral Home in Greenville, until the hour of the funeral

. '

, . ..' . b" r ;:J1nC

<Herbert Tnlems

;r~~erai Service;' ;:~Held Sunday J 1~$~

Herbert G. Thiems, 61 of R.R. 2, Sorento, died at 5:30 a.m. Friday, April 4, in Barnes Hospital, St. Louis, after an extended illness,

A retired farmer, Mr .. Thiems was born in Bond county, May 28, 1913. He married Culah Caulk, February 13, 1935 in Bond county and she survives with three sons, La Main and Bob, both of Sorento, LaVern of New Douglas; 11 grandchildren and five brothers and sisters, Gordon Green of Old Ripley, James Green of Sorento, Mrs. Helen Wall of Staunton, Mrs. Virginia Kerin of Alhambra and Mrs. Gloria Clanton of Donnellson. One brother preceded in death.

Funeral services were conducted Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the Dauderman Mortuary at Alhambra. Burial

-was . .in.,,]ko\YJlt !Cemeter~eld {)Riple~(J1q d?m,;i ~~prl9J!~~~

, :1UIQ"I.iIIL...q'f~·rnv'"'h~r~_""'-" _.

Ir.a Bassett / ~ Rites Frid~y,' 7//

Fi rst Baptist

Ira C. Bassett, 61 of 1312 Killarney Drive, died at 1- p.m. Tuesday, June 7, in Utlaut Memorial Hospital where he had been a patient since May 20.

Services will be held 2 p.m.

Friday from the First Baptist Church, the Rev. Donald Reeser, officiating. Interment will follow in Mt. Auburn cemetery.

Visitation is after 2 p.m. today (Thursday) at the DonnellWiegand Funeral Home.

Mr. Bassett farmed ~orth of Greenville until two years ago, when due to ill health, he and his wife moved into Greenville.

The son of Benjamin and Dollie (Long) Bassett, he was born October 10, 1909 in Madison county. He married Ida Caulk on November 27, 1929 at Edwardsville, she survives with a son, Ray D. of rural Greenville and seven grandchildren. A daughter, Anna Mae Gieseke, died March 12, while vacationing in Mexico.

Other survivors include a brother and five sisters, Ivan Bassett and Mrs. Hugh (Martha J.) Graff, both of New Douglas, Mrs. Estella Fritsche of St. Louis, Mrs. Clarence (Edith) Hubbell of Greenville, Mrs. Gene (Delsie) Seeger of Litchfield, and Mrs. Doreen Hoffstetter of Staunton. A sister, Ethel, died in childhood.

Mr. Bassett was a member of the First Baptist Church and the family has designated the

Ira Bassett ~ites·Frida·y,

First Baptist

.' ,.

Ira C. Bassett,' 67 of' 1312 Killarney. Drive, died at 1 p.m .. ' Tuesday, June 7, in ·Utlaut. Memorial Hospital where be had been a patient since May 20.

Services will be held 2 p.m.

Friday from the First Baptist Church, the Rev. Donald Reeser, officiating, Interment will follow in Mt. Auburn cemetery.

. Visitation is after 2 p.m. today (Thursday) at "the Donnell':

Wiegand Funeral Home;, ..(

Mr. Bassett farmed. north 0(;:":

Greenville until two years ago,.:·: w~en d~e to i.n health, he,and his. _j wife moved into Greenville. ..:: ,j

J. -", " .' .', j

-: The son. of Benj8xpiq,,,,,,,!!..Ilc:1: .... :

Dollie (Long) Bassett, he was -, ..

born October 10, 1909 in Madison .: "county.' He married Ida Caulk on ,'.'

November 27, 1929 at Ed-.

wardsville, she survives with a: son, Ray D. of rural Greenville . and. seven grandchildren. A"; daughter, Anna Mae GieSeke,': died March 12, while vacationing i in Mexico. '; i

Other survivors include 'a:' ; brother and five' sisters, Ivan" Bassett and Mrs. Hugh (Martha' J.) Graff, both of: New Douglasi" Mrs. Estella Fritsche of St. Louis, Mrs. Clarence (Edith) Hubbell of Greenville, Mrs. Gene (Delsie) Seeger .. of Litchfield, and Mrs. Doreen Hoffstetter' of' Staunton .. A sister, Ethel, died in ; childhood: . " .. 'C':

o:.:·:.f. "

In Memory of


October 18, 1909

'une 7. 1977


61 Years. 7 Month., and 19 Days


Friday. June 1 0, 1977. 2 :00 P. M • First Baptist Church Reverend Donard Reeser. Officiating

INTERMENT Mt.Auburn Cemetery


Gilbert Caulk leWarne Caulk laVern Thiem.

Bennett Bassett Jackie Hubben Willis Stover


Mrs. Arnold Cieseka, Or,anist Duet

Mrs. Donald Zimpfer and Mrs. Earl Bourgeois

Mr. Bassett was a member of the First Baptist Church and the i family has. designated:<th~tj building fund of the church' as it memorial.

MR. IRA C. BASSETT, of 1312 Killarney, Greenville, nlinoi~ passed away at Utlaut Memorial Hospital at 1 :00 p.m. June 7, 1977, aged 67 years, 7 months, and "days. Funer al services will be conducted at 2 :00 p.m., Friday, June 10 1977, at the First Baptist Church, the Reverend Donak Reeser' officiating. Interment will be in Mt. Aubun Cemetery.

The family will receive friends at the Donnell-Wieganc Funeral Home after 2 :00 p.m., Thursday.

For those who desire, memorial contributions may be mad to the First Baptist Church Building Fund.

_ ___.;------------- .... _._- -

.' .'.' _., .

. ::'., .'. ~ ..

'. Funeral service~ 'will' be held Thhrsday' at n, a.m, for LiIlianE ..

Caulk, 83, of Gre~nville. She died May 31 at 12:10 p.m-at; Fair

Oaks Nursing Home in Greenville," , . . . " , .

. Dewey Hawkins Will officiate the service, .which will be held at the Donnell-Wiegand Funeral Home in"G~~l1.yi!le.Intenne.~t will be in Brown cemetery. ., ,'0 :.:",,:\I!\; j .. " " ',< . :(, ',:::;:,'

. Visitation win be after 4 p.m. Wednesday at the funeral home.

. Mrs. Caulk was born May 18, 1916 in Old Ripley, the daughter of T. Harley and Martha B,'(Clanton) Tipsword. She married Clyde M.Huber July 14, 1935' and they had two children. They later divorced. She married Raymond C.C.aulk in 1955, and he preceded

her in death'inApri11993~ ..

She is survived by a son, Carl E. Huber of Borento; a daughter,

. Mrs.. Fred (Elaine) Branscome of Greenville; brothersvJulius Tipsword of Highland, and Thomas Tipsword of rural Old Ripley; sisters, Lucinda Landolt of Breese, Bernice 'Ibwell of Sorento and' Shirley Tipsword of rural Old Ripley; six grandchildren and eight

great-grandchildren. . , .'

. She was preceded In death by a brother, Harley Tipsword; a sister Julie Ann in childhood; and Mayme Traub and Charlene Frueh.

Mrs. Caulk was reared in the Old ll.ip!eY'area, and moved to' Pocatello, Idaho where .. she was a; manager, of the Princess Shop' and Lerner Shop for Women. She received her L.P.~.training from Idaho$tate Unive(sityV.O. Tech .andSt.Anthcny'sHospital in 1971 and worked.there before moving to. Greenville: She worked at Fair Oaks NUrsing Home and retired in 1991 ~fter 21 years in-the

, nursingprofession. She' attended, the First Christian Church ..

Memorials may be made to Brown Cemetery.

. .. " ' ,'. .. . ..



{Gordon'L .. Green' , .

" , .. ,~':ii. ·;Q~ .. ;:t:.I.· z.sG~:::,ler·died ~y ~ at 5 ~= ,at Utlaut

:~.:.,~n~ral services will.~ held Friday at 1 p.m, ~t Dauderm~ Mort; '.' • ary m ·Alhambra. I9~rment will be in Brown cemetery near Old

~ \~lple?,-,Rev~De~ey Ha~kin8will ofliciate .. ". ..,-,: .. '. "

i::···.Visltation.i8 f:9:day ~ursday) fro~ 4 to 8 P:in •. :: ~'T;"" .. ". .

~'; .,': ~ Gr~en wJl'~t~rn¥aY·20,192.0.'lD. Old RIpley, the son of Evan . f',~.~~ . ,.~~f;i.~~Je~.)qre,en. H~qt?medRubyC~ulkMarch19, 1947 i !,,~n G~nVJ~I~~,Sh~.p,~de~hlm 10 death November 10,'1977 •. , .

~. 'J tIe\l~. sUT;Vlved by adaqghter, ~everly Scott of Old Ripl~y; Ii b~ther. ~ . ~e, 8G~en,of.Sor~ntQ; and, two. grandchildren, two great-grand: !\ .. , ,~ll~n and a. 8tepgrea~-grandchiJd. . )'" . '. .

j,.: ·':He.was.preceded in death by brothers, Herbert Thiems and Ed-

. ward Green d' te Vi . . . . . . .

~~~'C(""~' ··;.~t~""d·,:·~~;Sl.~;, r~,,~rglDla..~nn,)Jele~ Wall and Gloria

,[~~~:~:: ~." Jl~JI:~;;t~·:';:'·(~;·~';~Yr;:·;·~·;:/··':· " ., ': t .... '_:' •••• : ••

.~ ".! ,\.,¥i".Greenwas a World;War II Army veteran 'and h d . k d ~ . :~':J;'F tMilkCO' . ",.' :,,~:'>" ~ " .." . ...,' .•.• ,8 wor e 40r

~~\~{, p-:,. . '.' InG:~enn~le ~I,1W .~~efa~ne:rythere~:w~ closed~'He

~·0,··~·~~·,~oJ;"k~,d.(~r: :fie~~t~a~.E!:rs:qe>;>pE1~v~torj1J' Pierron re:tir-

.;.~8' In19~.2~ He w.as::a·~em~rofthe Old Ripley. 'Church of christ.' , Memona]s may be dfreetad to his family.

May 18, 1 916 - May 31, 1999


83 years and 13 days

FUNERAL SERVICES Thursday, June 3, 1999 at 11 ;00 a.m.

Donnell - Wiegand Funeral Horne .Rev, Dewey Hawkins, officiating

INTERMENT Brown Cemetery


Dale Branscome Robert Towell Allan Tipsword

David Branscome Kevin Tipsword John Nichol


Sam Langel, soloist Wilma Wilson, organist

In Loving Memory of Gordon Green

BORN May 20,1920



78 years, 11 months and 16 days

FUNERAL SERVICE Friday, May 7,1999 - 1 :00 P.M.

Dauderman Mortuary Alhambra, Illinois

CLERGYMAN OFFICIATING Rev. Dewey Hawkins Old Ripley Church of Christ


Brown Cemetery near Old Ripley, Illinois

Novembel' 21, 1930

March 1 2, 1 977

Page 16



4Ei Years, 3 Months, and 21 Days

Former County Woman Drowns While On Vacation In Mexico 'M", 11

A former Bond county woman, Mrs. .Anna Mae Gieseke of Ir· ving, Texas, drown Saturday afternoon while swimming at the Mexican resort area of Acapulco.

Mrs. Gieseke and her husband, Robert, were vacationing at the resort area in celebration of their 25th wedding anniversary. The couple was married on March IS, 1952 in Greenville, among the first couples to be wed in the present First Baptist Church sanctuary. Since their marriage they had resided in Irving.

Mrs. Gieseke, the former Anna Mae Bassett, was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ira C. Bassett of Greenville. Mr. Gieseke is the son of Mrs. Edna Gieseke of Greenville, and the late Dr. H.C. Gieseke.

It is reported the couple was ~wimming in the Pacific Ocean when a large wave hit, submerging them. When Mr .. Gieseke surfaced his wife was not in sight.

Funeral Services

Funeral services for' Mrs.

Gieseke, 46, will be conducted Wednesday at 2 p.m. from the First Baptist Church, with the Rev. J. R. Heikes officiating; interment in Mt. Auburn cemetery,

Visitation is after 7 p.m. today (Tuesday) at the DonnellWiegand Funeral Home.

Anna Mae Gieseke was born

CARD OF THANKS - We wish to express our sincere thanks to everyone for the sympathy and kindness shown us during the time of the loss of our loved one, Anna Mae Gieseke. Special thanks to the pastors, the ladies who served the food at the church, and' brought food to the homes. Also many thanks for the prayers. cards, flowers. visits and for the

November 21, 1930 in Bond county, the daughter of Ira C. and Ida (Caulk) Bassett. A 1947 graduate of Greenville High School, she was employed two years as a secretary for the school.

In addition to her husband, she is survived by four children, Joe R" Max R .• Christine and Linda Rae, all at home. 3202 Dartmouth Dr., Irving; her parents o,f Green-ville, and a brother, Ray D. Bassett of rural Greenville.

Mrs. Gieseke was a member of the Greenville First Baptist Church. The building fund of the church has been designated a memorial by the family.

FUNERAL SERVICES Wednesday, March lEi, 1977 at 2:00 P.M.

First Baptist Church Reverend J. R. Heikes, Officiating


Mr. Auburn Cemetery


Willis Stover Jackie Hubbell Cary Bassett

La iTer:: :~;l1iems i'lyron Eo f'f s t e t :

Jer::y landolt


Mrs. Arnold H. Gieseke, Organist

Mrs. :talph Chris~in and Mrs. Donald Zimpfer Duet

Donnell-Wiegand Funeral Home

MRS. ROBERT GIESEKE, nee Anna Mae Bassett, of Irving, Texas, formerly of Greenville, Illinois, passed away in Acapulco, Mexico at 1 :00 p.m., Saturday, March 12, 1977, aged 46 years, 3 months, and 21 days. Funeral services will be conducted at 2:00 p.m., Wednesday, March 16, 1977 at the FiI'St Bapatist Church, the Reverend J. R. Heikes officiating. Interment will be in Mt. Auburn Cemetery.

The family will receive friends at the Donnell- Wlezand

Funeral Home after 7:00 p.m. Tuesday. 0

For those who wish. memorial contributions may be made to First Baptist Church Building Fund.

, Burial today

for Anna Gieseke


Others survivors are daughters, Christie A .. Gieseke and Linda Gieseke.:-of Irving; sote. Joe Gieseke

and Max Gieseke of Irving; and parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Bassett of Greenville.

Funeral services for Mrs. Anna Mae Gieseke, 3202 Dartmouth, will be at 2 p.m. today at First Baptist Church in Greenville, Ill. Burial will be in Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Greenville.

Mrs. Gieseke, 46,

drowned Saturday while swimming in Acapulco,



Anna Mae. 3202 Dartmouth. SurVived bV hU5band, RObert C. Gieseke. Irving; daughters. ChrlstieA. Gieseke. Linda; sons. Joe. Max/parents, Mr, and Mrs. Ira Bassett. Greenville. Illinois. Remains will lie in state at C!lIIm-Smlth Funeral Home Monday 7 a.m, until 9p.m,. then


_._ -

. Elmer E. Eilers

Elmer E. Eilers, 72, of New Douglas died May 14 at 4 a.m. at Community Memorial Hospital in Staunton.

Funeral services will be held Wednesday at 10 a.m. at the Immanuel Lutheran Church in New Douglas. Rev. Mark Sidney will officiate and interment will be in New Douglas cemetery.

Visitation will be held today . (Tuesday) from 4 to 8 p.m. at the Lesicko Funeral Home in New Douglas.

Mr. Eilers was born June '10, 1922 in Montgomery county to William J. and Katherine (Stechmann) •. Eiiers. On December 18, 1948 he married Genevieve· Caulk at

• Greenville.

He is survived by his wife of

New Douglas; a son, Dick Eilers of Highland; two sisters, Esther File and Evelyn McGibany, both of New Douglas; and five grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by two sisters, Ella Bloemker and Erma Prante; a brother, Eldon in infancy; and a son, Roger D. Eilers.

Mr. Eilers was retired from the Madison County Highway Department and also was engaged in farming. He was a member of the Immanuel Lutheran Church in New Douglas, and Teamsters Local 525 in Alton.

Memorials may be made to a memorial fund established for a . sign for New Douglas cemetery.

lq_~l .

(Qbituaries )

. . .

-lanny CSussenbach

Old Ripley resident Lanny LeWayne Sussenbach, 47, died May 13 at 3:45 a.m. at St. Louis University Hospital, following an

illness. _

Funeral services will be beld today (Thursday) at 2 p.m. at the May Funeral Home in Pocahontas with Dewey Hawkins officiating. Intennent will be. in. Brown cemetery, Old Ripley.

Mr. Sussenbach was born March 21, 1950 in Highland, the . son of John and Deloris (Caulk) . Sussenbach. His first marriage was to Ruth' Huffman. They later divorced. He married Patricia Smith December 27, 1974 in Chambersburg. She survives.

He is also survived by his parents of Old Ripley; a grandmother, Gertrude Caulk of Old Ripley; sons, Rande of Pittsburg, IL and Michael of Old Ripley; and two grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by his grandparents, Leo Caulk and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sussenbach.

Mr. Sussenbach was a boilermaker, and member of Boilermaker's Local #363, Belleville, and the National Rifle Association. He was a member of the Old Ripley Church of Christ.

Memorials may be made to the family.



BORN March 21, 1950 Highland, Illinois

AT REST May 13, 1997 81. Louis. Missouri

PLACE AND TIME OF SERVICE May Funeral Home Thursday, May 15, 1997 2:00 p.m.


INTERMENT Brown Cemetery Old Ripley. Illinois

FAMILY SERVED BY May Funeral Home Pocahontas, Illinois

:1'-~.r~~=.=. _-='a:;,.,."",..,"''''''C.Jt= ... *....., ... >== .• _ .......... _h:'''''M ... ,_.:u: _

Memoriam - Columbine High School Victims April, 20 1999 April, 201999 -

http://www.inmemoriamonline.comllistings/new/columbine _ students.html

This Memoriam has been created by In Memoriam online to give people around the world a place to grieve, convey condolences, and show support to the family and friends of the victims. Although tills tragedy occurred in Denver, the affects have been felt by all of us. Please "Add a Note" sharing your thoughts and feelings and theywill be passed on to all the families.


Kelly was an aspiring song writer amd author. She wrote scores of poems and short stories based on her life experiences. She was learning to play guitar. She moved from Phoenex 18 months ago and was eager to get her drivers license and a part-time job.

Age 17

Two years ago, Cassie became a born-again Christian. She, was active in church youth programs and Bible study groups. She hung out with a nibilistic group in middle school. Her favorite movie was Mel Gibson's Braveheart.

Age 15

• Daniel was a

• sophmore. He

i excelled in math

and science, and earned straight A's on his last

• report card. He

· ran cross country

and joined the

debate team. He recently retwned from a two-week trip to Paris with the French club.


Age 17

Loved to golf, hunt and fish. He was a former wrestler. He recently took a maintenance job at a golf club to

.';;;:;".'<i,',,' :.ri:tpbo'xmt: save up for a boat with a

friend. He was a good student. He

had wisdom teeth removed tills year and was frustrated that it forced biro to miss school.

4, v-. ) , 'i 't"' •

'(.. . " (J

"t\'l.~"'He e, et II d 1

• "'. • J'


t'------.~--' _M_. _

Voices of Columbine: The Family of Cassie Bernall by Susan Breeze Wallace

Denver Post staff writer

The simplicity of Las Lajas, Honduras, one of the poorest areas in the Western Hemisphere, has been a tonic to Brad and Misty Bernall. Here, there are no stares in the grocery store, no strangers showing up on their porch, no television replays bringing cruel reminders of how much they've lost. In Las Lajas, there are only reminders of how much they have. Brad, Misty and son Chris are drawn to the land where the Cassie Bernall Home for Children has risen amid lush qreen hills and banana trees and $3 daily wages. Cassie wanted to deliver babies for a living. So it seemed fitting, even in the numbness of the days after her murder, to give the new orphanage her name. The project, run by Christian missionaries from North Carolina, has become much more than a way to memorialize Cassie. 'This has ,given us purpose. It's something concrete," Misty says. "The people are so warm and wonderful, yet they live in mud huts. They sing praise songs with guitar amplifiers hooked up to car batteries." "Our shed at home," Brad says, "is nicer than their churches." The Bernalls have acquired a bus that they hope area churches will help them fill with supplies unavailable in Honduras. But first, April 20 will see the dedication of the walls within which 75 orphans will be given love and safety. The Bernalls don't need to spend that day near the walls within which Cassie died. From home, they can always see the lights of Columbine High, and the lights of the shopping area where two more Columbine students were murdered in February at a Subway sandwich shop. Here is the yard where Brad stood with binoculars the night of April 20, straining for clues. Here stand the bunny cages where days later he fell to his knees in the snow, pleading with God for relief from the pain. Here lives the black kitty Cassie made her mother promise to take care of, should anything happen to her. Here is the bed where the 17 -year-old wallowed every Saturday morning, likely to still be there, or at least in pajamas, into the afternoon. "Every day still starts with images of Cassie under a desk with a gun to her head," Brad says. "To this day it doesn't seem real." And yet the reality is that Cassie's death has touched millions, made her a teenage legend and given her parents both peace and pain they never imagined. Reports of Cassie's killer asking if she believed in God and then pulling the trigger when she said "yes" have circled the world. So has "She Said Yes: The Unlikely Martyrdom of Cassie Bernall," a book

,.,,...+,..:li ... ,, +hn "' ..... , ,,,,Io'e:- e:-'If""'l:U;~c:fI" cmiritll::ll n:::.ttlA with thair dauohter's suicide threats. murderous

(,jerman, Korean, i-ortuquese ana Italian. cnnsnan pop star Mlcnael ¥Y. ::.mnn recoraea "This Is Your Time" in Cassie's honor. A local church commissioned a screenplay and presented Cassie's story on stage; now "Crossroads at Columbine" travels around the country. Dozens of tribute-filled Web sites garner continual interest, screen after screen filled with praise, similar stories of teenage transformation and vows to be more Cassie-like. A woman from Waco, Texas, said she was planning to name her dauqhter after Brad and Misty's only girl. There are a few critics, too, people who feel the Bernalls wrote the book too soon or that the title was inappropriate given discrepancies in reports of who or perhaps how many said "yes" in reply to the two classmates who killed and maimed as they taunted their victims' faith in God. "We talked to kids who were there who are 100 percent sure," Misty says. "Either you believe what happened to Cassie or you don't. Some people are very cynical." The BernaUs have their own criticism - of the Jefferson County Sheriffs Office for releasing 'information to Time magazine about Cassie's death that they had been told was confidential. The Bernalls wrote their book to tell parents it was worth it to snoop, to move, to call the police, to do whatever it takes to keep your children safe. They didn't expect teens would be the ones flooding them with letters. Misty has replied - by harid, on notecards bearing a smiling picture of Cassie - to nearly 2,000. They wrote the book to speak for them. But last month Brad and Misty ventured before 25,000 people, most of them young, at a Church of God conference in Knoxville, Tenn. When a boy made it through security to teU Misty he'd "been headed down that same path, read the book and turned his life around," they knew it wouldn't be their last speaking engagement. "I think people get something out of hearing Cassie's story from Misty and me," Brad says. "It's new to us, but it's getting more comfortable." Cassie's story belongs to teenagers everywhere, but her parents are still enduring a private journey that cRanges dai!ly .. They stUI sit in the balcony of West Bowles Community Church every Sunday and expect to see her long blond hair somewhere among the sea of teens. Easter decor in stores makes Misty well up; that was theirlast holiday together. Between the stares of strangers and morbid photos on the covers of the tabloids, even grocery shopping can be unbearable. For Brad, one of his daughter's favorite songs can bring him to tears as he works out at the gym. Chris Bernal! saw his sister through her dark days and his parents through their tough stances. Now he's alone amid a fierce protectiveness, one he understands but gets impatient with. "I; am who I am. Cassie was who she was," says Chris, now home-schooled by his mom and a tutor. "I don't feel like I need to take her place or make up for her being gone." He and his big sister went snowboarding days before she was killed. "I guess I feel like she was my sister, but she really belonged to God. He put her in our family for us to learn from for a while. I think I'm at peace with that." Chris' peace is of utmost concern to his mom and dad. The Subway shootings made him mad, combative, and the whole family felt they lost something more. Brad and Misty took a rose to the makeshift memorial at the Subway I and ended up comforting a sobbing boy YVho had no idea who they were. Misty has been anxious to leave the area's horrible memories but doesn't want to feel forced out; Brad doesn't like the thought of someone else living in Cassie's room. But Chris is settled here, very involved with the West Bowles Community Church youth group that meant so much to his sister. So they wait. "I see Cassie everywhere in the house, and it's good for me," Brad says. "If we move, are we going to feel like we left her behind?" Holding on or moving on. They want to do both. Their minds still wander back to Cassie's request not to go to school April 20. She said she was tired. The second-guessing Is hard to stop. Wherever her parents live, they know Cassie will live in their hearts. And in the old West Bowles steeple being renovated into a youth center in her name. And on the Web. And among youth groups and on bookshelves across the world. And in a new two-story building in Honduras that, this summer, 75 orphaned

I"hilrlrQn U/.ill hOi. !:lIhlQ tn I"!:III hnm.o