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Anterior Compartment of the Thigh Cheatsheet

Blood Supply:
By the femoral artery.
Muscles: Contents:
1. Iliopsoas Branches of the femoral artery:
From lateral to medial
2. Sartorius
3. Pectineus 1. Superficial circumflex iliac
1. Femoral nerve*
4. Quadriceps 2. Superficial epigastric
2. Femoral artery
i. Rectus Femoris 3. Superficial external pudendal
3. Femoral vein
ii. Vastus Lateralis 4. Deep external pudendal
4. Lymphatics
iii. Vastus Intermedialis 5. Profunda femoris
iv. Vastus medialis i. Lateral femoral circumflex *Only the femoral nerve is not covered in the
ii. Medial femoral circumflex femoral sheath
All these muscles are extensors of the knee joint. iii. 3 Perforating arteries

Adductor Canal
Innervation: The Femoral Triangle At the medial part of middle third of thigh
By the femoral nerve Borders:
1. Anterior division 1. Medial border of the Sartorius muscle
i. 2 Cutaneous – Medial and 2. Medial border of the adductor longus 1. Lateral: Vastus medialis muscle
intermediate cutaneous nerve of muscle 2. Posterior: Adductor Longus and Adductor
thigh 3. Inguinal Ligament Magnus
ii. 2 Motor – Sartorius and pectineus 3. Anteromedial: Sartorius muscle
2. Posterior division Floor:
i. 1 Cutaneous – Saphenous nerve
1. Iliopsoas muscle
ii. 4 Motor – Quadriceps 1. Branches of the femoral nerve
2. Pectineus muscle
3. Adductor Longus muscle i. Saphenous nerve
ii. Nerve to vastus medialis
1. The iliacus is supplied by a branch of the 2. Femoral artery
femoral nerve in the abdomen 3. Femoral Vein
2. The Psoas is supplied by the lumbar plexus
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