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Steps to Freedom

A Blueprint for Achieving Wealth, Health, and Happiness
by Noel Swanson

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Table of Contents
Intro - Just 7 Steps to Your Dreams Step 1 - What do you Want? Step 2 - What is Important? Step 3 - Passion, and Maths Step 4 - Stop the Bleeding Step 5 - Your Plan for Security Step 5 cont - Live for Success! Step 6 - Your Plan for Comfort Step 7 - Your Plan for Prosperity Step 7cont - More Paths to Wealth Step 8 - The End and the Beginning How to Make Money from this Book 3 6 11 15 21 37 44 47 61 73 79 83


Intro - Just 7 Steps to Your Dreams

To me,

his is a book about Freedom. How to get it, and how to keep it.

If you stick with me and work through this book deliberately and diligently, you will be well on your way to achieving everything you ever wanted from life. So what do I mean by "Freedom"?

freedom is having the time, ability, and opportunity to do the things that I want to do in life It is about enjoying life to the full. About extracting every second's worth of life out of every minute lived. About being able, on one's death bed, to be pleased with a race well run, a life well led with no regrets. Is it about money? Yes, money is a part of it. It is hard to be free if you are broke. But money is not everything - there are plenty of rich men and women who are as miserable as sin. They are hardly free. In my book, freedom includes having enough money to do the things you love to do - yet without letting money become your master. Is it about love? Yes, because life is about passion, and about emotions. Without both of these we are as un-free as a robot. But love can also be a prison, and so Freedom is about learning how to enjoy your emotions, your passions and, yes, your loves in a way that brings liberty and life to all parties - whether they be your lovers, your children, your family or your friends. Is it about time? Of course! Every one of us has only 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, 52 weeks in a year, and maybe 80 or 90 years in a lifetime. How will you spend those precious moments? Because, once spent, they can never be regained. For 95% of the worlds population their time is effectively controlled by other people and other demands - every moment of the day is soaked up by the ever-present need to earn enough to pay the bills, to clean the house, to look after the children, to satisfy the partner or spouse, and to keep the in-laws at bay. That is not freedom!


7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson

Step 1

For me, freedom is about being in charge of my own time: choosing if and when I will work, when and where I will go kayaking, skiing, scuba diving, or oil-painting. Having time to sit and drink wine with my friends, take walks through the beautiful countryside of England and Canada, or sit on the beach and watch the Caribbean sunset. Is it about pure, simple, care-free hedonism, with no concern for the needs or wants of others? No! Simply seeking after the pleasure of the moment, like taking drugs, leads inevitably to an empty and shallow life. Yes, it is fun for the moment - but the regrets will surely follow as night follows day. Is it about manipulating and controlling others? I hope not! You know, what you will learn through this book, and through the recommended reading is so powerful that you could, if you chose, use it to do just that. But then that is the danger of powerful tools a sharp knife can both slice the ropes and knots that bind you - and slay your best friend, your lover, or your enemy. In my mind, true freedom comes when you honor and respect others, not when you control them. I hope that you will use what you learn in that spirit. But, in the end, that must be your own choice - for that is what freedom grants you: the ability to make your own choices about your own life. The Keys to the Dungeon My Friend, you are about to embark on a most amazing adventure. Your life will never ever be the same again. Why not? Because, today, you have been handed the keys to your dungeon. You may choose never to use them. In that case, your life will continue as it always has done - with one difference: You will always know that it was your own choice to stay in that dungeon. Perhaps you have good reasons, so you thin, for why you wish to remain there. Perhaps you just don't believe it could be any different. Either way, if you never put the keys in the lock, if you never turn them, you will always wonder what it might have been like... Your other choice is, of course, to open the doors and walk through them, a free man or woman. Now, at this point I do have to issue a warning! This book is your key. But it is not a magic wand! You will learn that there are immutable laws at work in the universe. You will learn to use these laws to your advantage, and you will be amazed at the changes in your life that they bring.


Here is what I want you to do: Go over to the chapter on "How to Make Money from this Book" and follow the instructions. your poverty.) Then go to the Table of Contents and start on Step One. the two biggest hurdles they face are about becoming financially free. do it this is your first task! Then punch some holes in it and put it into a ring binder so that you don't lose any pages. and emotionally free. the first is usually the most obvious (although probably not as important as the second. Why? Because. It will take you about 10 minutes to complete. You will have to work at them if you are to successfully open them I will show you what to do.i. Why not start with a simple little project that will sow the seeds of your financial freedom down the road. and will cost you not one penny. it is not your boss. the blueprint for a better life. I'll tell you what. How to maximise your use of time How to remove the clutter from your life All this. you will learn how to think! Because. you will find tasks set for you. Oh. And I will use the term "retiring" as meaning the same as "financially free" . But you are the one that has to do it! And so. In the following chapters. one more thing.e. that you have sufficient financial resources that you can -5- . Go on.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 1 But it won't happen overnight. and much more. For that reason I strongly suggest that you print out this entire book now. But above all. It is your own mind. Okay. And of these. Here is what will you learn through the coming weeks and months: How to set yourself free financially How to eradicate guilt and dependency from your personal relationships. as you shall discover. for most people. your spouse. The lock on your dungeon is rusty and difficult to turn. or your disabilities that keep you enslaved. Do them! This book is not light bedtime reading: it is a workbook. So where do we start? Well. The door is stiff and heavy. as you work through this book. lets get started. Did you do that? No? How are you going to progress if you don't even take the first simple step? Print it out now. (Just click here and you will be taken right there. I will talk much about "retiring" and "building wealth".) So I will use wealth as our prime goal.

you may like your career and want to continue in it. Just follow the instructions and you will get there. The principles will apply in exactly the same way. But perhaps you have different priorities and goals in life? No matter. Great! As long as that is your choice and not a necessity.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 1 choose whether and how to work. "Retiring" does not have to mean you never work again . See you on the other side! Noel Swanson -6- .

In contrast. So why do you do it? Let me tell you why: FEAR . and 95% of the adult population. for forty years? This is often known as the 40/40 plan . and then come home worn out. you get what? A so-called pension that pays you even less than you have been living on for all those hard working years. would you still work at the same job for the same number of hours? I am willing to bet that the day you could afford to. doing a job that causes you stress and worry. with free time to do what you want . no? So there is a lesson to be learnt here: Fear is sufficient motivation to keep you doing something you would rather not do year after year after year. Of being destitute and dependent on a state pension when you are old and frail. So now you are old. That’s right. Of what? ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ Of not having enough money to pay the rent or mortgage. neighbours and relatives.except you have no money. only to repeat the same exercise day after day. Of having your house repossessed. Of not being able to feed yourself and your family.What do you want? W hy is it that most New Year’s resolutions barely make it through to the end of January? The reason is quite simple . perhaps ill. On the other -7- . trade eight or more of the best hours of your day for a pathetic amount of money. let me ask you why it is that you. Of being ridiculed and pitied by your friends. If that is not true. You are afraid.40 hours a week for 40 years. go in to work. Of not having clothes to wear. get up in the morning. expenses and luxuries. you would cut your hours. then why do you do it? Because you love the job? Let me ask you again: if you had enough money to pay all your bills.most of them are based on either a “wish” or an “ought”: “I wish I could lose some weight” “ I wish I could stop smoking” “I really ought to get more exercise” “I really ought to eat more healthily” And so on.Step 1 . And at the end of it.

just like when you don’t feel like going to the gym. If you are serious about becoming free in the next 2 . Take a world class athlete like golfer Tiger Woods. Once you know what it is you really. They must win. a wish or an ought is not enough to keep you going for even a month.8 years. So what do you need? You need two things: 1) A clear goal. Step 1 So. you start to find the reasons why you can. you too need that passion. once there is an iron-fast conviction in your soul that says “that’s where I am headed. “If only I didn’t have to go to work every day”. making serious money takes commitment and perseverence. come what may”. or you say you can’t. the wrong education. can we agree that becoming financially free is a worthwhile goal? In a later Step we will talk in detail about how you are going to make your money. To start with your mind will come up with all sorts of reasons why you can’t do it you’re too young. Things don’t always go as planned. in your soul.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson hand. then your mind starts to look for ways around. you are correct”. Now. too old. There will be set backs on the way. You will have to make some sacrifices. But once you have decided. There is another aspect to this. since money is such a big issue for most people. or 5-times Olympic gold medalist Steven Redgrave. if you like. the wrong sex. Once your focus is clear.both for their chosen sport. too thin. and so on. Henry Ford but it best when he said “Whether you say you can. really want. Most likely you are going to have to start some kind of new venture. it is extremely unlikely that it will be through your current job or employment. Those just won’t cut it when the going gets tough. These need to be so powerful. and you set out to get it. too clever. too fat. But. and so entrenched in your very being. that they start to shape the way you see the world. And that passion drives them on when others would give up. What makes them train and practice so hard. If you are starting a part-time business alongside your full time employment you will probably have to give up some of your free time in the evenings. and also for winning. day in and day out? It certainly isn’t the money. all the excuses start to fall away. At times you won’t feel like doing it . So if you are to stick to your wealth building plan you are going to need something more than just a vague wish like “I wish I had some more money”. under. It is a deep seated passion . safe to say. and 2) A reason why. too stupid. -8- . Instead of “I can’t”. or over the excuses. or staying on your diet.

here is this week’s homework: Write down your answers to the following questions (you have printed this out on paper. while the millionaires stress the number 1 most crucial factor in success is getting your thinking straight. if you are still with me. those goals and dreams first. it probably won’t happen unless there is that passion. On the other hand.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 1 Note that all this applies to the whole of your life. for everyone who has made a real success of life. the lack of a clear goal. getting fit. Before you go any further in looking at various business opportunities and ventures it is crucial that you really nail down your own personal reasons why. haven't you?): 1) What is your number one priority for starting a new venture? Common reasons include: Extra Income Financial Freedom Having your own business More spare time Personal development Helping others Meeting new people Retirement Leave a legacy It does not matter what your priority is . “What’s the point?”. not just your finances. Whether it is losing weight. Who would you listen to? Remember I said that you would need to do some work? Well. getting married. stopping smoking. or starting any new venture or adventure. Of all the reasons why people fail to make it in their new venture. “Why not just get on with making the money?” So why is it that these people are broke.nor how big or small your goal is. 2) Why did you pick that one priority? -9- . It is this step that many people will skip over. and it matters to you. What matters is that it is yours. (however you might define success). you will find a strong and powerful passion that has driven them onwards. meeting more friends. and still interested in learning the secrets of wealth and freedom. and the lack of passion for that goal are the top of the list. This is of vital importance. they would say.

don’t look at what you won’t be doing (e. it was The Midas Method book that first launched me on the path to success! Like the Remmington shaver fellow. look at what you will be doing instead (e. the greater chances of success.g. Done that? Okay. that’s enough for this week .you have some work to be getting on with! -10- . This is why successful people are constantly reading and listening to motivational books and tapes.g.you will want to be doing this everyday of your life until you reach those goals. this is essential if you are serious about unlocking the doors to your dungeon. what will you be doing. with the mortgage fully paid off.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson 3) Why is that important to you? Step 1 4) What are the consequences of not having that 5) Why would that worry you? 6) Now look ahead 5 and 10 years. It is only a small investment in your future. What do you want for yourself then . In fact. and has invaluable lessons (provided you do them. I strongly encourage you to start to do so also. what will you own? Be as specific and detailed as you can. of course). Avoid negatives . I liked it so much I bought the rights to it! Here is the link: click here and get your copy now. the more real your description. The more detailed. but it is absolutely true! Build a Habit of Success This process of describing and refining your goals and dreams does not stop here . In fact.it really is vital. the more vivid.”) Do not miss out this exercise .where will you be. “I won’t be living in this dump”). Spend some time thinking and dreaming about this . As a first step. “I will be in a 4-bed detached cottage in the countryside.and then right down your answers in as much detail as you can. Sounds crazy. go to onto the internet and get yourself The Midas Secrets package.

Isn’t it time to do something different? -11- . if you always do what you’ve always done. and the grit and determination to reach those goals. you’ll always get what you’ve always got. Step 1 Remember.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson In Step 2 we will be looking some more at how to develop your millionaire’s mindset.

Classed in this are things such as: < eating < paying the mortgage (or you will be repossessed) < earning money < paying bills < keeping fit and healthy < seeing your long-standing friends < having the car serviced (regular maintenance saves you money in the long run) Whereas others are not important. If not . You should be able to get it from your public library. Some of this is based on an excellent book by Stephen Covey called The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.congratulations .you have made a crucial first step to achieving them.well.What is Important? D id you write down your goals from Step 1? If you did . or else click on the link and it will take you straight to it at Amazon. you won’t be the only one! It is so easy. That means they need to be done now -12- . Well worth getting hold of. You will note that some of your tasks are important (by this I mean important to you). such as: < watching soap operas < reading junk mail < doing favours for someone else (it might be important to them. some of these tasks are urgent.although the friendship might be) At the same time. but that does not mean the task is important to you .com Take a look at the grid below: Important Quadrant 1 Quadrant 3 Not Important Quadrant 2 Quadrant 4 Urgent Not Urgent All of your daily tasks can be mapped onto this grid. In this step I want to cover some tools that will help you to organise your life so that the important things do get done.Step 2 . isn’t it. to let other priorities and demands get in the way of what is important.

or even next month would probably do. because you did not get around to doing them a week. Many of them are of the “putting out fires” variety. you are probably getting stressed by all the Quadrant Two activities (important. things that have to be done today.these things are both urgent and important.looking after your property. filling in the crossword. Included here are things such as getting exercise. Most of these activities are of the maintenance and improvement type . and your help would make such a difference to them. You have to do them. These activities probably take up most of your day. For example. If you are like most people .stressed out by too much to do and too little time in which to do it . And. but not urgent) that you know you should be doing. being kind hearted and generous. month. As you do these. if only you had the time. but just can’t find the time for. daydreaming. Now.tomorrow is probably just as good. or keeping up to date with developments in your field of work. a colleague. but sit quietly in the background waiting for you to get around to them. not yours). In fact. or the tax man). relative or friend comes along and asks you if you wouldn’t mind helping them with X as they really are in a bind. In other words. In fact all those things on your mental “to-do list”.doodling. Other things are much less urgent. But these activities are important. you would find that they actually help to prevent many of the Quadrant One -13- . The same with the exercises from last week and from The Midas Method.it’s their agenda.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 2 and can’t wait. They need to happen. Like going to the gym. In between all the stress of dealing with Quadrant One you spend a bit of time trying to relax by indulging in Quadrant Four activities .but could easily be pushed to the bottom of the pile until you have time to do it. if you could do them regularly. or painting the house. Then.to you . take a look at your own life. because you never got around to replacing the oil 6 months ago. And what happens to Quadrant Two? All those tasks that are vitally important.it is important to your future . maintaining your house and car. watching TV with a beer. Reading this course is a Quadrant Two activity . and they have to be done today. For example. and yourself. Often this is because of some deadline imposed by someone else (like the boss. or two months ago.the chances are that most of your activities fall into either quadrant 1 or 4: Quadrant 1 activities . but not important . the car has broken down. the car does not have to be serviced this week. on top of all that. you don’t have to go to the gym today . Likewise. And the ironing can wait until there is time. Which you would. Next week. Tomorrow is not good enough. you say “yes” to this Quadrant Three activity (Urgent. and improving and developing your knowledge and skills.

you must learn this skill. And whatever you do.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson emergencies! Step 2 So how will they happen? Only if you make sure. I have found this to be one of the biggest reasons for why people continue to have stress. But in 17 years of working with families (I am a medical doctor and consultant psychiatrist. This brings me on to the second main point for Step 2: Who is in charge of your life? Is it you? Or is it something outside of you . You really can reach your goals . that you do them. or. or get divorced. Or you can sit around. what was crucial was what you did in response. This opens up tremendous possibilities for you. But equally you certainly don’t have to be a doormat. Here are some suggestions: With each task you do today. And often one of the hardest for them to overcome. or start a business. there is a balance in all this. What matters is where you go from here.other people.say “no”! You must work on what is important to you before you work on what is important to other people.. the will of god. schedule in some time that is reserved for these activities . or do not. Get some books. here are your tasks for the next month: -14- .if you make the right decisions.. You don’t have to be rude or unhelpful. or change jobs. It is a blank slate for you to write upon. and whatever happened. But if you are going to reach your goals.or your could choose to move abroad. Life is all about the decisions you take. If it is from quadrant 3 or 4 . complaining about the circumstances. fate. and problems in their lives.and stick to it. At the beginning of each day. The goal is not to get into self-pity and self-blame about all the mistakes you have made in the past. the government? If you are to achieve the success you deserve. misery. your answer to this must be “Me!”. ask yourself which quadrant this fits in. You can choose to carry on as you are . in each day. listen to some tapes. will affect your life from then on. to summarise. Most people find this very difficult. remember?). So. How it turns out for you is down to the decisions you take from here on. You are where you are because of the decisions you took in the past. The future is unwritten. decide. But whatever they did. Sorry if this sounds rather hard. Now. Of course other people and events have played a part. and hoping that someone else will do something to improve your lot. We have all made mistakes.

use this for reviewing your goals.don’t beat yourself up . getting some exercise. etc. the rest can be at any time. Make sure you do it each day.your task this week: Do both of these every day. See you next week in Step 3! -15- .the goal setting is best done at the beginning of the day. 2) Make a list of the 6 most important (to you) tasks for the day. Then start with number one and persist with it until it is done. great! If you didn’t .7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson At the beginning of each day: Step 2 1) Set aside an hour for quadrant two activities . doing repairs. If you come to a point that depends on some external event (like waiting for someone else).you would not have done them using any other system either. studying. Tomorrow make a new list (which might or might not include today’s items). Okay . If you have not already done them. put your Midas Method goals at the top of your list as your Number 1 priority. If you did them all. By the end of the day you will either have completed all 6 or just some of them. But at least you worked on the most important of them.but make sure you don’t slip up again! After all. Try and do it at the same time each day . Make every effort to avoid being sidetracked or distracted from it. the only person you are cheating is yourself. then move on to task two and stick with that until it is done. If you miss a day . as long as it happens.

A lawyer or doctor brings greater benefit. “"Give. it will also be the means to your own financial security. tells the story of some Africans riding in the back of a truck. Why did it happen? It is easy to point to their lack of experience with fast moving forms of transport. This law pervades the entire universe. depending on the type of circumstance that they were describing.only to find themselves bouncing and rolling down the road themselves! Fortunately none were hurt. It has been stated by many people.Passion.Step 3 . So her -16- . It has its effect every time we do anything. and running over will be put into your bosom. And once you fully understand it. and so it is easy to replace him. we would be wise to learn this. and Maths E arl Nightingale. it will be measured back to you. Here are some examples: A window cleaner brings a small benefit to one household at a time. “For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. and the difficulty of replacing you. But Earl Nightingale prefers to see it as a wonderful demonstration of the Law of Cause and Effect. pressed down. in many different forms. Here are some of the most famous. and rockets are able to land on the moon. Lets see how it works in a financial sense: Your income is and will be directly proportional to the benefit that you bring. they simply climbed out of the back . planes fly. and the incident provided them with some great stories to relate to the friends and relatives.” Newton. It is through an understanding of this law that cars drive. of which the poor African villagers seemed to have been surprisingly ignorant." Jesus. one of the original and greatest motivational teachers. Consequently his pay is low. For with the same measure that you use. but still to only one client at a time. So instead of hammering on the side of the truck to signal to the driver. So what does this have to do with making money? Absolutely everything. Luke 6:38. they decided that this was the point at which they wanted to get off. But because of the long and arduous training she is rather more difficult to replace. shaken together. This Law is one of the most fundamental laws in the universe. the number of people to whom you bring it. and use it to our profit. and underlies just about everything that we do. whether we like it or not. It is a relatively unskilled job. Since this is the case. As the truck was bouncing along down some dusty track. and it will be given to you: good measure.

Produce the highest output.become so indispensable to the company that they cannot manage without you. the best ideas. proportionate to the number of readers). It is not necessarily about working all hours of day and night . This is especially true in employment . The trouble is. your reward will follow. And yet so many people expect just that. it is very hard to become financially independent as an employee . the greatest number or sales or clients. and sportsmen and women. Getting this combination right is the maths. not hard. and 3) is scarce. before they will put in the extra work. how do you apply this if you want to make some serious money? Clearly you need to find something that: 1) provides benefit to people . entertainers. all your efforts are primarily going to benefit someone else . Instead it is about positioning yourself so that you alone are the one that provides the unique benefit that the company depends on. If you are in employment and wish to rise through the ranks.the deal is that you exchange your hours of labor for money. or cannot be easily provided by someone else. Step 3 A best selling author brings a small benefit (a few hours entertainment). then the rewards follow. But work smart. The reason for that is very simple . -17- . here is how you do it: Become the best employee there is .find a niche in which you become the expert or the specialist. but to millions of readers. in the end. And there are only so many hours that you have that you can exchange.the greater the benefit the better.” It does not work that way around.they expect the pay rise or the promotion first. skilled writing is fairly uncommon.but the problem is that it is to only one person at a time! So.for the simple reason that. Don’t just do “grunt work” that anyone could do . Is a World Class football player really worth more than a skilled doctor? Surely the doctor provides a greater benefit to people? Yes . as sure as the sun will shine tomorrow. The maths is simply wrong.namely the business owner. 2) can be supplied to as many people as possible. then your reward will follow.such employees simply get taken advantage of. But be clear that it is in that order first you provide the benefit. Also. If you can get it right. so his income can be quite large (in fact. then. “you provide the heat and then when you have done that. The same also applies to star-quality actors.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson income is above average. I will put the logs on. If you can do this. To expect otherwise would be like telling an empty fireplace.

Clearly. or that bring great stress. Or. is to find a way to multiply your efforts. that it is not so much work. thousands. and see it through to the end if you are passionate about what you do. most would probably tell you that they love what they do. to achieve this.g. Could you set up some kind of tourist operation . It is no use putting all your efforts into something and then finding out that nobody wants it. You are much more likely to persevere.perhaps filling a niche market for a particular type of skier (e. And why not? You are much more likely to put in the hard work if it is fun. and/or large conferences and seminars. so that they benefit more and more people. off-piste powder tours)? You love helping people. school/business groups) or destination (undiscovered and exotic locations.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 3 Consequently. But also find something that you love. Then the maths is right. to make enough money to become financially free is going to take some work. to put it the other way around . have fun while you are doing it? This is what I call the passion. There is. So get the maths right. Life is supposed to be fun. the only way to make more. Most could probably be described as workaholics. then if it is tedious. Whatever means you choose. you will also have to provide a service or product that people want. I believe that life is just too short to be spending it doing things that you hate.but being a ski instructor doesn’t pay.whether that be a hungry crowd desperate for a burger. you will probably find that most millionaires have worked very hard to build their fortunes. You love skiing . Or you could develop a business in which you help other people to be successful. and then find a way to make it pay! Passion + maths = freedom Lets look at some examples: You love teaching .but teaching a school class has the wrong maths.do what you love. however. handicapped. than if it is a total bore. You could volunteer at the local homeless shelter and be rewarded with a warm fuzzy feeling about how much you are helping them. If you look around. By its very nature it is -18- . Yet if you asked them. at least. Much better to find a niche where people are begging for your service . What about finding a way to extend your teaching to hundreds. as second side to all of this. or collectors desperate for football or pokemon cards. training tapes and videos. Network (or multi-level) marketing is wonderful tool for doing just that. Find something about which you have a passion. Why do it when there are so many enjoyable things to do. or even millions? This could be done by books. So why not. as play.

and either use the internet as a tool to make it available to the masses. So if you can find a purpose to your life that brings value to people. In a later Step we will be looking at a number of vehicle or tools that you can use to make your money. What is your purpose in life? Now. There are two points to consider here. what would give you the greatest pleasure and satisfaction? Do not limit yourself . All you have to do is to fill in three blanks in the following statement. or fixing cars or cooking). the more you yourself will earn. What is it that you really love doing? What is it that turns you on? What are you good at? Do not think only in terms of skills (like writing. here is a question that might prompt some thinking. One way to think about this is to develop your own mission statement. “My mission (or purpose) in life is to _____________________ (do something) -19- . and suits your personality and unique pattern of strengths. We will be looking more at this in a later Step. So at this stage I don’t want you to be worrying about the maths. The joy is in the journey. or programming. lets just think for a minute. or are you more artistic and intuitive? Are you good at leading others. Think also about your personal character traits. or do you prefer to just be given a job to get on with? If you could do anything at all.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 3 structure so that you more you help others to build successful business themselves. You have probably noticed that many companies are developing mission statements to help them to focus on just what it is they do as a business. But you love working on a project . is worthwhile. of doing something. you might just find your life’s calling! To help you. Life is not an end point. Your task for this week is to think about your passion. The second is that happiness is a by-product of doing something that is worthwhile.let your imagination take you where it will. then you are on the high road to both success and happiness. Note also that the notion of purpose is that of action. it is a process. or computer programming. or joint venture with someone who does like networking or selling. You could be employed by a company to develop their products . Here is how you can do it (I am indebted to Joe Karbo's The Lazy Man's Way to Riches for this).such as writing. You hate meeting strangers and having to talk to people you don’t know. Are you good at meeting strangers? Can you quickly put people at ease? Are you a strategic or analytical thinker. So why not have a personal mission statement.or you could develop your own product that has value to many. The first is that wealth comes from bringing value to other people.

If there is minister enroll enhance no benefit of some kind. or even countries (if you fancy being Prime Minister!). you will feel it resonate with your whole spirit and being. there will be a “eureka” quality to it. When you do. what I love doing. With the right verb you should be able to complete the first stage: “My mission is to ______________ people. able to do as a result of your actions? Table 3 lists some ideas. Note that this might be anything form individual people right up to large groups.” aliens armies artists athletes audiences babies boaters boys brides burned cancer sufferers children gifted girls graduates grandparents handicapped homeless informed inmates listeners men millionaires minority groups nations parents patients poor retired scientists self-employed seniors sick singles teens toddlers viewers weavers women wounded choirs couples Finally.” Step two is then to identify the recipients of your actions. you have your completed mission statement: -20- . many more. unique. Who benefits from what you do. In what way will this be of benefit to them? What will they have. or what? Even if you prefer instruct soothe educate to hide away in your den working on a computer lead stimulate elevate liberate strengthen empower programme. if you are a mechanic. mission. The list in Table 1 nurse acknowledge facilitate may give you some ideas. then guess what? You won’t mystify enlighten entertain network expand find any financial reward in it. When you find the right outcome. leader.” Start with finding the right verb. “My mission is to __________ ____________. It might be an audience if you are an entertainer. But don’t be limited by these. You will say “Yes! That’s it! That’s what my life is about. What you do. and what provides me with satisfaction and excitement. What is it you love doing help referee challenge with people? Are you a natural born teacher. craving for drugs (never mind that they caused the craving in the first place!) So keep searching until you find what it is that you love doing. Even drug dealers provide a “benefit” to people . Below I will give you some ideas. Of course there are many. Table 2 lists some other possibilities.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson __________________ (type of people you will serve) to _______________” (towards a goal) Step 3 Now all that you have to do is to fill in the blanks.they relieve their Table 1. or be Table 2. identify the desired outcome of your work with these people. influence refine coach inform serve discover encourager. entertainer. but don’t be afraid to find guide organize assist heal prepare awaken your own verbs to use. keep brainstorming until you find your own. I will leave that to your imagination. remember that the purpose of what you manage support enable massage validate encourage do is to convey some benefit to someone. or motorists.

” achieve wholeness act find adventure appreciate art be responsible be healthy be fit earn explore have fun happiness hear experience joy laugh learn love play golf relax rest retire succeed swim travel Table 3. How will they benefit? “My mission in life is to nurse children with cancer to die with dignity and without fear.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 3 “My mission (or purpose) in life is to __________________ __________________ to ________________” Here are some examples: “My mission in life is to mentor self-motivated people to achieve successful and joyful lives. you can play around with the form of words to make the mission fit you. you have guessed it! Complete the blanks above. Keep doing so until you have something that makes you feel good. Only then can you work out the quickest route to get from here to there.oOo --Your task for this week? Yes. the destination.” “My mission in life is to discover new places to which adventurous golfers can travel.” As you can see from these examples. Concentrate only on what it is you want to do. Life is a journey. Hang in there! -21- . So far we have been looking at where you want to get to. Next you need to know where you are now. At this point do not be thinking about how you will do it. In the Step 4 we will be looking at how to take stock of where you are now. --.

At this point of time. your goal was to “travel to York. air. or through your local bookstore. have clear.com . as it is to know where you are going.) You can order them through Amazon. England”. England.Stop the Bleeding W < < < elcome back for the next step! If you have been doing your homework you should. It is as important to know where you are now. I want to talk a little bit about how to create your own personal financial statement. Once again. we still have one further preparatory step. bus. if you are currently in New York. this week’s task is to take full stock of your situation. I thoroughly recommend them. medium and long term. but the content is first class. The income and expenses report (also known as a profit and loss statement). be excited about the type of contribution that you will bring to the world. And an aeroplane might not be so appropriate if you are just down the road in Leeds. (They are a bit wordy and repetitive at times. do not rush over this. There are two parts to a financial statement. Income and expenses . goals written down as to what you want to achieve in the short. most of your income probably comes from a job or other kind of -22- Figure 1Figure 1 . ship? Doesn’t that depend on where you are now? It might be a bit difficult to travel there by foot. Poor Dad”. train. USA. for example. Suppose. and the balance sheet (which details assets and liabilities). You will find a much fuller explanation of this in Robert Kiyosaki’s best-selling book “Rich Dad. specific and detailed. Let’s look very briefly at both of these. coach. your current starting point.Step 4 . and the sequel “Cashflow Quadrants”. by now: know that you can achieve whatever it is you set your mind to. Before we do that. So. Before we start to look at the ways in which you will do all of this. the way in which you will make a difference to people’s lives. How will you get there? Will you travel by foot.

2 as quickly as possible. then that property would be putting money into your pocket.” From this definition.one is to cut down on your liabilities and expenses and the second is to build up your assets. you are trying to get from Fig. Unfortunately most of this money immediately flows out again. In contrast.arrow B. and pretty much everything else you own is a liability in that they are costing you money every month.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 4 work that you do.having sufficient passive income from your accumulated assets that you can more than meet your everyday living expenses. The rest goes on the various liabilities you have accumulated .” In contrast to an asset which is “anything that puts money into my pocket. repairs. So. and loan interest. This is what you are trying to achieve for financial freedom . Some of this goes directly out as expenses (of which tax is the biggest one) . and out through expenses and liabilities. 1 to Fig. 1). the rich also manage to sidestep most of the taxes as well. your car. For example. What is a liability? Kiyosaki defines it thus: “A liability is anything that takes money out of my pocket. -23- . Figure 1Figure 2 . your sofa.arrow A. In other words. you can see the direction of your cash flow: it flows in from the job.ouch! The expenses continue. In this you can see that the majority of their income comes not from their work. the financial statement of the rich looks like Figure 2. Clearly there are two ways to achieve this . if you ever lose your job . it is an asset. That is not what I call freedom. This income goes into the income section of your report (see Fig. So. and the rent your received was greater than all your expenses in terms of maintenance. Cashflow of the rich Incidently. but from the assets they have accumulated (arrow C). The trouble is. They do this by passing their passive income through various tax efficient (legal) structures such as limited companies or family trusts. you can quickly see that your house. but the income stops. if you owned a rental property.

. In addition. Once again it will require some work on your part . complete your personal financial statement.but then. that is what separates the winners from the losers. since success is about more than just money. This is your task for Step 4. To do that you need to prepare your own financial statement. It comes in two parts. you also need to do an inventory of the other parts of your life. for the first week. so let's allow for two weeks to complete it. You will find the template on the next page.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 4 But first you need to know where you are now. isn’t it? Ready? Okay. and you will probably need to put it as top priority on your priority list.. or it won't get done! -24- .

Preparing your Personal Inventory
Part 1 - Your personal financial statement
For the purpose of this, convert all your income and expenses into monthly figures, i.e. divide yearly amounts by 12, and multiply weekly amounts by 4.3 This is best done for your whole family rather than doing separate ones for you and your partner. Monthly Income
Make a list of all your current income. Include: a) earned income, such as (Where you can, put the Gross Earnings here - and put the deductions, such as tax and NI in the expenses column), Job, 2nd job Tips Self-employment


Businesses in which you are heavily involved for their day to day running

Subtotal b) passive income, such as, Benefits: child benefit & Tax credit, disability allowances, social security, etc.

Interest on savings.

Dividends from your investments.

Businesses from which you receive an income, but are only a sleeping partner, or minimally involved in terms of day to day management.

Other investment income (you can either list the net profit, or you can list the gross income here, and also the expenses - such as the maintenance on your rental property - in the expense column)


Overall TOTAL INCOME -25-

7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson

Step 4

Monthly Expenses
This is the tough one! The challenge to honestly list all your expenses as they really are, not as you wish they were! Subdivide into the following categories: Tax, Social security, National Insurance, council rates, Daily living Groceries and other regular shopping Clothing Rent Communications Land and mobile phone charges Internet service provider Utilities - Water, sewage, electricity, gas, House maintenance Repairs, redecoration, replacing carpets, looking after the garden, replacing windows, new kitchen, etc. Insurance Buildings and contents Life, accident & sickness, disability, Private medical Professional indemnity, employer’s liability, etc. Pet Leisure activities Entertainment (pub, cinema, meals out, pizza deliveries, videos) Sports - gym and other club memberships, equipment, travel Holidays Gifts, e.g. Christmas spending (often substantial), birthdays Travel Car - petrol, servicing, MOT, insurance, road tax Bus & train passes and fares Car depreciation Smoking and other drugs Loans Mortgage Car payments Other hire purchase (sofa, boat, caravan, etc) Credit card interest (be honest!) Boats & other toys - depreciation and other running expenses Other commitments Alimony & child support fines Exceptional expenses - every month there is some expense that is unexpected, or a one-off. The strange thing is that there are so many of these unexpected expenses that you need to budget for (expect) the unexpected (e.g. the boiler/furnace breaks down, a window breaks, etc.).




7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson

Step 4

Here you list everything that puts money into your pocket - either by providing an income, or by going up in value. In the totals column, put how much you could get for it if you sold it today. Put your own house here, but do not put your car or boat here unless they will genuinely go up in value over time, and you also put an entry for depreciation and running costs in your expenses column above. You will understand your finances better if you put your boat and car in the liabilities section.


Your house Pension Rental & investment properties

401-K, RRSP, ISA’s, Savings bonds, premium bonds etc.

Stocks & shares


Businesses you own or receive dividends from Precious metals and gemstones Other



7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson

Step 4

Totals Liabilities Here you list everything that takes money out of your pocket. Put the total amount that is owed as of today. Short term debt Outstanding amount on credit cards

Overdraft Other bank loans and financing (car, boat, sofa, etc) Long term debt Your mortgage Business loans Mortgages on investment properties Cars, Boats, Toys and trinkets (although these could be sold for money, and therefore
could be considered assets, they actually take money out of your pocket in maintenance and other expenses, so they are really liabilities. Enter them here. If they have a present day value (e.g. a boat or car worth $5,000) do two things: 1) enter a negative value in the column on the right i.e. they are a liability of -$5,000, and 2) at the same time enter a monthly value for depreciation in the expenses column above. For example if the boat or car will only be worth $3,800 next year then its depreciation is $1200 per year, or $100 per month. Put $100 in the expenses column.



000 including your house!) Do you have multiple streams of income that will see you through in case of unemployment or economic depression? Now.000 you probably need to be thinking about planning to avoid inheritance tax.Total Liabilities Your Retirement Quotient = Passive Income/Total Expenses = ____________ = ____________ = ____________ yes / no yes / no yes / no yes / no yes / no yes / no If your monthly savings are negative you are in serious trouble and need to do something NOW! As someone (Bernard Shaw I think. Your Retirement Quotient tells you what percentage of the week you can take off (i. expenses $101. happiness. misery” Most likely you need to find some way to cut your expenses. valid Will? Life insurance (Have you reviewed the insured amounts?) Disability and/or critical illness insurance? Have you planned for avoiding Inheritance Tax (In Britain IHT will hit you if you have assets over £250. what do you do with these figures? First do these sums: Monthly savings = Total Income . $100. well done! Now use those to start building up your assets. result.e. but I am probably wrong) said: “Income.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 4 Financial Security Do you have: A current. result.Total Expenses Net worth = Total Assets . -29- . If your monthly savings are positive. “Income $100. expenses $99. If your net worth is greater than $250.

Until next week. if your monthly expenses are $1.e.. Obviously. go part time). i... theoretically.500 and you are receiving $500 a month from your investments. once your RQ exceeds 100%. then 1/3 of your expenses are covered so. then you can fully retire. you could cut down your working week to earn just $1. -30- . If you have got this far .. your passive income exceeds your expenses.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 4 retire. Your Relationships. did you learn something? Was it something of an eye-opener where all your hard-earned money is going? Next week we will do the second part of this step . Your Children All of these are important if you are looking for true FREEDOM.000 per month.WELL DONE! It is not easy doing all that! But tell me. After that we will start to develop Your Action Plan.covering topics such as: Your Health. For example.

Weaknesses. Over the space of 8 years he made himself £10 million. about enjoying rich and rewarding relationships. Or pursuing your sports or hobbies. and what is getting in the way?” In the last lesson we did this for your personal finances. and neglect to build up other areas of your life. So. and how they are going to get there. Of course. Like spending time with your family and friends. Look at the coins and banknotes in your pocket. If you focus just on money. and much less known is this: Money is not real. So what is he doing now? Still slaving over his business? Absolutely not! As he says in “Seven Secrets of the Millionaires”. the “law of cause and effect” being chief among them. where they are now. Money is a tool towards success. you can very quickly take charge of your life. as you will have learnt from The Midas Method the reason is that they have been deceived into thinking that is simply their lot in life! Yet once you understand some very basic principles. It never ceases to amaze me how most people just muddle along in life with absolutely no idea of where they are going. Stuart Goldsmith is an excellent example. Opportunities and Threats) analysis. Which is exactly what you are starting to do. How much are they really worth? What would you pay for a piece of paper about 6" x 2"? Or a disk of metal weighing about a 1/4 of an ounce? What would the recycling plant give you for them? Nothing probably. Then you can map out your own destiny. you need to decide how much is enough. Why personal relationships? There are two very important reasons: 1) Success is about much more than just money.Your personal life till with me? Wow! You are definitely well ahead of almost all of your peers. But real success is about living life to the full. what do I have going for me. Or seeing the world. it is just an idea. This week it is time to look at personal relationships and health. Just a fancy way of asking “where am I now. then you will end up just like Scrooge: rich and miserable. 2) Equally important. before you even start on your journey to riches. making a difference to the people and community around you. So why are they “worth” so much? Purely and simply because people say -31- S . it is time to continue with what business people call an “environmental scan” and a “SWOT” (Strengths.Preparing your Personal Inventory Part 2 . When do you get off the gravy train so that you can do the things you really want to do.

The creative energy is blocked. The money that passes between us is just a record. a mechanism. Flow can be blocked. When it was like that. Everything works out. It is very much tied in with the notion of agreements. When you exchange your note for a bag of potatoes. What can block your flow? Pretty much anything. have you had times when the garage or the garden shed are just full of clutter and junk? So much so that you can barely get into them? I know I have. But there is still more. When you buy a book from me. Have you had times when everything just seems to be going your way? You are on a winning streak. of that agreement. and it can be released again. the more you will make. It is only worth something when it starts to move . In the end. the second is when the Flow is blocked. Now. you will want to make sure that every aspect of your life is an open channel for this mysterious Flow. you do so on trust that I will deliver value to you. The first is when you are in the Flow. this is where it gets a bit metaphysical. then the agreement between us is soured. Wouldn’t you rather be in the Flow than out of it? Well you can. Both are about more than money. It does you no good at all. if you get blocked in one part of your life. The Flow has ceased. how much lighter and freer did you feel? That clutter was literally blocking your flow. did you feel the weight of it on your spirit? And when you finally got around to cleaning it out. A suitcase of banknotes under you bed is worth nothing. Nothing goes right. the only reason the merchant will go along with it is because he believes that he will be able to exchange that same piece of paper for some goods that he wants.when it gets passed around from one person to another as a token of agreements being made and fulfilled. The better you are at that. For example. It really is like some kind of spiritual force. and you feel confident and in control? And then there are times when you just feel stuck. or you will be pretty angry and will never deal with me again. or token. for exchanging value between people. and either I have to make it right again. making money is. If I fail to do so. all about honouring agreements with people. Money is merely a tool. it will affect every other part. In fact they are about every aspect of your life. And -32- . and that is what this week’s lesson is about. Money is worth nothing unless it is moving. Because of this. If anything. therefore. it is a bit of a fire hazard.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 4 and believe they are. And this in turn depends on the agreements that people make with each other. Wealth is therefore about FLOW. So if you want true success.

g.Obese .24)..g. cycling. The questionnaire below will help you to do that. I mean really honest!) Do you drink more than 4 cups of coffee.80m = 5' 11).24 = 22. walking.Underweight .5 18-5 to 25 25 to 30 30 to 40 over 40 .7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 4 in some mysterious way. running. This final figure is known as your Body Mass Index (BMI) and is an indication of how fat you are! So now you can compare your BMI with the following table (note this applies only to people over the age of 18): BMI Under 18. that would be putting a block on all areas of your life .Healthy . we will start with your own agreements before going on to agreements with others. Remember that wealth is about honouring your agreements . etc) three times a week? Do you drink more than an average of 2 units of alcohol per day? (Be honest.2) . 72 kg = 158lb). Your Health Do this sum: write down your height in metres (e. No.Very Obese Yes/no Yes/no Yes/no Yes/no Yes/no Yes/no Yes/no Yes/no Based on this.even your finances! Your task this week is to identify and then start to sort out the blocks in your life.including agreements you make with yourself! In fact. Now divide your weight by your height squared (72/3. do you need to do something about your weight? Do you smoke? Do you get a minimum of 25 minutes sustained aerobic exercise (e.8 = 3.Overweight . tea. or cola a day? Do you eat at least five portions of fruit or vegetables each day (I bet you don’t!) Do you take any “recreational” drugs? If you are over 40: Have you had your eyes screened for glaucoma in the last 5 years? -33- . Then take your weight in Kg (e. Once again. Note that this is an ongoing process that you will need to be reviewing regularly. be honest with yourself as this is entirely for your own benefit.. 1.g. Multiply it by itself (1.8 x 1.

If you scored 10 or more. Cheating yourself or others may work in the short term. it really is time to stop! Go over to my website and check out the Guaranteed Way to Stop Smoking and Quit Smoking Right Now.. etc) are you following the prescribed treatment regularly and correctly? Do you eat fish at least twice a week? Yes/no Yes/no Yes/no Yes/no Give yourself one point for each correct answer (you know what they are!). One or other of these should sort you out . set your self some Midas Method goals to deal with it.don’t put it off again! Look. Sorry about the language. -34- . Here are some challenges to work through: Make a list of all the people with whom you have some type of unresolved conflict whether it is from the past. high blood pressure. but also it is cluttering up your flow and so is harming your finances much more than you can imagine. diabetes. or is still going on as an active argument: Immediate family Relatives Colleagues Friends Bosses Authorities (taxman. Not only is your smoking costing you money everyday.. Click on these right now: Guaranteed Way to Stop Smoking and Quit Smoking Right Now Your Relationships Integrity is the key to success.they seriously impede your flow and will prevent you from achieving true success. If you are a smoker. police etc) Unresolved conflicts are the same as broken agreements . but it’s true. I am serious. well done! If you scored less.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 4 If you are a woman: have you had a cervical screen (Pap smear) done in the last 3 years? Have you had a dental checkup in the last year? If you have know medical problems (heart disease. But in the long term it will come around to bite you in your ass. Not to mention your health and fitness. Resolve NOW to do whatever it takes to resolve the conflict.so you now have no excuses left! ( Do it now .

thought and energy into raising them right. They would much rather have you than the toys! In the clinic I always cringe when I hear parents say “He doesn’t want for anything . but for yours. including making money. I know that if you have had some serious trauma or abuse in the past that this can be very hard. but it will more than pay for itself over the long haul.or even a holiday together. Truly “the sins of the fathers are visited on their children down to the third and fourth generations” as it says in the Bible.) Your Children The problem with children is they demand the most time and the most money just when you can afford both of these the least! Once again. You cannot afford to have relational clutter messing up your life. Now think about those that you count as your loved ones and your friends. Even so. go and do it. Not for their benefit.we get him everything he could want. (Just as an example . then pay the price and do it. then do so . you (and your kids) will reap rewards if you make some effort -35- . bite the bullet and tell the truth. If you need to put things right.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson < < Step 4 If you need to apologise. will save money and heartache down the road .a bit of marriage maintenance now might prevent a very emotionally and financial expensive divorce in five or ten years. (My best friend and I planned a special holiday to celebrate 20 years of friendship.it is only yourself that you are harming by failing to forgive. This is another quadrant 2 activity. What have you done recently to celebrate that friendship? Here are some suggestions: < Buy some flowers unexpectedly < Write them a short note or card to express what they mean to you < Arrange for a special evening or day out .they don’t deserve to be forgiven. then get a friend or counsellor to help you.and I am a consultant psychiatrist. investing time. It may cost you in the short term. If you cannot do it on your own. so trust me on this.and not just for you. Don’t let it be squeezed out by the “urgency” of all the other things you had to do. But it is absolutely the key to freedom .) < Let them have their way for a change! None of these will immediately put pennies into your pocket. But these are solid Quadrant 2 activities that will pay emotional and financial dividends for many years. do it. but for generations to come. Like everything in life. I know . < If you need to own up to something. And especially don’t make the common mistake of working long hours to buy them everything they want. < If you need to forgive (you probably do). Yes.” And it is usually the poorest parents who say that.

picture (visualise) for yourself some situations in which you would want to demonstrate your new. You will feel so much better when you do. No. this is all about developing a lifestyle of success. “The GOOD CHILD Guide”. your procrastinate. you may need some help with this. positive. and will pay you dividends over a -36- . I am not sure I go so far as to go along with the Feng Sui practitioners. put them on you Midas goals. one at a time. The health visitors I have taught believe it should be compulsory reading for every parent! Your Home Alright. Make a list of character traits that you are not happy about. The goal is to develop habits that will last a lifetime. and sort them out. So. But you do need to throw out all that junk! Sort out your wardrobe. are you still with me? That is quite a bit of homework I have given you. So here is a task: 1. Now. But once again. repair the guttering. As you have probably realised.g. you lie. And it might take you some time (after all. 4. Make a list. 3. character traits. Yourself Probably the hardest of all. For example. You get angry too easily. you give in and don’t say “no” enough. you will have to be happy with yourself. That is not the goal. and that affects your flow. No you don’t need to be obsessional. you don’t need a mansion. your are unreliable. but I would certainly agree with them that a well kept home will enhance your health. You will not complete all these exercises in a week. Put them one at a time on your Midas goals. and do all those other little jobs that you have been meaning to get around to. nor even a month or a year. there are principles that apply. instead of being angry. your happiness and your prosperity. It ‘s physical state affects your spirit. Then for each of these. Finally. Don’t know where to start? Then have a look at my book. do you? 2.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 4 to learn how to be a better parent. Your home is where you spend most of your hours. You don’t have to be perfect. you increase your children’s chances for happy and successful lives a hundred-fold. and so on. and work at them until you achieve success. put next to them what you want to be instead. For you to be successful. the reality is that life is a life long project). Time to take a look around you. Once again. But this is an ongoing project. and if you can learn and apply them. Stuart addresses this in terms of self-belief in The Midas Method. But you don’t want to end your days as some miserable old “git” that nobody likes. you might want to be more easy going. for each of these. e.

Don’t. worry and guilt happy and successful children peace and contentment money Step 4 As I have said.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson lifetime. make the time for them. Do them now. -37- . See you then. magically. The temptation will be to put them off until you have enough time. You will never have enough time. It is called getting into the Flow. these are all Quadrant 2 activities. you will find you have plenty of time. and somehow. In the next Step we start to put together your action plan. dividends including: < < < < < < greater health and longer life happier and more fulfilling relationships less stress.

Step 5 . the chances are you will not do what it takes to make the money you desire. down on the ground. -38- . eh? Now. the reason why. say 9 inches wide by 30ft long (25cm x 9m). That is what most of your friends and acquaintances are almost certainly doing. Until your reason why is strong enough. How about if it were raised a foot (30cm) off the ground? No problem. what if it were suspended 100 feet off the ground between to tall towers? With no safety net. That is why I spend so much time emphasising the dream and the goals. The easy thing to do in life is to drift. That reason is your dream. Why? Because it is your dream that provides the motivation to succeed. especially those with kids. would you be able to walk along it without falling off? Sure you would. would be rushing down that plank to rescue the little one. By now I hope that your dream is starting to dominate your thinking. It is also what you will continue to do unless you have a strong reason to do otherwise.Your Plan for Security O kay. So what was the difference? The only difference was the motivation. Would you walk across it then? No? What if I offered you $30 to do it? How about $150? What if your little nine-month old baby was crawling along the plank and was about to fall off? I am guessing that most of you. Let me give you an example: If I were to lay a plank of wood. this week we will really start to rock and roll! But first lets just review how far you have come.

unique. and then work backwards Your death What happens if you die? Will your loved ones be looked after? Will your possession go to the people you care about? To make sure. and then be hit by a bus as you cross the road tomorrow. You do not need to take excessive risks to become free. I am sure.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 5 You have to be constantly reminding yourself of the reason why. This is your action plan.Developed your own. You might do everything right.I’ve been there and done it countless times myself .and wasted years in the process! But back to business. So now it is simply a question of finding the right tools to plug those holes. But the car is a write-off. you will quit. From Step 4 you will have already identified the holes in your security. This is important. or there is another great depression like in the 30's (actually.Identified your starting point (where you are now) Now it is time to find a vehicle that is going to carry you to your destination. In fact. then run. when the going gets tough. you will do okay. It will be done in two stages. Once you boat is watertight. very shaken. which is to develop your action plan for prosperity. even as I am writing this I have just leant that my sister has flipped her car over. as it is only when you have this kind of confidence that you can safely embark on Step 6..to develop your plan for security. and the second stage is Step 6. The first stage is this week Step 5 of the plan. purpose in life Step 4 . you need: -39- . Believe me I know it . this is quite likely as we are well overdue for it . Fortunately she is unhurt. what can you do to protect yourself? That is the goal of this week . Walk. or. You already know that life holds no guarantees. So. pull out Step 4 and lets look at it again: We will start with the worst possible scenarios. So far you have: Step 1 .. or your loving partner might develop leukemia.Developed your Dream Step 2 .Written down your Goals Step 3 . In the face of all this uncertainty.see Rich Dad's Prophecy). If you don’t. then prosperity. You just never know what is around the corner. First security. then you can attach the outboard engine to it. You will survive. With this you can have the confidence that whatever life does through at you. although.

whichever comes sooner. No will is bad news write one now. Unless your affairs are very complicated.99: It really is easy. These days you want to avoid it like the plague! Just get term insurance to cover the unexpected. If you live longer than that. In the old days whole life insurance was very common and probably worked quite well.” Whole life assurance (which comes in many different guises and names) says this: “You pay us a monthly amount of Y until your retirement. Term insurance basically says this: “If you die at any time in the next 10. Without a will your possessions will be disposed of according to the prevailing law of the land . 2) Life insurance. If you are in the UK. If you make it to the predefined retirement age. If you have no dependents (e. the insurance kicks in and they pay you the guaranteed minimum. In addition. and look after your own investments for your retirement. For that peace of mind you will pay us a monthly/yearly premium of Y until either the term expires or you die. We will invest this money (usually in the stock market or in bonds). 25.g. Whole life is a combination of insurance plus savings/investment. so don’t put it off another day. if by then we have made enough profit on the investments. You also have no option for any kind of tax planning. If you die sooner than expected. When (not if) you die. 40 years (the predefined term) then we will pay out to your dependents or your estate the fixed sum of X. the do-it-yourself route works perfectly well and is a lot cheaper. So how do you do that? These days you can either do it yourself or get a lawyer to do it. it is only £9. try this one. then we will also pay you a performance bonus of Z. then we will pay you a cash settlement dependent on the value of the investments. Everyone else needs life insurance. we will then pay out to your estate the minimum sum of X.normally to your nearest kin. There are basically two types. You can either buy a printed one from a stationers. -40- . Often the process can take a long time. or you can use a computer program that guides you through the process and then prints out your will at the end. You will need to get a write-yourself-a will kit.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 5 1) A valid will. ” So term insurance is pure insurance that protects you in case of the unexpected. then hopefully you will gain on the investment part. you are still a single student) or you are already financially independent then you can miss this out.

once your insurance is in place.000 in taxes. horrendously high. This is not about getting the cheapest deal. Your independent financial adviser can help. Until then. Then multiply that figure by a factor of 10-20 to get the level of insurance cover you need. You need independent advice. see a specialist tax adviser. You want that company to still be there. and for how long? You need to work out how much your family are going to need to live on if they no longer have you to bring home the bacon. What if you are severely incapacitated and unable to make decisions for yourself. in 20 or 30 years time. 3) Inheritance planning. But what if you are just injured or sick and unable to work? How long could you survive without your regular income? The chances of you becoming incapacitated for several months. Obviously the longer the term. so get a good one.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 5 How much cover do you need. statistically. That does it for death planning.uk/main/index. ready to pay out. If you have any decent Net Worth you need to take some advice on how to minimise death duties. you need to review it every time your circumstance change . How long do you need it for? You will need to consider the age of your children.co.his £200 fee could save your tens of thousands. Don’t scrimp . How do you arrange it? See an independent financial adviser who is not tied to any one particular company.especially if you have more children! Once you are rich you can cancel the policy. and add in a factor for inflation.000 (which is not a lot if your mortgage is paid off!). whether your partner will go back to work. the more expensive the premiums as they have to cover not just the increased risk due to time. Standard Life is perhaps the most solid of them all. Check them out first. When choosing an insurance company .asp US: http://www.go for rock solid. if not permanently are. This is about getting the safest deal. not a hard sell for one company! Or go for one of the online quote brokers. This is particularly true for occupations that require manual work or mobility.quotelinedirect. eg. but also that due to your aging. for the UK: http://www. In Britain you have to pay 40% on everything over £250. -41- . you need it. and what your expenses will be down the road (for example will the mortgage be paid off). But with simple planning you could easily save yourself over £50.insure. You need to be thinking about setting up a power of attorney and perhaps a living will.com Then. If it is more complicated than that.

7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Check out this article (US perspective. c) If there are a lot of credit card debts. b) Write down how much you are paying each month in debt servicing. see if you can have the entire balance transferred to a new card at 0% interest (they often offer this as a 6-month enticement to get you to switch cards). g) Eventually you will be left with just the mortgage. And ALWAYS paying off at least as much as you wrote down in b). Seriously. if you are deep in debt. but applies more or less everywhere): moneycentral.com/content/Retirementandwills/Planyourestate/P34945. Ideally you want to have enough money set aside to live on for 3 months. in just 7 years. and then put everything else towards the credit cards. By doing this your credit card balance will rapidly reduce. CLOSE the old accounts. or you will end up in even worse debt. You don’t need it. If not. Start putting some regular savings aside into a high interest savings account. then go without whatever it is you were trying to buy. account. Hopefully you will have paid it all off before they start charging you interest again. you can probably pay off your entire debt. Here is how: a) Look at all the debts that you listed in your balance sheet (Step 4).then you can either negotiate a special price for paying cash. exactly as much as you wrote down in b). your monthly repayments will be less. This is vital. then your first priority is to pay off the debt. see if you can repeat step c).msn. no interest. f) Once the credit cards are paid off. If you have no cash. or you might even decide that you do not need it after all! You will never be free if you are a slave to instant gratification. then start on the next debt .always working from highest interest down. If you choose to. You will probably find that by doing so your mortgage will be gone in just a few years. if you -42- . without any increase in your income. It is crucial that you still pay off. save up for it . h) Of course this will only work if you STOP SPENDING money that you do not have! If you want something. d) Now tear up your new credit card. e) Because you have transferred your balance to a new. Pay cash instead. each month.asp To protect yourself you need: Step 5 1) Cash in the bank. Once you have done this. Pay the minimum on all your other debts. Renegotiate this so that each month you are paying back the sum in b). However. including mortgage.

in a high risk job. but less useful are various types of critical illness or accident insurances. but is actually relatively expensive considering how limited the coverage is. If you are off work with the wrong illness. This again seems cheap. The problem with these is that they pay out only for certain pre-defined illnesses or accidents. provided this is not more than a certain fraction (usually about 2/3) of your normal gross monthly earnings. again. here is your shopping list this week: 1) Write a will (and think about organ donation) 2) Review your life insurance -43- . Avoid pure accident coverage. Unless you pay extra premiums. Get the latter. The cost is more if you opt for a shorter waiting period (which is why you are better off with some cash in the bank). The other variety protects you in case of unemployment. You may also be offered mortgage protection insurance. lower paid job. period (anything from 2 weeks to 6 months) we will pay nothing. you get nothing. We will not cover you for any illnesses or disabilities that you already have. It seems cheap. if you are old. unfortunately. This comes in two varieties: One pays off your mortgage if you die.” This type of insurance is. waiting. we will then pay out the following: “For the first. There are very many different types available so. to summarise. Might be worth considering. Step 5 2) Income protection or disability insurance (goes by different names). We will pay this until you are back to work. Check it out. Cheaper.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson want everything NOW. very expensive . If you work for the government there is a high chance that they provide this type of coverage as part of your employment package. but is usually more expensive than plain ordinary term insurance. you will need someone who is independent to guide you through it. depending on how secure your job is! So. After that we will pay out X per month.simply because they have to pay out so often. rather than to your old profession. then we could insist that you go back to an easier. This says: “Pay us a regular monthly premium. The amount we pay out may or may not be linked to inflation. or until a certain age (normally retirement age). If you become ill or injured and are unable to work. or have various risk factors.

99 http://www.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 5 3) Review your disability/income protection insurance 4) Do some inheritance tax planning 5) Pay of your debts and put some regular savings aside as an income cushion.msn. 6) Put some regular savings aside as an income cushion.com/planning/home. We will continue Step 5 next week. 7) Consider a living will and power of attorney Here are some useful links to help you with this: http://www.uk/main/index.com/estate/ http://moneycentral. http://www.com/ukwills.asp Both of these offer good. -44- . free.co. although from a US perspective.7stepstofreedom..html This will redirect you to will-writing software that costs only £9.asp Great source for UK insurance quotes Don't put this step off! It might be tomorrow that you are hit by that bus.quotelinedirect.smartmoney. They have useful worksheets to help you calculate how much insurance you need.. advice on estate planning and insurance.

Live for Success! L ast week you started to put into place your plan for security. Clayton for a proper.found in fresh fruit and vegetables.it ruins your health. This really is very simple. we can be a bit more up-beat. your taste buds. I strongly recommend the book Health Defence by Dr. you will never achieve it. STOP SMOKING! You know it is crazy to carry on . Get it. R.what they do. due to oxidative damage. it is becoming clear that the effects of aging are. Furthermore. The goal is to remove all the things that are blocking your flow. none of these are present in the artificially products. You have probably tried a dozen times and failed. On there you will see some questions that you answered either “yes” or “no”. Naturally this will take some time. not created in a laboratory. this week we will prepare to avoid the worst. At the same time. This week. your good looks. but if you never start. very readable but very well researched account of nutritional supplements . But don’t go for any old supplements. the evidence continues to mount up about the dangers of over-processed foods and high fat diets. Why? Because in some cases the organic vitamins and minerals are much better absorbed and utilised than the inorganic ones. Naturally. fortunately. what you need.Step 5 cont.and it costs you money while it does this to you! Look.produced from pure organically grown herbs and vegetables. Furthermore. -45- . Last week we were preparing for the worst.you will find they taste just as good as the high fat junk you are used to! Also think about adding some quality supplements to your diet. your sex life . in the herbs that so far we know nothing about. help is at hand. Go back to “Step 4 continued”. 2) Get a low-fat cookbook and experiment with some of the recipes . Indeed. Modern food is desperately short of good nutrients. and why. Mostly we dealt with the unpleasant realities of death and incapacity. to a large extent. . Click here and take a look a GUARANTEED way to quit smoking. Make sure you get the best . So. so put it onto your Midas Method goals and get going: Here is some help: 1. I know it is difficult to stop. your fitness. over the last 100 years the sperm count of healthy males in the USA has dropped by 95% simply because of the poor diets we eat. This can probably be prevented to a large degree by making sure we consume sufficient anti-oxidants . there are probably a whole host of other vitamins etc. Right? So now set yourself the goals of turning those “no’s” into “yes’s”.

The restaurant that was “fully booked” now suddenly had a table free. fencing. smart clothes. How you dress does affect how people treat you. and optometrist/opthalmologist for your screening checks. will open up many doors you had never before considered possible! 8) Resolve you relationships with family and friends. If you need to forgive. and then go along to watch or ask questions. they took some volunteers. The difference was unbelievable. but when you start dressing smartly. netball. go and do it . 5) Go and see your dentist. There has been some very interesting research about the effects of first impressions. sailing. not them! Over the years. and the rest. and find a whole new dimension to life. many more. You will meet new friends. and there are so many to choose from! Ask at your local library for details of local clubs and courses. go and do it.it is much more fun to keep fit by doing a sport than by going to a gym. windsurfing. So why not use this to your advantage? Not only that. martial arts. and what opportunities are open to you. If you need to apologise to someone. it has become absolutely clear to me that the biggest difference between the rich. With this programme you really have no excuses. casual clothes and sent them out to a variety of high street stores and restaurants. It affects their self-worth and -46- . If you have not used it in 2 years . then take a look at Get Fit While You Sit. although 1 glass of red wine a day is good for you as it contains high levels of flavanoids that protect you against various cancers etc. Here are just a few ideas: mountain biking. canoeing (can be done on rivers. both as a psychiatrist and as a businessman. 7) Make a decision to start dressing for success. Then they dressed them in quality. tennis. football. 4) Cut down on caffeine. climbing. hill walking and rambling. and maybe added some jewellery. squash. marathon running.throw it or give it away! The same with all your junk in your bedroom and wardrobes. golf. They sent them out to the same places. If you really (and I mean really) cannot find the time to do this. badminton. and many. plus the greater respect from those around you. 6) Clean out the garage and basement. Nearly all off them treated them with much more respect and attention. ice hockey. is in they way they think. They first dressed them in rough. and alcohol. doctor. you will start to feel better and more confident yourself. None of the businesses recognised them. swimming.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 5 3) Take up a new sport .it is only hurting you. did their hair up. lakes and the sea). This. archery. 90% of people are trapped by their thoughts. In one.

even essential. If you have The Midas Secrets (surely you have by now????) you will have already received the first month's teaching materials and will probably have already joined the Inner Circle. To become wealthy. And while you are there. take a look at a few of the hundreds of testimonials the course has received. fear. take some parenting classes. there is the usual 100% money back guarantee.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 5 happiness. place to start. What rarely gets talked about. review your goals. bosses and colleagues. If you don't have The Midas Secrets (unbelievable! () then click here and get them both together. stick to your priorities. Poor Dad.. If you haven't. We are done with the “boring” stuff. In this we will look at some of the money-making vehicles available to you. It certainly opened my eyes! In fact. But that only touches the surface. and their bank balance. I was talking to a friend about this just yesterday. Remember. -47- . hire some extra tuition. and see you next week. The GOOD CHILD Guide is an excellent. their marriages and other romantic relationships. Do not miss the opportunity to do this course. Read some books. Okay. What are they and which are the best? Do your homework.. It's a MUST if you want a life!" Kaz Lemmon. and by reading books such as The Midas Method and Rich Dad. go and do so now. and what really traps people. On my website you will also find suggestions and help for other behavioural and learning difficulties. Tidworth 9) If you are having difficulties with your children’s behaviour or learning . One of his comments was how much more confident I myself had become since joining the Inner Circle. powerful and free. is that way that tools such as guilt. The only place I have ever seen this so explicitly exposed is in Stuart Goldsmith’s Inner Circle. so what have you got to lose? Or are you not serious about your future? "A brilliant course. you are going to have to invest something in your personal development. their interactions with friends. duty.do what it takes to get it right. You have already started to change your thinking by reading my newsletter. Next week we start Step 6. and so on are used by the powerful to herd the sheep in the directions they choose. Don’t let your false pride prevent you from having a happy and successful family.

Step 6 . By the time we have finished you will have in place three plans. Face the problem now. 1. if you have not already done so. and sort it out.step 7 coming up soon!). year after year. But that’s what experience is all about. So what would it be worth if you invested this amount. If that is your situation. That would be $3. 2. The aim is to get as high a rate of interest as we can. But don't bury your head in the sand. as it may get pretty scary! I am sorry if the last few weeks have been rather hard work. then you have a big problem. 10. life is uncertain. isn’t it? Last week you finished off working on your Plan for Security. Take a look at the table below to see why: Suppose you put aside 10% of your income each year. And make sure you teach your children to start theirs now too. That is the purpose of the Plan for Comfort. Too many things are out of our control. -48- .. Lets assume you are on a fairly average $30. Now. It's goal is to provide us with a comfortable standard of living. the house will just collapse . this week we work on no. I’ve been there and done it! If only I had known 10 and 20 years ago what I know now.. and requires no thought. But unless you lay the right foundations. I am also making backup plans. What does our Plan for Comfort consists of? Quite simple: month after month after month we put aside a regular amount of savings. what it does require is time.000 per year. just in case.. although the plan requires no thought or work. The idea of this is that it is automatic.Your Plan for Comfort W elcome back! This week we really set the wheels in motion.000 savings per year. But make sure you are sitting down. It is essential that you start this plan NOW. even if all our attempts to be prosperous or even rich fail. at 5. your Plan for Comfort. If you are already over 45 then time is something you are running out of. routine. So while I am building my business. The plan for security was no. 15 or 20% return? Turn over to find out. You see.. (as I hope will be too .I should know.

564 37.577 17.418 11.057 154.247 3.468 664.066 49.000 1.165 437981 15% 450 968 1.479 15.392 1.554 153.620 99.497 75.748 29.317 104.000 4.321 224.411 24.774.180 2.358 57.139 55.000 45.915 32.886 18.782 45.588 213.817 2.723 27.213 1.287 774.092 249.657 42.147 25.790 35.514 139.654 30000 1.525 56.011 267.048 84.088 763.256 1.000 45000 45000 5813 6103 6409 6729 -49- .197 39816 3.939 4.955 15.000 5.067 1.105 259.720 116.846 3.137 10.868 139.738 151.497 59.739 645.458 9.995 1.554 45.397 74.316 32.000 1.074 4.426 105.920 13.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 6 Year Capital profit value profit value profit value profit value Int.000 4.221 24.499 174224 3.475 24.923 15.751 50.000 5.432 22.494 1335718 20% 600 1.051 15.832 2.069 128.312.436 554.000 45.462 31.000 3.430 448.736 67.000 3237 3399 45.747 204.575 20.681 1.020 21000 1.034 3.575 19.752 91.021 45.000 5% 150 308 473 647 829 3.701 878.510 168.320 2.000 2388 39.533 12.448 43.227 21.687 13.548 129.734 39.432 27.272 45.184 3.431 4.980 17.450 7.899 12.338 45.559 6.957 13.315 2.415 7.600 7.000 3747 45.000 2940 45.200 38.172 134.308 37.000 45.876 93.686 89.000 5536 45.104 330.056 118.448 110.954 65.620 44.485 11.940 78.952 299.180 47.569 45.326 311.923 665908 3.229 271.000 1.238 74.146 577.116 537.451 115.594 61.568 80.925 92.980 6.518 43.325 26.104 19.290 23.738 44.261 30. rate: 3000 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 6000 9000 12000 15.195 29.775 217.623 28.554 9.153 70.227 23.581 141310 10% 300 630 993 1.958 7.169 379.616 3.621 86.754 247.796 61.972 71.357 8.177 7.563 2.351 16.322 86.623 107.315 20.000 3934 4131 45.613 321.338.748 46.741 164.000 4.750 9.344 929.490 174.849 115.644 100.152 188.812 52.649 502.147 329.532 10.869 185.363 462.000 2.334 126.687 82.865 62.539 3995447 18.406 21.926.555 131.655 287.371 74.647 30.062 361.056 1.329.605.465 5.150 6.005 100.911 70.843 223.613 114.098 35.887 33000 2131 36.968 398.426 25.161.080 34.392 9.695 436.906 36.742 142.090 95.930 13.930 185.256 122.458 18.136 385.221 51.221 4.781 5.300 6.192 373.

000 a year for 30 years. out of savings (probably also the Stock Market. as every percentage point makes a huge difference over time. At that point. Moral: you must go for the very highest rate you can get. Especially since inflation will have watered even that $30.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 6 The column labelled Capital is how much cash you have paid into the plan (in this example. even putting aside $3. i. they are going to start to take money out out of their pensions (i. Notice three things: 1) The dramatic effect of a higher interest . and they are living ever longer. yet a whopping 14. and you can see what your position is going to be when you are too old to work. 3) At 15% you can retire (i. and value is the value of your portfolio at the end of the year (consisting of the previous end-of-year balance plus the new profit). The problem is that there are ever more elderly people. live of your passive earnings of $30. it would take you 50 years to build up to a yearly profit of over $30.take a look at your financial situation (from Step 3). In other words. At the same time the younger generation will still be putting money into those things.000. I am sorry . $110.4 times better off if you are earning 20% compared to 5%.000+) after 18 years. but if all these retirees are taking money out of the investment markets in order to live. a 4-fold rise in interest rates leads to a 2-fold rise in value after 10 years. In fact. map onto that your current age. at 5% return. there are fewer and fewer young folk having to pay to support more and more of the old folk.e.it takes a long time for the profits to build up. and out of the government (state pensions. or property). 2) The effect of time . And if that has almost caused you a heart attack.e. health care).e. "that's okay. we are putting in $3. So how does that work? Not only that. my pension or the government will look after me". But don't forget safety as well. at under 15% interest you will never be able to retire.000 a year for the first 15 years). what do you think will happen to the invesment markets? Yes . with the bulk of them retiring between 2015 and 2020. instead of putting money into savings and into taxes.but better to face it now.after 10 years you are almost 2. Now before you say. So . profit is the profit earned that year.000).5-fold increase over 25 years ($1. As a result. the Stock Market).000 down considerably. especially at low interest rates. than when you have run out of both money and time at 70.6m v. consider this: The baby boomers (you are probably one of them) will start to reach retirement age (65) in 2011.they will -50- .

Someone once told me that "Optimism is believing the best will happen. You could get the same result by starting with a lump sum of just $23. But rising taxes means that those with wealth. in the above chart. But if the wind and the storms come (as they might). So. However. Why? Because time is working for you.000 and no further contributions. Your Plan for Security (step 5) is the bedrock for your confidence. The result is a business depression which. Confidence is knowing what you will do if it doesn’t". and are thus the most expensive to look after.g. The other main option is to invest in residential property (e. the government will have to put taxes up. less children to support them.000 spaced out over 15 years. Net effect: Stock market crash. we have put in a total contribution of $45. what do you think will happen to your pension???? Are you happy to rely on it? No. and your house comes tumbling down . It is supposed to enable us to survive. The Plan for Comfort is supposed to be a conservative. Despite the bear market we have had over the past 2 years.your secure foundation will ensure that you don't get washed away with it. I -51- .more old people. Steps 5 and 6 are about building confidence. in turn. Caused not by fear or panic (although both will be there in abundance). low risk strategy. nor am I. To work it needs the maximum amount of time.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 6 go down in value. on top of all this is the rising cost of medical care. given all this. For example. what will they do? You got it . At year 20. And when the young folk see the market going down rather than up. So where do you get a good consistent high rate of return? At present. And it also needs as much pump-priming money as you can put into it. you would have $330. but simply by the weight of demographics . houses to let). at 15% interest. Your Plan for Prosperity (Step 7) will be the building you erect on that foundation. That is why we all need a Plan for Comfort. there are still some factors that would support a futher boom period before the major crash that will result from the baby boom crisis in the years following 2010. And we need to start it now. plus that fact that the elderly consume the most medical care.they will take their money out for safety. Who will pay for this? To meet all these expenses. Then. the best bet is still the Stock Market. leads to less taxes actually paid. Your Plan for Comfort (this week) is the foundation you build on that rock. and those that run businesses. even if all else fails.000. will leave to go to countries with lower taxes.

e. Put that regular amount of savings away month after month after month. You could stop smoking for example (I told you I would keep nagging you!) You will -52- . And sit on them. Start today. 10-20% interest year after year. every month. So.the "bottomless pit" my mother calls it. Do NOT put it off. I mean. I want to chase the latest "Hot Stock" that is all set to double over the next six months. How will you manage without the money? You will.. our regular savings into the "system" .. what do we learn from this? 1) Get your comfortable plan in place. sit on them. on average. But. you can develop a system that could pay you. TODAY. But. or. anything with a bit of spice (and risk) to it.. All I have to do is to follow the rules and do what it says. The new entrants to the European Union (e. No. And there is no great excitement in putting aside. emerging. indeed. you need to develop your plan. you will be another year older before you get to enjoy the profits. you will find yourself very rapidly bankrupt. Some years are way better. using a mortgage to multiply your investment.g. You see. So take care. become very wealthy by investing in them. just keep plodding away. Set up a standing order so it happens automatically. Houses have gone up in value (like shares) for the past 40 years. Until we hit the next depression. Maybe more. a system. BUT. saying "I will start next year when I have a bit more money". Wait until the crash and then buy as many houses as you can. If they continue to go up you can. or buy options on oil. Or look to new.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 6 would caution you on this one. or speculate on gold or currencies. that is so hard!!!! I want to do it my way. I promise. the effect is the same. There is no excitement in paying the insurance companies their monthly dues. over the long haul. The trouble is. fine! But if not. Get the picture? BORING! Don’t you wish you had started this 20 years ago? Now. Sure. of course. property markets to find some real bargains. sit on them. and STICK TO IT. and stick to it. You will find a way. now sell them and buy these. as whatever goes in there never comes out again. like glue. But no. the system says buy these. if your business takes off and you make your millions quicker than this. others rather flat.. gosh. Hungary and Czech Republic) are prime examples. If you set it up right. No matter how boring a 10-20% return seems.. the plans for security and comfort are boring. But if property prices should go down (as they did by 80% in Japan during the 90's). at least you have a back up plan. If you put it off another year. in real life it is never are smooth and regular as that. Whichever you choose. and your profits. the reason you make so much money is because of leverage i. sit on them. sit on them. the system is just that.

I must emphasise that you must do this. 2) Do not. Once again. and you could get an average 15% return. Imagine if you HAD started when you were 15? Just 10% of your income. That is why it was called the Bottomless Pit. Do not put it off any longer. the lower the risk of being destitute when you are old. stays in. your Plan for Prosperity gets you there quicker. your boring. But if adversity comes you way . it will work even if you are doing the boring plan for comfort. Are you getting it yet? Put the money in.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 6 be amazed at how much money literally goes up in smoke! In fact. and I hope it does. The more you develop your financial intelligence. Now read it again.the hole in your bucket The biggest hindrance to growing your wealth is tax. take anything out of your comfortable plan . How to earn up to 20% on your investments Want to know how to do it? Okay. Then have a look here to see how close (or not) your guess was. but start the habit and it soon will be. Won’t be much at first. That is optimism speaking. Do not delude yourself into thinking you don't need it because your plan for prosperity is so sure-fire and risk free. monthly savings that will. That is the only way the compounding can work. 3) Teach your kids.at least until your yearly profits are double what you want to comfortably live on.unless. regular. run for cover before the heavens open and it all comes crashing down. Even with the very best system you cannot just keep blindly putting money into it without any regard for what is happening in the real world. see if you can guess how much a packet a day is worth over 10 years.000 a year. Keep your eyes open.and it can come from all sorts of unexpected directions. Using the table above. lets go. you could retire in year 18. Read that last paragraph again. 4) Keep your eye on the (financial) weather. build up to your retirement fund . however. The goal this week is to put together the nuts and bolts of your plan for comfort namely. If your plan for prosperity does work. not confidence. It really is like a hole in your -53- . When you see the storm clouds gathering. of course. Whatever goes in. Keep reading. Keep learning. over time. if you were still living on $30. under any circumstances whatever. you will be very glad that you took my advice! Tax . and don't take it out.

Tax-efficient saving schemes First. check out whatever government supported tax-efficient savings schemes there are. The big problem with the before-tax plans is that it is not easy to take your money out once you have put it in.no matter how are you work at filling up the bucket. You earn $100. you could inform me? Both types will have rules about how much money you can put in each year. I am going to give you some suggestions to think about. Of course. Most countries have them and they are normally of two types: Type 1 . Suppose the tax rate is 30%. People who run or control large businesses. You put that $70 into the scheme and claim back the $30. and the rich. and a major stock market crash looks imminent. I am not an accountant or tax advisor . then you may not have to pay any! This is the system used in Canada (RRSP's) and USA (401(k)). But suppose the storm clouds gather. This is the system used in Britain (ISA's) and the USA (Roth IRA). at this time I do not know which system other countries use. It is fine if you retire on a lower income (and therefore a lower tax bracket) than when you put the money in. so if you have any doubts about what you are doing. But. you then have to pay tax on it at the prevailing income tax rates. Once in.perhaps. but remember. Do your -54- . the money can grow tax free. So be careful.do not rely on my suggestions. these suggestions apply to middle class people who are either employed or self-employed. Type 2 . the drawback is that when you come to take your money out. . They are suggestions only. have many more tax advantages they can use. and can be withdrawn tax-free without penalty. One of the most risky situations to be in is to have no control over what you can do.before-tax savings: You put your normal after-tax money into the scheme. after-tax money into the scheme. The savings can then grow tax free. it just keeps leaking away. Then you reclaim the tax that you had paid on that money. you would likely be hit with a tax bill at the highest rate of tax.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 6 bucket . if you have decided to retire to a sunny Caribbean tax haven. so you pay $30 tax. So your $70 of savings has cost you only $40 out of your pocket.after-tax savings: You put your normal. anything you do is at your own risk. indeed. This means that you can put more into your savings. so we use what we can at this level. But right now we are developing your safety net. consult a suitably qualified professional. you are allowed to). If you took all the money out at that time (if. I am sorry. Furthermore. leaving you with $70 in your hand. So you have to be smart and tax efficient in how you set up your savings plan.

is to get you money into a place where it can grow tax free. Using Trusts If you have a lot of money.so it obviously works. or are resident in more than one country. 401(k) etc) 2) Then think about the other ideas. the holding company should still remain afloat. use them to their maximum. so make it safe! Having said that . over all. set up your monthly standing order and standing instructions. -55- .7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 6 research. you may find that it is better to leave your savings in the company than to withdraw them. that it is a lifeboat in case everything else goes wrong. But this is what the rich do . That is to be avoided at all costs. they are at risk should your business go under. RRSP. and forget about it (see below).you need to get started NOW. But be careful. Your goal. This is your security blanket. But get professional advice. so make sure that wherever you put your money. If you do have a company. as a subsidiary. or running a business. and from personal bankruptcy and disaster by using carefully constructed Trusts. If the savings are still owned by the same company as your business. This is very specialised so you must get advice. know their limitations and. If the business goes down. you may find that you can protect your assets from the tax man. Read Robert Kiyosaki's books for more information about how this can benefit you. the company that runs your business. Roth Ira. and be safe from any personal disasters you might face. I will tell you in a minute what you are looking for from them. Using Corporations If you are self-employed. and then seek professional advice. 'S' or 'C' corporation in the US) and to pay yourself dividends than to be a sole trader or on a salary.sign up for one. it will almost certainly be more tax efficient for you to form a legal company (limited company in UK. if appropriate. The way around this is to have a holding company that in turn owns. So this is what you need to do: 1) Open up your tax-efficient saving scheme (ISA. Then pass the profits up to the holding company for safe keeping. For the average person. after all. these schemes are a must . it is safe. from inheritance tax. The whole point of a plan for comfort is. from vindictive ex-spouses. and under your control.

the next question is how much do you have to invest right now? There are three bands to think about: 0 . The bad news is that most.000 $20. that is. the S&P 500. So. consistent results. but on average you will do averagely . to invest in individual stocks or shares. Instead. 401(k)).$50. or bonds (gilts in UK). and if they do poorly. which is very convenient.in other words you will follow what the market as a whole does (as indicated by the market indices such as the FTSE (pronounced footsie). Yes. you will invest in an Investment Trust or Mutual Fund. You will still get excellent returns over the long haul.000 You do not have enough. You will not get spectacular. These are companies that buy stocks and shares in huge quantities.current investment of less than $20.$20.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson You cannot afford to dilly dally. so will you. this is not bad. T-bills. Until the crash. These are the indices that you hear quoted on the news. you may have some phenomenal years. TSE 100. will almost certainly give you a better return than fixed interest savings like bank accounts. all fund managers have a follow-the-herd mentality.000 $50. over time. The good news is that this allows you to participate in the stock market. RRSP. certificates of deposit.000 . and then let you participate in what they have done. no. here are the steps to take: 1) Find a good fund in which to invest. Don't worry.000 + Follow plan A below Follow plan B below Follow plan C below Plan A . You set -56- . Allow you to automatically invest a regular. Dow Jones. It needs to meet the following criteria: Be suitable for your tax-efficient scheme (ISA. yet. etc. Many of then will run their own scheme. monthly sum by standing order. so will you. national savings certificate. That means that if they do well. How much do you have? Step 6 Okay. which.

Instead. move onto Plan B Plan B . Then investigate the alternatives . Actually. 3) Invest your initial lump sum in the scheme. 2) Do the same for your partner. This is how much the company charges you each year for running and administering your account for you. and they automatically invest it into the scheme. Set it up so that it goes right after your pay arrives in the bank. completely stop the monthly savings . track record. never. Don't forget to increase the amount whenever you get a pay rise! If you have a decrease in income. 6) Keep going until the total amount invested is worth over $20. try to resist the temptation to lower the amount.000. If all else fails. and make sure that they are either nil . Don't forget to see if you can use your children's allowances too. 4) Set up your regular standing order for a minimum of 10% of your gross (pre-tax) pay to go straight from your bank to the scheme. First of all.current investment of $20.however little you are earning.using a company or trust. So maximise the use of the ISA. 401(k) etc. Commissions or other front or rear-end charges ("load") must be minimal. Don't look for last year's stars . above average. The company should have a proven. A real pain. Some companies charge as much as 5% for you to invest in their fund! Check the charges very carefully.and some more challenges. When that happens.$50. you will just have to put it into an ordinary investment account and pay up the taxes when they are due. you probably have too much to put straight into a tax-efficient scheme. RRSP.000 At this level you have a bit more flexibility . 5. never. but the only alternative is to move to a lower tax country.000 . Management charges should be low (less than 1%). look for which company has been consistently at the top of the pile over 3.or that the charges go down to nil if you leave the money in for a few years. You want solid consistency.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 6 up the order. never. 5) Readjust your expenses so that you can live within your means. Above all. buying the shares or units at the prevailing price at the time. not hot-shot flash in the pan. and 10 years. still put 10% aside. there is a lot of sense in thinking about this: Many of them are not only tax -57- .they rarely perform well this year.

Next year you will be able to put this into the tax efficient scheme as you will have a new yearly allowance. Normally you can do this by phone. provided you can find the information you need. many. Just do it. Divide up the total amount that you have to invest. The only thing that stops you is your fear.sharepeople. So. or online. TD are examples. which is just what you want.. Belize. 3) Find a non-tax efficient discount broker and set up an account for the remainder of the money (or use a company. Just follow the instructions. So for not a lot of money you can live like kings.escapeartist. They will not give you any advice about what to buy or sell . You are also looking for low trading costs (commission on buying and selling shares).co. There are now many. At this level you move on from investing in Unit Trusts. You now have enough to begin investing in individual shares.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 6 free. 4) Set up your monthly standing order to go into the second account for the rest of this financial year. looking for minimal set up and maintenance charges. this is what you do: 1) Find a tax-efficient scheme that allows you to make your own choice about what shares to invest in. Yes.. In Canada this is called a self-directed RRSP. Mutual Funds and Investment Trusts.uk run a self-directed Maxi ISA. Why struggle to become a millionaire. All they will do is take your instructions and act on them. These are known as discount brokers. In England. Philippines. I know its boring. Read it. In fact. Follow 0'Shaughnessy's instructions exactly . and spread it evenly across the 10 shares that qualify. when you could move to one of these places and live like one right now? Anyway... Take a look at the British Virgin Islands. fax. Goa (India). have a look at www. trust.but you don't want that anyway. Isle of Man. Note: these strategies will work equally well on your own country's stock exchange. Scottrade. You will earn a higher return than Plan A. Then put into practice one of the smaller (10-share) strategies such as "Dogs of the Dow". Canadian RRSP's restrict the amount the you can invest in non-Canadian shares)..com for information on various expatriate havens around the world. Vanuatu. E*Trade. again. but also they have lovely climates. and so on. 2) Invest the maximum amount you can into the scheme. If you can't . 5) Get hold of How to Retire Rich by James 0'Shaughnessy. You are. back to the plot. and a very low cost of living.it is very little work. or whatever if you can). Don't try to second-guess the market.then just invest in US shares (provided your scheme's rules allow it. www. Charles Schwab. but it still -58- . companies that offer on-line or telephone trading at $29 or less per trade (some as low as $8).

Follow steps 1 . But be warned.000 Now you are really rocking.but do you have a better plan? So how come your not already rich and free? -59- .current investment of more than $50. very. mechanical plan for comfort. sounds kind of like I am contradicting myself here doesn't it? I tell you to put your money in shares. Preferably 15 or 20. But that would mean you have to get into the game of trying to predict the market. and then tell you the market will crash? Tricky. And even cash might not be safe. no-brain. however.e. Then move on to Plan C. then read James 0'Shaughnessy's book and do one of the big strategies (Reasonably Runaways. and you may start panicking that you are losing instead of making money. We are probably even going to go into a depression as serious as the 1930's. that Reasonable Runaways has significant volatility. That means that some years you may make a loss! Overall. I don't have a crystal ball . perhaps in 2004 or 2005). the crash might not happen for another 5 to 10 years as predicted by Robert Kiyosaki in Rich Dad's Prophecy. Maybe you will over the short term. But for your boring. passive. Leave the thinking and predicting and speculating to your active plan-for-prosperity (next week). Any less and you could be in for a nasty shock if luck is against you. In fact probably quite the opposite. Please note. soon (i. if I knew for sure the market would crash next year. probably the safest bet would be gold (if you want to read more about the likelihood of a depression. just follow the rules. or the combination of the two). long-term plan. At this stage you can go for a full-blown diversified portfolio of 25 different shares. Particularly over the next 2 or 3 years as I personally believe that we are likely to have another serious market crash very.they don't! Second. I. But you must view this as a long term strategy of at least 10 years.e. First. and then invest after the crash (always the best time). Hmm. But this is supposed to be a mechanical. just because the market has gone up for 40 years doesn't mean it will go up forever. On the other hand. read Financial Reckoning Day and Conquer the Crash). I would tell you to keep your money in cash until then. it may well be a rocky ride for the next few years. which defeats the object of having a mechanical plan. Plan C . however. put the money away each month and forget about it.4 of Plan B. In fact. So. and maybe it won't earn 20% or even 15% or 10% over the next 15-20 years .and don't let any fancy market analyst tell you that they have . you should make 18-19% return. Leaders with Lustre.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson won't be 20% Step 6 6) Continue with this strategy until your total portfolio is worth $50.000.

this is my suggestion (and it is a suggestion only. So play for the long term. After the crash they will work again.Your Plan for Prosperity! STOP! Before you go. Don't wait to know more before you start . It won't make you rich. so stop worrying about it and go and get a life! All three of these plans require minimal work. get to work developing your financial intelligence. this is all about getting your head straight. You can probably quite easily get a higher return than these (20%+) with greater safety and less volatility.thinking about it will only make you stressed. Then. and have a backup plan. That is what this is all about. So. See you next week for Step 7 . You can literally forget about them from year to year. You can even learn to make money when the market is going down. if you do devote yourself to developing your financial IQ.you have to start pedalling the bicycle before you can start to steer it. That might cost you big-time if. you will have learnt enough to be able to protect yourself from it. before too long will probably start to take a more active interest in your plan. as a result. The will work excellently up until we have a major stock market crash. You can literally forget about them from year to year. Okay there it is: now you need to go out and make it happen. by the time the crash comes. That is the goal. This is your Plan for Comfort. But none of this is applicable to your plan for comfort at this stage. Hopefully. The advantage of these systems is that they are completely mechanical and require no thought. In the meantime your lifeboat is in place and you are allowing time and compound interest to do some work for you. but it will require more work.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 6 As you can see. let me ask you one thing: Are you actually going to do it? Set -60- . I am not your financial advisor. Follow O'Shaughnessy's instructions exactly. Follow the instructions religiously. Remember this is your long term back-up plan. You are on your own and you have to figure it out yourself. They will take a few days to set up. In fact. once the plan is up and running on autopilot. Hopefully it will prevent you from being poor. so can accept no responsibility for how much you win or lose by doing this): Start the plan NOW. That is not the goal. There are NO guarantees in life. The disadvantage is that they are completely mechanical and require no thought. and then you just forget about them from one year to the next. Especially forget about it during the rest of the year . namely following the market each week according to some pre-defined rules. you are asleep and oblivious when the crash comes.

Beside you "can’t" spare the money right now. I mean. Want to read more about this principle? Get hold of The Wealthy Barber. If you are having any thoughts at all about playing the stock market in any way.there always seem to be much better/easier ways of making money than putting 10% into savings each month.10. 20 years. Two excellent books that have been widely read . In fact.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson up your comfortable plan.. or The Richest Man in Babylon. Alexander Elder (another psychiatrist. you must first read Trading for a Living and Come Into My Trading Room. And when then do. will you still be broke like you are now (And like 95% of everyone else)? Wishing you had started this 20 years ago? Or will you have a tidy sum in your investment account? Don’t put it off. by the way!). I bet you don’t. They are absolutely essential reading. Essential Stock Market Books The plans described above are completely mechanical. I think you would be stupid to try to invest in the stock market (other than by a mechanical plan as above) without first reading them. In fact. You need know nothing about the stock market to operate them successfully. These are the best books I have ever read on how to invest (and I have read plenty).yet rarely followed! Also get hold of Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad's Prophecy. 15. since you are then less likely to fiddle with them!. do it now. 15 and 20 years will pass. -61- . And it takes so long.. it is probably better if you don't. Step 6 Do you know why I say that? Because it is so boring . both by Dr. Who wants to wait that long to make some decent money? But you know what? 10.

or find another means of transport. 2) They keep you motivated. Without the passion inspired by the dream. -62- .Step 7 . Your Plan for Prosperity is about Optimism. Which will suit you will depend on your dreams. If you don’t then living your life is rather like getting on a bus without first checking on where it is going. remember?). you won’t get on the bus that goes somewhere else. Remember we talked about Optimism v. won’t get you there. of course. act as a spur to find your own vehicle for success. There are. But note again. If you do that. Perhaps none of these will suit you. By now you will have (I hope) some clear dreams and goals. However. here it is: your Plan for Prosperity. But Dreams and Goals. you will do what it takes to either find a different bus. and stops you getting side-tracked.Your Plan for Prosperity A t last we are getting the meat of it! This is what you signed up for in the beginning wasn't it? I hope you realised now how important it was to cover all the other stuff first? So. But you need a jet or a ship to take you to a different continent. the vehicle you choose depends a lot on the destination you have in mind. as many ways to reach your goals as there are people. You need a vehicle. If the bus you are on breaks down. This week we are going to look at some different vehicles that you can use to get to your goal. but hopefully they will. and on your mission in life (Step 4. This week we start to plan for the best. they do fall into a number of categories. and then work downwards. I will start with what I believe to be the very easiest ways to make money. some of which are a lot easier than others. you would probably just sit down beside the road and hope that someone comes to rescue you. at least. Confidence? Your plans for Security and Comfort are about confidence. in themselves. A bicycle will get you to the nearest convenience store. you shouldn’t complain if it takes you where you don’t want to go! Dreams and goals do two things: 1) They keep you on track. If you know where you want to go. Over the last few weeks we have been planning for the worst.

you can become very wealthy indeed. But there are many ways of doing the above. is that it is so cheap to get started. you will have to provide a service to people. Almost always their goal is to attract people to visit their website where they will.and then find a way to be at the top of the list. But if you get it right. In the end there is nothing special about the internet. People who are selling products or services need customers. however. It is just another medium. You don’t get rich working for other people . if you are to be the one that makes the money from the service you provide. the reality is that it is like anything else .you just make your boss rich instead! So what business can you run? Having looked a countless numbers of businesses. The beauty about it. the more money you will make. be induced to buy. radio and TV. or Overture. work hard. direct mail. To do this. you are going to have to run a business of some sort. Except in very rare situations. They can only get customers by getting the word out and telling them about their products. like newspapers. in order to make money. The greater the value of that service. Or they might buy their position through Google Ad-words.the majority of websites make no money. here are my suggestions. Both of these make it ideal for the keen and determined newbie. in order of preference: 1) The internet. How do they get traffic? Here are some of the many ways (in no particular order): 1) Get listed on the search engines . To do this they need to advertise. and the greater the number of people.com -63- . they might employ various search engine optimisation strategies. in turn. But what is the truth? Well. and persevere.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 7 Ultimately. Well I had to put this as number 1 didn't I? There is so much hype about the fortunes to be made on the internet. So how do you make money on the internet? Essentially you have to do one or both of the following: a) sell a product or service b) sell advertising There is no other way. and so quick to produce results. through which business can be conducted.

But that is only worth doing. and then pay them a commission for each sale. and some other excellent affiliate programs). way to start making money on the web. once they have successfully sold to a customer. and certainly the cheapest. You can get started with absolutely no capital. for example. you will earn 15% commission on everything they sell! A good affiliate program will provide excellent training on how to become successful after all it is in the company's best interests to make you as successful as possible. most will provide regular emails. These sales people are called affiliates or associates. every time someone buys something as a result. Then. you can earn commissions simply by branding this ebook and giving it away free! How hard can that be? And yet. service. or company. 4) Buy ads in email newsletters that go out to thousands of opt-in or paid subscribers. or as someone who provides services or products to assist in the above process. they will want to sell to that same customer again and again. if you want to make money from the web.either as a seller of a product yourself. 5) Recruit other people to sell on their behalf. if you don't want to waste a lot of time and really want to make the big time. Like mine. you would be wise to invest some money on further training and education. 3) Send out regular email newsletters to people who have expressed an interest in their product. They will normally do this by repeated e-mailings to their client base. Often this is done by giving away free samples or free information (ebooks) and is termed viral marketing. Now. -64- . Here are some ideas to get you started: 1) Join an affiliate program . Better still. there is a host of ways in which you can get involved in the above list . But again.50% commission.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 7 2) Buy banner ads on other people's web pages.such as my own (click here for more details about my own. Joining an affiliate program is probably the easiest. you will earn a 40%. 6) Encourage word-of-mouth advertising by giving people some inducement to spread the word. With my program. if they then become affiliates themselves. if the web pages get a lot of traffic themselves. 7) Sell the product by auction using Ebay or similar. free ebooks and other tips and tools to get you up and earning money as quickly as possible.

At this point you can then sell advertising space in your newsletter. or suggest products from which you will earn a commission as an affiliate. 2) Develop your own mailing list of opt-in subscribers. plus the fact that they walk you through every step of building a successful content-rich site. and how to avoid the common mistakes people make. it was these tapes that got me started on my journey to internet profits . All of these work.so I can highly recommend them from personal experience! Click here for more info. full of content. Yahoo. if you are going to make some money . PPC: Pay per Click . your advice and recommendations. ice skating. One with a lot more content is.so make your site interesting . A quick word about advertising: There are three payment models that are commonly used: CPM: this means Cost per Thousand Impressions. However. by providing some kind of free service. but clearly have pros and cons. Again. or better still. This is the method used by Goodgle Ad-sense.on football.this could be the number of visitors to your site. How do you build a content-rich site? My recommendation is to go to Site Build It. It can be about anything in the world. they will start to listen to. At first sight this appears expensive.com for an example of a very simple site that attracts people for the free service. this is for building a contentrich site. In fact. And you can get everything in-between . You get paid for the number of times the ad is shown . Commission: You get paid for each sale. The great thing about Google's ad sense is that the adverts automatically customise -65- . Note. etc.for example. movies. or the number of people in a mailing list. not a mini-site (more on those later). of course. knitting. and trust. the more money you can make by selling advertising on your website. that attracts many visitors.you get paid for everytime someone clicks through on the ad. Take a look at anonemailer. "Instant Internet Income Streams for Ordinary People" gives the information you need to do this right. games. This is the affiliate model. pets. Why not start a newsletter about your hobby or other passion? As you develop a loyal following.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 7 Frank Garon and Terry Dean's tape set "Instant Internet Income Streams for Ordinary People" explains step by step how to get started. etc. But the bottom line is that you need lots of people to show these ads to. But the more visitors you can get. the CD series "How to Harvest the Gold from your Mailing List" explains it in even more detail. it is money well spent. 3) Develop your own website. when you work out the cost of all the services they provide. skiing.

$10 a day. pornography is the biggest. tools that help automation. how much would that earn you? To do this quickly. Why? Because most people would be too embarrassed or ashamed to admit that they are involved in them in any way (and most of them are NOT involved .you sell component parts. But. I will be quick to point out that I have no personal experience of either of these. they might be worth your consideration. But the point is that there are countless tiny markets waiting to be filled. Examples include: accounting services.Business to Customer . a newsletter. The good news (of course!) is that I have put just such a bundle together for you. Click here to see how I can save you a bundle of time and money in getting your niche mini-sties up and running in no time.it might be a novel. But if you had a hundred. autoresponders. you would be far better off looking for small niche markets like teaching your parrot to sing. There are two other businesses that earn people huge amounts of money.g. a car. Obviously Money. as a newbie. or how to be a better transvestite. tools. Sex. services or information to other businesses to help them to succeed. graphic design. Do I hear a shocked intake of breath? Are you astounded that I even dare to mention them? Well. skips. Highly recommended! (See how they have been successful in promoting word-of-mouth advertising?) 4) Sell your own product or service.Business to Business . Have a read of this free ebook for more information about how to find and use niche markets. each focussed on one niche product. and online gambling is a close second. etc. or how to collect bird feathers. Even better. if your morals and ethics permit you. search engine optimisation. What are they? Well. Be aware. whatever. One way of using this strategy is to put up hundreds of different mini-sites. Each site might earn only $5 . to find a niche that has a desperate need that is currently poorly met. I know. pneumatic drills. But. e.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 7 themselves to the theme of your web site.you sell a retail product or service that the ordinary man in the street wants for personal reasons . and so there are huge industries trying to exploit these "niches". a boat. so cannot point you very far in the right direction. and Health are major needs that everyone has. yet are rarely talked about in internet marketing circles. hairspray. B2B . -66- . 5) Not for the faint hearted. you need some tools. I am quoting silly examples. The key to both of these is to find a niche. however.lest any of the internet gurus start accusing me of libel!). Essentially this falls into two types: B2C .

time is money). If you want good quality information then you will either have to pay for it. How long it takes you depends on your determination. but either it will be of poor quality. you will end up spending more and wasting much more time than if you had purchased quality stuff in the first place. Click here for information on starting an online casino. or sets you off in the wrong direction. I do have something that could get you started. you can quickly find a lot of information. especially on the web: Information can be: Free Quick Good but rarely all three. you can fit it around your normal daily schedule.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 7 that the tactics and methods used to promote these businesses are very. Oh. persistence and. so it is ideal for starting alongside your regular day job. There is a very true maxim about information. There is loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads of information on the web about how to start and run an internet business. do your homework before you dive in. or you will have to pay for it. It took Frank Garon eight months of hard work and a lot of hours before he was able to quit his full time job. Remember also that often the most expensive information is the stuff that comes free (apart from this ebook. probably most importantly. your willingness to pay money to learn from others rather than trying to re-invet the wheel yourself.$3000. once again. But that's all I am going to say about it! Starting your own internet business Developing an internet business is very flexible. very. So be very careful about what you go for. And do stay on the right side of the law. then you are probably well advised to buy a full package of advice and tools. or you will have to spend long hours hunting for it (and remember. So. different from mainstream marketing. than to try to do it on the cheap by -67- . of course!): If it is bad advice. That in itself is a problem as you just don’t know where to start. which might cost you $100 . okay then. If you are really serious. In other words. How long will it take you until it is paying you a full time wage? Do not expect to be rich overnight.

This means you can buy them below market value. and is able and willing to share it. the same applies for every other business . Ideally you want to find properties that are being sold in distress . So why not use them to make your millions? Probably more people have made there fortunes from property dealing than any other medium.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 7 picking up little ebooks here and there for free or $9.99 or whatever. Also go and visit Frank Garon and Lee Benson. So check things out. again. It is a real estate business that uses hamburgers as its tool. how do you get it right in real estate? Do the sums. if you make any money. or else rent out. where do you start? My recommendation is to go to someone who knows what he is talking about. then you would be better off just investing the money in the bank. you are going to be involved in real estate deals. for example. for example. but once you have it. Then you need to either renovate and sell at a profit. That means that any rise in its value is money that you are making out of thin air! It also means that if the property goes down in value. will cost you some pennies. If it pays less than this. is not a hamburger business. then you might have to pay out money if you want to sell it. the NET rent (after all maintenance and management costs) needs to pay more than the cost of a 100% mortgage (this is true even if you are not using a 100% mortgage). It is not difficult to buy properties for no money down. done it. that are in an area that is clearly on the way up. If you rent out. At an auction you can easily end up paying MORE than the property is worth. repossessions. But be careful. Obviously this eliminates most of the risk. 2) Investing in real estate. Carry out your due diligence. Get them. so don’t be afraid to buy their expertise. These guys are the very best.e. you don’t need anything else to get going and to become successful) So. Auctions are a good place to look. location. Check the location. has been there. -68- . Sooner or later. McDonald’s. (Actually.the Golden Mailbox. The resources I have recommended above are invaluable. So if you get it wrong it can be a slow and very painful death. The big advantage of Real Estate is the leverage you can achieve very easily through mortgages.g. location. So.

Learn about financing deals. This one has been going on for 10 years or more. In the space of two or three years you can easily build up a portfolio of a million pounds worth of properties . you have to do it accurately. one absolutely essential tool that you need for this is a Real Estate Profit Calculator. That is not true. landlord-tenant laws. taxation. At some point there will be a correction. The average length of a property bull market is 7 years. By working in the field you will rapidly get first hand knowledge of it and get paid at the same time. However. That means two things . taxes.. therefore. broker's commission. Ultimately. local planning permission rules. You have to do your research. not now. legal fees. Stay out of a deal until you are confident (i. What is more.. allowance for vacancy rates. if this takes your fancy. Just one point of warning. Remember luck = opportunity + preparation. But it is not enough if you are about to invest thousands of hard earned dollars. you have a plan for if it all goes wrong). You also need to supplement that with learning about how to invest for yourself (i. First do the preparation.e. as more sales means more commission. you are probably going to want to have a portfolio of income producing properties. A very common mistake that people make is to neglect to include all the incidental expenses involved in an investment . to retire.e. etc.it is a great time to be an agent. You should do these calculations with your -69- . Look at lots of properties before committing to buy . At the moment (2004) we are in a property boom. And then they wonder why their "perfect investment" is eating them alive! Clearly. Do not try to jump into this as an amateur.providing you with a very comfortable passive income.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 7 Then you repeat the process. this in itself will not be enough. Start with Robert Allen's book. Also look here for ideas on how to buy with no-moneydown. Also is is probably not a good time to get on board as an investor. That will be the time to buy. perhaps a major one. A quick sum on the back of an envelope is fine for deciding whether an investment is worth looking at more carefully. and then calculate your projected profits or losses. not just how to sell to other people!). The best way of all would be to get a job as a real estate agent. A good one will prompt you for all the important figures.the buying costs.you need to know how to recognise a good and bad deal The only way you can do this is to crunch the numbers. So. Don’t be reckless. how to survey a property for yourself. In Japan property prices have gone down by 80%. renovations. People say that property will always go up. here are my recommendations: Take the time to learn the business. Don’t be just optimistic. and even the selling costs. So do your research and studying now so that you are ready to go when the opportunities strike.

and confident at approaching people and selling your proposal to them. 3) Become a Joint Venture broker This has got to be one of the ultimate ways of making big money with no downside! Suppose. for example. most ordinary companies are absolutely dreadful at marketing.g. You will need to be an analytical and creative thinker. depending on the size of deals you area wanting to start off with. can you make a sensible decision as to whether a particular investment has an attractive risk-reward profile. your capital requirement for this is very low. All I ask is that if I earn for you a $1 that you would not otherwise have earned. Far better than just charging an upfront. how much you hope prices will go up each year) and also your most pessimistic figures (how bad could it get?). (But then that is true of every business. And you also know of an excellent flower shop. As you can see.and you would receive this percentage year after year. wouldn't it be lovely if the restaurant presented her with a large bouquet of flowers? So how about you approach the restaurant and flower shop and broker an arrangement between them so that the restaurant can offer this service to their clients? Naturally you would take a cut out of the deal . Obviously this is a very small example. if you can become an expert on marketing. I will even design specific campaigns.yet offers to you enormous leverage if you can get it right. that you will give back to me just 25c. so once you know your stuff. Only when you have done all of that. You can get your profit calculator from here.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 7 optimistic figures (e. Who does this suit? Obviously you have to be the sort of person who can go out there and make it happen. but it demonstrates the principle. making this kind of money should be easy. if you take your lady to a restaurant for a special occasion. Now.) Apart from your initial learning costs. realistically you are going to need a bit of capital to get started in this. However. you know of an excellent restaurant. this proposition carries no risk to the company . -70- . Then you might have to do some jobs completely free of charge. Don't try to do real estate investing without it. and only earn later. Although you can do no-money down deals. and you would have to protect your interests in setting it up.the only fee being that they give you referrals and endorsements to their own contacts so that you can build up a client base. you do a deal with a company that goes like this: "I will give you advice and suggestions on marketing tactics and strategy. Clearly you will have to do some studying first. I will do all of this entirely at my own expense at no upfront cost. And you will have to be prepared to work first. one-off fee. Similarly. You will have to be confident of what you know.

The principles are very easily learnt and. You can create these: ink and paper. Or you can buy them wholesale. It can be started on a shoestring. The principles and techniques of direct mail are also invaluable for both a conventional offline business. It is very time efficient and. until it provides enough for you to retire. alongside your day job. again. It does also require you to come up with some products to sell. information are ideal. you need not have any contact with anyone if you so choose. if you follow them then you can achieve your dreams. 4) Direct Mail and Mail Order My next recommendation is a home based business. tell you exactly what to do and how to do it. It is a very easy business to run. and I will point you in the right direction.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 7 How do you get started in this? Send me an email. Remember that most people are NOT on the internet. In fact. However. Who does it suit? Once again. again. It is not a people business.bringing your online business to the huge offline market. but if you can put more money into it. That means you can run it in your spare time. you are pretty much on your own with this one .but 90% of home businesses succeed! This business does have a bit higher start up costs than a pure internet business but. Why have I put this in the number 4 slot? Because it has unlimited upside (Ted Nicholas made over $200 million off just one product!) Requires minimal time. and bringing your offline local business to a much wider. -71- . allows you to multiply your efforts for maximum profits.by that I mean you have to work out for yourself. then you can grow it much faster (which is true for pretty well any business). often in a very short time. this one can work for pretty well anyone. it can very effectively enhance both of these .you can get started for under $1000 and build it up from there. Indeed. as it is all done from a distance. So how do you get started? The very best way is to work through The Golden Mailbox by Ted Nicholas and Stuart Goldsmsith. exactly how you are going to run it. unlike the first business. naturally. and has low risk. has been used by countless people to haul them out of servitude and into the ranks of the wealthy. and requires no technical ability. and do. (But then that applies to just about every other business I can think of!) Risk is low .e. Why? Because the statistics show that 90% of conventional businesses fail in the first 5 years . i. and for an internet business. Click here for more details. so there is a huge market offline for the same information that is selling online. more distant market. Both have made millions from the business so can.

the reality. like a subscription. or a consumable that is used daily . Works great for the sales agents (that's you) also . Now. as with everything else. Done. may live in any country around the globe. The internet has. changed all of that. But still you need to be good at communicating. Rather than opening up an expensive store. but well established type of home based business Network Marketing. and you can have hundreds of people out there selling stuff . And then they reward you for the sales made by the people you recruit . but also on recruiting more people to sell products as part of your team. You -72- .7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 7 5) Network Marketing My fifth choice is much maligned. of course. the concept is simple: The company produces a product (ideally one that has repeat customers. this meant that you had to compile lists of all the people you knew who might be interested in starting their own home business.and the people they recruit . right. and done diligently. But they also give these sales people the authority to recruit more sales people. The business model is very sound. and your team. you either love it or hate it! But if you are thinking of dragging all your friends around to your house to hear you present something on a whiteboard about how they can make money from selling soap. In pre-internet days.provided you can build a large team. down through many levels (hence MLM). MLM can bring you a very substantial passive income. think again! Network marketing (also known as muli-level marketing. goes not just on selling products. The emphasis. In case you are not familiar with it.they just pay on results.like soap or vitamins) that it wants to sell. MLM) has come a long way over the past 30 years. or selling by direct mail. Now your prospects. There is no question that done right. is that the majority of people who get into it never make a dime.and further on. to be honest. and good at motivating people. except that it goes several layers deep instead of just two. And you can grow your team much faster than every before. On the other hand. they decide to use sales people who are paid strictly on commission. This is identical to an affiliate program. therefore.and you get a small commission on every item they sell! Works great for the company .

frustration and disappointment. You don’t have to be a genius. after listening. Then all you need to add is your own enthusiasm and determination. And you will have to love talking to people. Some have been around for decades. Quitters never win and winners never quit. You will also have times of deep despair. Get hold of the CD set Network Marketing in the Internet Age by Frank Garon who. check these five out carefully. But these five. Be very careful which programs you join. Either way. Next week we will look at some other ways to make money. Make sure they have a strong and reliable history. a lot of money. This will absolutely get you off to the very best start. personally. In the meantime. you may decide that MLM is not for you. Hang in there and just keep working the system.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson will still need to use the phone. when you wonder if it is ever going to work. For all of them you will need commitment. None of them are a free ticket on the gravy train. Step 7 Of course there are hundreds of companies that now use MLM as their chief means of marketing. My guess is that one or other of these is just what you need. right?). nor do any of them guarantee success (which is why you are still working on your plan for comfort. Different things suit different people. determination and perseverance. and a lot of grief. Click here for more info. are the easiest and most reliable for the ordinary person to get into. so you should know about them and consider them. Are there other ways of making big money? Of course there are. do not waste time and money fumbling around trying to find a decent program. you will experience times of excitement and exhilaration as you see your dreams getting closer. Others sprang up last month. that they provide a lot of training and support to help you become successful. Or. I believe. When you embark on them. a great product (that you would use yourself) and. Want to know how to get started? Whatever you do. Be wise and get the knowledge first. You just have to want your dreams badly enough. makes half his income from his MLM team. perhaps most importantly. -73- . you will have saved yourself a lot of time.

These are either much harder and more risky than my top five. The next time he both sees the opportunity AND has the financial intelligence to keep the fortune and even to make it grow.More Paths to Wealth A re you starting to get excited about the possibilities? There is more than enough money in this world for you. This week we examine some more ways of making money. Success is 75% in the brain. me. then you might be able to branch out as a freelance consultant. Consulting.? If so. or senior manager. If you do that. and all your friends to become fabulously wealthy. you are still limited by the amount of work you. once you stop working. what about offering yourself on a profit-sharing basis? Your work must be valuable to your client. But the key to making big money in this is in the way that you do it.Step 7 cont. etc. Keep listening to tapes. Are you an expert at what you do? Have you been working at a high level in a traditional big business . provided you are willing to learn from them. So that value -74- . The difference between the rich and the rest is not their special skills. Once again. the more opportunities you will see. Now. otherwise they would not think of hiring you. But still. The only thing that stops you is your fears and your ignorance . or else they require much higher levels of start-up capital or specialist expertise. . or marketing director. you may have thought of this before. After that he then starts a completely different business and becomes a multi-millionaire.and both can be cured! Keep reading. Here is a common scenario: A young entrepreneur develops a new business and becomes a millionaire. Why does all that happen? He makes his first fortune because he is able to see the opportunities. Also. if they suit you better.it is the way they think. nor luck . the goal is to leverage your time and expertise so that they work for you. He loses the fortune because he lacks the financial intelligence to safely manage his success. Mistakes are not bad. and the more you raise your financial IQ. He learns from his mistakes. no matter how much you charge. What you do not want to do is to offer your expertise as a flat fee or a fee per hour. your income also stops. personally. can fit into a week.perhaps as a senior technical advisor. nor their better intelligence. then go for them! 1). The business then fails and he goes bankrupt. and only 25% in the vehicle or tool you use to achieve it. Instead. The more you develop as a person.

remember.each month.then you receive a percentage . Start to develop your investing knowledge. To do this you will need some training in marketing yourself. year. risk has to do with ignorance. I consider the number 1 most essential books to be those by Dr. that ordinary people can use. There are systems that work. It is very easy to get burnt. However. Whatever you do. But unless you are very clever. Now. as you develop your wealth through other means. as you become wealthy. don’t listen to your stock broker . you need to have a very disciplined system.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 7 must translate in some way into either increased income for them. In other words you work just like the lawyers do with their contingency fees . Remember. Once again. or of the amount your expertise is saving them. it is unlikely to be the means by which you achieve rapid wealth. But the sophisticated investor is making money. So how do you make money on it? Two things: knowledge. You will also find invaluable help from the tapes by Nightingale-Conant. Return of investment comes before return on investment! As I have said before. Whatever you do. and a system. you will be developing an investment portfolio. or for as long as you can negotiate! To achieve this you will have to position yourself in the market correctly. 2) Investing. the key to building wealth is first to not lose it! As Robert Kiyosaki says. and in negotiating. The best place to start? Go down to the library and start reading everything you can find about investing and the stock market. then they pay nothing. or else decreased expenses for them. It is expensive. Then start trading with a "virtual portfolio" before you put any real money into it. but I can’t recommend highly enough the seminars and tapes produced by Jay Abraham. don't stop doing that! If you choose to take up investing as your Plan for Prosperity. Either way. But you have to stick to them over the long term.as long as you also continue the boring Plan for Comfort. down. The average man in the street . he lost money too! Ultimately. Over the past 3 years the stock market has been going up and down like a jack-in-the-box.if your consulting brings them no benefit. we have already talked about using the Stock Market for your Plan for Comfort.and indeed the average "expert" is losing money. -75- . The most recent boom (most of 2003) seems to have come to an end and now the market does not know what it is doing. But if you can improve their bollom line . That is so important. you could negotiate with them for you to receive an ongoing percentage of either their increased profits or turnover. To be consistently profitable. that is fine . or sideways. How? By using different tools such as options and spread betting that allow you to make money whether the market is going up. it can certainly be the means to maintain and even multiply your wealth.

On the positive side. and limited upside potential (although you can still get pretty rich from some of them). Yes. This means that there is quite a high barrier to starting up. however. But rather than risking your own money on it. my assessment is: high cost to get into. McDonald’s is the example everyone knows about. using the exact same formula. Headaches with staff and government regulations. there is a cap on how much you can earn. most businesses are not making their owners rich . Then you roll out that business in multiple locations.because they are the ones doing the multiplying.even to McDonald's) 5) Traditional Businesses.someone has already taken the risk and done the work. Almost certainly long hours. High capital to get started. you rent the system to other businessmen. you have to pay the franchiser a start up fee in order to learn the system and get on-board. Finally. Obviously if you can be the originator of a successful franchise chain.but then the whole idea is that you are trusting them to do it right. and still potential for losing everything (it happens . Arrrgh! Don’t even go there! 80% chance of failure and losing all your capital. It probably costs about a million to start up a new McDonald’s franchise! And even to run a wheelie bin (type of garbage can) cleaning service in England costs £7000 to get into! And how much money can you make doing that??? Also you have no control over how the marketing is being done . you are pretty much guaranteed to make a profit from the business. And you won’t make any money for the first 3. Then you usually have to pay ongoing fees to contribute towards the consolidated advertising budget.not to tie yourself down to having to go out there everyday to spray lawns or clean garbage cans! So. First you develop a business that works. two problems: First.1 (from last week) you could already be retired by that time! Even then. as all the details have already been worked out for you. If you can't afford the time to study.they are merely -76- .7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 7 Alexander Elder. then you need to stay well clear of the stock market! 4) Franchises. because it is a low risk way of getting into business . and lawn maintenance) that you don’t just end up buying yourself a job! The goal is to become free . There are. Get those first. which is all handled centrally. then you are laughing all the way to the bank. But is it a good plan for the franchise buyer? Yes and No. and all you have to do is copy it.5 years! With business no. Be careful with the small ones (like wheelie bin cleaning. But there are much smaller franchises also. or the money for the books. A brilliant concept. as they have done so in the past. The system now works. You cannot multiply your business .

I will refund you your entire purchase price without any quibbles or hassle. Yes you need good products. Go get them now. Do you think he is getting rich running that??? Think of all the overheads he is paying. or the internet. For that reason I would suggest you take some money out of your next advertising budget. they will work whatever country you are in. What then? Well. by the end of that time (or at anytime before then). Use what you have learned from them for a full year. traditional business. these materials (together as a bundle) have to earn you at least 10 times their purchase price. Then start to learn about advertising. How do you build it up? Ah! Now there is the rub! Well. Take a look at the owner of your local high street store (non-franchise). I am so convinced of this that I want you to order both these materials right now (click here to get them together as a bundle for a special price . or poor cash-flow management. of course.). and turn your traditional business into your retirement cash cow. you are not fully convinced that will have paid for themselves 10-times over.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 7 getting by. That's right. and buy both of these resources instead: a) The Golden Mailbox and. You are going to have to do something a bit different if you are going to stand out from the crowd. In fact. -77- . And I don't mean go and spend a bundle on some radio ads or newspaper displays that earn you nothing. The fact is that whether or not you end up using "pure" mail-order. you are not running a mail-order business and you don't know anything about marketing on the internet. Yes you need good customer service. If. The first place to start is with the financial management. I know. But you can have all of those and still go broke? Why? Almost always because of either poor marketing. what you will learn about marketing from these materials and their bonuses will be invaluable for your offline.and yes. how is this for a plan: Build it up as quickly as you can to a highly profitable level. b) How to Promote Your Offline Business Online I know. and then sell it. guess what? Almost certainly the key is going to be the marketing. The good news is that both of those can be fixed! Provided you are prepared to do your homework. maybe you are already in a traditional business. or I will refund the entire cost. Well. not yet anyway. Okay. Go see your accountant and plug all the holes through which your money is leaking out.

you might be interested in learning just what strategies and tactics people like Mark Joyner use to get their books to the number 1 bestseller slot . -78- . or that will reward you in proportion to your success. Take John Grisham as an example. Keep working the system until it works for you. do your art as a hobbie until it starts to pay off! Finally. If you have a genius talent at something. and you can continue to receive these cheques for many years to come. So what was the difference? Why did it only sell 5000 the first time and yet so many the second? If it was that good. Choose one (or maybe more). In this case it is about selling things that produce a long term residual income. His second could just as easily have flopped again. Above all. Invest in your financial education. The classic example of this is life insurance. Would he then have written a third? Would that one have been discovered? If you follow this path. And again. and get out there and strut your stuff.writing. But once again you have to do it right. Right. why did it make it the second time? It takes persistence to write a second one when your first one made no money. Study and learn. His first novel sold 5000 copies. And learn about doing Joint Venture and percentage deals . There are as many ways to make money as there are people. if you have already written what should be a best-seller. they re-issued the first novel. then by all means exploit it. Read all you can. but most will fall into the above categories. is about leveraging your time. i. And then. His second became a bestseller. But remember the odds are stacked against you there are countless thousands of highly talented people who never get discovered. The key. not your time. You get a good sized commission cheque up front.e.don't work for a one-off commission work for a piece of the action that will continue to pay you year after year.even if only for a day! Click here for the low down! 7) Sales. Much has to do with who you know. year after year you get a smaller cheque each time the client renews. then you can use your talent to set you free. Find a brilliant agent and marketing manager.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 7 6) Creative Arts . and with luck ( dare I say that word?) and timing. You sell one policy. developing your mind and your skills will be crucial. Learn all you can about marketing. This time it sold hundreds of thousands. music. please make sure that you also are developing your plan for comfort and maybe even another business (such as business # 1). be focussed. sports. why did it not make it the first time? Or if it was that mediocre. once again. But only try it if you are a genius at selling. Some people are born salesmen. Work hard in the early years to develop a large client base. If that is you. And stick to it. acting. that’s about it. You can't do them all. Later on.

40 hours a week for 40 years to make someone else rich. and at the same time you are increasing your knowledge about the market as well as meeting the right contacts. The choice.probably for only a few years .you can either keep working the 40-40 plan .then why not get a job as a real estate agent? That way you earn money today. Or you can work your own plan . For example. if you want to build up a real estate portfolio .7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 7 To start with you will probably have to continue with your day job until your plan for prosperity starts to pay more. But even here you can be smart. as they say.and then be FREE. Remember . is yours. -79- .

teaching you how to be a good employee. At school you had 12 years of indoctrination. about possibility thinking. Remember. employee.Step 8 . Inner Circle. We have gone full circle.in whatever field of endeavour they are in. and you probably did not buy any of them . Poor. the artists. the athletes. So the end really is the beginning. I’ve heard all this before. and Rich. This is attested to by everyone who is a self-made success . guess what? You need to WRITE DOWN YOUR PLAN. not the finish. yeah. They certainly transformed my thinking! Now that we have been through a bit together . Of course you and I know that it is just the start. Dad. Dad. why you are poor and they are rich! But you have stuck with me this far . So now. the explorers. In every case. At the beginning I was talking about dreams and goals. Yet you."how is this going to make me rich?".and if you have genuinely done the exercises you will have done some hard work . Ask the businessmen. That you have made it to here does. in your daily-grind job. mindset! Everyone who is wealthy says "Read the books. indeed. the edge that separates the best from the rest is their mindset. show that you have got what it takes to make it big. the inventors.. After all that brainwashing it is going to take a bit of time to get your head straight. After that you maybe had further education or vocational training." In fact. of course. also teaching you how to be a good employee. your Plan for Comfort -80- .The end is the beginning S o. knew better than them! Which is. we have reached "the end".. many of them spend literally tens of thousands of dollars doing so.I hope that it is all making more sense to you. But what has this to do with me becoming free?" I also recommended some reading. about daring to believe. change the way you think. the key to wealth is not what you do. it is how you think. We have covered an awful lot of stuff over the past few months. You see. I recommended them because I think they are the best. like The Midas Method. At the time you probably thought "Oh.evidence that you are not content to stay as an ordinary Joe. So where do you go from here? Well. the very fact that you were suspicious of the teaching on changing your mindset was a symptom of your old. you need to write down what your three plans are: your Plan for Security. listen to the tapes. to keep you on track.

to buy one property every 4 months activities . Things that you need to do in order to set the plan up . There will be two parts to each of the three plans .first will be your to-do list. or opening an investment account.open up account. on a piece of paper that you can keep going back to. Strand 3 . weekly and monthly activities that you plan to keep doing so that in 2 to 15 years you are able to retire.like making an appointment with your independent financial advisor.Investment goal . attend one business training seminar. listen to 4 tapes.g. along with this book. research shares using his system. Put it in the back of your ring binder.regularly read Property Auction News. go and look at 3 properties per week.long term build up of capital activity . Strand 2 .Real Estate goal . Step 8 I mean actually write down. Then the second part will be the more general strategy. You might categorise this into categories or strands: e.invest $100 pm into investment account using O'Shaughnessy’s strategy to-do .Education read 2 books a month.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson and your Plan for Prosperity. subscribe to auction house mailing lists. the daily. -81- . Strand 1 .Business Develop mail order business using strategy described in The Golden Mailbox Strand 4 . or writing your will.

You need a combination . Buy them.. tips. if you know of any good resources or links. -82- . If you have not enjoyed the course. educational material about the specific business you are in. you will still learn something from each and every one. Please would you click on your "reply" button. if you are running an internet business. not every one will be the best book you have ever read. At then end of this email you will find a short questionnaire. and also more technical. and send it back to me. or that provides me with the learning opportunity I need (e. then I hope you will be good enough to give me your constructive suggestions on how I can improve it for others. please tell me. If you have some favourite books that you recommend. fill in the gaps. Why do I want the info? So that I can fine tune this 7 part course and make it even better for future subscribers. They are hardly uplifting! Instead. No. then I can pass them on to others.become the best.g. If so. Similarly.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Strand 5 . Whatever business you have chosen . then doing the questionnaire will be a way of saying thanks. encouragement and also some recommendations for further learning and training.. I will certainly try to pick the best ones that I know of. One of the most crucial things you need to do is to build in a regular habit of feeding your brain with healthy food not junk! Garbage in ! Garbage out! You need a regular diet of positive possibility thinking. Also. get yourself into a programme of regularly listening to those tapes and reading the books. Why will you fill it in? Well. But even if they are not. Notice Strand 4.some general motivational stuff to help you to keep going even when it gets tough. real estate agent) Step 8 And so on. I am hoping that you have found this FREE course to be of value to you.Job look for a job that frees up more time. So turn off the TV and radio and stop reading the comics (that's what I call the newspapers). I would also really like some feedback. In this way we can help each other. Through my newsletter I will continue to provide you with motivation. then please let me know so that I can pass that recommendation on to others. you will have an excellent opportunity for promoting that business further (see below).

please also include a URL to your website (a great way to promote it) and maybe even a thumbnail photo that I can attach to your testimonial. remember what Sir Winston Churchill said: "Never give up. Don't forget to turn over to the next page for the instructions on how to brand this ebook and use it as your own. These may range more widely over other issues such as home life.Joint venturing is always the way forward! So. Never. right now. I am asking you to do one simple thing for me. Depending what it is we may be able to work out some kind of deal! . Never. What has been most useful to you? How has it made a difference to your life? Is there anything else you would like to have covered? If you are sending me compliments.. Also. Remember. I will be in touch from time to time with recommendations on reading materials." Okay.in all areas of your life! If you have any topics or questions you want covered. my goal is to help you to achieve success . then please get in touch. Your friend. and special offers on my own and other people’s products. the Inner Circle testimonials).. S. But I hope it is not the end of our association. -83- . Now. Just send me an email at noel@7stepstofreedom. then please tell me . including internet marketing. in return. Never give up. I have given you a lot of valuable free information. parenting etc. As I said. Would you please take a moment.com and tell me what you think.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson Step 8 This is the end of the 7 Steps to Freedom. Never. for example. as well as financial. personal. to give me some feedback. if I publish it on my website (see. links to useful sites. if you have any products that you would like to offer to others through the newsletter. Thank you for your feedback! Keep working your plan.perhaps we can start a bit of a dialogue through the newsletter. cash generator. Noel Swanson P.

Open the 7steps. click the "Brand!" button. and sign up to my affiliate program. Either way.php?adminid=483&id=XXXX where XXXX is. Click here. you will earn a commission. 3.) You will know if you have. and drag-and-drop the PDF book into it. It is absolutely free. and when you do you will receive a free mini-course teaching you exactly how to make money as an affiliate. I will even introduce you to some other well respected and high-paying affiliate programs. 4.exe. Once you're finished entering your details. Click here to download your brandable version of this ebook (if you have not already done so. Run this program. if at any time in the next year they buy anything from any of my many websites. since it will be called "7stepsbrandable. It's that easy.How to Make Money from this Ebook 1. You can either brand this book. Write it down! At this point you have two options. you will emailed your unique 4-digit affiliate code. you will earn money when they pass the book around to their friends! How bad can that be??? To tell your friends about this book Simply use this link: http://7stepstofreedom. asking you to automatically save the PDF under -84- . of course.zip file.comEnter your email address as you want it to appear on the front cover 5. and pass it out to your friends by email or on disk. What's even better is that when they then sign up as affiliates.com Enter your full website address WITHOUT the http:// eidetika@yahoo. When you sign up.pdf". and you will find the branding tool. replaced by your 4-digit affiliate code. PDFbrand. To brand your own copy of this ebook 2. The brander will then come up with a dialog box. Or you can simply tell your friends about the book and point them to my website.com/x. The Brander will then come up with some codes and ask you for input as follows: 5134 Enter your 7 Steps to Freedom 4-digit affiliate code Illya Mahatma Enter your name as you want it to appear on the front cover www.7stepstofreedom.

Click 'OK' to automatically save the PDF.com Step 8 6. If you have any questions.7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson the name '7steps_branded. don't hesitate to email me at noel@noelswanson. 'Cancel' if you want to save it under a different name or in a different location.any spamming and you will be fed to the wolves! -85- . But remember .the more you give it away.pdf' in the same location as the original file. the more money you could make. Start giving away the book to your hearts content .

I would also cite your name and general location (e. you will also receive frequent free gifts and some very special offers. successes. and the odd bit of rambling or ranting.Have you enjoyed this book? Did you find it useful? Would you recommend it to a friend? I would love to hear your experiences.. ABCEDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcedefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890! "£$%^&*()-_. stories and suggestions.g. Please would you take a moment just to send me a short note with your feedback? Your comments may also be of great interest to others who are wondering if this book could help them solve their problems. Noel Swanson noel@noelswanson.. town). Naturally you can unsubscribe at any time.In addition to valuable tips. and/or if you have a thumbnail photo of yourself that I can use. it all helps in promoting your own website! I look forward to hearing from you.S. Normally.7stepstofreedom. In the meantime. great wisdom (!?). I shall assume that you are happy for your comments to be printed or quoted on my website. Did you sign up for my FREE newsletter? If you were given this ebook by a friend you are probably missing half of the benefit! Take yourself over to www. For whom is it intended? Anyone who wants to see life improved for themselves and isn't afraid of putting a bit of effort into making it happen. I wish you every success. So.html and sign up . please do attach that as well . If you would also like me to quote your website URL./?:'@~~\=+ -86- .com +44 (0) 1329 513296 (UK time zone) P. Yours warmly.com/index.remember. unless you specify otherwise.

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