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For Java 1.6.x.x it is similar to Java 1.5.x.x but there is no need to remove
CACHE. Browser Proxy Selection
Accessing Coordinators within your internal network
Usually when the computer and Coordinators are on an internal network, you will not
use Proxy server access.
You should un-check the "Use Browser Settings" option on the "Proxy" tab.
Accessing Coordinators units using the internet
Often the web browser will use Proxy server access to the internet. In such cases,
the default Java runtime settings on the "Proxy" tab should suffice. The default
setting is the "Use Browser Settings" option.
If the default proxy setting doesn't work, then you may have a situation where the
proxy settings of the web browser are incorrect.


If the web page of the zSeries system appears, then the HTTP Proxy is working fine.
If the data isn't updated on the zSeries system upon selecting the "Readings" web page,
there may be a problem with access through a winsock proxy server. In such cases your
network administrator will need to provide the winsock proxy server and port #s. (The
TCP ports the Coordinator uses for Java applets are 1000 and 1001).
These values should be entered into the Socks line on the "Proxy" tab (of the Java
Plugin control panel) or into the "connections" tab on the View,Internet Options dialog
and make sure that the Proxy tab shows that the "Use Browser Settings" option is not
selected (i.e. when you specify proxy connections in the Java Plugin control panel).

Accessing Coordinators units over Peer-to-Peer network

A simple peer-to-peer network is setup by disconnecting from the main network (as users
will often do when trying to do initial setup of the zSeries system) and then connecting
the Coordinator to another computer using an ethernet hub, an ethernet switch, or a
Cross-over cable connection.
Often when using a peer-to-peer network, the Java plugin and the web browser (such as
Internet Explorer) have internet connections configured to connect through proxy
servers. In such case, you will need to simply assign the final IP address on this peer to
peer network and then view the Wireless System’s charts after connecting the
Coordinator into the regular network. Otherwise you can disable the Java plug-in's "Use
Browser Settings" temporarily and then reconfigure the Java plug-in settings for regular
network access after testing the Wireless System’s chart access on your peer-to-peer
The "Use Browser Settings" should not be selected. And the HTTP and Socks proxy
entries should be blank. Also, setup the internet browser so that proxy servers are disabled.

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