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Great Marketing Stories

Great Marketing Stories

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the greatest marketing stories on the business world and sucess and failure , ups and downs in the business cycles
the greatest marketing stories on the business world and sucess and failure , ups and downs in the business cycles

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Published by: krkreddy99 on Sep 10, 2010
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Brand : WoodLand
Company: Aero Club
Agency : Karishma Advertising

Indian shoe market is one of the most dynamic markets in the world. India's
production capacity ( not only kids but shoes also) is second only to China.
Although there are different valuations about the Indian Shoe Market. It is
estimated to be worth around Rs 11000 crores. Some media reports say that it is
worth Rs. 93 billion . Any way it is huge.

The market is traditionally price driven and dominated by the unorganised
sector. The organised shoe market is dominated by Bata with a market share of

Woodland is an Indian Brand ( and am proud of it ) . Launched in 1992-93, this
brand has carved a niche for itself. Like what Allen Solly did with the readymade

menswear, Woodland has done it with Indian Footwear. In a market dominated
by sports and leather shoes ( read Bata and carona) Woodland created a category
for itself.

Woodland never wanted to be an ordinary shoe .
According to Mr Harkirat Singh MD , he never wanted this brand to be a mass
market brand. So till now this brand is concentrating on the premium end ( above
Rs 1500 shoes) of 2000 crore casual shoe segment.
Woodland targets the upmarket segment and is positioning itself as a Rugged
high quality premium casual shoe. It can be called as SUV of Indian shoes. The
ads are catchy and tempting.
The logo of Woodland was a status symbol during the nineties. The brand is
excellent in quality and styling . I think that the brand pioneered Suede and
nubuck type leather shoes in India. The brand carefully presented itself as an
outdoor/ trekking kind of shoe which captured the imagination of Indian youth.
True to its price, the brand delivered its promise on quality which ensured that
the brand is perceived as a value for money brand.
Woodland has extended itself to accessories and apparels. Latest reports suggest

that the company is

serious about promoting its apparel
business which constitutes about 30% to the company revenues. Earlier
Woodland tried its hand in the formal shoe category with the brand Woods but it
did not make much impact in that market.

The careful branding has helped the brand to garner about 40% of the premium
casual shoe market. But this market is witnessing lots of competition with global
brands flexing its muscle in India.
Woodland is another example of an Indian Super brand.

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