When, Where, Who, What

‡ Began around 2,000 BCE

‡ Middle East (Judea, Palestine, Israel)

‡ Abraham led his followers out of Iraq and followed the Fertile Crescent to Judea ‡ Abraham was a prophet (messenger of God) ‡ Abraham entered into a covenant (agreement) with God.
± If he and his followers forsake all other gods and worship only him, then God will give them the Holy Land

Who continued
‡ Holy Land (Promised Land) ‡ Moses- a prophet who led the Jews out of bondage in Egypt (Exodus)

‡ Monotheism (one God), all-knowing, allpowerful ‡ A savior (messiah) will arrive some day to save the Jewish people ‡ Moral and ethnical laws (10 Commandments) ‡ Torah (1st 5 books of the Old Testament)