Norzila binti Haji Aminuddin or Ella (born July 31, 1966) is a popular Malaysian rock musician. Ratu Rock is Malay for "Queen of Rock" and this is an apt title for this compilation of Malaysian female rockstar Ella's more well-known hit songs spanning the 1990s to today. Ella still holds at the time of writing the local record for the bestselling female artist for pushing more than 300,000 copies of her records during the peak of her career. She also become an international icon and one of the 'Richest Artist' in Malaysia. She has been rumoured that she was or is a 'sex symbol.'

Ella hails from Gelugor, Penang and was raised in the Klang Valley in Selangor. She lives with her parents, along with her other siblings. During her schooling days, she was often invited to sing at many ceremonies held in her alma mater. Ella completed her studies while she was in Form Five at the Tunku Ampuan Rahimah Girls School in Klang Valley. Before she was a master in the arts field, she used to sing in various places in the Klang Valley such as in night clubs and lounges. After singing in one of those clubs, Ella was proposed to one of the bands called The Boys who were also night club singers. After a discussion, Ella finally agreed to merge with their band and they were given the name ( Ella & The Boys)

she decided to record her first solo album. . Unfortunately. She has many fans in Indonesia and at the same time. This song made her one of the most popular female artistes in Malaysia. Brunei. and this album even surpassed the sales of her fourth album. She was able to garner the title Jutawan (or Millionaire) that was already obtained by other artistes such as Yusof Haslam. This made her the first Malaysian artiste to record a full album in the United States at that. It sold 350 000 units and thus. Sharifah Aini. Ella also has perform in Japan. Indonesia. and United States. that is Pengemis Cinta which was a platinum album. Tan Sri SM Salim. this made her Malaysia's highest selling album for a female artiste. After making that decision. she was proposed by the EMI Malaysia Recording Label in 1992. the band Ella & The Boys only lasted for three years because Ella has made the decision to go solo in the music industry. After that. Singapore. she appeared with her fourth solo album that is ELLA 30110 that sold a lot in a short time. Hong Kong. Ella & The Boys was successful in winning the hearts of the viewers and fans. Just after Ella agreed to the proposal. Ella went to recording her fifth album in the United States in 1994. Ella received recognition from the Malaysian Book of Records as Malaysia's First Artiste With the Highest Number of Sold Albums (Artis Malaysia Pertama Mempunyai Penjualan Album Terbanyak) and Malaysia's First Artiste to Record a Full Album in the United States (Artis Malaysia Pertama Merakamkan Album Penuh Di Amerika Syarikat).Ella's success Finally. the late Sudirman Arshad. It was title ELLA USA. After the successful releases of ELLA USA and ELLA 30110. After launching a successful album. China. thus putting them in the same row as other popular bands such as Search and Wings as the best grouped singers in Malaysia. Ella is also known as Rock Diva Of Malay Archipelago and Asia. Sheila Majid and Jamal Abdillah.

she finally decided that she wanted to master commerce which was her dream all along. In 2000. Rama . she created another album with the title Ratu Rock.Rama attracted the publics attention and is one of the most popular songs of 2007. In the same year. In 2003. Ella used to manage many businesses such as . Some of the companies she founded include Ella's Production. she finally produced an album titled Ilham Bicara. Successful Entrepreneur After her success in creating a name in the arts field. Ella produced her ninth album. the theme song of the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Malaysia. This album. This song also gave a big impact by topping Era's charts for almost ten weeks. In 1999.Rama (literally : Butterfly) with a whole new breath. she produced her 20th album that is Simbiosis. After a year of silence. Ella was chosen to sing the song Standing In The Eyes Of The World. This album managed to attract the attention of radio listeners which caused this album the earn a platinum. In 2007. Ella is still listed in the list of artistes with the highest/best number of sold albums. Despite receiving mixed reviews from the public. Ella produce an album containing all of her songs from the rock era until the millennium period.In 1998. too received a platinum. that is EL with the help of Slash (musician) and Guns N' Roses. Two years later. that was Ella's special album in conjunction with Ella's 20 years' experience in the field of arts. Ella stopped producing new albums and remained solitary for a while due to the fact that she wanted to pay more attention and concentrate more in the fashion industry. She managed to open and develop various companies because of her hard work. in 2005. Until today. which she likes. This song was then made into an album of the similar name. that was titled Ella A Journey Beyond. Ella released a solo album that was titled Rama . Ella Inc's Sdn Bhd and Syarikat Ombak Warna Sdn Bhd. she remains one of Malaysia's successful entrepreneurs.

8494 (Compilation) 1996 . but are even noted in several neighbouring countries such as Singapore.Ella & The Boys 1 1987 .Unggul 1991 .Ella & The Boys 2 1988 .000 units sold) 1995 .Ella USA (Over 300. Discography Albums                   1985 . she creates health care and beauty products which uses her own name.Sembilu 1990 .Ella 'Sebuah Rockumentari' (Ella's second video album) 1994 .Pengemis Cinta (Platinum) 1989 .000 units were sold in the first week alone) 1993 .Kesal 1991 .Demi (Compilation) 1997 .30110 . Today.The Battle Of The Bands 1 (Ella & The Boys) 1986 .Jalan Ke Sisi Mu .importing and exporting items that were made by her own companies. Indonesia and Brunei.Ella Mood (Malaysia's first video album) 1992 .Identiti (Platinum) 1990 . These products are not only popular domestically.000 units sold (100.Mendung Tidak Bererti Hujan 1991 .Puteri Kota (Platinum) 1989 .The Battle Of The Bands 2 (Ella & The Boys) 1986 .Over 300. that is ELLA.

Simbiosis 2005 .Standing In The Eyes Of The World (The official 1998 Commonwealth Games theme song ) 1999 .duet with Amy .El 2000 .Greatest Hits Songs                                     Jalan Ke Sisimu Bayangan Pedih Cekal Cerah Kembali I.P.S.G2 Only Layar Impian Kita Lah Bintang Kabus & Sirna Penjara Misteri 12 Purnama Bendera Damai Justeru Bolero Mat Kental Cinta Selembut Sutera P.Ilham Bicara 2003 .Rama Rama 2009 .Diva Metal-Ella 2001 .P. Menanti Mungkin Aku Kau Dia Risau Esok Lusa Selamanya Ala Amerika Penawar Nuri Itulah Saya Rindu Gemilang Pengemis Cinta Standing In The Eyes Of The World Dua Insan Bercinta .Urban Strike (The Queen of Rock's Recognition Album) 2007 .Ratu Rock (Compilation) 2006 .           1998 .A (Ikut Suka Aku) Rindu Padamu Malam Ini Cinta Pertama Terpaku Sembilu .A Journey Beyond (Compilation) 2005 .Duet with Awie) 2000 .Baldu Biru (Compilation .

                    Simbiosis Hanya Pada Kamu Terima Kasih Jauh Ulek Mayang Pesona Sayup-sayup Luka Terbisa Kabus Ibu Kau Saja Yang Tahu Dunia Batinku .duet with the rock band Spider Belenggu Rama Rama Aku Tak Tahu Percaya Diriku (OST Gol Dan Gincu) Teruja (OST Gol dan Gincu) Puisi Hamba Jiwa Setia Mencari .

Filmography    Bayangan Maut (1990) Pemburu Bayang (1992) Hanya Kawan (1997) Ella's Achievements    Winning the competition Battle of the Bands (BOTB). Updated on 6 July 2009. She renew her commitment with Canon.A Gear. sponsored by Radio Televisyen Malaysia First Malaysian artiste to release a video album. that is Ella-Mood' (1991) Former ambassador of many popular brands such as L. . Levi's and Canon.

She is also the only Malaysian artiste that has ever been interviewed by MTV after Datuk Sharifah Aini. that is for the album Ella USA.            Malaysia's highest selling album for a female vocalist. Malaysia's only female rock artiste that is still standing today. First Malaysian artiste to record a full album in the United States. Won the Most Popular Female Artiste Award in 1993 (Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 1993) Ella once donated MYR 100 000 to the Red Cross Society (Malaysia) Received recognition from the Malaysian Book of Records as Malaysia's First Artiste With the Highest Number of Best-Selling Albums (Artis Malaysia Pertama Mempunyai Penjualan Album Terbanyak. . which sold 350 000 units. Chosen as a Role Model by the Yayasan Kebajikan Negara to promote positive thinking among teenagers. Ambassador of the Red Cross Society in Malaysia before Siti Nurhaliza. Host of the MTV Asian Awards in 2003. Ella made an appearance on an American television station called MTV. Pemburu Bayang (1992) and Hanya Kawan (1997). 1998) Main character in three films called Bayangan Maut (1990). First Malaysian artiste to receive a platinum award five times.