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Published by: northmirko on Sep 15, 2010
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Welcome to the CD for: ====================================== DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS: Design for the Real World Andy Bateman ISBN: 0 201 34301

0 248 pages, Paperback; plus CD Copyright Addison Wesley Longman Limited 1999 ====================================== WARNING - The material on this disc is protected by copyright. It is published by Addison Wesley Longman Limited and may not be reproduced other than when viewed on a single CPU for private use only. It is not otherwise to be reproduced transmitted or made available on a network without the prior permission of Addison Wesley Longman Limited. All other rights reserved. These terms apply to you whilst you are reading and using the material on this disc. ======================================= The following files are available for use on this disc: readme.txt iesetup.exe start.htm MATLAB/*.m ======================================== README.TXT contains system requirements and instructions for start-up of the product. IESETUP.EXE starts the Internet Explorer 4.0 installation wizard for PC Windows 3.1 and 95/NT users. START.HTM launches the electronic book. MATLAB/*.m are MATLAB files suitable for use with MATLAB version 4 or above. They are referenced at the relevant point in the text. See details below about obtaining MATLAB software. ============================================== REQUIREMENTS FOR THE ELECTRONIC PRODUCT ===================================================== The software is in 16 bit form and is designed for use with PC/Windows (3.1, '95, NT) and Macintosh machines with at least 8mb RAM. It has been optimised for use on Pentium PCs or PowerMACs. The viewing window has been designed for optimum layout of the text and graphics without need for scrolling. However, at screen resolutions below the common SuperVGA (800 x 600) you may have to scroll to access all the information on the screen. Hyperlinks from the product to related material on the World Wide Web will only function if you have an active Internet connection already set up. The product supports its own bookmarking function using the browser's Cookie software. If you usually disable Cookies in your browser you will be unable to bookmark pages of the electronic book. Bookmarks are saved from one session to another on Macintosh and Windows '95 platforms.

Some features may not operate in other browsers. the electronic book. The browser installer wizard will reboot your machine when installation is completed.0 for PC Windows 3. install Microsoft Internet Explorer 4. Extra components that may be offered on Microsoft's web site are not necessary for this product.1) or Windows Explorer (95/NT) to locate the program IESETUP.0 browser is sufficient for Bateman/Digital Communications. Follow the wizard's on-screen prompts to install the browser. latest versions of Internet Explorer can also be downloaded free of charge from: http://www. INSTALLING INTERNET EXPLORER 4. Use File Manager (3. In case of difficulty.0 on your machine if you do not already have it. NB (Windows 95/NT users only): For Windows 95/NT users.0 (PC Windows platforms) ================================================================= Before running the electronic book. Double-click IESETUP. Please contact Microsoft rather than Addison Wesley Longman for any problems regarding installation of the browser on your machine.These files are designed to be viewed using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.microsoft. 4.1 and 95/NT platforms. This will change the way your desktop functions so that local files and internet-based files are treated in a more similar manner. 3. install Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 browser .0 (Macintosh) ============================================================== Before running the electronic book.0 or later.0 on your machine. This CD comes with Microsoft's installer wizard for Explorer 4. When your machine has rebooted. follow the instructions 'Starting the Electronic Book' later in this README. 2.EXE to start the browser installer wizard.0 using the installer wizard: 1.com/ie/download The minimum configuration of the Internet Explorer 4. INSTALLING MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORER 4. To install Explorer 4. For the cleanest installation with least change to your machine's configuration.EXE on the CD.microsoft. Internet Explorer 4 for the Mac can be downloaded free of charge from: http://www. the installer wizard will give you the option to install the 'Active Desktop' component of Internet Explorer.com/ie/download The minimum configuration of the Internet Explorer 4. we recommend you answer 'NO' to the option to update to the 'Active Desktop'.

MATLAB is developed and distributed by: The MathWorks.com/prodindex/acrobat/readstep.. 24 Prime Park Way Natick. MA 01760-1500 Tel: 508-647-7000 Fax: 508-647-7001 E-mail: info@mathworks. Locate the CD drive and open the file 'start.. 4. ABOUT MATLAB FILES ================== MATLAB files are provided for use with MATLAB version 4 or above.htm' on the Digital Communications CD.com ABOUT ADOBE ACROBAT FILES ========================= The Data Sheets included with the book are stored in Portable Document Format (PDF). 2.mathworks. the electronic book.is sufficient for Bateman/Digital Communications. STARTING THE ELECTRONIC BOOK =============================================== There is no installation necessary for the electronic book. This launches the opening screen. You can read and print these files using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Start Internet Explorer 4 2. Click on the 'start' button and follow the instructions on screen.adobe. Please contact Microsoft rather than Addison Wesley Longman for any problems regarding installation of the browser on your machine. beyond installing the Internet Explorer 4.html =========================== . Inc. Extra components that may be offered on Microsoft's web site are not necessary for this product. If you don't already have Acrobat. A full description of the features of the electronic product and how to use it is given 'online' and can be obtained by clicking on the 'How to use' button in the left panel.0 browser if necessary (see above). you can download a free copy for your computer from Adobe's web site at: http://www. 3. To start the electronic book: 1. (MAC users) Choose 'File' from the Toolbar and 'Open file .' from the File menu. Click on the 'Browse' button to obtain a file listing.com WWW: www. (PC users) Choose 'File' from the Toolbar and 'Open' from the File menu.

===================================== Copyright Addison Wesley Longman 1999 ===================================== . suggest ideas or make comments.feedback@awl.uk or click on the Updates/Feedback button within the product. please contact engineering.FEEDBACK OR PROBLEMS? ===================== If you are experiencing difficulty using the electronic product or would like to give feedback.co.

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