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7:00 p.m. August 17, 2010
Aqua Water Community Room,
415 Old Austin Hwy.

1. Call to Order – Ed Skarnulis, President

2. Approval of 6/15/10 meeting minutes – Sue Lane McCulley, Secretary
3. Treasurer’s Report – Bill Haschke, Treasurer
4. Road Committee Report: – John Clark, Chair
5. Architectural Control Committee Report – Tom Arcy, Chair
a. New Members?
b. Appeal Process for Members of the POA
c. Terms of office of current members and election process?
6. Old Business
a. Approval of Final Edits on By-Laws – Sue Lane
b. Website Updating and Advertising - Bill
7. New Business
a. Donation to Sheriff’s Office for bulletproof vests
b. Foreclosure Notices – Bill Haschke
c. Approval of draft letter to membership informing them of foreclosure
letters and pending foreclosure sale (draft letter attached).
d. Aqua Water Survey Report – Next Steps?
e. Proposal by Jenny Key (sent to Board prior to meeting ) - RealManage
8. Adjourn