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Minutes of the June 15, 2010 Board Meeting of the Pine Forest Property Owners


Aqua Community Room, 415 Old Austin Hwy., Bastrop, Texas

Present: Bill Haschke, Treasurer Jim Mack, Vice-


John Clark, Chairman, Roads Committee Nella Gravenstein,


Sue Lane McCulley, Secretary Ed Skarnulis, President

Item 1 of the Agenda: The meeting was called to order by Skarnulis at 7:00 PM.

Item 2 of the Agenda: Clark moved and Mack seconded that the minutes of the May
18 meeting be approved as submitted; motion carried.

Item 3 of the Agenda: Clark moved and Gravenstein seconded that the Treasurer’s
Report be accepted as presented; motion carried. Report attached.

Item 4 of the Agenda: Road Committee report attached. Clark requested road
surveys for Timber Lane from the top to Colovista and for Colovista from River Forest to
the end. McCulley moved and Gravenstein that the Board approve funds for the surveys;
motion carried.

Item 5 of the Agenda: No report from the ACC was given. The Board commented
that a number of issues are facing the ACC and that the Board is hoping for a quick
resolution. The Board also desires clarification regarding the length of terms for ACC

Item 6a of the Agenda: Regarding the bylaws, the following revisions still need to be
made: clean up the language in Sections 6.01 and 6.02 for clarity, work on Section 4, and
incorporate the provisions of Article 7 of the Articles of Incorporation that was approved by
the membership at the Annual Meeting in February.

Item 6b of the Agenda: Haschke will work with Paul Jameson to modify the website to
allow advertising.

Item 7a of the Agenda: Haschke, Skarnulis, and Clark met with Aqua to discuss
upgrades to the water lines and hydrants on June 8. Aqua requested a feasibility study
which will cost $1500.00. Mack moved and Haschke seconded that PFPOA go ahead with
the study; motion carried. Clark provided a website that summarizes the procedure—

Item 7b of the Agenda: Gravenstein noted that grass has grown up around the
neighborhood sign on McAllister; she will see to it that the grass is mowed.

Item 8 of the Agenda: Haschke moved and Clark seconded that the meeting be
adjourned, and it was so at 8:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

June 25, 2010

Sue Lane McCulley, Secretary Date