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Role : Oracle Database Administrator – Production support

Responsibilities :

1) Involved in configuring the Oracle database for high availability.

2) As a Team Member of DBA team involved in complete database design of the project which
involves more than 200 terminals.
3) Monitor application running on Apache Server on Linux and the Host Application running on
Pro*C on Linux.
4) Project also involves successful implementation of Backup and recovery, Replication
Tuning of Databases at different levels like O/S, Application, database decided by team lead.
5) Performing installation of Oracle Database server and providing SQLNet connectivity to
6) Creating an Oracle objects, table space and adding data file to the existing table spaces.
7) The following activities are done from the production database.
a. Schema Level Backup.
b. Hot Backup
c. Cold Backup – weekly once.
d. Defragmentation.
e. Reorganize the index to increase the database performance.
8) Done shell script to take schema level backup from the production environment.
9) Monitoring the Alert log file, Tablespace size, Database connections and Disk size.

10) Done standby configuration for the primary database.

11) Generate the statistics report for the production database two hours once by using Statspack to
find out the database performance.
Website : www.paceautomation.com
Duration : October 2006 to Till Date

Project Name : Online Billing and Booking

Client : INOX, Dominos Pizza
Description : This project is done to automate the billing and booking process online.
This project works on the Nurit 8000 Wireless terminal which can operate on the
latest communication technologies GPRS. Unlike the conventional
POS.terminals, the Nurit 8000 terminal is TCP/IP enabled and therefore communication
with the HOST happens through TCP/IP protocol. The communication protocol is based
on the ISO 8583 standard.

Environment : Oracle 9i / HP-UX and Red Hat Linux

Team Size : 5
Role : Oracle Database Administrator – Production support


• Expertise in Oracle 10g/9i/8i database administration in high availability production

• Installation, configuration, upgrading and migration of Oracle software (8i, 9i, 10g, 11g)
and tools.
• Extensive experience in production database support and development database
environment support
• Expert in backup/recovery, installation, configuration, apply patches, troubleshooting,
performance monitoring and tuning
• Solid experience in disaster recovery, routine maintenance for Oracle databases
• Solid experience in Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) and standby database using Data
Guard 9i/10g
• Database backup concepts and options such as user-managed backup, RMAN-managed
backup with or without catalog, operating system backup, cold and hot backup, full
backup, incremental and cumulative backup. Implementing backup and recovery
• Data transferring with traditional export/import utilities and Data Pump and SQL* Loader.
• Performance monitoring/tuning/troubleshooting on Oracle, HP-UX and Linux servers
• Perform Daily Monitoring of Oracle instances using Oracle Enterprise Manager, monitor
users, table spaces, memory structures, rollback segments, logs, and alerts
• Applying patches under Linux platform.
• Extensive experience in Sql query tuning and offline support to production environments
• Unix Shell scripts for hot backups, SQL*Loader, export and import of database
• Extensive experience in migrating database Oracle to Mysql, Pl/sql script migration into
Mysql stored procedures, and Mysql Stored procedure into Oracle Pl/sql and various data
Excellent interpersonal and strong analytical, problem-solving skills


• Responsible for database creation and maintenance for Sustaining Environments

• Responsible for Oracle 8i/9i
• Plan and implement backup & recovery procedures.
• Performing installation of Oracle Database server and providing SQLNet connectivity
to Clients.
• Importing customer’s Oracle data for the operators.
• Responsible for database backups and recovery for online support to client in Nigeria.
• Creating Oracle users and monitoring the database using Oracle Enterprise Manager.
• Taking logical backup for the project and storage management.
• Responsible for switching over databases from production to sustaining environments
• Responsible for Space and User Management.