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A project on positioning of toothpaste:-

Name of the product:-Hygie-fresh

Tagline:-“ khao haq se, Milo sab se”

The above tagline gives an insight that the one who uses this toothpaste is not
worried about eating anything and meeting anyone, anytime in the day because this
toothpaste is equipped with fresh breath and strong teeth.

Our Positioning of the product is to concentrate on strong teeth and fresh

breath.The 2 competitors for our product which are targeting individually on either
of the above mentioned concept. They are:-

1.Strong teeth-Colgate total

2.Fresh breath-Closeup and colgate Maxfresh

The script of the video advertisement:

The concept runs considering three individuals,named as Ramesh,Rajesh and

Rakshita.The three individuals are college students and they have got a free dental
checkup at their college. The three simultaneously visit the dentist for checkup.
Their were three dentist who were simultaneously checking the three individuals.

This was observed and conveyed by 3 dentists about these three students during
their check-up:-

Ramesh after thorough checkup was observed to have strong teeth but a very bad
breath .Rajesh dental checkup says he has got good breath but week teeth.Finally a
lady was observed having strong teeth and good breath,The dentist confirmed that
if she uses the toothpaste “Hygie-fresh”.Then the lady says yes she does using it
with a broad smile and confidance.This product protects the teeth even after meal
from sticking of the food and fights with bad breath

By-Abdul Rawoof(53)

Pradeep reddy(54)