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Chap 17

Chap 17

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The design process for a compacted soil liner consists of the following


(j) Identification of borrow area or source of material - in-situ or nearby.

(ii) For in-situ soils, conducting field permeability tests to assess suitability of
the natural soil in its in-situ condition.

(iii) Laboratory studies on liner material (from in-situ or nearby locations),
comprising of soil classification tests, compaction tests, permeability tests,
strength tests, shrinkage tests and leachate compatibility tests.


(iv) Identification of source of additive, if natural soil does not satisfy liner
requirements - natural clay from not too distant areas or commercially
available clay such as bentonite.

(v) Laboratory studies (as detailed in (iii) above) on soil- additive mixes using
different proportions of additive to find minimum additive content
necessary to achieve the specified requirements.

(vi) Field trial on test pads, to finalise compaction parameters (layer thickness,
number of passes, speed of compactor), as well as to verify that field
permeability of the compacted soil lies within pre-specified limits.

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