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A landfill site will comprise of the area in which the waste will be filled as
well as additional area for support facilities. Within the area to be filled, work may
proceed in phases with only a part of the area under active operation. A typical site
layout is shown in Fig. 17.5. The following facilities must be located in the layout:
(a) access roads; (b) equipment shelters; (c) weighing scales; (d) office space; (e)
location of waste inspection and transfer station (if used); (f) temporary waste
storage and/or disposal sites for special wastes; (g) areas to be used for waste
processing (e.g. shredding); (h) demarcation of the landfill areas and areas for
stockpiling cover material and liner material; (i) drainage facilities; (j) location of
landfill gas management facilities; (k) location of leachate treatment facilities; and
(l) location of monitoring wells.

It is recommended that for each landfill site, a layout be designed
incorporating all the above mentioned facilities (see Section 17.6.17 on Site
Infrastructure for details). The layout will be governed by the shape of the landfill
area in plan.

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