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354.822 GACETA OFICIAL DE LA REPUBLICA BOLIVARIANA DE VENEZUELA anTicuLo vit Cualquer disrencia entra las Parts Contalantes con respecto a 1a iverpctacion ¥ la insumentacn ‘dat pragonia Acuordo, sera resuelts ‘nstosamenta medunte consuls o nagoctcionesdrecias ARTICULO Ei presente Acuerdo podr® ser enmandado for consenso muluo ante tas ates, Lats enmienday enbrarén en vgot da conformigad con el procedimienlo fatablecido para a entrada en gor del Acuerdo En fe de lo cual los suscctoe, contendo con la debida autorizacion para hacerlo, man el presente Acvrco. Fimado en Cattcas, et vinicuato (24) de abit de 2007, en dos sjomplaren Mentos en castelano 2 gids, Sendo ambos lextos ualmente azntens. Povel Gobierno dea Reiblica olivarana de Venceusla Perel Gobiema d a Repsblea ‘DemcesicePopiar Lao iva Masts Moras ‘Thongloes Siow Minis del Poder Popelr pra Viceeiner Minit, Relaciones Extsires Minit ve Rclasiones Exsiores AGREEMENT ON THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A JOINT COMMISSION FOR 'BILATERAL COOPERATION BETWEEN ‘THE GOVERNMENT OF THE BOLIVARIAN REPUBLIC OF VENEZUELA AND THE GOVERNMENT OF THE LAO PEOPLE'S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC “The Government of te Bolivarian Republc of Venezuela and the Government (fie Lao People’s Democrats Repubse horenalie veferred as. “the Contacting Parkes” ‘Destous of expanding and enhancing bata relations and cooperation on = bing and long te Bass Convinced of the need for lasting and efiecive cooperation inthe interest of both counties, Conteming by thei interest in srenghening bisteral eations and cooperation between the two counties, and ited by the objective Wo strengthen the existing tiendly relations and to Gromote the expansion of bialea| cooparaton between the two counties Based on the prineples. of equally, mutual benefit and ful respect of sveregny, ARTICLE! ‘he Contacting Patios shal estabisn a Joint Commision heeinater refered [ess "tho Commission: to facklae conguaton and cooperation bedween the fhe counties, pateulay i the econome, ade, scent, soca, cute and Moers of mutual introns ARTICLE The Commission shall consider ways and means to promote the aforesaid Ghjeclves and’ To ensute the. proper veoiinaton and plementation of deesions and of te Agreement. sha, uhemor, raviow the progress of the implementation of al olher agoemenss conceded between the wo Counties, and lake steps To ent Ine active and speedy implementation ARTICLE ‘Tro Commission shall be chaied by the Minster of the Popular Powar fof Foreign Aifars of the Golwarian Raputle of Venezuela and the Minster of Foren Afar ofthe Lao Peopk’'s Democratic Repub anni W ‘The Gommisson sa deeming st snd ocooute and may esas ‘wong gous ode winspochesanece betel ‘na Common shat meet avy 0 year of {anvacing Pty at ey eve mncy apes ‘Staab ana he Gohanan Rape oVenetvn he request of ier yin he tao Pearl Martes § de junio de 2007 [ohwtancton Eemoen Ge Paras where they fol each oa ote Sraptance of her mcinl cous eautymgete rele Aoerert ‘hal tema fic er peta of () yar a upon he exp ares Sheen wg, rae yl stan Re Ageement a oe (6) ‘none por the expratan cae lth enpatne god ° Lona, eter Pay yarns mt ovary, any momen, Sah ‘Senouncoment sit come. aio lel st (2) mani ater the win ‘The denouement sal ol let ne execuing poets and programe, which thal be sovalopes unter concn sin Be pense aoe’ on panics vt “The termine Ages eh lalla! ne vaiy and raton of {ny atargemnet sou sone} agned ane fe Agreaman tl fampleton of uch atampeest ne co. sagricue vi ‘Any dost or conrovery tat may ase ou o seein or execution ot {ia Merorardum of Uneretanng sho bo ated tivo det Pepoaions ‘enwoen bo Paris “a Tie Agreement may b6 amanded by mul eons ofthe Pains. Sach “imoncments shat come iio trees azndanee wih ine plocedes ‘tablished Be ony ml fe he Anant, dn Caracas, on 24° dey of Api 2007, in to (2) denial copies inthe ‘sh and Engle languages, ale texts being equaly uthont, ‘he Government of he Bolvarian Forte Goverment at the Lao People's, Republic of Venezuela Demaciatc Repubie Ricolta Maduro Moros Thongioun Siaoultn ister ofthe Popular Power Deputy Pre minister {or Fejign Aare Mists of Foreign Alias oierimulca nouivaraana ve vENbz DMINISTERUO DEL PODER POPULAR Pala RELACIONES RNTERIORES "CONSULTORA URIBICA emit 20 Ceracan 06 ae Junto e 2007 wr yas RESUELTO: Ferg oy init i he 207 ne sess Se pong ey Ra Ree tan aD col Gobel a Hoh evans Vesna ya Go oe {Srephie se iva cme it oe nie efits Weare Te cial ie THES BOLLONES DE DOLARES AMERICANS (SE ‘Sunset yte wah yet pres rss twtr Cobar pine Roped fe els maa fetes ora dm ed bn as So oon Gioained Ande ° Brciffosy Patese _atfifbs Madi Mero,