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Sl. No. Description of Items Estimate Submit to Submission Date Bill Value
1 DM Plant Mr. Kaushik Biswas 0
2 400 Mtr. Bsnl Lease Line Mr. Kaushik Biswas
3 Rcc Cable Trench Mr. Kaushik Biswas
4 Bed Material Store Room Mr. Kaushik Biswas
5 Retaining Wall Mr. Kaushik Biswas 2,05,822.25
6 Trench Cutting For Fire Mr. Kaushik Biswas
7 253 Mtr. Bsnl Lease Line Mr. Kaushik Biswas 41,227.56
8 130 Mtr. Both Side Conc. Pavement Mr. Kaushik Biswas
9 130 Mtr. Pavement's Railing & Footing Mr. Kaushik Biswas 0
10 Drain Cutting at Ash Pond & Mr. Kaushik Biswas 7,14,550
Earth Filling Over Ash Pond
11 Single Storied Bldg. (For Security)
12 L/Supply for Drain Cleaning Mr. Kaushik Biswas
13 Boundary Wall Repairing (Madanpur) Mr. Kaushik Biswas 5,188.57
14 Fibre Optical Cable Line Mr. Kaushik Biswas 0
15 Ash Cutting, Boulder at Rcc Culvert Mr. Kaushik Biswas 0
16 Transformer Foundation Mr. Kaushik Biswas 28,258.88
17 163 M x 100 M Pond Cutting & Disposal Mr. Murali Krishna
18 1.5 X 1.5 M Rcc Wall
19 Sulabh Souchalaya
20 Miscellaneous Job At TG Building Mr. Kaushik Biswas 46,563.12
21 Pedestal Repairing at Washery Mr.Sudip Saha 3,516.44
22 Cut Piece Glass Fixing above B/Wall Mr. Kaushik Biswas
23 130 Mtr. Single Side Bricks Pavement Mr. Kaushik Biswas 0
24 CPL Guest House Bathroom Repairing Mr. Kaushik Biswas 14,142.72
25 Boundary Wall Repairing (Rakhakuria) Mr. Kaushik Biswas 14,082.70
26 Toilet At TG Building Mr. Kaushik Biswas
27 Chattaraj Bitumen Road Repairing Mr. Kaushik Biswas
28 Chattaraj Road Moorum & Boulder Mr. Kaushik Biswas 0
29 Occupational Health Centre Partition
30 Open Yard Store

Job Completed Approved Not Approved Estimate Completed Estimated Cost

NO Approved YES 1,41,200
NO Not Done YES 1,01,937
NO Not Done YES 77,249.00
NO Approved YES 14,115
YES Approved YES 2,12,878
NO Not Done YES 37,030
YES Approved YES 41,227.56
NO Not Done YES 17,64,035
NO Approved YES 2,23,578
YES Approved YES 7,14,550

NO Not Approved YES

YES Approved YES 37,000
YES Approved YES 5,188.57
NO Approved YES 30,592.57
NO Approved YES 7,28,722.78
YES Approved YES 28,258.88
NO Not Approved YES 64,60,350
NO Not Approved NO
NO Not Approved NO
YES Approved YES 46,563.12
YES Approved YES 3,648.00
NO Not Approved
NO Approved YES 2,80,000
YES Approved YES 14,142.72
YES Approved NO
NO Approved YES
NO Not Done YES
NO Approved YES
NO Not Approved NO
Contractor Bill Ref. No.

M/s. Silpi Construction SC/CPL/BILL/02

M/s. Raj Transport Raj/CPL/Bill/71

M/s.Sri Durga Const.

M/s. Raj Transport Raj/CPL/Bill/

M/s. Raj Transport

Monsur Alam Shah M/A/S-98/09
M/s. Raj Transport

M/s. Raj Transport Raj/CPL/Bill/03

M/s. Raj Transport Raj/CPL/Bill/17

M/s. Raj Transport Raj/CPL/Bill/06

M/s. Sri Durga Const.

M/s. Raj Transport Raj/CPL/Bill/23
M/s. Raj Transport Raj/CPL/Bill/19
M/s. Raj Transport