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A Market Survey On

To find out the elasticity of demand of Honda
To know the factors other than price
responsible for the growing demand for
Honda Activa

Activa is the product of Honda
It was launched in 2001 in India
It has been launched by Honda to make it a
family two wheeler
The top speed of Honda Activa is 8o kmph
Fuel Economy - 52.2 kmpl
Fuel Capacity - 6 litres
Underseat storage – 18 litres
Engine power – 109 cc

Information About Survey
Sample Size – 3
Market Price – Rs 51000 on road
Sampling Method – Random Method

Factors Other Than Price
Affecting Demand
Factors increasing demand –
Ø Familiar vehicle so every age group prefer it
Ø Increased mileage upto 15%
Ø Light weighted due to more use of fiber in
manufacturing it
Ø Stylish looks and comfortability is major
contributors to its success
Ø Increased engine power from 102 cc to 109 cc
Ø Festivals
Ø Combo break

Main factors that are highly
responsible for the increasing
demand of Activa
Technology 50%
Maintenance cost 25%
After sales service 15%
Re-sale value 10%
As Honda Activa is a familiar and lakhs of
consumer tested vehicle so price has no
impact on the minds of people and so on
demand too
It has new and improved technologies that has
played a vital role in increasing its demand
further more
So we can say that Activa’s elasticity of
demand is unitary elastic i.e. elasticity is =

Thank You !
Presented By
Priyam Srivastava
Mohd. Azam