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Define: Nursing Assessment:

Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is a {   

primary malignancy of the hepatocyte,    "     %&! 
generally leading to death within 6-20       %      '&(
months. Hepatocellular carcinoma     
frequently arises in the setting of cirrhosis,
appearing 20-30 years following the initial
insult to the liver. However, 25% of patients
have no history or risk factors for the
development of cirrhosis Medical Diagnosis:

S & S: Medications:
epigastric or right upper quadrant (RUQ)
pain, followed by fatigue, anorexia, weight Systemic chemotherapy , anti-neoplastic and
loss, weakness, or fever as his disease immunosuppressant agents
progresses. He may have jaundice or
dependent edema or peripheral edema if
liver dysfunction and malnutrition cause low
plasma albumin levels. Jaundice may
cause itching. Plasma albumin levels.
Jaundice may cause itching.

Lab Tests: Causes/Risk Factors:

blood tests, CT scanning and/MRIof the !       "      #$
abdomen, CXR, Biopsy

Nursing Considerations/
Patient Teaching:





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