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Abortion Should Be Something Illicit for Everybody

Abortion Should Be Something Illicit for Everybody

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Published by: englishmadeasy5816 on Oct 17, 2010
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Abortion Should Be Something Illicit For Everybody

First, imagine a baby is being held in your arms. The baby crying is looking at you with a very tender and lovely stare. What in the world there is someone has a gut to terminate the baby¶s life? Can you imagine that you murder your beloved, cute, and adorable baby from the surface of the earth? I bet you will definitely regret doing it and life will be very meaningless and empty after that. Therefore, abortion should be banned in this country or everywhere. According to Wikipedia.org, abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus or embryo, resulting in or caused by its death. We are just creatures and not creators so never do we have rights to terminate someone¶s life. Even were we the creator, we shouldn¶t terminate an individual. Why would we initiate an individual but at the end we would just terminate it? It doesn¶t make any senses at all. Life is such a gift. Despite God¶s approval, we can¶t control nor decide someone¶s life. It¶s God¶s will so that if we go against the God¶s will, we will be categorized as sinners. A soul is believed to be put in fetus after it¶s been two months in its mother¶s womb. If something has soul, it means it¶s a living. We can¶t just kill a living without a vivid reason. Tendency of killing our own baby is mostly believed to be associated with embarrassment caused by premarital sex and health. Having an expected baby caused by premarital sex will be refused to stay in the parent¶s house or the worst thing is will be blacklisted from the family members. Also if we have an abortion it is such a sinful action and will be damned in hell. Instead of having an abortion because probably we don¶t deserve the baby and we aren¶t capable of raising the baby caused of can¶t fulfill the baby¶s needs, we better give the baby to Foster house and let the foster house take care of our baby. In medical side, having an abortion will lead the mother to the cervix and womb cancer. Also the process of pulling the fetus from the womb endangers the mother which mostly caused by malpractice and low quality of the sanitary of the tools. Directly it will give impact to other woman¶s internal organs. BiG D

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