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Evaluation of Corrosion in Pressure Vessels File: API_510.XLS Rev.

ASME Sect VIII, Div. 1, API 510 Latest Editions

L2-501A (Sulfur Removal) 18-Oct-10

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Vessel Design Static Data

- Material (Input CS for Carbon Steel and SS for Stainless Steel) CS

- Original wall thickness of shell tnom = 78 mm

- Original wall thickness of head thnom = 37 mm

NOTE : To adopt nominal wall thickness as base line reading

Design calculated thickness as per ASME Section VIII Division 1

Assessment of General Corrosion on Shell
- Minimum calculated wall thickness exclusive CA treq = 70.13 mm

Assessment of General Corrosion on Heads

- Minimum calculated wall thickness exclusive CA threq = 33.74 mm

Corrosion Data Input

- Year of Service Long term = 15 years

NOTE : To conclude long term period of service for internal grid system UT mapping

General Corrosion
- Current min shell wall thick measured by UT (COURSE 1) tcur1 = 79.12 mm

- Current min head wall thick measured by UT (HEAD 1) thcur1= 41.61 mm

Remaining Life is predicted as per API 510 formulation,

-1 Long term Corrosion rate for shell 1 LTs1 = 0.050 mm/yr

-1 Long term Corrosion rate for head 1 LTh1 = 0.050 mm/yr

If corrosion rate =< 0, the corrosion rate default value for CS is 0.05 mm/yr and SS is 0.01 mm/yr

To conclude the remaining life of the vessel presented by the highest value of Corrosion Rate 0.0500 mm/year where
the min allowable design thickness established by ASME Sect VIII Div 1 calculations as per para UG-27 and UG-32, whichever applicable.

Estimated Remaining Life of vessel based on the highest Corr. Rate = 179.8 years or 2158 months

Recommended Inspection Interval - API 510 Section 4.3

Recommended interval for next inspection = 10.0 years, schedule for 2017

Amendment Jan-2004/Amir
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