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Philips DVD3110

Philips DVD3110

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Philips DVD3110 User Guide
Philips DVD3110 User Guide

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Published by: jhonsonlee on Oct 23, 2010
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A Use the component video cables (red/
blue/green) to connect the DVD player’s
YPbPr jacks to the component video
input jacks (or labeled as YPbPr) on the
television (cable not supplied).

B To hear sound of this DVD player
through your television, use the audio
cables (white/red) to connect AUDIO
OUT (L/R) jacks of the DVD player to
the corresponding AUDIO IN jacks on
the television (cable supplied).

C Proceed to page 17 for detailed
progressive scan setup.

– You only need to make one video
connection from the following
options, depending on the
capabilities of your television.
– Connect the DVD player directly
to the television.

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