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Your assignment is to work with the partner assigned to you in order to do further

research into two areas that you studied today. You then must present the information in
an organized and meaningful PowerPoint presentation. You may use links on the Student
Explorations page of the wiki that we have compiled for you, or you may search the
Internet for more information on your own. All PowerPoints should be emailed to Rabbi
Pittinsky @ Tzvi.Pittinsky@Frisch.org by Thursday, October 28 at 10:00 PM. Every
PowerPoint will be graded by a committee of teachers; participation is mandatory, and all
students must earn at least a 12/20 on the rubric. The best PowerPoint presentation earns
Kindles for its creators, because at Frisch, as Rabbi Pittinsky says, we don’t burn books, but
we Kindle!

People of the Book PowerPoint Grading Rubric

CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
Content Covers topic in- Includes essential Includes essential Content is minimal
depth with details knowledge about information about OR there are
and examples. the topic. Subject the topic but there several factual
Subject knowledge knowledge are 1-2 factual errors.
is excellent. appears to be errors.

Organization Content is well Uses headings or Content is logically There was no clear
organized using bulleted lists to organized for the or logical
headings or organize, but the most part. organizational
bulleted lists to overall structure, just lots
group related organization of of facts.
material. topics appears
Attractiveness Makes excellent Makes good use of Makes use of font, Use of font, color,
use of font, color, font, color, color, graphics, graphics, effects
graphics, effects, graphics, effects, effects, etc. but etc. but these often
etc. to enhance the etc. to enhance to occasionally these distract from the
presentation. presentation. detract from the presentation
presentation content.
Originality Product shows a Product shows Uses other Uses other
large amount of some original people's ideas people's ideas, but
original thought. thought. Work (giving them does not give them
Ideas are creative shows new ideas credit), but there is credit.
and inventive. and insights. little evidence of
original thinking.

Mechanics No misspellings or Three or fewer Four misspellings More than 4 errors

grammatical errors. misspellings and/or and/or grammatical in spelling or
mechanical errors. errors. grammar.