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Annecdote :

Last month, i experienced funny event and cause misery. Last day i and my family, dinner together in the dinningroom. After dinner finished, we fixed in there while waited brother who eat lasting and joked. I played with chair which sit down, with my elbow insert into gap chair with rilex. I tried time after time, but last my elbow could not out of a gap chair. I was very panic. ³help me, my hand can¶t out´,i told with panic. All people only laughed. ³true my hand - my hand quickly´, told I. My father tried pul power my elbow. ³dedy, it¶s sick. .shurb shurb´, i cried and laughed. My mother also help me and my brother only laughed. Last, my father pieced this chair and my elbow could out. I was very happily.

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