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E OF NAVAL ARCHITECTURE AND O! IEERING \N_ENGI EPARTMENT OF OC! EI ea SHIP DESIGN LECTURE NOTES Dog. Dr. Kadir SARIOZ 2002 / 2003 Spring Term Grading ‘Mid term exam 20% Homework Assignments 40% Final exam 40% Course attendance policy At least 70% attendance is required Home work policy ‘You are encouraged to discuss and solve problems in 2 group. BUT write your own solutions and state on the paper with whom you have discussed and solved problems together Instructor: Dog. Dr. Kadir SARIOZ Office : 420 e-mail : sarioz@imedutr SYLLABUS ce 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1. A Brief History of Ship Design LLL. The Ship in Early Ages 1.1.2 The Ship in the Middle Ages 1.1.3. Ship Design in the 19* Century The End of sailing Ships Birth and Evolution of Steam Ships Warships in the 19* Century 4, Ship Design in the 20% Century Development of Passenger Liners of Cruise Ships Ships in the 20" Century Warships in the 20% Century LL44.1, Aircraft Carrier 1.14.42, Battleship 114.43. Submarine 4-2. GENERAL DESIGN FEATURES OF MARINE VEHICLES 5 2.1, Classificacion of Marine Vehicles 2.1L. Ship Types Used for Trensport Ships 2.1.11. General Cargo Ship Container Saip . Bulk Carries sL.L4, Tanker 2..1.1.5. LPG and LNG Carrier BLL. RofRo Ship Ships 21.121. Cruise Vessel 24.122, Fey 2.1.2, Non-Transport Ship Types Fishing Vessels Vessels “3 2122.1. Tug Research Vessel Offshore Supply Vessel Pilot Boat 2. Military Vessels 1. Combat Vessels 3 Destroyer 23.14Frigate 23.13. Submarine u