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FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION J. EDGAR HOOVER PART 4 OF 10 FILE NUMBER: 67-561 Lelimn #4 aD Edgar Hoover | po 1 47-56l | ZIV gs . csr OLIVE) t i SATURDAY P.". PAPERS, JULY 26) BY PPED MULLEN ULITED PRESS STAFF CORRESPONDENT o WSHINGTON, July 26.-=(UP).—-Director John Edgsr Hoover of the Federal Guresu of Inveutigation today began his 3ist year with the justice department vith a forecast that the days ahead would be “usier than those of the recat war and the gangster era of the 30! He was 22 wien ho started work with the department 30 yt ago today. For nearly 23 years he has beer. director of theFBI which wien he took over, had about 600 employees, including agents and other types of employees. Today finds him with 8,100 men and wonen under bis Ee comnind. Hoover told the United Press that the workload on th Persons--apents, typists, switchboard operators, messengers to whom be * fondly refers as "my associates"—has increased by leaps and bounds. "In addition to the general incroase in work resulting from the rise in crime trends", he said, "the FEI, by lepislaticn and other means, has been piven new responsibilities since the end of World War II+ He said thit the Atomic Energy Gontrel Act "will in one year more than double tne case load of the FFI." saw a general. aettine in the oD security duties of the PET, vut this was imnedistelg‘effact by " a rising The end of the war, Hoover said, tide of crime which swept over thé United States and reached ees alarminc orovortions by the end of 1946. There were well over ‘oe i serious crimes reported to the police during 1946. Major crimes showed e92 > increase of 7.6 ver cent over 1915." ‘ LEE ante ub NES ji v oy aif let Fy

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