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we ( ae it t "WOOVER BACKS YEE eens we’ a a thoroughly agrees with Bill Veeck in his eug- gestion that baseball bonuses be curtailed ands Trotter W.C. Sullivan . ‘common pool be formed for arafting young talent. Tele. Room Hoover, who 1s at nearby La Jolla for his Holloman annual physical check-up. believes that Veeck's Gandy Tecent articles, “I Know Who's Killing Base. all,” which Were published in The Hearst New: papers, were eaustructive, particularty eoncera— ing the bonus and common draft, “Tt makes good ‘sense to me,” Noover ‘said, “for all of the maj 8 clubs to peel Apel reaouces and bare Wel aout roeraeng paseball:talent fpr s common draft Tomb Gepeon “ies open and’ gcrour—is_, the backbone of our American system. It ts what ‘| we call free enterprise, and there should be no : place for monopoly in sports, any more than any ther business.” A Wash. Post and Times Herald Wash. News Wash, Star N.Y. Herald ~ Tribune FF N. ¥. Journal-_2O- ‘American N. Y. Mirror N.Y. Dally News — ine N.Y. Times Daily Worker The Worker —____ New Leader —___ i ee ceecele i Ci Office Memorandum + onttep states GOVERNMENT To + MR, TOLSON pate: July 15, 1058 mom: J.P, MOHR | / oe sumect: BIWEEKLY SALARY CHECKS ok , DIRECTOR AND ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR, Public Law 85-462, approved 6/20/58, providing increases in ply” for all employees paid under the Classification Act contained a new pay compu- tation formula for obtaining the hourly, daily, weekly, biweekly, and other rates for all employees in the Federal Government, except the heads of agencies, elected officials, Federal Judges, and certain other specific employees. The new formula provides for firet computing the hourly pay by dividing the annual salary rate by 2080 hours (260 pay days in year multiplied by 8 hours) and multiplying the hourly rate thus obtained by 8, 40, or 80 as the case may be to get the daily, weekly, or biweekly pay. In addition, any fraction of a cent in any computation is converted to a whole cent. The ofd formula provided for obtaining the biweekly rate by dividing the annual rate by 26 pay periods; the biweekly rate divided by 80, adjusted to the nearest cent provided the hourly rate, and the daily rate was obtained by multiplying the hourly rate by 8. The new formula simplifies many pay computations, however, in many instances it results in employees receiving in a year alightly more than the annual rates of pay. This matter has been discussed with officials in the office of the General Counsel, GAO, who advised that such higher payments are legal. The new pay formula was recommended to Congress by that office, with the full knowledge it would result in such higher payments in some instances; estimated total yearly payments in excess of annual rates for entire Government approximately $4, 500, 000; GAO felt additional cost would be more than offset by savings through simplification of pay computations; bulk of excess payments caused by the conversion of fractional cents to whole cents. For information purposes the effect of the new pay computation formula may be seen in the biweekly salary payments for the Director and the Associate Director under the old and new formulaes, as shown in attached tabulations. necounenpasfow Sb - B22 Note, Submitted only for informational purposes. ‘”* a | V J} ey fe 7 : eo Eee sf DIRECTOR ga Gross Biweekly Pa) (before deductions) $846.15 (Note: Total annual payments for 26 pay periods) Deductions: 1 - Retirement $55.00 2 - Federal Income Tax 306.13 3-D. C. Income Tax 26.54 4 - Insurance 5. Total Deductions $392. 67 Net Biweekly Pay $453.48 ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR gia Gross Biweekly Pay (before deductions) $769.28 (Note: Total annual payments for 26 pay periods) Deductions: 1 - Retirement $ 50.00 2 - Federal Income Tax 271.36 3-D. G. Income Tax 23.67 4 - Insurance 5.00 Total Deductions 3350.03 Net Biweekly Pay ($21, 999.90) ($22, 006. 40) (4 New Difference $846.40 (4 $0.25. ($6. 50) $55.02 906.13 26. 54 5.00 $302.69 () $458.71 23 New Difference $769.60 () $0.37 ($19, 999.98) ($20,009.60) () ($9.62) $50.02 ($0.02 271.36 23. 67 $350.05 (4 $0.02 $419. 55 (A $0.35