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Hresley Elis A. 663 pages totol : part | of a parts e@ a. : . be : on = wre. * ‘resident Richard M. Nixon 3000 Pennsylvania Ave. Washingto: Deer Sir, Thad xscently read in the newspaper that you had arranged for ElvisPresley, who isa Police buff, to receive a Federal WENT Badge. I too am a police bull, Teotlect brdges and *upport many police associations, besides aleo being @ Special Deputy Sheriff. oe 1 know you can not issue a Federal Narcotics badge to Sveryone who wants onc, but ‘I'm interested whether there ‘ar6 any Federal law enforcement departmente that J inay be able to be made an Yonorary or Associate membe-, or something of that mature. I would appreciate any belp you or your office may be able to giv Sincerely, wes TL 172 G © fe t. ii *