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DIRECTOR, FBI SAC, LOUISVILLE (176-1) (P) UXENOEN SUBJECT; Harassing Phone from Louisville. ent v to Phove of ire: Q@emmammiecomes =, 7 yoo Memphis, Jennerseo™ arn Oltters TE_OSSCENE 0) INTERSTATE OSSCENE OR . HARASSING PiOnE CALLS OO :LOUISVILLE South Central Bell Telephone Company operator, - Louisville, Kentucky, in connection with @ long distance all by an alleced rin to Memphis, Tennessee, non-pudlished telephone 901 - bac Louisville nucber traced as telephone number furnished by caller was a pay telephone station in Louisville, 776-9341, inst er, .Telephone ced 12ine nurber listed lle, Kentucky. /reputec-su5 Memphis telephone listed to-ire+4 of ELVIS PRESLEY. Telephone company received complaint fron Manning-Dunn Funeral Sore, Louisville, that inquiry was received from aunt - of ELVIS PRESLEY relative to long distance phone call by Qrknown male to the uncle of ELVIS PRESLEY, relating that — VIS PRESLEY was killed in airplane crash at Louisville and bis me ‘was at Manning Funeral Nome, Louisville. This yas a hoax, /- Bureau : 1 ASCEND: _ y 32 beetle cater pep i, © EO2QS ohee hk Su /atn : : + bo. Manning-Dunn Funeral Home subject of stmerous recent: i a & ‘docal barassing telephone calls by individual representing bimself @s coroner and requesting funeral bone pick up bedi persons. of deceased These calls were berassing inmture as no decea Persons located as reported by unknown callez. Louisville Police Department conducting extensive svertisation lative to hoax and harassing calle related to pb eae Fu lone er company bas as suspect j ae Telephone company investigating case as telephone fraud. i AUSA, WDKY, deferred prosecution to Jocal authorities -.. of local handling of matter and single interstate call which appears related to barassing calle received by Manning-Dupn . Funeral Hone. No investigation conducted. follows. envio tee Letterbead memorandum Br. Je Besar Hoover Washington, D. C. Decr Honorable Sir, Thank goodness you ere still 4n Beshington, still serving 5 m0 one efee har cf ocn. Congratulations! a lee Quite a for yecrs ago I xrte to you about the resulcive antics of Elvtw-Zrecley. Look at the money he is making to-day! Still harming our youth! I believe he has done nore hora in his style of - @ercing, to our rount neople than ery one elezent in our socie It put the susrestive izeas into more young people bee-use ho before then on televici: so much! This sort of thing had not been geen by mony, many of our young eozle; fore this time, it could orly be secn at side-shovs, so this tre someting nex, something very |” thrilling to our boys ond cirls. It sproed like sild-fire, It ozoned Up something very dering and catching. So much for Elvis, You were very kind, understrnding end really did all you could about tlis guy. Thet's why I ex cunias to you nowy I ea xother of five dnurnters, seventeen srcnochil¢ren so ry Keen irterest in young people, ny orn and others, is intensely koen, Mout Preise the Good Lord , th Sesinning to vonder =-out Joud— 4f these killer movies , var movies, obcoene novies ore having an EiToot en our young peoplel I ish I hod tine, I'd trite « book! . EER | Let me sey right here. I do believe you cre vary‘; ‘in escord -§*ith the fact thet these ovies end sicture: ecrtainly tod mekene 4 Sad impression on some of our younssters, Let me tell ‘Just vhat a 1] [four yeor old grendDAUOATER seid to her Sgther one er they hed} “[ dn a_store in the city. Mer mother srid, ), way "t you speek to spoke te yout” "You tole uo not to tyerk to stranzers ¢ arsther mother Yold of her little bey not wentin; to speak to a xan (en accusintrnce of the father) because he ros afraid he aight kidnap kia , 4S ‘and teke him sway and turn him into ea tiger. Impression? on