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‘Serontwe eorce ‘orrice or onreme mmreis amu pp ra : Futbtetce reves Gao, gxd/4 Hi/ 4 Frederick N. P. - altr, ofpres, a-n-7 ohare = “Cowboy"S nies’ PHILLIP gare rrzey) y ELVIS A. -RESLEY SER) = 0-110) 3-4-8 PLA\pDvd 7 The title of this report is marked changed to ¢ identify the true full mame of the subject FREDERICK PETER : PRO, formerly carried as FREDERICK N. P. PRO, the full name Of RAYMOND WALSH i BASZNER, and to feciuds the’ alise ef *Covsoy" for ROY EVERETT SMITH. oe REFERENCE: = 21 p7e _ Memphis report of 8) MMMM cated 11/16/77, -~ SE COVER PAGE B) a wETILE 196-31 ———_ ve ee ONE PME ODM 2 IO COPIE: (®- pareau (87-143601) (1 = Fraud Section, USDJ, BOB BICKEY) USA, Memphis (AUSA JOE DYCUS) Boston (87-19010) (Info) Charlotte (Info) Chicago (87-46088B) (Info) Qi = Chicago Strike Force, GARY SHAPIRO) Cleveland (Info) Cle a id Strike Force, M, MICHAELSON) = Houston (87-16192) (Info) = Indianapolis (87-22738) (Info) = Los Angeles (; = Louisville (8: = Miami (196-6! (into! (1 = Miami Strike Force, JAY MOSKOWITZ) Wewark (196-16) (Info) New Haven (87-10845) (Info) New Orleans (196-24) (Info) New York (196-66) (Info) @2_ = USA, SDNY, JAKE LAUFER) +, Philadelphia (196-63) (Info) ‘= Tampa (87-13132) } Memphis (196-21) Co ee a oy venue Leap: MEMPHIS DIVISION a AT MEMPHIS, THO, W121 follow and report prosecution in this matter. ADMINISTRATIVE: Mo leads are being set forth in this report for auxiliary offices as all leads are being handled on an xpedite basis and Rave previously been set forth by numerous Anteroffice communications, too voluminous to list as references in this report. coves pace . a gh ‘ME 196-21 Information copies of this report are being ¢ furnished those offices having an investigative interest.