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62-6782 that the advertisers control the newspapers and that he nade true reports but that had nothing to do with what was actually printed. UcWTLLTAMS came onto the pletform with a lerge searchlight yi said that if there was any heckling ke would shine the Licht 3p such persone go thet the police, who seened to have bad eyesight, could rensve the hec'lers fron the erowl. McviLLL. 5 sai: that now that the ancricen Destiny Party had been criven to the streets he would rive the "Eskimos" and the administre?ion »lenty to worry about as he expected to get two more covered wazons and hold three neetings every night. at this point a heckler shouted thet HITIER was payinz for the covered wagons, and the police removed hin. McALLLMS praised HITLER and MUSSOLINI for the inturest they have in their nations and said he believed Ireland would noon be free and England would be crushed. He suid thet ualess 7-u praise Ene- lan? ani France which are controlled by "Eskinos" you are called a Fifth Columnist. g. 7 On July 3, 1940, a mecting of the Christicn Mobilizers / wos held ct Bbling's Gasino. About 150 persons were present. LOUIS HELIOND was chairman. Chief NE LOON stated thet the Jews were running the government and that, of 3800 persons employed in one section of the Census Division on a Jewish holiday 3300 of then'were off. He said the cold in the hills of Kentucky wes omed by Jews and americans wore paying heavily to protect this Jewish 21th. JOSEPH McuILLIAS spoke and mentioned that he had re- ccived two letters from different states. One of thesc xcs signed Jour PiuAiLTON" end came from Hassachusetts. HILTON is alleged to hafe stated thet we need a man in this nation like HITLER. WCUILLIWIS spoke of the coning presidenticl election and seid that while he would not cone out completely for WENDSLL WILLKIE at this Ame he did believe he was better than KOUSKVKLT. MciILLIANS did fnot seen to be able to jet hinself straightened out on WILLKIE inasmuch 2s one minute he was preising hin and in the next minute eriticizin: hin. A mecting of the American Destiny Party was held on , duly 5, 1940, on the strect at 85th Street and First Avenue. LOUIS HELMOND was chairman. Zbout 400 persons were present. onsen foxes, leader of the Netional Gentile League, Washington, D. C., sp2ke of conditions fn “lashington., He urged the election of i are GHEBLER. WILLLUS to fight side by side with{ THORKELSON -10- 62-6782 JOSEPH UcHILLIAMS spoke and accused England of being the greatest war-nongering country in the world and trying to involve e United States in the present war because ele 15 standing on fer last. eg. Fe raid England went so far as to sink her om ship, the a, which nas bringing Anerican citizens to this country as they trou it wuld arouse the American raople to speak of nothing but war. Fe caid he thought the bonb chica explodes at the Worl.t's Fair dal been planted by the Britict in crder to ecin the synp-thy of the Anerican people. He stated sist. certain people call FORD end LINDBERGH Fifth Columnists, and tnat if these great men were Fifth Columnists he was proud to be £: their class. He said the’ when he was taken to court for his rpeochos it cost hin one thousand dollars in trials but that he got at luest ten thou- sand dollars’ worth of publicity from thom. Hc predicted that when he was elected to Congress he would blow the lid off the edninis- A. fration in Washington. A meeting of the american Destiny Perty was held on g july 6, 1940, on the street at 7rd sip east of First avenue. About 600 persons were present. DONALDYCASANOVA was chairman. he spevkers platform was on a covered #agon. JiMES DOWNEY spoke and stated that President ROOSEVELT wes @ failure end should step eside and allow someone else to have a chance of solving our problems. He scid the British are traitors because they allowed Poland, Czechoslovakia, and France to fall. He claimed the Internationalists (Jews) were trying to involve us jh the war and would do so unless we support men such as RUSH HOLT, jenator WHEELER, and McWILLTAMS. DONALD SHEA, Washington, D. C., spoke end blamed the sufferings of the Americans on the manipulations of the government igi the value of gold. He claimed that a certain element was trying 0 take away the right of free speech to real Americans. He praised Senator WHBELER, RUSH HOLY, Congressman THORKELSON, and McWILLTAMS. JAMES STEWART spoke and stated that an indication of the intolerance used against persons who fight for Christian ideals was thet. he uns arrested and brought to polfee headquarters at 12 3'clock at night ond questioned regarding the bonbing of the World's Fair and clained that he had never been arrested in his life end had fought and been wounded defending this country. Saas 4-750 (Rer. 41785), XXXXXX, XXXKRX XBXXXX, FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION FOIPA DELETED PAGE INFORMATION SHEET —— _Pago(s! withhold entirely at this location in the file. One or mote of the following statements, where indicated, explain this deletion. 12 _ Deleted under exemptions) with no segregable material available for release to you (Infomation pertained only to a third party with no reference to you or the subject of your request. Infomation pertained vuly t « Wuird party. Your name is listed in the title only, 1 _ Documents originated with another Government agencyties). These documents were refered to that agency(es) for review and direct response to you. —— _ Pages contain information furnished by another Government ageney(ies). 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