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WTA Tt Was announeed that Frank Sinatra would be one of the speakers at a mass meeting scheduled to be held on September 2h, 1945, ab Madison Square Garden, New York City, on behalf of Republican Spain. This meeting was arranged by the Spanish Refugee Appeal of the Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Comittee. September 6, 195, issue of "The Witness! 100-21,6705-17, page 3+ Sinatra was scheduled to speak at a dinner arranged by the Joint scist Refuges Counittee to be held in New York around May 7, 1946. c wl) os Angeles report, July 3, 1946 Ret "Joseph Walton Losey, was., IS-R" 100-3L3466-17. 100-343168-39. ‘The Attorney General has cited the Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee. Anti. Je Mobilization for Democracy Gerald L, K+ Smith addressed a petition dated January 30, 1916, to the Congressional Committee investigating un-Anerican activities in which he stated: "In a recent appearance in Los Angeles where I spoke at the Polytechnic High School by the unanimous consent of the School Board, a group of Hollywood stars in cooperation with the Mobilization for Democracy organized a mob picket line of 20,000 peoples Among those who financed and gave moral support to tho organization of the mod were Bddie Cantor, Orson Welles, Biward G. Robinson, Frank Sinatra and others." (100-92526-S1l) ‘The California Comittee on Un-American Activities described the Mobilization for Democracy as one of the "key Communist fronts in california" in its 1947 report. On January 31, 1946, a committee was reportedly organized under the leadership of Frank Sinatra for the purpose of leading a march on the offices of the Los Angeles City officials to protest permitting Gerald Ls Ks Smith to hold any more public meetings in Los Angeles. Weekly Intelligence Swmary, No. 111, for the period February 2-9, 1946, prepared by the 9th Service Comand, Amy Service Forces. 100-760-3587 « 36 cs p07 CUR eon Uipy bil K, Marodni Glasnik" ‘The 1946 "Croatian Netional Almanac", printed and distributed by MYarodni Glasnik", supra, contained an article on page 197 entitled "We're All Anericans-Ke're All Imnigrants" by Frank Sinatra. (100-10123-158) L. Mew Basses" Frank Sinatra reportedly received an award "for his courageous fight on behalf of all minorities" at a dinner arranged by ‘New Masses" at the Hotel Coneiore at New York Gity on Jamary 14, 1946, It was reported that avards wore made to 22 "people's heroes" at this affair. “Daily Worker", December 25, 1945, page 11; January 16, 1946, page 8. 61-9182-4 It js to be noted that there is no proof available thet Sinatra personally attended this affair other than that which appeared in the "Daily Worker" and other New York newspepers. This affair was not covered by Agents of the New York Office or informants. Kenorandum from A. Rosen to kir. Bs Ae ‘Tomn dated April 19, 1947 Re: "Frank Albert Sinatra, with aliases, Information Concerning! 62-83219-7 Mew Masses" was described as a "Nationally circulated weekly Journal of the Communist Party" in the liarch 29, 1944 report of the House Comittee on Un-American Activities. M, Southern Conference for Hunan Welfare Frank Sinatra reportedly served as master of cerenonies for a Southern Conference for Human Welfare dinner held on December 16, 1946, at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City. Weekly Intelligence Summary, December 13, 1946, Military District of Taghington, D.C. 100-760-369, page 6. sl CONFIKENTIAY ia z oS nn The March 29, 1944, report of the House Comittee on Un- Amorican Activities oited the Southern Conference for Huan Welfare as a Communist front and the 1948 report of the California Comittee on Un-American Activities described this organization as typical of capletely Comunist created ani controlled organizatiom in the civic committes field. SO} TIONS OF COMMUNIST FRONT On January 24, 19.7 MED furnished a report setting forth the informants analysis and vic: ‘the Conmunist Party and its front organizations based on the informants long association with the party. Informant pointed out that the Communist Party used well known figures as drawing cards to attract people to front meetings and to influence them in joining the organization. The informant named Frank Sinatra sneng a group of praninent stage and screen stars, who had been used by the Farty for this See On April 12, 1948, Myron C. Fagan made a speech at the EL Patio Theater, city not named but apparently in Hollywood, during which he discussed Gommunion in the motion picture industry, lle included Prank Sinatra in a group of persona whan he described as "outright Rede who held Communist membership cards under fictitious names; same are members of Red front organizations, sane are fellow travelere, gone are merely poor fools who seek to ingratiate themselves with the Comrades by giving them financial aid or moral support." Pamphlet "Red Stare in Hollywood" published by the Patriotic Tract Society, P.O. Box 103, St. Louis, Missouri. 100-138754~526 61-10149-810 A news article of June 9, 1949, concerning a report issued by the California Comittee on Un-American Activities, listing mmerous motion pioture personages, writers,musicians and others as supporters of the Communist Party line, listed sone of the individuals naned in the Committee's report. Frank Sinatra was included in this listing.