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Stage 2.

Hayabusa turbo kit 400hp at tyre / 450hp at engine @ 22psi

Turbo Kit Parts
Modified Garrett GT30-71R turbo and wastegate 1,050.00
Headers 500.00
aluminium airbox plenum 260.00
50mm turbosmart billet Blow off Valve 180.00
brackets and fasteners 30.00
oil feed line and fittings to turbo 40.00
oil return line and fittings from turbo 60.00
Air hoses and joining pieces 60.00
oil cooler hoses and fittings 50.00
vacuum and fuel hoses and fittings 50.00
air filter 40.00
Parts Total 2,320.00
Engine Kit Parts
Turbo pistons 450.00
Carrillo Conrods 750.00
Adjustable Cam sprockets 140.00
Cometic head gasket 50.00
cyl' barrel spacer 50.00
12mm cylinder stud conversion inc studs and spacers 150.00
clutch spring kit with spacers and bolts 50.00
Parts Total 1,640.00
uprated injectors 690cc and fitting kit, spacers, clips, etc 260.00
Fuel pump 150.00
Turbosmart FPR800 Rising Rate Fuel regulator 110.00
Parts Total 520.00
Parts and Labour Total 4,480.00
Engine Labour 450.00
Electrical Parts
MBE 9A4 ecu complete stand alone system
full wiring harness 400.00
injector sub harness 50.00
boost harness and 3 bar Map sensor 80.00
9A4 ecu (fully mapable, ign, fuel, boost, temp and pressure compensations, etc) 530.00
Parts Total 1,060.00
Optional / Recommended Extras:
Dyno time to run in and mapping 250.00
intercooler 400.00
charge cooler and water pump (also requires secondary radiator) 550.00
St.St link pipe turbo to silencer 170.00
Turbosmart Eboost 2 electronic 6 stage boost controller 330.00
MBE 985 dash and wiring loom 420.00
Heavy duty output shaft 260.00
Output shaft drive flange to suit new shaft splines 40.00
All prices excluding UK vat @ 17.5