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Minutes of the September 21, 2010 Board Meeting of the Pine Forest Property Owners


Aqua Community Room, 415 Old Austin Hwy., Bastrop, Texas

Present: Bill Haschke, Treasurer Jim Mack, Vice-President

Anne Deshotels, Member Nella Gravenstein, Member

Sue Lane McCulley, Secretary John Clark, Board Member

Tom Arcy, ACC

Item 1 of the Agenda: The meeting was called to order by Mack at 7:05PM.

Item 2 of the Agenda: Haschke moved and Clark seconded that the minutes of the June 15, 2010
meeting be approved as submitted; motion carried.

Item 3 of the Agenda: Clark moved and Deshotels seconded that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted
as presented; motion carried. Report attached.

Item 4 of the Agenda: Road Committee report attached. Clark reported that the washout on Mauna
Loa had been repaired at no expense to the PFPOA. Clark opened the discussion about creating a reserve
fund for emergencies such as the washout on Mauna Loa, noting that there were very few places where
PFPOA is liable. After several comments, McCulley moved and Deshotels seconded that the Roads
Committee Chairman can act solely at his discretion in the case of a road emergency. The motion passed
with one abstention from Haschke.

Item 5a of the Agenda: Arcy named the members of the Architectural Control Committee and said
that the website may need updating.

Item 5b of the Agenda: There is no appeal process for decisions made by the ACC.

Item 5c of the Agenda: Arcy will provide the Board with the terms of current members and the
election process.

Unscheduled Item: Mack has received reports/complaints/questions about keeping poultry in the
subdivision. Arcy will check into it.

Item 6a of the Agenda: Tabled until the October meeting.

Item 6b of the Agenda: Gravenstein visited with Paul Jamison about his charges and expressed her
opinion that the charges are fair.

Item 6c of the Agenda: Haschke reported that no date for the foreclosure sale has been set. He also
relayed Adam Pugh’s interpretation of the Deed Restrictions that PFPOA has a continuing lien, thus
negating the four-year statutory limit is no lien as been filed.

Item 7a i-v of the Agenda: Clark will prepare a plan of presentation for the annual meeting in February.

Item 8 of the Agenda: The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue Lane McCulley, Secretary September 27, 2010