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Discover Your Passion

Discover Your Passion

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Published by: dmh157 on Nov 15, 2010
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Discover Your Passion in 5 Days

By Henri Junttila

The world isn’t feeling well right now. but others as well. The solution is to be aware of your fears and allow them to be there. so you are aware of what is going on and what your blocks may be. women and in some cases children out there waiting for you to share your story and experiences. It’s up to you to change yourself. It is up to you to make this work. This journey can be scary. the harder they will bounce back. it is intended to shine a light on them. The further away you push your fears. but ultimately the reward you will get is MORE than worth it. you will affect other people. The Benefits of Finding Your Passion Do you want to be fulfilled? Do you want to be truly happy? Do you want to feel like you’re contributing something to the world? By finding your passion you’re not only helping yourself.Discover Your Passion – Day One: Four Common Fears Exposed While this day is not intended to solve your problems. There are men. I’m sure you have a lot of questions right now. follow your excitement and start the change from within yourself. Nothing awesome happens by itself. If you follow your passion. but set those aside for now and focus on finding and following your passion. In fact. It’s easy to try and push away and avoid your fears. but this isn’t a long-term solution. I’m not going to lie. . You choose your reality. You are the one responsible for how you feel. which is exactly why you need to step up. Do you want to go back to living your life and wondering if you could have followed your passion OR do you want to realize your true potential and live life to the fullest? I’m going to assume you’re like me and like the sound of the latter. I guarantee it. it has a rubber-band effect that will come back and bite you. It’s not up to you to change the world. and enjoy life.

The reason so many give up and settle for the 9-to-5 is because they aren’t willing to face their fears. fear really isn’t that bad once you get to know it. It’s what makes life fun. you will run into fear. . 1. but in reality they do not exist. I may be writing an article and suddenly get struck by writer’s block and feel fearful. while someone else may be thankful for being alive and in general focusing on the positive things in life. You can see this in people who constantly try to control their surroundings and plan everything to the smallest detail. At that time I usually take a deep breath and look at what my body. We all want security and guarantees. a lot. 2. To be honest. Am I afraid of what others think? Is my fear really necessary for my progress or is it just an old program from my childhood? Fear of the unknown is just a signal from your body telling you that “hey.With all that said. there are a few common fears you may bump into. sometimes you may run into some bad experiences. Have you ever thought about why two people can experience the same thing – like a car crash – but come out of it with completely different experiences and emotions? One person may be miserable. you’re doing something new. They are illusions. If you want to grow as a human being. Fear doesn’t necessarily have to control you. You’ll never reach your dreams and live a happy life. Being aware of what they are will help you deal with them. Fear of the Unknown Will it all work out? Will you be happy if you follow your passion? Will you be able to make a living? Fear of the unknown is one of the biggest obstacles and one of the main reasons why people stay put. Do you really want security and predictability? When you think about it you’ll notice that having some mystery in your life is what makes things interesting. mind or soul is trying to tell me. They are stressed out and constantly worried. Look at fear as a friend that’s there to help you. but my fear is almost always pointing at something that needs my attention. take it easy”. Our mind is not made to know how things will happen. or will you? Sometimes it’s wise to doubt your doubts. Fear of Failure What if you “pick” the wrong passion? What if you spend all this time for nothing? You just aren’t up for this. I go through cycles of fear all the time. Sure. Sometimes they are intense and sometimes they are mild. but it’s all a part of the game. making excuses and cursing everyone involved. You choose your reaction.

You have to work hard and really want it. Circumstances have changed. Your probability of success sky-rockets and you start heading for your goals at lightning speed. There will always be challenges on your path.” Sometimes it’ll be a memory from my childhood reminding me that I’m unsafe and that I shouldn’t be doing what I’m doing. you never learn. I’m not saying things will magically fall into place. Everyone keeps telling you that you’re not supposed to follow your passion. You wanna know my secret for being okay with this fear? I take small steps. Some people are better at this than others. I certainly would consider myself a master at it. I had no idea what I was doing. Working at a job you hate might not feel so bad when you think about the fact that it pays the bills. Loss of Security Loss of security is one of my biggest fears. This goes hand in hand with fear of the unknown. You’re committed and suddenly everyone wants to help you. Ever since you were born you have been told not to try. but I would like to try something new. you can dramatically reduce or even eliminate the fearfactor. you’ll often feel relief. Do you want to live a life of security or do you want to live a life that fulfills you and helps others? That is the question you ultimately have you ask yourself. If you never fail. When the fear arises. I say “okay fear.We always fear the worst. It seems counter-intuitive. it’s like you jump from an old 1985 Volvo into a space ship. T. You’re supposed to get a job and be happy with what you’ve got. But I have to remind myself that I am not a child anymore. By redefining failure not as something that hurts you. and I have a hunch it’s pretty high up on your list too. Giving up wasn’t an option. I knew I wanted to follow my passion. As I kept going and taking action despite of my confusion. When you can be okay with failure. When I started the Wake Up Cloud. I see you and I hear what you’re saying. but I’ve discovered that by allowing the feeling to just be in my body helps tremendously. 3. but as something that you can learn from. everything eventually worked itself out. but when you stop trying to resist the emotion and embrace it. They can always be overcome. Something interesting happens when you eliminate the option of giving up. But this security is ultimately an illusion. . which manifests as fear of failure. Not having money and not being able to support yourself and those around you is scary as hell.V and society in general. friends. Even the universe conspires to help you succeed. You’ve been programmed by your parents. I was afraid of failure.

The reason you often face resistance when doing something new is because it’s uncomfortable. That way you work with your fears and let them know that you respect them. What will your friends say? How will your family react to your nonsense? Will the people you love support you? When I started playing online poker at the tender age of 18. I knew what I was doing. or talented. Don’t worry. so if you got hurt by a cat at the age of 7. 4. After a while I had built up a significant amount of money. but I like to be practical.The human brain is smart. Sometimes you have to go at it alone just to show people that it’s possible. You see how this works? The same is true for what you believe can and cannot be done. most people have the same limiting beliefs that you and I once had. We all have this fear and overcoming it doesn’t happen overnight. If you succeed at making your passion a reality. if people don’t like you for who you truly are. you can start taking small steps towards building a business around your passion. . you’ll start to hear that you’re lucky. It won’t happen overnight. but give it time. you will get closer. at which point people started supporting and believing me. but it can get you in trouble. Just shedding some light on the darkness will start the snowball rolling. It’s up to us to lead and show that life can be awesome. I’m well aware of how many people are telling you to quit your job. It’s the fear of the unknown kicking in for the people around you. you can be sure that I faced a lot of resistance from friends and family. If you’re currently working a job you’re not in love with. Can you see how big that is and why it would cause resistance? Friends come and go. In fact. but with each step. I’d recommend you stay at your job as long as possible while building up a profitable business. although it certainly can and has for some. When you’ve worked hard and started gaining momentum. People say this to avoid taking responsibility for their own lives. especially if you decide to start growing spiritually and follow your purpose in life. you will attract new people that are a better match for you. You don’t have to quit your job. You don’t have to quit your job and make everything happen overnight. Fear of What Others Think Fear of what others think also lives by another name: fear of rejection. that means they have to get started too. This may feel overwhelming right now. It’s good at generalizing. why would you want to be friends with them? It works as a filter. you may think cats are bad and dangerous. Look at it like this. Most people don’t like that. I started small to minimize the risk while I learned. Know that you’re heading towards making your passion a reality and trust that it will happen. You see.

Its effectiveness lies in its simplicity. I have truly begun to understand what passion means for me. so I didn’t do anything and just went on living my life and accepting mediocrity. The real secret to finding your passion isn’t about identifying some huge goal or undertaking. The Elimination Method The elimination method is something I use when I have trouble deciding on what action to take. I am extremely passionate about helping people unleash their true potential and increase their freedom. but it really is that simple. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:     What makes you lose track of time? What would you do for free? What do you do in your spare time? What would you do if you couldn’t fail? For example. but it doesn’t work. Your next step is to identify what you feel ridiculously excited about. You basically brainstorm a list of topics and then start comparing them to each other until you only have one left. let’s pick three things: .Discover Your Passion – Day Two: How to Find Your Passion and Love Life! For the longest time I was confused about how to find my passion. Just to keep it simple. We like to make things complex. This is what has been missing in my life. you have to trust yourself and your inner guidance. Now that I’ve finally realized that life is about helping and sharing. I know this sounds vague. It is about following your excitement and doing what makes you happy. If you really want to live your life to the fullest. I’ve been chasing money for so long.

See it as a game and something fun. you then compare it to cats and you find that you are more passionate about cats. In that case you should just go ahead and pick one that is the easiest for you to take action on. let’s say you pick gardening.   Gardening Cats Tea Take one – it doesn’t matter which one – and start comparing it to the others. try it out and see how it feels. because it doesn’t really matter. This may seem like a lot of going back and forth. then just pick one. If it wasn’t right. Getting too serious will block you from moving forward. but realize that it doesn’t matter if you pick something that isn’t your absolute highest passion. I was guilty of this too. If they all are equally easy. because that is what it should be! Making a decision and sticking to it relentlessly leads to resentment and hate. Remember. Taking massive action will help you find your passion fast. Things don’t have to be perfect. Why? Because you learn as much from picking the “wrong” thing as you do from picking the right one. At this point you can discard gardening and start using cats. Pick something. Remember. . What If? What if you pick the wrong passion? What if things don’t work out? These are natural fears we all have. The number one mistake most people make is trying to get everything perfect before taking action. This was and is the method that I used to find my passion. but try it for a while and you’ll see that it works. one by one. Sometimes you have two or three things that excite you and they’re all equally exciting. It doesn’t work and it wasn’t until I realized that I had to start trying different things that I found what I truly cared about. For example. you do not have to give up everything to follow your passion. just get started! Write down all of the subjects you’re interested in and run through this process and see what comes out on top. keep it fun and playful. Your list then looks something like this:    Cats Tea Gardening Now you compare cats to tea and find that you are more passionate about cats. for example. you’ll realize it and your excitement will fade. Take small steps and try the tips I’ve given here on your spare time. At that time all you have to do is go to the thing that excites you right now. You’ve just found your passion and a good starting point.

but they kept at it because they were supposed to. they knew it. Don’t worry about that. Look at how they are making money. but it can definitely be done. . I’ve written an article on the topic. but how are you supposed to make money following your passion? We’ve been told all our lives that we can’t follow our dreams and make a living. Remember. For example. What About Money? I know you’re probably thinking that this all sounds great. and start taking action. There are several different ways you can monetize your blog or website. Pick one that you like.I bet you know a few people like this. I’m living proof of that. so don’t worry about missing out on the rest if you pick one. Keep brainstorming and thinking about your passion. There are always opportunities if you’re ready to work hard. but nothing happens until you make a decision. you probably have many passions. They picked the wrong thing. Most people are so afraid of missing out that they never get started. what they write about and everything else. You can always switch in the future. You can make money following your passion. The reality is that you have to pick one to make it a reality. you could:       Sell your own products Sell someone else’s products Sell advertising Freelance Coach Consult If you want a more detailed view of how you can make money following your passion. You can read it here. It isn’t a walk in the park. It’s complete bullshit. You could even contact them and ask a few questions. Begin looking at the people who are already successful with what you want to do.

It certainly was scary for me the first time I started taking action.Discover Your Passion – Day Three: Taking Action and Realizing Your Dreams! It’s easy to read. Think about your ultimate goal. I then send them an e-mail and ask them a few questions. Where would you like to be? What does your ideal life look like? When you can imagine that. but nothing really happens until you start taking action. so I set out to find one that could help me with my new direction. Finding mentors and people that can help you is not always easy. Sit down right now and think about what you can do. remember to be friendly and respect their time. Today your assignment is to do something that takes you one step closer to your passion. In that case. All of those feelings will be stronger than the little speck of fear. such as happiness. they might not. The important thing is to keep looking until you find someone who has the time and is willing to help. Finding a mentor has been tremendously helpful for me in becoming a successful poker player. because most people are busy and they do not want to help you unless you’ve shown that you’re serious. fulfillment and love. joy. do it! How to Find a Mentor Getting in touch with someone who already knows how things work is huge and will speed up your progress tremendously. The most important step is engaging in the community and letting people know you exist. . you have to start taking action towards your goal. I always look for someone who is already doing what I want to do. Let’s look at an example from my own life: once I realized I wanted to help light the spark in others. I know this may be scary. you’ll feel all sorts of feelings. I started thinking about how I could put my plan into action. You may even know what to do right now. If you do this. They might be able to help you. So if you want to find someone that can help you.

You could search for forums and communities that talk about gardening. . If you feel like you’re being drawn in a particular direction. show that you’re serious and befriend them. How I Did It When I first started learning poker back in 2004. I started by reading books and hanging out in online forums. Let’s say you’re into gardening and want to learn how to get better at it and turn it into a living. don’t worry. How to Leverage the Internet If you can’t find a mentor. but if it doesn’t. Once you start following your excitement. These are all just examples of what you can do. there are plenty of options out there that can help you get started. but the best. but taking steps in the right direction is what really counts. After I practiced on my own for a while and had a few hundred posts on the forum. Things do not have to be done in a conventional way. There are no rules you have to follow. When you do this you’ll see that there is an amazing amount of opportunities just waiting for you. You might not be able to do this yet and I know I certainly can’t. Life is an adventure that should be lived to its fullest. I’ve gotten many e-mails about what I recommend if you want to create a profitable blog. Staying with gardening . It just has to be someone one step ahead of you. there are thousands of courses. just follow your heart. Step out of the box for a second and get creative.A mentor does not have to be someone famous or incredibly awesome. already doing what you want to do. I started sending personal messages to my favorite forum posters and asking if they wanted to chat on Skype or instant messenger. and most affordable option that I’ve found is Become A Blogger. Get active in the forum. it’ll be too fun to stop. trust your inner guidance and see where it leads. . Forums are usually filled with people just like you. Another cheap way to get your feet wet is to join a forum. Sometimes when you start taking action everything just seems to fall into place. . don’t worry. You could also look for blogs and people already selling gardening products. books. courses or even consulting. as I alluded to above. and eBooks out there. You could even get a course to get started. so you have to learn the ropes and figure out who really knows their stuff. Think about what you can do on your own to get some experience. Get in touch with these people and see if they’re interested in helping you. I’ve looked through a lot of different training programs.

When I started my blog. because everyone seemed to be so busy and successful. This never happened in the poker world. Fast forward a few years .I was scared at first. so I could avoid the most common mistakes. I started looking for someone who could teach me how to become a blogging superstar. so I had to find something else. . This is when I joined a blogging training program. because I thought everyone would turn me down. I had a hard time finding people to connect with. but the large majority said yes and we then proceeded to talk poker strategy and progress through the ranks together. . and get right into taking the steps that would produce results. When I had my passion clear and knew what I wanted. .

Discover Your Passion – Day Four: How to Know You’re On The Right Track Synchronicity When you’re following your passion you’ll start to experience synchronicity. I had been procrastinating for the longest time because I did not know what to do. I know this may sound like new-age woo woo stuff. Sometimes they take time and sometimes you aren’t noticing them. right? It just so happens that this course was exactly what I needed and was the key to my success. setting-up hosting and getting those things done. You might not even be aware of them yet. I told you about this yesterday. Coincidences will start to happen more and more often. Flow As you start living your life more in line with your true purpose. I wasn’t so sure. I had everything laid out in front of me. I just had to follow the program step-by-step. . This usually happens when you’ve started taking action and showing that you’re serious. These coincidences are not a coincidence When you follow your passion. When I first read about it. You’re in for a nice surprise when they do start. the universe will support you by giving you the tools you need. Don’t worry if you’re not seeing synchronicities right away. I suddenly got an e-mail from Chris Garrett. A good example is when I started the Wake Up Cloud. you’ll notice that everything just seems to flow effortlessly and the universe is out to help you. As long as you’re feeling great following what you think is your passion. you’re on the right track. but when I started seeing it. Once I started brainstorming my domain name. but these are things I have witnessed in my own life. Flow goes hand in hand with synchronicity. Everything seems to be happening in remarkably good timing. I was a believer.

If. . When you realize you can use them as signposts. Anxiety and Fear vs. because you’re too busy enjoying yourself. you get my point . the better you feel the more you’re heading in the right direction and the worse you feel… well. What is the point of getting information if you’re not going to apply it? I’ve noticed this in my own life and encourage you to try it out for yourself. Think about how you feel doing something you don’t want to do. For others it is a soul killing trap. Time just seems to fly when you’re doing something you love. There can be no inspiration without someone on the other end asking for it. it really opens up a new world. Trust Your Feelings Your feelings are your friends when it comes to confirming that you’re on the right path. For some this may be what their passion and excitement guides them to. but inspiration comes when you start taking action. anxiety and fear can be mistaken for excitement. there is no doubt that you will be inspired in one way or another. You will feel great when you’re heading in the right direction. but we’ll cover that in a minute. Of course. you’re heading in the wrong direction. you’ll feel bad. You may even be blocking inspiration because you do not really know how to use it. By finding your passion and following it. Search your feelings and feel the force. doesn’t it? Now I know many may object and say “I don’t know what I feel”.Inspiration Many people complain about not feeling inspired. but that’s just another way of saying that you aren’t following your passion yet. That’s the feeling I’m talking about. Excitement It can be hard to distinguish anxiety from excitement. It’s easy to take feelings for granted and look at them as a nuisance. which is exactly what a lot of people do. There are a lot of shoulds in our lives today. We are all here to share something. however. What makes you buzz with excitement? What do you want to do right now? I am not talking about watching TV or eating pizza either and you now that! Use your feelings to guide you. Let your feelings be your guide. which can make you think you SHOULD head in a direction when you really do not want to. Some may decide on a “secure” conformist path set by their peers and parents out of fear and complacency. You cannot feel bad if you’re doing what you love.

as much as possible and even if something seems weird or even unnecessary. you’ll see that it really works and takes you places you could have never imagined. if you’re being guided towards it and it feels great. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. just do it! When you start embodying this mindset.By following your true excitement. you will be guided to where you need to go. Life is about living in joy. There will always be challenges. They are there to see if you’re really serious about following your excitement. when you need to be there. You do not have to know everything that will happen. Your dreams can come true and you can be happy. but they are there to keep the tire kickers out. . you only have to trust that you will be where you need to be.

don’t worry. Write down your biggest fears and how you think or feel that they are stopping you. it can take a few days to melt in.Discover Your Passion – Day Five: Your Passion Blueprint We’ve covered a lot of ground and it’s time to wrap everything up in a nice little ball that you can get a handle on. You also have to take responsibility for making this work. if you really need them. I am afraid all the time. The important thing right now is to get all of this information into practical steps that you can follow and apply. but you do not have to be a slave to them. You’re the one that has to walk through it. However. With all that said. By being aware of the patterns you can acknowledge them. get a pen and piece of paper and let’s jump right into it… Fears 1. it’s about working hard and being persistent. None of this really matters if you cannot apply it into your own life. everyone is afraid. they’ll still be there later on waiting for you. 2. nudging you to be careful or taking a step back and looking at something from a different perspective. 3. The fear is always there to tell you something. I had my own set of doubts when I got serious about following my passion. I do not want this to be another one of those guides that is a pleasant read. you just never know what will happen. If all this seems confusing. Use it as feedback and learn from it. There are just different methods of dealing with your fear. but I keep my focus on my purpose. Fear does not have to control you. . but ultimately does nothing. but it can also happen instantly and resolve itself right now. I want to help you break free from the chains of illusion and show you the door to passion land. I can only show you the door. There is no such thing as fearless. Being afraid is normal. I’m sure you have a lot of questions. You can set those aside for now. Making things work is not about talent or getting lucky. it’s okay.

Relax. Listen to your feelings. Join the community. Use the elimination method to determine what you are most passionate about at this very moment. If you feel any fear or apprehension. Enjoy. see how it feels to share and talk with others that are interested in the same thing. it’s your responsibility to create the life you want! 3. Once you’ve picked your passion. just go crazy and let everything come out. 2. Go at a pace that feels good to you. frustrating and aggravating. Interpret. Remember. This is a fun process so don’t take it too seriously. It’s like test driving a car or trying on new clothes. it’s okay. When we start taking things seriously they become boring. The best way would be to use an audio recorder. They don’t take anything seriously. Start exploring. Then you can be completely spontaneous. just pick something and start doing. Get your baby-mode on and just try new stuff. but I kept going and I am glad I did. Don’t censor yourself. Start interacting and connecting. I was scared a lot in the beginning of starting my blog. Utilize it ruthlessly until you find something that you’re even remotely passionate about. just pick one and try it out. Look at young children. join a forum and find some blogs. because being serious isn’t fun.Identify Your Passion 1. unless you want to keep living the way you are now. If this is your passion. the steps do not have to be big and you do not have to do anything hasty. 3. If you’re stuck with more than one passion that you really like. that’s how you grow. Remember. All of this is of no use unless you take action and actually find your passion. Do you feel good? 2. You can’t know how it feels until you drive the car or put on the clothes. As long as you’re making progress. See how it feels. just keep going. you’re doing fine. It’s okay to fail and make mistakes. It doesn’t matter if you’re not sure. It’s simple. that is the only way. See what happens and let go of any expectations. 2. Do this now. 3. When you’re posting your thoughts in the forum and leaving comments. Get out there and start doing stuff. Investigate 1. Relax and Enjoy 1. Create a list of things that you’re passionate about or like doing. Listen 1. yet powerful. . Get your hands dirty. Start thinking about how you can contribute to the community in your own way.

Keep rocking. There is no need to control everything that happens or to know what will happen. visit my blog. you can visit the Passionate Living website and see if it resonates with you. Allow yourself to follow your feelings and see where they take you. Life can be tough or life can be fun. a quick-start blueprint. Stop making excuses and think about the first step you can take right now to get closer to your dream life. It came from feedback from my readers. and interviews with three people that have gone from nothing to getting paid to do what they love. This is what it is all about. and showed how they could be overcome (it’s much easier than you think). It contains the main book. This is what life is about. I’ve created a course called Passionate Living. the Wake Up Cloud. interviews and life-changing material. But the good thing is that when you’re following your passion you’ll love every step you take. Passionate Living is a fantastic place to start according to the testimonials from happy customers. I am not going to lie. worksheets. Henri Junttila http://www. Release control. That’s all I have for you right now. Making Your Passion a Reality If you want to take this to the next level. it takes persistence and dedication. so if you’re interested. In it I took the most common obstacles people had. even if it is tough.wakeupcloud.2. 3. Play with your thoughts. If you want to follow your passion and make it work. It’s doing what you truly love and following your heart.com/ . Doing this will only put a strain on your mind and probably cause unnecessary hardship. pulled them apart. If you’re interested in finally living the life you’ve always wanted to live. For more articles. you are the one in the driver’s seat. I’m not going to go into more detail here. Now What? Start putting everything into action.

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