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Anxiety related to c
 is Goal:
disease process as the second most After 8 hours of
evidenced by common cancer nursing
fatigue, pallor, affecting women intervention the
diminished worldwide and is client will appear
productivity, significant cause relaxed and
faintness sleep of morbidity and report anxiety is
disturbance and mortality, reduced to a
difficulty in particularly in the manageable level
concentration developing world
where more than Objective: -Monitor vital -Provides baseline Was the client
288,000 women After 1hour of signs. data able to reduce
die of this disease nursing anxiety?
each year. intervention the  Yes___ No___
Among women client will reduce -Encourage patient -Provides
between the ages anxiety to share thoughts opportunity to
of 20 and 39 and feelings examine realistic
years, cervical fears and
cancer is the misconceptions
second leading about diagnosis
cause of cancer
and leading cause -Provide open -Helps patient feel
of cancer deaths environment in accepted in
among women in which patient feels present condition
medically safe to discuss without feeling
underserved feelings or to judged and
countries. refrain from promotes sense of
talking. dignity and
  for control.
cervical cancer
are closely linked -Maintain frequent -Provides
to sexual contact with assurance that the
behaviour and patient. Talk with patient is not
sexually and touch patient alone or rejected;
transmitted as appropriate. conveys respect
infections. First for and
intercourse at an acceptance of the
early age, multiple person, fostering
sexual partners, trust.
or a sexual
partner who has -Explain the - The goal of
had a multiple recommended cancer treatment
treatment, its is to destroy
sexual partners purpose, and malignant cells
put a woman at potential side while minimizing
increased risk. effects. Help damage to normal
The human patient prepare for ones. Treatment
papilloma virus is treatments. may include
surgery (curative,
also a risk factor, preventive,
as are low palliative), as well
socioeconomic as chemotherapy,
status and radiation
cigarette smoking. external).
(Medical Surgical
Nursing by Black -Facilitates rest,
-Promote calm, conserves energy,
and Hawks, 8th quiet environment. and may enhance
edition, vol. 1,
coping abilities.
pages 267).

Signs and - Be alert to signs - Patient may use

symptoms of of defense
denial/depression, mechanism of
cervical cancer denial and
e.g., withdrawal,
manifested by the anger, express hope that
client inappropriate diagnosis is
remarks. inaccurate.
Determine Feelings of guilt,
presence of spiritual distress,
suicidal ideation physical
and assess symptoms, or lack
potential on a scale of cure may cause
of 1ʹ10. the patient to
withdrawn and
believe that
suicide is a viable

-Encourage and - Reduces feelings

foster patient of isolation. If
interaction with family support
support systems. systems are not
available, outside
sources may be
immediately, e.g.,
local cancer
support groups.

-Administer - May be useful
antianxiety for brief periods
medications, e.g., of time to help
lorazepam patient handle
(Ativan), feelings of anxiety
alprazolam related to
(Xanax), as diagnosis/
indicated. situation and/or
during periods of
high stress.

-Refer to additional - May be useful

resources for from time to time
counseling/support to assist
as needed. patient/SO in
dealing with