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Prepared by:
Anderson N. Atcho
Bighyper’s - 2009

Aka H. Assoumou

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Au thors’ Note
This brief collection of commonest hospitality and tourism terms is intended to
Ivorian students onto the HND program. As learners of English as a second
language, it will certainly be a useful resource at their earlier stage of induction
into the fascinating realm of English for hospitality and tourism. It was compiled
from online resources
Furthermore, this concise and easy-to-access gathering of basic hospitality terms
may be an ideal companion for anyone – professionals and students, e.g. - with an
interest in the field. It is available for free download. It is a modest contribution
of the authors, who desire most of all collaboration, cooperation, valued
comments and suggestions from anyone comfortable with the subject.
Please accept our sincere apologies for typing mistakes which may be seen hither
and thither; we shall be glad to be brought to notice and shall correct accordingly.
We look forwards to hearing back from you.

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Descriptive Words and Expressions on a Menu …………………….………..3.1. Common Tour Guiding Vocabulary ……………….……………...…………………………….……. Common Hotel Vocabulary ………………………………………………..……………………………………..……………………… 14 4.………………………………. . Nouns …………………………………………………………………………. Common Food & Drink Vocabulary …………….. 2 1.2...Page 3 of 26 . 24 always keep an eye on the ball !. TABLE DES MATIERES CONTENTS PAGES Author’s Note…………………………………………... 12 3. 4 2.. Adjectives ………………………………….. Verbs …………………………………………….…………………… 8 2. 8 2... 11 2..

bellboy/bellhop/ a staff member who helps guests The bellboy will take your bags pageboy noun with their luggage[chasseur/groom] to your room for you. we can book your noun centre [chambres voisines] parents in an adjoining room. deposit amount paid ahead of time to You will not receive your noun secure a reservation [caution] deposit back if you cancel. . COMMON HOTEL VOCABULARY WORD MEANING ILLUSTRATION part part speech f speech adjoining rooms two hotel rooms with a door in the If you want. check-out return the keys and pay for the bill Please return your parking pass verb [régler sa note] when you check-out. double bed a bed large enough for two They are a family of four. cot. so noun restaurants [utilités publiques] we are close to all of the amenities. amenities local facilities such as stores and We are located downtown. damage charge money a guest owes for repairs to We will have to add a damage noun hotel property (when caused by charge for the hole you put in violent or careless acts) [frais d’usure] the wall. booked full. book arrange to stay in a hotel [réserver] I can book your family in for the verb weekend of the seventh. no vacancies [complet] I'm afraid the hotel is booked adj tonight. rollaway bed a single bed on wheels that folds If you need an extra bed. we noun up [lit pliant] have cots available. complimentary free of charge [gratuit] All of our rooms have (breakfast) complimentary soap. brochures small booklets that provide Feel free to take some noun information on the local sites and brochures to your room to look attractions [brochure/dépliant] at. and coffee.Page 4 of 26 . attractions things for tourists to see and do The zoo is our city's most noun [attractions] popular attraction for kids. check-in go to the front desk to receive keys You can check-in anytime verb [arriver] after four o'clock. Bed and Breakfast a home that offers a place to stay I can book you into a beautiful noun and a place to eat[chamber d’hôte] Bed and Breakfast on the lake. baggage bags and suitcases packed with If you need help with your noun personal belongings [valises] baggage we have a cart you can use. so noun people [lit double] give them a room with two double beds.1. noun shampoo.

inn A type of small hotel [auberge] There's an inn on the other side noun of town that has a vacancy.Page 5 of 26 .You will be charged a ten noun out time [frais de retard] dollar late charge for checking out after 11 am. hot tub. jeunesse] hotel manager person in charge at the hotel I'll let you make your complaint noun [directeur d’hôtel] to the hotel manager.floor a level of the building [étage] The swimming pool is on the noun main floor. lobby large open area at the front of the You can stand in the lobby and noun hotel [hall] wait for your bus. hostel a very inexpensive place for In the hostel you probably noun travelers on a budget [auberge de won't get your own room. late charge a fee for staying past the check. housekeeping/ staff members that clean the Put a sign on the door if you maid noun rooms and linen [personnel de chambre] want housekeeping to come in and change the sheets on the bed. blankets. indoor pool place for guests to swim inside the The heated indoor pool is open noun hotel [piscine de salle] until 10 pm. linen sheets. noun king-size bed extra large bed [grand lit] A room with a king size bed noun costs an extra ten dollars a night. a small hot pool for relaxation Our honeymoon room has a whirl pool [jacuzzi] personal hot tub. the place where guests go to Towels are available at the reception check in and out and to get front desk. Jacuzzi. noun information [reception] guest a person that is staying at the hotel Our washrooms are for guests noun [client(e)] only. front desk. pillow cases [linge] We will come in and change noun the linens while you are out of your room. kitchenette a small fridge and cooking area Your room has a kitchenette so noun [kitchenette] you can prepare your own breakfasts and lunches. ice machine a machine that automatically There is an ice machine by the noun makes ice that guests can use to elevator on all of the even keep drinks cold [distributeur de glaçons] numbered floors. .

noun motels accommodations that are slightly Our motel is very clean and is noun cheaper than hotels [motel] close to the beach. pay-per-view extra charge for movies and If you order a pay-per-view movie special television features [télé à la movie. and it is for a single room.to the lobby when you are bagages] finished with it.luggage cart a device on wheels that guests Please return the luggage cart noun can push their luggage on [porte. pull-out a bed built into a sofa or couch The room contains a sofa bed couch [canapé-lit] so the room actually sleeps five. vacancy noun available rooms [chambre disponible] We only have one vacancy vacant adj left. sauna a hot room for relaxation. pillow case the covering that goes over a Room 201 doesn't need their noun pillow [taie d’oreiller] sheets changed. the charge will appear noun carte] on your bill. noisy Loud [bruyant] The guests next to you have adj complained that you are being too noisy. parking pass a piece of paper that guests Display this parking pass in your noun display in the car window while in window to show that you are a the hotel parking lot [ticket de parking] hotel guest. . maximum the most amount of people The maximum capacity in the capacity allowed [capacité maximale] hot tub is ten people. rate cost of renting a room for a certain Our rates change depending noun time period [tarif] on the season. sofa bed. just call room service. queen size bed bed with plenty of space for two They have a queen size bed so noun people (bigger than a double) the small child can easily fit in [grand lit] the middle. but they requested one new pillow case. reservation a request to save a specific room They say they made a noun for a future date [réservation] reservation but it doesn't show on the computer. filled We don't recommend bringing noun with steam [sauna] young children into the sauna. noun towels used to cover and dry the body You can get your swimming noun after swimming or bathing [serviette] pool towels at the front desk. room service delivery of food or other services If you would like a bottle of noun requested by guests [service] wine.Page 6 of 26 . single bed a bed for one person [lit d’une The economy priced room noun personne] includes one single bed.

noun . wake up call a morning phone call from the What time would you like your noun front desk.Page 7 of 26 .valet staff that parks the guests' vehicles If you leave your car keys with noun [service de garage des voitures] us. view a window that offers a nice image The room is more expensive noun for guests [vue. acts as an alarm clock wake up call? [réveil téléphonique. mémo appel] weight room. panorama] because it has a spectacular view of the beach. exercise and fitness [salle de gym] climber and a stationary gym bicycle. a room that guests can use for Our weight room has a stair workout room. vending machine a machine that distributes snacks The vending machine on the noun and beverages when you insert fifth floor has chocolate bars coins [distributeur automatique] and chips. the valet will park your car underground.

business district area in a city that has many Keep in mind that this is the offices [quartier des affaires] business district so that grocery store may be expensive. Nouns WORD MEANING ILLUSTRATION activities things to do [activités] There are lots of activities that the whole family will enjoy. from suntan lotion to shampoo. COMMON TOUR GUIDING VOCABULARY 2. en route on the way [en route/sur le chemin] While we are en route to the hotel. custom something people of a region do It's a custom to hang beads in often [us et coutume] the windows at this time of year. .Page 8 of 26 . the spectacles] entertainment district is off to your left.1. entertainment district a place where there are theatres If you want to catch a movie and concert halls [quartier des while you're here. bearings feeling for understanding one's If you're having trouble getting location/surroundings in an your bearings just remember unknown area [repères] that the mountains are west. castle a building for royalty [château] No one has lived in this castle since the last king died twenty years ago. architecture design of a building [architecture] The architecture of this building is typical of the Renaissance age. I will point out the beach and the golf course. art gallery place to look at professional We are going to visit the art paintings and drawings [galerie d’art] gallery where local painters exhibit their art. conveniences things that make life easier There you will find all of your [commodités] conveniences. church a place to worship God [église] The church is the central meeting place in this town.2. attractions places for tourists to see [attractions] The water park is our most recent attraction.

monument a statue/structure that honours an This monument honours the event or person [monument] men and women who died during the war. but you can purchase a postcard. grocery place to buy food to take home Since you have a kitchenette store/supermarket [épicerie /supermarché] at your hotel you will need to know where the grocery store is. lobby front entrance [hall] We will meet in the lobby at 8 am sharp. necessities things that people need for every We recommend that you only day living [le nécessaire] carry necessities in your purse and leave everything else at the hotel. but children are free. market place to buy fresh food and Every Sunday there is a homemade items [marché] farmer's market on Wade Street.exception something/someone that does With the exception of Johnson not follow the usual rules or Street. original state the way something appeared Except for the roof. museum a place where historical items are The museum charges a small displayed [musée] fee for adults. location place where something can be This location is the best found [emplacement] because you don't need to bother renting a car. map shows roads and directions to I'll give you each a map so places [carte (géographique)] you can follow along as we walk. photograph/shot picture taken with a camera You may not take [photo] photographs here. . highlight the best part [meilleur moment/point fort] People often say that the highlight of their trip is the botanical gardens. locals people who live in an area [les gens The locals are usually happy du pays/coin] to show tourists around. exhibition objects displayed for a short time It may be tough to find for the public to view [exposition] parking with the car exhibition on this week.Page 9 of 26 . this home from the beginning [état originel] has been left in its original state. it is safe to walk around expectations [exception] here at night. a time [légende] sea monster lives in this lake. legend a person or story known for a long According to an old legend.

You may be surprised how often begging for money [sans many street people ask you for domicile (fixe)] money. street people people who live on the street. voice the sound you make when I apologize for my voice today speaking [voix] as I have a bit of a cold. location [site] This is the site of a very famous battle. voucher a piece of paper that shows you Don't forget to bring your have paid [reçu / ticket] voucher for a free coffee in the hotel lobby. stairway/stairwell steps going up or down [escalier] The stairwell is very steep. ritual tradition. . surroundings things that you see around you I hope you enjoy the castle [environnement / alentours] and its surroundings. such as postcards of tourists see) that can be mailed the beautiful waterfalls. restaurant district part of a town/city with many You will see there are many places to eat [centre de restauration] more eateries to choose from when we head to the restaurant district. site place. so please watch your step.postcard a card with a picture on one The gift shop has many great side(usually an object or place that souvenirs. settlers people who first made a home in The original settlers relied on an area [premiers habitants] oxen to carry their wares. action (religious It is an old native ritual to or cultural) that people do often dance during the sunrise. shopping district area of town where there are You may want to save some many stores [centre commercial] spending money because we'll be visiting the shopping district this afternoon.Page 10 of 26 . request something that has been asked The driver has made a request for politely [requête] that you throw all of your garbage in the bin at the front on your way out. custom. without an envelope [carte postale] questions or concerns things that tourists may want to The plane almost missed the say or ask [interrogations] runway because it was such a bad storm. including the secret garden. [rituel] scenery natural beauty to look at [paysage] It is impossible to capture the beauty of this scenery in pictures.

relax sit back and enjoy time in peace Tomorrow you will have a day to [se relaxer] just relax on the beach. enjoy have a good experience [apprécier] I have enjoyed meeting all of you today. or river [quais] entertainment down at the waterfront. depart leave [partir] The last ferry departs at 4pm. if you are interested. recommend suggest [recommander] We recommend that you only keep a small amount of cash in your wallet. close to finish [achever] We will close the tour with a view of the city at sunset. There will be plenty of live lake. raise (a hand) lift [lever (la main)] If you have any questions during the tour. please raise your hand. continue on keep going [continuer] If you're all finished looking here. Verbs WORD MEANING ILLUSTRATION arrive reach a destination [arriver] I am glad to see you all arrived safely. expect think that something will You probably weren't expecting be/happen a certain way [s’attendre to see snow.waterfront piece of land next to an ocean.2. à] permit allow [autoriser / permettre] You are permitted to have a beverage on the bus. refer suggest [suggérer] I will gladly refer you to my favourite restaurants. but please do not eat any food.Page 11 of 26 . window glass that you look out [vitre/fenêtre] We can peer in the window but I think they are probably closed for the day. we will continue on with the tour. . so make sure you don't miss it. 2. proceed go forward [avancer/continuer (vers)] Please proceed all the way to the back of the bus.

haunted believed to have ghosts living The house is said to be there [hanté(e)] haunted and no one has lived in it for fifty years or more.3. beautiful/gorgeous very nice looking You will find beautiful [magnifique/splendide] homemade jewellery in that shop.Page 12 of 26 . speak up talk louder [parler plus fort] If you need me to speak up or slow down. exciting makes one feel very It's so exciting to see new happy/energetic [passionnant] places. elegant attractive. breathtaking when a view is very impressive [à Under the starlight the vous couper le souffle] waterfall is simply breathtaking. sit back relax in a seated position [se détendre] Please sit back and enjoy the bus tour. dangerous not safe [dangereux] It is dangerous to accept a ride from a local. unfortunate The tsunami was devastating [dévastateur (trice)] for local hotels. isn't it? extensive covers a lot [grand(e) / vaste] This house has an extensive history. yet simple [élégant] There is an elegant dining room for guests to eat in. and you can read more in the brochures. . customary traditional [de coutume / habituel] It is customary to shake hands and bow as you enter. please let me know. devastating very sad. enormous very large [énorme] This enormous sculpture stands one-hundred feet high. 2. fascinating very interesting to learn about/see It is fascinating to know how [fascinant(e)] people lived back then.show someone take people to see an area When we get to the museum around [faire visiter] someone else will show us around. Adjectives WORD MEANING ILLUSTRATION part part speech f speech ancient very old [ancien / antique] The ancient village has been left untouched.

magnificent amazing [magnifique/superbe] This part of town is known for its magnificent wall murals.Page 13 of 26 . restored returned to its original state All of the antique furniture has [restauré(e)/rénové(e)] been professionally restored.heritage of historical importance [patrimoine] The government named this school as a heritage site last year. with people coming from as far away as Africa. service. sans risque] The water is safe to drink here. food. prevalent very noticeable [courant(e)/répandu(e)] Crime is prevalent in the old parts of town. popular liked by many [populaire] June is the most popular time for tourists to come here. .e. visible able to be seen [visible] The top of the tower may not be visible because of the fog. thrilling exciting [palpitant(e)] Cliff jumping is a thrilling experience for those of you who aren't afraid of heights. reconstructed built again [reconstruit(e)] The village was reconstructed after the major fire in 1910. unbelievable too amazing/strange to seem true It is unbelievable what some of [incroyable] these street entertainers can do. superb very good (i. safe not dangerous [sûr/sure. The children put on a superb entertainment) [superbe] concert at Christmas time. international around the world [international(e)] Every year it is an international celebration. lovely very nice (appearance or This is a lovely place to sit and personality) [beau/belle] watch the local birds. scenic nice to look at (nature) [beau We will go up to the balcony (panorama)] for a scenic view of the grounds.

barbeque [BBQ] southern style of cooking over a grill The barbeque wings are our noun/verb [barbecue] specialty. à la mode with ice cream [à la mode. addition] bring them their cheque. pours. liqueur] all you can eat customers pay one fee and can eat as These are all you can eat adjective much as they wish [à consommer à volonté] fries. Would you like some garlic noun apéritif (drink)] bread or another appetizer to start? appetizing looks pleasing to eat [appétissant] I'm afraid these pancakes adjective don't look very appetizing. COMMON FOOD & DRINK VOCABULARY WORD MEANING ILLUSTRATION part part speech f speech à la carte without a side dish or not the complete Is it possible to get the steak adjective meal on the menu [à la carte] à la carte? I don't eat potatoes. noun [alcool. bar stool tall seats that customers use at the bar The guest fell off his barstool noun [tabouret de bar] before he even ordered a drink. and I do part-time work as a noun serves alcoholic beverages [barman] bartender in a local pub. appetizer small snack before a meal [amuse-gueule. awful (taste) very bad taste [affreux (e)] The customer said that her adjective pasta was awful. so let me know if you want more. bartender staff member that mixes. apron a cloth covering worn over the clothes Remove your apron before noun while cooking [tablier] you come out to the dining room. liquor a distilled liquid such as rum or whiskey This beer has 5% alcohol. the slip of paper that tells the customer Table 3 would like you to check how much to pay [note. bar place in an establishment where If you sit up at the bar you noun people go to get a drink (especially don't have to order any alcoholic drinks) [bar] food. noun .3. beverage drink [boisson] Can I bring you some noun beverages while you look at the menus? bill.Page 14 of 26 . cheque. à la crème] Would you like your apple adjective pie à la mode ? alcohol.

ouvre. breaded rolled and cooked in breadcrumbs The shrimp is breaded in our adjective [pané(e)] homemade batter. cash] I don't have any cash. cashier staff member responsible for collecting We don't have a cashier. haven't you? bottle opener a device used for opening beer bottles All of the servers keep bottle noun that don't twist off [décapsuleur. booster seat a plastic unit that fits on top of a chair Will your child be needing a noun to help small children reach the table booster seat today? [siège rehausseur] booth/bench type of seating in which people sit side We'd prefer a booth if you noun by side on a cushioned area [banc] have one available. you noun customer's money at the front of an have to pay your server. bouteilles] bread basket slices of bread and butter served I'll bring you a bread basket noun before and with a meal [corbeille à pain] to hold the kids down until dinner.Page 15 of 26 . booze alcohol [alcool] You've been into the booze noun(idiom) already. busser a person who helps out in a restaurant Ask the busboy to help you noun (especially clearing and setting tables) bring out all of the food.openers on their keychains. buffet self-serve tables of food that are set out The plates and everything noun for the customer to pick and choose you need are up at the from [buffet] buffet. adjective + noun or do you take your coffee black? boil style of cooking that involves placing We usually boil the potatoes verb food in a deep pot of extremely hot first so that they will cook water [(faire) bouillir] faster. burnt overcooked to the point of turning The toast is burnt around the adjective black [trop cuit(e). Do noun you accept Visa? cash out counting and submitting the payment Don't forget to include any verb of all of the customers bills at the end of coupons from tonight when one's shift [faire le point] you cash out later. book off mark a day that you cannot work [(se) I need to book off the first verb prendre un congé] week of May. busboy. à point] edges.black coffee coffee without any milk [café noir] Should I bring some cream. establishment [caissier(ère)] . buspan rubber tub used for collecting dirty The buspan is stacked so noun dishes [(ustensil)collecteur de vaisselle] high it's too heavy for me to carry. [aide-serveur] cash paper money payment [comptant.

coffee round an offering of coffee and refills around Let's ask the busboy to do a noun a section of a restaurant [tour de café] coffee round while we take a smoke break. coupon a slip of paper that offers the customers Your coupon is only valid for noun a discounted rate [coupon] food. combo. comment card a piece of paper that customers are When she asked for a noun given to record their dining experience comment card I knew she [carte d’avis] was going to complain about the food. condiments types of sauces that are added for All of the condiments you noun flavouring (i. and chicken noun fingers.e.Page 16 of 26 . chef staff member who is professionally Our head chef is one of the noun trained to prepare food [chef] best cooks in town. corkscrew tool for removing the cork from the top You will need to learn how to noun of a wine bottle [tire-bouchon] work a corkscrew before you start bartending. cocktail an alcoholic drink with juice [cocktail] Would anyone care for a noun cocktail on this warm sunny day? coffee maker machine that dispenses coffee into a You need to teach the new noun glass container for pouring [machine à café] waitress how to operate the coffee maker. counter flat area often used for placing dishes I left one of the salads on the noun on or preparing food [comptoir] kitchen counter by mistake. mixture [mélange] The combo platter has combination veggies. complaint a problem with service or food [plainte] The guest brought his noun complaint to the manager. check on make sure the guests are satisfied You should always check on verb [vérifier] your guests about two minutes after you serve the meal. clear remove finished or unused items from a You need to clear this table verb table [débarasser] and set it for four. facturer] I will have to charge you an verb extra dollar to add ice cream. . cook prepare and heat food until it is ready The guest says that this verb/noun to serve [(faire) cuire] chicken isn't cooked enough. not for alcoholic drinks. ribs.charge to add a fee [faire payer. mustard) [condiments] should need are on the table.

tools for eating with (fork.complimentary free of charge [gratuit(e)] The desserts are adjective complimentary because the dinner took so long. guest person who goes to an establishment It is our policy that the noun to be served [client] customer is always right. noun cut off stop serving a customer any more I cut off the man with the verb alcohol [cesser de servir] beard because he'd had too much to drink. . delicious very good taste [délicieux] The cookies were so adjective delicious they were gone in half an hour. thaw remove frozen food from the freezer to Don't forget to defrost some verb prepare [décongeler] pies for tomorrow. [couverts] staff has to polish the utensils silverware. debit the use of bank card to pay directly Can we pay by debit here. customer service treatment of guests [service client(èle)] Our restaurant got the award noun for having the best customer service this year. dirty dishes plates that customers are finished with I'll just clear these dirty dishes adjective + noun [assiètes sales] and make some room for you. knife. noun from bank account [débit] or do you only take credit cards? deep fried cooked in a large pot of oil [frit(e)] Most of the appetizers on our adjective menu are deep fried. delivery food brought to the home [livraison (à Do you have delivery or do noun domicile)] we have to come in to eat? designated driver person in a party who agrees not to Is there a designated driver adjective + noun consume alcohol in order to drive in your party or are you everyone home safely [conducteur désigné] taking a taxi? dessert sweet treat after a meal [dessert] I think we're too full to have noun dessert tonight. dessert tray a plate of all of the desserts that I'll bring the dessert tray noun customers can view and order from around and see if I can [plateau de desserts] tempt any of you with a slice of cake or pie. customer. defrost. spoon) In a fine dining restaurant the silverware. creamer small plastic container of cream for Will you need more than two noun coffee [pot à crème] creamers for your coffee? credit card a plastic card that allows people to You forgot to sign your credit noun pay for something later [carte de credit] card slip.Page 17 of 26 . cutlery.

e. draft / draught beer from a keg that pours out of a tap We have a selection of local (beer) [(bierre)à la pression] beers on draft. . fruit) [décoration] glassware group of drinking glasses [verrerie] Make sure the glassware noun doesn't have any spots before you put it away. garnish food that is added to a plate for Don't forget to garnish all of noun/verb appearance or colour(i. fine dining a very expensive eating establishment The waiters wear bowties noun [restaurant de grand standing] because it's a fine dining restaurant. entrée. fisrt the dish served before the main course As entrées.discount at a cheaper cost [rabais] We got a discount because noun we are regular customers. but I'll bag the customer to take home [sac en take a doggie bag. parsley or the entrees that go out. fry cook over an element in oil [frire] Don't fry the vegetables too verb long or they will go soggy. noun plastique pour emporter les restes d’un repas] double two shots of alchohol in one drink [double] Make that a double in a tall noun glass. dishpit area in the restaurant where the dirty Jody is not going to want to noun dishes are placed [bac à vaiselle (sale)] go into the dishpit today.Page 18 of 26 . it's free refills here. float small amount of cash used to make I need a roll of quarters for noun change at the beginning of a server or my float. please. we offer you fruit course [entrée] salad or curd noun fast-food an eatery (restaurant) that offers quick We don't provide table noun inexpensive food [fast food] service. dishwasher the staff member/machine that washes Can you bring the noun the dirty dishes [lave-vaisselle] dishwasher these pans to clean? doggie/doggy unfinished food that is packed up for I can't finish my steak. noun dressing liquid topping for salads [assaisonnement] Would you like Italian or noun French dressing? dry no sauce [sec. sans sauce] I'll have dry toast with two adjective eggs. This is a fast-food restaurant. bartender's shift [petite caisse] free refills beverages that can be filled again Have all of the soda you adjective + noun without any cost [tournée gratuite (boisson)] want.

file d’attente] seated? liqueur alcohol that has a syrupy/sweet taste Can I offer you a coffee liqueur noun [liqueur] to go with your dessert? . noun la boisson)] lineup a number of people waiting for Is this the lineup to pay or get noun/verb something [rang. hold leave off/without [sans] I'll take a hamburger. homemade made from a recipe [fait(e) maison] We serve the best adjective homemade soup in town. hold verb the bun. hairnet a covering worn on the head while If you don't want to wear a noun preparing food [filet à cheuveux] hat. will seat you. hôtesse] ingredients all of the different foods that are I'll check the ingredients to noun combined in a recipe [ingredients] make sure there aren't any nuts. lime a small segment of lemon or lime put I'd like a lemon wedge for my wedge on the rim of a glass [tranche de citron (avec ice water please. kettle pot for boiling water for tea [bouilloire] I'll put the kettle on and noun make some fresh tea. happy hour short amount of time when alcoholic We're expecting a rush noun drinks are on sale [heure du cocktail. gratuity/tip extra money given as a thank you for When we have a large party noun service [pourboire. last call the last chance for a person to get an We'll have two more noun alcoholic drink before the establishment screwdrivers for last call. grill cooking over iron slats that allow for oil The healthiest way to noun/verb and fat to drop down [grille/griller] prepare meat is on a grill. hostess staff member in charge of greeting and Please wait and the hostess noun seating customers in a restaurant [hôte.heure de because it's almost happy l’apéritif] hour. closes [derniers services (boisson)] lemon.Page 19 of 26 . highchair a tall chair with a plastic tray designed The party is for ten plus a noun for a baby [chaise haute (d’enfant)] highchair. highball alcohol served with soda [whisky à l’eau Our highballs are on for half noun avec de la glace] price today. host. you can wear a hairnet. greet say hello and welcome customers to Your priority as a hostess is to verb the establishment [saluer] greet the guests at the door with a smile.gloves (plastic) covering for the hands to prevent the Whenever you are handling noun spread of germs [gants] food make sure you are wearing gloves. gratification] we're allowed to add a 15% gratuity to the bill.

manager person in charge of a section of a I'd like to speak to the floor noun/adjective restaurant [directeur/responsable] manager about the service. mild not spicy [doux/douce. before dessert) [plat principal] the lunch specials on page 6 of the menu. pack up put in a take-out container for the Would you like me to pack verb customer to bring home [emballer (pour up the rest of that pizza? emporter] party group of people at or waiting for a A party of twelve just walked noun table [groupe] in without a reservation. cheese/butter) First. menu a booklet of all of the food that can be Do you have a children's noun ordered [menu] menu we could see? microwave a small appliance that heats and cooks We can heat your dinner in noun food quickly [micro-ondes] the microwave if you like. .Page 20 of 26 . nightclub establishment where adults go to If you work at the nightclub noun dance and drink alcoholic beverages you will have to stay until 2 [boîte de nuit] AM. melt two tablespoons of verb [(faire) fondre] butter in the microwave. non alcoholic a drink that resembles a certain drink Can I order a non alcoholic beverage without the alchohol [boisson non-alcoolisée] beer? adjective + noun notepad paper that a server uses to write down Just let me grab my notepad noun orders [bloc-notes] and I'll take your order. paycheque money given to the staff every week or You'll get a paycheque every noun two [paie] other Monday.e. de la glace] I'll take a whiskey on the preposition + noun rocks. make change give customers money back from a We can make change if all verb + noun payment [faire la monnaie] you have is large notes. pas épicé(e)] I'd like a half dozen mild adjective chicken wings. melt warm to soften (i. patio outdoor seating [patio] We closed the patio noun because it looks like it's going to rain. can we have preposition + noun on top of another food item [à côté] the sour cream on the side? order make a request to a server [(passer une) Is everyone ready to order verb/noun commande] lunch now? over charge give a customer a bill that is too high I think you over charged us verb (by mistake) [faire payer plus cher] for our drinks.main course the largest part of a meal (after The main courses are after noun appetizer. on the side request for a food item NOT to be put For the nachos. on the rocks on ice [avec des glaçons. we only had one each.

couteau. reservation a request to have a table saved for a We don't take any noun certain amount of people [réservation] reservations. punch something enter an order into a computer system I'm going to punch in a large in [enregistrer une commande (dans l’ordinateur)] order now. . it's first come first served here.] eat. so get ready.Page 21 of 26 . verb rare cooked meat that is pink inside This steak is too rare for me to adjective [saignant(e) – viande. eg. d’arrivée et de départ] punch in. rush a large amount of customers arriving at We always have a rush after noun the same time [arrivée massive de clients au church on Sundays. fourchette. pub establishment that specializes in casual I can wear whatever I want noun food and alcoholic beverages [pub] when I work at the pub. or other beverages out of [cruche] with four glasses. portion a separate amount of food [portion] The chicken fingers are noun/verb already portioned in the freezer. pour dispense liquid from a container [servir Can I pour you folks another verb (eau/boisson) ] glass of water? prepare get food ready [préparer] The servers have to prepare verb the salads themselves. même moment] rush prepare quickly for a certain reason Can you put a rush on this noun/verb [service rapide] spaghetti. out put a card in the punch clock to mark You can punch out as soon verb the time you start and end a shift [pointer as you finish sweeping the (l’arrivée / le départ)] floors. etc. jug a container with a spout to pour water.pitcher. enroulés dans have to prepare enough roll- une serviette de table pour le service de couverts)] ups for the night shift. restrooms place for people to use a toilet and The restrooms are to your left noun wash hands [toilettes] and down the stairs. punch clock and a machine that staff members place a I don't want staff members punch card card into when they begin and finish a hanging around the punch noun work shift [machine à performer (qui pointe l’heure clock. recipe list of ingredients and instructions for Our chef is so talented that noun preparing a certain type of food [recette] he almost never bothers with a recipe. roll-up a set of cutlery wrapped in a napkin Before we punch out we noun [rouleau (cuillère. I forgot to punch it in. regulars people who come into an You can give the regulars a noun establishment often [clients fidèles] complimentary drink from time to time. We'll take a pitcher of beer noun beer.

butterscotch or chocolate? schedule a notice of the time and date each If you want to book off a noun/verb staff member has to work in a certain day. consentie aux clients du 3e âge] separate a different bill for each member/group We asked for separate cheques sitting at a table [additions/notes cheques but it all came on adjective + noun/verb individualisées] one bill. sous chef staff member who works under and Our sous chef is leaving to noun assists the main chef [Chef assistant] become the head chef at another restaurant. self-serve the customers bring their own food We have a buffet on. over 65) [réduction of 25% off on Mondays. shade place outside that is not in the sun We'd like to sit on the patio if noun [ombrage] there is any shade. acide] I think the milk has gone sour adjective from sitting out of the fridge too long. shooter an ounce of alcohol and juice Is there a shooter that has noun combined [tournée (alcool+jus de fruit)] orange juice in it? side dish choice of food that goes with a main The two side dishes are noun meal [accompagnement] mashed potatoes or french fries. sour acid or fermented taste [aigre. service [libre-service] senior's discount a reduced price for people over a We have a senior's discount noun certain age (i.sauce liquid flavouring added to food [sauce] What kind of sauce would noun you like on your ice cream.Page 22 of 26 . seasoning dry flavouring added to food He wants the chicken plain noun [assaisonnement] without any seasoning. bring items to a Is there someone in charge verb customer [servir] of serving out on the patio? set get a table ready with items such as I need you to clear and set verb cutlery and glassware [faire (la table)] table five for a party of eight.e. so it's adjective items to the table and do not pay for self-serve for lunch. specialty food item that a restaurant is popular Homemade fish and chips is noun for [spécialité] our specialty. specials items that were prepared particularly Would you like to hear the noun for a certain day and are usually at a specials before you decide reduced price [plats du jour] on lunch. +noun serve look after a customer. shot one ounce of alcohol served in a small Let's do a shot to get this noun glass (shot glass) [tournée (d’alcool)] party started. let me know before I period of time [programme] make the schedule. .

[vérification (de la satisfaction du client deux minutes après le service)] terminal computer system for punching in food There's one terminal in the noun orders [terminal (ordinateur)] kitchen and one on the bar. stay to eat in the restaurant [consommer sur Are these coffees to go or to verb place] stay. mix spin round and round with a spoon Stir the soup for a few verb [remuer/tourner] minutes before you serve it. toppings food items that go on top of other food What type of toppings would noun items to add flavour [garnitures] you like to have on your pizza? uniform clothing that staff members have to The uniform here is black noun wear [uniforme] pants and a white shirt.Page 23 of 26 . . stir. sans eau/glaçon (alcool)] glass of rum after his meal. food that is packed up and eaten at You can either eat in or order takeaway home [plat à emporter] food to takeout. you'll adjective love our chocolate cheesecake. takeout. adjective/verb two-minute a visit to a table approximately two Don't forget to do your two- check minutes after the food has been served minute check to make sure noun to check for satisfaction the steak is cooked properly.spicy hot flavour [épicé(e)] Any item with three chilies adjective beside it means that the dish is very spicy. till drawer of a cash register that money is You need a key to open the noun kept in [tiroir-caisse] till and make change. to go to take out of the restaurant [à emporter] We're just going to order a verb pizza to go. [surveillant] sweet taste with a lot of sugar [sucré(e)] If you like sweet things. straw long hollow plastic stick for drinking out Can I please get a straw for noun of [paille] my ice tea? straight up alcoholic drink without any mix or ice He always has a straight up adjective [sec. substitute replace one item for another [remplacer] Can I substitute the carrots verb for corn? supervisor staff member in charge of watching When I'm not here George noun over things and dealing with problems will be your supervisor. waitress staff member in charge of taking orders When I got promoted from a noun and serving food and beverages hostess to a waitress I started [serveur/serveuse] making tips. waiter.

wine tasting sampling different types of wine If you are intersted in trying adjective [dégustation de vins] some wines you should go on a wine tasting tour. refills) paying [tournée gratuite (boisson)] chunky many large pieces of meat or A steaming bowl of chunky vegetables [gros morceau. There is another winery up noun and sold [établissement vinicole] the hill that you might enjoy stopping at.Page 24 of 26 . 4. large feuille vegetable soup de] coated in. glazed covered in a sauce (often Breast of chicken coated in before cooking) [enduit(e) de / teriyaki sauce baigné(e) dans] crispy makes a crunchy sound when Caesar salad with fresh lettuce you chew [croustillant(e)/croquant(e)] and crispy croutons drizzled with a small amount of liquid poured Apple pie and vanilla ice cream over top[arosé(e) d’un filet de] drizzled with butterscotch finished with final step of the food A generous portion of spaghetti preparation [avec en touché finale] and garlic tomato sauce. tasted. wine list a menu of all of the wine you can order You will notice that we have noun from the glass. DESCRIPTIVE WORDS AND EXPRESSIONS ON A MENU DESCRIPTION MEANING ILLUSTRATION available with Guests can have this food All burger selections are served a different way [servi(e) available with whole wheat avec] buns.waiting list list of groups who want a table to eat We have a twenty minute noun at [liste d’attente] waiting list tonight. warm up heat food to an enjoyable temperature Would you mind warming up verb for eating [rechauffer] the baby's bottle for me? well. winery a place where wine is made. finished with homemade meatballs .done cooked for longer than average [cuire à The meat was so well-done it adjective point] had no flavour. or bottle [liste des vins] a lot of local wine on our wine list. bottomless (free Guests can have more without Coffee and tea is bottomless. litre.

dans] medley variety.fresh just off the farm/ out of the All omelettes are made with garden [frais/fraiche] three fresh egg whites. generous portion. loaded with bonne/généreuse portion de] generous portion of fresh cut fries.)] on a bed of rice seasonal produce varies at different times Ask your server about our during the year [saisonnier(ère)] seasonal fruit pies. period \ backslash * asterisk / slash ~ tilde . dot. rolled in bread crumbs. comma & ampersand . cucumbers.Page 25 of 26 . semicolon . from scratch juicy with liquid remaining for taste Garden salad with juicy [juteux/juteuse] tomatoes. eggs. and onions lightly breaded. home style. a large amount of [avec une All sandwiches are served with a heaping. from a recipe (not a package) Try our chef's homemade chili homemade. on a bed of on top of a layer of [sur un lit de A ginger chicken stir fry served (riz/laitue. dash … ellipsis _ underscore # hash : colon . made [fait(e) maison] with fresh baked bread. or Our fish is lightly battered in beer. seasoned with herbs and spices added Roasted chicken seasoned with [assaisonné(e) de] fresh basil and oregano ------------------------------------------------------- SYMBOLS – SYMBOLES @ at eeeee . battered other mixture and cooked [pané(e)] marinated in left in fridge to soak up Our steaks are marinated in a sauce/juice/flavouring [mariné(e) rich peppercorn sauce. mixture [pot-pourri] A vegetable medley tossed in olive oil and served over rice mouth watering appearance causes mouth to Finish your meal off with one of salivate [qui vous met l’eau à la bouche] our mouth watering desserts. garnished with decorated with [en décoration] Our dinners are garnished with fresh parsley and seasonal fruit. etc.

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