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Uses of May and Might

Greetings, Expressing possibility

seeking When used in the context Expressing possibility, may
and might are interchangeable present and future forms
permission and might + have + past participle is the past form:

and • She might be my advisor next semester.

suggestion • She may be my advisor next semester.

She might have advised me not to take biology.

s •

When used in the

context of granting,
seeking permission an Let’s practice Past
suggestions, May is
more proper. Continuous!!
• May I leave class
I. Re-write the following sentences in the past continuous
• If I've finished all
They (study) late last night. _______________________________________

The plane (arrive) on time when I checked the schedule

We (not/work) in the office last week. ______________________________________________________

She (watch) T.V. earlier this evening ______________________________________________________

Tom (play) Tennis last Monday. ______________________________________________________

I (cook) dinner when the phone rang. ______________________________________________________

It (not/work) when I tried to use it. ______________________________________________________

He (learn) how to fix his car last weekend. ________________________________________________

He told me that they (not/go). ______________________________________________________

We (move) into our new house the day it burned down.


What (you/read) when I called? ____________________________________________________________

When (you/meet) Jane? ____________________________________________________________

II. Describe what they are wearing

III. Complete these sentences using the past continuous or the past simple tense of
the verbs in brackets.

She (see) ----------------------- the robbers when they (run out) -------------------------- of the bank.

He (sleep) -------------------------- when the door bell (ring) -------------------------- .

The postman (come) ............................ when she (have a bath) ------------------------------ .

She (walk) ------------------------- home when it (start) -------------------------- to rain .

He (cut) -------------------------- his finger while he (cook) --------------------------- .