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7 Steps to Freedom

7 Steps to Freedom

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re you starting to get excited about the possibilities? There is more than enough
Amoney in this world for you, me, and all your friends to become fabulously
wealthy. The only thing that stops you is your fears and your ignorance - and

both can be cured!

Keep reading. Keep listening to tapes. The more you develop as a person, and the more
you raise your financial IQ, the more opportunities you will see. The difference between
the rich and the rest is not their special skills, nor their better intelligence, nor luck - it is
the way they think. Success is 75% in the brain, and only 25% in the vehicle or tool you
use to achieve it.

Here is a common scenario: A young entrepreneur develops a new business and
becomes a millionaire. The business then fails and he goes bankrupt. After that he then
starts a completely different business and becomes a multi-millionaire.

Why does all that happen? He makes his first fortune because he is able to see the
opportunities. He loses the fortune because he lacks the financial intelligence to safely
manage his success. He learns from his mistakes. The next time he both sees the
opportunity AND has the financial intelligence to keep the fortune and even to make it

Mistakes are not bad, provided you are willing to learn from them.

This week we examine some more ways of making money. These are either much
harder and more risky than my top five, or else they require much higher levels of
start-up capital or specialist expertise. But still, if they suit you better, then go for them!

1). Consulting. Are you an expert at what you do? Have you been working at a high
level in a traditional big business - perhaps as a senior technical advisor, or senior
manager, or marketing director, etc.? If so, then you might be able to branch out as a
freelance consultant. Now, you may have thought of this before. But the key to making
big money in this is in the way that you do it.

Once again, the goal is to leverage your time and expertise so that they work for you.
What you do not want to do is to offer your expertise as a flat fee or a fee per hour. If
you do that, no matter how much you charge, you are still limited by the amount of
work you, personally, can fit into a week. Also, once you stop working, your income
also stops.

Instead, what about offering yourself on a profit-sharing basis? Your work must be
valuable to your client, otherwise they would not think of hiring you. So that value

7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson

Step 7


must translate in some way into either increased income for them, or else decreased
expenses for them. Either way, you could negotiate with them for you to receive an
ongoing percentage of either their increased profits or turnover, or of the amount your
expertise is saving them. In other words you work just like the lawyers do with their
contingency fees - if your consulting brings them no benefit, then they pay nothing. But
if you can improve their bollom line - then you receive a percentage - each month, year,
or for as long as you can negotiate!

To achieve this you will have to position yourself in the market correctly. To do this you
will need some training in marketing yourself, and in negotiating. It is expensive, but I
can’t recommend highly enough the seminars and tapes produced by Jay Abraham.
You will also find invaluable help from the tapes by Nightingale-Conant.

2) Investing. Over the past 3 years the stock market has been going up and down like a
jack-in-the-box. The most recent boom (most of 2003) seems to have come to an end
and now the market does not know what it is doing. It is very easy to get burnt. Once
again, risk has to do with ignorance. The average man in the street - and indeed the
average "expert" is losing money. But the sophisticated investor is making money.
How? By using different tools such as options and spread betting that allow you to
make money whether the market is going up, down, or sideways.

So how do you make money on it? Two things: knowledge, and a system. To be
consistently profitable, you need to have a very disciplined system. There are systems
that work, that ordinary people can use. But you have to stick to them over the long
term. Whatever you do, don’t listen to your stock broker - remember, he lost money

Ultimately, as you become wealthy, you will be developing an investment portfolio. But
unless you are very clever, it is unlikely to be the means by which you achieve rapid
wealth. However, as you develop your wealth through other means, it can certainly be
the means to maintain and even multiply your wealth.

Now, we have already talked about using the Stock Market for your Plan for Comfort.
Whatever you do, don't stop doing that! If you choose to take up investing as your Plan
for Prosperity, that is fine - as long as you also continue the boring Plan for Comfort.
That is so important.

Start to develop your investing knowledge. The best place to start? Go down to the
library and start reading everything you can find about investing and the stock market.
Then start trading with a "virtual portfolio" before you put any real money into it.
Remember, the key to building wealth is first to not lose it! As Robert Kiyosaki says,
Return of investment comes before return on investment!

As I have said before, I consider the number 1 most essential books to be those by Dr.

7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson

Step 7


Alexander Elder. Get those first. If you can't afford the time to study, or the money for
the books, then you need to stay well clear of the stock market!

4) Franchises. A brilliant concept. First you develop a business that works. Then you
roll out that business in multiple locations, using the exact same formula. But rather
than risking your own money on it, you rent the system to other businessmen.

McDonald’s is the example everyone knows about. But there are much smaller
franchises also. Obviously if you can be the originator of a successful franchise chain,
then you are laughing all the way to the bank. But is it a good plan for the franchise

Yes and No. Yes, because it is a low risk way of getting into business - someone has
already taken the risk and done the work. The system now works, and all you have to
do is copy it. There are, however, two problems:

First, you have to pay the franchiser a start up fee in order to learn the system and get
on-board. Then you usually have to pay ongoing fees to contribute towards the
consolidated advertising budget, which is all handled centrally. This means that there is
quite a high barrier to starting up. It probably costs about a million to start up a new
McDonald’s franchise! And even to run a wheelie bin (type of garbage can) cleaning
service in England costs £7000 to get into! And how much money can you make doing

Also you have no control over how the marketing is being done - but then the whole
idea is that you are trusting them to do it right, as they have done so in the past. Finally,
there is a cap on how much you can earn. You cannot multiply your business - because
they are the ones doing the multiplying.

On the positive side, you are pretty much guaranteed to make a profit from the
business, as all the details have already been worked out for you. Be careful with the
small ones (like wheelie bin cleaning, and lawn maintenance) that you don’t just end up
buying yourself a job! The goal is to become free - not to tie yourself down to having to
go out there everyday to spray lawns or clean garbage cans!

So, my assessment is: high cost to get into, and limited upside potential (although you
can still get pretty rich from some of them), and still potential for losing everything (it
happens - even to McDonald's)

5) Traditional Businesses. Arrrgh! Don’t even go there! 80% chance of failure and
losing all your capital. High capital to get started. Headaches with staff and government
regulations. Almost certainly long hours. And you won’t make any money for the first
3- 5 years! With business no.1 (from last week) you could already be retired by that
time! Even then, most businesses are not making their owners rich - they are merely

7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson

Step 7


getting by. Take a look at the owner of your local high street store (non-franchise). Do
you think he is getting rich running that??? Think of all the overheads he is paying.

Okay, maybe you are already in a traditional business. What then? Well, how is this
for a plan: Build it up as quickly as you can to a highly profitable level, and then sell it.

How do you build it up? Ah! Now there is the rub! Well, guess what? Almost
certainly the key is going to be the marketing. Yes you need good products. Yes you
need good customer service. But you can have all of those and still go broke? Why?
Almost always because of either poor marketing, or poor cash-flow management.

The good news is that both of those can be fixed! Provided you are prepared to do your
homework, of course.

The first place to start is with the financial management. Go see your accountant and
plug all the holes through which your money is leaking out.

Then start to learn about advertising. And I don't mean go and spend a bundle on
some radio ads or newspaper displays that earn you nothing. You are going to have to
do something a bit different if you are going to stand out from the crowd.

For that reason I would suggest you take some money out of your next advertising
budget, and buy both of these resources instead:

a) The Golden Mailbox and,

b) How to Promote Your Offline Business Online

I know, I know, you are not running a mail-order business and you don't know
anything about marketing on the internet. Well, not yet anyway. The fact is that
whether or not you end up using "pure" mail-order, or the internet, what you will learn
about marketing from these materials and their bonuses will be invaluable for your
offline, traditional business.

In fact, I am so convinced of this that I want you to order both these materials right now
(click here to get them together as a bundle for a special price - and yes, they will work
whatever country you are in.). Use what you have learned from them for a full year. If,
by the end of that time (or at anytime before then), you are not fully convinced that will
have paid for themselves 10-times over, I will refund you your entire purchase price
without any quibbles or hassle.

That's right, these materials (together as a bundle) have to earn you at least 10 times
their purchase price, or I will refund the entire cost. Go get them now, and turn your
traditional business into your retirement cash cow.

7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson

Step 7


6) Creative Arts - writing, music, acting, sports. If you have a genius talent at
something, then by all means exploit it. Find a brilliant agent and marketing manager,
and get out there and strut your stuff. But remember the odds are stacked against you -
there are countless thousands of highly talented people who never get discovered.
Much has to do with who you know, and with luck ( dare I say that word?) and timing.

Take John Grisham as an example. His first novel sold 5000 copies. His second became a
bestseller. Later on, they re-issued the first novel. This time it sold hundreds of
thousands. So what was the difference? Why did it only sell 5000 the first time and yet
so many the second? If it was that good, why did it not make it the first time? Or if it
was that mediocre, why did it make it the second time?

It takes persistence to write a second one when your first one made no money. His
second could just as easily have flopped again. Would he then have written a third?
Would that one have been discovered?

If you follow this path, please make sure that you also are developing your plan for
comfort and maybe even another business (such as business # 1). i.e. do your art as a
hobbie until it starts to pay off!

Finally, if you have already written what should be a best-seller, you might be
interested in learning just what strategies and tactics people like Mark Joyner use to get
their books to the number 1 bestseller slot - even if only for a day! Click here for the
low down!

7) Sales. Some people are born salesmen. If that is you, then you can use your talent to
set you free. But once again you have to do it right. The key, once again, is about
leveraging your time. In this case it is about selling things that produce a long term
residual income. The classic example of this is life insurance. You sell one policy. You
get a good sized commission cheque up front. And then, year after year you get a
smaller cheque each time the client renews. Work hard in the early years to develop a
large client base, and you can continue to receive these cheques for many years to come.

But only try it if you are a genius at selling. And again, developing your mind and your
skills will be crucial. Read all you can. Learn all you can about marketing. And learn
about doing Joint Venture and percentage deals - don't work for a one-off commission -
work for a piece of the action that will continue to pay you year after year, or that will
reward you in proportion to your success, not your time.

Right, that’s about it. There are as many ways to make money as there are people, but
most will fall into the above categories. Choose one (or maybe more). Study and learn.
Invest in your financial education. And stick to it. Keep working the system until it
works for you. Above all, be focussed. You can't do them all.

7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson

Step 7


To start with you will probably have to continue with your day job until your plan for
prosperity starts to pay more. But even here you can be smart. For example, if you want
to build up a real estate portfolio - then why not get a job as a real estate agent? That
way you earn money today, and at the same time you are increasing your knowledge
about the market as well as meeting the right contacts.

Remember - you can either keep working the 40-40 plan - 40 hours a week for 40 years
to make someone else rich. Or you can work your own plan - probably for only a few
years - and then be FREE. The choice, as they say, is yours.


Step 8 - The end is the beginning

o, we have reached "the end". Of course you and I know that it is just the start,
Snot the finish. At school you had 12 years of indoctrination, teaching you how to
be a good employee. After that you maybe had further education or vocational
training, also teaching you how to be a good employee. After all that brainwashing it is
going to take a bit of time to get your head straight.

Remember, the key to wealth is not what you do, it is how you think. This is attested to
by everyone who is a self-made success - in whatever field of endeavour they are in.
Ask the businessmen, the athletes, the explorers, the artists, the inventors... In every
case, the edge that separates the best from the rest is their mindset.

So the end really is the beginning. We have gone full circle. At the beginning I was
talking about dreams and goals, about possibility thinking, about daring to believe. At
the time you probably thought

"Oh, yeah. I’ve heard all this before. But what has this to do with me becoming free?"

I also recommended some reading, like The Midas Method, Inner Circle, and Rich,
Dad, Poor, Dad
, and you probably did not buy any of them - "how is this going to make
me rich?". I recommended them because I think they are the best. They certainly
transformed my thinking!

Now that we have been through a bit together - and if you have genuinely done the
exercises you will have done some hard work - I hope that it is all making more sense to

You see, the very fact that you were suspicious of the teaching on changing your
mindset was a symptom of your old, employee, mindset! Everyone who is wealthy says
"Read the books, listen to the tapes, change the way you think." In fact, many of them
spend literally tens of thousands of dollars doing so. Yet you, in your daily-grind job,
knew better than them! Which is, of course, why you are poor and they are rich!

But you have stuck with me this far - evidence that you are not content to stay as an
ordinary Joe. That you have made it to here does, indeed, show that you have got what
it takes to make it big.

So where do you go from here?

Well, guess what? You need to WRITE DOWN YOUR PLAN. We have covered an
awful lot of stuff over the past few months. So now, to keep you on track, you need to
write down what your three plans are: your Plan for Security, your Plan for Comfort

7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson

Step 8


and your Plan for Prosperity.

I mean actually write down, on a piece of paper that you can keep going back to, the
daily, weekly and monthly activities that you plan to keep doing so that in 2 to 15 years
you are able to retire. Put it in the back of your ring binder, along with this book.

There will be two parts to each of the three plans - first will be your to-do list. Things
that you need to do in order to set the plan up - like making an appointment with your
independent financial advisor, or opening an investment account, or writing your will.

Then the second part will be the more general strategy. You might categorise this into
categories or strands: e.g.

Strand 1 - Real Estate

goal - to buy one property every 4 months

activities - regularly read Property Auction News, subscribe to auction house mailing
lists, go and look at 3 properties per week.

Strand 2 - Investment

goal - long term build up of capital

activity - invest $100 pm into investment account using O'Shaughnessy’s strategy

to-do - open up account, research shares using his system.

Strand 3 - Business

Develop mail order business using strategy described in The Golden Mailbox

Strand 4 - Education

read 2 books a month, listen to 4 tapes, attend one business training seminar.

7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson

Step 8


Strand 5 - Job

look for a job that frees up more time, or that provides me with the learning
opportunity I need (e.g. real estate agent)

And so on...

Notice Strand 4. One of the most crucial things you need to do is to build in a regular
habit of feeding your brain with healthy food not junk!

Garbage in ! Garbage out!

You need a regular diet of positive possibility thinking. So turn off the TV and radio and
stop reading the comics (that's what I call the newspapers). They are hardly uplifting!

Instead, get yourself into a programme of regularly listening to those tapes and reading the
books. You need a combination - some general motivational stuff to help you to keep going
even when it gets tough, and also more technical, educational material about the specific
business you are in. Whatever business you have chosen - become the best.

Through my newsletter I will continue to provide you with motivation, tips,
encouragement and also some recommendations for further learning and training. Buy
them. No, not every one will be the best book you have ever read. But even if they are not,
you will still learn something from each and every one. I will certainly try to pick the best
ones that I know of. If you have some favourite books that you recommend, then please
let me know so that I can pass that recommendation on to others. In this way we can help
each other.

Similarly, if you know of any good resources or links, please tell me, then I can pass them
on to others.

I would also really like some feedback. At then end of this email you will find a short
questionnaire. Please would you click on your "reply" button, fill in the gaps, and send it
back to me. Why do I want the info? So that I can fine tune this 7 part course and make it
even better for future subscribers. Why will you fill it in? Well, I am hoping that you have
found this FREE course to be of value to you. If so, then doing the questionnaire will be a
way of saying thanks. Also, if you are running an internet business, you will have an
excellent opportunity for promoting that business further (see below).

If you have not enjoyed the course, then I hope you will be good enough to give me your
constructive suggestions on how I can improve it for others.

7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson

Step 8


This is the end of the 7 Steps to Freedom. But I hope it is not the end of our association.
As I said, I will be in touch from time to time with recommendations on reading materials,
links to useful sites, and special offers on my own and other people’s products. These may
range more widely over other issues such as home life, parenting etc, as well as financial,
including internet marketing. Remember, my goal is to help you to achieve success - in all
areas of your life!

If you have any topics or questions you want covered, then please tell me - perhaps we can
start a bit of a dialogue through the newsletter. Also, if you have any products that you
would like to offer to others through the newsletter, then please get in touch. Depending
what it is we may be able to work out some kind of deal! - Joint venturing is always the
way forward!

So, remember what Sir Winston Churchill said: "Never give up. Never give up, Never.
Never. Never."

Okay, I have given you a lot of valuable free information. Now, in return, I am asking
you to do one simple thing for me. Would you please take a moment, right now, to give
me some feedback. Just send me an email at noel@7stepstofreedom.com and tell me what
you think. What has been most useful to you? How has it made a difference to your life?
Is there anything else you would like to have covered? If you are sending me compliments,
please also include a URL to your website (a great way to promote it) and maybe even a
thumbnail photo that I can attach to your testimonial, if I publish it on my website (see, for
example, the Inner Circle testimonials).

Thank you for your feedback! Keep working your plan.

Your friend,

Noel Swanson

P. S. Don't forget to turn over to the next page for the instructions on how to brand this
ebook and use it as your own, personal, cash generator...


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