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7389220 7 Steps to Freedom

7389220 7 Steps to Freedom

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Published by: Pratik Banerjee on Dec 07, 2010
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hy is it that most New Year’s resolutions barely make it through to the end of

The reason is quite simple - most of them are based on either a “wish” or an “ought”:

“I wish I could lose some weight”

“ I wish I could stop smoking”

“I really ought to get more exercise”

“I really ought to eat more healthily”

And so on.

In contrast, let me ask you why it is that you, and 95% of the adult population, get up in
the morning, go in to work, trade eight or more of the best hours of your day for a
pathetic amount of money, doing a job that causes you stress and worry, and then come
home worn out, only to repeat the same exercise day after day, for forty years? This is
often known as the 40/40 plan - 40 hours a week for 40 years. And at the end of it, you
get what? A so-called pension that pays you even less than you have been living on for
all those hard working years. So now you are old, perhaps ill, with free time to do
what you want - except you have no money.

So why do you do it? Let me tell you why: FEAR .
That’s right. You are afraid. Of what?

Of not having enough money to pay the rent or mortgage.

Of having your house repossessed.

Of not being able to feed yourself and your family.

Of not having clothes to wear.

Of being destitute and dependent on a state pension when you are old and

Of being ridiculed and pitied by your friends, neighbours and relatives.

If that is not true, then why do you do it? Because you love the job? Let me ask
you again: if you had enough money to pay all your bills, expenses and luxuries,
would you still work at the same job for the same number of hours? I am willing
to bet that the day you could afford to, you would cut your hours, no?

So there is a lesson to be learnt here: Fear is sufficient motivation to keep you
doing something you would rather not do year after year after year. On the other

7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson

Step 1


hand, a wish or an ought is not enough to keep you going for even a month.

So, since money is such a big issue for most people, can we agree that becoming
financially free is a worthwhile goal? In a later Step we will talk in detail about how
you are going to make your money. But, safe to say, it is extremely unlikely that it
will be through your current job or employment. Most likely you are going to have
to start some kind of new venture.

Now, making serious money takes commitment and perseverence. Things don’t
always go as planned. There will be set backs on the way. You will have to make
some sacrifices. If you are starting a part-time business alongside your full time
employment you will probably have to give up some of your free time in the
evenings. At times you won’t feel like doing it - just like when you don’t feel like
going to the gym, or staying on your diet. So if you are to stick to your wealth
building plan you are going to need something more than just a vague wish like “I
wish I had some more money”, “If only I didn’t have to go to work every day”.
Those just won’t cut it when the going gets tough.

So what do you need? You need two things:

1) A clear goal, and
2) A reason why.

These need to be so powerful, and so entrenched in your very being, in your
soul, if you like, that they start to shape the way you see the world.

Take a world class athlete like golfer Tiger Woods, or 5-times Olympic gold
medalist Steven Redgrave. What makes them train and practice so hard, day in
and day out? It certainly isn’t the money. It is a deep seated passion - both for
their chosen sport, and also for winning. They must win. And that passion drives
them on when others would give up.

If you are serious about becoming free in the next 2 - 8 years, you too need that

There is another aspect to this. Once your focus is clear. Once you know what it is
you really, really want, and you set out to get it, all the excuses start to fall away.
To start with your mind will come up with all sorts of reasons why you can’t do it -
you’re too young, too old, too thin, too fat, too stupid, too clever, the wrong sex,
the wrong education, and so on.

But once you have decided, once there is an iron-fast conviction in your soul that
says “that’s where I am headed, come what may”, then your mind starts to look for
ways around, under, or over the excuses. Instead of “I can’t”, you start to find the
reasons why you can. Henry Ford but it best when he said “Whether you say you
can, or you say you can’t, you are correct”.

7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson

Step 1


Note that all this applies to the whole of your life, not just your finances. Whether it
is losing weight, stopping smoking, getting fit, meeting more friends, getting
married, or starting any new venture or adventure, it probably won’t happen unless
there is that passion, those goals and dreams first. Of all the reasons why people
fail to make it in their new venture, the lack of a clear goal, and the lack of passion
for that goal are the top of the list.

On the other hand, for everyone who has made a real success of life, (however you
might define success), you will find a strong and powerful passion that has driven
them onwards.

This is of vital importance. Before you go any further in looking at various
business opportunities and ventures it is crucial that you really nail down your own
personal reasons why.

It is this step that many people will skip over. “What’s the point?”, they would say,
“Why not just get on with making the money?” So why is it that these people are
broke, while the millionaires stress the number 1 most crucial factor in success is
getting your thinking straight. Who would you listen to?

Remember I said that you would need to do some work? Well, if you are still with
me, and still interested in learning the secrets of wealth and freedom, here is this
week’s homework:

Write down your answers to the following questions (you have printed this out on
paper, haven't you?):

1) What is your number one priority for starting a new venture? Common
reasons include:

Extra Income
Financial Freedom
Having your own business
More spare time
Personal development
Helping others
Meeting new people
Leave a legacy

It does not matter what your priority is - nor how big or small your goal is. What
matters is that it is yours, and it matters to you.

2) Why did you pick that one priority?

7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson

Step 1


3) Why is that important to you?

4) What are the consequences of not having that

5) Why would that worry you?

6) Now look ahead 5 and 10 years. What do you want for yourself then - where
will you be, what will you be doing, what will you own? Be as specific and detailed
as you can. Avoid negatives - don’t look at what you won’t be doing (e.g. “I won’t
be living in this dump”), look at what you will be doing instead (e.g. “I will be in a
4-bed detached cottage in the countryside, with the mortgage fully paid off.”)

Do not miss out this exercise - it really is vital. Spend some time thinking
and dreaming about this - and then right down your answers in as much detail as
you can. The more detailed, the more vivid, the more real your description, the
greater chances of success. Sounds crazy, but it is absolutely true!

Build a Habit of Success

This process of describing and refining your goals and dreams does not stop here
- you will want to be doing this everyday of your life until you reach those goals.
This is why successful people are constantly reading and listening to motivational
books and tapes. I strongly encourage you to start to do so also. In fact, this is
if you are serious about unlocking the doors to your dungeon.

As a first step, go to onto the internet and get yourself The Midas Secrets
package. It is only a small investment in your future, and has invaluable lessons
(provided you do them, of course). In fact, it was The Midas Method book that
first launched me on the path to success! Like the Remmington shaver fellow, I
liked it so much I bought the rights to it!

Here is the link: click here and get your copy now.

Done that? Okay, that’s enough for this week - you have some work to be getting
on with!

7 Steps to Freedom by Noel Swanson

Step 1



if you always do what you’ve
always done, you’ll always
get what you’ve always got.

Isn’t it time to do something

In Step 2 we will be looking some more at how to develop your millionaire’s
mindset, and the grit and determination to reach those goals.


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