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Kindly refer to DIG/WZ, CISF WZ Hqrs. Mumbai E- Mail No. IC- 17039/CISF/ WZ/ CIW/ SEC.
MAGAZINE/ 2010- 1647 dated 25.06.2010 regarding above mentioned subject.
2. In this regard the monthly report on the above subject is submitted in the required Performa herewith as
Appendix “A” for kind perusal and necessary action please.
Nam Action Response of the management Progress if any Time line in which the
e of taken on achieved by the unit measures suggested to be
the all commander from unit implemented
Unit physical resources to strengthen
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

No action In this regard the undersigned met with Shri. J. The undersigned The no time limit has been
has been Dasgupta , S.O. (Civil) who intimated that the requested to the assured by Management stating
taken on concerned officer of the Procedural formalities
tenders for strengthening of physical security Management to
physical of explosive Magazines at Pench area have implement the
protection already been floated. The works can only be suggested points
measures awarded after special budget for these works is relating the security of
received from WCL Hqrs .A proposal for this Explosive Magazines as
recommended by the
has already been sent to chief of security WCL DIG/WZ Hqrs. Mumbai
Hqrs. Allocation of special budget has not been letter under reference.
received as yet.

Progress made in Progress made in current month Constraints if any faced by the unit
previous month

(6) (7) (8)

In this regard it is In this regard it is intimated that the Management informed that
submitted that the the WCL Hqrs. Nagapur authority has clarified and told
tenders have already
been floated
implement the instructions of CISF authorities. They also
intimated that the work can only be awarded after receipt of
special budget from WCL Hqrs. Nagapur.

Deputy Commandant
CISF unit WCL Chhindwada
Copy to: -
01. The Commandant/ CISF : For kind information please.
SPM Hoshangabad