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Before submitting your essay, please complete the checklist, fill in the number or words
in your essay, and then sign the declaration at the bottom of the page:


3 I have taken into account instructor and peer feedback when revising this essay

3 I have acknowledged and documented all sources from which I have borrowed
ideas and information

3 I have proofread my essay, with particular attention toward finding and correcting
the kinds of errors I worked on in my Error Revision Log

3 I have double-spaced my essay and left enough margin space for my instructor
to give feedback

This essay is my own work, and I have not committed plagiarism. The text of my essay
(not including title and reference list) contains _____ words according to MS Word word
count. I understand that an essay falling below 1000 words or exceeding 1250 words
will result in an automatic grade of ³F.´

Name:_________________________ UID:_________________________

Signature:______________________________ Date:___________________

Essay Title:____________________________________________________________