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Name: Brigitte M.

Jones__________ Date:_11/23/08_______________________

Persuasive Speech Outline:

Topic/Title: _ Illegal Immigration


Purpose: To persuade the audience about illegal immigration.

Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience about illegal immigrants wanting to better

themselves and make a future for their families.

Attention getter: Over the years, a dispute has arisen over the issue of illegal immigration in the

United States. Although there had been an open door policy on immigration for many

years before, today individuals have a different perspective on the situation.

Preview statement: While the differences in the contradictory and racist immigration laws are

relevant, individuals should understand that “illegal immigrants” only desire to

provide for their families, as well as, give their children a future, something that is

economically impossible elsewhere, specifically Mexico.


I. Main point #1: Many individuals would agree that racism should be prohibited. It is

negative approach that only results in more controversy. The United States

immigration laws are inconsistent and racist. Does that mean they should be


A. Support for #1: “The United States was created as a nation of immigrants

who left Europe for political, religious, and economic reasons” (Katel

404). They wanted to better their lives in order to have hope for a

future. An example of the inconsistency “[i]n the 19th century, thousands

of Chinese laborers were brought here to build the railroads and then

were excluded - via the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 – in a wave of

anti- Chinese hysteria” (Katel 404). An individual getting excluded after

such an accomplishment signifies a contradiction.

B. Support for #1: What about the racism? “In 1890, Census Bureau Director

Francis Walker said the country was being overrun by ‘less desirable’

newcomers … whom he called ‘beaten men from beaten races’”

(Katel 404). Also, “[b]efore 1944, the illegal traffic on the Mexican

border … was never overwhelming … [but] the wetback traffic has

reached entirely new levels” (Katel 404).

C. Support for #1: These people, whether they are illegal or not, are human

beings. They deserve an equal opportunity to provide for the well being of

their families. Just like Cannon says “… U.S. immigration policy

needs to be reconfigured because of its many contradictions”

(Murray 2666). The racial slurs are used thoughtlessly just as the

inconsistent immigration laws are.

II. Main point #2: Still, illegal immigrants, especially from Mexico, dangerously attempt to

enter the United States daily. Although some may succeed; many others fail. They

sacrifice their life in order to discover ways to improve the lives of their families.

A. Support for #2: “Dust Devils whirl around us as the raw sun torches the bleak

landscape. The hot sun blisters our feet. The vast desert swallows our

footsteps. And the distant mirages consume our dreams” (Annerino

7). The men experience many harsh difficulties while seeing more
than desired. “Searching for higher wages and a better way of life,

undocumented foreigners (the supply) cross the border to find jobs, which the

U.S employers (the demand) want to fill with inexpensive labor” (Murray 2666).

They continue to advance because their families give them hope.

B. Support for #2: “They left behind the respect of the community that knew them as

honest men who braved the American desert to feed their families for the

scorn of a country that depended on their back-breaking labor but refused to see

them” (Annerino 76). People view illegal immigrants as a disgrace to society, but

they only want to make a living like any other.

C. Support for #2: All of the quotations lead back to the most important reason “illegal

immigrants” enter into the United States and that is to provide their

families the ability to succeed. “They left it all behind because Mexico could

not offer them, and 40 million others, the one thing they needed most to

pull themselves up out of the depths of poverty and despair; an honest job for an

honest day’s wages” (Annerino 76).

III. (Main point #3): On the other hand, the critics of the nation’s immigration policies have a

different view on the situation. They say “illegal immigrants take American’s jobs,

threaten national security and even change the nation’s culture by refusing to assimilate”

(Katel 393).

A. Support for #3:_ Katel states that the immigrants’ advocates believe that illegal

immigrants take the jobs that American’s refuse which in return boosts the

economy (393). The largest hindrance is that many employers see nothing

wrong with hiring illegal immigrants; the job has to be accomplished. “‘The
crime of the immigrants is that they want to work hard,’ said Frank Sharry, the

executive director of the National Immigration Forum, a pro-immigration

group. ‘The crime of the employers is they want to help the economy’” (Murray


B. Support for #3: Evidence shows that the illegal immigrants are not trying to take

away from the Americans; they only want to better themselves. Former

undersecretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Asa

Hutchinson, agrees that the law should be enforced; however, when a family is

being productive and contributes to American Society while still having a good

life, yet in fact they entered into the U.S illegally, the illegal aspect cannot be

overlooked (Katel 413).

C. Support for #3:_ “We understand the humanitarian reasons that brought them here”

(Katel 413). Those facts tie back into the idea that “illegal immigrants”

come to the United States in order to find a solution to their poverty

problem back in their homeland.


Summary/review statement: We, therefore, the people of the United States should

reconsider the negative images that are involved with the issues of “illegal

immigration”. Despite the open door policy that once resided here,

today the policy is a controversy. What one person may view as a positive

impact; another may see as a harmful event. Whether a person is legal or

illegal, they are still an individual that provides for their family by working.

All in all, illegal immigrants want to find ways of improving their poverty; while
American’s want to preserve their economy. Is it wrong to want a better life?

Should one be criticized for wanting what is best for their family? Absolutely

not! Just like any other American, they would go above and beyond

if it pertained to the well being of their family. Also, they would strive to

maintain their own identity.

Concluding remarks: Immigrants are people too. They are taking the necessary actions

needed to make a difference in the lives of their family.

Visual Aid (s):

What type of visual aid(s) will you use? I will use some images that express the work that

immigrants have done and some of their accomplishments here in the United


What equipment will you need? I will need a video recorder, a laptop computer, light to

make sure the recording goes well, and possibly a table to place

everything on.
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